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How to Receive the Final Seal of God's Salvation

Roy Gane


How can I be sealed by the Holy Spirit? Discover the answer to this all-important question as you delve into Ezekiel 9, the Elijah message in Malachi 4, and the Three Angels' Messages of Revelation 14.


Roy Gane

Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Languages at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a father in heaven and this is necessary but as a storm is gathering we had a guy take us through the storm we need to be ready to know that it's coming so we don't lose heart we know that you're still in control teach us Lord to walk by faith and not by sight and when we don't see support beneath our feet up is to realize that your holding us up we earnestly desire the gift of your spirit so that we can truly be your servants and as such we can receive your seal we know that we received your seal as believing Christians who want a special measure of that spirit giving us a special measure of closeness to your loyalty would never have before total dependence upon you humility empty of self trusting in Jesus and following his example right through to the end we had a word I go through a valley of dark shadows but as a banqueting table on the other side not just for us but for many others we want them to be there to enjoy that and above all we wanted to see your face and enjoy your presence bask in the warmth of your sunlight for all eternity in Jesus name on okay however see the final seal of God salvation we talked to him yesterday the seal of God but we're going to get more into the end time context on this quite a lot to cover so I'm going to quite fast for a bit and then will try to take some time for discussion to let you react to it okay first of all the question is how can I be sealed by the Holy Spirit that's what we want and let's go to Ephesians one thirteen fourteen mention this yesterday so I went dwell on it but all Christians are sealed by the spirit if they have truly been converted and received the Lord Jesus to listen him that is in Christ you also trust having believed you were sealed such a trust and believe that through the same thing isn't it their faith in Jesus and if you have faith in Jesus you trust and belief then you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise okay we believe the so we have the Holy Spirit is not a matter of coming energy white cedar find the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit finds us infected numbers eleven when the seventy elders received some of the spirit was on Moses in order to assist him in his work the command went from Moses to come to the central or seventy elders were supposed to come to the sanctuary of their sixty eight of them had received the spirit but two of them stayed away they were back on now I thought maybe they were perhaps rebellious or something like that but apparently they felt unworthy to receive the spirit and to participate in the leadership of Israel with Moses so they stayed back at their test back in the encampment of income to the sanctuary that we know their names even L dad and me that I like those names are sutured Gaddis in Israel -based back on and you know what Holy Spirit found them when they were okay so if you're thinking well I'm limited I have to go to a certain place I got regarded UNC am going to go zero Pioneer Memorial charge-offs or someplace on the go to receive the spirit there know the Holy Spirit can go anywhere and will find you where you are and I love the response of Moses when Joshua came rushing up to any set of Moses it's terrible to put a stop to this that guys are prophesying out there in the gap that's not following protocol that was posted from the center is with me prophesy out there Moses says don't worry Joshua I just wish that at every point in Israel had the spirit so they could prophesy no ethnicity there is there is a true leader is not a manager just in the sense of a say but when we have to follow things exactly in this little box and if things are a little bit out of control than that's dangerous it was awful on my authority now he lets this if the spirit is in charge everything is okay so if the spirit gets is doing some rather unexpected things okay then the rest of the function should really worry about that if it's really the spirit of as the true spirit that we know that their full spreads with the test the spirits according to the word but sometimes the spirit moves us out of our comfort zone in fact that is the precise genius of the spirit of the spirit impels us with love that's poured into our hearts so that we do move out of our comfort is because it's our comfort zone folks it is keeping the work from getting done right it was only when the disciples stepped out of their comfort zone they left out actually they were pulled out and drag up the Holy Spirit that they were doing things that were unheard of and as a result of the work really went forward so that creature in heaven according to Paul Goslin the generation that's what we want to happen okay now there's a special one-time ceiling with red as yesterday the angel is coming from the east having the seal of the living God seal of the living God other gods have ownership and there are seals and marks in fact in no Revelation chapter thirteen is another kind of Mark of another thought is not a living God it's the mark of the beast right the people worship and that is not the seal of the living God this is very significant see the living God means all other gods are not really true living God 's early is utterly the living God is regarding for my life in fact his his personal name the personal name of God is what Jehovah is the way it's badly transliterated probably closer to the way we don't exactly know how to pronounce it but we know from looking at the form the way it looks like I can feel that his closet to form from the verb to be leaving the one who causes to be what is not me the creator not only the living God but the God who gives life that's why so significant in the first Angels message in Revelation fourteen six and seven worship him who made the made to the creator of heaven and earth the sea and felt what parts of the seal of the living God comes done harm the earth such seal the trees to keep back Angels you for Angels the four winds of heaven that those four wins so the we don't have this destruction in this time of trouble until we have a chance to seal these people is important at the ceiling happened before that terrible time why because once everyone busts loose and it's very very difficult to do the gospel work in fact on the time of trouble is after Michael stands upright in Daniel twelve Michael is the cause of probation so we want the service of going to be sealed and meanwhile the Angels are standing at the four winds which of the four directions North South East and West under just what you can see the strain was a little sweating is a topic that I think is what all is not always forces on it just try to go to wipe everyone else so that Satan can have the victory he can sweep up this huge harvest and take it within the help we don't tell is not a place it's both really is is is an event it's the whole surface of planet Earth so he wants to wake everyone up the garden once to save whom he can and the silliest part of that process we mentioned yesterday that the hundred and forty four thousand that means a perfect symmetrical holy war Army that his commissions to do God 's work okay and here's not for killing it's for saving life how to be sealed that now notice what I marked in blue that how can I be sealed trust belief servants of our God so how can you be sealed trust and believe in Jesus but and be a servant of God that's how to be sealed your to be a servant of God as a servant of God that means that at any given point in history you follow his directions and you follow his commands that's what service do they follow their other master 's commands right so they can knows any different at different times in history jumping God said to Moses that in his people good going to the promised land before that God had said to Abraham in Genesis twelve left I was clear was that for once you get going and going to a land that I will show you so he got going he was a servant of God Ron Caleb and Joshua God had told him that they could join the promised land they followed God 's directions his command he believed and trusted safe those things are crucially the trustable imminent in order to follow him obey him on the assortment you can't have one without the other and so they trust and obey him they went in to the promise what that's exactly what we want to do we'll get to that a little bit more later so that's how to be sealed it's not some complicated thing it's not some religious hocus-pocus or theological mumble jumble how to be sealed trust believe in Jesus let him carry you through all the way and you will be a servant of God excepting where he does not see a lot of people worry about perfection that we need you to get to that little bit later how do we how we gain perfection as a whole theology of the final generation that says that you need to be perfect in your works and not sending any more before Jesus comes okay so we're getting get to that but I'll just mention here this point that the big issue is if you trust and believe in Jesus he will do for you and in you what needs to happen he will do it okay so you don't have to worry about doing it yourself it's he is the one who doesn't I'm a wife or started to teach a Pacific Union College I mentioned yesterday that I received that job by by fun on my birthday after waiting a not knowing where I was go to end up I finished a PhD and graduated from University of California Berkeley with a PhD in Hebrew Bible and I got to within two and a half weeks before the school year started and I didn't have a job which is doing construction and landscape maintenance and even telemarketing is a tough job on just to make a living so I can keep on supporting my lot had a wife and baby daughter sixty six months old and I got to within two and a half weeks of the school year at PUC I got a phone call I've been applying for jobs in Oakland places the last place I wanted to work I was in the admin assistant for various reasons that hasn't had some rough experiences and so but I think the one had a sense of humor and he looked down from heaven above and he was chuckling away apparently he has a score company on my birthday talk about exquisite timing and I'm ready I'm ready for a job at a point so I get this job over the phone and I start teaching eighteen to twenty -year-olds at Pacific Union College and it was a job really you just as I was replacing the adjustment they wanted me to teach great and I just finished a doctorate in his study great as well what I didn't tell my dirty little secret was I I was I did my Greek study when I was about fifteen sixteen when my dad was a great teacher back in college and so when I started teaching recovers using notes that I did when I was fifteen but I ha ha so that was digital life and teachings of Jesus and these were students I discover this is front-line evangelism Ireland's future that is called but these were students from normally administered background solid advertisement also very Laodicean and loosen nonetheless and also a lot of nominally non- address some monotonous Christians or non-Christians from America but also on non-Christians from all around the Pacific Rim Buddhists especially okay so articulate my confusing teachings of Jesus to this wide spectrum of people and I just finished a doctor in Hebrew I'm teaching New Testament understanding of the door the seven Broderick Crawford understanding of the door outside before just going classroom resources are two more Herne one needs to happen here but whatever it is you make it happen I I I didn't realize my total dependence was resting on my PhD Art walk on things I just needed him and he made it happen you really did not he made it happen it was that it was a miracle okay so if we trust in him he's got character now God 's faithful ones are protected if they have the seal of God by the Holy Spirit when we had a bit here and the fifth angel sounded the trumpet this is the fifth trumpet Revelation cannot I get into an exegesis of the trumpets goes frankly on criminal Testaments however how it really got into this that much but this one point I want to show you this for important I saw star fallen from heaven earth and was given the key of the bottomless pit the open the bottomless pit smoke arose out of it like smoke break first then out of the smoke locusts came upon the to them was given power as the scorpions reattempt how sounds pretty bad right and John they were commanded not to harm the grass of the earth or any green thing or any tree but only those men who do not have the seal of God on their four hits so what's the still doing it's protecting the people of God right what were his family is this trumpet is is referring to an event to get into whether its historical or the future abode for all that the point is it's obviously a judgment from God of these trumpet seven of them were proclaiming the end of this the world as we know it is right at the end got the second coming of Christ and economize you the trumpets outside Jericho I sometimes around and then they shall sometimes blow the trumpet sometimes right now what happens the wall flat so it's like the earth is Jericho and these trumpets are getting close to the demolition of planet Earth civilization as we know it on as we know it I'm sure to forego better civilization Karmanos is having that done something that's so he said to Mahatma Gandhi who I greatly admire they said to Mahatma Gandhi what is that what you think of Western civilization and Gandhi replied I think it would be a cool idea okay him are so its protection now let's go Ezekiel and here in Ezekiel nine we find a terrifying scenario this is really frightening was having was Ezekiel and had a vision he was taken from where he was in Babylonia as he was one of the captives remember but he was taken in vision and transported like levitated over to to Jerusalem he saw the abominations were going on there the Temple and there were people worshiping the sun with their backs to Temple door Ellison sewing insight leaders there was mostly leaders of the nation they were inside the temple there worshiping all of these these different kinds of creatures I never wondered what that was about always the animals and things my wife is doing her PhD dissertation at the University of California Berkeley on the topic of composite creatures in ancient Babylonian art trade and these composite creatures are like those creatures of these guys looking at and John what are they represent their lichen like in Daniel seven it's beasts native commendations in one kind of animal in another kind of an animal or person in that window it would bolt as it aligns with wings in Alaska's what my wife is found is that those creatures represent in that ancient religion demons or cause generally means so these guys are involved in essentially a cold worship your occultist witchcraft and old Microsoft spiritism and in fact we know from Deuteronomy thirty two and from first Corinthians ten thousand pagan worship is really the worship of demons when the wind that explicitly so on first personal distant that the sacrifices to pagan gods are sacrifices to demons the pagan gods are demons on our president in the other of three million dollars everyone was in my wife used to live there and also in apologies witness what that's all about so this is of a very scary thing to mess around with pagan religion and there a lot of new pages in this country is becoming more and more pagan pasture that other people have the God of hot money or the God of this a lot of that some people actually resurrecting these are cold characters and when my wife is going online sometimes to look up the names of some of these demons she just went website she just wants some scholarly information about the ancient demon and what she pulls up is some modern occult site through his Google search that these people are actually involved in interacting with these that really freaks her out so just to let you know what's going on others some of the same forces and simple intelligences around that have been around for very long time okay so in any case that's what they were doing and then there were women who were waiting for Thomas Thomas was doing Lizzie is the Sumerian name and Thomas was a later than one unit and he was a a God who was supposed to according to the myth I die and rise again to emulate the cycle of nature it's essentially nature worship and only talks about the results of nature worship and profits against the story of the larger nature worship is very degrading debasing because human beings want to lower themselves instead of being made in the image of God they want to lower themselves to become my creatures or worshiping creatures which puts them lower than the creatures and then they lose accountability and everything is just doing what comes naturally and sing takes charge of the nasty things that's what's happening a lot in America today and in the world okay so here you have a lot stopped suddenly six men come from the direction of the upper gate faces North each with his battle ax in his one men from among them was clothed with linen and had a writers Inc. one of the sites are described Jesus Christ in the ancient near Eastern find some blogs are represented as scribes for example going on to the Senate from Margaret to synagogue was ascribed God was so in the beer festival of a certain argon S non- shake in the engineer 's very early she had ascribed gone who would record the the verdicts in the deeds of the judgments and sort of the people that were under her care okay so it's quite similar you have judgment going on and here you have a supernatural being but it's an angel is not noted on another God and this Angel is going to be keeping track keeping track in this case of new is going to be killed into my judgment they wanted and stood beside the bronze altar at the Temple known the glory of the God of Israel had gone up from the chair of word abuse to the threshold of the Temple see what's going on here in the in these chapters of Ezekiel is that the presence of God is the party from his house it's like Jesus later said when he left the Temple for lost time he says your house is left unto you desolate read what he said earlier my father 's house my Robert L Shawn called a house of prayer so he identified with it it's my father 's house my house right now it's your health it's no longer my house shall be left then you definitely what happens when the God the deity no longer resides among his people those people are left without protection the next phase destruction upon that Temple and upon the people that's what's coming here okay so the glory of the Lord of the visual component for the cherub wording to the throttle and the next that we find in the later in this whole scenario in Ezekiel he goes up to the mount of olives and then departs from there and it reminds you of Jesus on the mount of olives looking out over Jerusalem his beloved city of his chosen people and waving and saying O Jerusalem Jerusalem whether they let me gather you like and other subjects you okay and he called to the man clothed with linen who had a rise in quarterly side and the Lord said to go through the midst of the city through the midst of Jerusalem and put a mark mark or seal the same thing right basically it's a mark of ownership on the forehand see that's what we get in Revelation seven your number that a sealless port on the forehand this is Hebrew of course that was great and it's essentially the same I guess your mark on the four heads of the men that is the people of the men and women is in Hebrew on masculine is the generic gender and it identifies what kind of people who sigh and cry over oil upon the nations that are done with it in other words they are not doing the abominations do not approve any of the abominations but a fair out of harmony with those abominations there in harmony with God so God has a faithful remnant people there unnoticed it's not enough it's not enough to not be doing the abominations that is the doctors noticed right else until you this will not be doing is to be very much upset by the because of you just love doing on a survey that school for your there approving of them by your silence thing but here people to sign why are they not speaking out more loudly trespass their tried and will be killed within the prophets were doing anything and it's amazing the lengths to which God went to wake up his people in fact the ultimate was with Ezekiel himself this guy is you what happened finally just as an object lesson to his people of the way they were to lose their beloved temple God can residual one Danny said tonight your wife is going to die your wife is going to die he gave Ezekiel a few hours to say goodbye to his beloved wife it just take her immediately you mercifully gave her a few hours but then took the life of Ezekiel 's white just as object was not that she done anything better with the divine judgment nothing like that that's one of the hazards of being a prophet that some you don't it's an occupational hazard I got some occupational hazard he thought his wife to John as so it was just other people and that it was not allowed to mourn the stupid because God was trying to teach his people he is the prophet speaking forgot all you want is that what happened this is signifying you are going to experience what I've experienced but it's currently the Temple for the people that is how loudly God was leading the industry out of this tremendous love you coming right up to the brink stop I tried every way he could but they kept on going okay so it's a mark of protection now to the others he suddenly hearing go after you this until the winter ice bear any utterly slight old and young men and maidens and little children women but do not come near anyone on whom is the market and begin at my sanctuary wanted to get in my sanctuary is that's where the leaders were who are no better who were leading their people strangely find the same kind of dynamic in numbers chapter twenty five first versus one following that was a buckle or veiled PR is for its generally pronounced but I pronounce you what hope or okay the veil of your okay with the people then transgressed the guidelines altering immorality and it was the leader is the limited and Moses said inverse fourth numbers twenty five God told Moses to execute the leaders that there was a plague and adjustment layer but it was the leaders who were to bear the brunt of this they had to offer responsibility of having leather people astray on the soap to be a leader is a huge responsibility and event you demonstrate a stiff backdoor attempt gotten for your that in order to view if you maybe need to get some orthopedic work spiritual peak work to strengthen your spine I soon G.I. worked to strengthen your debts before you go into this of course is gone it gives that strength right now but but you got it decided to follow him it is a liable wishy-washy leadership in the world in general I'm guessing in general integrate very broad sense where people are trying to lead by the polls on what people want right and that's what happened to people like Jeroboam where he once right now he was going on what went when people wanted other people but not what God wants and how he only explicitly the leaders of just a follower okay so they began with the elders who before the Temple on terrible terrible thing but those who were in harmony with God were completely safe and secure they were reminiscent by now though are the final faithful ones will learn about some of the dynamics you need to trust and believe and you need to be a servant of God obeying his commands be willing to go where he tells you and you need to the in harmony with him out of sync with the corruption of this world that's what we know about Seo people so far but now who are the final faithful ones these are people who go through a special experience in special plan the final generation of the present era of loyal people who live to see Christ's second coming they go through unique and fun events preceding the second coming and they have a special express with God that enables them to deal with these events so let's look at what they go through the special experience they have in the process of being the believing servants of God are the last date established by the local time prophecy as agent forty four any generation following that can be the final generation quite my grand parents were in Australia and they got married back in the nineteen twenties and the word discussing between themselves whether they should even have children at all because Christ was coming so soon they knew that a generation following eighteen forty four can be the final generation so I'm here because they decided to go ahead and occupied July has sought a when the gospel has has witness to the whole world then the end will do we know exactly when the second coming will be yes we know when the second coming will be it will be when the gospel is going to the whole world that's when that's when the end will come so no date setting though using mathematical calculations from the Bible to determine the second will rock your help on what other things like no day setting but this is what we need to keep an eye out and out and I was in explosion of the gospel going to the world but we need a much greater explosion much greater churches just accomplish this world in a fast time if you just do the math look at the statistics and Sylvia a very long time or even where we're not quite keeping up with population explosion original worldwide now of course this verse says that it's not when everyone is baptized in the world okay when we have what seven billion Seventh-day Adventists and what it says is when the gospel when this gospel of the kingdom has been praised as a witness site where have people have an opportunity to know has everybody had an opportunity to note that the answer to that is not there still unreached pockets and large groups and knowledge that it's not just a matter of hearing about Christ but it's hearing the full pure undiluted gospel the end time present true gospel that's what needs to happen and there's a lot of work to be done but of course now we have incredible means to reach everyone yesterday we had to go door-to-door in places like New York City and has a lot of doors a lot of doors that were open but now we have a Facebook and twitter and alloy things that we can penetrate anywhere this is no place account don't except maybe some places where it's banned on the China electronic control of the Raven having trouble there okay so that's when the end is coming when the gospel has gone the whole world now let's take this seriously and enjoy generation following eighteen forty four can be the final generation Ella White died in nineteen fifty she was born in eighteen twenty seven the year that Beethoven died in the you're the ones born July ninety fifteen which is three years after the Titanic went down and the second year of World War I during her lifetime she lived during the Victorian era circle when people were quite euphoric believing that science and technology was to make life better and better and better I wouldn't newly religious progress until all the world would be at peace and prosperity that bubble was pricked by World War I and Ellen White view she predicted that these were coming people were however not realizing the full extent of that until these things started to happen she died in ninety fifteen on seven California she said that Christ could return during her lifetime if his people had cooperated in doing the gospel work now if you haven't seen the following statements by a white you're in for a bit of a shock look at this had addressed out to the great disappointment in eighteen forty four held fast their faith and followed on the nightly in the opening on the providence of God receiving the message of the third angel in the power of the Holy Spirit proclaiming it to the world they would have seen the salvation of God the one word of what mightily but with their efforts the work would be completed and Christ would have come to air this that means that for this to receive his people to their reward so what do they fail to do health that if and how fast the faithful and on unitedly receiving the message of the third angel who is significant the power of the Holy Spirit city that's what was lacking that's what we need in order for the work to be completed that's pretty profound as okay let's get going that by the way is in eighteen eighty three she said that before my grandparents were born but it appears of doubt and uncertainty that followed the disappointed that he vehemently was yielded their faith thus the work was into the world left darkness sin because the gospel could burn the whole world to become whole and as one united upon the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus where does that come from revelation fourteen verse twelve F the third Angels message right how widely different would be our history here's another one at the church of Christ done our appointed work as the Lord ordained the whole world would be before this I be worn in the Lord Jesus would come to our earth in power and great glory eighteen ninety eight my grandmother was two years old okay and the purpose of God being carried out by his people and giving the world the message of mercy Christ would air this have come to the earth the saints were received and welcomed instead of God nineteen hundred gigolos this is once she says it repeatedly they okay both before and after eighteen eighty eight by the way if every watchmen on the walls design I given the trumpet a certain sound the world like Edison for the message warned that the work is used by one that have swept Satanists March upon us sounds like the ten virgins right how many of them slept all of the all of them slept okay this is nineteen nine six years before she died I wonder they convince you gods people go through triumph of the revived papacy and its allies that was already beginning to take place back in a white state and if you don't see that happening today then where you been go hunting just the picture of just the picture of the funeral of John Paul II with one to three American presidents bowing before his casket now six members of the Supreme Court are Catholic three or Jewish in the Protestant is the first one will be a Protestant on the Supreme Court in the total history of the Supreme Court in the two hundred plus year history of the United States or whether the eleven Catholics on the Supreme Court six of those the majority of those are on right now we're seeing all kinds of events there is no Ronald Reagan established a though is Ambassador to the Vatican from the United States and so on there's a lot of stuff going on that is taking shape you can see this in Daniel eleven forty to forty three will get into the details of Daniel eleven but it's for assessing this a lot of argument about yourself is pretty much agreement on the capable the papacy okay papacy and its allies enforcing false worship using this in Daniel eleven also Revelation thirteen and we see that this is coming as well in fact in so-called Christian Europe to go to Europe to go to the church 's leadership finally people there but but it's regarded us as Christian you find that there are starting to be something laws now that is already coming in there all kinds of pressures involved in this sort of thing we can see it coming and also the means to do it of course economic coercion in Revelation thirteen that we could buy or sell unless they have the mark of the beast I and are we seeing ways that technology could make it possible you are absolutely used to be you can stop anyone from buying selling as Iran which is trading and bartering was using cash but it's getting to the place where a person 's economic viability can just be shut down I God 's response how is the response responded these challenges worldwide proclamation of his last appeal messages which includes the judgment messages with three angels well right now one relation and converse for when away in an ancient Babylonian text it's a text about the purification of part of the great temple of God market and babbling it was the part that was the just apartment of his son who lived in another of his idol was another town or set up team of the year festival and during the rest of the year the apartment was vacant but because it was vacant they assume that it could be inhabited by demons Demon is convinced that what Jesus said he said down if a person has a demon removes and replaces swept and cleaned the demon goes away and find some more wicked than himself or brings a Mennonite they hang out there I well it's very interesting that there is a loud cry as part of the ritual to exorcise demons from this apartment of Margaret in Babel and and the date and temptation says get out you evil demon it's part of a ritual so there's a loud cry to get rid of a demon in that one what we find here we have a loud cry for God 's people to get out of that one because it's become a habitation of demons that's kind of interesting you also know much changes a lot your message of relational reconciliation will talk about the three Angels messages particular the third and Elijah message little bit later the end of Christ's heavenly sanctuary ministry of intercession judgment which is the cause of probation Daniel twelve verse one Michael stands up at the end of acts where Stephen is about to be started and he's being sent and then just before he big Dragon what he says I see Jesus standing at the right had the far right standing what was he doing standing the criticized in several passages of Scripture was Hebrews one first three papers want the Jesus sat down when he went back to have so much in doing standing up I like what more expensive years ago abusive church he said he wasn't in it take that sitting down at his sermon be under attack and that's really good and that's Joe which is deliverance we stands up but is another aspect to it to because he stands up there what is the date when he stands up when Stephen is stunned that's thirty four eighty at the end of the four hundred ninety years right so this is a close of probation this is a judgment we standing up it's all over were done without a verdict book and so he stands up pretty for the world time of trouble such as never was this is the closer probation when he did is holy let him be holy still it is felt filthy still okay so this is all going on during the lifetime of the final generation which could be us and I pray that it is us are compare the damage on Israel's Judgment Day when he is made and an end of accounting for the most holy place the tabernacle big builder he shall bring the live goat there is an and of the atonement that is the purification of the heavenly Temple and it says and then only fourteen of two thousand three hundred days then shall the century the clans but there is an end to the cleansing of sanctuary when that ends the high priestess finishes intercession are many goes and dispatches the live goat which Revelation twenty represents Satan was cast into the bottomless pit okay which is equivalent of the wilderness are so here is the end of Christ's priestly intercessory ministry for what happens during that time when he is Christ leaves essentially darkness covers the inhabitants of your in that fearful time the righteous must live in the sight of a holy God L intercessor I have never seen this before Mister ad nauseam before some of you have okay this is my question was how many have never seen the state this comment before this is the great controversy in six fourteen now this is something Mrs. had an immense impact on this this little statement that sense is that once a and it created a lot of fear and it's created will to cause reactions one is a reaction that all I needed the perfect site and then there are different theories about how we can be perfect some people say what would have perfect nature is no that's not true because we're still corruptible until the second coming according to first reviews five fifteen brother prescript is fifteen of course corruptible means morsel but that comes with everything that goes with this mortal body which includes the weaknesses in the propensities to send going faster your check and on a good but then the other reaction is the opposite direction I give up I cannot be perfect and because city is like breathing I'm endorsing a thousand times a day and so I have to adopt a different view of how justification certification works that doesn't really involve my transformation is just a legal concept that there is a how those two things go about the wrong both are in balance so how do we react to this well first of all we need to point out the limitations of the this is the time of trouble going on in the time of Jacob 's trouble but within this without an intercessor does not mean that you don't have Christ through his spirit with you it doesn't mean that you him for your prayers right need a mediator intercessor to be able to pray to God right as relation eight for one thing where the instance goes up from the hand of the angel with the prayers of the saints that time in the session isn't stopping but the point is the point is that when Christ stops his intercession for sin sinful actions and thoughts so we will be in harmony with him at that point not to what extent and how well that is up to him to let him work out the details the because if I get all obsessed with perfection and I go to be perfect and this is less that includes you a few thousand items it's going literal time and in fact it's really not just solicits its all embracing its bigger the list what God said to Abraham in Genesis seventeen verse one he said walk before me and be blameless and that works for blameless is timely it's the same with years of blood unblemished sacrificial victims were unblemished priests seek you want beforehand and be unblemished blameless in every way and those who are saved according to Revelation are blameless and how are we going to do that well if I look at myself and pushing about how perfect my enough well not totally you know over there all my yet easy as you can get really paranoid and upset and depressed executive elect Peter look at the wind and the waves look at all the obstacles you lose faith and to discourage outsourcing what I do to help with the process of Satan loves to point out your falls as it is one thing to stand in front of perfect war of liberty the mirror mirror the going gets us and allow Christ to point that out but when he points them out he gives you own way of dealing with it I met same points it out and then he says it is eventually not economize the human undertaker back in California and was Unabomber used to work for mortician who told me that the undertaker used to sign his letter is not yours truly but eventually I think you so single what's that SES is going to be the last to let you down now I had and so is looking at us accusing a Zechariah three remember the high priest Joshua and he's accusing the sink eventually mine but God takes care of the problem he looked he does the work I would have to get all paranoid about that we have to focus on following Christ wanted Caleb do according to numbers chapter fourteen God said he is going to go to the promised land because he's followed God wholeheartedly wholeheartedly total devotion total commitment wholeheartedly over what if we follow God wholeheartedly if we say as Mary said let it be to me according to your word he is going take us through he's going to do for us what needs to happen do we understand what needs to happen absolutely not just like I do know what needed to happen why stood outside the classroom I said dog fennel and his to help it just usually do what you want to do and he did so rather than getting bogged down and particularly Robinson that is impossible if you say that's impossible that God can take you through that for anyone to be saved then the next step is to deny the close probation that is the end of the judgment if there's an end of the judgment there is a beginning so if you want to do away with the end of the judgment even without the beginning you see now why so some people are just hell-bent on getting rid of nineteen forty four it's a dog will affect all has it has to do with whether you believe that he is able to keep you from falling to twenty four great you really believe he's able to do this he created the world he created you but you keep you from falling yes absolutely picky but if you don't believe that then did you start knocking out one thing after another you take down the transformation by the spirit the seal of God all that has to go closer probation has to go began to judgment has to go because nobody could be saved if that's the case and of course who proclaimed the truth of the message to the pre- Advent judgment message beginning in nineteen forty four Ellen White Ellen White then has to go see how that works and what is going on is people are not accepting the not having faith and believing that God is able to take them through and it's because of that kind of faith what is going to say to them like a cottage from there the people said when God promised them hey start with toy and they said no characters John is this human sources and their units it's the biggest places high walls and their more about more then than there are of us wouldn't have the budget of the infrastructure of the resources we would just we can do this thing and they said no were not going where afraid we ought to go back to Egypt was okay back to Egypt after the bid of one Iran in the wilderness until they all died young what was supposed to be a seminary turned out to be a cemetery pretty tragic event and so does the time and trouble and the time of Jacob or the time of Jacob 's trouble aren't addressed terrify the time of Jacob 's trouble was rather talkative Fort Collins then have to go through all the stuff for well let me place only about control on when the Oscars something that's in Genesis thirty two where was Jesus when Jacob was wrestling with the Angel of the Lord where was Jesus wrestling with an prison was Angela Lord so where was Jesus it abandoned in his in his arms as close as it can get right just remember that folks just will walk by faith and not by sight when Jesus was on the cross and he couldn't see through the portals of the two entrusted in one similar that was the word of God my God my God why have you forsaken me but the rest of that song twenty two as my Rabbi my teacher Berkeley pointed out a way who didn't believe in Jesus as Messiah pointed out that the rest of the song is becoming a triumph so that at the end God is taken through and what has gone what one has what is going on it is finished you think so but what Jesus was that he didn't have the strength to suitable son he was just saying the first words I learned that from my Rabbi sang the first words my God my God when you're forsaken the adhesives in Aramaic Lamisil for some of the funniest and they are the keepers is unlawfully uses it in error Mary so everyone could hear what Jesus is saying is think some twenty two think the whole thing they Jesus was saying I believe I'm going to through this even though right now I can't see were separated it was like an explosion goes like it the ad and is not supposed to be split as it is a unit that's like the Trinity else was to be split it's close to the marriage sort of split it's not just like a divorce it's like a splitting an atom sin country to Christ for he became sin for us you know soon became sick so that this atom of the Trinity with what was explosion in nuclear explosion itself before him as though he walked by faith and not by sight and so what are they walking by faith not by sight but he will not than us he will be with us right to the night got a comment but thank you so it was not the wrestling of rebellion against God and it was more than anything it was wrestling with himself more than anything really wasn't what is on unbelief but their God is wanting to give him a new identity and you start like a new birthday is on getting them in your name Israel and what we receive according to letters of the seven churches we receive a new name which means a new identity praise the Lord for you when you when you receive in your name it's because of a new relationship my daughter is getting married June three she can receive and unite because of the relationship and that's beautiful okay so let's go a little bit here and right but Christ will continue to be with his people low I am with you always even to the end of the age alone is that all the way through the time trouble for his work through the subject of stroke with the assessor that's the deal with sins but it doesn't exclude mediation prayers crisis point to the Jacob effort during the time of trouble on the rest of her offspring will have a special experience with God these are the people who go through the city and who are a remnant the rest will remnant of the offspring of the faithful woman there in Revelation twelve that stands for God 's people and so these little ones who keep the commands of God have the testimony of Jesus this is really the third Angels message in advance to let the same thing what is the testimony of Jesus the spirit of prophecy that's not only referring to are the work of Ellen White artwork is a manifestation of a huge manifestation of that work and we need to listen to her after all in the days on Jeremiah Jeremiah the prophet when he was prophesying to the people about what was going to happen but it were not listening to him whether was he a canonical profit with the economical profit at that time he was a prophet he was a literary writing profit but he was a noncanonical profit at that time what they wanted to do was to listen the Mike Douglas Mica said the city will not be destroyed that was good was a century earlier about another event when the situation was different and they wanted to listen to my gut not to present truth of the latest of God 's prophets they and they needed to listen to Jeremiah so you need to be on the cutting edge with this prophecy thing and keep in touch with God 's message that is specifically for new yes the important prophecies are important to put them in context but you need to be there we are just as responsible for lesson to the messages through our white as the paperwork from listening to Jeremiah so that's very very important she says that her work is the lesser light to leave the greater light she also says that if people had fully follow the Scriptures that motivated her it's also true that we need to interpret her writings not just have a knee-jerk reaction I think this is what it means if I read that in the Scripture we always have to study Scripture for what it means in its context and refill a white and interpret what she's saying in relation to Scripture as commentary rightly dividing the word of truth not just knee-jerk reaction effect but we do need to listen to the spirit of prophecy because after all what did Jesus say one of the roles of the Spirit is to do to teach you all things and to teach you what is to come right from the John fourteen we read it yesterday okay then a third angel followed saying with a loud voice if anyone worships the beast and his image receives his Mark on his four head or his hand I guess the battle of the marks but the market is based on the market protection for God 's people the seal of God and he himself shall also drink of the wine of the law of God here is the patience of the saints saints is only one set of people that you and me I'd because we've accepted Christ would be sealed by the spirit you were washed you were sanctified made holy prescriptive six first eleven so you are the saints the holy ones and sloppy another little before the halo that dual kinds of things and they live as hermits and Dolores no that's not it it's the people of God full-blooded full-blooded I hope total people who were doing but for the chief economist of God and the faith of Jesus let's talk about what that means to elements to the message of the third angel your little one Ella White said that the message third Angel is what people need to act on sentiment on to accept in order to go home for this is that if there is any verse in the Bible that gives us our marching orders our mission statement is this one which is really a specialization of the great commission in Matthew and Matthew were Jesus said going all the world they disciples of all nations teaching them to do whatsoever I command you I'm here he says keep the commands of God and have the faith of Jesus was a Jew versus by the weather on the front of the seminary building they have copied those there because we realize that that is our mission statement so what is this done pretty well with economics of God is Adventist Alyce with all we did until we realize that the commands are all based on love who move yeah and another in the loopholes in love when the loopholes and what God commanded Abraham walk before me and be blameless no loopholes in all such as list is based on love Jesus said in Matthew Matthew twenty two on his Jesus is precisely making this point to plug the loopholes there's this young guy who says what must I do to be saved Jesus is wealthy developed on the left from my youth up select some of you said I have been one righteous man woman light from infantry to adultery no okay got a stack of income are on but but I've I've done all the commandments of the relative moments and Jesus is pointing out Jim was in the something you lack the something you need the love of many the love of God Villa celebrating you have image the pork see because love is bigger than these commands are examples like examples thereof the totality of the moral law of God you can find on the moral laws in the Bible besides what does the rights of the repressor neighbor or help the poor things like that there is some other things that go beyond the limited scope of say committing adultery or other kinds of ways to break the liberal spirit of purity that it's an economic but in any case loving prices all of the documents for with regard to relationships with God and human beings the other thing is the faith of Jesus now Ellen White emphasized particularly later in her ministry from about eighteen eighty eight on she emphasized the faith of Jesus a lot and this faith of Jesus works through love which is five or six so love is central to the third Angels message I okay commandos face of Jesus the faith of Jesus was exercised because God so what loved the world that he gave his only begotten son of the works of Jesus were manifestations of God 's love and so that is what is central God 's heart reaching out to ours you can't separate the commands of God really from the faith of Jesus this making sense now but we we as Adventists have tended to be rather legalistic unit is nothing legalistic about God 's law the laws the legalistic neither is obedience true obedience to God 's law legalistic while we get a kick use for for obeying God that's a legalistic once legalistic is using God 's law or annual walk for purpose for which is not intended namely one to achieve salvation through works of the law that tablet -based religion and we talked about that one versus Bethel but that's building up three-run works there's another way to use the wall what's that to hit people over the head to our because the people that make the standards to which other people adhere the power slipping Bill Gates MS-DOS operating system Windows and run needs to be based on that gets richer powerful the other works the ancient Pharisees started off as a political party known as the housesitting the righteous ones according to Jacob he is in his book from politics to piety they started as a political party they wanted political power and wealth and then they realized they couldn't get through political means they turn to religious means to gain the same results as Celica religious coalition you pretty scary stuff and so they realize that they could gain power if they would make the religious rules that other people had to abide by them they could be in charge and dictate their lives that's what they were doing Jesus deck at a descriptor or kinds of traditions that went above and beyond Scripture to make wife difficult but make people feel more righteous as if they are gaining salvation following body and all of this was coming as oh this is the one of what it wasn't it wasn't was is my idea therefore you need for my discussing one Saint you is the word of the Lord doing of the dynamic going on today at all some people have a particular kind of an idea whether a lunar Sabbath for you you can only is the King James version Bible or you don't want to accept these the Holy Spirit as a real person or the divinity of Jesus or you have some quirky little facets going around and what's it about well they're making you feel like a guilt trip what is bad if you don't accept what they have is your rejecting God what is what you really about it's about elitism it's about power it's about ego is about troll forth about them I just okay no one save us from the company and discussing sports charges and it keeps people from doing what's really important I I was going to church years ago where there was a whole selves who also was it was stunning the and the studies or videos or whatever work of other certain pseudo- archaeologists and who was going around to discover more than afternoon the professional archaeologist could find in a lifetime as he found it didn't really know what he was looking at but each of videos to make it look like well if he took a picture pictures of various chariot wheels in the Red Sea well they were rushing round natural formations so he found the city found the Ark of the covenant and Noah's Ark and everything but he never really produce real evidence that he had released claims these with theological theories in this whole social cost of the administrator was going to with studying that you see the problem with that is even if that were sure which one was a bunch of garbage he was a con that basically selling videos and the eagerness and if that were true we get distracted we need to focus on the most important things is if we don't if we don't then we are given this one holds altogether about is price okay so we need it desperately the canal is a God and the faith of Jesus notices being interpreted differently the faith of Jesus does that mean the faith that we received from Jesus was about faith in Jesus or is in the faith of Jesus had and manifested and there is some pretty strong evidence that was probably all of the above which it can be as in Revelation one verse one it starts off the revelation on Jesus Christ is it from Jesus yes is it about Jesus yes okay so that's the way I'm leaning on this but there's strong evidence that this does include at least at least include the idea that it's the free phone this on Jesus the faithfulness of Jesus wow what is that mean we trust in the commemorative garden and the faithfulness of Jesus to accomplish what he wants to accomplish in and for and through us and on the basis of what we see that he did when he was here on earth we hold fast to his faithfulness he has also since you are Redeemer he is everything to us and he's giving us the spirit consumer trust in him we need much greater alliance upon Jesus that's what we need that's what Ellen White was trying to encourage her church to do in eighteen eighty eight and a lot of the leading brother on were upset with their den except that the Senate center off in exile for a few years to Australia where I was born so there's a house that was a great blessing to Australia down under okay but that explains probably why the endless believers didn't go home at the time she said Jesus should come here this and they got to the boys of the promised land turned around we'll get to that little bit more later growth and love is sense of occasion is victory over sin that the Lord accomplishes in us arts a look at this I read this was yesterday first Thessalonians three twelve and thirteen May the one made to increase and abound in love so that he may establish your hearts blameless in holiness and growth in love his sense of occasion growth in holiness and this is the victory was sent so you may be blameless but what accomplishes investigators ready for the second coming pretty awful stuff a so as I pointed out yesterday the segmentation is practical down-to-earth growing in love from day-to-day we receive that love from the Holy Spirit God has always been able to give victory over following a boy June twenty four is able to keep you from falling he yes pro-lifers the doubling but I believe it is able and down to second it's sinning is not natural to human beings Christ's life proves that light that's what he demonstrates you have to send to begin corporate holiness as a group is shown in a righteous deeds as God 's gift now we've been talking about individual victory but here corporate holiness corporate sanctification and never heard that term they verify just made it up right now the corporate segregation as a group all of us becoming wholly together and we support ourselves we help each other in this process Ephesians five twenty five twenty seven Christ loves the church that's us you and me as a husband loves his bride is never going to abandon his bride I says says that and the bride is washed by Christ by the washing of water with the word to maker without spot or wrinkle or any such thing you want to be in good shape for the wedding right you have all kinds of wrinkles and problems you are because you and Christ but Christ is the one that does that say something you do it by yourself Revelation nineteen seven eight is about the marriage of the Lamb and the brightest clothes with fine linen which is the righteous deeds it's not the abstract record the car yesterday it's the more concrete were deprived on the top world neuter plural righteous deeds of the saints but noticed it was given to her it was given it's not a matter off us just accomplishing that why arrived blood twelve tears and sweat is Christ's blood twelve years and sweat that gives us the victory corporate holiness not not you this is not a unique faith and while obedience that has never happened before it was the experience of God 's people at the end not a quality of faith but nobody else's have before they were that would be really scary when it definitely something were going to be within the point where a state that nobody is ever would never seen this before yes we half were seated in the life of Abraham who grew away growing he grew to trust in God and it was accounted to him as righteousness and justice fifteen six and God called him to be blameless and in Genesis twenty two fifteen eighteen he was willing to give up his future everything walking by faith not by sight when God called Abraham Abraham take now your son that erupted in your only son that erupted again against Isaac whom you love I go to nominal show you okay so Abraham got to the point whereas back in Genesis twelve he's so afraid when he goes to Egypt of his own skin is afraid to lose his own skin that he doesn't even protect his wife and she ends up if there is hair on our and then later interviews not trusting it is a story about Hagar and everything and then finally he's totally trusting God that's what it takes yes in a corporate body that's what we're getting to the point okay so it's a unique power and scope of corporate experience as God 's gifts to deal with unique events so there are two things that is special about this this was seen in the lives of individuals but as you correctly pointed out anticipating my next step statement here this is something that we've never seen on this scope before with a whole group of people yes the reviser is what you trusted in God but they had various kinds of problems they were over there and but but one generation did go in take the promised land but then the elders who and people who live Joshua and the elders of that time then they went off the deep end they forgot all the more done for Israel so there has been individual and some corporate but we do see a power scope of corporate experience to deal with unique events so God is not giving us us a unique experience in a sense of following him but he's going to take us to where nobody else is going for right to its unique journey yes place it it's not any different in that sense but it's very different in light of the unique events of the unfunded I pointed out we have this tremendous massive clash at the climax of a great conversation with the beast and the oldest of stuff that wasn't there they had other things that they were countering other challenges under was power so there's a lot of similarity but there are some special things and also didn't have to go through the China trouble with was a privation living without without a holy God without a and before a holy God without a mediator and have to go through that kind of thing I was my point we'll take a break in just a moment for five minutes but let's just get through the section everything on our experience with God is possible only through his gifts not our performance with a pretty performance oriented how we abut is only his gifts in fact all of our faith works and efforts only receive God 's gift of grace but that's a hard concept for us to really grasp what about all the agonizing what about the cooperating and what about all the effort we put into in Christian life and all the money that we spent getting to G Weiss is an old custom this is only ever I usually not as dogmatic okay it's only ever always part of receiving the gift that you already have salvation is there waiting for you dimensions are bare John fourteen one to three there are mentions that have been built there just waiting for us and the title is in the bank is waiting for you to go and get android handsets of the Israelites the land of Canaan the promised land belongs to you you just have to go up and appropriate what is already yours think sometimes it takes efforts to receive a gift of when I got married in nineteen eighty two on and now you know how all that guilt I am fifty six or got married in nineteen eighty and we went away for a honeymoon in Hawaii and we came back and we opened wedding presents and we have been more waiting presence and that we had what it took all day of the wedding presents because we go Meredith Sonora the church people loved us for young people we were in a musical group we did things in the church and so and so they gave us lavished all these gifts my wife's family had a lot of friends and saw and so we open gifts all day we got tired from opening wedding presents of the guitar chart is that it was only receiving the gift is a point okay so it can be effort yes what is the struggling was agonizing in prayer and we have as part of this is to give up on ourselves right receiving a gift in the arteries you let go of your pride because they I need help that's tough especially for men I think men do want to ask directions right they want to do it on their own facilities is craniotomy was just on you and and and when we know we have degrees behind her name which trained for the time a little self-sufficient instead will stuff our Western culture is teaching is that ingrained that within us and then all of a sudden website I am totally helpless I cannot do a thing not one thing to get to heaven it's all grace on a present that is where the agonizing comes in we provide wireless symptoms incorporation is gone the perfect materials are characters compare Mary's words let it be to me according to work saying yes okay let's take a break there are five minutes and then will come back to talk about their retirement and vindicating himself people to vindicate him that's what we do talk about our continuing and where were you in getting your climax here were building so on keep your seat belts fastened all right we've been talking about what God does for people at the end I would can compare this experience with what happened on the day of atonement that is what the people were to do you shall afflict your souls which means practice self-denial including fasting and other things it's it's really activities a morning in this case were sent and showing loyalty to God and do no work at all sixty seven for on that day the preshow make atonement for you to cleanse you that new medically from all your sins before what do you get the impression that it has something to do with you for the precise right in other words while the high priest is doing this work of atonement behind closed doors in the sanctuary because people were to be participating in the ev


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