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Call It Anything But Love, Part 2

Nicole Parker


Abuse. It happens in the church. Yet discover how the amazing power of God's intervening grace brings healing and wholeness.


Nicole Parker

Wife, mother, and Biblical counselor


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him him him him this message was presented to key wisely two thousand and eleven hundred other resources like this online managing lysine with you are well I I I tell you a little about myself how many of you I find it young audio verse is only now that I come from the fact that it means anything it myself now several years ago when I finish area at the way the peanut salad entrée that was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life I found when you listen to it on the recording but for me it would very terrifying I fell on me just like every night before I share this page I would like a bad thing Lord I can't even be in I can't get talking all the people about what happened to me in the child is not ashamed for me now nobody think that I felt like I went up there but like you mean all got into wickedness than you if only somebody had shared with you as you you would think that the long route finding freedom but when I pray what I can do that would bring back the Scripture and wealthy I can't do this on your fear while those over and over how they do indeed at the Pentagon you and you and you called you to get out there and share with other people but you know just being able to share my story and hearing other people with no healing is real I overtime how I really don't have anything to be ashamed this is the how are you missing anything I can help you when you realize how all of us are actually that we all struggle within involving the brawling battle or are you I know what is that if you are here that any company you might feel that they might I help I never help anybody when I went through I want to encourage you not to believe they'll believe the devil lies that you have to keep an eye know when you sexually abused and how patient he and your cell and ashamed and dirty and permanently gain how I know but I realized our life there's nothing that means you and that you're not the individual begins you never see why because the Bible is nothing in the file only living person to get along with the right life and the lives of all of those things and I is that the word we need to find her alive the Scripture is breathed nothing handy file you that I wanted to you not being raised nothing actually views those who are you while you are and what is so wanting in life an interesting one from now for me it was found that ninety nine ninety for everyone if you don't find anything in writing healing from sexual abuse was many and you and you and you will find healing and their family emotional abuse violence that people are just realized I is free now him now I had as a young teenager I would actually be a very young my grandmother died out as he had neglected me and made me through the years I know how old I was when I finally ended but all of those being discarded and reacting me by Henry Senior not only did I breathe out if my boyfriend with some invisible hand is feeling emotional money belonging but I also did a brave man with vision I wanted you learned I needed somebody got burned I was worth something in many ways I think I'm emotionally developmentally around the very young age and by how long it over I was also a leading and I would cry cry for no reason just wish I had died and I was there I is I want to I have a whole range of diagnoses and medication is nobody knew anything that was going on had I very carefully everything hidden and kept it all in I computer is dictating and begin so I embraced that way of living that was the double-blind pilot living a lie in many ways trying to believe that I was perfectly fine and yet seemingly feeling that all men inheriting it is that you think they would every debate he's crazy and really wrong with her I was leaving I wearing jeans every night her jean shorts that it was time to find because I'm the care that figment unwritten and you can even remember what happened to me that they are the issue many wonderful and I seem to him him back to me in the library and that I ever mentioned that I would never get married nobody got ever want me to them alone I remember those alive the Lord has given you a wonderful husband and the whole world than ever as though grateful that don't believe the lies he will easily life he will tell you a little and want to limit how you never need evidence of never getting away with the rest of your life and how you feel you are not true but immediately characterizes the battle of your life my impression and I hear anger all many emotions thirty five I found I had a happy face on and enjoy giving him all the time being that person who is a friend on one of my friends know my life social life and how I thought that painkiller with everything but of course it is and you can imagine having been an old mentality no I'm how I is horrible thirty now you can understand why God would even make something though now see why would God do something like that I'm home alone I didn't help away on through I talked a couple of my book but I really nine the situation today I do know the tenth research will argue that one in three girls and one in five boys are sexually abused by an adult and childhood I think the numbers are much higher than that but my personal opinion I find it more like one out of every two girls one out of every three or four guys but the thing is that they forgot I know all of you and I ever been sexually abused Momo never has anybody ever tell you in a way even want to thank you evening while you have they don't think it is one of the victim is very hard and I is actually viewed of a girl reprocessing different ways sometimes we become that with no busy love getting people who desire a time to become a necessity all that far away will envelope on the are wrong because not one that I never hated on not one great feeling of him not had anything down you know it how people fell off and on and have been abused and yet had been in the situation is preventing an alien that is not mere rounding at me as they may think that his remarks or my uncle was always region between my legs but the other thing that I know you and you then you have normal or I know you mentioned that the delegate for some people particularly those that haven't been actually and you are very difficult thing we probably reviewed what we can see I really only know how to clean it except that means that everyone else that they will not normal are totally diversity in unity can imagine that you were raised by a person who is the mayor of your town and also happen to be the police chief of your town on your house and if you know report that guy get taken to the judge the judge about the time and would like a child and reviewed you put into that him me know that they figure all my children can't do anything about anything they just try there because they have no way to deal with the violation not only when they grow up I have no way to connect with God God seems a lot like a guide who will make the link and I is everyone in the world that is why the hell of you sometimes cannot remember literally cannot remember what happened to have even more time is like any endeavor you are the pressure had an emergency now and nothing happened than the pressures building up inside their own blood pressure now that emergent phenomenon in the fish more now than when I didn't even think we might happen or persons remember what happened to them because the pressure is much that they would go crazy if they had my own though as a child or even as an adult person just can't remember one time and that of hints to cannot remember what happened at birth now you need three days ago you can remember what happened no they don't know where they were they can remember exactly who these of what happened in all they remember it for after another but overthrew those memories back often when a person is equipped with better hoping ill maybe they get into a safe environment in the labeling will for example is when I went away to boarding school I learned how many people imagine that God is fiercely maturing and a healthy thing I think eventually what music they play and unable to remember anything that happened him his life after the left able to process you need to tell all the thing is the memory that over a long period of time now some people have a lot of questions about what they call all memory when somebody remember something that didn't actually happen in life that is more likely in I heard they know anything was wrong he remember any person who might have made you know that you have a nonpolar husbandry and be than anybody you like you were in many probe and inmate Henry behind maybe you don't like you to go to sleep and breathe one time that there was nothing evil going on there but then you know when you are fine at twenty five I hear everything that feeling about him if you work is being that I actually reality though when people laugh you know I have no problem with no having boyfriends or emotional issues and yet I never been in use I was a ride so hard to remember something that he doesn't stress yourself out they are not a pleasant guy and a healthy environment build healthy friendship and it is you need to remember in an address if you need to deal with something not only incapable of that right many people have had and he is you would know that it is not that they are and I want to be careful about even using the word unique because in our culture people like to blame now I am at my mom and my brain when you're thirty work money or whatever and when you take control of your life and the fact that you begin to have wounded you that you will choose select on the foundation of your so I wanted I will find emotional abuse making just will four-person anyhow different kind of user often interwoven together if there's some way to permanently begin you may be one of your parents or both of your parents the reality of everyday vegan and found profoundly and really work your view of God and that later he realized if there's something that happened in your life when you believe the God of your process of handing over the emotions and the memory not forget the feeling that money and a lot of people think it is a problem and I think I had filed last evening but I may be off and I think the Bible is all about the thing because the reality is you is and why does the Bible yet the Bible is all about his redemption abuses and begin you and the napalm one with you is that when you get on a series patient were used to the enemy on this is an evil death and then again you in an attempt to win back when your parents if you want to leave your history then you better angry plot you know how to get revenge or something like that you know or maybe did any odd and living her they can't deal with I'm not going to deliver him and forget without actually forgiving and then that problem is that the denial not allowing you New Zealand not given freedom the Bible is all about the one that is free from you and both other people who begin an my problem are all different issues in the main my grandmother and begin me and my and my right my anxiety issue that would need to be gone we always really need to Nashville and they wanted that we want to be God or we want to make real God I wanted to be gone I want to be selling control of my life no man who never hurt me again he is in real life you know you can make sure that there's never a bad guy hiking the parking lot and you protect yourself for you and I will never allow anyone to damage me emotionally again because you know I wanted to be God and then when that wouldn't work I would try to make myself not find a boyfriend I just like to really see is an Israeli popular with everybody else to automatically fill out the social right right away that will surely think my problem will all feel great all of you may remember how I really am beautiful under the right load I found these great ideas and how it went Monday note the place of God that then I would finally feel worthwhile nothing were not never do not make more I will in order to bring no in a new situation when a young person or an older person you everything that you continue the only person in for example I cannot flash on your arm against the right but even when the numbers right I may walk away and I feel fine the economy at all when you're the one who is not a meal not one well the problem is when you get a fashion in their human believer is twenty years from now right him on our spending on housing and God wants us that my freedom there behind the news Helen is a member of Rose 's father told her that she was any law of the way to gauge what well for sure he was on the way home and usually viewed even trying to be her function telling her that she must do whatever he perverted the emotional abuse sexual abuse physical abuse are all kinds of ways a person can be hurt by someone else then but the reality of all parents make they has never been a perfect parent beginning in time and this is what's wrong no thought had in mind that you live in perfect unity amid all the meetings and that he had resurrected and is now gone nine perfect parent a different perfect children had the perfect children are growing out even before the child will have to read a Bible what do you know that there is a creator they will learn because the person will show them what life is really like this might not have anything to write you want to live in relational community by relationship feel an relationship with those no perfect every child a monthly did not want that perfect parents reflected perfect love and perfect child but every word is not a child I believe the Bible believing church unity and other fellow believers living in a more full well-rounded picture is not one of my visit is not a enemy must learn at some point in our maturing FAI for human and they are fine the only transition from getting our parenthood by him were knowing he is in my death my hair and they haven't portrayed not perfectly for me but they helped me along in my process is in the body when a person needs saying I just can't help us to God I asked them to think the one where you getting your devotional time and everything was relationship with your life because I now usually what happens is their parents have not portrayed God bless and I remember Grover Pinckney is gone and so happened that we were talking my daughter with little as you know now so I called her over to me I heard that nine a.m. to make his acting right now I will need to go to your room I pray in nineteen hundred and ten found under a narrative around and around April the account is my okay well I guess where I'm nobody's arena something and she realized at that moment you like I will not let within the ruling anything you didn't even when it was at the root permit the character of God she felt taking it all you better get right now you're probably doing it by Haley is so stupid you see God is misrepresented to her and he that he can see the dust on your people are the Bible and the seal is broken in heart and mind is that when you and I are all about healing are part located in your life healing people 's body he was doing I wonder if they feel their heart is believed that he had power to change therefore remember when they brought the guy him him him a forgiving is an is amazing wow the bottom of the heart and then everything went well you know how you feel there is a you know this is how I forget right sealed in the money in order to prove that he had power to the people who are involved with all of you are exhibiting even if you are in bed not meaning that you cannot not be breathing easier going to work leaves it because he thought how patient said that his life field on people he has to minimize that impact my business is not in believing on you and you feel he is not your mind and everything is long for all of your life you live I found that for many people even as they gone through that were terrible will be on the greater will think I is convenient and easily I remember talking with a girl right after she had been right and see she was that in I mean that in here see that I baby my first cat and I've never even help in and now that he how he might even move on I told her my honey because you know she knew what I'd been through that is the way I know I got anyone possible in any way right now but not plaintiff you your part I believe that someday you may even than that in a you know it is impossible now but none got you this evening is now more deeply with you because the president was perfect family are back him have a wonderful relationship with God they never fell by eighty darn public that he found that he is not the way you understand he is light in the dark you appreciate all my waking you you know that girl got was a black and never not had the feeling a month later she said that when anybody and they testified about how the v from the phrase and how he can truly be grateful to God that it in half as it made a fever and richer better Christian person and that he was finding God in three ways you I want to assure you there is nothing that you are you may not use a even nothing well you know this is one of the major thing that the that I have a confession of God I was not a father would get it down why a little girl going through that anger toward God and because my unbelief I believe that God was in work because there is not that legitimate and yet I'm interested now know God will move my farewell is not William and I were driving home I've been in love and I think the guy he is being at home with his greater purpose you see had it right overarching that he wants to drink when you and you and he will reveal his love no money you are alive not even narrow and down I am going to college my purpose of revealing my character and my name all the nation though there were I know very well now the night was the revealing inherent anyway yeah him and him are published on her bed while he went directly to God willing it is not perfect and shall continue why went on my begin on University Byfield with Hitler Bonfield Lindenberg I feel that I even need you to write gone work is great that you know no matter what choice you made when you go along with modern you will accomplish the purpose he will love you I love his first great goal is reveal his last volume is you well but even while greatly in the United workers and all working for you is when you and you and I love you sit home and is now happening to my United regional but God meant it for good by using the name is Randy why don't you even know what well do that just do not give them and get them into the man mighty faith in our nothing that you are you will be in someone what do you resolve you are writing a contract and leave humble yourself before you are about one mile remember that healing is wrong not to think that you know you want when you today and you won't be healing today just like physical healing emotional healing work that way I want her white event when terrible pain in my the first thing you need it again that's over talking right now about the is my computer again the second thing that injures us in other people 's him him him him him him is our own in I didn't know you are you thinking that Oregon are on live with the person either somewhere along the way that he started sending unfairly chose to become an abuser when they were viewed by anybody else write no and are committed again in her heart and the weakness pain in her heart third there is the result of living in the world three branch called in the road is coming down the road Oppenheimer beginning harder than all of the Clinton diamond icon will now that's a result of living and sinful world people get hurt not well I can't even think of them first revealing a way to deal with problem volume or morning using the native people the meeting where no matter what you like and all broken and will not tell you in Hong Kong independently on the actual of my weekend leaving the beautiful gift and I feel so horrible and now you make it right or speculative fashion we can think about anything out I both of those things when I was about ten years old when my friend and I are talking out of mine he was also in the background and we just can't believe her I mean an annual publication in front of all the time and giggling with her acting and and you know you you need a little thing out as easily have been so happy to rely one but that actual eviction because that's really what I wanted in a very early age what permanent when or am I really worked to learn new ways of thinking not be feeling and thinking about you and he and I was demanded by our thinking about the door if we were to be on author Sunday we had a whole rate plan organize together nineteen eighty three when we write novels you know that we would than all the new nonromantic and Dori the Indian threat whatever you know is not that we are engaged in the very real and very much involved today my friend Bill and continually post on Facebook that young file sexual images when in bondage and why island and the strong sexual innuendos and she has all the guys all over them right back against the remark though painful even if you want an opinion to my friend and I had a lifetime together in the last twenty five years but I think very different track and time and she had as both of both of our live in Cleveland the easier it is a highlight in my life he learned not in her life not though you will find that Hill is at hand but when the income from special of using often people are pendulum that point between the two normal depression or suicidal tendencies and insider will issue neither all that decide the pendulum depression and anxiety are both legal and moving on the life anxiety and when I try to be God take care of everything make my life and what it should be yet I can write people who are reading out about going into elevators are driving over bridges and whenever they want to be full of life and in those moments are what make them feel they're not in control depression and when you now I call you might have I hope the memory of them I believe my not believe anybody believe that anybody must not take personal interest in my life is my thing down I'm not number of hairs on my head in the tournament anxiety need to meditate on God 's haired infinitely about what you believe in the nineteen care that will deal with the anxiety is depression often result from you feeling that nobody like me when you are doing things right nothing will ever get behind the dark hole I wish I were dead also and really right in the meantime felt we really are not being that the blood of Jesus and in fact I hate I'm not an golf patient anxiety or spend a lot of money they feel terrible because they struggle with depression you know maybe from a chemical imbalance may not be getting these well-meaning exercise are there a lot of complex problems depression anxiety Haitian they look at life Biblical way do not believe in God including that is not believe that he can lead my life when I don't feel like you uncoated idolatrous relationship the big problem many people and even reluctant as well the most of them in the wrong answer and they don't deal with the fundamental idolatry may not want you are you the jealous God is not one of your heart you will be able to write homosexuality many times show view can be traced down to the roots of homosexuality I am in the November cutting out ministries of Brenda and anything I I recognize that you may not be homosexuality when you know it will help our effect on those who are with me on a figure here weighing my him you are anybody on here okay with my head when I I want to harm my friend you know I felt proud of my friends who are willing and not here and say hey I had to remove McNally it was the Margaret Mead again they are I think I can review my homosexuality had been even worse people alike oh you were lucky my children with new uniting yet is not encouraged and friendly and wrong three others who are working with them as they gone and the reason homosexuality they can find not that people reason special election smiling and gone and never intimated my problem is that will allow you not love that people read and then his whole goal in the plan of redemption you know I think one of the keys and really didn't understand emotional healing and physical healing sometimes when I'm dealing with a person I don't have very long to talk with them to help them get rid of what's actually going on with emotional healing I have to revert to his youth illustration of the physical healing and emotional healing because you don't know anybody in you can look at the left is not an easy physical healing can understand how you feel your heart as well with the physical healing if I break my leg or something okay I was about to face the problem when he tried to walk on the broken leg and independent work out well when you realize needing a problem if they can hurt you keep walking on my way then I remember when I got my Gmail and I didn't get my thought that nail right away into the him him I thought that now other than a very mind I developed a raging believe that he write in my big how area but he was the only just want right and right by the joint of my big mouth on my right and and came back rude but they didn't go all the way through but there was really that much we know there is little fully healed over and hand everyone around it will and I like there is anything wrong with the way I want the people you really believe anything wrong in I learned I have become like your fine okay though I can't walking I kept going to work in class however so I keep going and then I had my features as they can't do this anymore freezing much like really worrying is trying to know you really hurt so I went to the doctor he tried to land the lead in the gaming antibiotic thinking as well I ended up going hungry one of the beginning of the end of the nuclear when I went back here and now things are getting worse I could not walk around my foot was really hurting me I think that the doctor I really need to go to the doctor is now becoming a doctor can't make money your mind given the fine know it's really not working really not mine I might hear and believe me they continue to Doctor Phil finally after several days and that you have any business or land by high if you're still in pain after that will be the doctor though I finally got through the leaves we believe that Doctor the doctor took one look and you negatively that is now why is having a problem is long gone at issue because I didn't allow me to tell me you've got to do something and even when I realized I needed to do something I remember right away in hospital with Ivy and I and you and I believe is going on here later when I was about five dozen I finally believe that my life is the yeah yeah when we ignore the pain caused by the infection is to get work there's no use taking painkillers when you've got a brain tumor agent deal with the issue writing when you are dealing with the issue then the pain should go away you haven't got to the root of the issue of what happened with Doctor McMichael and my family didn't get all the way to the root of the issue is honoring many people in a barnyard and I remember dad are now well and why is that bad you read out by having an intimate relationship with anybody maybe there's an evening out with you now we can help them whether they feel is their something that we are living in a month now and again you can go on the DL for thinking that not putting your money on but when an infection in my bed that will then in fashion he is very nearly twenty years later if you haven't gotten rid of in fact if every that are there for fear anger working on something like that going to hold you back from ever being able to be healthy and normal functioning with that part of your life though pain and physical process works in the faith the problem and we have to treat the one that all hoping that him well you must consciously make choices not the enemy on not reading then not be better but not in time incapable of getting even with a mini unit when I realized it was a tremendous relief now that my mobile life going you didn't need now I never be free all you know and can relax a long time to go on the Internet and consequently live joyfully in the front line mining real milk actually knowing God is God God will either bring my grandfather to repent and need replacing before the dynamic drumming that might happen to understand the magnitude and direction meaning that I exactly have on the view that I know they not capable of doing the war if he didn't refinance then not getting when you are going much better job than any human being no we don't need any prison into the glare of the vindictive even when you are about to blow raise the level of the person that you even when eventually come along way in my healing process I want money wow you know I cannot hold my infringement then but that's like saying I hate what she didn't know much damage when you're spot on my in your voice is that all of my heart because of what you admire my grandmother is and I just struck me as really illogical I bought a much better way to get even with him to join the Lord by fighting him with all my strength and that approach that approach broadly feeling of freedom remember that infection let that continue to prop instruction in your spinning then again you try him I know not finding trying over and over to get you to be whenever in the Navy when I'm really not wanting a half and then you better let God be God 's don't try and make him he sometimes is very allowed by your network is now known he is not really living imprisoned item into the brothers to play then he works safely forgotten by all of the horrible as a result greatly get thrown into prison because a lot of the flood of division needed even though bitterly on every right and and yeah when the butler and Baker are in prison advantage of the fugitive found in that person mountain and Jasmine approached Lincoln he trusted God and your God to heal us from the other people in remember that the only problem is usually not anything I continue we show you new way five your life new way new ways to believe that he really is not in new ways to surrender your heart and you know that profit take forever in the hospital for two days if I like to meet I hated lying there not being in feeling seemed like forever in many kinds of the ego by Wyatt indicated that if he really were out of luck surely you get it over with quickly but the journey is beautiful when you get learning more and more deeply on emotional healing just like with him problem we must treat the loan and also prevent heart CLR in the end of the month and then left to fester one thing that instruction that either the views you want to keep on giving you within your mind the rest of your life like you let go I read and healing in the process requiring repentance and forgiveness in our own on forgiveness for the person who is in a hurry to leave the Lord is sorry that I didn't believe in work is that you are not of love had me doubting I want to help me believe that you are made by that is often enough to jump start the healing and my emotional freedom the journey is the nation realize the Bible says in Mark four twenty eight first the blade then a year after that both morning and afternoon on crop growth called vacation and your healing forgiving giving you an vacation you don't need to be perfect before not too many people live interview on session about everything together I mean you know I really didn't do now is the out now you don't have to forget how the time but even if I get things of God you will understand more and more deeply lifted off that you need and how much time you thought word and all about renewing the Barnhart Law is a you really are doing everything we do now my lord I really do feel like they know how I need to go out and knock on doors we got my name him myself thereafter furthermore ungrateful man I really made a big difference out there who think nobody am certain that the mouth by the way promoted and ending at five the general knowledge I get back but that that redemption he will keep happening and more including reasonable how do you want to change any of your images they used anywhere don't just read it the only people of interviews on how to just reading the Bible finally we read that he meditated on anything out of it they are all in incident and then underneath as the days until I get closer to God don't do that that is going to make you feel like you're sitting as I work on the closing on every thirty chapters and now gone one uses the drug is remembered as I want to know you want to love you love me with God wants you need immediate haircolor does the short story is that I think about what would it be like the around of Jesus how he related that person is early in my life who I'm nominating right way to meet you guys physically our life I thought the resulting morning by morning and will and he is very right here you will is a very related as you lovingly and the disrespectful attitude toward families involved on the phone was an dream feel guilty visiting the moment I'm allegedly not like the process is to show you one more way that you need to forget that you need to let go and you probably don't realize it wasn't me I wanted the RI and him her in I want to remind him in the final that he may not never really thought about the condominium on me when I realized that not long ago pain is not the enemy importing the Bible and the enemy then is the enemy what is a mildly amusing if you are living in a world where there is no thought you just look up and you realize that evolution is true creation of all there is no God been here for millions of years in broad it was reality what would be the purpose in life United enjoyed it but he can try that with me as I call him and then everything under the fun would be the only things that are important in pain and the enemy because I know that men and not an end in the enemy and our goal is not in it would be if everything about everything our goal is not our goal is one thing you mean actually is one that will deliver because only the way that I is around that kind of evil effect had been paid I think people are now motivational real-life how much we need God is that significant undelete it makes that one believe that John is not an daughter named parents reflecting unconditional love their children but when they misrepresent God they worked their children and work and less ability to talk about it earlier this children as God unloving way that will happen to you if you believe it about my him I really can't figure his children when he emotional broken they are impervious we are facing massive evangelistic right world and become very people that you want more were living in a fraction I were hardly any families are really our only united and laughing the city reflecting on one and all who really were in my address have broken with the other people think again right gone common than those suffered other people then that when my father my mother as they need and the Lord will take the kids up even with just gone talking about when parents abandon their children are meeting on you but I realized that I gone one in any way that your parents are significant caregivers and let you down there but Israel is not you you want me you want to have anything to you in one figure who I am but not my words and that he gave his life to see when I'm feeling like I do worship me not only to take it away that means that no good reason for Virginia ignores nearing me but not limited to I think from happening and then uses that can accomplish in an online many other I like you cannot give the illustration for another presentation that I think it down into this evil warmth of the water and yet your drive and in the home we walked back around our part gone I did like that water with their season-long light of the brand pray and read the Bible and him I know he had we had a bag of unbelief around our heart we know not of my thing God doesn't give me one thing God does that make anything you struggled with the feeling by one hundred and who he really is and what I do not using the word of God Scripture through that I believe how I not leave now and like really how do we feel one person can follow in finding emotional a feeling the first thing that I would recommend you do a significant truth to yourself many people can't admit it to themselves let alone the daughter of the people I personally said when the Lord miraculously managed to the counselor I never went on and the most human thing he did for me was the reasoning I read that in a way that you would understand after years of telling you the was a little rain you know like people who inventor of you thought often do you bring out many years ago I think that Michael McMahon my story I couldn't help from behind the goal here of the difficult meet again were not just the same unless you and you and you are and he helped me understand you need to admit to yourself what you think you need to write down what happened to me years to be able to literally make actually write out the word when you think now what is the main word anyone out to tell the story of what happened but when I finally could do that it was the reading of healing learning him very difficult for you how you are more difficult to make even more damaging Morgan Wilhelm back unashamed feeling but I hear right now or upon one it will help you designate as well I really want to the alien and strange in that person is it can make a huge difference for a person who had admitted the truth Bible says God is within you you are in even talking a lot about you and he that but as you become uncomfortable reality is they do happen in the easier not to write anything insane drink in God 's word and prayer you may want to make a list of things that you feel that God is why don't you help that conveniently close and as you do that he'll be able to theory and integrated love you you must find good resources and healthy relationship they are terrific resources I recommend to you I won a call door of hope I can write a lot of emotional healing are some interesting background person very all of the biblical and really helped me grow in my understanding of how God feels Jan I K a and and and I are a intake door of hope then I a lot of library resources at the VEF or as a occult instrument readings and my holiday trip I highly recommend of actually working on her they lined the front that the viewing images on the group actually even about how to become my life meaning and wrong on this also one called among us about helping prevent sexual abuse of children on many people live in the him they are alive when there's a problem and leave them be very helpful and help me understand why now this really is not okay and identifying the pattern of the way that person to be sexually abused by my biblical counselor I hesitate to recommend that sometimes is because there's so many counselors out there that do much more harm than good I didn't even see him and his big ideas behind reading profanities and visibility his anger out on the bottom of the inning on a there are very strong biblical will help you in on just being able to talk with someone who understand and can share speculating healthy I believe he a clear perspective though how will the group fears of countless people who can help you work through the night with their jumpers and when understanding of these the Navy really discouraging to try and get the help they really don't understand how the patient asked the Lord to guide you and I'm feeling the need to meet other people who can reflect you got love that will help you to get away from what perspective what whether a parent has somehow been then again you helped me a lot in my time reading the church community of believers to reflect on one another and on you can also e-mail me we have I heart there is not on DART CHI are even in our ministry partners .com I am very immediate and monovalent midnight Friday evening on about anything that you're going to ruin and leave the Emily Weaver uses the resources of the way you are in your area the main thing now is that God is I hear him everything is going through I have Councilman Dominic Nathan and the need for sexual health thirteen hundred and twenty on the common feeling that is not really a meeting viewing online I want to assure you God is he is there with you we understand you are and he will be with you New Jersey is fighting going to having our prayer time now this had him in the computer problem I've appreciate the time I know we spent a little long to hear that you find this study valuable and the AU something that we don't often talk about but we need to believe the one in with where I want to announce again tomorrow at eleven thirty will have an anointing you welcome to come to that anointing but for right now we want in on the on a positive grade is a lot of the CSO this morning we came up to the front of his mother the space I think to do that so what I want to encourage you to do you would like to deal with us you might see I'm not very good sing I have other talents but if you wouldn't mind seeing into my hots and witness and then as we do that if we went having to do we can have a common grin and name just gather with people in your road and continue the precision after that putting together so feel free to the meal wherever you are and if this is always if you have someone next to you that you know when it's appropriate to feel free to put your arm around them is not been done him we since no need for you so before we begin operating time we just ask that you come into our hearts we bring the healing that you promised thank you for the healing that you brought into Nicole 's life and I'm just thrilled that and how you voice such overwhelming feeling that way we were afraid when we got married use fifty and an end you created a new fresh page that has been wonderful to build on thank you Lord for this and now we pray that you sent come into our hearts that you step into the lives and help us to experience that feeling again the things of which he is as you will enjoy praise I know that many people he is the universe flow only need to cling to they go through this community is claimant for helping me know you are probably close your short and should save anything we pray that you will fulfill you made promises that she will bring through these trials and the meaning finding the truth this is thanks to you this message is she wisely him him seemed to inspire young vibrant and viable mates price-sensitive Christians the downloadable but just the resources this is online and CYC when I


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