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The Spirit-Saturated Life, Part 2

Roy Gane


An entire church inundated with the Holy Spirit. Could it happen again? Join Dr. Gane for an enthralling journey from the book of Acts to the second chapter of Joel to uncover the biblical mandate for a Spirit-filled life.


Roy Gane

Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Languages at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


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him him him him this message was presented FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this online avenging lysine with not only had a quite as of this is true I will it's a little bit like drinking out of our request is a lot of material on this is the way I like to waste my time so in any case hopefully you'll get your money 's worth but John was in full freedoms from one anyway but what is valuable just because we get it free doesn't mean it's not really die once like Isaiah fifty five however one the first come to the waters you who have no money come buy any sounds rather heartless like if you're outside on the street you say a bunch of homeless people are coming you have the money combining but then the magic words without money and without price but I doesn't mean that is not valuable because God is paid for it with his with the blood of Christ and is infinitely valuable when it comes to us free for the simple reason that we we couldn't pay for it if we try to nothing the we give become close well let's continue now and we're going to be building and building but we had to start a foundation on the Holy Spirit in order to build a little more ability to witness for Christ this is what Christ promises what would you be looking at now is in the book of acts the great example of what can happen when the spirit is taking over a group of people we want that to happen today we believe it's a rapid in fact that was just a preview of what's going okay button uses this but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit is one usually witnesses to me in Jerusalem and Judea Samaria to the end of the world to the end of the earth and what happens when this gospel of the kingdom goes to all the world is witness to all nations what happens according to Matthew twenty four p.m. comes okay so this is the roadmap to the and we certainly want that to happen I know let's break that down you shall receive power this is the gift of ability to do something significant power in human terms political power money wealth ability to coerce other people that's not what it's talking about its ability to do things is not the forming huge pipe organ and I love it up a slope of the choir the stained-glass windows a level of that that's not how can human beings tend to see power in human terms we tend to think big is better than we could talk about that seven afternoon is a breakout session on a warship and when I was asked to do that I said I'm really not an expert on worship but all talking about some aspects that I figure I miss you and one of them is this aspect right here where we need my power because I'm afraid that we as Seventh-day Adventists have gotten into a bit otherworldly aspect of what religious powers and so it's the institutions it's all of those things it's the things you can see the things you can administer the things you can budget that's the power on until your friend that's not the power my father-in-law was born in China his parents were missionaries and they had to leave China in about nineteen seven when the Japanese the Japanese payment and then the Communists came and took over all of our and MS institutions which the early pioneer missionaries and built up with great effort they were very successful there were schools and colleges the work hospitals all over China tremendous work great institutions that these foreign missionaries have built up a communist take a minute and it was swept away in one year gone as far as I worked what happened well you know we thought oh Dennis work is stopped in China the list Communists until years later we learn the work is going underground that's where the power was and if you've ever met Rebecca Liu who is one of our PhD students in the seminary studying PhD new Testaments she says that some in fact yes those institutions were wonderful but the work is gone ahead much more strongly when it was going at the grassroots level it can be seen in that way and yet now all of a sudden we see always people and her mother is to be a Maoist she used to go and yell slogans Maoist slogans during the cultural Revolution her mother where he became a Christian and has raised up a lot of churches and twenty thousand people of accepted Christ because of her ministry one woman they and it's just amazing what the Holy Spirit is doing they do need some help now with training workers so that's why Rebecca is getting a doctor to try to go back and help but it's not all institutions as the power is the power of one-on-one it's the power of just one word love but love not in the Hollywood sense was really a supermarket you think I want him away on a made a mistake of picking up a people magazine just to see what those folks were up to I has a picture of this really good-looking Hollywood actor with his arms around his new girlfriend she was beautiful and it says underneath that he said his words were she's got the most beautiful body I've ever seen were very much in love okay well you know okay that's part of it but the love of God is so much greater than he thinks the whole Bible to teach us what what is love really is all about okay so when the Holy Spirit is come upon you one for the spirited charge God has his timing and we often want to rush things we want to get things ahead and were frustrated when things are happened but this time he is absolutely impeccable I see that so many times in my life when I was waiting for something and then book like when I finish my PhD I didn't have a job and two days after I graduated I was Doctor Dana was out digging a postal construction site and I remember the Pekingese post hole digger and all that summer do I have to wait another fourteen years of graduate study beyond college I studied seventeen languages all of this effort tremendous amount of effort as I believe God was leading me he provided all the way through this a morning at the bottom of the barrel he was there for me pick me up and I taught me not to depend on my own resources brought him and so when I finished then I went through that summer no job but you know by then I refuse to worry been there and done that is going to take care of me I know he will and so it so happened on my birthday on my birthday I got a phone call from the chairman of the religion department at PUC and he offered me a will fund many but he knew some people who knew me and he offered me a job for a sort oldest son to a half weeks before the school year starts when I thought it was too late a certain John McVeigh had left the department to go and become the pastor because certainly needed someone right away to teach so the Holy Spirit we have to wait being the movements are and we have to wait initially witnesses to me that's the purpose of the gift of ability it's not so the people looking to me and personally I have selling I always tell my students and noticed I have two theories about teaching my first fear is that people will not believe me my second fear is that they will because I'm afraid of the organizing my word for it instead of going to the whereabouts one points or Scripture appears they can see it right from the work okay witnesses to Christ that's the purpose of the gift of ability everything in the church body when you talk about the point is that all this variety of gifts gives God 's outreach so much power to reach a great variety of people in the world in Jerusalem Judea Samaria to the editor start at they were Jerusalem start at home don't have any idea what I'm getting on Joseph into the whole world but the neighbor on my house down the street maybe in my home the neighbor stranger family member start at home start with Jerusalem and then Jesus will help you branch out from there and widening circles of the immigrant visa very very important principles notice you received our you whip it up yourself you don't conjure it even imagine it in your mind it's not sometimes eager thing you received that power as a gift from the he takes sharp gives you the ability to witness for Christ and then you start when you are in you work out from there this was fulfilled a look at the different elements that fulfill win think Jesus said when the Holy Spirit comes upon when the day of Pentecost had fully come they were together they were in when one accord is this unity collective community is important of machine mighty wind member spirit and wind are the same word filled the house for the city there appeared divided tongues as of fire one sat upon each of them so the spirit is distributed it's not that the fire sits on one prison that he ordained minister who works for the conference 's is heresy now the Spirit is on all of them every man woman and young person in that assembly because they were all believers in Christ and that's what's part of being Christian and it would fill the Holy Spirit began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance and they were in Jerusalem Jews out okay so notice Jesus that when the Holy Spirit comes upon you you'll have power so they had how something unusual ability special ability to speak to these people from every nation so God gave them power to meet a situation in order to witness for him now there'll there are some people these days who think that you happen receive the Holy Spirit unless you speak into but this was only one manifestation the Jesus that way in Jerusalem until you speak in tongues and know until you fill with the spirit and if you look through the book of acts there are many different ways that the spirit was manifest including through prophecy end milling and through gifts of the Spirit in terms of getting people ability to function efficiently in a particular role within the body of believers to reach out to others these are all manifestations of the Spirit speaking in tongues was just something very striking very helpful at that particular time to hear all these people from every nation and those disciples didn't have the ability is the goal is language that is true that all of these people there use some Aramaic and the use in Greek and the good guy walk right but gone one of the message to go right to their hearts in the language and they understood their mother taught is regarded on occasion Peterson this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel it shall come to pass in the last days I will pour out my spirit on all flesh notice it's not just begin funds because it says save this what's happening here right now is fulfilling this your sons and daughters shall prophesy images and visions all mental state dream dreams Joel Shute doesn't say anything about speaking in tongues doesn't but yet he said this is a fulfillment of that see the point okay so it's the point of of the spirit moving on these people was the spirit accomplished something to communicate the love of God to the hearts of people in a way that the people could buy themselves and is convenient very striking wastewater can be in subtle ways this spirit doesn't really care what ever is the most efficient human Elijah realized that Elijah is there is a wind of breaks in pieces the workings of firing is an earthquake at all but the Lord was in those things the board was in a still small voice if you translate that into Martin what Microsoft Word and so that's when the Lord was the one who work in subtle ways and that's the greatest look the greatest power I've experienced in my life is the story I told you about where I pray for love is the greatest miracle in my life and gone baby love when it wasn't talk about overcoming obstacles yes I've been protected from physical harm a lot of different times in my life much more than the statistical average which makes me wonder about the same just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean his memory up to get you about all of those things I come within a split second and getting killed a number of different times I could cite a source but the greatest miracle is that woman and whenever I'm talking with anyone who has lost their sight of God that guardianship is one some have just gone off fishing in the ocean I like to stay on the ship to do my fishing but some people jump into the ocean they look around and they want to know what evidence I have for the existence of God I told that story okay no notice here that Peter is putting the people in touch right at the beginning with God 's written word 's promises in his written work this is what was spoken of by the Bible I know I promised it I deliver on his promise and that was right at the beginning he didn't just philosophize about it he didn't talk to them about their priorities of all kinds of abstract things it directly put them in touch with the word of God that's what the Spirit dust brings to remembrance what God has already told you so that there is that action and you see yes God is leading and we remember how he led in the past so we remember how easily we see his prophecies being fulfilled so he knows he's can fulfill more of it gives us hope and it keeps pulling us along notice your son and you your daughters shall prophesy is not just is not just for men is not just for people of any one ethnicity it's for everybody Jesus announcing testified to Jesus Spacey is being fulfilled you will glorify me Jesus had said and carried us Jesus of Nazareth a man attested by document miracles wonders and signs which God did through him in your midst you have taken by lawless hands have crucified and put to death Peter is impelled by the Spirit to give a message that was appropriate for the audience and a driveway to their hearts how is this message still applicable today you have crucified Jesus knew better it's absolutely applicable Martin Luther said we won't crucify Christ would have the nails in our pockets and something of a story recently some he told me maybe you're the story as well that there was some folks in in an elevator leaving a shopping mall and there was a lady very good young young woman should be shopping all day and she was tired and she was frazzled and she was stressed and she said in this rather crowded elevator she said and whoever whoever was invented this Christmas they should just be strung up and beaten up and kill the waters some even exit he was if he was you have crucified and every one on planet Earth is responsible for the death of Christ as it was our sins that and when people realize that message when we list of Christ on the cross everyone will be drawn to him that is the message and it's not just that he died but he has risen as the glorified and it was the resurrection of the apostles proclaimed there and living for us was that really sing sent Jesus to die for you whether you like it or not he didn't die for you he poured out the love for you the Trinity you know like a real street you been treated like scum like your picture you less than a one dollar bill Jesus paid a trillion dollar price for you is a three way more valuable than the time and when I said it just radically changes their perspective because the cross is the ugliest event in human history is simultaneously the most beautiful thing in human history where there we see the love of God in his shores for went through the ultimate fire in fact the fires of hell there is the love of God shining forth for you and God raised up to a resurrection for David says concerning him and then he applies more Scripture so when you're speaking through the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is using you the Holy Spirit has you get in touch with the written word and who was the author by the way of the written word the spirit is that if I've written something that may be of help to you in the process of my presentation I referred to it by generating today okay I said written about that somewhere the spirit does that you are expected to cherish what he has already given us why should he give us more if we neglect the worries Oregon's amigos for the Bible that gives for get that also goes for the messages were received through a modern day messenger of the Lord it worked fine I think those we need to cherish this is all messages to us from the spirit if we want the Holy Spirit in the latter rain outpouring at the end of time but we have neglected to get in touch with what the Spirit has given us more ready and I'm referring myself as well on I'm reading I'm reading back down but I have a lot more I need to spend a lot more time doing that we need to saturate ourselves with the focus of the spirit we do that through study of the Bible study of from the Lord 's messenger for this end time was not part of the canonical Bible but it's a special message for us as we do that we can get more and more in touch with this spirit when you settle into the truth and God will live feel safe in pouring his massive spotlight on us not because of what went on that because what would allow him to do as Mary said let it be to me according to your word and then he can give us that power which will attract attention to you you don't want to have a minister was not ready to should be there under the spotlight then they shouldn't be otherwise things get embarrassed we could so embarrassing stories but some of them are funny but this would be tragic for guard to put a spotlight on his people at the end he needs to have the message that comes out not just of what they say but of what they do and who they are in terms of their relationships with each other that's why this conference is so important as we get here and weak link we hookup I were encouraged by seeing on the line this one else out here wanting the same thing we have the same mission vision our God has made this Jesus whom you crucified with water in Christ RI Peter said we can't let everyone if you be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and you will receive a gift of the whole when spirit is the oldest people right the promise is to you and your children and all who are afar off as many as the Lord our God will call and we are here in twenty eleven we are afar off and what is the promise to us in a tight remission of sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit do you believe that the gift of the Holy Spirit is for you absolutely so the only question is how we receive the gift and of course if we're given our hearts to Christ we have already received your family but we want a greater measure we wanted greater outpouring of that gift we want that corporate outpouring when you get to that are and with many other words he testified the saved from this perverse generation then those who received his word were baptized three thousand souls were added that means that three thousand people receive the Holy Spirit right okay because that goes with that goes with it we could talk more this afternoon about that the ceiling of the spirit that is part of being a Christian is receiving the ceiling the promised Holy Spirit conversion does not take place without the spirit if you have a transformation that applied at your conversion which may come before they come after your baptism baptism is supposed to come after the conversion but the real conversion if you have a change in attitude to change your heart become love in your heart for others you have that temper that lost that selfishness all those other things like you had before yes you have growth but your new person now then you received it in the spirit involves working with you course we want one more they continue to the apostles doctrine now that where there is in great the docket which means teaching apostles teaching what were the apostles teaching twenty Robert 's worth of award has sent to the walk and talk with him for three years and also the words that were in Scripture that were about him remember Luke twenty four twenty seven on the road to Emmaus Jesus open to those disciples of all the things in Scriptures concerning himself from Moses and the prophets and sort of them later they said Judith on our hearts burn within us and that was just so amazing so excited they were extroverts I because those texts had open up their minds to see Jesus restore him in the work so the apostles doctrine Fellowship breaking of bread prayers now that's very significant this is because a lot is boiled in right here with only thing teaching Fellowship that's so crucial they ate together prayers fear came upon every soul they sought one of the signs were done they were together handled things in common and they sold and divided them took to anyone who had been their material possessions no longer were important to them Nicodemus was a wealthy man Joseph of NaCl was a wealthy man they sold their possessions they help to fund the early church of God I so here we see a number of different aspects of the spiritual life devotion to teaching the word it's highly social the spirit of those the spirit saturated life is very social breaking of bread so every meal becomes like a sacrament that is not in on the sense of sacraments but in the sense that every meal together is holy because we need knowledge God we praise him for what is an praise for God is so crucial we don't praise him enough I really place all the things that he does for us was that we forces are dependents of our humility it also increases our confidence our courage our hope praises crucial for us it does much more president of forgot but our praise is also good for going in the sense that others draw strength from that there directed to him the other question why the Neil why the food will you save for one think in this era the table fellowship is very important a few eight with each other that shows that you were on good terms with some all right that was crucial your friends as of this is a body of friendship is an matter what what background you came from these people give one a different background the Pharisees remember highly exclusive about their table fellowship you had to obey our rules you had to wash your on just writing all the rest no this is everyone gets skipped it doesn't matter what your background and the later becomes an issue with Gentiles right there about Paul remonstrated with Peter we didn't eat with the Gentiles and so that's what the issuers were all once the unity and of course prayers to God fear came upon every soul and many wonders and signs were done at everything in common okay here can't this is really awful what God was doing the fear of God is a very important think and you know we we sometimes want to diluted but when you're confronted with a massive power here is appropriate I'm if you're if you're still looking at the ocean in your dealing with elements of nature then little healthy fears appropriate by the Celtic Odyssey of the drives out love is perfect fear drives a look just the way perfect love drives out fear but it means that we acknowledge the greatness of God were awestruck by what is doing this is a sense of accountability you are so continuing daily with one accord through unity in the Temple there with temple worship and breaking bread from house to house the eighth food with gladness and simplicity of heart praising bust on the simplicity of heart our lives are forward complexity of the everything point is all different directions at once try to get her attention the mail of times is important data material immediately below the credit card offer I have time for the important things in life is to be important I have time for the most important thing and simplicity of heart that there focused their unified I believe that God is going to take this on and we want gone badly enough when that's our only priority and everything else is precise praising God having fear with favor with all the people the Lord added to the church daily who added evangelism program the conference the program is the Lord those who were being saved they were in the process of being safe reservoir for Christ gift now what is going on on earth is really a reflection of what's going on in heaven look at this passage here to each of us grace was given according to the nurture of Christ yet this is Ephesians when he is Christ ascended on high that is when you begin his priestly ministry in the heavily century he led captivity captive while I like that he led captivity captive your free and gave gifts to men what was the gift wrap is any doubt just to bring his vision for he himself is under the apostles and prophets and evangelists pastors and teachers these are gifts spirit explicitly labeled gift of the Spirit in first Corinthians twelve so he gave the gift of the spirit to human beings when at Pentecost because of that point he was being inaugurated in the heavenly sanctuary that is why it's like the holy anointing oil on him as the priest remembering in the Leviticus eight we saw the Aaron the priest was anointed on offense for the holy anointing oil on Christ as the notes resident priest to begin his ministry some of the anointing oil fell down to earth and it burst into flame there's Saint it was going on so yes there was something there the something here one of times people say well eighteen forty four you know nothing happened down here sweet enough whether it's on the correspondent is to help here and that has to and because of that correspondence with we can know that what's happening up there is really true so here he equips people for the work of the ministry even edifying the body of Christ will come the unity of faith the knowledge of the synagogue to a perfect man to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ so the point is for the whole body of believers to get mature to grow up front what church I this is what he said that we should no longer be children vulnerable tossed around to see the Army received on speaking the truth in love may drop in all things and the things that had Christ growth of the body of hundreds of itself in love so the growth is all through love that's what the Spirit deals in L politicians dealing influences and Wall Street people dealing money and others dealing power and things the Holy Spirit guilt and love love is the power is the greatest current universe is nothing else for the health Christ died for us as a result look at the experience they have announced for praying is being threatened by the way you have any Congress of the country imagine Congress UN is a way don't want you to do something anymore that's like passing a law Congress and White House they are saying we want we have to obey God rather than men and women afraid the place where they were assembled together singing there is someone together prayed as the power corporate prayer we shaken they were filled with the Holy Spirit spoke the word of God with boldness mean they didn't worry about the results where often as worried about ridicule as we are for some it's very hard they wanted people to think nothing am not cool available weird as is the mapping ultimately that you want to be weird different but that love is that how love is the power that Intel's us to break down those walls to worry about the results to take that message to everybody else in those early apostles did they were crucified upside down beheaded and french fries and one one oh can stuff didn't matter major building the one loving death penalty and everyone is has unity they had all things in common great power they give witness to Christ's resurrection great rates on the ball now in the Old Testament we find the best day of Pentecost was fifty days that's what's called Pentecost right fifty days after of so-called wave sheath is a Schaefer chief of new grain which is a few listed up to honor God as the one who is the creator gives us food fifty days after that is Pentecost when as a firstfruits offering with which one this is in the spring and if restaurant is fifteen Paul applies this Christ the first fruits to Christ the first fruits was raised one day on Sunday just on the day that he was a positive according to the original while fifty days after that Pentecost firstfruits three thousand people and these are the first fruits of a great harvest of people but there's a later harvest now Christ is risen from the dead and has become the first fruits of those and if Christ the firstfruits afterward those who are Christ's at his coming that's closed our time so there is an early and is a later and is also true with the pouring out of the spirit in fact here's the fulfillment not Peter sightedness afterwards in those days according to Joel there will be this outpouring that was only the preview this a bigger one I will show you why that has to be all pour out my Spirit on all flesh we looked this up for my Spirit in those days but notice that it says on the great and terrible day of the Lord risen Savior yes I will show wonders in the heavens on the earth blood and fire and those of smoke sons of eternal darkness before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord what's that that's the second coming of Christ Malachi talks about that you would nullify for the Elijah message is before the great and awesome day of the Lord whoever calls and they know what will be safe but notice wonders in the heavens and the were there those things back there at the damp Pentecost though it was not a complete fulfillment was it just before will it was in the new year but it was at the beginning of that era they didn't know how long it was that they but we are now living at the time the him away when living at the time so act two was only a preliminary fulfillment of jolt to the best is yet to come it's about to come because were now in the open and you later if the Bible is promising acts two shows us what it looks like it's going to be bigger the population is bigger but you know God is to reach everyone if things continue the way they are not really a beginner 's churches is booming it's exploding the fastest growing church but isn't keeping up with population growth in the world I think so as to take a long time if something unusual doesn't happen we may as well start stocking up our stuff getting ready for wife Marie K Kim addressed but something unusual is not happen yes hasn't come yet we haven't seen this but there are droplets appearing were seeing where it of the spirit were seeing things happening right around the world unusual things happen and I is only sent to some people it's come already so another words and things in the latter rain has begun to some extent and yet visitors on a much greater phase of this that without we can see we want more and as Paul said at the end of first Corinthians twelve he said he's talking about all the gifts of the spirit to the churches he said but now I show you a more excellent way to get your prescriptive thirteen that the love chapter on a more excellent way so yes we have this it's wonderful resealed by the spirit according to Ephesians one thirteen every Christian has been in the Christian era and and there already is a partial manifestation of this but is more yet to come all right so let's wrap it up here that will take a few horses was immediately filled with the Holy Spirit as our initial question receiving transformation of life receiving divine love experiencing Christ's presence receiving Divine guidance cooperating with other Christians receiving special ability to witness to Christ and the fear holy boldness the separatist summarize what we found in this study okay help was on the for members under some your writing we sort transformation to make you a new person the numerous divine love Romans five five Christ's presence this is how you how you become one with him one guidance he teaches us guidance in all truth cooperating with others in unity gifts of the spirit of these important vocational roles on the various forms of ministry of the things and and and it doesn't matter it's not just your career with how you earn your money but their Christian vocational goals that any Christian can have an receiving special ability to witness to Christ and various counselors that no fear because if you have that divine love love casts out fear at it don't you worry about what other people think if you want to convince you to go on loving them anyway all right now that's the first question what does it mean to be Philip Holy Spirit I summarized what needs to take place in order for me and those church to be filled with the Holy Spirit follow the guidance be guided by God 's written word though that's related as God 's guidance or member when I was thinking of publishing a book whether it's that with the house I was fully God 's guidance but that's linked to the written word was the spirit works in and that brings to our remembrance those things begotten by God 's written word which is also offered by the spirit responded on with total commitment as Mary said that invasion they are according to your word she just said yes total commitment be united with other Christians they were together when they were praying I and I guess that only others more than a space for those gardens garden there are thus more the next page here pray together that's crucial yes we need to pray individually but we also need to pray together persistent waiting on God the patient's stock it happened just immediately we need to pray without ceasing expect and ask for miracles expected to ask for miracles things that don't ordinarily happen and I see that happen in my life God is so good how did your experiences yes three and we will see much more in the future okay he ready to witness close to home I also got the last one in case you wanted to review okay to love I fear this one okay and then you have any questions comments please in a excellent is overcoming human willpower that's where the victory lies in the spirit helps a student who rearranges our priorities and that's what's seventy people act so people are just hungry for that to his vision that would not mentally upon but on the day they want that ability to overcome their cravings and brace things are out of control and we need to teach them help and a lot of people you know who are who are say of these but starving the marketing nutrients it is getting to me calories too much fat neck and so our health messages are crucial ministry of healing is one of where only talks about health on Jesus what around you mingle with people showed how he was concerned about their good a minister to them help them so for me you guess that's the order is not this business on my knees and very dear friends whose as when witnessing was going and handing out on a book on the some of the market-based in the Senate coming the national something that's the way that they thought to witness that shouldn't be the first thing that people learn about us and some people put up billboards attacking the very first Christian group one resident Triple Crown enough and that is absolutely not the way we're to witness his Christ's way if we want to price results yes I'll repeat the question by the way after she is a Holy Spirit weight and is always fair what was your garden God has a son when I asked for love in a relationship has virgin it's an emergency I discover they have a right to when I was my wife and I will wear asking for some money to come here to meet a particular need or a job or something like that I sometimes won't happen as it would happen just at the last minute and the menu was God doing it was providential timing was exquisite and so he has his time he said that he he helps you chillingly what's going on with what he's doing but when becoming otherwise sometimes though there are things in our lives that need to get we need to be putting in order for we are ready to receive him I think that that applies to us to a large extent corporately in our church we need to give up a lot on our own egos on our criticizing each other in our striving for all now how many of what we talk about this a little bit more on this afternoon no way sometimes there can be waiting amid the and outpouring of the Holy Spirit maybe the Holy Spirit is way for us to just follow his previous directions and I think that's what's going on and how many churches church congregations are toxic under these funny little people who have been if at each other's throats for the last harmony decades and is never backward toward comes and God is not able to bring people into the but there is a solution is a solution and that's cool church planting yeah because you not limited the Holy Spirit is not limited to physical structures on churches that's where it was in the orchestra yes Captain led captivity captive well you see it says also in the Bible that death is to be killed because when you definitely captivity captive it means that you destroy his destroying captivity which means ultimately in this context it is because Doctor John twelve thirty one the prince of this world is cast out the one who has everyone captive planet Earth he had captive no crisis destroy the captivity is alleged to be one of his captivity is really Satan is who is putting in jeopardy leaves that oppressor chapter that is Satan is now under the thumb of Jesus that's what that's what the first temptation of Christ is all about just Jesus in downtown a worship because Jesus was always over of this world anyway what is the Cree you are but what he will be the dominion of this world in the sense that Adam and Eve did Satan usurped dominion of the woman God gave us a gift and it's always been under Christ Christ of Singh said the strangest places you'd be number two in all being a narrow window I won't would benefit all so that history is taken as a waste of the winter for the brightness of commenting here place I guess well okay to questions about the Trinity and some people and the elderly address history yes some folks are fixated on the pioneers is very interesting and helpful to go back there but you know the Lord is leading us as an ongoing movement when God was leading the Israelites you to stay with the Chicago didn't go back and worship the Lord initialized whether the so it's not eighteen forty four the were living in right now it's not eighteen eighty eight Psalm nineteen forty four is to that formula with all of this accumulated like not cute to say that because Uriah Smith and James White and some illness where the shaky on the Trinity someone were a bit airy and infant Jesus was fully God and so on that's a bit overblown in terms of really describing their views anyway but at least if you were to say that then does that make sense because they started out that way that we should go back to that middle shall become Methodist because only was original this was very important because she worked originally just chart history back doesn't make sense they learned better Ellen White help them with that and and and and through Scripture it wasn't that Ellen White was making this up she was helping point descriptors is very strong on the Trinity so it doesn't make any honest sense so the Bible makes very clear that Holy Spirit the personality that Jesus is God he says before Abraham was I am quite sure for the great I am not how God revealed himself to Moses and the door closes another evidence of the fact that he could read the thoughts of Simon only God can read thoughts the fact that he could heal a paralytic March two as Dawn heals otherwise he would be a blasphemer if you were not gone to Jesus was gone the Holy Spirit is God the Holy Spirit is a personality and I think that's required but the committee ultimate thing is something my daughter pointed out recently she just wrote a book on the Trinity she's going to theology and that she pointed out if God is love love requires some kind of society yet so there has to be something of sharing and that's the Trinity from the beginning God is love out we are out of time but this afternoon we can continue and there will be more time for questions there we had to lay the foundation was an awful lot to cover here but we will have more time so if there any questions that are residual from this session we can take them to the next one and so on but if you have a wonderful interlude and then lunch I will see you later let's have a final prayer just for a moment which is false and have a prayer showing our phone and have a week we have to praise you after all this we can just go our way without acknowledging that we want to be like Mary we wanted except the advantage to a six zero one one your spirit to come into stimulus change us to guide us as your witnesses have them here we thank you Jesus on this message and hold him and him demonizing GUI sitting supporting ministry on the seventh day Adventist sequence by you the Bible makes price-sensitive Christians the downloadable purchase another resources this is online and see what he went on


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