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Discipleship: Explosion

Vikram Panchal


Are you hungering for authentic spirituality, trying to rekindle a lost passion for Christ? Discover the biblical principles for experiencing - and sharing - the promised "Christ in you, the hope of glory" (Col 1:27).



  • December 30, 2011
    11:00 AM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a knife and that are exactly as I is is is is what audit and that we need as a church and even cutting for the last few sessions I don't know how you're holding up up perhaps your energies I can run a little bit low we been having session after session but I think most of your white week on if you are our week right now okay that's good no one person said no which means evaluate art well thanks a lot for being here USC you know at times you wish you could make time stand still and you like these one of his experiences you're on a spiritual nonsense off your spiritually blessed is he who these messages and then he got to go back home and often times it was like that for Jesus 's disciples to be wanted to stay on the mountaintop but then Jesus told them to go down to the valley because that's where the work was so while you hear USC soak up everything you can get the best of the experiences attend every workshop over the born devotionals the evening devotional group all the seminars make the best of your time here within beyond CYC think about how you can take what you've learned here and implemented at your local church you will be shame for you to be revived in your time here but not anything for you to take back your local church you know we contacted you I see any thinker on the spiritual high what happened not this you have to wait available here before you can come back to get another spiritual revival but then during the year you go through spiritual slump I do nothing experience that I can relate with what I'm saying but don't wait just with a revival experience take what you can learn practical skills and then implemented in your local church Junior churches into lighthouses for God and then come back and report how God has blessed you what you lectured you I see is even coming the last session Sebastian 's and going through the life of Jesus and his example of discipleship risk for my sessions it's been a little different I remember when you're talking about how to match our sessions there is a little more correlation is a look at the life of Jesus as they look at the lack of all and we re- have been doing that to a certain extent and I hope you been blessed is he going to different workshops and learn different things my topic for today is discipleship explosion and if you gave for the first two topics the first topic was my personal testimony and how God led me into a life of discipleship being up to baptism and what happened beyond that and in my last topic I talked about the need and urgency for discipleship are looking at practical ways and how to use us he spoke about how we connect to live a life of discipleship we look at the great commission we look at the lives of the early disciples and then we also looked at the life of the apostle Paul and saw how Jesus outlined a master plan on how to make disciples ought to be moviegoing a little bit beyond that as if you becoming for the first two sessions this last session will make a lot more sense to you because even leading up to this last session this last session is good be intensely cool so it is something concrete you have the theoretical knowledge but now you give me the opportunity to learn the practical part and how you can take what you learn here and implemented in your local church okay so let's bar has forwarded prayer and will invite us presence to be with us less free heavenly father we want to thank you for the wonderful experience and see what he's been for us as you've gone through the morning devotionals I think are the testimonies as events in the evening devotional devotionals I be consecrated off parts to you father we ask once more that your Holy Spirit will be in our presence the spirit of God the comforter which he promised two thousand years ago that the Spirit would be in our midst today especially as we look at this most important topic our final topic on discipleship I ask that you take everything we've learned and make it fence for us to use it in our local churches when we return home so I asked the things in Jesus name amen you know just not too long ago just to see if this works not long ago I had a chance to go for the General conference session last year how do you get a chance to go for the GC session Jesse a few hands if you haven't been I strongly encourage you to go on in two thousand and fifteen I had a test was a volunteer on Fridays University and during that time I had a brief encounter with God the newly appointed our world church secretary GTO and at that point of time was just a brief conversation I didn't think I am too much off it I I thought was a privilege to be able to speak with them but it wasn't until I see returned back to University and always doing a class on discipleship that a real I will never end that meeting was because during that class we were handed an article often interview with GTR and GG on was her is responsible for monitoring church Dana membership data all across the world and he was telling the story about how in one certain section of the world he saw that in a given year the church membership shot up significantly with anybody looked at the data to three years later he realized that that same section I lost thirteen thousand members now if you are in GTN 's position would you be a little bit afraid you see a large road a large spike within two or three years later that same growth reverts and goes the opposite way and he said I have to ask myself why why was this happening and the only conclusion he could come to was that we confuse membership or decide our baptisms with discipleship now if you came yesterday I will if I would explain a little bit more on the difference between baptisms and making disciples in the great commission Jesus did not only say go you therefore and baptize which is oftentimes that we normally hear what you said go and make disciples there's only one command that Jesus gave and that was to make disciples you make disciples like billing and baptizing evangelism but secondly you also need to teach them everything that Christ commanded which is training soup evangelism plus training equals discipleship is unclear okay so what are the love into this in more detail again see how to get this started and running no wonder then that Jesus had in the book of Luke chapter nineteen verse ten for the Son of Man is come to see and to see that which was lost in a recent surveys reveal that about fifty percent of people that is a fellowship in your church no longer do you do one thing is amazed by his wife are senior to be US you see on church membership data that there approximately thirty five hundred people believe it's the actual churches maybe only about a hundred fifty people come to regularly and you can probably relate with what I'm saying is probably happening in your church to and in the last is the reason why is that happening you see people who want is a fellowship at your church would no longer do we realize yesterday that if you evangelize alone without training people you've even the spiritual base and the result is an eventual fallout from the church because they have not been discipled not been taught how to study the Bible for themselves we have been taught how to pray for themselves how to share the word of God with others result the other hand if you focus solely on training without evangelism you find a people become spiritually of these you know what I mean they become dingy like the year after year after year but the icy practicing their faith as a dreamy year there is no evangelism there is no Bible study within the always come back for more and more training you get all the head knowledge which you don't know how to put it into practice identity can relate with me on this I think as Adventist we are assessed with the college you know we want more and more knowledge more and more QLogic knowledge and study at the seminary right now I find that the same thereto you know I was serving as the Bible worker for two years prior to coming to Andrews University to go to the seminary and during my time as a Bible worker I found a zealous for God I found I knew the Bible more back then the Nike do now is also the paradox because even though I have more intellectual knowledge now I felt like back then I had more of a hard experience because measuring the word of God with others even though my knowledge was less I found that it was experiential knowledge and the CLI hack for God was not the same when you fill your mind with just pure theological knowledge I think sometimes it becomes upset more and more knowledge that because you get a chance to practice it and practice is just as important as receiving new knowledge so advantage of them combined with training is just is what will lead to an explosion in our church Jesus said for the Son of Man is come to see and save that which was lost and we also looked at the book of acts and we saw how the disciples came together when Peter precept powerful sermon at the time of Pentecost three thousand were baptized but we realize that that's not the end of the story that was just the beginning if you look at life of Paul when he came into Ephesus he conducted a evangelistic series for three months with any spent an entire two years in that region is training the new Econ the newly baptized converts Sony will desert the proportions three months for evangelism but two years were solid training and that led to the disciples are converting and evangelizing to others while Paul was still in one place teaching and training the façade will him will him together they were discipling one another because that by studying the apostles doctrine they did that by fellowship in the breaking of bread by spending time in loving relationships but the office did that through spending time in prayer and he saw the result was that got added to the church daily such as should be saved notice again in over me if the definition of discipleship okay there's many things he can talk about with this for critical things when it comes to defining what exactly discipleship is you know a lot of people trying to find the discipleship I believe it comes out to four key things the first thing is that it required an intentional training and equipping of disciples the second thing is that it requires forming relationships based on love and accountability the number three third thing is that it's an ongoing process to bring disciples to spiritual maturity in Christ and finally is to train disciples to teach others also okay so you firstly at the disciple maker you need to look for someone to disciple that in Christ do that as well in Mark chapter three verse fourteen it says and he ordained twelve that they should be within that he might send them forth to preach the first criteria is that Christ realized that he needed to spend time discipling twelve other disciples who could continue to work on after he left so the first prerequisite is that we need to form loving relationships and one maybe looked at how the early church did that with the fawning discipleship small groups okay where they could intentionally spent time training and equipping other disciples and a small group were also greatly born loving relationship and develop a sense of accountability then that leads to are the natural result is at least two spiritual maturity in Christ and finally before state that when you become spiritually mature in Christ the natural or the result that you want to share Christ with others it has so many times if you are to organize and automate program on Sabbath afternoon I said hey guys really going to Bible studies Hamid is a grassy turn up yet that they want or probably if you solve linear sequences these are members of these are newly baptized people why isn't there a feel to share God with others have you ever asked yourself that question why is it just one or two people who are still active in our church by the rest of our church is quite happy to sit back and listen I think next year all of you should be getting a presentation Wednesday instead of just being recipients we should be able to use what we learned and shared with others such as gone to her the thing is a little when Paul was writing to Timothy in his epistle in seconds and eighty chapter two verse wanted to he said EU therefore my son when Paul is writing to Timothy he wasn't right some as if he is a work colleague sometimes in our churches we treat each other also Courtney Lisa politely we see them once sat once per status once a week and then he don't relate to them during the rest of the week it's like we have separate lives during the week and then for that one day the week we come to never again but here Paul when his discipling tentatively referred to him as his own son in order for me to call someone my son even though the art my natural son it would mean offensive affection ever require extensive love for that person to realize that I am calling them my son it must mean that there is an intimate relationship between Paul and Timothy you realize that the relationship was built on love and accountability but not only that will seldom be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus Paul was able to see that Timothy because Timothy had already matured into a spiritual and godly man so when Paul invested and poured out his life into Tennessee she was able to save maintain the same level of spirituality which I've part which have given unto you as a spiritual maturity in Christ is critical as a disciple of Christ with anything in the things that you heard from me among many witnesses who all in his mind was able to recount all those instances when he asked you taken time to train facility how many you can say you have a spiritual mentor a new church is there someone that you can look up to who actively spends time to decide who you that when they got the Bible safely take you along with them when they go visit other members they take you along with them and show you how it's done with a conducting prayer ministry they taken either side and show you how to lead out in prayer ministry we may look up to people in the church but how many people that he'd spent active time discipling us I believe Paul understood the secret to discipleship because you spend quality time Timothy identified and recall specific instances when you think I'm the things which you learned from me and heard from me among many witnesses he then says commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also sharing Christ with others as a vendor session where the love below that are vital to and so if you have your Bible letter to first Thessalonians chapter one verses five to eight this first Thessalonians chapter one verses five to eight I wanted once you notice something harmful here because they are the secrets of discipleship everything that Paul learned he learned from the life of other disciples but also from Jesus as well through again first Thessalonians chapter one verses five to eight I noticed what he says when he's writing to the early believers in Thessalonica he says in verse five for our gospel came not unto you in word only but also empower and in the Holy Ghost and in much assurance as you know what manner of men we were a month you for your sake when Paul preached the gospel to then the word the word of God and they were convicted by the word of God but notice what happens in verse six he said and he became followers of us and of the Lord having received the word in much affliction with joy of the Holy Ghost so the first step was that they had to hear the word of God in Romans chapter ten verse seventeen if that's so then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God so the first step in setting needed to hear the word of God we know nothing of the evangelist diffusing among church invite people for the first time we've never heard the gospel when they go through the evangelism you realize that even now heard it the second step is that you need to receive it authentically became followers of them and then in verse six he says in verse seven he says so that she worked examples to all that believe in Macedonia and a chair so you're what policy was nominated to share the word of God not only did he receive it but the actively started to live out the word of God to the notice result in verse eight four from you sounded out the word of the Lord not any Macedonian and a clear but also in every please give these to God word is spread abroad so that we need not speak anything now let's call the pastor there and telling them exactly what to do for every single part of their life note Paul simply discipled them and they did the work after that wouldn't it be great if our churches are not that pastor dependent it is sometimes all electric members are so dependent upon the pastor that they aren't able to do anything themselves but your weblog that was he preached the word of God to them so that they heard it we then receive the word of God by becoming followers thirdly the lid off the word of God and then fourthly the naturally began to share the word of God with others people hear the word of God normally the receive it but generally in our churches are not taught how to live out the word of God because if they get to that step the natural progression is that you want to share the word of God with others it's only natural if you want to know what discipleship is about I right here in the book of first Thessalonians because this is a book on discipleship Paul is writing to the Thessalonians I want to turn now to chapter two in chapter one verse five Paul said for we know what manner of men we were among you for your sake how to thought he conducts himself with the Thessalonians he reveals a little more if you read the following epistles Paul's letters you find that in the first chapter of his letters he often gives an overview is a big picture perspective but in the later chapters he then goes into more detail about that anyways going he's doing now inverse seven he says but we were gentle among you even as the father cherishes her children when Paul went into a new place cannot just preach the word of God we got to know the people individually he got to know them by name he ministered to their needs she knew exactly what there wants were defendant 's virtually on a one-to-one basis he says we were gentle with you as the mother cherishes the children now I'm not a woman so I don't know if I can relate to that voting with their many girls in this room you know what it's like to spend quality time with someone else you know what it's like to truly love someone else in a busy Manhattan called parts whereas women have warmer parts like God put a man with a woman that the man could learn from the woman okay but Ball said that in verse seven we were gentle among you as a mother churches the children and he says in verse eight so being affectionately desirous are you we were willing to have imparted unto you not the good will of God only but also our own soul your dear unto us was what was staying here he was not content with just preaching the word but he said I devoted my entire life to you why so that he could see them perfected in the character of Christ although if you read of the pistols he was not just content with preaching the word today we says that evangelist only preached the word of God but they don't go beyond that Paul said that was just the first step the three were set to happen after that is that I devoted and I invested my entire life into why because I would not be satisfied until I saw you perfected in the character of Jesus has someone invested that kind of time and you have Philip taken an interest in your personal life since then you can say truly that someone is not any priest the Bible to me some is not any given Bible studies to me but so is actually taken time to perfect the character of Christ in me not many of us cannot cc that we've had that experience actually that's the discipleship is about when Jesus said going therefore and make disciples that's what he had in mind not to preach the gospel Bethany the first age but to impart the character of Christ to others so that the natural result is that they cannot help but share what they've learned if you experience the character of Christ you cannot contain it within yourself you want to share it with everyone else because even experience the love of Jesus is transformed your heart and your mind and ninety one he shared with someone else is not just that knowledge is something practical notice what he also says in verse and verse eleven you know how he exhorted in Concord and charged everyone if you as a father job his own children first welcome Perez discipleship with that of a woman being gentle to China nursing an infant within Paul says that he also took the will of the father to exhort to comfort to charge them you need a mother especially when a child is born don't you when the child is firstborn is just an infant the mother is far more critical the child is dependent on the mother why particular food for milk Paul says in second Peter said in second Peter chapter two verse two as newborn babes desire the sincere milk of the word that you may grow thereby when we are first baptized we also need the milk of the word in order that we might grow but were not called to just the spiritual base Paul realizes that as a father he needed to exhort them he needed to correct them why so that they could be trained and become mature if a child is allowed to do whatever it wants you think will be spoilt if there's no discipline it was just freely given out what whatever it wants I think that childhood be pretty spoilt of love realized that beyond the spiritual babe be needed to mature and grow us that they could stand on their own feet and then from there we could teach others also this is making sense to you and he says we need not speak anything that was the result Paul had finished the work in the region such that the disciples were able to continue to work after he left we saw that law always were fifteen because it was not a solo effort he trained other people on his team he perfected then in the character of Christ and then they went out together and evangelize new areas in this case be led to the Thessalonians refund believers in Macedonia care and then the word of God spread to every please not because Paul was preaching the word of God everywhere but because the disciples were actively sharing the word of God wherever they went with something critical is that the word of God was centered in each stage when he preached the word of God the Word of God was present when the people receive the word of God the Word of God was present when they lived out the word of God the Word of God was present and then he needed to share the word of God the Word of God is critical in every state of discipleship Jesus said in Matthew twenty first nineteen twenty go therefore and make disciples of all nations teaching them to observe all things that I commanded you and low I'm with you always to the end of the age is the word observed in the original Greek language is to Rao not to look up that word to Rao in the rest of the New Testament you find that in a specific place and asked chapter sixteen verse twenty three when Paul and Silas were in prison the prison guard the Philippian jailer was instructed to find them in chains such that they could not be released and you know the word for by in green the same word is used to Rao which is the thing instructing them and teaching them to observe all things is that same kind of idea to have the word of God and the top in your minds firmly placed in your mind such that it cannot be such I cannot escape the word of go to be so central to our being that something that would completely transform us through the spirit of God such that we would become active living disciples for Christ many times in our churches today the reason why people remain spiritual beings the reason why they aren't able to give Bible studies to others is because the word of God is not central to their life it hasn't saturated their minds it hasn't brought true transformation and so they're not able to live as a true disciple as Christ would it intended that is what it says in John six through sixty three Jesus said the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life the Bible was given to us by the Holy Spirit in second Timothy chapter three verse sixteen it says all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be perfect thoroughly furnished unto all good works so the word of God is inspired through the spirit if you look at the original Greek text when it said that the word of God is inspired literally it means that God we is something exciting when you open up the word of God it contains power and it in Hebrews chapter four verse twelve Paul said all of this for the word of God is living and its harmful sharper than any two a sort in second Timothy he also said that his God read when you open up the text for yourself you're allowing God to speak to you through the spirit we saw yesterday that being filled with the Spirit of God is no different to be filled with the word of God is not some kind of you is not the kind of spiritualistic possession that overtakes you that's not what being filled with the Spirit of God is being filled with the Spirit of God is being filled with the word of God success transformed you and the Holy Spirit 's function is simply too little nature my through the word of God the Word of God was inspired by the spirit of God and it is God read this power in God 's word and by partaking of the word of God through Bible study and results in life I do know how many you have fasted before losing fast humility experiences like you know you feel extremely hungry and you can't wait to your next meal you know summons willy-nilly fast that's not reminding you that you need to pray and I think that's true but when you fast we recognize our need for God we recognize that are hungry we also realize that if you don't eat enough good to be malnourished and chances are we may die eventually if we don't need at some point of time is the same with the word of God when Jesus said that the words are given to you via our spirit and they are life if we're not regularly partaking of God 's word and a morning devotions ever not centralizing the word of God enthroned life is not a core part of our being chances are that we are going to become distant and more distant from God chances are good to alienate ourselves from the spirit of God and that's the reason why many people fall away from our church why is it not allow the word of God to become central to their lives and that's what you find what Paul was doing it was a central part of his ministry it was to allow the word of God to become the core part of the disciples being so that I would no longer need to train them any longer the already knew how to live out the word of God all they needed to do now was to share the word of God with others there many reasons for us to memorize Scripture the first reason is that God commanded it if you look in province chapter one seven versus one to three on their the wisest man who ever lived said my son keep my words and treasure my commands within you keep my commands and live in my law as the apple of your eye behind the money of fingers write them on the tables on your part the word of God was not disposed to give a intellectual knowledge it was supposed to be drawn into our hearts since I could read to conversion he says write them on the tables of your heart in Job chapter twenty two verse twenty two Joseph receive free instruction from his mouth and laying out his words in your heart it also helps is that overcoming temptation in the book of songs chapter one nineteen verse nine and eleven King David said wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way by taking heed thereto according to thy word and he says in verse eleven thy word have I hid in mine heart that I might not sin against me can you see that in overcoming temptations and guidance in life the word of God is to be central is supposed to be in the core of our being such that it can enable us to live spiritual lives when it comes to receiving power in prayer Jesus himself said in John chapter fifteen percent of if ye abide in me and my words abide in you you shall ask what you will and it shall be done unto you Peter Mimi says that God is emphasizing again and again in the old as well as the New Testament of the centrality of the word of God to major transformation of heart and mind such that we can become active living Disciples of Christ it helps us in witnessing it gets a strength for the end times it enables us to overcome defections of Satan but it also enables us to come close to the heart of Jesus in John chapter five verse thirty nine Jesus said search the Scriptures for inventing think you have eternal life and they are they which testify of me so when you memorize the word of God is not just an intellectual process which you are taking the character of Christ and putting it within you I said he in our last session that when you take the word of God and put it in paper and ink you get the Bible we get there take the word of God and put it into flash if you Jesus Christ but if you take the word of God and put it into my energy apart you get Christ living in you through the spirit of God that's what the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is all about is not something this serious is not something that you need to spend your entire life studying of your breathing come to conclusion painfully of the Holy Spirit is nothing more the word of God to saturate your mind such that it leads to conversion and transformation but Scripture memory alone is not sufficient the Pharisees and memorize the Bible in fact if you wanted to become of fact if you wanted to become a Pharisee or disciple of the Pharisee you needed to memorize the entire Torah now that's a great pretty significant undertaking and only if you are able to memorize the entire Torah could you be a sign to the very best Pharisees who then take you under their wing and the start between you decide who you see this was a different kind of Rabbi is a different kind of teacher different to all the other Pharisees because he did not just focus on intellectual knowledge he focused on heart conversion beyond Scripture memory we need to be able to meditate upon the word of God the twenty seventh on chapter one verses two and three but his delight is referring to the righteous man but his delight is in the law of the Lord and in his long United States day and night she shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth its fruits and if even whose leaf also shall not weather and whatsoever he do it shall prosper whenever you hear the word meditate is often followed by a blessing by meditating upon the word of God it leads to spiritual life Scripture memory alone is not sufficient you need to meditate upon it such that it becomes an active part of you being Scripture memory results in being internalized when you meditate upon the word of God in first Timothy chapter four verse fifteen fall to meditate upon these things give thyself wholly to them that by profiting may appear to all when we meditate upon the word of God losses the natural results is that he will grow so much that it will be evident to all others you'll be a shining light for Christ to all other people you know when I remember when he announces about five and a half years ago as you look at all I greatest evangelist is looking all right ladies Bible teachers ask yourself one question what separates me do they have a natural advantage over me with a born in a different way to how I was what causes their difference to my difference and why is that the majority of our church are comfortable to simply sit in the pews and not do anything that's a question I asked myself I said I don't want to be content with just being a spiritual being I want to go beyond asking and I realized that the reason why people have grown is because they realized the need to become active disciple they somehow discovered Bible principles and emitted out actively in their own life and God as a result Nathan abundant and fruitful in their ministry I believe the same can happen with you nine we don't have to wait for the next event was to come to town we don't have to wait for the next creature review can be the next person that's filled by the spirit of God and use in a powerful ways well simply by following these key principles but what happens beyond meditation on God 's word the last date is that of these application is wanting to memorize God 's word it's another thing to meditate upon it but it's an entirely different thing to look for ways to apply the word of God in your daily life and in chapter one verse twenty two James says but be doers of the word and not hearers only deceiving yourselves would be a shame if we can't achieve I see I be here all these great messages will be don't apply in our lives we are inspired and were convicted by the word of God was he go back home we forget everything we learned a true disciple is not contentious with hearing what a true disciple is some we looks for ways to live out the word of God in John chapter eight verse thirty one and thirty two Jesus said to those Jews which believed on him if you continue in my word then are ye my disciples indeed and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free if you continue in the word of God by tying it it leads to setting you free it sets you free from said effective free from from spiritual declension and give you freedom because you live an abundant life since I can share with others and enter chapter seven percent if Ezra Ezra had prepared as part to see the lawful Lord and to do it and to teach in Israel statutes and judgments as are the three things you memorize any meditative he applied the word of God by doing it and then finally he felt he was qualified to not teach others he realized he could not teach others unless he'd memorized and he meditated on the word of God until he applied it and I see that it on himself before he can start to teach others a nasty acridine that meditate apply pass it on but it can be said together Matt meditate apply passes on very simple that discipleship in a nutshell I'm just to show you the fast track before status of living of the disciple the first step is that we all come in as unbelievers we need to hear the word of God in first Peter chapter one verse twenty three it's that as it says being born again not of corruptible seed but incorruptible by the word of God which live it and abide for ever when you take the word of God and implanted within you it incorruptible seed is something that's going to germinate and bring forth why not even then you with someone else the second-seeded is that we need to receive the word of God in first Peter chapter two verse two he says being born again not a series of as newborn babes desire the sincere milk of the word that she may grow thereby all babies need milk in order for them to grow that's why Peter compares spiritual growth with drinking the milk of the word this first phase is that we need to live out the word of God and that's where discipleship comes in the way so there because nobody do you receive the word of God we need to put it into practice need to start living out exercising it by sharing it with others and it finally you've become a worker for God when Jesus called believers it was not just for spiritual base he realized that there is a series of steps that we needed to go through before we could become an active vibrant worker and labor provide and the text without affecting Timothy chapter two verse fifteen where positivity study to show thyself approved unto God a workman that needed not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth it one of the greatest joys of becoming Adventist was without interviews would it vegan cake I've ever had before though you never had therapy before okay you got it right sometimes it's delicious we know as healthy as can be for you if you have to either locate by yourself chances are you go to have indigestion the reason why some and gives you a cake of birthday cake is that you can share with others Eunice was even hoping for yourself if you do you're probably pretty greedy yet is the same with the word of God to give all they do is keep eating it keep eating more and more and more we never shared with other a car is alluding to spiritual indigestion but God is given us the words that we can share with others and thereby speed for the growth and that's what it means to be a worker a lever forgot this is the big picture his soul is baptizing you church you need to be asking yourself or even for yourself personally have you been doing each of these stages you came in as a believer you are baptized but have you moved on beyond Essie how do you start to live as a disciple has some intriguing how to become a worker for God and so it is fast which is the discipleship training program the first the first series is a five week program which is called survival it teaches you how to survive and thrive as a Christian each week you learn one new memory verse I did it teach you the fundamentals of Christianity how to overcome temptation I say the word of God and down hot to work in a small group setting such that you can have accountability the second stage and fast discipleship training is that of basic is called basic training and that's an eight week training program where you got any memorized two verses per week but it teaches you the fundamentals of what needs live at the disciple Jesus you how to study the word of God it's easy how to keep a prayer journal it teaches you how to witness to others and teaches you how to live in obedience life the four key elements of living a spiritual life and then finally you have team tactics which teaches you about spiritual leadership teaches you how to launch out your own small group since you can train and disciple other people as well but he's the first one focuses on Scripture memory segments each of the above practical discipleship and finally the third nineteen tactics teaches you about spiritual leadership I think and if you design a fast team looking in lieu of chapter six verse twelve Jesus looked for specific people if you read through the Gospels there were multitudes of people who were called disciples but they were only twelve of those multitudes that Jesus chose to actually train and disciple on a daily basis in the chapter six verse twelve at the Jesus spent the whole night in prayer before he or Dean the twelfth he spent an entire United prayer to select those who would form the core part of this team the criteria is to look for those who have fast know what is fast and for when you're looking for those with a disciple when you starting your own discipleship ministry anyone to treat others in your local church before he things you should pray for that other people have the first is that their faithful the second is that they should be available or accountable the third is that these should be spiritual the fourth issue be teachable after lacking in these principles chances are they will go through the program of you be done fast discipleship training in the past and oftentimes people who are not truly committed right from the start are probably going to fall out in the middle of the program who could fight too hard to looking for people who have all these criteria and then you move on former small team and then you start training them investing your life and then part of the selection criteria comes from Luke chapter fourteen versus twenty eight in verse twenty seven on just either time going to legally look at this one verse let's look at Luke chapter fourteen versus twenty eight and twenty seven chapter fourteen verse twenty eight and twenty seven okay first name he says for which of you intending to build a tower said it's not down first and cause the cost whether you have sufficient to finish it and inversely seven he says and who ever does not bear his cross and come after me cannot be my disciple in order to be a disciple of Christ it requires sacrifice it requires commitment being baptized should not be confused with the disciple of Christ if you were to walk downtown Houston and if you were to see a building that's only half built what would you think using that there's something fundamentally wrong here if you are to speak to the builder and he realized that the builder ran out of funds as we could nice reconstruct the whole building you probably think that person was a little bit crazy should they've done their homework should be thought about all the funds that you need to construct the whole building should be seen if we needed all the leaders possible of believers possible taxi construct a building is the same for us when we follow Christ to if we have not truly understood what needs to be of disciple of Christ chances are good to fall by the wayside chances are we're not going to take seriously what has been given to us that's what Jesus says that unless you truly sit down and count the cost of what it needs to be a disciple for myself often meditate upon what it truly requires to be a disciple of Jesus he says you cannot truly become a disciple of him their sacrifices that will need to be made there are certain commitments that you need to make in order to fully Jesus and your God Deuteronomy chapter twenty verse eight is says and they shall speak further unto the people hey with that is there that is fearful and fainthearted let him go and return unto his house lest his heartbeat as well as his brother 's heart if you embark on a mission if you want to receive training as a disciple of Christ with your truly convicted yourself if you're fainthearted chances are you'll be discouraged midway would not only will you be discouraged chances are you'll described everyone else in your team to it is better to cut the cost first before you engage in following after Christ in first Thessalonians chapter three we find it was the passage saturated in love for love towards the early disciples hot as Paul expresses love for the Thessalonians in first Thessalonians chapter three here let's look at verse two first Thessalonians chapter three verse two office enemies sent Timothy our brother and minister of God and our fellow laborer in the gospel of Christ to establish you and to comfort you concerning your feet Paul was not sure how the Thessalonians were doing you see he preached the word of God to them he knew that they become followers and he knew that they start to live out the word of God but now some time had gone by Paul had seen them and he was concerned for their faith he wanted to know if that fire that once burned went than with still active if they were still zealous for God so paused as we sensitivity to you for that purpose the one who could best represent all with seventy in fact if you read in other episodes or other letters of Paul all that are not within myself but within my equal facility Paul completely trusted Timothy because he invested in his life he discipleship such that he knew Timothy was spiritually mature in Christ but notice what he often does in verse ten he says nice and day praying exceedingly that we might see your face in my perfect that which is lacking in your faith night and day parties to meet for the believers do you spend time in prayer for the church members in your local church do you have that same kind of burden that Paul did for the believers in his church to the point where you're praying for them night and day you're so concerned for them they cannot even sleep at night is so concerned for their well-being that what they received is not sufficient you have satisfied that they were just baptized into the church we want to see him spiritually mature in Christ such that their feet can be perfected and finally he says in verse eleven now God himself and our father our Lord Jesus Christ direct are we unto you Paul wanted to personally visit them and check up on them to keep them accountable I see how they were doing in their faith I finally called within the letter it are five keys to showing your love toward someone else the first is PC or sending them an e-mail right then let them know how I can father doing the second is to write a letter to them or send a postcard the third is to give them a phone call check up on and see how they're doing cinematheque message and his two others as well five ways in which to show your love toward other believers sending an e-mail saying them a postcard giving them a personal visit pray for them and then also sending them a text message provided ways of showing you love toward someone else and expressing that your taking time and investing time in their spiritual growth just to summarize then there are certain elements the need to keep in mind to know what discipleship is all about the first one is that the word of God must serve as the foundation of discipleship the second is that we need to help believers take in the word of God through Scripture memory meditation upon the word of God and then find the application living it out we need to disciple people in a loving environment small group settings such that we can keep them accountable we can know them on a personal level not just in in a church setting up yes you take time in small groups actively engaging women before it discipling than editing for accountability in this building commitment to biblical values and then there's prioritizing titles in our church that was when he wrote this message was removed even if she was she wasting someone's ministry on the seventeen hundreds it seems to inspire young people I Bible makes price-sensitive Christians the downloadable purchase another resources businesses online and see what you see when watching


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