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The Broken Image, Part 2

Nicole Parker Steve Nelson


It's the ultimate expression of intimacy and commitment. Yet it is all too often distorted into an addiction and a weapon of abuse. Discover the great Miracle Worker's ability to deliver and heal body, mind, and heart as He restores His ideal for sexual wholeness.


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him him him this message was presented FG Y C two thousand and eleven hundred other resources like this online menu I see where I had a nothing leisurely five is in him and him are you will speak to help each person who listens to this to see how they can connect deeply with you and get rid of the things that hold them back from surrender to you thank you Lord in all right we just finished talking about how to how to overcome and many of those are common knowledge used in many of you may feel like less the latter I've read through a lot of times you do this you know claim responsibilities help the truth and accountability all the things young people used to hearing some of those suggestions but one of those is what this entire presentation is about getting to the roots of the issue thing a lot of people don't do and that is why their addiction keeps coming back and coming back and coming back so I would start out by talking about dandelions you know and everything in life God give us lessons in nature and in his word that help us understand the principles of spiritual things yesterday we talked about how physical healing and emotional healing our mirror image that they fit together they follow a parallel path and if you can't figure out why you don't have emotional healing maybe it's something that you can look to the process of physical healing and understand if infection is then then what happened you know infection represents in our mind and understanding how to break free from the things will help us to find emotional healing I want use now the illustration of a dandelion how many you know whatever kind of like a dandelion dandelion they're very easy to remove from your yard if all you want to do is remove the visible evidence there I write you describe them correct their nettle leaves and flowers and you're done right except that tomorrow they'll be another dandelion that right this is the problem with the approach that many people takes overcoming sexual addiction they don't realize what a deep rooted issue it is because the deadline has been hampered because way down deep and how addiction works all kinds of addiction not just sexual addiction but sexual addiction has a very deep roots because it goes right down to the heart of who we are so supposed that I were to send my daughter he's eight years old and so beautiful so begin this afternoon if I know my daughter out of the yard and I want to get rid of all the dandelion what would she do that eight -year-old she would probably start taking them and if my yard looked like this that might be an indication to you that maybe the problem 's been going on for some time right but could she still get rid of all the dandelion by taking them I give her an hour to shoot the ball dandelions off right now I told her get the route out it can be a lot more difficult evidence she's not going to be able to frankly you know the little eight -year-old she doesn't have the strength nevermind the perseverance to did to get the root out of everything the one a bath full field of dandelions if not to happen and so she is not going to be able to do it and the next thing that's going to happen in my article acquainted with millions of dandelion out there spreading their millions of these and what am I going to do next year my whole yard it can be a solid wall of dandelions right now this is not meant to be a discouragement to interview some of you your heart may already feel to you like they are the whole field of them maybe the whole field of dandelions going to see we try and we tried to overcome the addiction that we just might be just can't over and over I got this problem every time I think I've gotten beaten then it's back again and when a person has struggled with sexual thing for a long time they really have a strong temptation to unbelief thing maybe God is in helping there must be something I'm missing is tried and tried and tried that experience of battle rang and failing again and again is so deadening spiritually that no made especially for a man denounces hate to not be in control and find that he is so weak so this kind allowing on the right ELR none of us can actually overcome unbelief the word of God says that you can overcome not by your own strength but by Christ working in you when you fall into that temptation note that feeling of whatever I'll never be able to overcome this anyway the best I can do is try to keep mowing the yard keep the dandelions down right keep it down to a minimum and really when we go out there we try to overcome the sexual addiction the problem we end up sometimes and more like playing with it noticed how well I might as well just enjoy it for a little while right this is what happens with a five foot evil of sexual addiction a person tries to get the plant out they just can't seem to get it out and then even if they do get one Rialto all men are all these other one it went to see before I caught it after all the others in the more they think about it you know they try to get rid of all those CDs and then they will just listen to one last time before throat away when you look at a magazine one last time we just start playing with the dandelion and we don't ever actually gets the roots of dealing with them all a person often get distracted process ever believe a lie because retire nothing were tired of fighting and I know those words ring true for a lot of people who battle with addiction get so tired of fighting you just relax and lie the problem is we haven't built the deep enough love relationship with Jesus Christ to give us the motivation to get up and keep fighting because he got up and kept fighting he went through this for you he knows what you're struggling man he knows how it feels he died to set you free don't give up when you are tempted to give up rather than say now I can I keep going got acute climbing this terrible mountain that I can never break free from instrument even think about what he went through to set you free that will give you the power you need to keep getting up and keep going it's true that sexual addiction is a deep rooted than issuing the devil will tell you it's so deep that you yourself personally will never be able to break free from it it's a lie of the devil don't believe it for second if there was no help to set you free Jesus wouldn't bother to come and die for you but he did he love you like that devalues you like that when you wonder whether he really loves you after all that you've done think about the cost he went to the cross knowing how much it was in the hurt and pain but when I think about Nicole when I think about him and I think about her I would rather go down there and suffer like they do and die in their place and let them go through it alone I can't dare to let her go I love her so much I can't bear to let him go he's worth so much to me when you don't know if you're lovably Mormon you don't know if you're worth anything more look to the cross look to creation he created you in his image that wanted to half including a sexual or him he created you in his MH for specific reason because illustrative and everlasting life and he loves you knew with all of your problems and all of your weaknesses and all of your acne and all of your wiki you know weak willed problems and everything he loudly you he died for you you're still worth all of that there's nothing that you can do that can take away from your infinite worth in the light of God 's love when you meditate on that it would give you the strength to stop just forget it I'm just falling to it now I want him I can also be sexual addiction process to bamboo now maybe it's seen them do it beautiful plant it can grow almost all over the world bamboo is really powerful it also very invasive some people say the only way to really get rid of them do it to just pour bleach on it you just can't kill the stuff that may make you understand why I'm giving is an allegory for sexual addiction it feels that way sometimes for the person who is battling a sexual addiction sexual sin can be like bamboo it can take a year or two for a bamboo to put up a shoot at all you plant the plants and think about nothing nothing comes up for a long time why because the ban delete investing first putting in a deep root system bamboo grows from rhizomes rhizomes that they built the old-fashioned network underneath the grand when they got their whole network and play a pop up a little shoot in another win another one and then do has been known to grow as much as thirty nine inches in one day you can like practically see that growing you imagine thirty nine inches that's what followed my fun you know all in one day it can grow like that one I cannot do that because are you twisted network it got me and when a sexual addiction access when a person starts doing things particularly when a person gets into a thin like adultery it's got a network of roots underneath the surface and it can grow up fast and totally apprise you overwhelmed with the intensity of the power some people will fall into adultery or just like you know what happened I just know how this suddenly I felt and when a person help me I suddenly fell I know nothing like that happened suddenly even if okay because I suddenly fast where were you now I find my finger in the door and I swear while they were the process that led to the events of me being able to do something like that process of cultivating wrong words of cultivating anger medium watching movies that have swearing in them you know you've cultivated in my fact before it comes out in an action but for sexual events occur particularly something which you know that there are huge potential consequences like adultery there's already an established route system underneath it when a person starts acting out sexually you can know that there's a root system underneath it like the bamboo now experts of the youth you want to get rid of bamboo the first thing that you need to do is rid of all the pain chop it down chop everything down please stop the process of photosynthesis that it's not getting all the strength from the fund but that's not enough if you just dropped out of them due in any deal with it at all it's just been established through system even deeper and start setting up the faster instead the first step is cutting off all those things we talked about a lot of things you can use processes by which you can cut off the behaviors the things that are really fruits in the treatment issues the next thing you have to do anything you do you deal with the reasons why are the rates of sexual addiction what happened to cause a person to spring into sexual thin see a lot of people have this mentality got it under control they think they can keep their sexual thing contains one or not it's just my toys not just my pet snake it's not never be able to overwhelming they think they've got a little great system of their bamboo all under control don't worry and beautiful nicely on my table my little Bantu pot don't worry it will never take over my life but they don't realize you can never play within when you master the devil you always go farther than you think you keep well because you've already committed the sin of pride thinking me this thing under control and committed the sin of unbelief if I don't do this don't play with the devil and when you say well I didn't really know anything that was really doing when you say I can method is little that I can take that second lingering luck I can just fantasize I can just watch that movie I know I know it's probably to make me feel even more lonely by the time the credits roll but I got it under control I won't I won't do those things know you always go farther than you think you will is sexual in the unpardonable sin people know that most people give me the right answer no sexual is not important within what is the unpardonable sent if the men against the Holy Spirit even after all educated but I would submit to the factual and often conduct the fruits of the root benefit against the Holy Spirit so is sexual thing and partner will send out they didn't evidence that the government got the theory of inroads into your life and he's trying to push you toward the unpardonable thing absolutely it's time for you to pay your attention to the conviction of the Holy Spirit because if you let it keep sliding rationalizing my ride I mean him a fan you may end up just taking that dandelion blowing the leaves all over your yard you have a hundred times the problem a month later what God wants you to do is surrender to him deal with the root issues sexual sin is the fruit of the process of committing the unpardonable sin if you still feel conviction if you still want freedom from that when you've not yet committed the unpardonable offense of those who are struggling with maybe there's nothing I can give me I just wish I were dead I know I know a lot of you have thought those thoughts because I know how I felt many people currently think I just wish I could die why because I'm caught in sexual sin the matter how hard I try never break truly free it's a desperate feeling but don't believe the devil fly you can break free you can be free you can make the Tory asleep Jesus went through everything that we go through and he came out victorious his victories on Mars but you won't find freedom if you just try to push away the conviction they all deal with it soon I'm just connect no cultivators from the filesystem of the feeds onto my yard now don't worry I'll deal with later God has promised that he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us of all unrighteousness if you have committed sexual sin I don't want you for a second feel hopeless remember that the message of the devil Shane thing you are bad even the blood of Jesus can set you free don't even cultivate those thoughts because just thinking that way will blow that these of unbelief onto your yard and bear bitter fruit in your life don't allow yourself to believe for a moment what the devil said I think people to defend themselves spiraling into depression that can last for weeks by five minutes of thinking thoughts that they know are straight from the devil nobody loves me very all never nobody ever love me nobody will ever left me I wish I were dead there's no hope for somebody like me you know I I just think too much I don't think even God cares what those sins are you know sit down in your time with Jesus take a piece of paper and say Lord revealed to me what the lives are that the devil and Tony lies not in believing and then meet them with the word of God you'll be able to see it will tell you these are the things you've been believing what are the things that go through your mind when you feel down both the content psychosexual addiction profile there are lies that are firmly embedded in your mind things that you think whenever you fall in I am whatever whatever those lies are you know what they are the Lord knows that they are he wants to set you free those are the roots of your sexual addiction the lines that you believe about the character of God the time that she refused to deal with those in sinful thoughts and instead you just okay forget it I really feel the need for Christ this year the picture of our garden on a highway in the light and yell the great thing about this garden is that one day I went to bed with just the outplaying graph along the backyard the next morning I woke up in their life a whole garden all that corn ready to be picked and tomatoes green beans it was just like that just popped up right out of the ground one night he you believe me and rose like that no less escape mechanisms one of them going they planted what what happens when a person has planted a garden like that you look at the garden you know it was cultivated right this garden was cultivated now I don't want to be too harsh because I know many people who listen to this message will have struggled with fornication or adultery issues they will fallen into not just fantasizing why not let one masturbation fantasy are small and the defendant don't have that content consequences people who have fallen into actually committing sexual bins with other people can deal with Neil FTD pregnancies broken marriage as an end increased amounts of shattered emotion and and shattered ability to believe that God can forgive you I don't want to minimize one kind of sexual addiction but I have to mention that when a person fall into adultery or or some kind of sexual acting out in which they are actually interacting sexually with another person this can make you feel really dirty really hopeless but the problem that you've cultivated great don't think I can't never break free look at what terrible things I've done I participate in this orgy after you know their terrible things that people have done people will listen to this and think if anyone else knew what I had done they would never even allow me in the church again these allies of the devil but the important thing is you got to realize you've cultivated something for a while to get to the point where you can do something like that when somebody says to me something like this you know I didn't commit a sexual fan I did cheat on my spouse but you know it was it was really fallen just a little flip I just made a mistake shipment Annapolis is a little flat I know this person is still committing a profound man against the Holy Spirit there's some very deep rooted issues going on there so if you feel truly devastated and terrible about your sin and what you've done rejoice God has sent his Spirit working hard to bring you true repentance do not be discouraged by that process Jesus has done powerful things in your life and already you're bearing the fruits of repentance in evidencing your life in your life that you really sorry for what she's done those roots are going to need to be dealt with our going to have to go back to that very deep sense that I'm not worth anything unless somebody find me attractive and I'm worth that much more if more people find me attractive more and more people that find me attractive the higher my level of work becomes with a higher mind the ability to believe that I'm really lot is the you can even find out I should've taken a picture of our garden right before we left it looks more like this now all we need everything gone we don't have to be cultivated per se because they'll grow on their own now that other garden you can see it all in road and we needed it to work to make it look like that but we Barbara very happily all by himself sexual addiction is partly like weeds because it grows when you're not looking but the fact that you are not looking the fact that you allow it to grow means you are still responsible for the fruit in your life when a sexual addiction issue grows and grows you may pay but I didn't do anything at what you do not do you did not spend deep quality time with Jesus fighting and his love yesterday we talked about this bunch and how sometimes our hearts are like funds that dry and we need to immerse and got on the left will immerse our heart in the love of God like to think full of warm water and yet we pulled a bunch still dry I tried and tried I spent two hours reading the Bible and trying to pray but God still feel so far away and so we fall into sexual addiction the problem is that bunch of the lock bag around it keeping it dry that it no matter how much you push your heart into trying to believe the love that God has for you you cannot draw yourself thirstier still desperate you still feel unloved and worthless the problem is you've got the bag of unbelief around your mind lies if you believe that the devil tell like I really love you nobody really wants you you always do everything wrong whatever it is live and reign in your minds our unbelief they make you feel that you're not lucky not worthwhile and then you are going to be an addict looking for a fix you're going to be an idolater looking for a god to worship you can't fix that problem you must go to Christ you must let the word of God appears to that unbelief pointed directly at the problems that you are struggling with the Lord this is what I feel please deliver me from this lie behind believing as you do that you'll find that God is able to pierce through and make you believe in the love that he had you look at the crop look at creation of how much you've invested in you you are worth that much you are loved that much you really are believe it and you'll find that God will set you free now when a person fall into profound sexual thin external life history of having the picture the tree looked fine until it fell down but when it fell down it was suddenly evident that a process of rotting and decay had been happening for years inside that tree now that leads to the fall when a person fall into adultery do not believe for a second and third on the nose just because she was so beautiful and I couldn't resist her and my wife was attractive enough and she has been giving in effects though I had to know I had I tell me one time you know it's always just like they are for guys guys are always on the verge of committing adultery I could be in a bar back when I was worldly and you don't need a woman in twenty minutes later be her apartment having sex with her and even though I've been a Christian for twenty five years and still right there you know I can always fall back into that well I would hate to be your wife you see you should not be living on the verge of falling off-line if you are is because I do not allowing God to satisfy your heart deeply with his love with a sense of how much your work in the light of the cross the Bible says by your fruits you shall know them right Matthew seven sixteen through nineteenth as every good tree bring forth good fruit corrupt tree bring forth evil fruit a good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit wherefore by their fruits you shall know them I know some of you that are here and listening to my voice your people live in affected by someone else's sexual sin and I often hear from people who've been affected by someone else's sexual symbol but should I trust this person again you know they'd been telling me different been forgiven by God and I'll forgive them and trust them again will be really delicate on that because I know there also people here who have betrayed their spouses or their children were there beloved people and their families by falling into sexual sin by crawling into sexual sin by making repeated choices and coming to the point where they fall into something I don't want to be harsh on those of you who have fallen into those things and you feel terribly feel devastated but realized that that process that you've gone through make it difficult for people to trust you it's going to take time you're going to have to really invest in showing the fruits of repentance and in living a life that proves that you're trustworthy but you can regain trust again now there are some areas in which when a person has fallen into sexual sin particularly when they are older mature their mentoring other people they have no broken the vows of marriage there in ministry anything like that when you have all of those additional responsibilities and you still are willing to push all of those things aside and say but the sexual more importantly you have done some really deep-rooted lying to yourself in thinking that you can get away with this that somehow this then would not bear fruit in your life this is why our church have to be very careful in who they put into spiritual positions of leadership we cannot just say as much as I would love to say the Lord cleanses from all kinds of then you can be set free others a church nearby hot that several people who are far pedophiles attending it and those men all fit together they have a specified area the church where they said they sit at one table in that hot Latino and allowed to go somewhere among the children I don't I don't mean for a second that they are just as forgiving justice that free justice bloomed by Jesus but that sometimes our consequence of conflict particularly when a person has been a high position of trust and they violated that because they're too many sold at stake when a person has violated those those boundaries in the midst of such profound warning that they could be in terrible trouble they can ruin your life and the lives of others so God wants us to understand all in growth from these roots forsaking God until suddenly attempting to replace him with something or someone else whatever it is I don't know what she regards easy for me to get up here and say okay there are these roots and if you're struggling here are the five things that you know must be a part of it but you are going to have to go and spend your time alone with Jesus asked him how your for thinking him and how yourself to be attempting to replace them with something or someone else but I can tell you these are the written Jeremiah two thirteen says my people is committed to evil they have forsaken me the fountain of living water and shoot out for themselves broken cisterns that can hold no water this is what happened these are the two sins that are at the root of whatever it is that's driving you to your sexual fans are other problems in your life when you first thank God you dry up emotionally and spiritually you become desperate and you look for something or someone to make you feel better you may go to control may become anorexic trying to be control I'm in control of my life nobody can help me I'm going to be in charge you may go into pleasure mallet believing you know understand and gorge myself got a pleasure to give me what only God should be able to give me you may go to any one thousand different kinds of addictions and maybe you'll stop one and then you find yourself thinking into another UV effects when you start alcohol you leave alcohol you start relationships you leave relationship and you'll start food e-mail or movies or music it doesn't matter all of these things that even even things that are good gifts of God when they become that thing that is the center of your life the thing that you turn to for satisfaction instead of Christ their idols and God will have to make an idol crumble those were in idolatrous relationship find over and over the idolatrous relationship must crumble it's an act of love for God to make and crumble because he wants to bring you self whatever is your battling with God wants to set you free you know I talked with so many people who battle with sexual addictions and I found so many of them have a common race of being used in the past or in just having this mindset if God cannot forgive me either for their own and then forgot cannot cleanse me from what somebody else did to me that is unbelief and when a person confesses then of what they've done they must also confess that heart attitude that led them to do this that unbelief Lord I confess to you I have not believed your promise when you said if I confessed my sins will be faithful and just to forgive me and cleanse me from all unrighteousness we actually believe in internalized that powerful promise you will find that God will do everything that you could ask or think when you get a community legal wow I really and set free by the blood of Christ how what a difference it will make the love that you feel pouring on your heart the gratefulness to your Redeemer will be a fountain of blessing reversing that process and now you drink deeply from the fountain of God love you believe for the first time maybe how much he loves you how much she's willing to sacrifice to save you now when he satisfies your heart you're not going to be driven to look for the broken cisterns the things that might make you feel at least a little bit better for a while instead to drink deeply of God 's love this is how you reverse that cycle and find freedom and healing we're going to have an anointing service now for those who have come here and wanted to surrender something to the Lord we mentioned this yesterday not everyone needs to don't feel any obligation but yesterday we talked about sexual abuse in today about sexual addiction and I know there are people who are here not because of either one of those problems that something entirely different that you want to hand over to Christ maybe you don't want to say to anyone else but it is not fine but if there's some area brokenness in your life that you would like to bring to Christ offer you this opportunity to come forward and to surrender that were going to have a time of prayer and asking the Lord to take those burdens from our shoulders has them all explaining little bit more about this thing called for sharing so deeply and I know that this is something that it's be honest all of us have struggled with addiction of some kind of some statehood you agree and so this is bonus what we do now is we like to have a kind of grand and following that kind of primitive and invited those who are interested in the anointing to come out and we would like to try and pray individually just short praise with each person been anointed but that will depend on the numbers that we would like to have a common time I pray for everyone and I'm not invited Steve Nelson to come up as well and what we'll do if you can hobby you'd feel comfortable praying if you want to kneel if you want to be seated that would be fine and we will just have a time with each one of us in the front here would just pray a prayer for healing in your life and in those who would like a nineteen discount right up to the front on both sides and then the three of us will go through and have a preview and if there any evidence Elvis you would like to join us in doing it doing and anointing that would be helpful under the begin a secretly like to begin in a creator and in operating the call will finish and will have the amount gets what are we going in redescription of first and then we will go into the after the prayer were just ask those who don't want to be part of the anointing service if you would just quietly leave so that we can allow God 's spirit to do when he is wanting to do in healing query from James Chapter five our refund the new King James contains very similar for a look at versus thirteen through sixteen James chapter five verse thirteen through sixteen if anyone among you suffering let them pray is anyone cheerful and sing songs in the patches were to look at here is anyone among you sick we know that we talked about the circles talked about this is something not easy you call for the elders of the church 's let them pray over him anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord and here's the promise and the prayer of faith will save the sick and God will raise him up if he has committed any sins he will be forgiven confess your trespasses to one another praise one another that you may be healed effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man available much we know that Jesus Christ is our righteousness our prayers ascend to God 's throne through him and his prayer for you Q U I believe the star heads are gracious father becoming for your first thanking you for the privilege if you've given us to come here today and to learn from your word from your instruction here's who call how you want to heal your people how we can be restored into the image of Christ how we can be made and used to Jesus Christ we come here father because we are seeking that special promises and you were that you will heal those who in faith reach out to you unable to your self claiming the promise of June two forms father I asked right now that each one of us search our hearts more than we asked if there's any cinema heart that would block this fulfillment of your promise we surrender to you now you will show it to a slowing in your strength and your grace we give it to you asking for your cleansing I thank you father for promising your word I'm asking more than only your spirit be here if anything would block the working of your spirit to be removed from this that Jesus Christ before finally to his word I pray this in his precious father God we thank you Lord that you are already seeing as you know this year we can embarrass you we can shock you because you're already aware as alone we bring you out broken this knowing that you are in the business of healing both physical and spiritual on behalf of everyone here Lord I knowledge of mice and just as each person here acknowledges this is we bring them to you we bring particularly those areas of our life that have suffered from sexual battery and from addiction what may you heal us because we cannot help ourselves that you can help us fund and now we ask for your power the same paladin raise the dead to raise us from spiritual death we pray this in Jesus and monkeys you are working to use lovely green tea the deepest parts of who we are today thank you that you know us deeply condition thank you Lord that we can find our sense of vulnerability and worth in using to know that there's nothing we can do that can take away the slightest from how much you value I pray not just for victory over the list things that we've been committing the things that so many people here in battling to overcome but that the rate seemed surprised in unbelief that led us to look to other things other people to satisfy specific to you Lord we repent of those rare him into begin process of revealing to us day by day for the rest of our lives with her roots in power so that we may keep surrendering them to you moment by moment in finding progressive victory and freedom not just from sin but even from the temptation as we find a new human rights you promise just like the physical healing if you give when you walk this Earth attached to a given emotional and spiritual to the fact that defensive vacation right now I haven't seen throughout our lives I love you I know this message for him he was utilizing a supporting ministry on the seventh day Adventist sequence by young I Bible -based price-sensitive Christians the downloadable purchase the resources visit the online and CYC when I have no


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