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Total Church: All Things In Common

Magda Rodriguez


Managing financial resources to maximize giving potential


Magda Rodriguez

President, Ouachita Hills College



  • December 31, 2011
    3:15 PM
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him him him this message was presented FG Y C two thousand and eleven hundred other resources like this online menu I see where I had a car hitting on everyone I think you are that I is for you you are allowing your layouts for your Holy Spirit to guide my thoughts here we can share not only to share help me out and help all receptive we all want to be it's the worst of everything that you have ground to us father we want to ask you that you please help us to learn ways that we can share these knowledge with others and that we can help orders that are in need in Jesus name we pray amen let me talk to him I felt the weight of its that you have an idea why am I know some of you I can see a few familiar faces around him my name is Mike out of the vegan and I worked for Washington to college I am the chair of the business administration program before working for Washington Hills that used to work for General Electric for a few years and over there I worked as an executive and I worked a lot with financial but not necessarily financial reporting is actually my title with gold master black belt and and some people would be like what does that mean if that is it really a title from six Sigma and the goals that they set for you every year is actually cost reduction so you know these years ten million minutes year is twenty they always just try to raise the bar until you just you know but in reality and find that there is something that I think it's very important on if many students back home to our cornerstone food as they apply to be a smooth and non- I am so happy that films you know don't people realize that we need actually faithful Christian business people around on many people really be says with making money and in any AIDS has to do with that but the point is that if you do manage your finances faithfully God can use you in many ways to reach others so it is something that I highly highly enjoy doing I'm not an accountant I do not like to think but I like the numbers I like to see the final report and enjoy just unlikely what we can do what we can learn things around now that in terms of corporate financing service of five personal finance in Washington knows we have a program where we try we going either as a requirement for each student that got it from our school that they do have personal finance collectibles and Mister we focus on how keen you manage your personal finances and very working we consider that extremely important for our students departed rather than a half so I teach that class and we do have projects and all kind of activities that if there is enjoyed across the lot now they know that they call me two weeks ago to see if I could present stopping and on for any other beginning it was on the need to tell you was enjoying to find that I do not have anything you don't together remain in July cities year cycle my husband is the first race even been enjoyed in the longest time and not until they call me and I was the innovation because he always even though you a something that for me to see you still have to think about you know delivering everything my computer have a slightly behind and now I need to carry my computer but I thought nothing of the nor do thou open the door of opportunity because the guy can share what I know and some people can be delayed by up it just a blessing I can also be blessed by it now I want to start just adding to space somebody asked me in front of him and I'm going to the mobility of how to stretch your money was the one with the review is not always do not believe okay I think that nobody on there is no magic bullet on this one we asked to be very disciplined and eighties require from air Liège I am so glad to see a lot of young people of a year I hate to be honest I thought that I was not getting it maybe but I'm so surprised we didn't know all of you that came on but I will tell you each you and your many of you I can tell you for sure that I'm pretty sure many of you already have a student loan and that is something used is okay but we just have to be very careful because that's the beginning of something that probably can be take you are not happy in bondage for the longest time review what if I will say about things like that I am not completely linear sodium not complete against that I guess I'm completely against that jury than by personal desires not unnecessarily thinking no strategic thinking where we going and things like that I will tell you also that our church I really liked him I feel that they have available days that website stewardship enemy theoretic identity stewardship .org and you have a lady and was immediately available there was just enjoying all their tools I was rented think about what things can I share with you on because they do not want me to call me I speak to you for that you know these hour and a half and I will not do that but I was just looking for tools and things that I can use as a church so much available light beneath your family sometimes letting her in on what is available on very symbolic and that I will be used very frequently by the end I will share with you the details you called faith and fine and nonhuman created by I think the North American division I think created this book Excel and if it worked with my family is not a book and workbook exponent yes it is all available in all ABCs excellent excellent I will explain to you how I use that book I would think how I use that book yes all yes these I think this to our shape .org I think this stewardship .org excellent website on and I think we all need to take advantage of that now let's just go and he is share with you I don't think that they told me they know that they sent me that I wanted to talk about all things in common when you receive that what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you know Socko hoping thing I find your share money that Lima all of you leaving out everything that into my mind manages how am I going to do this bank I don't believe in God and not that you think that sometimes like also your mine is the fact that they just be honest we we know some people do not manage some resources my sleep I'm why are they in trouble because in the first that they get their nonwhite management why do I want to continue feeding bad behavior so that's really what he can't do would like to happen our shot I got annoyed I've is something you and then they sent me another e-mail honey which is a relief when they that might seem nice new elevator resources that for me is more I was always relieved by God but I will tell you that I do not let it go I started realizing that the verse that says in acts chapter two that favors that they gave me shy Chapter two verse forty four and all that believed were together and had all things in Coleman now I just want to go straight to that but I want you to live just brainstorming I try to always felt to trust ourselves to the early church nine can we brainstorm about some of that factory stick a fairly church time how great a what what and what were they feelings what what what were they doing can you think about them holiday Pentecost yet yet yet it is not a research yesterday about our gas went out preaching from a severe limit and this is a agency was their age is almost like we have no time let's just leave it on a lot of other things they only been a losing their mind was what sharing the good news churning bitterness we got a do it quickly quickly quickly sell online just by thinking about anything I wrote something else I think I wrote here their mindless focus on one thing good news of everything favors and he is soon coming they had a sense of urgency to reach every soul so they know many things up before where our love leader over not bother you when nine hundred and then help we must work with everything that we have what we can they were facing in Terry opposition and persecution my question to you this pulsation on the growth of at least today do we having online ages are mine is focused on one thing that you think that should be our spirit that should be our spirit high fence of urgency to this reach every soul I found to be indeed I was just thinking even if only my own I said my brain my my hardware Hawaii really believe what I say how do you show that you believe that you really leaving you know what you believe you don't think that these were aware of later volume you don't I need to be honest with you if you go to my office I do have one student hears that she knows every single pan every single pin fill in my best it has meaning I knew where they go I know they gravitate those things of having prancing vicious like because I lose bad but I also collect fans because every time that I go to an office I just keep talking find something and underpinning on my desk in him that for me I'm very like trying to protect my how I like the city can't append and I don't want anybody else did I even very difficult declined by the way do I want I found that they would be the nominee Paul when I went last year I found my I bought a bunch of been on I guess my nature that they last for a few years but on I have a hard time sometimes sharing the things that happened not because I want to share a distal one of those the thought am when you think about this are we really leaving what we believe now let's go to this one the audit question that I have for you is why do they need the money for the support any one else support missionaries that now it's really been main goal of collecting money and have everything in common should that be different today so what is the difference then why are we not reacting badly why are we meeting from their church there's working persecution persecution persecution now do we have to wait until persecution happens to share how I want to get the video how I interpreted this advice based on some of my study we tend to focus on this church in general you know what I mean you we thank to think that when you read these things you start thinking we are not doing this we are really not focusing we tend to forget that is just high on IM so when we may share thinking and what I realized is that we in more spherical I see that more and more and more often especially frequent you don't lately I think people taken from their savings chain would disperse the middle of their job buying food you know need it used everywhere no I will share with you we had a student last semester that I realized that he skipped one class one of my classes then I realized a fine now I found out that he was keeping all the faith and I just started my eyes open I did not open my mouth is open layout the CYL lightspeed what is happening I realize I anyone think of it then I think what is going on why when you me think often in fact that you sister and I have been just had a baby and his wife had a baby and the problem was he had no money for food it has nothing just nothing so he went canvassing during the day to try to get some money for food that for me it was an eye opening they need can be mixed to you and you don't even realize so we need to ask the Lord to open our eyes so we can feed anything we can help others what we have to should be very immediately I've so left that word went out everybody went their houses and then the next day that plaintiff would you know and think I got but what I'm trying to say is try not to think when you read about these things about the whole church think about your you know circle of influence your church is the people that you work meat is always there beneath the thought was there no other thing that I wanted to share with you is what is that truth fill n.b. I just violate what I want to make sure that we all are in the same patient remotely started sharing some of the tools but I started looking into what is a powerful that we have in our church for for us for today in terms of fines and one of the things I found iPhone four principles one of them is practical benevolence works estimated into our hearts practical or benevolence what is practical what do you understand that practical benevolent the consumer and they still comply with their practical eating okay is not emotional benevolent okay is practical it requires some planning and thinking you may not feel that that person deserve that but maybe it is the right thing to do anything to well I worried it is intentional but what if this am that share would you be squalid one that the money volume birth a volume that the money page three eighty seven I then practical benevolence will give a speedy tool life the thousands of know me know professors of it through whom no more an overhead bin bigger darkness even will transform them from selfish commenters worshipers of moments to animate faithful coworkers with Christ in the foundation of sooner so practical benevolence of a work that they what negative thing to yourself that one thing I am why we don't have the same spirit today and then I read to you from the FLSA Christian service age forty also starship okay what is persisted what is certain is all candidates are the other day thank you so much it says I'm trying to summarize the preface all page forty page forty and forty three subparagraph three on the day but real life and I'm just trying to shorten this thing but even then lawful price were burning in the heart of these perfect people we will see the same spirit manifested today and he fact she's talking about I should readable thing in the last extremity extremity deformities were shut close dollars and would be sure fully laying upon the altar men and women will feel it as best relation to share in the work will be painting sold to Stan integrate data for the Lord you develop of Christ were burning in their hearts of these perfect people we will be the same spirit getting better for me than hard coding they did not did they bought realize how many are is being in a bulwark of poor starvation up so they will sacrifice their professions I was freely I did the members of dairy church so that we are probably meeting is that part where I don't think we realize how close and will shorten the time and I don't know I did not preen that quote but I know there is the Québec talks that bears go to be a time when we are going to be crying because we wanted to help but money will be nonbinding so when he is the right time I will share with you something that my husband and I struggle with because to be honest sometimes there's so much neat and you want to just get off I just feel like is that why I'm not sure and that the province I am not sure back when we decided my mother when I is depraved sometimes independently when projects come our way and then we both think we both analyze and we sometimes come up with some creative ways so sometimes meeting the need but what I'm trying to tell you I don't have the solution I think the personal decision these have to do with your own fault that you have to be aware of them that there is not an easy way to know other than God leaving you and what the fifteenth update is a principle never use emotions emotions are in never never never now the reason why insane you need CPR that much of that's good but he divided those emotions with some principle that makes that not same vehicle person just have to but just validate the own goal only by emotions the auditing that is miscellaneous outsole for off at the end of tiny pits remember the poor it says business now you got it caught me few figure that one is as BPA you find a book that BPA is anyway you can write this PDA and then I don't really know what it is based on already five FPGA zero nine page sixty eight special messages something like that I try and look for it but is that on the FDA seeks a event every extravagance should be cut out of our lives okay for the time which we have to work is not too long on August we see suffering humanity and I think we see no more than before I will get to their families are in want of flick leader was I crying for Brett to houses of the poor lack proper furniture and bedding many lives in man although wish I almost fifty student off all convenience they cry of the poor reaches to heaven God sees God hears but many go eight five himself while their fellow man are poor and hungry suffering from one conflict they expect much on they ask extend the extent not much in their tables I need far more than they require one another men with will by and by have to render for their selfish use of God 's money you know one thing that came to my mind I started in the late and I'm not their family Sam just think I always write when I'm going to buy something even shoes or anything is the need to reduce a desire you is this really need it I don't know if we lady sometimes we have like four pairs of brown shoes and I just question is now I got a sky thinking and in and because every penny counts those forty dollars that's fifty dollars leaving the money open and that's what we need to think about now on I is saying brothers nineteen seventeen he says he that had PD up on the poor then Witt on Tuesday hope that person that has been the end of the fourth amendment to them to get hold and he's good need Whidbey will he pay him again that means that we are landing that at first but we can scuttle talk for half an hour about it but I progress nineteen seventeen I wanted to mitigate that promoting our later on the other counsel and I'm almost getting to the end be unaware of Frankenstein and get a read again these are quotes that I gotten the aware of faith and blend music phone is not who I engage in dainty money to Mister peach porn is that anything you can see I have not been of interest for long times and him alone they just have a hard time on the people of God after roasted perils of the last days they can hold fairness consultation with the Angels after the most successful plan of overthrowing their fate I think that go goal native processors of land and money drunk with the cares of these life please send a war before then I need more attractive life that they may lay hope on their treasures here and speak their fiction up on the early things we must do our utmost to prevent those who labor things .com from obtaining means to use against us keep the money in our own rang been more means they obtain they more they will injure our kingdom by taking from our subjects may tend to care more for money for all building on right kingdom and they spread of the truth we hate we need not fear the influence for we know that every selfish call this person will fall under our power I will finally be separated from God 's people these days fifty money at the meeting ministers page four seventy three page four seventy it is real the bottle that we are seeing now we are going data calls I like to sacrifice all to God it is called as a writing is a merely writing page sixty stated that they all hope on the falconer felt property and all other leading sacrifice you would take all to enter glory they ought yourself for yourselves treasures in heaven were not thieves can approach or Ross Perot he must be partakers of Christ's offering here if he would be partakers with him in his glory hereafter now what is the message what is the message board today in summary of what we will have a review what do you think this is just money doesn't belong to us number one should be used for what I got drinking them good stewardship in them I use that word because I just have a strange feeling that some people hear the word stewardship and is almost like but if we have to be good stores of everything that God has given to us what elf what are the principal yet emotions shouldn't should be always there and validated emotions you will buy guts principle exactly prayer will be a great tool in your hands in terms of making Ossetians financially now one of the things that I wanted talk to you is what is the main issue that we are facing today will selfishness now a major issue in the United States ending the global words inside economy we are having so many challenges when they why would have to does these these workshop dates only make sure that you give them something that they can take home no idea one of my friends last week somebody that I know for many years and it was so interesting he's not a Christian but I am he is not he is a truck driver and actually he was talking to me and he was he did not even have money to buy food on and I was just but he withdrew my breath it unites like you know I sent him an media for Christmas all ports overnight and many against him he's a truck driver and I believe you have seen that people from fund them you have seen it because that's what I watched the first time is called off five feet and nearly dead medium and and see if they talk on the driver of the truck driver I thought that it was a good opportunity to spend the night because he's having and I just I just thought it was a great opportunity but when I call him to follow-up he was he thought he was just great principles but he said did you see is not in the one imports overnight when he talks that people that did not err in not much money there their level of their the quality of their food and things like that into each morning possibly cheap buys food and things like that and he went after that comment and he said you know that where I am right now and not you the very house I started praying I didn't know if I was fishing Eugenie I started praying but I realize that he's not the only one there's so many people I'm going to tell you where do you have any idea where on employment levels and unemployment percentage right now is it between you always never perfect but we just tell you unemployment rates FAQ the human is not the real unemployment everybody that he discouraged from working that means that you do not get out of the statistics what that means is that eight percent or nine percent to ten percent non- real not real so they close is that you can get a factually what they call real unemployment and there is a lot of debate about that measurement but anyway the reason value is always worth what vision of what diapers unemployment percentage that but right now they are estimating I was reading last week to try to give you their latest numbers underestimate about seventeen to eighteen percent seventeen to eighteen percent you want I mean that means that for every one hundred people around twenty nineteen or twenty they are without a job now what makes these more complicated one let the type of life that we were leaving ten years ago actually and I would say ten years ago it was when I wake up IE on my husband and I we moved to California May nineteenth two thousand two thousand and one and when we used to leaving the Virginia because beloved on the lot but with General Electric and I was imaging in the cause of leaving and reaching it was wonderful it was a really new really nice so when I decided to let that the job in California I went to San Francisco you know what I did with the money we got in the house in Virginia we went able to get probably a terrorized with an man and you know we went to be a house that was built in eighteen ninety something that you will walk in the house and yell this and therefore was not enabled there I do with Nobel alighting face them and exactly it was something pathetic they were offering that for eight hundred thousand dollars and they had thirteen offers many would find the resulting one six million dollars and I we were just like when the money needs that these people believe but that but at the same time when we went up or ranking what happened when ranking a list of saw up there and you say why McKinney do we already moved so I'm delivering a hotel needing for a while the good thing is they corner for a while but so we finally found peace how two bathrooms and God he had to bathroom and then very small house we went for a very big house in a very small house which I even away everything and found it was still a three sixty five but when we bought the house my worst nightmare was I know that this market is not real is actually not real the discounted full from your leader despises are going to come down from them to be stuck in all and we were always praying gone just the latest be stuck here in California so budgeting is instead of going out when it fears later our neighbor of our neighbors actually they died in a car accident and their kids tend to sell the house when depending the market casino helped by our house it was seven hundred thousand dollars and my husband and I was the greeting you know using these the time to just be out of here because immediately the way that it works is that when you sell any market goes up everybody tried to put their house in the market and prices go down the brave God I want to believe anyway we sold the house the moment is talking about emotional reaction valid between you with emotional because of the big happiness if we can get out of there but the only problem was I was working there and then we went on the other hand it is to make this long story short we end up with two offers and the offers are a lot more than what we were asking so that that for me was just incredible but let me tell you one year and a half later we bought and we actually built a new house in another place we got into the thing and then our mortgage up instead of getting a smaller mortgage it was just higher number larger mortars worst nightmare I wish I had that it was not wise I knew I knew I knew what I was sold merciful because they believe that how's that for only ten months and at that point I felt I was called to Coleman and do something not only different I wanted to serve the Lord with all my heart and we went and affected era to go to Washington and elsewhere should they not just my father never went to buy we thought that we don't have kids we don't have anything to lose but we wanted to do something more meaningful and we did it we sold that house a few weeks later no houses were selling we got the money on you which is a miracle it was a matter of weeks but let me tell you this is a good story ninety nine percent of the stories are not different than telling you there many that bought at seven hundred thousand dollars the right now they just know are losing their houses and things like that it is a crisis that we are going now how does that what does that have to do with us you may say I am not enough Ossetian there are many people that are in that position but when man has a crisis it's just think God 's greatest opportunity to reach their soul and easiest our responsibility I know the we go with the help message and it's very important under putting anything down I'm just trying to open your eyes that you may not audit tools other than help and reach out to some people that may be completely healthy but they are just very stressed out because they don't know how to leave from one month of the other okay and this equation is just that they don't know when they're getting worse and worse they steal I thought that these were changing but these month digging December month timeframe November this note of credit cards application you know about the status of credit card that I got in the mail I thought it was over no inches incredible so I'm just thinking about all the people that just actually speak to earlier death into the credit card and unpaid interest for one year you know people do not understand they just will ball there that's the one and other credit card buddies feel like borrowing more and more more so what I'm trying to say if you flip one of the faithful we have to reevaluate our clothes that do what when and when should we just getting to that for what reasons what is driving that I feel sorry for the students because they reason why I'm saying this and I can say because the young audience a few months ago for the first time date never in student loan a a lot higher than the credit cards and a future actually the average students negative students that graduate they graduate with over one hundred thousand dollars in depth start a new life with a hundred thousand dollars into you know if this is something that I did when I saw I had one student that went from Washington note electronic University and he came all excited to tell me and show me the person that they have for him to play and they say you only have to pay our know how many thousand unabridged the ninety thousand dollars I understand I can do something and forget that would part of the lease of the ocean five thousand dollars word that they were filming that you can take it to the loan of five thousand persons like and look at that still he stunned duodenal on it now they are many options you face a hobby I do and what happened difficult for the patient is going up so how can we do that and then she reaches not study nor always open doors there are many things I will tell you one thing that is not getting on-topic here but there is the Fairmont in our givers by Elder read and read XML that talks about student loan student loan you talk about a fact that they are options you have to give it all usually in the school they tell you to take five thousand biggest EDU six thousand something like that and you will usually take what they offer no one unique that make sense so did he just is very simple keep something that you can do to minimize the impact of hiding a student loan some yes all eyes are there read our ED IE yet excellent excellent excellent he is one I was the same physical multiplayer mode before I came here I just felt home boys like he should be giving these many are not me excellent excellent excellent idea of his material for my classes and very very good anyway what I want to do right now I let me just you think money is not important just try first thing to find where my pet bird with a damn fine that fee is money important in our lives it is very important that just pretend that you reason you come back from my G1 ACN get home and anywhere from now when you open the mail you receive that you find out that you always somebody peeping out from the outlet do you feel actually that happens to me if you month ago he was twenty three thousand lives it was a surgery that I had been in the summer major deserter and dangerously thought they are vicious like that I will describe to you even though I knew I had a way to do something but I was good and just move to hold both because and probably they didn't want me to have a hard time and got him up with something I am done I cannot sleep it was almost could not wait until he was eight o'clock so I can take my phone and you start calling and just finding out what happened on it was some issues within health insurance but they got resolve civil praise God but it was not fun it was actually not fun I'm pretty sure my husband felt it I usually went on the distressed by then to be very quiet so he can talk quiet but had not each as I can talk just like so straight on that was not good I should trust celebrities and when you want to do something quickly so I wanted to have them what they wanted numbered that he was in a twenty four hours available if I can resolve these issue but anyway money impacts not only your life your health and the like everybody around you and that's what you need to be aware you should not be something that you nor anybody that have financial difficulties it is impacted their spiritual life and the physical life will be impacted by this now what happened he view instead of receiving that that you already together do you also have a few thousand dollars what if you received from your own call guy just a Christmas person for twenty thousand dollars what is your reaction that he was a homicide that's a good thinking I want to I will be going running from the house and just so happy and excited and everybody's onboard and I would begin pumping a target doing all the talking so it is very important e.g. in fact our life that's really what I'm the point I'm trying to make it isn't it very important that we take very serious the financial situation of your family and friends and in fact that now you don't use your pulsation you should be responsible for your own that's what I'm trying to say is that you need to understand somebody's having a hard time financially you'd need they need help more than five audit of financial renaming it help with health and counseling update what I wanted to save my nature on money the manpower time and energy here is the conflict money is important in the end that is the reason why we normally spend time on an energy but what else requires high energy and time got on the way to conflict starts because Scott realize that money is very critical but he is just setting some boundaries on how we should relate to money they usually face is not whether whether or not not whether or not or not we will deal with money but rather their letter of the importance or priority you have in our lives religious faith but for the world money is very critical but for Christians do you think is that the pattern sadly to say it is the pattern both the tip and what we are finding and noun is that more and more people are focusing a deviant probably less of the church and listed out of work because they just be auditing such a priority one of the things that I was apprised of the fact that when you get hi there first we know we should base his focus on baited you the person not on not being papering the type I think at first that can be coping from financial difficulties is reinstated now the next question that I was ready for this is that some people are manic brother Victor and officially from the girls from the name and that they are major issue on and I will tell you a you and I believe it's your conscience but what do you think God gave it why do we need to just think inner address this evening that is that is Jedi the very good point that we have to be very careful in the first thing that we have somebody need financially is to help them understand our responsibility and that the money doesn't belong to a family to bring Fiat five hi Bobby offering same thing you explain why some people made me may think that they should not be focusing on offering in my opinion they should also focus on offering out a percentage that you gave it should be systematically does that make sense to say one percent something wasn't begin a percentage according to your needs some of the largest meeting you but do not stay away from emotional to member they away from emotional well-being to be reviewing today is a model to try to get out of that on that you can use with people that are in financial difficulties now one of the first thing that you need to do I think they just try to help them understand what is the Ossetian what how important is money how God sees money now the question that you need to help them understand is why God entrust us with money remember you can say stemmed techniques and they would get out that I don't get the principles behind it it will go right back into the same place a few years later because the money issue is not a money and is not a niche of the money but if any short having if you don't change your habits if you don't have strong principles I think I will take you on we read write back again to where you were before I should have a fate worse and worse condition so one thing that you need to spend their money straight into where do they need to be understanding the reality of how important is money forgot what if the place of our relationship regarding this how God uses money why do you think that God gave us money to invest the proceeds in last why do you think it was money to be part yet as we read you notice this part is these that not even a month is actually that it is good for our it is a very good point so the first thing to having many theories stress I think God is a excellent tool that God has to teach is the trusting so remember everything I'm sure he would use something that you should you could share with others now one thing is I did not bring these presentation electronically but if you give me her e-mail I can send it to you so you can panel you can take notes but you can also received my presentation on he was taught he wants us to he wants to teach us to trusting rain Matthew speaks that he did thirty three spent for the Gentiles eagerly speak all these things for your heavenly father knows what you need all the things that you need but the first the kingdom of the unused righteousness and all these things will be added unto you is used and trust and I know anything that I put in my league here in this house working on our week trustworthy of being win-win what we have here is actually a small amount is small they compare with what we're in a receiving heaven we prepare to manage ways never under any rate here on each trustworthiness a test and shows our trustworthiness to note sixteen eleven fit therefore if you have not been faithful in the use of all in the use of one righteous wealth who will entrust you the true riches to you you more than ever yes if if if if you budget your time yes you think who exactly exactly so a few actually help the person to understand this beauty jewel in fact all while you managing your findings I think you will help them to have a definitely a change that will last forever now one thing is that I measured a year is also a fair witnessing tool one of the most effective witnessing the witnesses to non-Christians is presented in the use of money it is one thing to say that you love others but did not show about the law so it is felt that witnessing to you know it is still a solar lighting when you want with somebody then how all what eBay how they use it wisely for me is just a bit I admire people like that that can follow that if easy to putting paper bag is very difficult to put in practice only with God 's help you can just get the current energy goes along with what they were saying about tractor and a second site England the same page it is well trying to say tools are worth not much unless you help them to understand this spiritual aspect of finance okay now I don't think that I wanted to mention is what I want to go today on next I want to talk about what does God expect from our time what do you think he expect from our times when we read in Matthew twenty five we have a parable of one of the things okay so when you go to cry subject listens and you talk about and you read that they can about how things you find the time is more than money time there's outside a federal year strength health time influence that for Nietzsche 's eye-opening speech mental faculty as well as burning money the last thing that you review actually monies nothing that she review now what does God expect from a friend they use when you read that chapter I bought a Mobutu principles the things that he expects from a number one he expects a faithful use of every single time you expect faithful use of every single time of every single penny that you have in your pocket he expects a phony I'm very from price of goodness and end with this good things then we jump into the exercise but on Christ's object three fifty doing this all are to be used in got thirty but here many error that is fine with officials of these qualities they failed to bring them into active service for others I money not being given off that we may all your and glorify our stop I faithful servants we are to use it for the honor and glory of God now this thing what is something you think about a few think about it I loved it honestly validating that he expects multiplication multiplication of it when you have to do with money I think when it have to do with your time I think it's easier to see it on I always have and I try to nature now is my student but sadly they can have that quality the fact that Nader be cutting five with the level of performance over with every year review what can I do better what can I do that I sent a strongly believer on what they call filth investment that I think every organization should have that in place felt like this many site is not always the next thing to tell you the world what they do is they do it yourself the fifth in your system and every year and you know what it is the next year they raised the bar and sometimes these only always their way to you may just make sure that you produce more and more more and that is okay on not how the world works but some kinds we have a hard time believing that in God 's church we could use the same principle I think in my opinion that maybe is not should not be that we spent the next bar level how much revenue race but I think you'll eternally with God needs a lot what unites the better way should write the next year and every single time every you are your men know that she notably that you communicate that way that you treat others everything how can I do better and it's because there's many things that we always have the ability learning for anything so the same thing happen with money how can you multiply your money now some people some Christians they focus and say I want to invest my money so I can get more money to give to the church I heard that over and over again and it is important doing that then we are not now abide awaited book that I'm donated sharing again with you that booklet at some ideas about the investor money but they think that I found initiation but that is a people weather hot money that he is very again I'm going to go back to the fact that some of you may not have enough money doing this so some people I've seen it that they try to see their money they were not pay for anything I've seen people that promo the other going on leaving with somebody else to save some money things I got it is the conflict always somebody's paying for it okay here's me when I see that behavior of just people taking advantage of orders good heart send e-cards and now on saving money toward it luckily somebody's favorite affiliates only somebody sparring is somebody resource this is somebody be very careful about that with stewardship includes also the fact that we need to think about others and where is that coming from you always have to spend money be one if you want to suffer suffer yourself you want to thank money but just don't be awake on other family now that it portends a thing that because I think they're important on social things are very important we use it wisely only need to lighten multiply now the fury and at how you can be able to do that while it is available that I need to need to fill one out later we gave these pages the statistics that I think we all are defending the same page after you see the defense actually actualize that the November two thousand eight is the last month I crossed North America consumer is carrying a hefty debt load this is an average off the people there have been some that didn't be averaged little bit so this dark if you see we twentieth deduct of a year California not to mention California put California on here is not Massachusetts one oh two four twenty five that the average level that the yet if if if if if that includes mortgage but you know what mortgage you have to pay back your mortgage anyway yeah I know because some people just keep just think that anyway they pay rate on a mortgage anyway you got I just know about the four opportunities to fail through your mortgage as soon as possible I actually can't get it to you again because I need to get out of the application but is in wine and website are given to you again in a few of you that remember what the name so anyway you can see that it is not in and it is everywhere at about that but I think some states are suffering more than all others circulating in some of those dates you happen to have opportunity to people plan on trying to move this now what did they happen as you do not you are needed in good mortgage if meeting with mortgage so mortgagee seems to be the part that takes the most now that where they market when he crashed a factually mortgage and area that banking is suffering the most because many open houses they bought it and they were overpriced so what hot anything to go alone and he took a mortgage based on specific body of the property or notify you when down and non- and they are in big trouble now you can see one of the things I was surprised a solo home equity loans home equity loans I just like second mortgage is that people have been taken now credit cards is but look at what it says the liaison vehicle of twenty installments alone in a vehicle of it is nice I don't know if you feel the same and when you can't not take a new vehicle with old big goodies and things that the vehicle had it is not good feels good nonlife investment of your money I read Wayne in one of his topic he he give the recommendation that when you take a long take a loan on something that would have appreciated in value okay never take a loan or try not to take alone on things that are going to appreciate so when you buy a car forgive you I know we made a commitment that no more new cars no more new cars there's no way that whereby we made a mistake in the past and immediately that you drive a car out of the theater forget it just ages is ridiculous but anyway if it's just life but to be honest you may think that people understand that what happened is Nietzsche feels good when you are driving when you smell so good a new car I can keep it clean and I cannot stop not practicable not good use of God 's resources about on the needs of his foster now how will they take to Pagels credit cards let's just see some statistics here in nineteen eighty nine the average immediate family credit cards it was actually forty three hundred dollars on the ballot nineteen ninety two nineteen eighty nine he was about to elect than five thousand dollars and on he went down a nineteen ninety two but just think about this then medium keeps going up one of what you think is happening interest is one of the reasons the author reasons is that people sleeping this is all the concluded that they lost the cultivated that have you heard that before that just make this loan consolidate all your debts are not out one more payment only one payment what happened with that that the first thing that happened is still bear was spending the money they have it is still there so now you have one bad that you pay for bubbly less than days I'll think you need on that and you have more money in your hand so what do you do you spend more to spend more you have to actually stop the vacationers and then you can think about that closely nation I have never recommended by consolidation just face reality you do have a problem with bad habits think that the problem consolidation needs they are very dangerous as I'm trying to say they're very very dangerous and that's the reason why they think it's going up because people now closely the credit cards from kindergarten credit cards and then I am just amazed about what to think that you're allowed to do what I thought is wonderful market crash I find that these things was going to change but he doesn't seem like a musical this seemed like you could still have a lot of opportunity to get into that but anyway that I found that that was interesting and now their multiple thing that is driving day expenses one of them is already talk about any youth education in that message from Elder read he talks also about some responsibilities that parents have the children and I found that very good I can say that I don't have kids but I know that it's getting very expensive on the auditing is medical costs it was hard for him my husband and I went on when we moved to Arkansas and we lost our ninth insurance it is very expensive God has protected us up to here and we have no insurance buddy Donald dangerously stumping for emergencies but you need to be aware that that's one of the things that drive sometimes this is one thing not only think that people find that because of bad management there are some people that find that because of situations that happens to them so don't don't always make the assumption that is just not a bad habit is sometimes yes that they are put in a very difficult situation on floor or a calyx is mostly him one other thing if it's over there that they get homeowners for an average of thirty thousand unique wiki out of their home but only fifteen percent of that money was used for informing prevents thing legally easier to take and will make with you you should use that money to improve the house of the body will go up so most of the people took their body of a money and what do they do spend all pain credit cards again holy and just did not resolve the problem in addition to their primary mortgage they median American homeowner also on twenty six both the northern will make with the line of credit so it is a real crisis and we are having in any newbie the level we have to think of opportunity so what can we do this for an example first thing is let me go to my notes because I have some step theater is okay the first thing that I want to share with you is some what do we know about that first thing is that these the form of bondage and if you heard that before we are not going to physical bondage but we too often we become slaves on too much ego pulsations on that is the liked lack of contentment many times many times people are willing to go into that to satisfy the deciding on a thirty day meet somewhere and talk about that can erode your Christian witness it is impossible to tell your landlord that Jesus Malkin on it is the answer to all these programs when he is thinking why hearts you are Jesus has not convicted you to pay last month rent it is true it is true and then the last one that overhears that I ask you're getting God has asked us to give but we are sometimes over our head in-depth now what I'm drawing entry then all the feature with that's one other thing is stateless comes on some tip consumption lifestyle easy credit unexpected fields reduction of income lack of household budget the word budget everybody runs away from budget how many of you have bought distant about the network it works for you have anyone if I budget before for me then I mean but it is very important the reason white and I'm here because I just exists I have to go home and didn't collect all the receipts and make sure that my husband is legally sprinkled everything I want to forget let's read everything but I found many of the justices that think if you have a smart phone there's so many applications right now that you can download for free you have to pay for and you can actually every time that you spend something you can just enter about over there and you set up your budget and excuse you actually graphics everyday and tells you how you doing during the red orange yellow invasion and different categories my eye I will tell you how to get there is plenty of age you look for budget application but I downloaded to I like one of them more than the other but here's my phone data the studio here at King one is called the shuttle budget they shall budget and in the other one that is my favorite one the usual and sorry for my accident can't do anything about it the other one is called ECE the aliens and strength to Novell reports that okay it's called EE BA but I know that is and for something else all and that's my favorite actually one I if it is EEE you can look for EE BA eighteen Boing Boing project application of my favorite you will understand that the graphics that he just easier to use I just want to have some accounts and I just want to put how much am I getting for it and then I want to be able to easily enter which I spent an what I wanted a lot of goodies on anything because the new paper you can't get the battery I can fall back on now that my other suggestion to you if you struggle with budget and make sure that you do it the month budget versus the monthly budget the reason why insane it is because and sometimes you just spend more one month and then orders any discounting right and you feel so guilty but the most you can also manage I spent too much and put this month early next month I need to thought where is this money coming from so you have more way lane to make sure that you gain of the month you are still in wedding budget now if you have brought us with any just do it monthly or weekly just make sure that you just don't feel you get into the habit of being smart just think about what here to buy before you actually spend the money I think one of the things that the steps I want to talk to you in another paper that I live over there unedited I think it I think that's go through this step the first thing that you need to have that person these understandings constant the only thing is to recognize that you have a problem and so we are going to into the AAs a new strategy I do have a problem recognize that you do have a problem and it is hard for people to understand they tend to blame others off for financial situation we aren't responsible but it is easy to blame others inches if you blame others I never taken responsibility you will never get into a position where you can resolve your problem the divine help he will be taught you need to make them understand that he will be taught I always like to use this I would like to use that phrase I swallowed that he'll it is hard I hates his father appeals but when I say that phrase mimosa nose butting moving me to do it even though he doesn't feel he doesn't I don't like it but you need to have been to swallow their appeal okay he will be deeply glad they need to understand that they need God 's help you may need to be praying for that person as they go through these profits the only thing you immediately discontinue any use of credit card period on there was there a ministry that they were really working hard to try to get distinct ministry going but they started using credit cards to get the funds to start going on you probably know that the story am that throughout this year so you need to understand that for no reason we should use the credit card only it is an emergency but if you do have photos with the use of the credit card shred and Truscott or taking it used probably somebody I can have that credit card do really but he have to be somebody that he stop that can say no you are not having the credit card on the auditing is frankly raised a number of it great that you know that now you can by disseminating information so as to have a hard time because I memorize the numbers but even I've know yet now I will tell you that my husband and I get sleepy at that IV of the month and off and off it just swallowed ability you could silence while you feel a few went over budget and then next month put your breaks that's really what it is judicially machinations we tend to be very up the mystical Mac a genre that is the you and I wanted to give the Sony two hundred dollars and then when you get to that place beaches everything cost so much so you struggle with the scoping silk credit cards the DEQ cannot have any control you will have to take a very drastic measure of somebody protecting your credit car or shredding whatever you say I'm coming you what everything I know people that leave without credit card and they survived meaning they're okay but I will tell you that a good deal even though we are when your database sometimes any they would like to recheck but I am so happy I give them credit good for you in all your payment checks on they also think I'm weird to be doing here where can I be working to an example I developed this example you need to help them to develop a repayment plan and how either pay everything that you own quickly on the exile that I'm using here is using a technique called Snowball technique have you ever many of your apparent that they need snowball you now the first step in snowball is that you have to delete every single thing that they all every single thing the veil including if it is a personal bat meaning that you alter your mom or your uncle Lord Weber you know you have to leave everything in the own now what happened is their first step when you have somebody gets identity for example you will be surprised they have never put their debts in writing as they will be punished when they see all this but they don't need to burn a day have accepted the first that that they need help and you have to move forward and you need to help them to have hope that there is light at the end of the phone so the first thing that you do is you take there on their list of debts and you what do you think we should start paying first yeah I knew I was expecting that expecting that should we pay the highest there was a bit of highest interest or the one that you pay that you always know that my this monochrome on why you need a candy somewhere you need to open somewhere it just helps them remember you are dealing here with having the issue is not that most of the time without issues say they need to feel that they're moving forward that there making some strides you leave them one thing I forgot to mention you leave all of the debt and how much they'll come you have to result of a minimum payment for each and every one of them so what you're doing with your dinner help them to start working on their event but they are in a star paying the meaning on on the east that except the one that he won't at least I'm here I think and in England now item things now okay next patient is stored as I didn't all I guess I was supposed to them so the first son actually how much do they own on it I want almost impossibly looks like a note now she Daigle in bankruptcy what do you think about bankruptcy have you heard about bankruptcy is a Christian to go bankruptcy why why do you think is not good to you all morning any debate or two type of bankruptcy one of any theoretical liquidation that you basically don't pay what you all the holidays are the only one nice thing is subjectivity kindness that the one that they do upon opening that will help you because people done have a lot of credit card debts they are actually on in they are receiving a lot of fumbles drifting them or not pain I used to working insurance company and there is a department called to be cornering and in a way that it works is that when the insurance company pays on this later you have an accident your insurance company paid a car and pay the injuries and everything but they find that you were not guilty so what if they do they pay you what you're going after the insurance company of the person I was guilty and what helpful so what happened is they are so aggressive that actually I went one time to that fiction because I was reviewing some of the processes that they were doing and they were used to looking like very like progressive lawyers just clean and so putting people on the phone and then when they hang up everyone was clapping around and he and I just like I can't believe it but that is really environment so let me just tell you people that are calling your professional to intimidate you to make sure that they you get paid there they get paid and in fact that so somebody that anything that these usually who got been a hard time to deal with that maybe depends on the situation maybe that's an option but I will tell you don't bother just the other Steve you can survive without finding any protection from from those companies now dispersed on eBay paid a minimum they would be paying two thousand two hundred and two per month but in this example the first son Aaron Betty five hundred and one twenty outing her fear again you know why I gave this example because you can see that it is possible it is possible now their first being is why there is certain that Alan if I ever got them then it sorry with the thirty three hundred and ten then what is the first thing died three hundred and fifty offering I just gave I think it was a temporary one person or something like that that a five dollars on personal expenses I just went with it three hundred dollars on the noise in the mortgage Internet mortgage number three daughters you may say God is not enough when I go to the grocery store three hundred dollars is nothing you don't being a pretty cheap if you buy her here to read the rising don't know what I'm trying to say is you need to money during your grocery shopping where the money 's going to sometimes there are things that are more economical than other I told you that you need to swallow what your bill and that means that probably what you're eating should be healthy but you few pray God will provide something that articles that are no financially later his tomatoes the basic stuff I don't try to give Francine to doing a lot of my finance and expect that because and that will go up I just came up with three hundred nine dollars for the four hundred and five hundred but I just wanted to make a point there now in reality TV personality has after they pay oldies on safety on the dark for the daily at their monthly expenses then they have two thousand eight hundred and fifteen but they are needed they are much twenty two hundred dollars in debt so how much do they have left afternoon four thirteen four hundred and thirteen dollars that's all that's basically it one of those credit card all you need now is unknown if they had somebody like one thing I had a friend that actually you will go to Julie's house and on the temperature of his home a few it was really cold you were gone and befitting a man you better bring your jacket with you but she lady was trying to save some money and I was interesting but maybe part of what you need to do I made a power when you need to do you got a do something that is our pennies why so many bigger my help though we need to left the North 's readme require a lot of with them now what do you do every month given a pager meaning unleashed by we find that there is a credit card that you all how much a hundred dollars but remember how much do you have left every month Barnett so that means that into month that baby can be out-of-the-way shredded again so you basically the first month you pay for informative and forty seats for that credit card beta meaning one on aviation and real other credit card and that and then what do you do this for a month I even ignore my more grocery shopping in and you start working on your spec on one okay because you only need four hundred and three dollars to actually pay off your eight hundred dollars an month that means that the rest your dentist back pain what they and all I think that you require any requires a lot of discipline but in two months they would be so happy that one credit card it's out of the way yes I think the state is not built yes you will not have that safety net for three months you're saying you were actually in problems before yet we don't have that but you know anything basically your start to building on right now as soon as you start saying the church bringing there for delivery of on me tell you he views the personal seriously working on you may want to help them you may want to help and on yes the yes that's important easily bored in a week while this because God will need he thought these your heart I'm pretty sure you will provide a means them protect you you know you yeah the thing is that why we are trying to say is the first of the month couple months you may be trying to start building that God vehicle is not a safety net when you will have enough not to start building a marriage is defined by Billy images about you it is impossible he will not be wise to do this without having a budget repair on and I think Blodgett is something that you can start repairing immediately as soon as you come up with a plan then start working on the budget with them any comments annually yes okay okay any other comments of my need to search for holding microphones and make sure that you can speed with a microphone otherwise it will not be in the record update very good point and I think is very important that you feel that I'm just trying to put their situation when theories that person just have nothing unite you guys just are building they obviously do so they can have more money left in the month so they can start building your emergency funds that's what it is but it is very important that we build that safety net now that their mind what happened an example of the third and fourth Mondays twenty will take some time to actually pay it off but if you noticed how much are they paying any monthly basis for these that five ten sixteen Y doesn't mean that means that why you were paying in the order that you start hiding that sadistic on one and non- what is going to happen is that in six months you will pay off that debt month number six noun month numbers that menus are working on that person alone and you go through that if you notice I did point it will probably start feeling point that did this them time when starting building your unit on your savings died because the good timing because five hundred and seven seventy three you can probably start getting even i


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