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Total Church: Devoted to Prayer, Part 2

Doug Batchelor


Facilitate vibrant prayer ministry in the church


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.



  • December 31, 2011
    4:15 PM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a lawyer by the author is referring to present a schedule here in rate at you pray for us that we believe through the things that the apostle said would be redeemed you also prayed that the Spirit would come any debt and that he would bring to remembrance things that we studied before Shauna 's do that now Lord opposed to better understand this beautiful gift of prayer and I pray that were different in a positive way as a result of our time now this afternoon in Jesus name it were just a trite thing I say this but it's hard to know but we are trying to assist the twenty minutes half an hour to steal with a few questions on the subject of prayer is a gentleman at the microphone right now but people of their sins is it possible for other people to ask for my sins to be forgiven or is that something one-on-one between me and God 's word is this intercessory prayer applicable for everyone good question can I pray that God will forgive you if you're not praying to God forgives you why did Jesus say fatherly not this sin to their charge when Stephen was the install the plot Jesus said father forgive them another what do Stephen bravely not this sin to their charge Daniel and many others through the Bible have prayed for mercy on God 's people corporately I think we pray that God extends mercy the other people that we pray for your children to be safe and you pray for mercy for them I think your brain and got providentially will intercede in her life and do things for others that otherwise may not happen because someone is praying for them I've heard stories of where does one person like a mother may focus your prayers and her husband for twenty years finally those prayers were answered and said their compound so I believe in intercessory prayer I think when you pray corporately for others your ASCII actually asking not to extend the longer mercy to them and God does hear those prayers forgiveness the ultimately God we must receive their forgiveness you can get baptized for the dead like Mormons start on the agenda early in when should you train like the Pharisees on street corners to be seen I was when either a good different to being going we pray as an example for others in your purposely being seen beauty of goods Earhart is a good example say like a family member that's a good question while you don't want to pray Jesus I do not pray for the purpose of being a personal spectacle is attracting glory the scribes and Pharisees when they prayed they wanted to impress other people with their holiness and that offended Jesus but it's not long if I go to a restaurant with my family where a public restaurant with our heads we pray over our food you were making a little bit of a spectacle but we don't have a problem letting other people know we are thanking God for our cougars Jesus also said let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify you glorify your father in heaven so some public prayers of you doing it for the glory of God along with that did Jesus pray publicly you because I don't pray publicly for you to get morning it should be for the glory of God request I annihilated any failure highly distinguished between the prayer of see I fancy I did say that maybe I had my name is John fourteen thirteen and in my name I would do it am I finding glorified in the son anything my name I would do it I'm supposed to ask you something yet some say scored almost like a manipulative ways I love to be done such as if someone is sick we pay in-state asking that no more pain that God will heal that person infected in James five fifteen twenty five and the courtesy will save the sick and the Lord will raise him up a person while I believe there in chains when we have an anointing someone sick it there is all processor part of that process is it says and their sins be forgiven if you read on and there that means that confession and repentance of sin is also part of any prayer for anointing and healing and if a person is sick but say they've had terminal cancer and you have an anointing prayer for them and they are repented of their sins the elders gather together you anoint them with oil pray for their forgiveness in their healing what is the most important feeling that every person needs spiritual healing that will give you a resurrection and eternal life everybody that is healed by Jesus will be raised up and restore you may choose the reason up now he may choose the raise them up with a glorified body a little waiter now we know that God literally heals but the Bible doesn't teach that every prayer Agnes is answered because it like Paul is an example what profit did twice as many miracles as he will you know what the Spirit I needed one more clue so right how did he life and I linger in six awesome book profits and gains when the Second Life to get the firing straight to heaven any license lines will they both be making you so I think we need to place every prayer for healing in God 's hands and just say that it's got a be according to his will you may not I told the story in a couple days ago but the quick we're excited our church in Sacramento we had a sister that had a stroke he was in ICU ventilator brain-dead family was talking about disconnecting we came and we pray for her and and I'll be honest with you as a pastor sometimes you pray for people who think it's my duty but you have a lot of doubts about whether or not he is finishing I was ashamed she immediately got better the next day opened her eyes and started off and started to walk and within a week she was back in church and they were about the disconnect life support I just unbelievable that in the near but was my fave of failure right now it is the Lord this didn't so he does still perform was near my question has to do the prayer requests and church my wife are part of a church plan and so we would have fairly small group and you are you looking for community members to come and join in so we had a couple of community members come one day in our church was talking about prayer requests so you know as we usually do and there was a time for prayer and then later these gentlemen were a little offended by that saying is found in much like a gossip session and was like allowing them we attended another church one day and the request time from the front came in like ten minutes and then the person you pray pray for each one of those as though God didn't hear and was off someplace while those requests were being made and I just wondering if there is a counsel you to give in regard to that so that is not a gossip session and and and yet you know we can approach God through the great practical question every morning when we work at amazing facts with worship we take prayer requests sometimes you feel when your listening note once we got to the worship I pray for the guillotine but the Noblesville like there's an obligation to repeat all the prayer requests during a prayer but when people are gathered together in worship and in making a prayer request the Lord makes a note of that to it so you know I often say what you've heard all these requests you don't always need to recite every request is God hears them you can present them as a group and but your you made a good point about sometimes prayer request can be culled for gossip now I have been in churches before now I'm not saying that doesn't happen very often I have seen work with some of says it all the federal estate solves those having problems in their family because all the runaround with sounds omitted affray within pray for that family and and why they do really do need to make at all public and sometimes exactly causes problems when you say please pray for the so-and-so families are having problems even can be embarrassing they may not want everyone to know that the husband and wife it are having counseling or whatever so even your prayer request you should be discrete of your public and say there is a family in our church that need special prayer and God knows is that good at it that's a good question so you don't don't use prayer requests after lucky are you currently as an gossip underselling it so you can pray for them and I probably been guilty of that myself so now let's make sure it's a really pure pure prayer request that it's not just sharing information skies gossip disguised as a purpose thank you we are told these spiritual initiation of the church is assigned to the prayer meeting and I just thought of were we think a person porn why our prayer meeting so small but they what if you have another 9/11 you notice the prayer meeting attendance increases of I noticed that our church in Sacramento the best attendance we had a lot of vested sentences was following 9/11 I mean in our church is like twelve hundred people it was just packed people get scared there was a need there was a fear there was an urgency and I think we all need to be afraid but when we start getting persecuted for our faith when we really start to struggle I think right now we're living in a Laodicean age and so you see Laodicea permits the church needs really revival to recognize our need of God and we might need to do what Elijah didn't pray the Lord do whatever takes survive the church of it means you send the family that means you some trouble whenever it needs now one of the hardest things to pray when I prick my kids I feel unsafe I find myself a more protective but then I have to correct myself of the Lord if it means they need trouble to save them in trouble and if the need means the church needs trouble for us to pray there's right after they saw Christ crucified yet the desperately so I think some fiber definitely noticing condition with acreage increase for good we don't feel our urgency for it wasn't holiness and when we sense that again will see a revival in the permitting okay my question is we come to it even if UIC and sometimes bring a very small portion of our youth group and so now let's go back like we want to pray with our you know everyone would left behind share what we've brought back sometimes it feels so that I can like you don't want like they all look at the change in my life you know density and insulted lifestyle how do you lean implement what we learned here with everyone I had home without an exactly seen as bragging about exactly like because we do a lot of them have been system over the years my beloved we are in the NASA will feel like you get drain and liking you don't see how you take the enthusiasm from the meetings at their home church is a really good question and I think the best thing to do is to try to continue to model the things you've learned in your life and when you share with a friend or any kind of positive changes you once you come with your church whether the better attendance at prayer meeting or doing door-to-door work and it were only knocking on doors once a year when we go to these cities I would say you know I experience a wonderful thing Sharon as a personal experience you had time for a person argue with your personal experience of it is personal expense it was so wonderful and you know I just like to have a prayer partner pray about some of things I've learned would you join me you join me talk to the different department leaders in your church and state we try to maybe take one day a month and knock on doors and sure literature some and just take some steps in crazy goat you can help be part of the answer in your church is for revival that's a good question this is high I was just curious then waiting for trouble or waiting for a time of problems in our church how do we encourage our church to focus on God and ask the you know like asking for the Holy Spirit to Phyllis that we can preach to the world instead of waiting for the question of unimpressed that you all I'll say something personal connectedness to a group earlier I'm reading a new book right now let's call it's about a hundred -year-old book called the deeper spirits of famous Christians will tell you why I'm not satisfied with what's happening in our church sacrament of central we agree church will not satisfy I'm not satisfied you disputing him never satisfied I'm not satisfied with my own personal experience I read about when people are baptized by the Holy Spirit you know John Wesley was a missionary for several years before he was converted as a missionary and it finally was converted never even changed as with all booty as with Spurgeon as with many others and I know I never get to be satisfied until in full of the Holy Spirit I don't want to be satisfied otherwise you become Laodiceans yourself to see and I almost think we need a sense of desperation that something 's wrong that we are not going to be able to do what God is calling us to do in reaching the world unless something extraordinary happens that were missing right now and I just sent in my heart that is so much more than none once a Guinness that the were missing and I think we need a hunger for firstborn for and just be passionate in desperate to find so I know it sounds like a big event message from the past but I hope you're not satisfied because as a whole lot more than what you see around you friends is a whole lot more when I look in the Bible that God wants his people to experience and what's really happening and call Pastor Nelson last night I ran into the meeting so I knew that he was here I called my wife was off with some friends this is like one in the room with pray together and we talked about this very thing that you might assurance within I said why is our church to repeat the history of other revival movements of it what would Luther think of the Lutheran Church today compared back when they were dying for the principles of truth what would Calvin think of what's happened the Presbyterians were Baptists or what would what window Wesley think of what's happened in the Methodist Church ordaining gay ministries nor they turn over in their graves Seventh-day Adventists and less the Lord does something extraordinary we are going through an evolution that revival movements go through and were becoming institutionalized since and unless something in less we are injected with something different now that provides us we are due to repeated history of these other movements are required and I want to be part of that answer and I think that we really need to be scared that we're drifting back down the same road towards the world that these other movements have gone down and after two or three generations the kids lose the fire of the message not a convert Adventism so I go back to the source of what our founders read and I get so excited about it and I'm married to someone who the fourth and fifth generations of the and the our experiences our perspective I can see it's difficult in some ways for people who grown up in the movement the field this electric excitements about this truth and so I think we need to really find that not be satisfied until we rediscover what it was that made our founders go to the world in such a short time what maybe apostles be willing to die to tell others about their faith in one generation of threats that make sense to you I cannot only negative friends but I think we desperately need a revival we don't need it is ratcheted up a notch we got a long way to go in only the Holy Spirit can do it officials and the director of me in prayer ministry in spirit me seminary one seminary and I'm curious what some how can I stimulate the desire or the need for prayer and this loses prayer is like a spiritual activity that elevates the more outright and create the need for this in a place where we have so many worships all the classes are about vinyl and where the last thing that people want to do is think about God more sometimes that nuance it's just so much on the Bible that they want to relax and watch a movie but how can I stimulate them in that area for know what I read what happened at Oxford your urine and seminary at Oxford that they as of George Whitfield on reading these their experiences right now is a mention from this book Charles Wesley John Wesley and a number of others there was a great revival on the campus it called in the holy club and I think what you just mentioned there is happened that a lot of our churches we go to our religious duties really saps who we do church never studies talk about the Bible and we feel like we've done our religious thing that was from a movie and hit it I think sometimes that medicine more Saturday night in the other day of the week is like the sounds over twelve thousand five and it's like this this mentality that we done our duty back to me is were studying the Bible as the letter without the spirit but when we start studying the Bible and going to the seminary in ecologists and that devotions with the spirit were not in one-stop where to regret the times a week they look we got breakouts as we have the when Jesus was preaching excelled in a pretty they were looking at the clock selected zone seven over yet and I think it's in all of sudden they can sort it wrestles around sundown that elbow is in the time for worship is not because these hyper spiritual he just wanted to have the closing ceremony in opening and I think when we does have a revival of the spirit or just in one basket God 's presence and that does not want to leave it and got tentative God has to give us that but when you experience when any individual experiences that real abundance of the spirit in you model people don't want to be around and one more thing I was just reading about George Mueller how many of Jordan 's that you want to know about prayer the preliminary flight because the most incredible things by faith through prayer and duties speaking several people against the white minority when Peter Mueller speak Charles Spurgeon with your university he was German and Austrian he spoke with broken English was very simple vocabulary and his thoughts were arranged roughly but everyone who went to your speech said it was so much sincerely spirit and what he said he came away change you could put your finger on anything specifically that he had said that was a profound it's that he exuded a relationship with God that impress people again at the Charleston and others and I think that's what the changer schools is as we seek personally to have that relationship revivalist named Gypsy Smith use the safety was the revival of your sixty go home get a piece of chalk draw circle on the floor Neil inside that circle and say Lord I want to start a revival within the circle and when he gives your revival within a circle revival to begin so that's how it can happen on the campuses can start somebody and it will spread to a couple people and three and it started like with Wesley and Whitfield and Charles Wesley and begin to spread and that became part of the Church of Philadelphia right there started on campus is now playing worship leader church service in starts to trade in lift his hands do you think it's like show or sincerity that's a good question I live you wondered sometimes I feel awkward when you're in an administered nonsense you can't go up there they go hand now for me I came out of charismatic turn one as an atheist but I first became a Christian I worship with charismatics who are very demonstrative in their worship I got be biblically honest with you is there Scripture for lifting up hands in worship there is absolutely devastate all others also scripturally you don't want to do anything in worship that is in a deep track another person I like to hear what people say a man when I'm preaching at the appropriate times I had a few people came to my church and they were to shout a man strangest month of fatal pass the salt that they are not it doesn't make any sense of that time and everybody would turn and look at it often actually became distracting and I had right dispersal of letters I appreciate that a man but if you could little better and looking at the appropriate points in all I I personally I don't have a problem where a person lifts her hands up there not trying to be distracting if if they're doing it in worship I don't encourage it just because I know that there's some things that make people stumble and you don't want to do anything that would be a distraction or make someone stumble you don't want to be a spectacle but biblically there is support for lifting your hands in prayer but keep in mind that lift up holy hands under the Lords of the lift make sure holy thoughts I'm always afraid outfield were asked in person for you to request if you're asking God to forgive you you have to pray to a person maybe I'm assuming you mean a person you've offended do you have to ask him for forgiveness well this with Anita answer that was supposed to been around gossiping about somebody and then you can do you go to that person if they are just wanted to tell you you need to get because I told everybody in town your almanac make them feel better I think what you want to do is go to the people that even gossiping to say you know I really sell a lot of things over just not very flattering and not break I hope you'll forgive the actions of those things that was fine with Christlike Fassbender forgive you ask God to forgive you the only time you want to go to another person after there is is if you know in a note you've had some problem in Europe you're asking them to forget because you obviously attended in asking for forgiveness but if they tell you no they have to tell you yes before God can forgive you Nagasaki were discovered in America yes that they don't become the gatekeeper forgot forgiving so if you're sincere and you ask God to forgive you you've done your best human late to reconcile with somebody else you doing you can do you can have peace with God then it's in their court they have to take care of the rest of the responsibility be nice when you asked to forgive you humble yourself you know it when you since apologized as way to apologize and be proud and stubborn in his weight to apologize in the genuine and humble and you should invites with a sincere apology their forgiveness well where to call this the end because it is five o'clock I've actually got an appointment and microphones for so thank you very much for your dedication and God bless you for your patience while we have a closing prayer your loving markets it's been good to just get together talk about this privilege of prayer we all have and I pray you'll help us Lord to have that prevents you spirit to just be totally consumed with the desire to know you and serve you or on your spirit on this meeting on every participant thank you again for your goodness and love to bless us will assist me in an article is the highest spirit but was not satisfied no then you have the list of all my rights as this message at him nicely to you I see someone's e-mail us at spine and I Michael Mace price-sensitive Christians the downloadable purchase the resources this is Mama and CYC when I had half


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