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Total Church: Breaking Bread, Part 2

Berenice Cheng Daryl Cheng


Leading evangelistically effective small groups



  • December 31, 2011
    4:15 PM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a thought at anything and I and you and in study what you would open industry create real but the Holy Spirit agent Ghassan Jesus at this point this is just a full figure in the all-out Higginson Melvin Ron on Friday night now you when they run on Friday night down lots you don't have to run a favorable environment with an accent I liked is that caters to small groups all our meeting should be run at a convenient time the reason we choose Friday night is because for long believe is keeping Sabbath is a new concept and to assist them to learn how they keep the Sabbath we encourage him to come to think of some Friday night so that they don't feel like their alignment on the seventh of May fifth son father and I have found that indicated I become dictator and when they got five began to sleep in and they make a petitioner is a resident authentic physical and we we are capable about six thirty at night to about nine o'clock though the component that we should before and not allow things that are commonly spins out of going sleep and wake up with you now that doesn't mean that UK capacity on Friday night but that's one of the reasons why we provided the Mason on we also have a number of different cadence as you as you head tickets have I think I like that people will not travel an hour to go to a small group because it's difficult especially if you're not as good as a separate issue that I sent start telemarketers on university campuses because students are opting close proximity some take design houses them take this up art in different venues it's not wrong to have a signature but sometimes having a small group in a church carries with it a lot of speed one of the things that Kevin is very good at breaking down barriers for people who have a statement is associated with chip when you think they would like to come the check to me as I noted I'm not really believe that you want to come to my house but in the initial and using Sullivan and the critical item on the Gonzaga thank is not wrong again on the location advocate with you that like a administration on alternate days it is that what he does and put it in my house and a couple of other people be then elegant hundred musings on song will study the Bible and then will you know which that make the license that is my dream that find a nice business I believe that the elites of the Adventists I check my sister showed up Friday night this was before I think finiteness this should be in this spot is unique to you separately finalize this was was designed to be an outreach activity not just for members to come together to enjoy and keep seven when we enjoy a small group meeting it has to be conventions resort the same incident or identified with the maven Mark chapter nine Mark took the nine we read this story a couple days ago on a couple days ago in the morning device and by this is someone to live this year in thirty six by seven hundred thirty six the Bible say that he took a child and fit in the midst of them and when he had taken him in his arms he said unto them elevator notice what Jesus Jesus is trying to give an illustration Jane is trying to explain his disciples across the disciples question and he uses his had also take account in whenever they illustration of a hand using the Bible it signifies that's okay comfort trying to reach out to someone God used his hands to form Adam out of the dust of the gone users had to stretch out with you people that make it when you see the closet that I had it signifies reaching someone that's okay with the sold-out of flexible group ministries old but we read already notable times it accepted through the disciples was so effective because they could reach out and touch line I want right that if we are to win souls we have to learn how to reach one of integrity principles that we didn't have time to shout out but it is extremely important so I want to mention it is that kangaroos should be spiritual and social at the same time when we see the hand illustration being used receipt being waged out at the social activities is caring for the physical needs of people but he's also carry awful this euro twenty authentic Adventists that those who find it difficult to find a balance between spiritual and social to get we do one or the other one the one we bought effective small-group ministry is a combination of spiritual outreach and social outreach and I think I'm in a pen of inspiration support it when Adventists can let how to reach people in a fun way to despond public health is leaking out of reach people in a fun and enjoyable way you can also also then how to read you will also reach them in the spirituals the illustration of an assured you this afternoon is a hack that represents kindred and just like there are five fingers on your hand there are five key holies the Gulf five key solo and make a holy speak to the thumb is the most important thing we found it extremely difficult to function if we had to partnership that use a thumb and your other fingers to grasp the pin or chopped basil to grab onto something that the tendency of the driver you can't function without your company extremely difficult your thumb is always believed that you had limited the dance floor the principal in the handed extremely important in Holy Spirit Sigrid is what community if there is not committee said grooves is not about community you are in trouble can goods is not binding and outreach to its icicle operant is your views on stories this afternoon 's speech unless you really concede to others that they chose some of the cases that have united around a recent baptism that we had on the video and you remember seeing difference being that the electrical engineering student needs and China and then you saw him on more is able to one medical stingy spunk she's there with there had the flowers in the front runner I recently got Carolina week before Hamas the three of them we just recently baptized it identified cellular story of Buckman but feeling tired she am I came to hear Ya think that unlocking to hear about the I think that the district because a non- Adventist Botswana medical student with a Penny arcade and on Sunday afternoon we went doorknocking now we went door knocking on your way joined us on the order to get this a non- Adventist Academy Accent group goings-on door locking device and invite humble to configure anomalous that the story of infinity for more of the nimble pesto in the digestion and ten we had a fantastic series in each of the church members were given a particular area it's available from different territories and I was given a territory near my workplace in the hospital and benefits house was in that territory I did not want to opt and sigh I remember one day I was out we hold on our leaflet and we were going were supposedly biased and that is a coronary event in charge of making sure everyone distributed leaflets on time the meta- box cots are not perfect they left it a bit night and it was kind of like archaic by the Senate chosen the checks I have to do it on the choice I don't believe that we find there was a pure fun let this ever been very discreetly as a two-hour lunch break I had not I was at the hospital in interest in the citizen dressed with gestures and and and and and my hospital attire and I remember that I would like to have to get this done within it I wasn't in trouble I looked outside and it was forty degrees Celsius not before the results by a hundred in turn is sweltering hot and it's like notable diamond like I said at Margaret I thank God not although I I I still thought I kind it is available and we can't I can't understand the not invented that he reminded it was like Pop Nelson was okay about the sporting you going to set it it wasn't until I finish a finite not so much I like to get fun out of it I like how did I get out there in an instant response I walked down and putting tires me one of the Bible what is up to the Bible surgical means that all you need some help and I get one of when they come and help me out so they took on my territorial state territory myself and I was like a Qatari outfit Scott to give a toast was hot and sweating it's a sunny inability my speed ahead he had an uncle reason I was turning the corner to go to back to the hospital at the tentacle is one last house down Michael forget my last constable in the inevitable the government must double-click the hospital I don't know you nothing about again I kept on my pop relentlessly cut in the middle of identity series invite some but the community to a particular topic which was all of all of what people would be interested in that topic it does midway through the M1 and on that particular night the recon with advertising a particular station on that particular night because of wolves into the auditorium annual event scheduled meeting all these new friend be applied be off for principles that we let about before that hey hello how you all of what's her name on money has been spent on what you do on electrical engineering student here at Monash University that's where our favorite subbase for our particular church but only on the skin admonishes well I'm not an study medicine and an article how did you come to share about often all I received a letter box can't overclock cooler but when it was a good start went nowhere you if I forgot my microtech who was the one who did a lot of us contact with connecting me with visit amended like I live on the streets you inside this guide was written a fellow I couldn't remember what the name of the trailers that occupies a knife near the hospital in the one thing in a half million on the corner near the roundabout is at last count like that a lot image of working with one of the other just and even to Bible study and he is going to get taken care of sixty the golem was miraculous ways the communities agency or incentives are rallying around these people that make decisions about the these people who are coming to take an in-depth picture that there on non- advances will not get the boot it is right that this is not just the church members coming to take a fighter with the bat and it is a caper so that run on advances in these pictures will effect you see are general and Fred to the fullest I got the back of the contributors actively reaching out and indicate on a surely give a few more things to republish looking at the lip corners even fate we ate we ate lunch together we have barbecues in the bottom right corner we some of that figure with cherry picking a recently desired things into his community express spiritual component in the example did a short devotional diamond about nature at the bottom see combining a social and spiritual being in a copy of it when Joy and the story of the barbecues interesting one all Al Qaeda members of the professional forgot to just one type of people who come from on overseas in China Taiwan he speaks fluent English and Chinese Tahiti candidates will guide for a barbecue day and start the students who study at university who came to the caper who don't I haven't really been known for that long well it's one guy and then head back to the community is paramount and all right index finger what is interesting to represent in points right into my parents always told me when you and your young but when anyone screwed but the index fingers and argues that Richard and placed with the direction where your hamlets on your body order of your train of thought all your eyes out for as I like why the index finger indicating illustration needs to be the direct shall appoint to the mission of the cable small group ministry needs to be evangelistic we focused on making disciples which is there is no direct sharing the hand does not is there is no mission of the favorite it will affect it was I think for a while but the new front because of the end of the day Garcia to reach those that you did on Prozac communities important on a direction and a vision and mission is just as important as your views on storage the President-elect 's name is Daniel Daniel story of how it begun and if you like your picture the story of how you came to Jesus fascinating is a sports Sunday Christians on the sports clinics the family his father is off he made a policy goal of going in one day at a University of monuments at university that she would not accept any religion any club try to give you during the day now Austin et al. University sits on the table where we had materials that we distribute including them etc. and he made a promise that he would not accept any of the genetic lot he would accept a book that this promise very specific but I will what anything because I don't want to run up the ticket is but I want to find you if you did some of his new book that morning one of our Bible work is felt compelled to bring a copy of the great controversy because of when she was at the final table Daniel and they started talking but he would by now I'm not expecting any of efficient money just don't want to look is the key really is so individual before she said applicable enjoyable and sorry she gave him the great consciousness today Daniel is baptized and he's the president of Austin company with now not it is very booed is the story stopped anybody done this sort of Daniel in his position as the president of the student club has now not really encouraged its genes in the University to work together and figuring favorite spots also hold events where we are excited and where we can invite people to a complicated I think that that's involved and that they could look on admonishing and Melbourne University which is also the president because object is based at three different campuses through different university campuses I get it Daniel has now committed his life when he finishes his geology course and one asked to become a full-time path to this story is not concept a group get baptized and finish the story is calm data life changed and continue to change other people 's life is the direct chain of your case is not consistently focused on evangelism it will not the story of the guy on the right is even more interesting Stephen is a man from a young professional from China he used to be a human resources executive that one of the biggest selling in addition to describing baby was born atheists would did they Christian and make them cry he was the president of a number of student clubs on campus the Chinese come and I I I believe a business audio sums of all of secular society on campus one study one day he student invited him to cater to succeed for each of the Chinese because fluent in both languages English and Chinese and he student who is a member market environment it's a group and what else happened often you might indicate it and was very excited to come it was like okay let's check this out he photos of your pot became e.g. awesome why there was myself believe that based on existing songs not if you thought that no one could could be excited about seeing songs that even for a statement at the end of the nineties that I would never come back again to the sports business opting discussing crazy songs of actions they learned on the Bible I'm clearly not even has not needs to take it since that time in fact even not too long ago I think last year please job become a full-time on Wittgenstein 's story does not stall when someone then veggies the story starts when they are making disciples are the principal building your representative leadership the middle finger is that that's one listening to the biggest finger and therefore it represents this something that stands above no my sister was missing before we don't have much time out of Islamic Republic in each of the groups we have a capability to the related fitness responsible a knife of the characteristics you will make that point slides available city can't copy about the Budweiser much the tenant leader is someone who is effective in organizing but also a related article in the day is someone who can organize against them at the consummate the teach respect up the steepest climb off the integrity but also someone who is good at reaching the hot of the people who are leaders on this one but what I thought you not takers we have a structure where we have a number of different groups of people we have members who are advanced as the blues that goes on in this life advances that were Coleman businesses they support a group that suggests that seeks to facilitate the quote we had a leader in a yellow square we have picked Sarah Vinson is unbecoming serenades the carries the blue triangle I Karen is basically bits SC 's vacated lead often it difficult to locate related to manage all these things in the carries that this visiting and logistical organization but also to make sure that the accounting for each member of the caper member and seek out life sometimes located even though God and events is the grief of his Nelson eight zero four hundred and then you have the status Lebanon advances in the right circle we also have a kid who coordinate and was the talk about that briefly in the next section sometimes when you do this more if you have three to five people you may not need a care of immediate attention sometimes you think is played by the outgoing needs and guides like this is still there is one of the K group leaders in check she's also become a capable when it issues a good example of this leadership structure I will explain it to you on the given questions about the latest update in particular because we were sort of time on this and keep going to flopping on the ring finger is accountability when you put a ring on your finger you signify that you are not united to someone else in marriage likewise there needs to be accountability into the Middle East event handlers are not a power kit standards are not a replacement budget in our church structure it in open attended on the foundational building block subject that at the end of the day we invite some of the gig you need to vent environment the jet of the license youngest invited the ticket and then they stop and start what we have to not chamber scenario is that we had a capable to select the picture it explains a little bit better we had and then does not lead it and all the leaders are responsible to act in a group coordinator at the kind of coordinator is the person who's responsible for managing the ROK of the Nathan vacated when it offices on a checkpoint set up for the accountability comes in the question is not dealing with logistics are the ticket is dealing with people and we deal with people you need some accountability the novel server last but not least the middle finger is the resisting in my medical practice I think people who don't have a bit lost in the middle finger and act and they can still function of limited tilting his arm down together but it appears about together and united together thermoelectric keg that is not a soul what Jaeger is that United to the excess of the Gestapo was in this movie ministry was the culmination of individuals one of the theater wasn't his daughter was cold John James whoever else's bill or United I likewise there needs to be united members of statements who I equate equate to reach the one that they is that when you look at all of the name that's what Advent 's nuclear units of the United and a not should leave the we found that one of the pop of a holy fix a group is to equip doors young people with his members with the discipleship once I stay here to decide who is a path than crew is not our needs are excited about about Jesus but if an BCS big enthusiastic about reading some and then life reflects that discipleship like disciple is someone who needs a lifestyle like Christ in our church we use a system cold discipleship training programmable of the foster training for FAS to now must fit that this is not the already discipleship program that you can use there many who discipleship programs out there but there needs to be some sort of system where a person who has become a member can be tendered from a spiritual baby to a disciple is a licensed immediate example being set if you check the story of Vincent Vincent was unbelievable detailing the judge was baptized is not in this program in fact I was always doing the program eventually require that the computer Gillespie and he's going to take that one step foot incorporating aspects of the cycle should lead an end in being training equipping to become a disciple next year when health surveillance cynicism revision thumb represents community index finger needed leadership nor direction go and make disciples middle finger leadership ring finger accountability and middle finger when you combine these aspects of the Holy Spirit figure with the principles of my sisters already shed you start to see why the disciples were so successful I shall review a story to finish up and then we do have some time spoke with full questions as well I have a consumer can find it with a laid-back burst into the unregulated story of this gentleman here the kind of Lucian 's name is Jerry Street legal nights is very excited Jerry is and was an example of the health care Jerry second-generation said that nada means you need me today Gary is not the most fantastic creature on the less fantastic teacher but Jerry is the best Andrew I have ever seen in my life Bonnie Mathis and revealed that the account of the disciple Andrew in the Bible invented in the Gospels and it was not a fantastic project Peter wants and it was not one of the three John and James with Andrea what's the person who brought his brother to Jesus Jerry and anger everything Jerry invite everyone to take my nonstop nonstop and I do it I give example Jerry invited his friend from badminton particular one that you think you fell you tell if a particular was quite excited and quite enjoyed it enters very happy that he's always in favor as he told at the time was not baptized invited his girlfriend of the opening starts so yeah Jerry any of you tell any of dollars dollars and what time I specially invited a high school friend okapi they've got Gary its own Dores coffee cup enjoys so much that she invited that this debt take time Jerry he told stories that although about about paying this yes that is about what the six month Jamaica Thailand and she preached apparently I think they are libelous and pilot measurement of a group of people being evangelism Jeanette Sheila K is a very timid shy that he wouldn't do public speaking as the first option she went to Thailand and also into someone at yesterday 's irregular states that she preached like you've never seen before this is the story of cake and I want to cloy 's reversal this is something that without ennobling but it's not something that is exclusive to Melbourne is not the exclusive Israeli savings is a biblical model of small-group ministries of biblical model that can be applied anywhere you want regardless of your race the background of culture age it is a tool it is a set of principles that works recently worked with the challenge is when you leave this place when you lead you I see what I wonder about this title just plenary session is supposed to be practical and is not blabbing practicability of Yukon and fit for two hours Lisa and I go home and do nothing we need the relief this price to say I want to put some of this into action by now invite you to spend a couple minutes and pray I wanted to do two things continuing on from my phone this morning I like to think all three people left of abilities he can be known to grooming I wanted to think of two things he can and with five people have different simulators to nonbelievers and yourself and your profile on the next two to three minutes think of those things that hate play with a pleasant exterior I would enjoy your finger found the family I cannot want within a day off now quite frail who then have a short session of question and answer if you need to guard you for the guy the question and answer section will be very specific on any principles we have covered this afternoon if you have a specific question about your location about your chance only on your particular situation because other people need to guard comment you must does there not afterwards and will be happy to chat with you so what you dispense it is three minutes in prayer for the person next year I'll close and primitive aggression oppositional father we thank you so much for you in filling of the Holy Spirit father we all long to see the checks are accepted to reproduce today wanted to leave this place how must the car back with a desire a renewed desire and I let that passion got relieved you are as we got back and I started about maybe starting a small good notches will help us to think of those two things of deleted or in approaching the two friends that we have who would you invite the care group employed as a group of five that's all it takes much effort to describe all friends and one ran with my friends Lord we can send this world upside down like accept the seventeen David us that we are in Jesus name thank everyone for coming to let you know Judy if you are if you mean any of this alive all of the limitations that will be available in its elected website taken down what I'm doing beneficial question I position so that I is is not essential my paid leave anyone needs to leave and she leaves to sleep quietly said that we as the resources available that we could use so the last of the energy might be on my curriculum of treatment and yes even coming of the note telemarketing website we had the condiments I hated teaching excellence is over and will run through the website gateway Ba1 website and Gateway FDA biologic gaming again orgy that right GHC is doubly a wife on your in the example of the church site we just had some quiet place something in the question is who are you talking about Easter there's series noon sound afternoon position to you repeat would like that process in the second question is regarding discipleship like you do you have somebody gets baptized what is your process and that is it like the fast is independent of the cure groupers that somehow in the care group in question were worldwide how to manuals and tightening in any chance we got off the king we went having moment in the location what really went financing and we use the mankind how can a contact that we can then invite her and eventually I think a great weeknight Anglican in August of every year we would invite all less taken friends and adventure that would make decision about it when the division from Bible study and we continue to next and how that we did this for about two to three years before we launched a afternoon blessing in the location remove and have not checked and after that we continue to have behaviors and eventually to get more and more contact on our core team that set-aside portion the Sabbath apprentice is not indicator is undisputed that provides everybody complements because the equipping all the members implemented the Vanity Fair insignificant that I fit the equipment to set up a discipleship program that we use is different from the type of my heart and my team and he knew you then that my community is alive and like newly married to use people with children so see you have any advice on how we could you know they need this but they have to and a lot of them don't come to church if they don't come out every account have anybody to e-mail help him with here with the child I sure some of the Faisal and author question upright I bought we do have some favorites that I badly take sorry it's not editing this incident is not exclusive the young people is that it's regardless of the principles of the site we have some fabricators at some of the studies are focused on looking at principles that have helped that in a family setting system and for the author Elizabeth Havens with that I don't visit some of the acting as a social activity but they do will be different than what Cardinal climbing don't keep my guard the zoo together all that variable or some sort of cities possible to have a young family table but it does in the past been hospitalized especially because eight hundred and nine keeps his edited except try but it is possible in him I think with big increase in the average he stated there are believers and nonbelievers in the care groups how do you keep the nonbelievers nonbelievers John saying I is not in time not in any way so how does a easily if you are going to other principles in everything how do they stay nine minutes have a ninety half time we help you out and then I believe is that you keep inviting you can I hope you press thinking who I couldn't stand the parents of Clinton in the cycling England I sighed on the roster time I was at one time to inspect the equipment is basically transforming someone from just being about but being someone who's able to meet up so you really someone suggests newly baptized and taking of any quick and everything else it was a at instilling them with principles that help and submitted to the EU on about having leadership and management without creating on it you reach that makes it feel like to separate groups so usually I think of metering a is one thousand and the Cato you want to the thing that will save a great can relate through to his or her members anything assuming you can relate to someone it means that you want on the second level indicate that members see this person is electrical on a separate little then please affected because they often the person relate to you listen and one of the benefits that in a small group setting it's hot as that happened because when you're a slogan setting does the interaction people should address those both in ideas and challenge them and stress and every leader has challenges as well not just on the leadoff everything 's perfect inoculated and start to think that I suggest one is the capability to pray often are second thing is that favorite is still accountable to someone else with advice and associates of the physical magic is the managing people this is also associate the image of full client to make sure what kinds ensure that the greatest space relation to Victor religion is when we become baptize the interested none of inches on you to do in your dear normal normal inviting to the small group eighty and then there will be a lot ballyhooed Internet that they become one of the mandate that actively back to mine in the invite their friends and him bleeding and thinking that they don't think such areas as important in our criminal justice system a set of objects located at anyone time to start with will not guess that is his integrity was still in a statement so when you first come as a nonbeliever in your non- absences in your baptizer still engendered by Google and you know what I remember not understand the visit now my challenge is to invite all the people with the public ignorance is looking for specific cycle but been thinking there is a dear dirt there's a number words most effective or else on judicial I can't say when you get hit by seventy eight to ten people what we do is multiply sort out that we have multiple pigments because the site is to be going gets about ten to twelve we then multiply and divide into a different room where there are some that needed some negative one hundred crosses those deeper training to start your day is what comes first evangelism lawyer 's evangelism the result of care groups and the second question what if you have more care care group of care persons but not not enough leaders have even turned the care they give people into leaders and what the site will eventually need a great other people that we get into allocating we had people that come from different strains they have a student club we have a Bible workers being Street ministries doorknocking people complicated and we buy into that we however have people than just walking to evangelism the street or the friend invite them to the event of Iglesia brochure are posters of the iPhone management recommendations someone will say hey would you like to come to a taking city they want to know when you're starting fresh with the which way would you start with a small group for with evangelism I would start with and your second question the question was how to check how you anti- available in the him from care if from the caring person in the group to the leader shall have the lot -ish automated and anti- anti- flutter responsibility on commitment at a time and energy resources I think the anti- right influencers that often is wrong sometimes it is difficult and but I also need to catch the vision and values if a person can catch the idea and the reasoning behind what it was all about I want to be full I should be excited about really what I like benefits of the others it is annoying and often sometimes from those that we have all the challenges that we face is that when people are comfortable indicated that the conflict figure out they don't want to be active it is listed into the outcome than someone else when they catch the vision of what exists in hot months once people so they need to catch the vision what do you want to disconnect after that wishes to become come comes the mind and actually that's really good lessee 's infusion from the seminary so the reason why these are the small group before doing a public evangelism is because you find that about eighty percent of those the company public evangelism are those who already need friends within small groups and so because he developed dissension with your members there more like Viacom onto something that's more spiritual and as a result any decision for baptism were as on the other hand if you run a public evangelism without small groups and your focus is mostly on cool contacts on chances are people don't have that chance to meet friends mentioned with you members less likely that you make decisions in the end and that's the reason why a lot of churches run public evangelism that is they doesn't really work because they haven't had a chance to develop those friendships before so Dennis the reason why they do small groups first and I cautioned really five different teams actually I do I will say good for many years to define it but he thought about having your goalie had a reach unbelievers know to become you know I am sitting in my workers for later analysis alright y'all have a different and having to get out you know I haven't attacked what the goal of that and because you come to get you different we fellowship compared to bringing nonbelievers anyhow I have my things and then I'm going to forty five years of e-mail to be good my favorite okay icon become fellowship in a leader had I haven't seen a cool animation school but my prison then in talking other people trim the same thing if you you you know if you have to rule you you should have titled it a different place for different times with many drivers seen in your heart is no note the green people in the level door knocking but doesn't have to be a group do it is an interesting age ever my favorite pertains to more of that what the goal you know if it is a collaborative hand you need to make the same thing heading out not everybody in a setting like that and what they long for the audit out a section of small group ministry should not write its own and the apostles grew a little daughter they had borderline specific apostle Grace they don't want while they were fellowship in the laundry it's not in the sorry it's possible to grow our advances in a non- insight this small group ministry is not quite peaceful recap exhaustive edification of the memories you do it is clear on this illegal prefecture in the shot as he is not the facilities you don't know keeping his rightful going to contribute with only one person if you have five million younger than age that they can think of one person and what calling maybe someone can go out and buy off the street maybe the family member does not have the nonbeliever in an upright one person everyone brings one person who had no number one hundred and five if possible it's a difficult life was the presentation is it shows you exactly go to tonight 's delay comes a week after that usually oatmeal see the last easy going today currently running against the problem is that friendship is a lot last effect that all the people that know their holiday homes of the car clinically each and all enough to let you know before the date and I will say that how do I make my A get that no one even seems to be that the main problem throwing now last year so a can remember need to share the eighty members in your group that shared vision because they were not necessary there were not after he was associate with the intifada executive companies focus on allowing devastating before it takes affect you Robin has been vacant about these sorts of elegant diner in our what's happening intentional but over in the sentence has been printed in handling emergency defending a zebra programming many degrees I like now when I think it's just an mindset when you join thinking it for example if you have five people in an inviting one for engaging in Seekonk in a enhancing people that night and was then main things I think that we having gateways in the clinic and medical leads me to believe that the public evangelism and if I can just about anything that came in a off day he had an evangelistic tenant or indicated that ten million cocaine know that they had merely been there to keep you toasty medicine and a spend time talking to a non- seventy and if you establish that culture within your group they will present belonging and Joe matinee yesterday management is identifying a sense of meaning and how the program achieves you choose programming like all like their property manually early difficult for the line out like I'm not a effectively communicate a question that you negatively they can understand on how to help them go to the can be a challenge as I have a question and I pay one hundred five stop this because of the recording and things just find it refreshing that I started that actually answered a lot of questions that you have on I have several technical questions sort of energy leads with the operation of the event signal from eating to all singing singing and then I sleep with the EE part like some light my friend Billy got the above me and I love me a lot to select if Jackie Bingley vegetarian food in relation I bring like us like a variety early you noninvasively channeling them down you know personally that you benefit like one technical thing yet and I think this is a full center matters conviction earned at in in daily wheat we had been carrying that out and take it and just because I also had in that one can pleasantly read and mark to anything you do in the process to bring for lunch Jesus is just as important in bringing entity to everything you doing a cadence isn't an self and vegetarian food that we sat on the medicament is to help message at the same friends and family are coming from the because a lot of monarchy could come from an Asian background especially from mainland China where some of the China people don't really eat vegetables so they commonly have an executive assistant and analyze the data confiscated the best time and you offer the plaintiff that inability on your face every dinner but as he gets in no event and you invite him along and they keep coming week after week and actually get daring enough to try from the next and it's just one meal out of the week that they not having the inner and I don't be finally back especially if you're come on you have to try I made an on how long you should be likely find not one who is so please start Al Qaeda give an instance of archives that a significant fatty meat eat till about seven Patty was seeing eight study eight thirty sharing nine nine right conflict to college and most of my guys feel like if it is seven thirty seven thirty five on God the way you require I find the experience is when is heading out the meeting component and discount for what I like what our Bible study class facilities and decided to get you off it will stay as you are trying to preach to me in an hour talented on the left him hanging out with you again what I feel like I want to hang out especially where there is a final something similar in the yet and is even bigger news than more time to get it seemed like in the visit had been in the formula dynamic and I I feel great sometimes it is splitting a group that I was wondering if you go into more detail about multiplying actually splitting the group that so it feels more more organic and couple for everybody to split the group so it must patiently explained to the cheeky on the second floor of my people have tinges of separation anxiety of natural but new Waverly we can end this is very involved in this is not as the Bible work the way we structure modification process is at least in principle to make it Jesus and his disciples out to buy two which means that when we multiply we make sure that we don't need a knee meant that only he can find himself in a group and are comfortable so you may have a group of say twenty beneath the Internet on sixteen and you need to split into eight eight and so we will try to have every man back with one of the men at me that we know they were always in a close the pay and that they can potentially support each other to grow together we also only those people with this heat could affect their closest to and not a priority for people and juicy many felt to my two and such that the modification you believe you should be people to get used to have them in the air bases in their family attorney we hear about summer break i.e. the Academy church were literally half the church is gone for two and a half month start it all out I think about what red is where wealthy of the students we are testing it wants to questions about our holiday advice that appear to write four hundred million dollars settlement on and so we thought we'd is quite investigated by the especially in a student because there is a lot of investment been reported that you have to suspect values of free tickets to does one and one somewhat rough couple weeks until we expect them to him we then need to keep in mind that even though you may not have exchange repair sale indicated as the usual one thing to me when especially the people that have just come to KUB or wanted he physically had to cut you split that celebrate isn't someone one member at least on behavior need to keep in contact with that seek to gain entry new Facebook the winner it just keeps in contact and make sure that anything when you get back anyways that I began it much easier to invite investigative and much more likely to come back to give her converging on that question for those of you can question of how the permit on the basically other after that and doing good university situations is intradermally estimate because the midst of the people you really wanted to ask that for because before reading and for a lot of the students and university situations this is a less anonymous campus we want to see one of brain disease in a small group should be evangelists we focus on if you are trying to bring people into the search and you're working with them in your China help them like unity explained the whole separating your even if your mother three 's four-month summer break when there's no care reporting one's person what undigested and continue with them but how does this work with your work when you're trying to actually help at it just mongers community smokers to help advances who are let's say more it is later seen in Mississippi County need to be revitalized but how do you work with them shall a lot I want a toy I say I am outside of Memphis Santa Fe California is in a kind of this line is you don't have a large pool of nonbelievers around you to join a kind of intelligence for example if your dad and his universe even if I go to for example we can we have we nonbelievers in school sure but there's also people who are raised a lot of but a lot of people do why she raised in the church and they become them below they're there because a person in there whenever it's the kind having they don't want anything to do with it it drilled a fellowship of his also people that you're trying to reach out to core hiding bills cultural and medical examiners and in dating me have make their devotion now and then an immediate kind of spiritual behind you actually revitalize them and she we study with them when you do thought and lifestyle tips on where class is where I spent four hours I will read when a person 's graphic check is involved in outreach it hasn't been that they may need best of our favorite Bible etc. but one of the best ways of five to encourage people to write this throughout a window to require this to be involved in the example limited on nothing to bring everyone it's not just take Karen is going on on things like Tara vina in this lid on defense along the fence nonbelievers ever was a exciting and one goes out together and when you're in a good situation of ongoing William Conklin is not go along and the other thing is that when initiated with his nonbelievers it was the mindset of people as he can't sit around and talk about your usual stuff and just hang out and so the people you want austere people question when someone questions your faith when someone persons or I can see that consists to be challenged so yes it is important to write to suspect the person you talk to them etc. but sometimes it's beneficial for them to be involved in outreach and sometimes they going accident Judaism and of the shortest route to drink actually working with them soon working with people who are working with our reach is basically the summer situation presented three four four months if you itemize some are Tom Kinney still working yes if you could come after four months anyhow easier that like you Munson 's mission to bring Leslie many in from the community that's a nonbeliever Don Evans is the disease of the school whatever you know you keeping the circular contact with them for four months or late in the transition so high on full-length drinks candy and the da Vinci team we wish I see some semblance of the cake it happening during that time because people generally well and I'm not sure how anything in America Vancouver Jimmy will be away for a moment they might be awake that you went from an estimate bitumen and in defining theft in attendance I recombine Ottinger Serna at any one time based on the seventh of May McCaig and usually what we did base hi we can send my man cave you can't escape your belly facing mankind is when we use this I want to be reciprocated off the over is that we make and that most of our inpatient days on the status kind of event and filling the big push on the candidate for new people to invite we had like that for example we had our inflation of any new students coming into their new backseat and then we invite them to you free generic orientation under what's new in nominating or something on and that we say all you come to this place and this time on a Friday night that something and usually those changes are huge we have forty people and of the senior people will be knocked back and and and know God in failure but it helps to boost the cake itself again it was my movements to actually think the same principle as an affidavit tennis style applicator again or to be established it had timed type of push for inviting people out what we call that thing a visit to night very handy to deny to any be a candidate is not a high it collectively needs in your area at the moment the holding be best and then vacuum it back in LA so it all different types of ways you think you can push that case UK and convinced to start our sorry I don't want to go out there questions for I'm going to finish and not anything before that and for recording but when customers I hope I plan on and off people because of the Gothic questions as well the segment where weaponization and will move I wasn't following the session were sometimes asking questions and never plans and ideas about how we can not useful in developing Friday lesson I did than when you make a lender is Sue and then was what area is thank everyone dismisses him that he is GUI seeing someone's ministry on the same number in sequence by you Bible makes price-sensitive Christians to download moment just to the resources this is online and see what I see when the lodging


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