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Total Church: Leadership

Jay Gallimore


Spirit-led leadership in the local church


Jay Gallimore

President of Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • December 31, 2011
    3:15 PM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a high heavenly father is as a leadership that everything is we have comes from you every talent every ability all yours instantly use to bless your holy name we love your church we think that little tiny churches twenty five thirty forty members we think about churches of a hundred some churches large four five six hundred members and we come from all different places but all of those are your church anyone a lot more of the world that the church is the leadership operator we leave here today that through the human vessels that we are urban that's that each person will hear Jesus speaking something to their heart they can transfer into action in Jesus name amen one one to do is I want to introduce my team and a fundamental part here when the Google overview as I mentioned up front today nothing happens unless it happens in the local church it's wonderful to come the convention like this I mean that this is a righteous power if so is training and that's good but we need those local churches to move Elder will also probably last year that's all were so pleased when he is Simon to argue my signature last year he urged all of us to go home and get involved in our local churches have a remember that you were here and I just got coming from junk the jump commerce president up on this this leader knows where the job gets done and I really really appreciated you may be active in doing a great work forgotten about are not like to get the kingdom of heaven but I tell you that the newspapers and the news on the media in heaven is different from this world and something you'll find out how important it was that you do in a local church if we want to change the face of the earth with the change the local church have to do it and it takes leadership to do it well the first one is for talk is Justin Kan Justin has to just begin his ordained minister all three of these non- ordained ministers I just finished pastoring a cosmopolitan church a metropolitan church in the suburbs of Detroit very fine church with the challenges always go with that he's going to share first heaven is will write offs is right here Israel probably just the tip is the new director for campus and were thrilled to have him and just picking up into a great job Israel is a new associate for campus just finished its move from the upper Peninsula coming out about the upper Peninsula Michigan I'll good okay inside it it's you don't know how many churches hardly at all in the center because all wilderness all rumblings of Aaron DeBoer Wisconsin but he pastored three and we gave him another elitist and they cannot deduce we get another one any pastor or God bless you what you have heard the report and appraisal report that he shared and I just is just marvelously positive smartphones on Justin can do this church all that they turn around we solve allowing individual to just lots of powerful indicators that we can measure pastored in Michigan where the privilege ordaining him all three of these men and just a powerful you shut your ears upon bears right now all these guys a powerful pastor tremendous results another feel calling the youth work we finally got them back and he's arty director Breedlove 's pastoring any loves kids and young silly flamingos overview of some other passion and then where will open up at some point question outside of the slot this afternoon on leadership but we really are focusing on the lesion on vibrio churchmen along the way and Tomas a really interesting question maybe I should ask it later Alaska later let's get started Justin Simmons chair of this concept of leadership how they can become leaders in your church that you contact me about it the one I sent the status of residency faster EE Detroit pastored that each would look with some Dennis church about say three hundred four hundred member church 's herbs of Detroit's I think as a pastor as a young pastor I had agreed no idea what I was doing right that he missed that the first key of the above leadership I don't think any meter we knows what they're doing now will confidence in in the I think not knowing what to do on your reality check and a Sigma but she knew looking and you cling to the Lord Jesus and this is some really really weird and and and what happened out and many many many many many many many ten times where going into a situation I had no idea what to do no idea whether it's a weird financial data scenario problem or a weird you know extracurricular social sexual weird scenario or just a weird complicated enough the weird something would just show in general is going on geological alert you know what and you going confuse and if you're overwhelmed and forces you to pray and after getting off your knees exactly average me know or know of you guys for you exactly what to do this is all of a sudden it was a cloudy day and the clouds just moved when and if you do that with prayer in a circle of the Nehemiah chapter two know the King ask you you know what what you need and you just sent out this emergency prayer to the Lord and get you follow that to degree and an income of the plus is that I has been least of my experiences on the local church level and and and and you learn from these experiences I think her leadership it is in and in a in a perfect society older people older leaders should find younger people and mentor them and bring them underneath their wings is finding people that you see potential in an and what happens is you have the old old older people mentored the gi than the normal middle people and end up in the middle people mentor the D older young adults in the older young adults mature the younger of the and in pavement for young people and people mentors for young people and a super young people mentor that the munchkins on the bottom to have you have a cascade effect echoes down but what happens is because of generation shifts or whatever sociological issue what not to occur having you come from a background where you have not been mentored we feel like you you've you've you've you've missed out on that opportunity I thought I was one of those and people I was left out of the opportunity what happens is if you're not mentored as young person to the church eventually you will have nothing to do and you feel no response possibility to church issues that come up you won't care eventually there is no relevance to the church because further work relevance is the catchphrase for a lot of youth ministry ministry leaders of circles are mildly relevant I think church is not than make church relevant church already is relevant he's assisted it's it's already part of him and you finish even than the alchemy of a soul of finding a decent and a large church and by Mrs. mine are up I found that the best leaders are the ones who are you have or already discipling people underneath them how this works is discipling is not not going to wear a toga and have little people follow your review go it occurs on the date of the Deaconess level where the head deacon asked to his liking in -year-old grandmother is the get is is mentoring you know sixteen -year-old teenage girls happens on than on the deacon level where the victory handyman guy get a Richards as a handyman guy resumes broken he's mentoring the young dudes on how to fix crop weather will change and how to fix the book the lawnmower happens where the mom who is super stressed she's got my million kids and she started cradle roll she's mentoring all the other moms up on having kids and also stressed out we have is you find a group of people and your mentoring them mentoring people it means getting them to be aware of the issues and getting them to care about the issues and solving issues together what that means on him what is meat having critical I will kind of my critical items there were huge problem a lot of people are smart enough to have a critical eye but they just stop with having a critical life what happens if you have a critical eye to critical life sex and in your heart becomes bitter and you only see the criticism the church and element you are a million others remain your loving you no care very Christian I I I struggle sometimes and I will become a critical person of critical people are not enough people looking for problems it's looking for what else can be better right continue churches be better now if you see this is the Lord giving your responsibility not just point-to-point and often vocalize and in point of the past is a you fix it that's not what happened they meant an end to mean saying hey how can I solve this myself and how can I use eat the accountability structure of the church and resources of the past and how can we all work together in solving this particular solution that's that the problems can be why aren't there young people in the church why is wise credit are all full of old people know that that these problems and why is there no potluck was enough Ellis Richards is too cold or too stewpot or to distribute the scene are just as new Bible studies archers our church are to the and the minute you point your finger at the passions is the pastor 's fall in and on are there a lot of scenarios where it is the passage fall as a pastor of the also yes yes but doesn't give you the viewer right to stand up and media lies in the group and say what you know the tenant can James language go to go to him in prayer then an and in many in many synapses of the young pastor and many scenarios you'll have to mentor the past him those who say but what I turn me I appreciated the mentoring of my church members greeted and then mean mean mean mean mean being metronomic church members also gave me the license for me to also enter them as is the basis of fellowship take positives there is conditions for visitors to Yuma nuances from these things before continuing to ask one if you guys continue squeezing it we have a couple of his assist on the wings that once each year got three seats over here make sure that I wanted to see coming coming coming from and still love eagerly without you come in from of the SS immediately what's on my mind for now I can't think of anything else on the hand over the microphone to to Israel Ramos and that he's going to share some of his I have a few things that I want to show from a small church perspective how maybe does you attend a church that has less than two hundred people attending it that's the majority right County doesn't attend church that has lessened one hundred people attending that's a lot of YouTube I had a three-judge district that I was given a fourth church district in the upper Peninsula of Michigan and on three is talking to me shall and during that process I learned a lot of things that I want to share with those especially those of you are attending what you would consider it be a smaller church or were a part of the disappointed pastor is being shared with other churches there are several challenges that small churches face number one is what I call the small church syndrome you look to a church the church things I'm too small to have an impact in the larger context were too small out of money but if we did then this would solve our problems we would grow and so the smarter syndrome is a church that looks at its weaknesses and so love you strength you look the book of acts you find over and over and over again at the church in acts does not look at what it does not have but it looks at what God has given it and what is it that God promises to give to every single church he promises to give every single church how great how small you are he promises to give the gift of Holy Spirit and so the small church syndrome is a church that looks at itself and looks at its weaknesses what it cannot do instead of what it can do one of the challenges the other challenges that it's usually composed of older people it doesn't have a lot of young people as most of the people in attendance are very very old but they're on their way out and done and an end this is a this is a very significant thing the first church per when I went to might might might district up there the first major thing that I had a conduct was not a young was not a baptism it was not even a community was it was a funeral and friends are common when I gave this and you're killing the church and on use of older people that's a very very serious others here seem to consider even though it is kind of humor sometimes and the other thing is that because it's a small church the issues that the church has are magnified someone wants to change the carpet of the color of the carpet of church and a person disagrees you think that's normally not a bad thing but because the church it's so small and those people represent to of the only families in the church now you have a very very very huge problem and you're right in the middle of that and so you have the issues become magnified just never had to do with his those are the challenges and I'm sure there's a lot more there is also some opportunities that I want to talk about big opportunities for impact your church might be small if you think about it if you're one of the own if you're one of the seven people that attend a church that means you have a large ability to impact those six other people right big opportunity for you to look at things positively the great family environment which also provides a great environment for training because the church is so small usually they are much more willing to allow anyone to do anything you have a great idea they're willing to let you give it a shot you don't not a preacher never preached before you can even thought they're willing to give you a shot great opportunities and a great training and firemen and is also great ministry experiences in my district we had a church that had membership or attendance of about seven people and the head elder there when we met with him he told me that his biggest passion is dream was to win his family had a brother son and a daughter and by the grace of God we saw through the course of time that all of those started coming back to church and gave their lives to Christ some of them for the first times on them but rededicated my surprise and so there are great opportunities that are presented there in that in him and expenses in that setting that are sometimes not available in other places there are some things that anyone can do in a small church environment if you're willing to do them in these are things that I consider important but often neglected ministries what can I do if you ask yourself a question what can I do in my local church you could do these these very the same as varied as as a very small things with a very significant one of those things is become a greater you can preach can do anything you can get a Bible study become agreed in your local church there is a lot of small churches that they think because they're so small they don't want to encourage people to want to encourage people to come and sit down before leader not to have so many on their worried so much about how they look or what people might perceive them as if they don't have often very good reasons you can be a great reader and creating is a very important part of Turkey small churches are just being a friendly church has changed the entire cultivators that we removal up in the upper Peninsula this is another funny what you might think that you might be happy nothing any money for the summer because it's another thinking that you can do with help with the cleaning of the church help of the community using potluck health cleanup usually I think about it we got there in the whole now wants a circle discussing Ernie he was our head deacon I mean this guy you know just go faster and hysterical earning will mind you Ernie or Jim about seventy years old this guy perhaps out of all the people my churches just had a tremendous impact on my young ministry you can never be just that a church I know matter how hard you try you would wake up in the morning for assembly to be discussed today he would be out the he ever left the church seventy years old it's snowing the guy is the first to just clear the entire driveway he came to church every Friday said that he is running in the upper Peninsula since it's a big deal driving seven miles set the limit value first in church all the time and am what was my point you and tell you all you and I thought to myself this guy seventy years old and here I am on thirty seven years old and he's doing all of these things and it finally done in the hate it would be good for you to help the sky I mean he's like out here seven years old plus retired and he's working cleaning the church setting of the table setting of the baptistery setting up the heater help these people out there usually older people you have some energy some think they will have help with the cleaning of the church that will make a larger impact than you know teaching status level hates teaching Sabbath school are no one hi it seems like teaching Sabbath school something you can do and if you do it if you want the status quo do a good job and prepare apply the saddest lessons yourself a set of the church or to the larger context of the summit is not you apply to yourself and you'll start noticing that even the Sabbath school class you begin to make changes spiritual changes right away in your local church there's a lot of potential in small church ministry like this about adding Andy is now in Illinois he was it was awesome indebtedness the guy had nothing he knew nothing about it came to me and wanted a Bible study because you wanted me to introduce them literally he wanted me to introduce them to Moses he said was Moses I want to meet him the guys from Cuba never knew anything about God through the course of time with your Bible studies he became baptized and just as he was leaving are just as he got baptized he graduated and left to Chicago we lost to Michigan at the Chicago but also happy when he came back and visited and I discovered that now he's a part of his local church board for the finance committee educated man and he's making an impact the difference in his local church another growing crystal came to our church she was on her baptism day impacted in other Tillman and gave so much that this guy gave his life to Jesus was baptized now he's a local elder in our church one of the best finest young men that I've ever met in my life there's a lot of potential in the local church whether it's great or small and the question is what are you willing to do in order to make in impact the legitimate close with this what do you do what do you do if you want practical things and what to do when you go back to a small church first and I would encourage you to do is pray not just Lord what we get but really spent some time praying what can I do so that I don't mess it up but help instead right for some people messaging up a set up what can I do Lord to grow to help your church prayed earnestly second act do something I just already said if God has given you something to look at UCLA or problem in the church you want the answer to the problem God has revealed it to you because you are the answer to the problem have to do something after you do this is a guest figure the order after you do something tell your pastor sometimes there tell me for sometimes that until now the UNESCO U playwright if you tell them before he will let you do it tell them after the make sure you succeed its ladies had Union Electric of the church tell and then after I always notice after you tell him most of the time you have to go back and correct right pray do or act tell and then go back and correct the mistakes you've done but you've done something for the Lord God will use it to make you a successful personable gross church and a small church you get rid of this launcher cinnamon will play a major role in the advancing thoughts cause afternoon everyone it would you give me a fair and just without getting up reach around and shake somebody's hand that you don't know and just say I want to go grow in this together where family and if you notice already visited change that's taken place in this room if it if you look at each other 's faces you'll see a different dynamic now that's happened in this room I remember you guys when I first gave my life to Jesus Christ I was not a Christian at all I have left the church my parents were godly people I had a wonderful family I was in a three with the church I just thought the world had more to offer it was a lot more fun and and so when I gave my life to Jesus when I realized the Devils a liar and he's a deceiver I gave my heart to Jesus I was a welder and I work three hundred feet up in the air and I don't power plants and I worked for Exxon and HB Zachary and Anne Brown and root and I work for a lot of these big time companies unless all I wanted to do was I wanted to own my own business and I wanted to be a welder and so you know when I first found out how much Jesus loves me I I I started to first of all I I I started just from I gave my life to the Lord in my bathroom and I use the toilet is an altar although I was just there and I just know that my knees and God revealed himself to me like you've never been before and he said and I said God if you will save me although wherever you want me to go and I'll do whatever you want me to do and so I gave my life to the Lord I was a guy was married my wife came home and I told her what I did and of course my dad when I called him he was crying and I'll never forget the first time that I went to church the first time I came in the church people just looked at you know they had they had seen me around before and my wife went to church there before but and and and someone actually asked me what you doing here and it was one principle that I learned when Juergen to be a spirit of God that leader is Psalms a hundred nineteen one sixty five perfect peace have they that love by law and nothing shall offend them you guys if you're going to be a spirit that leader it's not one day a week it is not that you put your church have time and you're going to Sabbath school in your being a witness I found that when I would I learned about Jesus and I learned about his love I wanted to know more and so one of the things that really impacted my life as I got up an hour early and got up at five so that I could leave the house at six and beadwork it sat and I had to have that our time with God and there were times where I fall asleep during that hour there were times when I didn't know how to study the Bible but I stayed with it and God spoke to my heart and I began to fill my lunch bill with literature and I would guy just put it in a something in my life and I said Lord is there somebody I can share your love with today and inevitably I worked on a job where there was like four thousand men on the job and and were building stuff and you can die any time the ambulance is on the job and it's a huge structure your building these power plants are working three hundred feet up in the air and unlike God who can I be a witness to all never forget one day there's this guy come up to me and I have helpers about the welders we have helpers and have all of our rigging he comes up to me and he says hey Manny says he got a small and I said no I I don't have a smoke and I'm thinking about the blueprints and landed in the building and and so he says are a little he says he got a death united and I said no I don't know death and in this Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and he says can those tracks that you keep in your pocket looked like a tobacco rats mice and all cool and better than that because I enjoy our beautiful daughter I told out this track on salvation in his mouth just let wool and I said this is all about the Lord yes I found that when I spend time with Jesus there were times that the Holy Spirit would speak to my heart and say I want you to share a word with this person I wanted to give this personal literature and I would sometimes rationalize what is that person get a think about me this is I were God I don't like this I do feel uncomfortable or in a group and they could blacklist me in one of the things that I learned him if you can be a spirit fed leader if you're going to be someone that leads other people DeJesus is you got to spend time with Jesus and so I read I immersed myself in the Gospels and the desire of ages and I had a steps to Christ in my pocket and I was reading it one day and there was this welder that was around me and he was cost elsewhere and telling dirty jokes and by this time I began to developing here to hear the spirit of God you know I'm talking about you guys when you went when you have excuses when you make excuses in them then God spare us is okay it was but if you really want to hear gods voice if you really want to get louder if you wanted to be clear add out on those little things that God asked you to do consult it out it would be four times and sometimes I would fail sometimes I would go home and I would just apologize what I didn't represent you and I set the wrong point I couldn't say it better and God says I know but you just let me do the work you just keep going you just keep going forward one guy this guy has Friday a large piece capacities and give me something to say virtually never let me say anything then one day I had stuffed the price and it was in my back pocket and and and welders we welcome this site together and I am on record and are not welding this task and then I I pull my flight I and I thought my steps of Christ out and I read it while my helper takes a grinder and also I can make the second half and so I can make a third task depending on where I met at meeting this unpleasantness in my head and I was up to me and he says hey man what you guide any use some explicit language I have an lawyer and also something that easily got barely see that and God spoke to me the spirit of the Lord spoke to me and you and I know he doesn't want us to get notches as Christian I've been there guys I've been there I'm a human being people because I was some settlers specially you getting to church in your read in the spirit of processing read the Bible and they are a part of that so if I advance of the spirit of God works any flight and I don't like this know then that no good dirty minded man what's better than you know of on-site conditions in looking at your anyway I don't and so he's like I want what's in his I want to know what you got was on me the stuff is so much better like what is what is and what is this I'm sure he will elevate and I pulled it out and I says this is all about Jesus and how he died for me and how he conceived to be on them and blew me away he said Christiansen because the pieces on the back can I have one of those books guys he never swore around me I never had to say I never had to say don't tell dirty jokes elsewhere it wasn't too many years and I have done the same thing and so when you're working for Jesus you realize you're a sinner in need of a Savior every single day and that's what you go to the throne of grace every day now when God takes me and the church and by the way that man came back and he says I started going to prayer meeting and I told people about this book I got in the case of the one hundred of those happiness digests and he gave on this old church Sunday and Naslund when I now I going to church and unlike in Al Qaeda hardware can you use me my church that I first attended that they could if I could have easily just occupied if you and and everybody would've been very content but one I spend time with Jesus he's not content as if you're not doing anything in your chart if you're not looking around and saying God can you use me it's probably because you're not asking God years you're actually telling the Holy Spirit how much he can influence you and how much he can you see when we give our lives to Jesus we forfeit our right to choose who we can love and so you know you give your life to Christ and he'll use you and so I went to church and I said okay where's the need at first it was freighter world anoint him my wife and I we were in Freda Rolland and then there was a need they need a course during church house like okay I'll do that and so and I got up and sat a school in and they asked me to be a superintendent after this but I was of course there and I was doing this I ever had music appreciation until after I went to college after I was married himself I didn't know anything about lightning I didn't know what for format are three floors are six HR I didn't know what that met they just didn't have anybody that would lead worship at this music and so I felt out the solids like to send .Mac and sing and praise the Lord and finally one sister came up to me as is what you doing with your arm and I survived his lead and is brought me over to her house he was a musician musicians just been crazy busy she had me over to her house and she taught me what the hell is like well that's the other principal guys I think the reason why I became a pastor and why I'm a youth director today is simply the does not morning time and I simply just say Jesus would you please use me and he that is faithful and that which is lease can be trusted with much and if we if you given a talent whether it's wander whether it's five phone Barry years and end don't be satisfied to wait for somebody to come and ask you to do some find the loneliest tax life like Israel is saying the lowliest task and just do it with all my heart whatsoever the hand the hand find to do do it with all my might and you want conscious in it he's got Angels against a bailout will yeah I is you and some of you like this one of your career status listings or whatever with me he needs to move in the along to be afraid to sit to make mistakes I don't be worried about what people think about worried about being worried about what God thinks about you and will RA thank you and so we want you to have influenza that local church but only when you have influence what you have godly influence the local church so what is leadership leadership is influence nothing less and nothing more with me think about that leadership this influence nothing less nothing more so how do you get influence overfunded influence for Christian leadership probably connects on these principles and you can use them in the secular world talk about that kind of leadership were talking about Christian leadership so how do you get influence in that local church how you develop that influence a person while we were here about connecting with God so where the supernatural business so you have supernatural power and you don't take my car warming you don't get supernatural power unless you have supernatural connection to how you can influence of first of all if you want friends you must show yourself a super simple things friendly and don't raise your hand negotiate any raise your hand how many of you get energy by connecting to other people not divisive can picture here when he's connecting to other people he gained the energy not sure about Justin you may be using energy to develop effective leaders but one thing is for sure that both pastor can and pastor Justin or whatever you put your name in there you must connect the people even if they don't like and even if you don't never something that you just don't naturally have chemistry with you ought to go all out why not what you do on Sabbath morning usually like you to church like to get your influence be there early you don't have to be a lucky reader to connect I have my mother is eighty four years old she lives alone faster response for Israel and Pop yelling she's going to hug the boys are all around that's not very often is we go to church on Sabbath of your monitors give her a hug now she's twenty years old I'm not recommending that talking about my mother some of that later around time not my point is that even if it cost you energy even if you're not naturally inclined that way still go there and connect connect your personality that I'm using these guys are on pastor Justin is not going to connect the people in the same way that after ten it was learned in the same way doing your own personality but connect now give you three things on how to connect with people with me a very simple and I got them from a child raising book by the name of Campbell but I have applied them to ministry and leadership everybody has emotional tasks like your gas tank and that gas tank needs to be filled with County gas tank the emotional gas tank always good for your marriage to Anne for your kids so there's three ways only but this way a lot of people may know that you like them you children I know that you love but if they don't feel love you have not connected when I say real love you have not connected how do you make people feel love announced another way Hannity feel like you're loved I do I like to be loved don't you like we go to church on Sabbath morning at like come away feeling like that your love for your sick at home and you get your church on Sabbath morning was the first thing you ask your spouse when they come home get a buy ask about me that was going on he usually have communities that we love one you what you want influence of the church you cannot personally connect with people 's icons out of sight you stare but high contact communicates care quality of the automaton down on you like this but if I look you in the face I look you in the high I smile back that communicates care lets easy you do that even if you're introverted did you do the that you are saying one thing you do that between them do that nice thing is appropriate time among the word appropriate and I do not be just going in and hiking the latent system alleges that a man has to play how you okay in regard with you here I do believe intent hot this is the Christian church so my citizen hallelujah the appropriate don't give anybody a wrong okay so I went on the work appropriate and can use you while ago you enter this site and I him twelfth on the connect that way enough the at least awarded one of you felt when you run in Chicago in fact the community marked out in Denmark now if you do so on Sabbath morning everybody how many people everybody in your small medium size a large church needs to be connected with you have influenced their life so I contact appropriate title VII forty I come up so good to see you active it is similar for licensing market like to see if this evening I granted somebody else but that's found extremely sanguine the ego around the sound why are so good to see what else I'm doing when I'm getting ready to do I'm getting ready something like this what does this say is this is adding care this is for this assist care out with this document a hug like this is what am I doing I was telling him care about me I want to know what's in my heart if your hypocrite you can do this for the wrong reasons United Jesus accountability program but we're doing this because we love Jesus we love each other and we want to connect people in our church and the next was the hardest one still with me next was the hardest that's called focused attention in a small church even if it is not everybody focused attention but a large church is hard to do that so you always do it but again so I think Mark so good to seeing you how are you and Bob away last week you told me about your mother-in-law in the cheese not doing well and I was praying for her this week how she do praise over him anyway I take an interest in his life and also communicate to him an interest during the week that this is not just the sanguine exercisable sample morning that he's getting from me focused attention now ask your question am I going to have I'm going to have impact in his life away what would happen if you do that with new members at the evangelist is going over what it would do in the event that focused attention you know you can take it to find people home you can you can do you can take that to other places but another words in order to make that connection got to give people some of our life and so you want to do that go ahead and have a significantly much money you can come over our nation we have time so the first thing you want to do is you gain influence not local church bombing ministering to people and God is love and God is make us feel loved we are helping other people feel love onset or bottle athlete alumni the delivery truck love to the organized left cannot be disorganized and one thing you can do you have a small churches have get your your love organize you should have readers on Sabbath morning and they ought to be there early I mean you're not in the greeting business if you're there at nine thirty with samples and start you not greeting business in the greeting this lets you that at least thirty minutes ahead of their somebody needs to count the sheep on Sabbath morning if your businessperson you count your money at least once a week always lumpy statement comes out you can account your money why should we count sheep on Sabbath morning why should there be an organizing something in the larger the church the more organization unique for so far no certain families missing on getting them a call okay that's that's just a little side sidetrip there the next thing is in these these are the brothers among a point this out where are the needs and my church what's needed is not reading curriculum the toughest thing to find somebody who keeps cradle while you know what young men can do this as well some unleashes that I shouldn't have to know I spent over New Jersey personally how do you first thing our due I would visit Sabbath school I startled cry I fear they are not looking what's happening and then I go to kindergarten I see what's happening I thing will exactly prime areas that are and then why I acted evaluation of it and because I said this is either really good or this is not working and I'm going to be running young families and here we're going to be able to move this church and let's got really good ginning of lower division sends those things need to really move and maybe not everybody has found an interest of skewer people don't even know your name but it's really really need are right so look at Sabbath school Sabbath the teaching was was mentioned and that was good on health helping just illustrating your brand-new church and you don't you don't know anything will the first time they call Mesa were to have a function then why don't you show up at the bunch when you show up people notice you can involve people notice you have had an office to get involved the officer shall alright so we're talking about getting a once once you have connected and what you have influence you're going to start being asked to do things they say that you're young and you got a lot of a lot one and it had an old elder they are those who hold over there for many many years and the things are just about like that and the nominating committee calls you on the phone and I say to you would you be our head elder this next year and you say all cloths think about is with this is not about you and is not about position is about servant leadership and you say to sister nominating committee who calls you on the phone and you say sister I am just honored and humbled that you would ask could would you convey a message back to the nominating committee for me when yes you know brother so-and-so 's been the elder for many many years if you replace him with me were not hurt him we might even divide the church over personalities why don't you make me his associate had help they what's good for the church I'm here to build the church this is not about me taking over this is about adding strength and they come back in the neck yes it would take you up on that so the nominating committee report is read his name is red and then you you don't want to let you encourage in your farming was good and the ending is a you know what you think about could we do that and and you get him on your change will have to be his position leader in order to become the leader him fresh that is why you only hear about itself it's how you use your influence that makes the difference it would make artists engineers things you'd like your local church and do those things there's plenty of stuff to tell you how to be a elder hobby vegan how to be established who is lots electronic step five hundred dollars today but we're trying to do is to give you the avenues of growth so they go back Bristol leaving the Holy Spirit you heard them talk about how important prayer is to betray the local church has lots of needs which I got my mom that just more of the Sixers along on fifty seventh and I follow the primitive Baptist yeshiva North Carolina Tennessee you won't know too much about that with my teensy friend right there before the primitive Baptist you and your church once a month this radical predestination is are really fatalistic my dad was never satisfied fall will want to purchase a follows in which you can have a minimum of my mother 's missionary Baptist and that anyway became simply a result of that story changed our life my parents were at the church every time the door opened I think it even if it is less that you can do with your life you've is enough stuff out there to fill your life with nine lives Google and says three million five hundred thousand sites you don't talk about you can go to all the sites in your whole life yet to decide what's important to you you have to decide that the local church is important with the twenty five members and its elderly elder and some people who just don't always articulate things very well you have to decide they are God 's children are your brothers and sisters and you love them and bigger priority and you can't do that you're not going to leave and have influence still love me so you have to make it a priority in every town the door was open we were there my parents or leaders in the church in some kind of capacity that wanted to do it anymore I'm other still very much involved in her church we taught her about your sleep by herself she's not give up her church to hear that her church as the calls she's got a stake in it and you need to have a stake in it maybe an obscure Timbuktu but your church that Jesus has given you and you you want to take possession of it in the right sense in the right way okay let's open this up for some question answer under my panel backup here you guys have some something I don't want to step on leadership here I I that when I get there and I will give you chance to really ask questions in your heart about leadership in the local church so let's get your chance to do that and we're going to I got I will certainly circulate to stand right up are you need to stand up with being in here over our last thing on the can you still singularly leaders of Islam and that is the land use day to day and I will pay a and and and I a a an and in don't sit down until you had somebody on the back and all right good thing you think these are a was less than some of your questions when you say something else I just kind of news we were singing their the local church doesn't belong to any of us it might be my church doesn't belong to me it belongs to the Lord Jesus and the worst thing you can have a semi- rebuild of the local church address of your control controller guiding call me control anybody although here for the church manual export held by the talks about being leadership leaders in the local church they were not there to rule weird they are to consult and collaborate now what if there are things in the church that are right we have I sometimes work is gently but we don't lose people in the process we can move in the right direction to govern people with it's always easier to have a five percent churches that just seeing the love I or some churches are some people in some churches who all of your government is now a I want to make a carpet may not get that anyway if you is that you some personalities that look at the church like the political process around younger seeing all these people I'm her position in creating rivalry if you got rivalry going on in your church you do not have church yet something else going I decided to the Internet I'm not certainly nothing I think if you're it if you look at brother or sister so-and-so says okay my ideas the government Junior SCI can manipulate this you got a problem your own you're there to minister what we are interested in his servant leadership they are to serve the Lord Jesus we will stand for truth and what's right I think we can do that without creating volcanoes back to the car out when he was a wise young person and there's and there's a problem coming up in a fight brewing rather than take signs he was rather take sides so you know maybe we have a problem because we can put together a good process could we just pause and ask ourselves will the process when Jesus used to arrive at a decision my best thing I got in my toolbox your standing by through our don't delay nothing about my toolbox is the golden rule much of it every process is golden rule driven and you get a good process all right I think this lady your sister to writing it but if I do it right and go hot and we had smaller churches and in our church and they run a church and make it very difficult for the people who actually do run a church pastor 's home and go and how do you deal with it those people had found leader in the church arbitrator Roger but he is like that have no offices in the church but forgot to add their intellect and eight are you have a lot of time on your are a lot of interesting is no but how do we deal in the pastors importantly sometimes been on unable as I was at hand thinks that that spiritual issue please be going spiritually to the gossip problem how do I how to implement you got it all up problem how do you get inflows of music and helping with that that's a question ask yourself the person we think about you but I is is the problem with real issues I probably need to make sure our relationship with you so I can get that issue would never think about how we would jump to when to resolve and will back ourselves okay how do we get there is probably not worth except really easy routes with a facility to do it you want to really feel I comes in my mind is when you know you have those issues there's usually a problem inside someone's heart and you know if I'm about Jesus 's mission about his ministry I invite him over to my house and have already you know and in fellowship with that person you been invited over to somebody's house and then right after that criticize them it's hard to do because they love you reaching out and you know things they may not feel loved and accepted they might be the problems without were not against Sidebottom over my house it was his and I am going to miss you honey obviously I is and for the Pinellas are things where there is an negative criticism going on and I have to say something to the people 's heart you can't walk everything you need I call probably work on this I mean even when the methods of Jesus he was a marvelous question he knew how to ask questions in which I found in that I don't know anything that will question for you I talked about making a connection with everyone because church prophecy or nurture shirts next week and I got stuck his head reader and him to talk to him and and and him and and my theme is financing the him I certainly didn't when visitors come what what things can we say to make a meaningful conversation will reconnect what is the opportunity just naturally can't get ideas for that yes when asking questions were live with my stand-in here was missing at the U mother-in-law is doing is doing better I is it she always back two hundred percent on my own I is him and him pictures we just finished this evangelist with people coming on time that the readers of myth right if their friends are Man against the very first time when I never said I like this you know I'm so pleased to see you for some reason I haven't gotten your name and I'm saying to myself I'll know you will hear hear not you that once you set was also thrilled a half and and how they been going a man are you talking I enjoyed reading your Bible coming to me with the greatest thing since you believe life in his shirt crisis will is sponsored by a man a man I just will happen next week last season that's over let's take off his hemispheres with top knitting by the Lord as Leslie Essex where my cousin him to tell me about the that I hope that you do that here was this informal reading the low limit to the him means all is you or I you were adding another young woman how would that is sometimes the the pastor does not have the opportunity what is coming history and so if there is interesting comes into the church in which a line that is because the future is that you see is is no need of some help I would probably introduce that person for the past what is that person to another person leaving my connect in other words the readers not just someone who says hi to people but it's the one who connects people and ensure that everything cabins of my computer just got baptized a Martino this is another job that he met Justin yet you have you met of a downpour yet have you met and and and and be glue that brings all of us those as many people as possible the church and you'll find out that I will do great wonders not just the church over the past you find something out that person gave my mother in law six you now have something to communicate the past pastor this is Mark Mark went with his mother watches got sick and then back in the that can further the ministry did not knows I should probably visit Mark 's mother-in-law or you know etc. it serves as a public find ways to connect that person with as many people as possible in the church remember that powerful stuff is really powerful stuff thank you you use your side I know I don't use that word I know my readers readers are like the Green Beret of your will the front line and when you are knowledgeable like someone coming in their fair opinion of the church will be made in the first nanosecond some of you personally have with the reader and so I met with many readers of the United investments are some fluffy ushers than the front seeing your smiling treatment program in the Green Beret of his local church and the entire evangelistic environment is dependent on first impression something I only got like most overwhelming responsibility then you get assuring them as had Henke will be directed to begin with or wrongful church to take this is where architecture is an wire going around this is where you meet people and and and and introduced the statistics I got out we know it if a newcomer for church has at least five to seven friends there is about a ninety percent chance of a comeback infamous and if they have three to five percent chance of their one readers which the soloist this week we gain intentionally and not artificially interesting artificially try to get the seven people and wounded at least a solid good Christian First Family always excellent stuff is really saying is don't be afraid to train your greeters don't be afraid and I would follow-up with just is maybe not as much as what you say is what Eugene get your team together to meet the needs if it's raining his own problems to help people where they go ahead and argue and you know what it waited to your limit in the snow client for you to do for instance in older people anything you plan when they drive and they know that they care yellow maybe some churches I've heard enough to wear their parking lot at all in there there are the integrators in that regard at all no chalk out a computer I is in either making connections I make the next with people a lot better when I'm doing something and when I just give up on one good stuff think ahead and plan ahead for no throwing a pity lovely rooster that your minds here in Marriott standing if you are lacking what is the easiest questions remember a question to you always connected to his GF for dinner tonight to do what you do after church what are you eating today and not almost everyone everyone has that question is you'd be yes or no and down at the snow you know what I write and so that's a question that every time I meet someone that comes my church the very first number nastiness where are you eating today after church is excellent with the setting up and he was standing along with the setting of his life in our microphone speak to you ladies right and what thinking so what is through my different retrospect and so I think the hardest thing to do is change your mind and get myself included she is being ridiculously and houses wanted to minimize the campus ministries as well as on how to connect with a local change anything that is made by adjacent to a wiki like to collaborate with celiac easy connection will communication as well how will the people revival were so used to being completed and senior printing each week and not motivated to bring outside a warehouse answer your second question first to answer your first question while okay I know that you can talk about spending time with God go to church prepared to talk about the love of Christ when you meet people and they say how are you using you Jesus is this a good given your testimony and you start that thing in your church is catching the maturities in her skin and hold they need to hear the testimonies of more power and start abilities of how you doing with eulogies didn't this week as the entire story of how God brought you can witness to our whatever is this what Jesus did for me this week because PowerPoint becomes connecting villagers is not implicit necessary of your campus ministries his life most of the accident would have thought privately through e-mail or something connect with that but what I would do so to me with your religious person if you would your group you want to stop what's going on as far as him the mediocrity you wanted a more spiritual there's no there's no possible way to build a dedicated difference together Peter communicatively wargaming your house and instead of working gloves finally say listen this is what we've been doing we need to stop today and you pray and then met when I say this because right Johnson means how many people do you know on your campus that are spiritually minded forget it I just wanted you know that for us that our Christians have some type of spiritual connection writer names down and up early that day that we call them invite until Bible study and then you on that point on you can see the wonders connected with a local church for your pastor and tell them we are the students we are willing to follow the Bible and do whatever it takes to win Arkansas what can we do we want to be part of a local church we want to train us your pastor will be very very done if you think you want off on another you have to not think about he doesn't think of him at all you contacted Congress president and then ratified by another lesson I will tell you which is faster I want to be involved in the five people six people and people we will do whatever it takes to be involved so whatever you your customer will be excited about anyone who has a lot her phone right over here to see just at Ephesus to generalize the question world for young adults to be takings usually a local church level here's some tips you can do one is go to the board meetings in EIS ecclesiology in the church structure weight restrictions the local church is the most powerful entity it is in direct contradiction to a lot of the other systems BV DeBoer is an open or anyone comes take some interest in what is her second all read Robert 's rules of order you guys know Robert if you don't know Robert 's rules of order and must like the local church level again a small church is fabulous in a weird and so unnecessary this is called ordering and whatnot but just just a young person really having a good grasp of Roberts rules of order also helps you for sitting service later on to really getting a tremendous guy a serious third is taken interest in the church finances banking to all things being church power but more than church our grocers awards these ribbons for ministry if there's nothing in and in and in the finances of super bad no one from the say hey let's go on being aware of their hotness of the financial situation is more warm to Patrick and Susan the last reading and reviewing is not an attribute cake that is as a magazine and Anderson the most powerful in this review is reading the first part of the letters to the editor of your document for spark that gives you insight into little into the dialogue and discussion is happening on the local church level a lot other things and may not be never even use and sometimes I complain sometimes the Elders of awesome so there's some good jams in their they give you a lot of excitement in any an all electric is the a similar experience with up to be aware if you Judith you can't heal I know the local church will take you seriously I guess that's Mike excellent all right what a writer I appreciate the very part of the frustration earlier and being being someone who works with young people on one line also going to different churches every weekend and during which assures high life practically feel the influence bank with the sisters University brothers by innovative double tapping on the offensive program just under you as you I I don't I don't voluntarily hold ladies one I know it relevant beyond grandmother and that is getting long narrow announcement used to do that I'll hear a most ladies get on the law problem but a set of that except in times of crisis yet using common sense is there constant people need at that arm around them that opens up and hugs me I don't push people away but I I am I want to be very sensitive there are some who are not healthy in their mind and they take advantage of a friendly church and they are sisters uncomfortable and we want our church I say uncomfortable our sisters their God daughters and there are wife's daughters so use common sense where's my words my standing here now online music e-mail you were even doing pretty good hear him and he feels awkward but as well as my decided I is able to look behind me I is him day and don't linger thank you latterly one lady said a man I assist with express that I'm not fond of push her back but I use that ten approach so that there's no misunderstanding that there's anything else on my mind is met as men we should be protectors I know that's not popular but so be it and we should be protectors of the women and in our churches and windows beyond my wife she's my first responsibility dolls have responsibility other sisters in my church and we need to have healthy attitudes we want healthy relationships if you're managing a problem with your thinking about this company come and talk to some of us will help you out I'm serious it's how you think and in our world today there getting it you that was how were all wire and the Michigan interfaith will really work you over really good that right can handset and men's vision of faith and do some good stuff we accomplish there are some fantastic stuff is something all of us as men have to go through we have to make sure our thinking is appropriate in an right on they were the first thing is be sensitive to that so you asked me and my understanding is that a very well you money the site is thank you so much are you going to would like Leona I like the part where my workmanship if I do feel a need to hire a one hundred and eleven vision which is where this came they would appreciate something in a crisis on this okay my question is for people in large were lifetimes it's you don't even know you need market is very difficult to gain influence because I'm here unnoticed even when you doing a fair amount of are you giving them help and allow young people have a lot of really great ideas but because it is an influence a lot of times the Sears the words that carried them out to all kinds of four large churches and in my anonymous what advice you have for us dealing with the security that such a large church that the shadows cast over and we all know maybe because I get into that I pastor the largest churches and even enlarged churches you know this pastor 's notice people that are they are and who get involved in normally doesn't have to notice that other people notice so my best advice in a large church connect with people and the there make the church your priority be surprised how quickly our site we could use you help us do this go to help unload the fruit go there and help the moment we I mean there are apparently be there make sure to priority even in the church Hitler ignominiously and most churches and they love our young people and they want to involve you I don't I'll file there's some of that understand that most churches will offer young people and love to have them come and take part and some help our focus tiredness I love you even enlarged churches and they don't want to it is healthy and wholesome enough to have anything to write notes as a microphone right there in question is very dear and cherished personal search and many many of our things are getting older and shall we say after eighty and one hundred things that my wife and I facing I guess is perhaps a collective dementia and among those church members where are they letting back and I think that either given decisions made by an uncertain for pastor or anyone out after we get the defendant never happened what can you say can see you is the daughter in the house blueberries I don't have an answer brother on zero zone I again think that I don't want to believe God will lose citizen of the think you need to bring more young people and so they become the new memory of Mister Murray that we have people coming in the church and your committee for the first him that they are happy to be there in Houston we then use this people to work for God and to be involved sometimes we have conflicts with her church born in how to use the young people coming to check that they have not been baptized all know anyone want to now know what not to will what is it with you repeat your question please yes we have young people coming into the church we we have off we go RSS is really gone I probably seventy percent of our church is thirty or thirty five years old in younger and we have often younger people coming in a church but they are not that many Adventist they're coming for the first time in the light pictures they like to stay and if you like to participate in sometimes we have a conflict with the church board because if it were not ready to get baptized yet they are willing to start working they are they wanted to work in some hopefully handled I'm trying to understand is it because the church board the kids don't look there are new maybe to wear a lot of jewelry or what was the problem what is the problem the church board hasn't those kids and putting in the work does not baptize him I can't sometimes the conflict there not that their lives members of the church and out can be seen in the worship group with a note they can be part of the choir they can just know they see a doctor about changing the culture of that church board and the adults are how we deal with that how can or maybe something that happens in other senses is allied with income under the churchwarden talk to you know Jesus he puts people to work on their forget you know I can't remember the evangelist but I took a young person that he knew was struggling with smoke and eats up hermana on a witnessing outreach and the guy says now I can go faster I'm struggling center we need to share Jesus with someone here and he took him to a house in this man was struggling smoking and unity in the long story short he said give up smoking if you would you know Jesus meets us where we are grown in France in only Jesus would take the lows and a few fish from a little boy and feed all the people and we take these young and old just like they are and what Jesus rollouts and talents and skills that can be is let's use what they can and let's have an attitude like we need you and we need you in baptism when we may realize that Jesus died for them in the understand baptism they're not there to take that step look at how many took that step today when asked to do why did that all were quite all out it's amazing what you know Jesus can do in our lives so that your word needs to really think you know Jesus can save me you can save many and if he can use me like any use anybody but he just throw something in the behind and thank you so much part of maybe what you're struggling with is can you allow those people to church office him that is no but you can help allow them to assist you so if you have some beauty in the church and using common sens


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