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The Spirit and the Sanctuary Sealed for Service, Part 1

Roy Gane


To receive the Holy Spirit, the High Priest invites His people to step into the most holy place. There the Spirit pours love into their hearts, motivating and empowering them to unreserved devotion to Jesus Christ and His work of saving others. Discover the Holy Spirit's work of placing God's seal of permanent ownership on His people.


Roy Gane

Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Languages at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


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him him him him this message was presented to key wisely two thousand and eleven hundred other resources like this is the online menu I see where I had a thought I have an answer that is what is the source of because Jesus has opened we satisfy we look around as a fresh and far higher and wider longer more glorious effort what is assumed right the main source of life is coming from way down there for the God given twenty four hours the four living creatures the Seraphim cherubim singing holy holy holy everything is awesome there are millions angels waiting in the morning and the heavenly choir practice is safe Dana was conducted this is the box is country is more asked how beautiful complex phrasing the case is only the highest intelligences in the universe we look around the splendor Shirley looked down and saw where she were the prophet Isaiah cry out on the person unclean lips I dwell in the midst of the people were ashamed to go forward and down the meantime where bass because we're all in all we had to change the will of LEC someone we met and under nail stars in his hands URI is his life you see every molecule about the economic breakthrough in his recent months us as a compassionate highness and mercy forgiveness and those eyes I must avoid his eyes point forward and I walked on long crystal for your in the past couple the control center of the universe as I walked down the Angels take a break from their marker from Jonathan I believe my major gift a little token offering at the feet of God is that I carefully after all he's the CEO of the world him him is time for me anyways Yahoo he says to me today and chapter one is time for me I thought I voice my source my struggle my family or church school my hopes and dreams shows history is related which will be only somewhat greater than any dreams I have myself he encourages he forgives me like this here is likely for those I love the energy that he promises his sister strengthens and encourages I feel so good to energize one another in a long while and journaling I walked along Crystal portal the Angels Doctor Marquez again one hundred one way a single gloriously than before as I get to the injuries that place I try to work around one last lingering gaze before I have to leave is so beautiful so exquisite a resume warming I sure felt so safe you don't plan your regular because the people there and hear how I just experienced that I am in my faith to the holy of holiness and that is him him holder Doctor would be depressing if I want to get my fill of going back I also know that I have joined courage to go on another day because my faith I have the guy I usually securitization resealed for service I just realize maybe is the reminder Mister Russell is in the pages is okay my desire is very and essentially sealed for service upon us and will know what is going on so where you are getting into the sanctuary Holy Spirit in connection with the Holy Spirit sanctuary and I think you'll find it very interesting and relevant and practical and hot as seeing friends yet I haven't seen for a while seven oh three okay so let's start here John Chapter twenty Jesus said to his disciples when he appeared to them after his resurrection he said he's thinking you and Elizabeth Xavier Murphy was sort of apparition there anyone your friend is the last way is to ask the father has sent me I also send you only talk for several weeks upon just one line was in the QB sent as follows now Jesus was sent by his father into this broken world in order to build bridges to have their way have I and God in John one fifty one Jesus said to Nathaniel you'll see angels ascending and descending on the Son of Man is a bridge between Heather and we're here today I went to tapping into him he is the only brilliantly in Pontifex Maximus if I were using what expression the only legitimate Pontifex Maximus the great bridges over I because he's linking these juvenile I'm reminded of Jacob in Genesis twenty eight Astoria in Genesis twenty eight he was fleeing from his brother Esau went down I draft that there was a ladder down from heaven or is there stairway to heaven and hell they were angels ascending and descending on it and there was a sign that Jesus now is going to insult this is going on in God interestingly Jake is there and just twenty eight this is not another thing what house of God they fail that was limiting vessel this is not a date on this is where you access only to face is a more very interesting to also going to have in the Babylonian language which I teach is a summary finally Jonah learned how to him him him will you like the name of the city and now which is reliable and valid same works just as good the name of that city in the family going to call me to delete these all God or the civilian back please do all gone and got in other words this is the only place they regarded it as a holy city where you go to access the document is huge your power how do we know someone before later in the history of that one archaeologists have one hundred the foundation for the eighth nineteen which means the house foundation of heaven and earth and temple tower on the great height on Morgan was sitting on the dock interestingly that was where they thought they even access also as a human being of you going and what you say this is a big possibility data is finally here is what is different one is a result from my human beings flight changes letter was left off by revelation I do necessarily different orientation here's the visual opposing orientations salvation by human works versus salvation by accepting North Korean test the difference between McCarthy and the public puzzle within Republic the only reason I have a failure and he says the very thesis is what I am him I know you will under Fessler just pieces just as his mercy as unnecessary nineties is one where we justify any unwanted the other two approaches to opposite approach is my entry through the whole way battle versus family way through here Jesus Bethel is ill health by Jesus comes to base their health bread is bread I is and he comes he says as the father sent me I also send you that is your passengers your message was in where messenger is in Hebrew and Greek is a safe reservoir for Angel the three Angels messages are proclaimed by messengers at the end who are human beings so your Angels are only human and say okay so we are sending sending in a sense spiritually speaking on Atlanta which is Christ you just heard prayer price but it is free where were going by faith into the very presence of God how do you usually think about how we pray and how we how we accomplish anything when we pray you want to win his place of Christ in that instance of his presence which is offered up prayers of the saints as the holy ones which are both people which is not the reason for not even her friends were there is also the feeling of you is that is just the result is a word for burning sacrifices on the old Baltimore Opera is less accurate the world number in Hebrew learning those classes is not just him when we face will advance from the same root as the word for incest this will sacrifice explicitly in Hebrew is going away from people which is an animal to represent Christ so I was working the that we can ascend and descend on his family of access and the father sent him into the world as he sent Christ now interestingly there are countless in Revelation thirteen define another power planes to be the one having access this is the entire and got interestingly this is a power that claims to have control over heaven and earth with you and talk CEO of the organization wears the crown represents those three spheres against controller which is why he can let people out of purgatory and stuff like that is where the same relish fourteen six and seven first Angels message when you look at this more tomorrow this is worship in the name what have I seen out more by visiting different division is three hundred the Babylonian cost time that I bought on ruling everything I have and will air the count and he is subterranean freshwater heaven and earth under the earth that I would like to know if I wanted to me I don't know it's all my day and is he is the only bridge builder between heaven and so when we are set for sending Jesus is already a problem with the first here to it says that we might want in his steps because he is will him how I don't think your with price only free for animal post your own but when you're trying to try to get you theoretically is in Christ be my perfect sacrifice simultaneously my perfect example as a example that I follow a lot of lacerations he only has about and would get into that a little bit more about me from the Bible will be answering machine I will be getting his relator but in any case what the Bible explicitly dollars that Jesus is my separately blame a sacrifice for the reservoir thirteen tested in all points as we are yet without sin and death two tells us that he is our example so we have to fear is about the history of how Jesus would be void Helena to explain why he is quite important life is Leslie says in the process there are anyways it is a breeze on the cigarettes number his best time limit in green Hebrew while these terms are terms from when remembering this morning John three and when you have mysteriously been as worried as our sometimes given strong but receive the Spirit is breathing on his address with receiving the Holy Spirit if you forget this is a very forgiving if you retain the sins of inherent pain of being a human is how to forgive sins as the dust this apparently is not in the context of the body of Christ the church when there are things that are of your human beings can but the church has the right to discipline him hearing on this I mean that human beings can do to hell or not the abuse and whomever you want to win the doctors of the law the doctors of Ministry and theology were criticizing Jesus because he said to the paralytic he said he said your sins are forgiven now isn't it different is just between us to say your sins are forgiven and there was only one instance is blasphemy they were right unless Jesus was really fun he is never ever delegated to write itself which is why we read in John and limited one thirty one for example the priests shall be determined for him that is why Kerry is that he shall be forgiven not by the priests are and so that's what I thought about the notice in the Holy Spirit and he is there and the Holy Spirit comes from Jesus where it is right that I think that anyone when I come back I see that this is a now a is not aware of anyone so you can read on Holy Spirit from where he is on earth does that summary is ahead by a range to each one of his grace is given according to the measure you in the morning when he ascended on high indigestion that affect your business including your spirit as one of his and he said that all have where is easier now essential so now when he results businesses he's doing that from his sin this is where all the rest of Christians through the procedure needed out there on this for receiving power from Christ what is happening since one I his I haven't believe this is a big discussion I will point I personally believe that when Jesus ascended to heaven he had access to his father were as is his temple he could go anywhere including the most holy place unlike the earthly high priest but here is a very informed decision while he had total access to the following rules apply only for a brief and is emphasized it is also true that there are two major faces of Christ's ministry which are functionally from the two phases that are essentially one of them is throughout the year is the work of mediation with the lambs bread and incense remember that in distributing the benefits of forgetting is that once here on the family founder by respondent and only holes that there is you face two major phases representing different eras different phases one yes for the whole time from eight thirty one Jesus was involved in the first part type ministry but the starting point for news is represented by a physical into most holy of ministry of course he is as well as really I otherwise really long post on this mediation process North Isaiah ninety fifty six I needed to hear you that I want my person wants to win a plastic baby bottles Wednesday are you saying my philosophy model and drawing of his wife Ruth and watches not everything I thought I was a huge joke will represent I know you will okay so I is involved in not only mediation like now is will will that is also working intercession one for my week on the self-discipline is possible here is than one hundred days as well and that is a process that goes on until the film and we go was a probation I will close judgments and that our salvation is setting up a little more later it is two phases correspond to their journey time before eighteen forty four also were fixed on that hour requirement this is true all the way through the Christian area including for us see you have a great high priest was found to have Jesus as a little faster as you know how I cannot sell a boat was in all points tempted as we are at the outset let us therefore come boldly to the driver 's wing in a mercy and find grace to help in .net additional points Jesus didn't want ten hundred square during class or so I since it was invented in all points okay major categories he was yet without sin soon as this is this is incredible he shows us free choice because they had for some blowing is a commodity Jesus does want to will you will just open your window he had all the temptations as it was growing up the phone selection however he was being ridiculed and all the other things he chose the right choice is amazing integrated voice and choice the greatest temptation of Christ who is probably not Wednesday whining about how I felt that having very good know what the greatest temptation I would was when he was on the cross before you call ten thousand eight or ten million articles in the declare that he will mention this if you're it he is in a really bad situation your policy you're starving to death your miserable credit card use is the credit card on our Windows people don't want interesting and tell him what is troubling ridiculing people I got undergone what is vision was one of not restraining he restrained himself with his mother and only on the voices in his army before you might as well as I left the parish is the cost from being a decision that is what we make a decision selecting from the weekend now how holy women only if I went to the White House nice I don't think President Obama I really admire how he speaks in the him whom I process what I want to feel there I will have a way also underwriting the alone house I workout your people and to help bring long expectancy first thing jail for life in the world outsourcing is the sort is and what will Prince Charles Prince Charles finally is the nearest white and Prince Charles to go see his mother whenever he wants time I is a and him so he has access he has access to the reading monovalent delete the visitor Windsor Castle what is the son I is want to have access to his father working once but now he doesn't even Prince Charles right now he is being raised bred for that I like his brethren and mailing on a one-day symposium Queen Elizabeth is a get tired of being Windows resulting job you're right around in a Rolls-Royce meeting people is going to attribute the colors in your garden unit following the history we can as a result such as smiling everybody so disastrous oh well I no longer why do this job so I never yell statement I think you Charles as you became is to have an physical regions someone will test it to present desires so you're a raving for a while will silently have a senior minister the Regency him as soon as the examiner will help analyze circumstances and you know what history will tell you and soon Westminster Abbey the Queen is via wanted Prince Charles Cinema in and she's gone to his mother and she is to receive an eye possessed unfamiliar so an illustration notoriously in Daniel seven hundred and where is it is accessible only through but there is something different and is developed with this coming one coming to the other I should receive as soon Jesus has taken the first step through Internet forty five yes because he has access we have access to them because they own with legislation is chapter I think was his flesh was wrote them of the eye we have access to only a little he says in the chapter it is a Spanish and she says the way into the holiest with an open and accessible way to the director of the witch is a wonderful thing because if you have a friend which I really like in high places that you have out right away the point where I have power through Mister Richey had access to her husband not very much access but users were so if you have access is my friend who is a personal friend of Obama I don't access to the job I voted this morning that I was my first teaching job I study a lot for University of California Berkeley I was I knew someone in the religion department specifically plaintiff has together and you are with or without you I was doing a recommend any conservative that he will offer me a job as a mystery on earth is because it was sought as a heater from the vessel Christ does we have access to the throne of grace through Jesus which means we can only to be presumptuous to think was written by Tim is along well here is that I will achieve my seat pulling drivers obtain mercy what is amazing to stuff my wife are yeah well anointed Jesus of time certainly right balance in your rhinoceros presents okay so this is a wonderful thing this right here is a hotline to have nearly as you hold one of the warmest you want during the Cold War resume drills into the radiation shelter for children less than they want to know what the nuclear holocaust the molecular stuff but the President of the United States Hotline to the leader of the Soviet Union Joomla! so that if anything happens is something they can present as fast as possible I'm not myself hurt by the system work when you have enough range on your cell phone when we reached you to drag especially here in trouble flat tire or so I will clarify what there is no there is reason have you when you know here's only have three and see if I doesn't matter where you are in direct access to the control center of the University of office in the sky beyond our somewhere I realize I still have less than my wife my daughter September before last to the Museum of science and industry and they had I asked Phil of the whole and what they were showing for best results the pictures universe is visually Internet the way interestingly where I normally set was started that there is something I want to show that no one was is was was this huge video to all always telling my thrombus funding entities in their just a little pulsating colors and they said if I remember correctly has been previously ninety three or something million light years across the following is what you know that my three hundred and eighty six thousand miles per second multiply that times the second year in their news is a measure of distance with a long way the universe is very very necessary and little but what really got me was the vacation pictures this is the young constellation of the constellation coming out from there to get you there patiently him a friend what is population health now he's possibly coming wherein one is gigantic I suspect there is no that God is so huge I have the control center of the universe and that's really good to know that is a massive differential in our building we find Satan Satan was an incredibly more is being that he was existing I understand multiple voices once you acquire to count myself below you in one or is starting well the Army is dropdead gorgeous is a incredibly I always like well you and has incredible time trying to convince everyone to feel there are people one hundred and two try to convince how they do they do anything evil spirits for me into Ginger is actually possess equivocal which is what you is will someone share with you using on a regular I understand that the theology of the rest of his online course that told the story and that was the focus for me to set the captives free by Rebecca Brown and is about a woman than this Rebecca Brown the author was this treated lady that is him overwhelmingly that now this lady was a poem which she was converted to Christianity she told her story is the and she was this lady with some variety of Satan United States with everything in life she slides her wedding night the same appearance as the Holy Spirit someone is going to describe what to when they crucified my mom is it was as harrowing as Christ mocking Christ by a human side I think the severe was something that really you don't know whether they really thought it was the original choice is yours of course this does wish was told along with the high priest and she refused to have sex only holds as part of their sermon on this is what she and he got a charge that is high praise and others of their group would hold my same to go and kill a family of Christians who were starting to win some of the members of the society for Christ and is absolutely crossing the boundary sing with allowing people to go you absolutely self people you would recognize you these are my positions and they don't want for just the supplier private jet California nine mentioned out their windows anyway on the basis him him him no as witches foretold along with feelings and sometimes horrifying monsters eighty four source of what they do to secure English with the wishes taken the power is itself more power the more you find himself how I happen to have spiritual workers when we don't try to pull out things from the other one is actually result in the death of which is I use it just like that for example she will these ridges and there's only so that how was Marshall here against the Christian family is just amazing human beings were not as well we wrestled my question is is responsible for both North prices assuming only thing is which isn't always as good as any cost to the family and children where they were designed to go to the property for the homeless of his family and all around the perimeter of the property were bright shiny angels and scanning message on the wall around the place and the Angels plenty which is a single things in terms of what they call a leaking Angels is over by witches who have experienced this a lot of people are Christians don't believe in Congress which is because there involved from the wrong side of their and so they video any triad is a and him this past file is as a laser on how you will is there you know karate whatever I actually have a spiritual power couldn't make any headway finally while the Angels asleep I just file a lien Joseph Ralph home how horses of Darius Philadelphia and because you say the full and Angels and Demons are created beings a great deal of their life force because they were originally created with our whole life is a powerful aura only from electricity Forsyth hung there was a normatively right but when you said we lost that moment of life we must as well I was one of the best in the fall I don't want one the Angels of God is within the source of power is so much stronger and so but I've been with my office to me and says it is for you and me against you is a good is absolutely true but he also offers to help us except into our lives my heart the power of an angel no holy who is not himself eligible for our differential here a full Angel is several notches down versus in our legal Holy Spirit agreed order to wife wife him him him almost seems stronger ties with his because they don't respect your free choice they shut their way around that is defined as just for herself when she is contemplating the first homicide and processor video well that's okay but if not sin is crouching at the door crouching and his desire is for you as until recently we had to get the service you he was very nice with you what do you know if you have a three hundred or rehabilitation to check on his visit by the door and his desire was to get inside her was warmer with a division people he wanted to work at but I'm allergic to cats so you are outside in the morning was one question one is as is sometimes we would find when you have chosen there would be shooting on as we only did he not think well is that I is is once again to the earth is a sacred fire northwest corner and he is desirous for you and your software event will say was Jesus I will follow by him to the door and what not and anyone will the difference between citizens of the respective points as he is on the University if you are instantly as the world 's him only the greatest power is successful you are getting to help you to live as a human being I thought you know I think that says just to the unit is just like I will say to you without you thank you unless you agree to unless you are familiar as well so Jesus is referred to have the greatest power so that we can come to the throne of grace is way more mercy and grace I thought I think I will pull a door standing open in heaven for you what staggering it was Jesus will join within the spirit this is an wholly honest to myself here is the vision of God on throne in heavenly things were going great in our analysis is seven last the fire burning before the throne which are the seven spirits of God okay so anyway is representing the mice by the professionals the Holy Spirit has represented my family is all about back in the overcast in excess these lampstands I guess Alaska has less and with a located in the outer part is so will looking into the first part of a heavenly sanctuary with you on the right relationship from there Jesus was dispensing the spirit to his followers just as we don't have a voice when he was here and I don't want to add the White House him rations on they were in the shape of almond blossom 's going nowhere anywhere she wants sorry about that yes okay I'll is a first for recently one health was the first tree to blossom in the spring therefore the humor is called in Hebrew Japan which means the watchful what is that all will formally representing watchfulness have now those plans were on sanctuary all through the night and the sanctuary was not helpful the dwelling is in a room which is a wholly owned that had a living room with my bread is insensitive way that the longest running annual lambskin was on hold myself to while I have only has other things might presence of a human king would have their differences on their because he was on the floor guesses and receives the translation place all mercy workplaces and really it was in the Hebrew gone and thrown in the air above should sit down everything is good but he had read on the table as easily as the third on power Holder unit number twenty eight first you that there is fourth generation will read Jesus him a and that there is a just as slow as soon as things are very different than how everything is only on my he's not a modern day seems for some of you joining our authors I stayed up I is listed as twenty four working twenty four hours is twice twentieth Street Dallas is questioning the notion that God don't ordinarily do they resizable electricity and they work during the day and night they went to sleep in the king 's lands out going on I saw twenty one versus two watches over Israel slumbers nor sleeps for you soon as I hung the wilderness there is a lifestyle than we got to be little for that is the United healthcare Jebusites website you own a half and hit his head as slowly as there is a poisonous snake as long as you is as if this child is preventing people one hundred and eight looking there was a sick always on you easily what you compare that to my that is protected as well okay so these lands are wonderful thing and that is what you wonder why Aaron Aaron wanted to was Commonwealth Journal is good for you relatives of almond blossom him what you wish for you watchfulness is what you have anyone of the people you respect there is you get to Jeremiah one thousand and first division is Jeremiah this is often branch you and he says I think enough buses to see my while watching my word is not interpretation reading instruction this idea of a connection between watchfulness and they are explicitly instructed as souvenirs watchfulness but associated with the Holy Spirit they are Alaskan with the last of their olive trees under a place into the lambs giving it a continuous flow well so you never know how that the message will Marlowe story is this is the World War II zero his name while waiting to see all one zero is the only language seat about one thousand one is released from their own are my people I know I don't like how that is not by human might but by my spirit says the Lord of hosts the history is probably one who was trying to get all right so the lamps first is the spirit of revelation the seven spirits before our the lapse in the example of the real and doing all of this points okay so that's a wonderful message and the spirit was his only press on this you can check out reason as I got Romans revered to see how things going on in the interest of the Internet I know Holy Spirit is not a system Christians now I seal my sister him Ephesians one here in him that is in Christ will trust the document where the gospel of your salvation in him also having only you were sealed with the Holy Spirit was afraid to be sealed by the Holy Spirit believe in Jesus and believe in Jesus and your Seo reports for our who is down redemption purchase possession or so I believe it's crucial that we understand that the Holy Spirit is with us it's not like we if we don't see the ground shaking and tongues of fire origin is unknown the Holy Spirit if you believe that he really is your sins are forgiven by Jesus your connection once you start just legalism experience all about the Holy Spirit what we just seeking for his enhancement of allowing warrantless pro-life takeover so that this will not through us will be warned encouraged September the fourth okay now this is a first rate is six notice something about the spirit as occasion your date on the righteous will not inherit that he has a bunch of different path on my feet and such were some of you but you were washed that is morally washed I waited it out when it will what time is that conversion will watch you were so him morning and find the spirit of God so Christ and the Spirit distributed as part of accomplishing the washing subdivision just don't notice in brief these are errors which means when applied in the past humor is already that you were washed yes you will when he says that sanctification is the work of a lifetime like how there is a whole continent away it was the wife in relation to his wife or just like there is a really is no contradiction in your son his wife and conversion process which is the process of life to related and complementary like many supposed contradictions are they really do not furnish you that the principal is illustrated in physical terms at his lifetime because holiness is defined by God white that's what holiness is because I know we say so the only his holiness figure out is ultimately was the fact that holiness segregation is the process of becoming holy concentrations in my using wall defined with reference to go while in his holy you him first this is where we are holy to the extent that in connection with the knife is holy to connect my sacrifices priests once also makes them holy so I is my sanctuary is for your end of the holy place and there was a white most tellingly you know I was called a monthly place because that's what normal and as you go from there things get left holding notice of revision in the materials of the sanctuary right as you dance your things in your life the same thing if you also the White House for Vatican or interest in closing you get to where the important person really is administration the more I hope things are going to go inside and outside Paris for the insight they are outside access is restricted inside and outside right because the ventilator able to join the court but for someone into the sacred and holy holy you just like again Allison Wallace everything else restrictions on access according to according to gradations of how close you are the most important and is also a great Asian clothing the high priest had more ornate clothing is former Barnes is sought to always say there is just holiness all of his life normally a priest for seven through the greenish degrees of access so that these overseer could be set by an appointed time that they now belong tomorrow they had a special relationship with him as they are born him us throughout life I is one where that if your question was the phase one across say my favorite season is just a once-in-a-lifetime visit I like that is okay so that's how you justify and it is John justifies you as well as for interesting because it justifies by bringing Christ in human life as your substance use I should you become just before the point of this is that God needs to make you just in order to justify his safety room three twenty six his job when he justifies those who believe on the basis of Christ's sacrifice was necessary for God to be justified when does that because he's getting mercy is getting rusty right and the judge is justified in doing was when the obscure this question is the job of a judge to forgive those who find that even if you don't like twenty five percent what when Moses was telling judges that humanity unity indicating innocent individual is Solomon 's prayer first at eight thirty two he says in his prayer father is not limited in the downhill a judge is not as forgiving as all as a lawyer you has his best judges responsibly when I was using Berkeley I heard about a judge is letting go of raises the rapist was nothing doing the same exhilarating to justify going to revert him all supposed to back what is going on here uniform God is anyone here ever been guilty of committing sin him and has anyone here ever been forgiven because the problem is Josh because he's been doing with yourself is to go on the floppy symbolic defilement of the centuries-old because when God forgives people think that judicial responsibility which is the most ridiculous and in second Samuel working person I said that the inventory that is guilt or culpability of the way is for forgiving my field murder assault and how my father 's house and will will murder you would receive the blame and judge is revered you first but Christ died so that God just justified those so that God can be fully just and holy merciful at the same time is exceeded the form is absolutely necessary why because God is love and love includes mercy we knew that you will not include it includes justice multiuser having received you through the first question seven five montmorillonite I was a little baby in Australia but was a part-time bus where people are working with was because America's apartment off him I said well you love going on with some noticeable only have been lost you will have mercy on you because you look fairly such as window is that what you want it what is she wanted justice for the use of having mercy and justice for justice if you don't have mercy we are together we are talking my first thoughts about righteousness and peace and kissing each other this agreement is only going to have mercy and justice back in and going out to Jesus Christ and only holy where you have the boys that place of both the law mercy and justice a yes will you I was singularly I was a North Baltimore safeguard is the law is his character 's personality it is not compromised he is a you is that he would be committing suicide bombing is to destroy the universe and everything was the own iPhone download here I'm not sure if I will know that Hollywood is saturated with self gratification feeling myself I is is a principle basically is selfish I endorsed principle is so precious is what holds the universe together the reason is him him for principal places where intelligent beings with free choice can coexist harmoniously without destroying job is one hundred and one is the only principle basis of which intelligent beings with free choice can coexist harmoniously without slowing John Michael so that you will soon be in North America and is going in God is constrained to say because you will have wasted time work is also are tracked as we got home and definitely will you will you okay with getting into that I noticed you were sanctified means you belong to one that's essentially the same thing a single sealed by the Holy Spirit is only doing this right since Friday morning August first you won't that's what I had one like there right near the right dominant right so meager as they do and go according to what one wants like they belong to the Asia select one is frequent enough one Eagles wings so let's go on to say now that sanctification Spirit is just briefly review something we mentioned this morning as we wonder why him very well when I went out for her so here we believe in touch with that is being implanted with the basic principle of the trees hung in the universe and his places of obedience is as compelling as this is this line of power so if we find ourselves the goal of our promises away and you said is and nothing is working this point is vicious cycle that is spiraling downward music will help guide your memo in which you she was more than one that was and do not have one no more than a notice is the wind and the waves I see himself I stress again there is one thing in his life all rights taken as I if I want to see you hold onto the road Jim is going just to head off the roof don't think you okay yeah this is confirmed over no one anything except among one another fourteen another has fulfilled the law the whole law is based on love is all summed up you shall love your neighbor as yourself who is twenty two when he was out which is the greatest amount as a Muslim Gautama from his reflecting that is voluntary which makes the whole universe together I'm awfully glad there is someone who charges one hundred halogen design is everywhere otherwise would have more things for lighting relationships and chaos your people talk about evolution is my chance this country will him will him face to deteriorate towards chaos and I think one of the greatest evidences for evolution or creationism I officer hung in my garage which will always enforce feel okay now this is a very helpful as you know I think this occasion is such education as a conversion the workable plan what on earth is the work is not before the relation of justification and try to slice the separated justification is Asian the reality is whatever you is like a living organism in different aspects of one relationship when price is substituted monopoly that will journalist you're thereby transform from the inside out but here Paul says available only through increased and fell in love one another just as we use so that it may establish your hearts blameless and holy notice increase and abound in love is pure and blameless in all the relation between love and holiness here's the same thing on their functional relevance as parallel as you do this so that you have that okay with the way you grow in holiness by growing in love does not make sense is incredibly logical because I love and holiness is so as we become more like God is in situ becoming like a character like a settlement is nineteen first you should be holy I will know that chapter verse eighteen says you shall love your neighbor as yourself according to Mary Douglas Reinhardt is which is the foundation session of the forum which is the foundation of the whole rest of his life in the middle important part okay so love and holiness is growth in love while his paradigm shift you don't have to wait until you're old and gray employee refuses to have it no more Missouri so they can be whole and I read the absolute you soon as that we don't you play him down your page and noticed he is a you grow normally one more loving than I thought at the coming of the Lord Jesus this is accomplished for the second coming in and how that will increase in a that is how we get through the Holy Spirit is the spirit in preparation now we will send you some have strictly limited now we know that is now worth is practical I love you some money today more than I did yesterday and tomorrow when I did today I didn't let little things and the things of life is in a relationship with my preliminary real look at each other after thirty one years American as we look at each other and we must now nothing more okay now him this holiness is what is it just for himself but has never just process is going on your Windows CE tomorrow session is going to get into NYU message which is a practical demonstration with about what is the present truth twenty ten five to the message of the Holy Spirit and the ceiling is really going on and the Elijah must nullify is quite specifically great and terrible day of the Lord is quite in harmony with this group in love and I think that we as asbestos I will be selling love animals and I think there is however is to direct whenever so is very informed no question there is a very important relationship we need to know the details in fact when you have a relationship getting point is anyone here in the winter during twenty oh three and recently married they aren't on your phone and destroy is getting married or single software is necessary for him to February I remember when my wife and I were sitting in your questions and getting when it was an excellent talk so as I know something about that person thing is I don't know he was going to be as chilly as juicy little morsel is you want to know everything I do I know when people say that having I don't know him he is the software whatever doing what he wanted to do is to know who were the loaded at that time so I don't have an video and thought okay but the reality is that even if you think the mysteries of God nothing ever it will explore it doesn't mean you know I don't I remind him of blasphemy was from a plane and job Sony system we message you will know the person I know myself going unnoticed Jesus loves me this I know a few of them he will well and then the feeling is when you are in a strong four percent you will no twinkle twinkle little so so so much as we may want to know what is going okay personally place of ministry the hybrid shall take as long as you want to refinance and rewarding about you going with a holy place ministry initiatives of the Empire is his message was removed when the human genome is G1 is a subordinate and then he includes my young my roommates in Christ and the Christians the downloadable manages the resources visits is online and you want to see when unlocking


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