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Total Church: With Joy

Allen Lloyd


Developing healthy relationships within the church



  • December 31, 2011
    3:15 PM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a will and joy seminar I there is a great and will get started as a result of it that possibly changing for three we also want to be able to have time for questions and answers and for some dialogue as well you have an problem can you hear me can hear our testing testing one two three testing testing one two three house that is a better anti- event the ones in the center of the room maybe the disadvantage is that the only speaker is there another speaker at set of Saud if you are having lots of trouble hearing you may want to get closer to the speaker meaning that speaker and not necessarily the speaker all right before we power and restore begin with our hands and asked me or the guidance in this seminar father in heaven we thank you for this opportunity to talk about our local churches in relationships enjoy and as we century and on your word we pray your blessing upon us in Jesus name and acts chapter two is the basis of the seminars and verse forty two says they continued steadfastly any apostles what doctrine is an doctrine something that is the opposite of joy there are some people that believe that doctrines get in the way of joy what is a doctrine that the teaching as as the apostles doctrine that a true statement was the apostles doctrine but were in the apostles get it from it as the apostles were a messenger and of course they had learned from Jesus and the best way to know someone the best way to get to know someone often is to listen to his or her teaching and then you can really get to know them and one of the best ways of getting to know Jesus is to get to know his teaching and you'll get the Noel and seller some people try to pick doctrines against happiness or against unity etc. but in reality in order to have a true unity it does have to be based upon Christ agent doctrine has to be included in the and whenever you see doctrine being pitted against something good particularly since Christ doctrine then those people not understand doctrine or they don't understand what true happiness says and what to rejoice because these this is is something that is part of this joy is mentioned in acts chapter two says they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and I also continued and what an fellowship this fellowship a part of joy it is relationships are part of joy it's kind of interesting before sin entered in this world in Genesis chapter one and Genesis chapter to tell us about how things were originally in Genesis chapter three tells us about how San entered into the world and by the wider the reverse of that in Revelation the last two chapters of the Bible tell us about how things will be that's great where were headed towards us the ideal and a third the last chapter tells us about how sin is gotten rid of but before sin entered the picture in Genesis chapter three there is a statement issued by God himself that says it is not good enough to remember every day of creation he's saying it's good it's good and then it's very good but then before sin enters into the world he says the words it's not good what was the rest of the for man to be alone and of course off and that's mentioned in regards to the marriage relationship etc. but God was talking about things not necessarily related to marriage there he was talking about 's social relationships by the way Christ himself also said that it's good for some people to never get married Paul stated that it's good for man to be as I am of those execs are never quoted in a marriage ceremony but those tax are not incongruent with what what God was speaking about in regards to it is not good there are many people there in a marriage relationship but our love and that's not good and then there are many people that are in a student that are single for life but yet have very healthy relationships and are very happy individual in fact studies are are very clear even from the secular psychological literature if you want to be happily married you first must be happily single and South marriage is not the ticket to happiness by good relationships are part of happiness yes you can come by all love there is understanding I think we have some seats are some seats right here in the center feel free to come you can come across me here in the front and come and find some seeds are also some seats over on the side as well so they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine we talked about Christ's teachings lead to joy in fellowship which also leads to join and what else the breaking of bread often joy occurs around a eating table and that's not something that we should neglect and we have opportunities particularly when the health message to have some rate eating arrangements not only can it be very tasty but some relationships can be established and that nestled the apostles were doing in that healthy church but not only fellowship in the breaking of bread but also what prayers and prayer is an important part of a church that is full of joy we'll talk more about that later then the next few verses that G Y C G Weiss he didn't want to just center and on this verse that one of the center on all of them up to verse forty seven I'm now going to quote out of the amplified version and to try to fit this all in on one page there's a few you can of course get those what are still in the dots there am I looking at the amplified version later on numbers forty three says a sense of awe reverential fear came upon every soul awareness is good and up with is joy and gladness but knows these are prerequisites these are prerequisites to getting to the joy and gladness that sense of reverential awe reverential fear and all who believe in the amplified version by the way is the version that tries to get to the original Greek word and give you all the nuances of it or the main nuances etc. so they often put things in parentheses what does the word believe me in Greek it would hereto and trusted van and relied on Jesus Christ all who believed were united and to gather they had everything in common now does it say all were united in the church it says all who believe reunited now that's something to be aware of sometimes we say that in order for a church to be healthy you have to have one hundred percent unity among one hundred percent number and I will talk about that that that would be of course that would be an ideal situation but there's a difference between the church militant in the church triumphant will talk about verse forty six Day after day they regularly assembled with United purpose and in their homes they broke bread with gladness some translations interpret that joy and that's where it are title comes from today with gladness and simplicity and generous hearts constantly praising the Todd and mean a favor and good well when all the people and the large-cap adding to their number daily those who were being saved spiritual that would you like to impart a church out about exciting church to be part of daily increasing in numbers those who are being saved from spiritual death and one of the reasons why there was that daily addition is because of what was happening in verse forty two through forty seven and so July was a very important element of that up hostile like church now speaking of relationships there is a study that takes a look at the happiness of Americans the last thirty years these because Don operates going to yell here we are living in an age where there is more fun things to do than ever before in human history and so that we should have more happiness than ever before in human history right we have more technology I mean didn't Steve Jobs create the greatest happiness the planet is ever know why all this technology etc. you are you you might believe that if you listen to some of the media reports after his death it's that etc. but you know these gadgets in the things that make people transiently happy don't necessarily produce lasting happiness in fact once you get a 4G iPhone soon you want to have a four S iPhone in that afternoon before as iPhone etc. happened it starts happening and of course one of the ways that we become dissatisfied is through the ten Commandments breaking the ten commandment that is covetousness you're kind of interesting the Lord ended his ten Commandments letting us know that he wanted us all to be satisfied in that ten Commandments and yelled billions of dollars are spent every year in this country to try to get you to come why do they want you to comment because the people creating those as to try to get you to come it are coming themselves if they want to fulfill their covetousness they have to get you to come at first and so it's a vicious cycle liquor in a fight is that commandment thou shalt not covet and of course just as gets in the way of happiness one of the reasons why America which is the richest country on planet Earth does not have the happiest people in fact it's the poor countries of the world and have a happy have a more happier people in it they've never even touched an iPhone before or know what it is nonetheless this study was done in just Americans that were in America today so we'll talk about Americans Americans are less happy today and they were thirty years ago thanks to longer working hours this study showed and the deterioration in the quality of their one relationships with friends relationships despite Facebook have not been improvement in this country they've actually been going down this is what the study showed a person with no close friends or social relations would have to earn three hundred and twenty thousand dollars more each year than someone who dared to enjoy the same level of happy so you need to thank thank your best friend for saving you three hundred and twenty thousand dollars because if you have a good close for that adds to your life in a very positive way that's worth probably more than three hundred twenty thousand this is just talking about the typical close for or social relations in this world while the average American paycheck have risen over the past thirty years of happiness boosting benefits were more than offset by a drop in the quality relationships over the period and I find that term fellowship relationships continues to surface in the acts chapter two section verses forty two and onward sort order to be talking about today is changing dysfunctional churches many churches are dysfunctional because of the relationships they have any searches actually can be changed into healthy optional church and I think one of the reasons why we were asked to do this seminar is because a a byproduct really is not necessarily an intended product of our depression recovery programs have been run in local churches is not only do people get better from their depression by and large but what we've heard from conference presidents around America is that relationships of local church members improve significantly they go through the program were laid out in the program and so they seem dysfunctional churches change in the functional churches just by putting on a depression recovery program and having people lead out or attended that so there are principles there that can do it but this isn't going to be about doing depression recovery per se it were going to that there may be some overlap but I wanted to show you another scientific study this was a smaller study it shows taking part in group action to help bring about positive change can be good or your physical and mental health the take-home message from this research therefore might be that people should get more involved in ten M hay straw polls and leave the leading positive group programs not only in the wider interests of the common guide but also for their own personal good and somewhat of the reasons why it was such a happy charge upon solid times is a word in group activities trying to produce positive changes in their community the results emerged from in-depth interviews with nearly forty people from a variety of backgrounds between them they had more than one hundred and sixty experiences of group action to bring about positive changes such was the strength of the feelings they experience that the effects appeared to be sustained over a period of time and power events were almost without exception described as a joyous occasion sender participants experience a deep sense of happiness and even euphoria and being involved in teaming with others for positive change simply recounting the events in the interview brought a smile to the face of the interviewee and saw why we were really one of the tickets to happiness and joy in the local church is for the local church to team up and do something where there is a struggle in the community to bring about some very positive change and just that experience and going through that recounting it can bring a smile in regards of the joy that occurs it's actually one of the reasons the study goes into this is one of the reasons why people like to get involved in demonstrations if he wondered about you know all these people getting involved in the occupied Wall Street movement now in all of these different cities or in your tea party events etc. odd this song on this aspect of trying to get involved in and what they can center positive changes on actually brings them joy and euphoria to the individual and I thank God with the message that we have in our church with being able to teach Christ's teaching on and go against a lot of cultural aspect of things on and doing it in an attractive way can be part of them bringing about joy well in order for us to have functional churches it requires change who said this except ye repent ye shall all perish those were the words of Christ from loot chapter thirteen he said in verse three and then he repeated himself in verse five Ellen Christ repeats himself is pretty important in so repenting is part of change and of course would change there is always a struggle even for babies to go through changes first I have to learn what to do and I have to get ready to do it and then they need to do it and the same is true in regards to our churches one of the questions that I've heard people ask is what we ever have a completely healthy and functional church the Bible tells us with a week and tares grow together until the harvest and so there's always going to be care by the way that parable tells us sometimes the terrorists are brought in by his says the enemy yes some of the baptisms that occur in your church may not be implored they can actually be tears come again to bring about discord in the church and so the devil isn't necessarily concerned about the baptism count what he's accounting of how many tears he brought in the process of course that I doesn't mean we should be a fearful of going through evangelistic series and trying to have baptisms we want to have the Lord brings them but that we Medicare's grow together until the harvest in the parable tells us what would happen if we try to root out those tears prematurely what will happen in the process yeah that's right some innocent ones will be hurt and so the wheat in the tares grow together until the harvest interestingly the foolish and the wise virgins are together until the bridegroom come this is the church militant this is on this side of the kingdom the church militant will become the church triumphant but in the process the church militant sometimes points its military weapons at each other and you know in the Gulf War Persian Gulf war we lost more soldiers from friendly fire than we did from the Iraqis and and so in local churches have interesting to me and local churches sometimes you'll see some of the greatest struggles relationships struggles occurring that are just kind of phenomenal and yard I'm part of secular organization John Ogden a president of our medical staff there in the hospital and there is always relationship issues with doctors etc. doctors are very independent thinkers even politically and otherwise were no part of same political party there's quite a variety of different opinions of physicians etc. and being medical staff president we talk about it's kind of like trying to herd cats around but and in reality the struggles that occur her on a large medical staff level are often miniscule in comparison to this relationship struggles that are occurring in a smaller local administered and you're wondering why is this what is going on here and while I realize it is up it wasn't an Adventist church Sam was a Baptist church Baptist would never put up in the struggle to get a little bit of relationship struggles natively in order to get him out of there and I can be part of it all and that's all they leave just very quickly but because of the love of the truth keeping us together in the same church but relationship struggles you don't see that splitting off necessarily you will see it and Samuel still have on the back door where people leave over relationship issues but the devil and like nothing better than for the church militant repointing its guns at each other in this process and not really focused in on the community outside and of course that detracts from their ability to really be in a focus setting to benefit the community the great outpouring of the Spirit of God which lightens the whole earth with his glory will not come until we have an enlightened people that know by experience what it means to be laborers together with God what she is talking about here is the prerequisite for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit the latter rain and we know that was a prerequisite if you remember before and asked to earlier there was the early rain was pouring out that was part of that whole joy aspects of that was part of the prerequisites but there are prerequisites to having met early rain poured she says in order for this to occur in this outpouring of the Spirit of God which widens the whole earth it won't come until we have an enlightened people would know by experience what it means to be laborers together with God when we have entire wholehearted consecration to the service of Christ God will recognize the fact by an outpouring of his Spirit without measure my promises when we have an entire whole hard it consecration to the service of Christ she goes on to say but this will not be while the largest portion of the church are not laborers together with God what's the largest portion of a group called call the majority and so what she is saying as once we have the majority what's the definition majority one percent in the fifty zero zero zero zero lines zero 's go no one their majority is just over fifty percent so once you get fifty one percent for a little over fifty percent of the end of that church group entire wholehearted consecration service of Christ the outpouring of the Spirit will come without measure and so this tells us as well that were never going to have a hundred percent lot of people think you know they face center and on the ones who are clearly not doing the service of Christ and and being discouraged by those individuals but in reality what we need to be doing is getting ourselves the service of Christ without wholehearted consecration service and then taking those who are on the fence and trying to bring them with us in that it aspect of things and of course this involves what we've already talked about that word she Doctor Prochaska talks about stages of change precontemplation that major not even considering a change even though you need to make it then you get to the contemplation stage what moves you from Creek precontemplation contemplation what would make someone go from step one to step two in the process of change anyone it's called knowledge in the Bible says my people are destroyed for lack lack of knowledge and so knowledge is very important some people say we don't need more knowledge is not true God people are destroyed for lack of knowledge we do need knowledge in order to go through the stages of change we need good true knowledge that's when we get the contemplation and when we start applying that knowledge in preparing to apply that knowledge into our life work in the preparation stage that stage three then when we actually put into the action were in stage four and then we not only have to put into action we now need to change permanently that's called maintaining at stage five of the stages of change and then after we maintain for a while it's no longer a struggle Doctor Prochaska calls the determination stage that doesn't mean that you were no longer changed or we go back if saying that it's no longer a struggle without having to work on it anymore it's part of our everyday experience our everyday life I we boil it down to the four stages of change unconsciously incompetent is the first age this is people that are living life in a bad way but don't recognize they are and look like they're actually enjoying it in the process the problem with people that are unconsciously incompetent is that that joy that I have is very transient and only last for so long and eventually the effects of their poor lifestyle catch up with them and they start to have some significant misery occur in their life hopefully the most age to consciously incompetent that means they are aware now that they should change that they haven't changed yet often going to a seminar like you I see what you and the stage to what you have to go home to get into stage three you need to prepare for getting into stage two here so we white might say Prochaska states of steps two and three would be together in NYC but stuff for the more you put in action at home enough from you become consciously competent and after your consciously competent for a while it then is unconsciously competent and so those are the stages of change we need to go through in order to get to this joy in our church another quote from Ellen White mechanics lawyers merchants men of all trades and professions educate themselves that they may become masters of their business should the followers of Christ the less intelligent and while professedly engaged in his service being ignorant of the ways and means to be employed the enterprise of gaining everlasting life is above every earthly consideration would you agree with that and so this is the very important seminar in order to lead souls to Jesus there must be a knowledge of what human nature and a study of the human mind and so this is why I think it's very critical for us to learn how the mind works how human nature work on learning neurophysiology I see Doctor Burnell Baldwin in our midst here today going said Doctor Baldwin seminars on neurophysiology learning as much as we can about the brain is an important part of loss being able to lead souls to Jesus because then we can understand where there are and help them to go through that process of change I mentions church programs and turned entire churches around from dysfunctional the functional such as depression recovery programs we also have a new program called optimize your break because some people won't come out to a depression recovery program is that I want the stigma of it but optimize your brain on how to enhance your IQ in your EQ I can be very helpful and not in local church programs and then in regards to relationships the fellowships we need to understand how wounds emotional and relational wounds come about and how they are healed a bit of talk about just too emotional web that are new depression recovery program series we we centering on six different emotional wounds but this is just a short seminar today Tsongas Center in on two of them emotional wound number one is a self inflicted wound a lot of people blame others for their relationship problems but in reality the primary problem with relationship problems and most people is not the other person is himself and their relationship issues often are self-inflicted notes one of the reasons why that does anyone know if the divorce rate is in this country on first-time marriages close to fifty percent if you been married a second time your little wiser and so the rate goes down correct in the sixty percent chance third time you been married one percent chance to think it ends in divorce eighty percent and here it had had your fourth marriage ninety percent chance that is network and saw what this is telling us it has not been this person just pick bad people it's at that person themselves have significant issues that prevent them from getting along with people that they actually have emotional love for and and that's a significant issue but they often are suffering from the Albany blame others their wounds are self-inflicted self-inflicted whence occur by sin I should put these three things on there is a seminar that you'll hear in the future by Doctor Phil Mills on the five ways of testing character did you know we are to be judges the Bible says what you can't judge in your own church different issues that are going on and you're going to be in charge of judging angels when you get to heaven in other words Paul is saying you need to be good judges down here and you need to be good judges of human character and there are five different ways of judging character these are three of them are mentioned right here dress is actually a way of judging character pretty accurate judge health your house or how much you are following the help message the judge of character are you going to follow what the others are doing around you in regards to dress her health or are you going to do a better way stepping out in following God 's will in your life which actually both of these things enhance happiness when they're done according to more well the words you speak our test of your character and are directly related to showing that issues of the heart with a couple of others out there as well and so often we get in the self-inflicted wound that demonstrate themselves are character and self-inflicted wound often get infected and abscessed even the physical sense in a way that individuals in fact it's it's a very common issue today and every one of our treatment resistant depression recovery programs we have people that come with self inflicted with no actually have scars on them multiple stars would cut themselves let the blood run etc. are some people would burn themselves we had an individual that came to our program actually a very high professional and in a brain science eight a neurologist who was so emotionally distressed that she was actually burning herself and ended up having a plastic surgery and multiple life areas etc. and when you when we have self-inflicted wound was self-inflicted wound often get infected and absent as there is no remedy for them no result in septic shock and septic shock is an alternating late painful with an alternating leave euphoric death and so individuals with septic shock of it it is some that it's not it's certainly not the most painful way to die because of that euphoria that's often associated with it Proverbs twenty eight thirteen says he the cover if his sin shall not prosper but whoso confesses and forsaken of them shall have mercy in the secret for emotional when number one it is to get rid of the Senate in your life take it to the great physician and let them cut it out unfortunately however many people with emotional new world number one are surrounded by false sympathizers no blame others for your member typhoid Mary typhoid Mary was infected and people are infected have a tendency to infect others and when it was pointed out that she was a source of infection she had a lot of false sympathizers come to her aid and go against those who were telling her that she was the problem and as a result of her continuing to go around and collect from one institution to another multiple people died in process her false sympathizers were the ones that actually led to her serial killing it weren't for them she would've actually submitted to the authorities that they encourage her to stand up for her rights etc. and if so it resulted in them and so you'll see that people with emotional mint well number one who is just it just plainly their sensitive cause their problem though be surrounded by my false sympathizers who will lead them onto in regards to serial killing the access and infected or self-inflicted wound remedy is simple and abscess wound needs to be cut that's true with virtually every obsessive about it there is an abscess is a walled off infection it won't get cured with antibiotics no antibiotic in the world will cure the typical abscess it has to be cut on drain and allow that that access to be gotten rid in other words we need another wound to heal only original well anyhow some people have been interesting thing about many people who say they have been wounded emotionally I is that they need to recognize a particular era in this category they need to recognize there are a is a a group of people in this world that well and people all day long cause a significant amount of pain and those people every day but yet they are not put in prison are not put in jail what type of what type of group of people my talking about surgeons that's right they go about it actually physically when people and nobody puts them in prison in fact the family thanks them for wounding their loved one why is it because they need that world in order to have you and so it is with those with emotional win number one need another wound to heal the original in other words they need to be wounded by the great surgeon the great physician and have that abscessed and infected sin problem brought to the foot of the cross need to recognize your sin and repentance sackcloth and ashes in the Lord can bring about healing in churches when that is occurring if you remember that was one of the prerequisites wasn't it the people ask don't you remember that they were actually confessing their sins one to another they were actually taking though since the foot of the cross that they had wrong someone else they were going to them and of course said to participate in that process it's a painful process the first requires the willingness to suffer more pain just like a person going to surgery has found that willingness to suffer more pain remedy also for the situation as mentioned in the Bible if my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways notice although this then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land quite a promise and of course turning from the wicked ways means repentance and desire of ages has no repentance is genuine it does not work Reformation and so there needs to be that willingness to reform in and undergo the forgiveness conditions of the Bible mentions we need to recognize only Godfrey can forgive know some people will talk about forgiving themselves or whatever type of thing the Bible makes it plain it's only God can bring about their true forgiveness that's their we must call upon God for forgiveness for that to occur we must ask forgiveness of those we have wrong as well in order for us to be forgiven by God we must forgive those that do us wrong we must humble ourselves and seek God and there must be that Reformation in her life and the Lord is very willing and just anxiously awaiting us to come to him so that he can fully forgive us the separate change in acts was also part of it was therefore false preconceived ideas needed be eradicated or what the false preconceived ideas were of many people in Israel back in those days but wasn't Christ was going to come as a conquering King and overthrow the Romans and they were going to be the New World empire and that was something I was talking with this taught as fact those false preconceived ideas were eradicated how are they renovated by the way Jesus death was part of it wasn't all that it was a Bible study given by Jesus himself out of the Old Testament and the two on the way to remain the changed their false preconceived ideas and then assess those two went around sharing it with all of the other believers that Bible study has been repeated in this day you'll see some of the same tax of Jesus you are to want to shout to get rid of that false teaching and using false teachings can be gotten rid of today for Bible study absolutely that's the way to do it is through the word of God it can still happen today so they're probably false preconceived ideas had to be eradicated in order for this setup by the way anyone who can't bear false preconceived ideas not one of them was in the Holy Spirit not one of them was part of that joyful experience of the church so it's a it's a it's a definite we have to get rid of those there must be heartfelt confession and I remember this song that really is a part of it this is the setup for the change in anyone know the song on a war on dear Lord you can say with me if you do all hard fats to your and clean sans land hard where the cloud beach when the all high like nine hard to mind off hard that's why as oh five on dear Lord are hard like bears these this is when everyone in that functional church that became a functional church wanted and this was part of that group change how do we need to change the question is asked we need to meet more thorough we need to more thoroughly understand think women exemplified the two foundational principles the government of God one of those two foundational principles we need understand think women exemplify more truth at the apostles doctrine by the way the Bible says God cannot lie actually cut is a free moral agent but he puts truth about oneself what that means is God is only going to be where truth is that the foundational principle of the government God and even in emotional intelligence secular emotional intelligence books tell us that in order to have true unity it has to be based on true not compromise your politics you think you can only get unity when you compromise but that's a very superficial unity that doesn't withstand stress if you want to have true unity it has to be based on bedrock truth absolute truth and that's a unity that is not easily disrupted all install foundational principle the government of God 's truth and another one as we need to understand bank women exemplify more law that's the agape love that merciful self-sacrificing love and then we need to understand how much we absolutely depend upon God for both we yes human beings cannot love the way God was enough of ourselves we don't have the capacity this happened this is something that comes from the outside it has to come from Christ's and when we have gone slow when were understanding it when were thinking it when were living it when were exemplifying we had that catalyst the most important catalyst change agent by the way Doctor Prochaska told us the number one way to get others to change knowledge is an important part of that knowledge and of itself won't change anybody they have to put in action the greatest likelihood of their right but inaction is if you have empathy for them the teacher as empathy that means lot and that's why the Bible talks about speaking the truth out in law and that's a critical aspect of improving our relationships will now let's get to emotional and number two emotional new number two is actually an imaginary world we that individuals in the physical sense come to my office and tell me that they have a work and there's no one there it's imaginary they'll have a imaginary even symptom of a real woman just three weeks ago set up and every doctor I've been to your nose and throat doctors etc. I have this continual running up that never stops running and I heard that you can see the that you help those with a difficult to diagnose and no one's been able to diagnose my runny nose problem and I said Lot let me take a look and I look and I can see you know the running I didn't see any moisture and I was looking at other things and she kept telling me about how bad it was and how even get crusty etc. and her son who is whether I said the Serio University run he says Doctor it doesn't idolize situs in front of her but there's no problems like that she just thinks there is an imaginary problem the course imaginary problems are difficult to deal with and one of the imaginary problems that many people have in regards to relationships is a have a strong tendency to feel slighted at times not asked for a show of hands how many of you have felt slighted and that is also here actually raise your hands we call this having a chip on your shoulder it's actually caused by the cognitive distortions of magnification and that's the magnification of self the biggest problem of you feeling slighted is pride and pride will get in the way of relationship problems annulled to produce a lot of this joy in the church magnification Roy take a look at Nebuchadnezzar said is not this great Babylon which I have built what was his problem pride and by the way Nebuchadnezzar had been exposed to people who knew the truth and people who are highly intelligent and Daniel chapter one he just elevates them to hire position that there is no comments made Daniel chapter two he is so want away by these men and their connection with God that he says there is no other God like the God of Daniel sound like a converted management was a converted that point now Daniel chapter three he stands her ersatz up Nebuchadnezzar Chapter three that the word is repeated late mentioned is the setup and by the way there was part of that set up the dress was a part of that set up music was a part of that set up and you know the devil is always trying to set up our churches as well in and maybe some similar manners but that the setup was put up there and then the Lord turned that event and to the largest rightist screen TV that's ever occurred so bright that thousands of people could watch it it was like TV and that was the fiery furnace and after that Nebuchadnezzar was so blown away by it all that he said if anyone says anything against the God of Shadrach me shacking Abednego they're going to be cut in pieces in their houses labor converted man doesn't sound like by the way whenever you see lack of religious liberty like you just mentioned it's a sign that the people behind it are unconverted at the true sign of lack of conversion when you're going to try to kill people as a result of religion and that's what even put out there he believes that show on the side of right religion and away but it was still a sign of lack of conversion his conversion story is told by himself in Daniel chapter four and in order for him to Vernon what have we gotten rid of pride that was the thing that was standing in the way of Nebuchadnezzar having fully been converted and by the way God had to put him on a depression recovery program to get rid of the pride if you remember what type of diet was he put it was a raw plant food -based diet and it was his problem was so severe it just required the raw greens that's all that's all he can and on top of that he was put on an exercise program in fact he could meet unless the exercise and on top of that he had to get a circadian rhythms and cycles the sleep wake cycle had to be there and on top of that the Bible makes it very clear that when you read it Daniel chapter four there was another natural remedy that was used as part of Nebuchadnezzar 's healing process to remember what it was all there was sunlight there was water what type of water I was the that they do of heaven and the Passover Hammes called hydrotherapy and so hydrotherapy was part of that program I and then after he put him through that entire 's Bob program then he had to give them cognitive behavioral therapy to help him see his pride and Nebuchadnezzar Seo yes he got rid of his pride and he became a fully converted man as very clear at the end of Daniel for he was fully converted to there was no coercive technique he just pulled his testimony in appeal to them to do the same thing the first sin problem occurred as a result of this magnification I will exalt myself above the most time to assess that was Satan this for the walk then is not written by William Bacchus what your counselor never told you is a cognitive behavioral therapist psychologist is also Lutheran minister but the subtitle is the seven sins that lead to mental illness and you know a lot of the problems that are caused in our churches today are due to mental weight ill church members they may not of been diagnosed but I can almost tell you if there is a significant severe relationship problem in the church either one or both parties as some significant mental health problems going and that's one of the reasons why it like a depression recovery program will significantly improve that church and make it function in fact what we told our church leaders are putting on that program as bring the people that are intelligent but have significant emotional problems and help them to become facilitators and learn this program so they can teach it other it's transforming in a way but this this in my book talks about symptoms of pride how to know whether you have enough trying to be noticed craving attention never wondered why the tattoo industry is exploding by the jewelry industry is exploding etc. behind it is this trying to be noticed craving attention itching for complements needing to be important the testing the idea being submissive loving the idea of admitting the wrongdoing strongly opinionated being argumentative demanding your way wanting control over others flaunting your individual rights refusing advice being critical yet resenting criticism being over sensitive and finally thinking you have that one assess you simply don't have if you have AMA's volume access as watch out right is there and then wounded pride will follow whenever you have cried there you're going to the wounded brought your you start feeling slighted Juergen have that chip on your shoulder that someone knocks off etc. in your SR blaming others for your own relationship issues that are occurring as a result crying the Bible tells us of a man who had a lot of good things going for tall stunningly handsome wealthy well-liked by the general public it wasn't so he started to have significant mental health problem researchers documented negative thoughts with cause emotional turmoil nearly always contain gross distortions the thoughts on the service appear valid but you'll learn that they are irrational or just plain wrong and it twisted thinking is a major causes three causes of his mental illness when confronted with his own guilt he minimized it justified so anyhow often the Lord what if you want to learn a little bit about some of the problems you have in your life that's why the Lord puts enemies indoor pathway enemies will often tell you sayings that have elements of truth to them they may not be completely true and by the way because they're not completely true we send we tend to focus in on the things that are not true that there mentioning I'll just tell you personal experience happened about a year and a half ago and with all of the other things that I do etc. a guy was a handgun ICU that particular guys I was about thirty minutes late for doing procedures and the G.I. Lab and when I came down there at nine thirty I heard the nurse who was in my room that day stay to the patient Doctor Natalie is always late so what would you set down the most natural thing as the think about the times when you haven't been late because obviously she was wrong I was always late and it wasn't always like that yet she was mentioning that we know when you hear something like that instead of doing and in focusing on the things that she said Ron instead I looked at her with a patient there and I said I know Susan that I am frequently late and it is something that I'm that I have made a decision that I'm going to work on didn't justify myself until about the ICU experience etc. but because I am so busy etc. sometimes we need a plan to be there early in order to be there on time etc. and so it needed be something that I really did need to work and saw that why I didn't have a item create another enemy by pointing out her error etc. in front of the nurse earned presentation I did not address the issue but at the same time recognize there was some validity in which it stated and so often we need to when confronted with things that your guilty instead of minimizing it in justifying yourself as did Saul when he was confronted was appropriate Jill we need to turn that on defeat into victory in other words whenever we have made a mistake we make a more severe mistake when we dealt see that mistake and correct and so we need to correct our mistakes turning defeat into victory all lights as if you have made mistakes you certainly gain a victory if you see these mistakes and regard them as beacons warning DOS you turn defeat into victory disappointing the enemy and honoring your reading so on mistakes are made put them up as beacons of warning see what it is the length of that and you'll be much less likely to make those number two dwelling on the unfairness of his life people that are continued by the way is like going to be fair to everybody as again be fair to anybody all the time now and there's always going to be elements of unfairness but often the people that are dwelling upon the unfairness of their life actually have been treated fairly rarely in other words those individuals are insulating things to a large degree watch out for that phrase I can't stand latest order I can't stand it is only one thing a human being cannot stand and that's death when they tell themselves they can't stand it they're inflating it for magnifying it and that's when they lose their temper and get things out of control and that's when all sorts of church problem started occurring in fights in the church Ellen White says when trials arises seem unexplainable we should not allow our peace to be spoil however unjustly may be treated like not passion arise by indulging a spirit of retaliation who do we injure reinjure ourselves we destroy our own confidence in God and greed the Holy Spirit the third cause us all mental health issues with that high self-esteem that was wounded by the people that especially the women's obvious preference paralyzed twenty thousand or so women young women ages fifteen to about thirty five words most of them were in that group singing and beautiful harmony as the soldiers were coming back in for a great victory Saul has slain his thousands and David his tens of thousands now it's true that those women probably could use some different words to make the point but nonetheless when Saul heard it and it was repeated you know that the song just kept repeating itself what all these people came in his pride was wounded and he ended up going off the deep end in the evening slotting in trying to get rid of days of this would've never happened had he not develop that sense of self pride Christ in contrast says Blessed are the life blessed are the meek the difficulties we have to encounter mayor may be very much lessened by that meekness which hides itself in Christ were to have difficulties in our church but one a lot less of which show that meek spirit we possess the humility of our master we shall rise above the slights the rebuffs the annoyances to which we are daily exposed and they will cease to cast a gloom over the highest eminence of nobility in a Christian is what self-control he knew under abuse or cruelty fails to maintain a calm and trustful spirit robs God of his right to reveal him him his own perfection of character lowliness of heart is the strength that gives victory to the followers of Christ it is the token of their connection with the courts of lesson are the meek she goes on another place to save meekness is not a species of cowardice it is the spirit which Christ manifested when suffering injury when enduring insult and an abuse to be meek is not to surrender our rights that is the preservation of self-control under provocation to give way to anger to the spirit of retaliation meekness will not allow passion to take the lines when Christ was accused by the priests and Pharisees he preserved the self-control we took this position decidedly that their charges were untrue in other words he and back down and at some people you know in a court of law or whatever even though they might be right and it because of all of the external pressures may not actually stand up for the right milk and that's called cowardice that is not meet it appears that their meat but it's not he said to them price and then which of you convinced of me have sent five spoken evil bear witness of the evil but if well why smite us thou me he knew that his position was right when Paul and Silas were beaten address and imprisoned without trial or since they did not surrender their right to be treated as a citizen if you remember after that earthquake occurred and I said all right all the prisoners go free they said were not good not to hear the people who put us in here need to come down here themselves and let us go free in other words they were standing up for their rights even though they were meek desire of ages says Christ was never related by applause why was he never relayed by plus as needed you have that pride of self pride in the spirit of need meekness nor dejected by censure or disappointment why was he never dejected by century disappointment it's actually the same reason that humility not developing the pride and and and indeed having that spirit of his father amid the greatest opposition in the most cruel treatment he was still a good courage and saw that meekness will be much in your local church to enhance relationships it will not allow that temper to take hold Thomas Jefferson said nothing gives one person so much advantage over another is to remain cool and unruffled under altered and I think that's one of the reasons why God has allowed some of the greatest relationship conflicts to occur in a local church that is trying to develop the character of his people is giving you practice tests is giving you the ability and when you have failed in that way then you need to see the ways you fail need to get rid of that pride you need to have that spirit of meekness there even though you're not giving up truth this is not sacrificing truth what is the difference between the child and slave woman and the child the free woman you know I've been appreciated the lesson study this last quarter in the book of Galatians are maybe you had a chance to study out of Galatians quarter I would say probably what happened the hands go up hopefully I get a chance to get into that in one of the things the kind of interesting that I have to teach a Sabbath school class often and when I was starting there to teach out of the Galatians I was in memory of what I saw a long time ago by EJ Wagner called the gospel in Galatians and I it was Friday evening and I was preparing for my Sabbath morning sample school and I said Eric I said Erica somewhere in this house when the little book called the gospel in Galatians you have any idea where that's that and of course we have a huge library in multiple rooms and there is books everywhere etc. noted in many years she says now I don't know but let me look and she went out there to the library and put her on light on it she says she doesn't know why but she reached up at the very top self-worth she couldn't even see a book and just reached up there and looked at the book that came down it was the gospel in Galatians by DJ was given the Lord wanted me to read that book that night so she came back immediately with the buckeyes that Erika how the world define them to tell their story but EJ Wagner had a lot of good things to say about the law and Galatians really was about the long Galatians that he was writing it was actually a letter that he written to the conference present he was the head of the Pacific grass and Butler was the head of the General conference Butler was writing a review about the law in Galatians and Wagner was riding in the Pacific press about the lawn Galatians and they were opposed in their doctrine they were not on the same page and it turned out the general conference present was wrong and Wagner was right to a large extent and Wagner wrote him a fifty some page letter very merciful letter explaining position etc. it's a very important book to understand if your seventh and very important book a while real lies in studying Galatians is that Wagner didn't have a completely understood Jones I'll think I completely understood there still death to get out of Galatians and when the license talks about is in Galatians chapter four it talks about Abraham being the head thereof the church 's got a symbol of Christ and then a slave woman and a bondwoman he talks about carrying out the flash were walking in the Spirit are you walk in the flash her walk in the spirit crucial element to joy and happiness those that walk in the Spirit are going to have that joy and happiness in their life even though there may be in the midst of a controversy etc. they'll still have that spirit of joy and he goes through Hagar of course was the bond woman and Ishmael resulted the works of the flesh to the works of the flesh produce at a pretty and they produced Ishmael while Viagra has loved dearly by her and then they work on spirit because the Spirit intervene and by the way the work of the Spirit in the work of the flash I often look pretty much the same they are very much resemble each other in fact you can keep certain commandments you know if your legalist you can keep commandments superficially and selectively by the way you won't be able to keep all his commandments some people say well you can go to heaven by keeping the commandments of the Pharisees are example of that they kept the Commandments mirror neither the Pharisees really keep the all the commandments what was Christ writing in the sand if describing those that they were only selectively and superficially when other people were what they were giving them but they weren't keeping them at all per se and so this is kind of the wheat and the terrorism we talked about the foolish virgins and the wise virgins I can be in the same charge that can be going the same acts they can be doing everything pretty much the same how can you tell between those that are walking in the spirit walking in the flesh Galatians four twenty nine tells us how to tell the difference see if I can turn jerk here and my iPhone so I don't misquoted I don't have it appear Galatians four twenty nine anyone have it can you reinforce all right so that the net was born after the flash did what that that was born after the spirit persecuted how did Ishmael persecute Isaac remember he made him the subject of ridicule and I certainly don't want to be found ridiculing people of the church are talking against the particularly those that appear to be doing what's right and you'll see this in churches those that are following through the spirit following the dictates of their conscience were following the health message to her out they are witnessing in the world sometimes we made the spirit of ridicule it's a clear sign of those that are in the flash versus walking in the Spirit and you have that in every church those are walking in the flesh and those are walking in the spirit and so we need to be very careful about what we say about others it's a lot easier to talk to someone else about someone else's problem but if we have an issue with somebody where we think we been hurt by why not go to them and not spread it around anybody else follow the words of Christ in that neatness and love and humility there is a difference and there is a way to get this joy and happiness we need to replace our in-house healthy relationships with healthy relationships relationships that will draw you closer to Jesus in the church just about every local church you'll find people that will help to draw you closer Jesus get close to those individuals relationship that will strengthen you to resist temptation and evil that's one of the reasons for relationship relationships characterized by openness with a willingness to review proverb says review Kawai 's man and he will live he will be wiser and another places as rebuke a wise man and he will love you rebuke of foolish man he says and he will act he will hate the and so do you have a friend are you just surrounded by friends that make you feel good about yourself or do you have friends here there's openness enough that when you're starting to go in a way that you don't even really see lights feeling your deviating that friend is open enough to say you know what I'm worried about you those are the type of friends we need to try to have relationships that are often differing age are helpful as well Jan G Y C we have people that are just all pretty much in Oak enemy college-age the use of the church as nice you meetings that are just for the youth of the church like this that but there is also a great advantage to having friends that are vastly different in a lab or experience I have some things that we can draw from and also people are younger than us that we can mentor that's how we help solidify our own the character attributes of Christ wants us to have relationships that will form a soul winning team it will multiply your united efforts such relationships will grow under a strong bond that will resemble David and Jonathan closer than family with true brotherly love and within every church just about there are people that if we follow the patterns and I just talked about today you can develop relationships like David and Jonathan are closer than what family and those relationships can bring about a lot of joy and happiness throughout the rest of your life what we need to put these principles and action and when we get keep them and actually will become unconsciously competent and that's when Psalms forty per se comes about I delight to do thy will my dog a bylaw is within my heart I will show me the path of life in my presence is fullness of joy at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore the Lord wants us to have those lasting your pleasures that come as a result of following his principles and relationships weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning and then the Psalmist says behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity when I unity is based on truth on common goals and actions were teaming up with them when we have that brotherly spirit fly David and Jonathan out of the main organ of the identical will be complementary same philosophy similar goals there are barriers to achieving stage for Romans thirteen fourteen says Toyama Lord Jesus Christ and make not provision for the flash to fulfill the lust thereof stories told of Johnny he went out the door after his mother told him I don't want to go swimming after school today Johnny I want you to come straight home after school died was used to go swimming after school guy comes home late in his hair 's all wet and his mom says Johnny I told you not to go swimming after school that I went mom I was tempted Johnny I told you not to go swimming after school before you left this morning and after I told you that I noticed you took your bathing suit out the door with mom as because I thought I might be tempted and often we play we make provision for the flash lapel less thereof we buy things across our pathway their relationship substitutes for the relationship substitutes might be Facebook it might be now the Internet it might be some sort of addiction thing that makes you feel better transiently etc. but the Lord is saying that the barrier you want to achieve stage for those things going on he's employee on the Lord Jesus Christ and make not provision for the flesh to fulfill the lusts thereof if he tells us not to do it then don't make provision even endurance of the end another result those that stay in stage three long enough they willing when you have the stage for one enjoy is fallen everlasting even in this world even endurance in the end shall be saved change I invite each one of you in this room each one of you is important to the Lord each one of you can be a change agent and each one of you can change I invite you to accept the call and change both now and forever will live but see it is the four twenty five and the seminar I think was supposed to go until five and so will have opportunities for questions and answers but before we go into them with system our heads and ask for to enter father in heaven we thank you for revealing the prerequisites for that your joy and happiness that can occur among friends in the local church and can occur even among those that are now enemies in the local church we pray Lord for that spirit of acts we pray that we might be willing to undergo the prerequisites the time that it takes confession getting rid of the distorted thoughts and may we as a result enter into full and lasting healthy relationships in our church they not only bring joy and happiness to our own heart but also make us far more effective in bringing souls in from outside we know Lord that joy can be attractive and we know that your joy that comes from the outpouring of your spirit will have a mighty attraction to but we know Lord that does not occur in a vacuum and so we pray Lord Brown David you might search us try us see if there be any distorted way in us and pointed out to so that we may take ourselves to the foot of the cross that we may replace the spirit of self pride with the spirit of meekness and the opportunity to take hold of your law in our life we thank you for hearing and answering this prayer Jesus right if you have questions I invite you to go up to the microphone because I think the seminars being taped so there are those that would like to listen to this tape and learn from your questions yes do you have a book review reminds the book that would have probably the most of this information would be in the book called the lost art of thinking how to improve your emotional intelligence that all have a good a good share of what I represented anyone else it is in the ABC gap and I would imagine it would be downstairs it's also in one of the booths yes I would shoot thank you his self-control how would sugar affect your ability to have self-control well it does affect that's why Nebuchadnezzar was put on a no sugar diet as well in order to have that their prerequisite for change on your particular layout high sugar actually as a result when we eat a sugary substance the pancreas cranks out insolent thinking we'd heat a large amount of fruits grains nuts vegetables and so you get into that hypoglycemia sometimes than twenty minutes afterwards sidle hypoglycemia will actually suppress the frontal lobe of the brain doesn't affect the memory you can still memorize regurgitate memory but if you have to think about problems you're not going to do as well enough white people when I shivered I actually like much poorer grades particularly frontal lobes objects so we know that from the scientific standpoint course of relevancy of spirituality morality and the will as well and you know that's one of the things in the Churchill speaking about Seventh-day Adventist churches there are many there are more people that are vegetarians then there are people who limit their sugar intake and Ellen White said something profound it's actually been generated now being demonstrated scientific literature she said sugar when largely you is more injurious than meet and so something and take note of the federal play with that which is very folk club soda in the violins you probably should I probably saw it recently I might mention to go ahead and come the microphone Eric Casey thought I'm I remember it more fully there was a study in regards to a sugar and a violin playing I think as well all yes now I gotcha I was trying to think sugar and violin well as I mentioned that if you read the dedication in the book depression the way out I talk about how Eric and I when we first met didn't speak the same language law and we had to go through someone who knew Spanish to communicate and she didn't know Spanish immersion a Romanian but I mention after that that our communication have steadily improved in every sense and mother still room for improvement and the study on yes high sugar intake has actually been linked to an increased risk of violence and well-designed study recently in the medical literature showing that Association you're much more you're more likely to lose your temper as a result of a high sugar diet and of course were talking about the lack of losing temper here in regard to relationships and meekness etc. if anyone else you might come up to the microphone and you can line up various anti-Christian Jericho has a permit as immigrants that came to my with the singer does that include on my maturity DDR type plan


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