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The Spirit and the Sanctuary Sealed for Service, Part 2

Roy Gane


To receive the Holy Spirit, the High Priest invites His people to step into the most holy place. There the Spirit pours love into their hearts, motivating and empowering them to unreserved devotion to Jesus Christ and His work of saving others. Discover the Holy Spirit's work of placing God's seal of permanent ownership on His people.


Roy Gane

Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Languages at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


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him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven hundred other resources like this online menu I see where I had a here is as far as they say but I is so I that lets transition it is most holy Place has been a resulting assessor for rental are and what is inside them they sprinkled blood in their in order to flourish the holy place which in this context is the most holy place we know that was inside the witch 's Internet video more specifically her inner mail and okay so this is only a second phase of time the preseason a while I also refine here and I equivalent will fulfill that I want to replace one with the most important I was fortunate in one like the Son of Man is that it is coming because they had not ever okay to the days when enormous that point the result is one of the paperwork you want to him was given dominion oriented this is what I was illustrating what I refer to as Charles Queen Elizabeth right if he comes in Westminster Abbey through the recession don't think this mother and the purpose of the judgment is diminished why because the judgment determines the nature him who is the only son is a marriage which is was worth and have a right so that means that Christ has into his most holy apartment ministry which is judgment and I have written Michael Israeli judgment on the nature that is for a conference on something like that the purpose of the judge is not a film is that goal internal form it's like it just opens it up so that you forget and forgive ordered there is nothing in any of the damage is probably to sixteen hundred and twenty three twenty nine now about forgiveness is no forgiveness is dealing with judicial responsibility the fact that God has forgiven truly guilty they estimate this point in just a let me illustrate that just for a moment suppose I'm out here on the highway and I and my car is now and I get to and the judge however have mercy on me and forgive in his lifetime is to try a just for illustration then suppose that the judge at the next election is trying to the position of the Joseph forgave me and his judges know what all the records analysis twice about one hundred and twenty eight their director Josh fourteen him that a judge challenge discriminatory newspapers this income is soft on hot white by this is now suppose it is worthwhile for it was indicated that the judges for Deneuve this is rewritten that and that's what this is all about is seen by forgiveness of his people and his contemplation of those who should this is all subject to review by the jury which is the following universe note that we really trust God to minivan I thought something had no business would do the laser will not only allow himself on his people to himself in the process talk about this is the reason is one everyone choose a boy as soon as it is is that demonstrate the way he forgave you it was forgetting what is the right person Romans three twenty six volume jostling justifies those who will believe in the present level even the pastor having an annual on believing I go through that will alter the way Jesus said in the moment taken in adultery joint papers eleven is wanting to go and sin no more than just one of those meals were delivered to the middle with my giving you is you not the John Teal your premium versions unless you throw away the benefit is forgetting is that a earlier point before version is less him on thing is going to flush you get a guy is there is so you start Jesus is where we are reasonable in price going to leave us where we were is not a race whereby we believe that all yes I believe in so as a result there is something legal and then all of a sudden you is what changes you want to sell their software works the way I wanted one was ridiculous as I have one award winners were generally so that is all part of than receiving the diminutive and now with Jesus is worth anywhere is even if you use your firmware when he was on the disciples really going to the Holy Spirit John is the first century business repair is living in the Holy Spirit and with only twenty when the disease is now enough time to give you my presentation on eight one is racially and as we were in my book is afraid of the a lot simpler than people but the reality is fully unfair as well as for the subject but we are living now since eighteen forty four we the most important thing experientially my spirit is not that it was eighteen one what is the fulfillment of I him is like living here at the time John is that when crisis already done that and went to the first Angels message in relation all sizes the hour of his judgment has come that means that Jesus is now ministry headquarters in the holy in the second I will have access to Jesus and access to the holy throne of grace oncoming bowling he got thrown in the holy of holy of the heavenly sanctuary where I received raises in a timely enough for receiving the Spirit from their dilemma is somewhere else that's not worth Jesus is in the past notably in the ancient Israelite had followed this weird thing was the same as if they were to receive the gift of his birth his protection from that and so on because they are very such as Aileen or copying I have one of those places is just foolish client so many denominations only did we follow the one yesterday anyway I hope we survive shipping when you will well that is movement not just the church is the only desire of your institution but a movement this is this is the whole going viral is going to know someone by going viral gene is I might have to so then I heard only once because Daniel added referring to the same events as him this time there was damage to Israel is the rehearing is getting realized that is not the biggest sixteen resources from the station will pay for you promote your sins you shall be clean before more because the cleansing of boss Tweed and his if the judge indicated he should then he was the best that I is going on in class and in the same line as it was going on but he was at least twenty three twenty nine thirty this is the person to practice self-denial and is translated with yourself is so so to show loyalty what if you don't think so they are here to talk more than just my thought is a real day of judgment between Boston and disloyal people among the normal self and the envelop is to receive the benefit of knowing so is definitely a shopping he reported that he was here with my two thousand three hundred eighty sanctuary vision would of course which is reversed the holiness holiness is the inward to justify his Holiness is the only place which is the sanctuary which represents an just as the White House represents about the disaster we represent God ministry 's character is just all over the Hudson River is not him for salvation there are now three hundred and in a way to justify is in harmony with his own principle going to the Arizona senator 's White House is in the negative meaning that his characters and what he's doing is that it is her time with here is Ellen Weiss is the only way is a reference here early five six revision and twenty three hundred and would look at this one is a Leviticus transfer to the most holy place we look to the reality is we thought we found the Son of Man is Christ coming to the ancient of days which is a Jamaican adjustment ministry which is the last phase of salvation by faith and here we have this vision early writings with virtual imaging LLC this when she was young I thought my front and a flaming chariot into the holy holy is just like I said I saw was and is there is always on the front and was those who were belladonna rose with them to talk about Christians who were about to outside in the holy place those who rose up with Jesus with their faith in the holy vis-à-vis Christians followed by faith accepted the message that Jesus shifted headquarters of his ministry in nineteen forty four into the most holy place I is him I hire is was is nothing as far as picture somehow I connected with so as to provide plaintiffs 's languages and is somehow using this as the safest mechanism known as the installing this guy recently who said the rapture is common than they are literate and have everyone had responded well that is seen as something really is something over one one just as Pentecost something in correspondence with what was going on in Jesus was on the front to hear these people to Jesus they would send their to him in the holiest way my father biosphere is agreed upon the following is lastly John twenty this is why now I constructed this presentation when I was getting about to understand what she's saying this is only as agreed on holiness in the breath was white power much love joy and peace look like before that family issues five twenty two twenty three writers more integrated to Saturday with visible individuals like yours alone the company who was still about four hundred and know that Jesus is not as except the message of Jesus or something in the morning for stating where they were I said moving which is a state with a more changes are you saying here by the front trying to carry on the work of God will you bought the software is getting very no then why I so I will try to play father his face same as when we want him I only influenced it was in town yesterday you know I know sweetie Lovejoy had season-long hip is individual to deceive myself disliking dreams one of the sweetest guys will very well to be great resource that will is is that there is definitely a powerful force client or the decibel level this is great except for new majorities in when there is moving out there facing more love join you and your baby and were having sixty to seventy percent of young from the church but it is not interested in arguing with you it would have been difficult to get hang out only as a is that there are there are those I know some who are going to other churches they want to find a better unity community winners will know one guy who went only as working for the human mind is pointed in that other people that they is really hard to refute there is something here just very very loving and there is little born on this phone and later on you in the summer joining us now in the hope that we do here we go to a report is now okay in case one would you want to do when we don't have a lot of joy in among us do we have enough love joy and sadness then you want anything that means that the question is where we go together well if using nor if we ignore our distinctiveness within which is like all other persons would be something good about this experience will wait for someone there is someone somewhere in the interim to become like everyone else if we review that are really missing out on receiving the Holy Spirit from where Jesus is now within the veil is going to go to where Jesus is my favorite recognize what he's doing out in order to receive as people who really don't understand have had a chance to learn I believe the soldier so I say that someone out there is that it is rejected as a way will leverage this message the more you are as so we need to then go to Jesus and receive back to where it is obvious but it will Jesus I have enjoyed this morning he wrote about right ascension to heaven is interesting with this evangelical one wider as him hi him right my greatest struggle is the essential Christ is not a problem with pain and suffering as a result is not the problem the resulting science and religion as they usually save origins including my if he is one of getting away Jesus is waiting as I can with the apostle and I heard once you are to do is justify you join you can paraphrase you but I would in the words of the song from the sixties signals on what why did you leave me here alone and what he will will is the rest of the story read script in Hebrews itself in relation to health and health he is working for us how selfish we can get in touch with Jesus where it is now we know what he's doing and where you know when I will know when they are when my wife and daughter and the world to religion which is when filling out as soon as I feel good gospel Jesus is there is there a point is there is a special way and we won't read this phase is the wavelength is unable him us sixteen verse twenty nine SS on their meetings in place for myself and so is cannot help yourself and the world is a is focused solely on ongoing this is a holy day during the time when the high priest representing you you just don't just like going to present to everyone in the system is working on the wheel trusting what's going on is the Esther said quote is neither fast for three days with me in my bathroom is very Jesus is going to his father on our mouth only difference is the Internet is how is a well designed heating everything is going to dismiss it even if he is G1 is the subordinate is cumbersome and and and and and young my roommates and Christ centered Christian downloadable but just another resources is online and you want to see when someone


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