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Total Church: As Any Had Needed

Linda Krause


Meeting physcial needs



  • December 31, 2011
    3:15 PM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a opinion anxiety and access them in here will it not for our young people David yesterday that Andrew my son is sixteen with a couple more I have coupled my kids here is Gabriel who ate with Michael zero here Michael's on the back to thirteen event Layla had with Stephanie is missing okay she's on her way here after I'm done with that you know that the talk in the history of harbor of hope but I just allow you guys to ask questions to our other leaders here are some we can share with you about experiences and down the display before we begin heavenly father Barbie thank you for this publicity you given us like to be here and to share what we've learned so far in their experiences but I pray that you fit with fire into the hearts of our young people and everyone this year Lord to to serve if they are being called into inner-city ministry large and to put them and we pray that Tom you will bless us in Bluffton he especially liked his to help me present in the concise clear way we pray this in your name in okay as is my first start out with a look at the history of harbor of hope we are located in Benton Harbor Michigan and I may give neither with Michigan but where about twenty one twenty five minutes away from Berrien Springs Andrews University pastor Dwight you that met him earlier right llama him earlier when he did the second sermon pedestrian sermon he preached a sermon in nineteen ninety seven and nineteen ninety eight about things that break the heart of God that and they should break our hearts and one thing he mentioned among others was serving in that harbor anger city just about twenty twenty five minutes up the road from Pioneer Memorial Church in the other clip to giving you here's some pictures we have good with pastor of doing me to turn start the community and will him a you a you a you a you is him a him a a is you have a lot of in and not mentioning the families that they come from they come to our church they like being a shirt which is amazing to me mold allowing you get secure before we do sometimes twenty seventh out of morning settlement that a for my link in the outside waiting for us same thing with a qualified program and him and he is he is favorite teacher and is in the day at her job we want to pay for guarding Jesus and our families who love you will have to stay here because he's a good person and love him I think I know and I will meet many things that you are running in just you desire and an okay or learn a reasonable time you see him in her room and he is edited what you will you will you I is and will and in the long run even well as in my hand and led by God Eisenberg because my cousin Tony was in good terms and a single doorway within the thing is pretty convenient admitting that because I like people who go there for nineteen activities we do in a template are you allowing him as the Messiah shall name at inviting they invented thousands amendment hardly is him lucky there are one how do you see God is satisfied I wonder if you plan on the way so I is a will to resist pattern after ten and related print one hundred and 's own deletion process is a process they sold like about love love us and she doesn't like kids want to be with you and saying here is you saw little clip of harbor hope actually what started out with new plant and down went husband-and-wife that his sermon there was a few students that really took this message to heart and they went out out door-to-door praying with people and eventually this led to children's programs and eventually the kids in the church volunteers why do churches invite their families to an old Congregational Church was acquired as a rental and the church building was from the heyday of that harbor bad primaries be a quite ritzy town at one time and down the church is large and had stained glass windows a huge bell tower I can't read anymore the turn lights off on the hardwood basketball court and industrial kitchen are all included at a very reasonable price so in December seven two thousand and three new plant SDA church met for the first out of the nest all Apple located off the side of our current sanctuary Pastor Skip McCarty who are was a is a retired pastor can see now vandalism oversaw this ministry and he's even a retired diesel active in our church the spring of two thousand and four the students continued to go door-to-door praying with people and inviting them to fall meetings and in the fall of two thousand and four we had chaplain Timothy Nixon had an evangelistic campaign focusing strongly on the teenagers in the youth would be so soon after this a hard pastor divine as their minister and things continue to grow and change our situation required us to get a different pastor to lead the church and two thousand fall two thousand and six passer gap was hired a semiannual center student and a retired soldier and what you're seeing here some of this is during pastor divines time and also some of the during pastor of an pastor gap is there so somewhere around them then the pastor gaps term the church went from being new plan to harbor of old and would be in two thousand and seven Pastor Walter was taking volunteers involved in harbor of Pope SJ church to Chicago to receive training from other inner-city ministries during the trip you distinctly and strongly felt God calling him to minister Ben Harper and not returned to Canada after praying about this for a month pastor Walter resigned his job that was waiting for him in Canada and agreed to be the next pasture harbor of hope so he's our current pastor now and pastor gap went to was used in graduating he moved to California to be harbor of hope we especially emphasize ministry to children was in with the wisdom which is okay in going okay I remember the events of those days more clearly than those which have has recently for what we learned as children grows up with the soul and become united to it to bicycle wheel that sort of thrown right into the tree there and one of the analogies are pastors used in affairs children are like trees and saplings of their drawing you can bend them and you can shape them to more so and children are more easily influenced and adults a lot of times we hear our evangelistic campaigns adults but it's actually studies have shown that children who respond more tickets to these type of things children lay the foundation of their faith teams have a confirmation of their faith this is a diagram for having difficulty teams have a confirmation of their faith young adults leave the faith parents come back to the faith parents of the largest influence on their children these are studies that show that unfortunately you have this thing with young adults leave the faith I'm glad to see that this is not happening here at UIC and you know I and it's great to see that young adults are very involved but this is what the study show we did target we have a big emphasis on so I said because of the reason that they are most easily influenced and this is a showing a graph of the biggest influence on accepting the biggest influence on children and their parents with right now it's a little bit sewage in the history of Barbara felt that we might take you to where we are at right now the current vision and where were going with that although we are the transition of rethinking our vision mission and methods administrate here's our journey so far and down we have tried to put in the eight step strategy as follows the first one is if you wanted compared to the baseball diamond the first one is that prayer is not pitching mound so God 's word says not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord so we seek to apply this on a weekly staff prayer meeting and be during church we get about fifteen to twenty five minutes of the service to prayer testimony and the divine service and encourage all the leaders to have a prayer partner that they can meet with once a week the next thing is the second step involves the connect with the community Christ Christ's method alone will give true success in reaching the people and some of the ways we do this the Savior mingled with man as one who desired their guide then he bade them follow me so some way to get us as we connect with the community and we digital door-to-door visitation and prayer on there is a basketball ministry vehicles on a weekly basis the kids run the younger ones are on Wednesdays and separate them that young men are on Thursdays okay and we yet when we put the babies and him and he is in you will him will is is is is is is is is is is is is is was he in him and in and in and will and him and I and him and as long as you and him to me in a you know is in a and in and he is him and him even him him today and he is in him and him and will will will will will will will will will will will will you and and and and and and and and is will he he he he he he he he he he he he as he is a is an and is in and in and he and you will him and him and him and him taking her and I him at night I as I you are now and then he is known as is he who is in no and will and and and and will and you will and you will is really in our new inventors we do other things to be involved in the community is over this Christmas apartment Christmas Carol and type pass out literature about us to to the community and it certainly do we do program specifically for the children teens and let's have some slides on that we have different programming one is rock as for ages three to seven receptions on for a the seventh of twelve the bridge or a wise step at twelve eighteen mean we have buses that so pick up the children especially for the afternoon programming in our town people want to send us their kids learn something about positive about God so every Sabbath we pick up kids on buses and to be partnered with Andrews University on that they also bring some buses and help us up pick up kids and tempering the church and a lot of vendors students come out hereinafter and help us as we went deal to manage and handle the snakeheads during that Sabbath afternoons it wasn't for that and talk to some but not in a way that can be fun the veteran they can understand that there is level and then we drop them off and down buses are expensive and takes a lot of work to get it to run but this is the way that we found so far that works for us to get as many children to these programming is possible the beauty this is the more that kids of activities this was their Christmas party that they did more of the they also during the summer this summer they did what we call the fight luck kid zone where they took the stand and they took it to the streets and Winter Park Census invite kids to come and listen and teaches about God in an and a really fun way that game then okay the next thing that we really especially work on his visitation and families we who have a child or teen in our ministry gets a regular visits on Friday afternoon and this is to see how the families doing and we pray for their needs we by the young people back to kids on a rock in a wide afternoon programming which might invite the entire family to come to family church on Sabbath morning but be this is family church that we're having here the development picture every Sabbath they run a bus in the morning to pick up adults and kids who want to come to church debt transportation they brought themselves that if they don't they read the bus which provide a nutritious breakfast and lunch for everyone we did this year has switched at the order of our service we used to do this but the traditional way sensible person entered the least we reversed it to see what would happen to be we had to find service first and then Sabbath school the reasoning behind this is so that this acre can introduce and preach a sermon on top ignominy break for Sabbath school I sent school teachers have an opportunity to reinforce reflect and apply the sermon in the relational setting found school now one of the side effects sorted from what has happened with us doing as we try to district it would work for our ministry it's actually been quite successful even the people told us that they didn't think this would work for us we've actually increase school attendance as a result because in our community a lot of people feel that the church service itself is very important the divine service is important so when it was last they would miss out the school and to show up for that but when we reverse the order they made a point of coming for the divine service as a result bandits think is helpful the Sabbath concert attendance is increase it has actually been very good your system or slides of showing the manuals him him him him him him and him him to live as a bad way at church pastor Walter with his new baby okay the next article diamond baseball diamond on friends that parents are the primary spiritual teacher at their kids in the family as the basis of society we have not yet been able to implement effective parenting program were praying and looking for God looking to God for to bring a special leaders in this area of ministry this is one area lacking for us we have like three families that come consistently and adults but mostly bestowed a lot of kids don't parents this is one of fire on parents who come just pretty amazing the turnaround in his life it's occurred he is having legal issues and lots of different things going on in a few civilian fire for Jesus now this really made a big difference and his family because his daughter would never come to church before as a result of him taking the leadership in that role modeling and his family started coming and bringing her to the children consistently of this is the last part of fire on baseball diamond we believe that God 's church is seen more like a battleship than a cruise ship I've battle ship everyone on the ship is involved in winning the war on a cruise ship the majority wait to be served by the minority so be through spiritual gift testing mentor and encouragement we seek to help every believer find the place that God has called them to serve in our church and our community and we believe every member is a minister and this is kind of our goal to equip our young people and older people to serve and be involved in ministry I went hoping this is one of the way that we can keep that statistics when we showed you earlier but young people leaving the church in other cabinets and evidence are shooting and so if people take ownership on add and realize this is their ministry also does it help the partnership of God they're more likely to stay than that that's the other benchwarmers are sitting on the sidelines in the last this is a set of the completed diamond with a full-time or document I just wanted you nearly just a real quick some testimonies of people when they first started at the ministry not to make it look like you know really I had a perfect starting for the very beginning one of the pastors you saw them in the beginning I think in the customer now he's currently our youth pastor this comment when he first came to what was new planet time this first impression was it was very chaotic very foreign kids running all over screening looks it's taken us some time to bring control and discipline them I think the situation is different now it doesn't exist it's not that bad as what he describes and one of the other things that pastor Walters is currently a pastor when Pastor Walter visited in two thousand and five there was only kids of running around kids and chaos that he ran the other way and refused to return her over to years that his roommate passed out pussy gazelle tried recruiting Walter to no avail but he did come back and though so we've gone from their fastest yet the cardiac news and let mentioned earlier was impressed by passionate by the passion and consistency of the students who are helping us at the new plant overwhelmed though by the kids bouncing off the walls and his comment was where in way over our heads so maybe I'm not sure if he so exactly feel that way but these were first impressions the maker started so at this point I wanted to open the floor to questions and the others Andrew we've come up here just read that one we have a tablet of a statement from sister wife and that from the spirit of prophecy and we just want to read this to you Layla and I were talking about this you know it is a people always talk about getting together city needed of the city is yester like those that need of city but astronauts live in the city is posted look out if possible but on you are to go into work in the cities so we have a statement that Anderson read is assigned to you me and I would couple different quotes for service or ministry join Christ method alone will give us true success in reaching the people the Savior mingled with men as one who desired their good to show his sympathy for them minister to their needs and won the confidence then he made them follow me here's another one from testimonies for the church by seven when I think of the cities in which so little has been done image there are so many thousands to be warned of the suit the sooner you and intensity of desire to see men and women going forth to the work in the power of the spirit filled with Christ's love prepares consoles we all need to be wide awake that is the way opens we may advance the work in the large cities we are far behind in following the light given to enter the cities and erect memorials for God 's step by step we are to lead souls into the full light of truth we are to continue the work into a church is organized in a humble house of worship built of one or two more old that we might see the needs of these cities as God sees them at such a time as this every hand to be employed the Lord is coming the end is near gate in haste it's greatly some testimonies the church volume nine there there is means not tied up this is being used for the unwalled cities in Europe Australia and America and in the regions beyond these cities have been neglected for years the Angels of God are awaiting thrust to give our labors for their inhabitants from town to town from city to city from country to country the warning message is to be proclaimed not with our display but in the power of the spirit by men of faith is for evangelism page four twenty eight the first one was from Ms. for your viewing page one forty three the second one was from testimonies of the church volume seven page forty the third one was from testimonies for the church volume nine page one hundred and one and the fourth one is from evangelism page four twenty eight yes I would like you are you and the gimme questions three okay I is you are in your family is in my lunch is no evidence when driving you also have built in some capacity to meet immediate physical needs of of the people you are because the truth started with partnered with the same church and informs the digital out and you know we can immediately see the need for the company to be waited on so there was a process that felt so attracted for Mac news reviews of resistance looked at carefully that this money handed out a status hearing on with me so you have to be careful sure I understand if you don't enable people with dysfunctional behaviors you want to help them with that and if there is problems my five and by the way through that narrow with the swapping to see whatever money they are getting and what's going out and I was being used in the best counseling that can be given for that thing so second question is obviously there's a lot of money going out to two feet people what is the funding that y'all have is is Pioneer Memorial and are they still funding that kind of thing I'm in your you don't have a national is my money on hand than while offering the increasing something modification done by donation and support it a lot of people are coming to your children so they could really support the right way we don't really have that they'll be here from the community itself but I know that when you do with the military is to learn is that there is much as a human being so it is given by donations but the church itself is putting in more used to but not nearly what it takes to feed and run the buffet to do all that we are doing that you know each area this is what we've done it doesn't mean that every person has to every area do it this way this is on model my last question is that I began my hands are getting about a third okay my question is it in our church I know we talk about having something where there would be a meal provided for the for the community but how do you ever figure how many to prepare for you run out of food sometimes you have any how do you figure there is now nearing two hundred and seven young and we have not be common I think I'll volunteered they like groups of families are just think of members Richard states spend time in the kitchen and they bring out large dishes and food never really runs out to be honest it is very large addition they and never prepared for the number because every week the number varies with visitors and stuff though what are we going main theme of the food prep I don't know how they make their money stretches much as they do their very frugal with the nutritious meal the provider of now they're very careful and what they do provide is not evil incarnate in smaller portions and the people who are the second time though that you will be sure to get something but one and what is the final event of the obligations on the head is my name 's John and I I many not been longer since March of two thousand three and the privilege of watching all this come together and on this is actually the money somewhere where it comes from is that this is actually a church planting new plan a harbor of folk but time immemorial teachers victims of anti- University on sauce is great need out from actual students and their reading it is reading the book education a few years before this happened and they started a small ministry just a few students they were like they saw personal they had a personal responsibility that those around him about that quote I forget what page it is an education but it talks about how every chart we have or are they just read from the front near the pond yesterday and that these people have a right to hear the good news of Christ and it to every person church school institution that has this way they have the responsibility note this question comes to them on discussing into the kingdom for such a time as this and those students they just did some things they started out with this driving over there than there like this is expensive was sent to get a student party organization to help us out so they had a USA energy University student Association on that they were like can we get some funding to help with the spending under Verizon transportation and got big enough like a passerby Nelson got on word of this and he just is inside his heart and he would you would preach about invited those that were interested on too long to take a more active part and sacrifice some resources for this in the church to adopt on these these greater needs of their becoming more and more aware of and do something more as a church and so they talk on the students on from what they were then just run in the building they eventually bought before that right before our provoked her two thousand four they had like the building where they would give tutor kids we never program on Sabbath do some things during the week that started small and then just like pop this was on the specific years of this started with actual students like yourselves like young people that were just reading the book education and some of they have a they have a right to hear this good news that we know of and then they were like let's do something about you that may answer the question 's got sass in the kingdom for such a time as this and well were here in the kingdom and got sent us here and it's not for a time past bedtime future that he sent us here so they answer that question as they started something but we have the amazing privilege of being close to Andrews University on and so on I believe it's is so providential because you here this quote I think that efficiency seventy one all the time that site on with such a army of uses our site with such an army is a use rightly trained my first how soon might then come the end of suffering and sorrow and sin and anyway but rightly right before that but you seldom hear quoted you see she talks about what that rightly trained is and that is ministry on you know when we minister the Angels speaks rock voices and work on work by her hands and she says what college course can equal this and Andrews University on word count of working that is an overall haplotype and I'm sorry honestly it's still but life is rough and we have an amazing opportunity for students to come here and receive the best college course according to the spirit of prophecy that I mean they minister him they have real people and real needs the day on our cornet but they don't his comments and you know some of our meccas like variance brings you come there and it is on sometimes you can somewhere since we go years without talking to anyone it is not administered sets in the grocery store and invariance things most people in the grocery stores and messier find something after Sabbath there are advanced to add or as you assume they are and anyway so we we rose such with reality and that's it we lose touch of reality you can just leave college sweetheart address institutions as a person that is what the book education again calls Mrs. what you can encounter that danger of becoming educated we are following the world this is no medication you know that brings us to like it's always training us to be pie-in-the-sky theoretical and not to be hearers of lots of words and theories in all these things were never doers of what we know is right you know Mrs. White talks about how when we are if we are acquainted with the need of those around us we are responsible for doing everything in our power to me that that is on and in Isaiah fifty eight which talks about how the simplicity in all of the Christian walk you know the fast that is acceptable to God it talks about how this this is a fast the Israel and in Christ on were were talking about they were there were fasting also to and is asking another ordinance you know just tell us something else to do what what not to eat what was another ordinance but what he said is this not the fastest I've chosen to loose the bands of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens of the price oppressed go free and break every yoke to dealer principal hundred note on clothing naked and all these things and we anyway it's been amazing to me to just be a part of that and on but the money honestly comes in PMC Andrews University and you know there's lots of thing Adventists who too much money on because they don't see something real to put it there looking for excuses but some of you looking for excuses not to spend the money others just get carried away investing in worldly things instead of an heavenly things on the others they're looking for something genuine but the money and I encourage you if you have a church that when people with too much money on that are looking for something amazing to knew God sent you here for a reason go read education and do something goal go out in a neighborhood okay but the bad part of the angles themselves right now Angel reward encamp round about those who fear him if you believe that all pray for that you won't be crazy but even it you love people and not give it a go out in faith and go to the doors and meet somewhere you can see maybe even outside their house that they need help the only Jesus can give them you go than I can adore talk to them for five minutes and I guarantee you you you will have at least five times as much gusto to go back again and go to your knees and pray for them and give the cycle moving and grow yourself and go to those maybe eventually after three or four times Gill have the encouragement to go to your church invite someone else to help you and then if you all get together and unified as a church around the needs of the world which the church is organized for the apostles that we organize the Church first service most advertisers we don't understand that that we are organized for service were not club that were all vegetarians were you know how I might than another but no not but were organized for service and when we go there with a heart aching the love of Jesus for those that aren't there I mean sometimes it's so sad that we can go in our church and in our school I enjoy our blessings without thinking about the people that were there don't have those privileges and making Wayne Armas in the store the rest of places and we don't think about their salvation and just get year get yourself involved on there's another is another Mrs. White says that on those are most surely working out their own salvation were engaged on and winning others to Christ on so I talked a lot about money that I gave you the history and some more things but if you ask another question in my will is is different things we also do fundraisers all the also the fund-raising there's other things so and Johnson were involved with the outreach part afternoon part is in most of the visit saying that most of my money on kids and have they been growing and having great success name and having a fundraiser and actually becoming more and more independent and actually almost self-sustaining on now to a large degree and but a few one make donations ensure that you will have the opportunity available to you at another question yes my name is Shirley and I live in Houston and currently in Pasadena my church is starting a church similar to what you're working with their number and what is Carson City and were very new so it's interesting to hear what you're doing my couple questions on how long have you been when did you first start liking about how long it's taken you to get where you are today I really am interested in knowing how do you reach the parents you have a structured system of getting parents involved because this is one area that were having difficulty with is getting the parents and if you have a way to do that what percentage do you have attended and understands over that now open for you guys to we have had difficulty also with parents attending you know it is many factors you know that this method is quite strange to to a lot of people to go on Saturday instead of Sunday and there had been subject to that of the program and we do have an effect it started out wanted children but we do have the families now with the adults also coming and were hoping that will increase them we haven't implemented something specifically to address the parents or parenting were working on that that's our goal for this year to work on that so I can't tell you what we've done so far as we really have addressed more of the children's ministry so far with start we started when I mentioned nineteen ninety seven to nineteen eighty eight with a monastic life that sermon students went out and just start out there going door-to-door brain and then after that then you get into children's programs after that is not in need to be able to get together somewhere so was two thousand and three when they went to church started chapel there from there it has grown so from there on it from the United States you know it but according to succeed since I would say on average half a million more action lately we've been really going over the one hundred mark in terms of students the common adults are coming to town membership I can't you think that number is not checked the address parent is okay and I don't belong enough I guess not the kindest address the issue with parents more and enjoying using utilizing spaces are good amount of kids using our relationship with the kids are to continue to buzz of being that I've been a bit successful only to be cut along the mentor and buds were part of a separate ministry this did not separate from on the church and an operable to go into the middle schools the public also going to the public high schools as well on and spent how much of the delays with kids and just like with a diamond effect with kids adults also want families to be dealt with other adult issue next one to come because they now have a really super cute is a basic input would bid on so now we did for Thanksgiving I'll be editing giving meal to where the kids about their parents as well as leaders of that river to get to know all the parents the president trusting us want to come actually on the part that lets one way on the work is needed with a mentor program David said it will lead to a friend and mentor we never gone on if they can I think your child into the pan first select is just ourselves at the parent how they're doing is that when I cannot your kids would value his wealth and also with Thanksgiving have been giving dinner we take the oven and turned it on part of we have about ten to fourteen kids from the church and we bring them every single Sunday like the whole entire day and we focus on different points what if the notion mentoring time alone because he realized that in Turkish is as though many and it's hard to get up personally serve any of them that were starting to do this program year-round on having new kids each and every time and when we have been given to get out of pants and we have the children do performances whether that's heard sure we've had parents today defending the parents of that coming in him and the letter written on this investor typically written on discipling the whole family so we're acquiring the parents to come at least once or twice a month to the program that were having on Sunday and it's in our papers being the same meal how about they willing to be in your child's life and that will affect if will have the children in the program are not in the London Sunday his crews that they are involved in anything that had been read as part of this year and so while we've had a lot of positive feedback on that parents are really starting to get more involved in showing up teachers are wonderful the other thing to be done also so I forgot to mention the social through socialism activities so what would turn out to you now need to bring their parents to easily meet them on a social basis of some of the work but were in the problem the mentoring program probably has had the most success so far and just the general on it if you check your own heart on them best way to reach parent is new something amazing for their child and just interest income the people in the month has been consistent with the children on showing them love genuine love and are the parents share everything about what's going on the children the children talk about all this and that's what the thing we have if you are in a difficult demographic business but fully different culture practically it's I think the key is patience and perseverance because when I first got is taking lots and lots of years this whole time to build up trust between the these weird people that go to church on Saturday but there actually there's not much we had about them anymore and make the parents alike well they might be on the wine the world they go to church on Saturday and that's pretty much the only objection I have many more they even come the curious timing is just like all they love God the genuine their amazing but on the AIDS leaves their curiosity on what just we really have to wait no and pray for and God God is working and he's getting ready for the harvest but we need a little on he's helping us to be developed developing the more mature as an organization so that we had something old stand that very critical eyes of adults I have them viewed by many of him and him him or did you learn from Romanian mean my daughter sleeps five years ago you the room ministry likely teased them center of refuge center for the cheap seats in Romanian we have a problem with a local majority of my the torch I was fourteen I am the last eight years and what the United States view my donors both of them down you cannot I think even now I have a problem because they wanted to see they are not even take that they are marketing their database right now that you know me and all of the remaining faithful I have a problem with a low-grade charge told me not to putting them that shocked like I'm not even been the document to be made that the defendant rejected and of course a video like this who is the delay in funding that you have that problem yeah we get some pretty thinking people will take them preach how can I say how can I put in you know where I be very first time in Seattle we've had several people that is great are they now face now I have a hard say and but we just we don't make it an issue of peace so when the economy try this one down in Iraq and pick up we try to get the relationship talk to family and congratulating talk to my cleaning up of the more getting an Intel inkling that morning and smell better I think it's a process of education because of the first thing that we can't resist love them first and it does something about that I am well and was a misuse take on children inviting memorial church before on the church really got me to organize all these things and the they were they were merely energetic and channeled and not the most appropriate ways and I can send and not the most hygienic but I mean this is simply what you do recognize the problem and do something about it in other words I month in church clothes on come take your bath and before even the church and there they're really not opposed any of that is just the forethought and planning the prudence I mean they may not been to church a lot I mean and known all these stereotypes and always things but I maintain take the personal responsibility to do something and even if you mention do I definitely recommend doing it on a small smaller scale at first and I'm really really focusing not just smart when I say smaller scale I mean on is not necessarily the quantity that you do but the quality on especially when you're starting out with a new new people group or whatever you need because the people that understand the most they can do the most effective ministry to them as people that understand where they're coming that they connect with them on the deep level which is there are people that have been through things like that and that's how Christ can connect to all of us am not fly if you focus on just invest some much into one person like God invest so much in one human sometimes you know and he makes us he just puts everything into us it will be efficient tool for him and that's what you'll notice there's some people that you connect with on this focus on them I mean don't exclusively be like me big gnarled offense in whatever but go with them and you me immensely you have an influence over the whole people and as they clean up everyone will know after you get with the first people to three people on the NHL their friends about it now I don't want to come to you at your claim that we discussed and help I just got so of you are in and out and say that for its normal for us to come clean because we do it we grow thin but for them is not abnormal the Knesset are used to so for like what he was saying as well not only do you thing like how you go about it we have to do him and then now going to change unless they feel that they belong so if not you can get good the first week I go you hear a needed change but over time and despite your gamble I be billed back to wonder okay to get the W O'Neil clean and also notable concerts see the difference for us at least from what I know that we bring them into their own church when going into PNC every single week with them so it is a bit different because the church had been abandoned and so prefer my opinion it's a little different and also misses what does talk about on we need to a property sometimes you can get on a large group at the same time but the way we are on dresses our hygiene all these things have reacts upon our mental mental state and on cleanliness and really does this quote on his has neglected corners and in the room in a home tens neglected corners in the soul on seafood help them on a practical level to teach them on an education basis the importance of all these different things on because if people don't know the reason why is not in the last and if you come to your question on at least have trouble with the fact that our army church was accepting like the people that didn't look the part Neil and what I believe these trenches started together we immediately be rebellious to make create there I do believe it was because started second prayer group of people that is I think I would mean I don't know what the situation is that I think that if you have a group of people there I like my get-together I think that makes into a comfortable mechanism able to know when I got in a very comfortably sitting out electrical out enforcement family that they have to change immediately I think I think ultimately about learning about you and you and it sounds to me with her little dirtier than the people so maybe if you talk educated the charge about how they can clean up on so they are presentable to the people that they want to come visit that just let them know about the people their needs and educating both its education through education is redemptive I have problem in knowing that it was leadership intensive leadership how do you get as deleted to be involved in such a paint the thing to fostering the Chris I think one of us present our pastor is like what will somebody can want to regular status mostly bad like a lot of people make sure that the archers are accepting so people say things in advocates is that in the next in the noticeable effect this was a good none the less as we would be know as time goes with me when you develop a relationship with them into the public graduate of the cleanup but in another practical thing is I had such a controversy issues because of it I started missing on sixteen years old and so I was a and is very close to my heart and not as low bashing and I was a little indignant sometimes and everything everyone was in cooperate immediately as of this immediately I made a lot of mistakes on the church but I think it's not meaning to get back to the fundamental prison this was what is God 's been one of the places where Jesus uses methods what is the spirit of prophecy say I'm in the Reds early about on the work in the cities the working these different places in the highways and hedges on you it really is really not something on this matter processes not talk about in the testimonies I think fourteen page three ninety three ninety one something is that every church members agreed and reread the volumes of the spirit of prophecy and the testimonies unfriend them on I forgot the rest on site have been tempered in the evenings and was the basically it says it deals with almost every area and circumstance of life this is those nine vines and olives like almost five thousand pages but it says it's testimonies for the church and if we believe that there's a there is a profit for them they charge that had a message that was relevant to our time and our ministry in getting us to haven't I think we need this is a perfect opportunity to get us all you know not focus on while this is the way I think it's on the way you think is not but looking at these principles there laid down in the word of God in the spirit of prophecy and digging deeper for everybody is none of us read our Bible as I should as we should or note follow as close as we can in the plan forgot his mercifully given us these last days for these areas that need so much help with her a reaching the the million dollars in my work of existing as a medical missionary course every one of the customers I have a thought long health and every one of them is interested in hell health as we know from the spirit of prophecy is the entering ways so no one can find a family where they're not dealing with either obesity diabetes hypertension or cancer or one of these diseases they can naturally be cured with the eight laws of health so one of the major ways of adding that fees is just some of the natural remedies is there not grasp that immediately and then he made a comment about him from Proverbs coming from Psalms thirty four seven dialogue and joint camps around but when once before China figure out in the ways of money and I think the work that you are doing is amazing and it is the gospel in its truest form to go meet the people 's needs but it also says that you go to verse eight and nine at old taste and see that the Lord is good blessed is the man who trusts in him all three of the Law Review is saying there is no law to those who are who fear him so when you fear the Lord there is no one the most one of the most powerful sex and father sent nineteen seventeen that says they do have pity on the poor lends to the Lord and it says he will repay him so if a user your answers stops given is lowest to lending to the poor you're lending to God and he will repay so we should never fear funding over doing the Lords work is his promises assure hello that is wanting to and what anything that I like the movie of community service work I like doing them one evening under that pretty much all the time that one anything that is finding the church from definite meaning here in Houston now seven years is that the churches have distractions there the kids in the building but we do everything internally and discount hard to do anything to get people to understand that you can beat people over here with the Bible of a long and you can debate many of you have none their peoples may they not only stayed use the only people a quick man what would Jesus do and then just say what did Jesus do you have the answer to a lot of problems if the mapping is when you present Apollo and IVF in the charge they are what reasons you know I believe my wheel having insurance the same people who walk in Turkey also with their you know you have to have affair with Amanda Gephardt you know that I would what can you do because I'm finding out and I'm having suspecting outside of the charge and in the big okay once they get the knowledge in her thing and that you have to bring them to the church if them if the people in the church mind by calibrating them even though it's not too much will make me just turn my back on active them that if somebody was not raised in a and they feel like they can get it they love over here and then I looked over here they may leave I think we really what I think the answer is one twenty seven no on is pure religion and undefiled before God and the father and this is to visit the fatherless and widow in their affliction to keep himself unspotted from the world many churches have happened on that mission statement of what pure and undefiled religion is and that that encompasses everyone the widows and the fun of fatherless and the fatherless some as revolving on very many of us have had fathers know maybe they need and then add minutes but we may and sometimes according to the okay they might not always feel like the father that God meant for us to have okay in the church really needs to fill in those gaps and the widows it's if everybody is just that I went through talking about might just that if one example of an idea or on I guess having choices that help out with the think a lot of people are honestly just inherently needs of people and they may know that there is big business and the other either there on but they never really seen it you know and so I think a lot of people they want to help in their minds no potatoes have any practical there is nothing in any practical ways that you can do it and I think just if you have a group of people that are passionate about this I think and coming up with some practical ideas for the church folk church folks like us to get involved and sharing testimonies and personal stories that had to people more than and more than I may be joking them into it or running away and I knew my friend from the convent well if the charge is not offering they don't be concerned about what's going on so why is it that the conference is that they can mandate the people have the same the conference is not encouraging the church is set upon the it they made a part of the like they had evidence community services but even people clothing food infant and among away is not a ministry when you have ability seven days a week is only use on Saturday you know someone a man is immediately looking around I know a lot of people in here safe not heart of the charts next proof in this round become a people year today nuclear you know understanding is what will push you you know it's not that people don't know after you fill some of them down I was way very minute and down the yellow brick okay I had children out of nonmarried and my grandfather live and minister so you can imagine it but it was found to be valid gotten a longtime ago you know that when a man is the I have the two-sided experience because I have been raised in the charge but have little of what I was up out of the church and also remember that you brought me back in that area and I doesn't have been in my concern is when you have their party now you and the charges delete you know it's like you know you judging in UK if you judge a situation UK help people in situations that you judge it and death wherever one I like education environment some island something then they fell like other young issue you know that if you feel like you never man they got he did not believe is that the NFL if you feel like FF is not out there then you're together I see you that I'm looking at what you have to you get to the point where it is not going to come from the inside with the charges were at NFA okay let's stop administering father do anything of you bringing that not only faded so I needed to come from the top down because it is not coming from the bottom main of a mentioned several things that but getting it to come from the top down on out we got on fly needs and get it to come down to ourselves and then we go to church events in the church and then when there's a real genuine love in us then it makes him anyone that may be in charge of things that supposed to be facilitating that no really doesn't it helps them want to change on and it helps them see that the members most of it most of the big conferences not cooperating and night taking us to the world is because church members don't want to be pushed okay they don't want to get one of you they want they don't want you to talk about their sins okay or even holiness in a way that offends them okay because they're not hold any anything that isn't holding right so and so on if you have been paying your salary in your offending always people pretty soon and you beautiful telephoning us that were hungry and you want to live in a house anyways requisite ministers administrators and a very difficult position when church members don't do what the basics of getting on their knees in the morning and getting it from the top down themselves and also when you're in charge of God 's church on our switches his military on art I mean this is a war the great controversy and when was most afraid for ministers people arm our administrators are our present all these things were supposed to pray for the ones of strife will be held back on it we can finish this work and that visits lots of simple steps like that that we can take on and maybe some were answered as you are with power cord from else for local churches and health conference I don't I don't know how to does he get 's us to do with the glasses that but it's a small but utilities and start to what people think of ideas and services a few students going out and you are not openness I just left Ashley congratulate you on the ministry there is a guy hired to work there and I must run silent and presently and I was one will easily to some of the tiles left of the hallway and down I felt very rested on the teams at school I went in there and the leader there she said will you do the end of this user is asked to relate what because she wasn't meeting a couple weeks they really needed somebody and so at that point that started the process for me I felt very harbor open start their I hope family joined us in the family ministry for devices think that some it is not a small yelp even for me my only regret is that it is that it involved earlier that I can like to use after that started but I have no real estate in the text this is your how but how shall I think you I think with the questions that I can get with the question what is what happened I know what I can take this cup was leaking as it covers a series and they are not kind of correspond with what we think without the need to have likely several churches right here using bank is more rapping with churches here in leaving handing Dallas may is far is sure to be a place where he is now taking calm because even right here in Houston I been on panels with the with with CP is an juvenile probation where is my he is going to live if them and Tina now the system thinking that need to be adopted is just a name when they turn eighteen and they just let their get out there for them felt like when you got to the church in Israel and I probably know that involves funding and these kids don't have anywhere to go they're trying to find rifle and go even if I'm the manager to their man he is the equal pay so they don't want to deal with the output am I the government grow embedded on the end of college they may even be present in his life and back at the church and go every weekend because I may not be affected by maybe a name is affected by the review is not wanted to come home because she painstakingly yet now that you are talking was kept him moving on my heart was weak Isaac can't wait for somebody else to do it him and we really want to be like as an end of the day a Sinnott said immunocompetent has your church should do this but the Lord has moved on your heart I encourage you to go out and do that so I I grew up in a group in Houston on ice he taught here for two years almonds funds and assets of anyone anyway so in inner-city Houston SS on exactly future talking about and going all right we have the students and inner-city that were not a silly doing amazing to reach them the more my class every day and I realize I can sing like the person doing it was her son doing anything I thought wait a minute I see them five days out of the week why might add and they're not going to waiting for the church to did I read it with something that it was now my response when I got it on my heart I need to do something that decided to get guys used in my car pick you up Saturday would have a good time to come we have months and so not basic to come to church actually as you are talking the same issue they are talking I had to become my conduit Mister Spencer but we may have on their jersey is that by the middle of critical but you don't become the gymkhana field build out of the public and honestly and I was nervous to save his life anyway this is a this is how is what I do then you take it how you want to but it was if that's how you got addressing you not dirty is this a different way of dressing is not a rule to come to church to be dressed up so thank you that you have on that without doing the exact same thing next week and then when some notes address site that I literally walked a set of charts and I saw a fractional friend of mine put me up and down his life really think that you get its care church to worship and then that open up a dialogue so now is talk about Liza did you think yet to come to church come to church dress up a specific way and anyway so that's that with him really to just year on which are talking about others reading about this past week about Tom that the Tom Susan on the guy decided up with talking about it and pretty much what it was as he saw a need and he went and did it he didn't wait for me what's doing it is whose and I think of making shoes for I wasn't elegant happens with it here's I can do within my sphere of influence as a result with happy people of caught on and now people are part of this large movement is my person and there is if you have using the given expression is so unique to humans and has really been moving on your heart thoughtfully you have a friend that could team up with you and what can we do now to transform our local church even now moving back to Houston for the wood difficult for me because I seen this church model I'm at my home church here to the pilot that I does not like to go back to sitting in a pew sing a man makes a notable friend and then leave on and that be the end of Sabbath and so I'm kind of the placements you let what is it now what is the step that will take that as an is a constant challenge on the farm pulls over and find leaders together for a living as stated here relevant with maybe the best month yet we're living in the only barrier is an item that a friend you know the comment just because of the instability of the families are families that are in that in that area rather than students are transient and wonderful I have you know we have an amazing group of talented young people a lot more ambient air only to three years there on the way and so we really need more stability in our church to help with the growth to let it come like what you were saying widely coming I don't know because to me it's an awesome church and my kids have really been blessed by it my kids are all in the state of the church I think maybe the airline having people to see that I think you they'll have enough people Jesus and I don't know what they are but I constantly struggle with so I was anywhere to do it I'm not notorious that is leaving my dental or not as you will and I wanted to give a personal distance in a nice threat analysts remember we are living in the last days of Earth history and mom the model tells us to endure hardness is good soldiers of the costs and not wait the Bible tells us to wait so much but it never tells us the way of anything except the Lord and we need to learn to recognize that especially in these times the moving of the Holy Spirit upon our own hearts convicting us of what we are to do personal note we can depend on God to tell other tell the church when it's time but he's telling us when we we have these strong feelings strong impressions from the Lord on the heat he wants us to do something now and in and in and in and in and you are in for me as an is a you are listening well my question millions of adoring everything during and after I planted that burden that I think in the reason impressed that the presidency is thought you you have to make sure he has to even have this and am part of this ministry in Texas really good note to dillydally we knew that the deleted offending window to go and in every time we leave at them one at if you have any needs but after Lally you know you gloss so many don't sometimes he know that you think I'd is working in his people you see people winding betting you a museum no wall height how how does your ministry clinical complete the whole process of better in seeing the reaping and have it good I like how many see and not just almost half way on this beauty and you just glad to see that just isn't sometimes the sullying ends on back in kind and I think we get into the car believing you not get into the habit of LII millionaire letting the full event as part of your plan and how do you make it to do some high in monies to finish the whole movement the whole process to the habit to get somebody to be baptized and you know being in fifth battle really helped me a lot and I will say one hundred the Bible verse and then a letter from Unisys we've all heard in the morning so that I see in the evening withhold Nottingham you know not what will prosper you in this or that nothing we have we need to evaluate ourselves and not on note taking our expectations as those guys know it's like she has no evening number how long it took us maybe we were in the church and viewing humans as were still worth of growing and lots of people take a long time to make a baptismal and decision on the I think we need to recognize you know that this is an exactly what you're saying on but we just keep in mind I would trust God that he will do is what he wants through us as he asks us as we ask them to do that and Tiffany was in a talk about the actual process we use the father was probably that they let a list that it got to does the harvesting and God this is the delete of plant that first be tested that you have to continue to him now a lot in my journey among the way there'd been a lot of kids have commented on Brandon and his staff and then you laid out even like it was something on my inside of that one get away and not like you know that when the mind is not my job to make sure that they get there because of the Spirit 's work and got to bring them there but I had to realize that wherever God uses me have to make sure that I'm doing everything he lets me do there sometimes only do in all the places and tell them the whole time making sure you know they get there and I'm not losing them along the way but I learned that I can't be that many people online so whatever idea I do with all my might where God puts me and that means going into that child labor for that year the government that they might move away but I have to make sure in that time I'm praying am asking that servility so you support into this young person because once they leave they might have received that name love from the church again you are from people who care about them and also because of technology even when someone leaves now you still have some fun is not technically being that you want them to know that even though believe that you just go there and I think they may have mentioned this before at one of our meaning you begin to have an influence on someone was after six months of like being with them if anything that lake at the time so I don't know like how a beautiful but only had a week with the child but endowed that would involve no more prayer more understanding when they can do but it also does take times that people like you yet a block and flagman is only been like three months yelling at kids have been on fire or the family and now they know now might become keep praying that it takes more time than we think of keeping patient fancier question while hello iPhone too bad you specifically what we do and how something is really important because I know I suspect that'll themselves out of school you know what's going on but I decided that God ministry and easy to me and he's using you now using everyone here and is not for us to completely suck the whole thing out but we do our plan for the church in the afternoon programming language on labor well then is our evangelistic tool of data is delivering that young people and ending up sometimes in order to my kids attending the different programming shows you with a rocksolid endocrine from their I hope this environment ensures off and is sometimes the only see itself as to the uninvited visitors as he can handle that many we can handle as many kids sometimes one church because we don't have enough adults that too is a bad thing that situations or so from there when they come to church and then touring cars more intensively progressive we find the children that are more attending regularly as school and church are intended for to be discipled in a deeper way examining Mark and from there they are interested in Bible studies and baptism people from their but we're also trying to implement where once there baptized disciples across discipleship process earlier to whether Ashley taught in training is a very purposeful way I is because a lot of feedback from people with a lot or subdivision studies that show within six months now the doors again and the reason is because there is labeling the people that were bringing in so you want to be rather than quality sometimes and so on yet as everything will need you to easily now with more strength that our pastor is restricted about a baptism that in an and I announce up regularly baptismal classes above and if you let them know you're not really ready right now as you make that commitment and our partner having life is the one person who wanted it back I is not exactly is on and wasn't something that is important in her life but Kindle prices soared up and down movement letting me know that you know these are some issues that are very important to get working towards that but as you will and is involved in immune on the rapid return to his head m


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