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Total Church: Devoted to Prayer, Part 1

Doug Batchelor


Facilitate vibrant prayer ministry in the church


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.



  • December 31, 2011
    3:15 PM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a session is dedicated very in a rare by thing this week course is to be filled with the Spirit Phyllis at an effort to the people of God came together they were in one accord in one place and certainly during that ten days they were praying because Jesus made a promise to send the spirit sort are praying about that they were praying for that promise to come God makes promises but he wants us to cash the check for prayer so they were praying about that end up putting away their differences preparing their hearts to receive the Holy Spirit and way if they needed then during the time of the first coming we certainly need the Holy Spirit now so it's extremely appropriate that we dedicate this time to learning about prayer I'll confess that in the brief time I had between the last meeting in this meeting are random or room to brush my teeth I got on my knees in a similar hope you know what you're doing because I don't there's so much I don't know about that for me to stand for these people and as some of your impersonation of an authority I just want to tell you right now don't have any illusions about the anonymous understand I prayed my complete stories of miraculous answers to prayer that God is granted but then I read about the Giants of prayer in them by landing history and I realize I know very little but we of course want to begin by praying and prayer is not all about posture but posture sometimes shows reverence if you're able to comfortably kneel with me and pray then I biked to do that now he's not we don't you feel guilty a father the Lord we are dedicating this time to you were coming before you and pleading recognizing that our hearts it is vacuumed Sydney the filling of your spirit we pray that you'll be present in this place that you through the Holy Spirit will just dispel any distraction or evil influence that would prevent us from hearing your voice speak to our hearts as we talk about this very important subject of learning how to pray about the lessons we can learn through the Lord 's prayer and how to experience victory in the spirit filling through prayer we pray to you'll be the teacher during this time give us open hearts Lord we had lunch at a busy day the easy for the devil to nest the size us what is asleep we pray that you awaken us with the spirit is clear lines and then also board whatever shelf it is in our mind will restore truth help us to place these things on that shelf so they can be retrieved in use were asking us now with thinking praying believing all in Jesus name and years ago I heard an interesting story that there was a small town in the Midwest with church folks a lot of churchgoing people the somebody showed up and have the audacity to put in a tavern bar all the people in the various churches were outraged by this because they knew that in the training of the place where they were selling the most deadly drug there'd be all kinds of problems and they started having prayer meetings that God would do something to destroy this house of sin in this liquor store this saloon that he gone into their community laughter a few months of training like this there was actually a lightning storm that came through the area and lightning struck the saloon and burn it to the ground of the tavern keeper had heard from various patrons of the churches were praying that God would somehow smite that place so he got an attorney and he sued the principal church involved in spearheading this prayer campaign to destroy the saloon will the church had been an attorney and the church 's attorney said they could not be held responsible for what happened and after this was argued for a while in the local court the judge was just mystified because he said really what I'm getting out of this is the tavern keeper believes in prayer and the church is saying we are not responsible so how would you please do you believe in the power of prayer that it really does work and that it really does make a difference I got some my quotes here and by the way the best thing I can offer you if you want something in the way of notes is a book called steps to Christ and in that book there's a chapter called privilege of prayer and I would really recommend you read that because it's probably nothing I can say here that will pop the powerful thing that Ella Y wrote in such a simple way on prayer on this unit draw a couple of references here this is from the footsteps of Christ page ninety three that same chapter Jesus himself while he dwelt among men was often in prayer our Savior identified himself with our needs and weakness in that he became a suppliant a petitioner seeking from his father fresh supplies of strength that he might come for the race for duty in trial he is our example in all things he is a brother in our infirmities in all points tempted like we are but as the sinless one is nature recoiled from evil he endured struggles and torture of soul in a world of sin his humanity made prayer a necessity and a privilege he found comfort and joy in communion with his father here's the most important point I've got in bold and if the Savior of men the son of God can't become a man felt the need of prayer how much more should feeble sinful mortars mortals feel the necessity of fervent constant prayer I know I think the key is if we can learn anything during our time together the Bible tells us to pray without ceasing and of course Paul does not mean that we should been raw around on our knees all the time a praying you've probably seen some pictures of Christians or even other religions that are on some religious pilgrimage and their crawling the some shrine I got wasn't expecting us to go through the gate like that but it's more like recognizing Christ is a companion that is walking with you that is best at arms length at any time during the day periodically Karen I go out to dinner and then a week from the we visit we would share in and up a look around sometimes another costs and it's really odd sometimes I will see couples don't come into a restaurant obviously married your people start looking like you each other after while women married long enough until and that they come in and they sit down in the order and they look around and eight open air food in the EE and they doubt their mouths with their napkin in the new capability leave and I barely see them all out of the house center machines before and what would it be like if you went through the whole day with somebody just you and then at the table together and you never spoke to what Christ said I am with you always even unto the end so he's promised to be with how often do you talk to him through the day and I'm not just talking about when you have your formal times of prayer but just as you're walking around as you're doing your schoolwork is your shopping or whatever your work might be just constantly firing off conversation and prayer from your heart to God sometimes it might be audible sometimes probably most the time assessing your heart but prayer is not something you do three times a day only by the latest Bible precedent for formal three times a day prayer it says in Psalm sixty five seventeen morning evening and at noon will I pray and what addendum to what was his practice as his custom was funny as you are designing the only time Daniel prayed was during those three moments I was once in policy and an attitude of prayer one another if you're abiding in Christ the Bible says Weber abides in him sins are not listening to abiding how can you abide in Christ and not be in communion with him all the time through the right now as you sitting there for me because it got answers that are you'll get more out of right so we should be in an attitude of prayer all the time prayer is really the key that keeps us in communion with him now just in my opening remarks if you heard that I shared something very quickly but to me it's very profound you know the sanctuary you can do you have a mental picture are most of you early acquainted with what the new design of the sanctuary look like if it are things like walk around your youngest platform your sort of a rectangle and adhere this would be the entrance as you walk into the sanctuary obligors were there one door Jesus on the door right one way I and when you get in the first thing you see what you got an altar there and represents the sacrifice of Christ then the next thing you see is the labor and represents cleansing and baptism we need to be born of the water and born of the Spirit in a fire in one young water any other right the world was once washed in water in the days of Noah I will be watched and fire again when the Lord comes John the Baptist and I baptize you with water but the one who comes after me is mightier than I he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire so you got sacrifice of Christ in baptism children of Israel when they came out of Egypt there is a pillar of fire hi there baptizing them fire anyone through the Red Sea Paul tells us in first Corinthians ten that's like being baptized in water you have to go out of the courtyard where you've got accepting Christ and the sacrifice of baptism that you enter into the next chamber which is called the holy place with one holy because if one were going to call the holy holdings so what's in here you got three things these three things are your secret weapon if you want to go to absolute it so simple that is not to change his brand represents but you need to read your Bible every date can read listen to it I listened my car of the Bible and sermons I listen on the radio and not only I read every morning I get a viable program I use logos I use the Bible program called QuickVerse for years but I use the old one it was that this was so good finally I went to Windows 7 it doesn't support any more like this was the press for weeks but in that program values logos labels about it Lagos logo see the one and then got a devotional program internetworks on my phone works on laptops or desktops advise all my devices I am daily reading through the Bible in that program and it's got a prayer list so that it reminds you you can click on your prayer list and if you forget to pray a little icon pops up like the Holy Spirit click like the gunplay over these things today so first thing I do I wake up I get some hot water I turn my computer I go to my devotional program is great is a good Bible reading and prayer the office by myself every day I got a regular schedule C need your personal devotions Bible study NMU got this candle seven lamps that represents whites let your light so shine before men we are let our light shine crisis like aware latest light shine through us Christ is the bread board to read the bread of life and there was this unusual object called the altar of incense and it had ironically put sweet smelling incense on their and the fragrance wafted over the curtain into the presence of the Shekinah glory the Ark of the covenant always in a box ten Commandments the word of God but what was the mercy seat assembly the throne of God now this is the point I wanted to make you got one door and you walk in with your destination you going the whole thing 's a straight line the whole idea of the straight line and get back to God we had been separated from God by sin prayer is a medium to reconnect us with God is holding is a journey you except Christ your baptized you go from Egypt into the wilderness and then you're in in the wilderness that they have read and miraculous bread in the wilderness that they have miraculous light with illuminated in their camp by the pillar of fire and the other pillar of cloud and then you go by this altar of incense which represents prayer and that was the last thing before the presence of God you ever sung that song before Sweet hour of prayer were you lying when you say is it's week ten minutes of prayer sweet hour trip there is a verse in that song it says at the end and he wants us farewell farewell sweet hour of prayer what does it say that again I went to look we pray in heaven when we pray here now we see through a glass darkly prayer is now what we go through to get to God but when you can talk to him face-to-face you call that prayer I mean you when you're really standing in his presence is not to be interceding like that through a mediator to avail and so for us in this life the closest we can get to God is that altar of incense it's through prayer if you do those three things that you find in that room if you're reading your Bible every day if you're trying to be a faithful witness by letting your light shine sharing your faith in some way every day about all of us are preachers and teachers and evangelists but all of us have kissed that God gives us when were baptized that we can use in some way to be a witness how many are called to be witnessed the only ones are called to be witnesses are the ones that give the Holy Spirit how many is that acts chapter one verse eight to go you wait in Jerusalem who receive the promise of the father for you will be my witnesses all send your Holy Spirit and you will be my witnesses so God gives his spirit to the ones who are willing to witness for him and then prayer now maybe if you're like me you're here at a seminar talking about prayer because you know it's important but sometimes you're not sure how to do it and sometimes you don't feel like that's a are you ever think I know I should pray more which means you feel like praying less than you do what you feel like praying less than maybe you should we should pray anyway even if you don't feel like it I think that prayer is so important it's something that we teach so the new and then we develop an appetite for it's a whole different way of thinking its own something we should want no one time there were the disciples were run they saw Jesus coming back from spending time in prayer and his face was shining when they'd seen it before that it looked a little bit burden and he came back from prayer like Moses when he came down from the mountain his face was shining and they had gone to synagogue all their life they knew John the Baptist they'd been to the Temple they heard thousands of long prayers but when they saw Jesus come away from prayer they said Lord teach us to pray to just the poor the visiting apostles not just disciples you think that they would understand at this point in their life something this is basic is tedious the primary and then what did the Lord tell them in response to their requests what we call the Lords prayer but is not really the Lord 's prayer it's should be called the believers pray because it's something he's asking us to pray now I should go to Catholic school anyone else here recovering Catholic I was never baptized a Catholic but I wanted to different Catholic schools any overdue confession where they tell you to say the Lord 's prayer and repetition I never heard anybody good when someone sees the same something in repetition you can get where I love avocados and I was astonished to meet someone they didn't like avocados as to how can you not like avocados she said we lived on an avocado farm and what not oppose a fallen out of the trees all the time you'd not had you can just start not really appreciating them anymore I think the devil is taken the Lord 's prayer and full people the repeated as some kind of a chance so that people would lose their appreciation for the potency and the importance of the theology and the doctrine that is in that great prayer that came from the lips of Jesus and we got prayers of Christ recorded in the Bible and John seventeen is the longest prayer of Jesus but when they similar to just the prey he pointed them to the Lord 's prayer and where to look event together it's what I think you might call the perfect prayer in many respects turning your Bibles Matthew chapter six and you can look here that effect on medical backup verse five is crisis talking about prayer in this whole section talks about not doing your charitable deeds to be seen in many talks about real prayer and when you pray you shall not be like the hypocrites for they love to pray standing in the synagogue and on the corners of the streets that they may be seen by men assuredly I say to you they have their reward priced the same with some great content if a person is praying to be a spectacle that offends God the only rewards are going to get his whatever advertising benefit they get from having others see them pray so if you're praying and your older conscious of others watching you pray of the really prayer is real prayer is sincere if it's anything a real prayer doesn't have to be long but it needs to be sincere can you think of some short sincere prayers in the Bible Peter is sinking in a stormy North Sea any praise Lord say me three words you were the Jesus hears prayer was he saying in someone come to Christ and pray short prayer be safe no what the Lord looking for desperation sincerity the publican who came to church bowed his head and be on his breast and said Lord have mercy on me a sinner after a short prayer book to Jesus it ever was answered when you answer such a short prayer like that from such a wicked person first look at God 's merciful the Lord saw that he humbled himself he confessed his sin he repented and he was absolutely sincere man looks on the outward appearance governments in the heart so this whole idea that a prayer needs to be long Jesus said it's a hypocrites like to pray long prayers that they might be seen of men but Desmond is something wrong the long prayer specially drawn your own what brought your heart that God Martin Luther used to pray three hours a day John Leslie two hours a day linkers and I can't get anything done with it for at least three hours a day I think I won't get anything done up by three three hours a day Luther 's idealism I get so much more done with God 's blessing it's like people don't understand high they think if I keep a hundred percent I'll have more money to spend but you know as a believer ninety percent goes farther than a hundred percent is not right and that's the way it is with prayer your day will have more hours and it creating an what you attempt will be better blessed by God in less time you dedicate time to God and so I shared one of the earlier seminars and I know not everybody was there that one of the keys to successful Christian living is called mind over mattress and means waking up a little bit earlier so that you can pray if you know you got playing catch and it that you don't listen to that alarm the first time it goes off your miss your flight after another hundred dollars per e-book is easier if you wake up you know you're really tired that you don't want to supply as expensive if you know that you got blankets that have and you got a wake-up little earlier detection isn't worth listening to that alarm your wake-up hit the ground get busy so you forget to pray and comes up in the morning it's easy to get distracted I remember hearing about the girl who for she went to bed at night you kneel down however prayer to take her shoes and throw them under that her mother asked her one time while you throw your shoes on your bed she said because the morning when I have to get on my hands and knees to get them out I remember to pray and say some very simple things that are very profound earned about five thirty he walked past little girls room his mother was his wife is very devoted little girl 's mother and he hurt his little girl playing praying the alphabet to visit kneeling by her bed she is going to ABC DEF GH budget is how to enhance all the Jews pray the father said he would go through anything near what you doing she said was sometimes I can't think of what I'm supposed to pray and so I know I pray all the letters of the alphabet Donald know how to spell out exactly what it is that I kids as a greater will be like the hypocrites like to pray standing that they might be seen of men they have the reward but you know when you pray you notice these is the thing if you print his prior optional or did Jesus say the believers when you pray it's hard to fathom someone could be the member of the church to church on a regular basis and really never pray or read the Bible must be a miserable experience this is all about worshiping God anoint him and you when you pray you shall not be like the hypocrites when you pray go to your room when you shut the door pray to your father who sees in secret and your father who sees in secret will reward you openly people will see you got that inner light you know personal story when I lived up in the mountains and I set the price I had not been to the Seventh-day Adventist church yet I used to worship with charismatic Christians I would I was worshiping with a nondenominational churches the Joshua tree in Palm Springs on a bigger affiliated with any denomination but there was one gentleman that most of the Christians in Palm Springs new all the street people know his name was brother Harold I don't even know what his last name was he was a Jewish convert to Christianity and all I can tell you is this man was just so committed to the Lord he loved the Lord the witness and encourage all the street people of all the hippies that were part of finding Jesus they call them Jesus freaks when you're in that transitional point between being a hippie in finding Christ is still having LSD flashbacks you deserve it now they have that enthusiasm and no inhibitions and eight they find Jesus may just pick somebody in shape with the Google will say and that's kind of how I became a Christian my friends were these we call Jesus further bathroom before and the they were asking me all these questions about Christianity and I wanted to argue with them I thought the Bible is a fairytale and so I started reading the Bible 's like at least be informed to argue with and had no intention of leaving anyways I got to know brother Gerald it would wake up at about three o'clock every morning he read the Bible in English energy group is you is Jewish you do that you read the Old Testament didn't go to Palm Springs hospital did visit a number of the roads he could quote a verse in the Bible virtually from memory give me Psalms twenty three to people he quoted below his voice trembled when he read the word of God is a slight he was afraid to say the words of God because they were so awesome that you and that he had he is a devout Christian tracks on the corner in Palm Springs as an international city to those tourists and so easily given contracts on the street are just the dedicated men and he taught us how to get day-old bread out of the dumpster he was a poor man I went to his apartment one time lived a little little bitty law surrounded with books and stuff in this matter I remember one time he invited me to an early morning Bible study was like six o'clock or five thirty in the morning Bible study bunch of people got together and one morning I came in it wasn't because I was holy I actually stayed up all night with my friends and I finally realized I was in a transition point between being a totally lost worldly but being convicted about Christianity it's always a good love my friends all my long-lost son son started that white prize I thought all of the Bible states are shown of the Bible study and what about the spiritual visit woke up so early that a non- descendent of bed unit and I would have rather held was the first one there and I saw him praying in I don't know whether it was something divine angelic or if it was just where he was sitting when the sun started coming up but he was sitting there was annealing he was sitting in a chair in the room with the circular chairs and one of the Windows I guess was letting sunlight in anticipation of the will of America's new God he would go to the Palm Springs corner and witness and you learn how to say God loves you in about ten different languages am not exaggerating I'd sit there with him and I just felt holier being around him sometimes it is being an table ago by you think God loves you and David and understand each Satanist then she'd say it in Russian you could say that in roentgen we just wanted to let it anyone I told you to give out tracks or the police started giving him a hard time because he did distract people that's it thank you right up the street it from way on the ground and they started getting tickets because they said you're responsible you give these people detracting up on the sidewalk store owners are complaining you can't even eat up the tracks anymore and so you seen these guys a walk around with place cards on the front in their back and they look like kooks brother Harold got one of these things he said look up at the track on me and so he has some of it it was in big letters beyond the member something God loves you in the back yet John three sixteen was on the real simple but it stand on the corner and walk run everybody know they probably thought he was crazy but he wasn't the man whose love the Lord with all of his heart and one day a.m. user right is three will bicycle around Palm Springs and I was walking up the street when there's hitchhiking from one part of town to another I could get a ride he will not immediately when he stopped to talk me for a moment and I guess he could detect that I wasn't restless be spiritually and he and she does really surprised me with a question he said how long can you hold your breath I thought that was great question I was glad he asked me because I see how long I could hold my breath when I was in school I was so bored in school I would watch the clock is wait for the class to be older and just the chill time I would hyperventilate and kept trying to push my record for holding my breath and I got to where I can hold my breath for four minutes and insect and I do free diving now where I'm at on Sears I I not discounting this I my wife tells me under watch four minutes and ten seconds the Jacuzzi and so I know I can hold my breath at least that long as I was very proud as I can hold my breath for ten seconds is there willing you should go any longer than that without free and he said how what you regard as adult to three times a day is about how often you should read or meditate on God 's word and Douglas can happen if you don't get any exercise on your ride my bicycle when you do if you don't get any exercise about I guess you get weak and flabby that's what can happen your Christian experience if you don't share with someone else so you've got a physical body that is very real needs and if you don't answer those needs you will die you got a spiritual body that has very real needs and if you don't regularly take care of those needs you will die spiritually and prayer is crucial to our spirits I'm not worth but when you pray do not use on in Matthew chapter six verse six over seven when you pray do not use the main repetition as they didn't do for they think they'll be heard by the father many words it out to me that plaintiff states as you can find that you're not supposed to say the Lord 's prayer in vain repetition Ellis says don't pray in vain repetition well when I like to print sometimes for the rain was a vain repetition not that everyone of his prayers with a little different he was praying about the same thing but I don't think he was reading from a script can you tell me somewhere in the Bible where a person read their prayer while the Psalms a lot of them are prayers are not trying to criticize somebody if you've ever any get nervous if the preacher concept nothing wrong with your praying in advance and save on the record that I'm not there so I don't forget you have a little note and canopied with one eye so when you're praying and nothing wrong with that but you know really I think prayer needs to be coming from the heart that God if every time I talk to you I will outstrip what would you think about our relationship is a really insecure or there'd be something disingenuous about that under in one millimeters talking you freely from my heart citing every time Elijah prayed for rain he just found another way to articulate a trade from his heart and I think that's what the Lord wants from us is rest of the screen from our hearts to him don't pray in vain repetition is a don't be like the heathen for your father knows what things you have need of before you ask him why pray of God already knows why God knows what we need the why we pray are we telling him anything when we pray is anything you say in your prayer informing God is not already know everything you like to hear from your little children what their needs are even though you may know in advance what the needs are you like to hear from the other thing that's happening is when we pray prayer doesn't bring God down to us prayer brings us up to God prayer transforms us into thing is there's a great controversy and because men initially rebelled and ran from God Adam and Eve ran from God the devil says this world is mine these people are my God says well I will be cured from them if they're telling me they don't want to be years Satan and are telling me that they want to be oblong to me and they asked me that I got right intervene until every day when you pray you're asking God to intervene from the double wanting to kidnap us all your recognizing you need his help and it's something that should be on an ongoing basis it should be daily notes like that wife after thirty years of marriage he says to her husband how come you don't tell me you love me anymore and he says well I told you when I married if I change my mind to let you know how well do those relationships who and if you like to hear periodically like those periodic reminders that I love you I know my wife likes therefore don't be like them or your father knows what things you have need of before you ask in this manner therefore pray how does Jesus say this is the very prayer you are to repeat or does he tell us this is a manner of prayer that means in the Lord 's prayer were getting an outline of how we should pray this is beautiful how does it begin also I think I can tell you right now first of all it is a so let's prayer most of my prayers to be honest with you and probably like your Perseus amount of nurses and the Lord here's what I need do this for me and that I mean this from UNEP commanded me this and that give me a discount and when I think about the people that need salvation I usually start with the inner circle meet and my wife and my kids than the extended family and it goes from there I your personal like that the Lord protect me analyze my kids and the family and Lord bless Sacrament essential and the churches everywhere the missionaries in foreign lands but in August in our prayers always starts for like a circle where were at the center of the universe in our prayers whenever the Lord 's prayer you find the word I need my mind myself it's us our all to the Lord 's prayer as we are in this together knowing the Bible not only when it comes to prayer we pray together but even repentance is something that happens corporately I often get a minute of the Lord forgive me for my sins but in the Bible you find great people of the Bible and prayed and God answered their prayers is the Lord forgive us our sins they felt some corporate need Isaiah yet when Isaiah saw the Lord in Chapter six confessed his sins so I'm a man of unclean lips and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips it was corporate dental chapter nine how would you like to pray like Daniel Daniel chapter night of the end of the Gabriel Sosa what you like and angel to appear in Europe and the Angels as of the beginning of your prayer I was sent word like an angel to come when you pray nor Denilson a career he confessed his sin and sin of his people so I should not only be concerned about the Lord for giving me my trespasses and leading me in delivering me and feeding the it doesn't say he may deliver me leave me in the Lords prayer it says the dots lead us deliver us keep us I should be concerned about your daily bread of them also concerned about my daily bread the other thing if I'm right in the opening of the Lord 's prayer our father it tells us about relationship right at the beginning what right do we have to pray to God does a person have more access to God when you got a relationship of a parent-child relationship in the Bible is getting get the best response is in the parent-child relationship with Jesus wanted to talk about a father who would receive away word son use the parent relationship of father child relationship even though the boy went off and he squandered the father 's work is years of inheritance you gathered up as soon as a boy came home up return is set away opened his arms receive them so Jesus employs this language to tell of the week were not saying Mister President when you pray you not talking to God as the police chief or the mayor with the governor or senator were talking to God who is above all the presidents and senators of the fall Abraham Lincoln used to entertain all kinds of important people in the White House but no matter how busy he was what whenever high enough on the door he could come in hotlinking this Sunday to come in and he could see the president Dana one reason the Lincoln was so careful to see his son is the loss and so whenever is why one time within each stop leading matter how poor the dignitaries were stopping with doggie find out what little request was that his son is that always had access to his father you think God loves you less than an earthly parent does this child our heavenly father loves us infinitely more so right at the beginning of the Lord 's prayer God is telling us you got my ear because you're my child by the way it's not in the Lords prayer I should say it right now some amino acids later when we pray in Jesus name was any love my mind is racing with things I want to see about prayer some milk up my mind that I won't forget that just a pet peeve of mine while God is the father is also a king and there is that balance between knowing that the Lord is your father is Jesus our friend is that a lot of emphasis lately on our friendship with Jesus but I think we've got to be careful not to think of Jesus as our buddy that we elbow and slugging the shoulder you know you can lose that idea yes he is a friend and it's a privilege that we can call him a friend but we don't select him in the shoulder and get irreverent with him he is a king at the same time so when you pray to God and if you can pray aloud don't slur your prayers I sometimes have to talk my kids is so use the same the same fingerprint your lot you they pray that without what was that seventy five so well dear heavenly father I've never heard that before and insult your talking to the King you know where your best speech eloquence is same as for talking to God think you deserve that whatever is it if you know I have a catalyst for years is not near as bad now I used the Nightingale disabled list about listening but now I'm a lot better than I was and selling impediment but whatever your best eloquent sense say that for no and speak to him with a reference but one we pray in Jesus name the inappropriate is it just some kind of sealed with both the stamp and sometimes I hear people than their prayer that when lightly I've got a punctuate my prayer by mentioning this magical word and and it's the allergies they may not want to visit some kind abracadabra that we put on the end of our really hard to sign whatever cadaver is that you let me that some password summit he told me a story one time that I understand is a true story during the Civil War your two very close friends Bill and Jack and they were from the north and in one extremely serious battle bill was mortally wounded and they had been just the tightest friends for years during the war and he was dying on the battlefield Jack managed to get over to him and as he was dying with his friendly hands you pull the letter out of his pocket it written to his parents if they knew they were about to go into a deadly battle not even in our military today when soldiers are about phase three series now they tell them to write home my son was in the Marines is a uterine letter home you got have a will made out and he written a letter to his folks knowing that he might not survive the battle and he handed the letter to his friend Jackie said look if you need anything you know my folks will help you to wealthy is hoping to make and shortly after that he thought so Jeff survived the battle and he had this bloodstained letter from his friend Bill and after the war he went around for a while and they were there was a big lot of unemployed young men after the Civil War and they went around trains doing farm work for people and there were known as the whole voice not homeowners the whole boys because they carry garden hose with them and they would hold the corn that later got changed into whole boats and that's where the word hobo comes from these ride the rails looking for work at sofa while Jack went around trains and he tried to look for work in and down things got really bad in his close got disheveled dirty and finally made his way up to Connecticut where his friend Billy live and he carried his letter with him for years because never felt that he was worthy to stop buying the always thought I need to deliver the letter but he felt responsibly so there I was with my buddy when he died maybe I could've done something why did he died by Whitney had a guilt so it took a long time for them to get the Kurds but he thought I need to take this letter to my promise made in the liver it cycles he finally finds the address and this is beautiful big brownstone building big oak door big brass knocker obviously wealthy family with servants and he finally mustered the courage came up to the door and he tapped on the knocker after while the dignified gentleman came to the door he could quickly the Homo based on star young man exhibits these are tough times and night we can help every hobo that comes by the door begin to close and for a moment there that didn't know what to say in who signed a letter from Bill service he said Bill the doorstop to begin open up to the said bill civilian son and he pulled out this letter that was still stained with brown spots from his blood and he said I was his friend Jack you're just the one that he will the father with his trembling fingers he took Ms. D ran his last letter and the cheers were streaming down his face and he looked up at Jack and he wrapped his arms around me said anything that long to our son is yours they brought you brought them into the mansion what changed everything because he had a relationship with the sun that gave them access the file when we pray in Jesus name how close is the father to the son how much of the world love us and that he gave his son and so when you come to the end of your prayer you say Jesus name think about what you say and as always you can say you can say in the name of your son in the name of Jesus for Christ's sake in the name of your beloved let us and the point is your domain and you are asking God to hear your prayer not because you deserve it where strangers and outcasts believe God promises from the sun that give us access to the father and so you're claiming those promises at the end of your prayer that God will hear your prayer and you know what is not forgot benefit almost as much as yours for your faith that God is configure your prayer is what's one of the most important elements of prayer when you pray we then you will receive the things that you're asking if you counted on you don't believe it's sort of an insult to God so it's assumed you to believe your getting get what you're asking for from the Lord we pray according as well our father which art in heaven now got problem right off we had a wonderful relationship but is unfair and we're down here so right there at the entrance of that drama realizing we are separated by a vast gulf is an expense this prayer is designed to connect its hallowed be thy name God is our father God is our friend God is holy we are not humble was at the holy with his yearning so when you come to the Lord we to come recognizing how big he is how holy is how fast the universe is now the Lord 's prayer is this is divided actually like the ten Commandments ten Commandments are divided where you got the first forty percent roughly represent our petitions that are between us and God this relationship and then the last sixty percent below with this relationship in the Lords prayer you got seven petitions the first roughly forty percent deal with our relationship with the last sixty percent deal with the horizontal relationship salvation is all about those two relationships love for the Lord love for your neighbor and that forms a cross doesn't it's this love relationship this went over was that this is this I was an operative David I was going to open a goodness but it theaters across analysis of the duet so try to illustrate three the horizontal relationship in the vertical relationship and that's all in the Lord 's prayer you got these first petitions it are dealing with my name thy kingdom by will and then you got the horizontal needs that are there holiday your name your kingdom come prayer relearning that is a king right beginning to talk about the kingdom at the end of talks about picking it tells us were subjects of his kingdom and our principal desire should be to expand his kingdom there will be done why would we pray that God 's will is done in God 's will to be done anyway is everything that happens in the world God 's will help God is not willing that any should perish will some parish is not willing that any should perish was it God 's will that Adam and Eve disobeyed a lot of bad things sometimes happen in our life to God and want to have I was talking with the sister of a future right now that has a Jewish ministry and it is very difficult reaching the Jewish people around the world because so many came out of the Holocaust atheists it is a body of God 's love and if there is a God how could he let such a horrific thing happen and they don't understand that there is a battle in the world and are casualties of the war not everything that happens is God 's will and so does a lot of pain and suffering we pray for God 's will and God will do for you when you ask him things that otherwise might not happen by will be done on earth how does he want his will to be done on earth as it is in heaven and here's why like this is the new King James I like making things better as I will be done in earth it's actually more accurate what you made out of the market the elements of your the one God says I will be done in her amusing me as well as in the world is not saying I will be done on planet Earth just insane I will be done in the world yeah I will be done in me how has it is in heaven how is God 's will done in heaven perfectly how does he want 's will not honor as it is in heaven he wants to live out his will and you and how can I help happen just as we get the spirit of God amen I will be done on earth as it is in heaven out in our readings relevant by Levinson notes year that I wanted to share with you John six thirty eight talk about the will of God Jesus as I come down from heaven not to do my will but the will of him who sent me was a Christian follower of Christ why did Jesus come to do the father 's will when you accept Christ we are to be doing his will what did Jesus pray what's the most difficult for you to break what's the most difficult prayer Jesus prayed not my will but thy will be done a lot with great effort every time we're tempted how often we tempted if you're Christian you're tempted every day people who say they are tempted are probably just going downstream and so they feel no resistance I've probably said that if you're trying to swim against the stream of the world and the flesh your feel temptation every day so you can frame was not my will but thy will be done and who is going to have Jesus in Matthew seven twenty one not everyone that says that the new Lord Lord will enter the kingdom but they that hear well done do the will of my father which is in heaven I think part is not everyone's a warlord but those that do the will of God so the Lord wants us to be perfectly conformed to his will I went to pray for that give us now you transitioning from the name of God and the kingdom of God and the will of God and I'm actually rushing your committee right a few minutes Russians a nineties making the petitions give us this day our daily or are needful or unnecessary red now how many he woke up today and you were worried that you want to get any nutrition operated in a meal tickets you're worried whereby to go my to get my food most of us you know what I read something that National Geographic put out that we are not living in the first time in the world 's recorded history that there are more over nurse people in the world and under nourished now there are still a lot of people malnourished there's a lot of starvation the world but this is the first generation when there are more people who are over nourished and those were under nurse all what we do delete the part of the prayer that this give us this day our daily bread as we normally would need worry about that growth of the economy the way to some of you probably really pray about that but there's more to it man doesn't live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God Christ that I am the bread that came down from heaven so when you may give us this day our daily bread that one word they are red encompasses so much in the Christian life get over this bread with everything it comes in over writing is the staff of life comes in a variety of forms people go to McDonald's with a hamburger without Brett nominated during bloggers asking a practical question the slab of beef right you got Taco Bell is the rent was a brittle without the bread pizza is what tomato sauce most of which eats the right was an ice cream cone without bread ice cream but just about everywhere you go and you often write essential it doesn't matter if your fees being at the banquet table of the most expensive restaurant or urine the poorest hobbled summer on the table there's usually it might be flat bread it might be piqued the bread it might be important to you as it might be a French loaf but somewhere there's Debbie Brett so when you pray the Lord 's prayer give us this day our daily bread it's talking about the bear essentials that everybody needs every day for life in Christ said I am the bread the kingdom of heaven and less you eat my flesh and drink my blood you have no life in you so when we pray Lord give us our daily bread to the Lord give daily bread to the children of Israel and what they would do if they would just as they woke up in the morning they crawl out of their tents the goal over on their backs and they open their mouths and God rained down into there now that however I did have to go out and gather so when you pray that God gives his daily bread is it something you need to do to make sure that you pick it up you might get a daily bread but you have to collect the place it within reach at Bible study give us this day our daily bread fee are sold word right now today the bread of life unless lower but I can only see so much more about that will not answer that prayerfully asking Jesus tells a parable in Luke chapter eleven not a man comes his friend in the middle the night he brings a minority open tipsters window and what it will display families and then he said someone came to visit I don't have enough bread it's all too late come back tomorrow but because he is his friend individual as he persists God will give us that bread if we asked we pray before read our Bibles locate Jean tells about the widow who was persistent and he said Xiao God not avenge his own cry out to him day and night though he bears long with them we need that daily bread and in the next thing and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors the other story Luke chapter no not Matthew chapter eighteen younger support better King has want to service one is found most ten thousand talents is brought before the king you cannot pay all done before the Kings and Lord have mercy on me be patient with me up and all that that that ten thousand talents even if it was counsel silver is like fifty two million eight hundred thousand dollars so he squandered a king 's money company pay all that back King has mercy on him exactly what forget it under forgetting Matthew and Justin forget an outstanding debt of fifty two million first of all would you know if you don't somebody fifty two million it probably would be realizing you're running up and get somewhere you wonder how anyone could run up at big event that represents our sins against the Ron is the Lord have mercy on me I'll pay it all back is his forget it that same servant went out we've been forgiven at enormous debt he found a fellow servant at Odeon forty pence a day 's wages took him by the throat and set him to fill you in a debtors prison he fell down before his friend and said be patient I'll pay you back now I only fifty two million euro luck you probably never see it but if I owed you what you dollars I could find a way to get that for the sun goes down today even if I had nothing I could I handle I find a way to get another opinion I play the flute I found that if I start singing the people they pay me to stop so I'm not a fan little trick is to pick a puppy with you then let's hope he has no food we found when we were living on the streets of Palm Springs with the past the puppy around the unrepentant of all that time I did that before I was saved on the felon yet melodic gimmicks out there I can get forty two dollars but that man would not forget his friend Nettleton forty two dollars when he had just forgiven fifty two million so what we say forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors this is a very important part of the Lord 's prayer look in your Bibles and Bible of Matthew chapter six you can read the Lords prayer there it is an verse thirteen but Jesus makes one how many one comments he backs up on one point in the Lords prayer that means he is emphasizing one very important thing to pray about its unforgiveness and bitterness it's the vision and he says in verse fourteen for if you forgive me and their trespasses your heavenly father will forgive you but if you do not forgive men their trespasses neither will your father forgive your trespasses that make you shudder to think about that it shall use not saying I reference a parable in Matthew we can deliberately give I don't want you to misunderstand this is God saying how you make a deal you don't forgive everybody that you're mad at what I hurt you now forgive you who does the first forgiving in the parable the man who owed the fifty two million first comes before the king and the king forgives him for us then he expects him to pass on the forgiveness when he does not pass on the forgiveness the King has had brought back performing these that I forget you fifty two million eight hundred thousand thousand dollars because you asked me could you not have mercy and compassion on your fellow servant as I had pity on you and because he was unmerciful he delivered them to the tormentors till she should be tormented for fifty two million eight hundred thousand dollars I guess back then they didn't have Chapter 11 or Chapter thirteen or Chapter seven bankruptcy and a few of the King money they put you in a prison where there were people in their full-time job was the torture you according to a price list on a wall how would you like to go to a debtor 's prison to be delivered to the tormentors fifty two million eight hundred thousand dollars when you think about how much God is forgiven us do we really have any right when we said before the cost of the unforgiving to others how much God has forgiven us is like the distance between Europe and the sun ninety three million miles by comparison what we do each other's bad as you've been hurt as wicked as some of the things we do to each other still by comparison what happened to Jesus it's the difference between ninety three million miles to the sun and one foot between us the very big difference so yes it's hard sometimes to forget what others have done from you but it's easier when you look at Jesus on the cross for your sins to realize you know what they did by doing what helps me is the personal thought only been hurt by somebody before this one it gets nobody and I know y'all have and maybe you're still angry some have been really hurt some people did terrible things sometimes it's awful things happen in your families I wanted taking those places necessarily but you know it's help me we all got those experiences people it really hurt us it helps me realize that sin is a disease that makes people behave very badly and when people treat each other very badly you got to remember their sick with the disease 's and just realize that sinners selfish things because of sinners and after they find Jesus on both people to do these terrible wicked things that actually be Christians and have changed arts makes it easier not only to forgive them but ultimately worked alone not just forgive them beloved as part of the business alleges as well as the if you forgive not men their trespasses one-time Robert Louis Stevenson was praying and as you say the Lord 's prayer with his family he stopped when he came to this part about forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors Luke says forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us as a member another kid was praying one time father heard him say the Lord 's prayer and he said forgive us our trash at as we forgive others who put trash in our baskets so Robert Louis Stevenson was praying I put illustrations in my illustrations Robert Louis Stevenson was brain and when they came to the part that said forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors stop his family kept going and is licensed your what's the problem is I can't pray that because I don't want God to forgive me the way I forgive others and I know exactly what he means sometimes were not very forgiving with others forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors and then do not lead us into temptation but will train that is not what it is that that him not to tempt us first about the content this is done simply by James one three when someone is tempted no one should say God is tempting me for God cannot be tempted with evil neither does he tempt anybody so it will work forever and are begging God please don't have a gun what they lead us not into temptation is not wanting to drag us down the road to be tempted or not it really better translated this is not a great translation to be honest really even in the Lord 's prayer the waiter to be translated is lead us away from our natural tendency towards temptation the league does not mean lead us away from temptation where we are prone to go towards it like preacher said one time with both the flee temptation but most of us crawl away hope it catches us as our hearts are carnal and were inclined towards a lead is not into temptation but deliver us from evil one Luke twenty one verse thirty six we are to pray always that we might be accounted worthy to escape all these thing will pass and to stand before the Son of Man know God wants us to all be praying always been finally talk starts with God 's kingdom and then in Matthew ends with God 's kingdom for yours is in the battle between good and evil doing a little interest for yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory for ever amen you know there's a battle going on between good and evil and it's only those that are on speaking terms with God now I can have a relationship of the Lord that sustained them through this final crisis during World War I the front lines used to be just within almost walking distance they had the trenches in Europe Doug sometimes just a hundred yards from each other forces firing cannons and Michael's over one another and one night as one soldier was seen coming back from the woods and he was arrested by the guards he was coming back to his own troop and the visit what were you doing out there when you conspiring with the enemy and he responsibly Captain said no I wasn't I was praying and they were real doubtful this and pray you are off in the woods the places I went off in the woods of right ought we know you are transferring notes we know you aren't using the latrine visits the other direction what were you doing going off with I was praying the level rifle I said I know you for treason of your trader the penalty was execution and the captain said you say you're praying you need to start praying right now because unless you can convince us you're about to meet your maker and he got his knees and he prayed a very eloquent heartfelt free-flowing prayer that God would save them and and save the Army and an delivery haven't and the capital the other soldiers with rifles away he said if you haven't done so well in drill when the past review but I can tell from listening to you right now that you are on regular speaking terms with the Almighty right now we need to have a relationship with God where we are regularly in prayer and getting to know the Lord have an ongoing relationship with him what is your prayer life what you know what I like to do is under close this section often and if someone stayed behind the questions and others a break in the some of the segments you may want to go to but I tell you what I dislike you stand with me right now and I ask you to say the Lord 's prayer with me but it's really your prayer and I want you to think I wasn't really think about what we just talked about as we said I be asking God to help us have a new and deeper experience with the Lord in prayer knowing God through prayer prayer is the key in the hand of fate that opens their resources of heaven it's everything nowhere here at this convention especially praying for the Holy Spirit and we want God to do something like is never done before and that means that Egbert have to pray like we never prayed before you know are meeting the criteria Pentecost when one place I hope were forgiving each other it is any division and will be in one accord and if were in one place and were one accord were praying for the same thing one more very important point is there added benefit in corporate prayer over individual prayer the fervent effectual prayer of one righteous man avails much but what if you get three or four righteous men praying to get his or added benefit there is not yet my people that are called by my name humble themselves and pray God will hear when we come together as a group which you are gathered in my name there's more power in that prayer the only an understanding that needed it anyway just listen one more second it's a proven fact it's easier to say no to one person into you going to buy a car especially for the new car even a used car nephew talk to that initial salesman when he starts negotiating the final deal he brings in the closer policy you get to Carl salesman to talk do you know about about they start to tag team with you at one time they double up on you because it's a proven fact went to her there it's even harder to say no what if many come together two or three witnesses and we agree together for something if we agree now together that we desperately need God 's Spirit we need him to lead us and forgive us and the Phyllis to provide that daily bread to glorify his name and expand his kingdom if we agree together that without him we can't do anything you think is inclined to answer does not want to answer our prayer if we pray for Valencia join you right now let's say the Lord 's prayer will take a break those they were stay behind in industries and question-and-answer time join our father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors and lead us not envision but deliver us from dying in using them our flooring him him him him him this message was reported by half anyways the CYC supporting ministry on the seventh day Adventist sequence by a young and vibrant Bible -based price-sensitive Christians the downloadable purchase another resources visit the online and see what you see when the lodging


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