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RE-Formation, Part 1

Berenice Cheng Daryl Cheng


Can my church really impact my community with the Gospel? Learn how to create small group meetings that are evangelistically focused. Transform your church and community with a Spirit-led, biblical small group ministry model.



  • December 30, 2011
    9:45 AM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a is a is and is anything to bank is anything a link and I paid that his parents anything anyway and the second blessing in any given us new ways in which he asked her ministries like that you would remind us of your mother and your grace and a strain in only and I panic ingeniously amid L Patricia will briefly summarize this as an anchor vision briefly summarize what would be talking about it talking about small groups NFS and module was called what anyone who is yesterday yet so the fact that yesterday would prepare my heart for soul winning track and then after that we started to talk about re- evolution how do we read I guess cause a change in our objectives how do we change things and that we see and how do we change the ways that we working reject people wanted away from when discussing primarily this week is actually small group ministry and so it will be going into the next about today of what makes a small group however Ryan and if you have a small group meeting how do you break that meeting down what you do how do you teach what makes this small group leader for me cisco small group member how do you make a member of either noticed that the thing and so will be which will be coming from the principle that you have anything a few out I believe anyone in game ad and significant amount and type of questions that you guys have because I think I'm a beneficial compress to spend more time discussing that means that you had in mind that you would fill a try to keep these sound actual explanation height of individual history and what the question so this morning that he read full nation so not Reformation but reef formation and that implies that they will be discussing how leaf formed a small group team a small group core and how before making that kind be effective in reaching out to people felt that I went here yesterday this is a summary of our faculty management and that we were discussing briefly if we die and he had in the top of my week that would be salvation of Christ so anyone that comes to crafting and you believe that Fest interviews to the gospel message in a free salvation of Christ and we studied yesterday that that leads us in response and gratitude to God love and goodness true repentance which gives us a new hot and convection this is a seminar on and this is a team rather fill me with the Holy Spirit so when I thought you meant the Holy Spirit to convict the small group ministry we also see that after we had convention and we have received a new heart and God the Holy Spirit is as great a breath and depth of experience with Jesus is everyone calling not going to fast ethics after we receive that the Holy Spirit and with enough US streets and gifts of the Spirit as a peculiar people and makes us so when is making him showing a single line to reach out to new people and introducing sniffly salvation of Christ again an Iraqi missile that's the basis that smoking is estimated for any ministry in the text and so that's what we used to explain how we structure on this small group ministries that were talking about today so I I guess I see a few questions to get you thinking how do you make a new friend what would you do when you meet someone you and I actually recently spent some time in a development tool units in the Children's Hospital is hearing the state and I spent some time observing how residential students I was shadowing submitted tiny wet with especially autistic kids have a lot of artistic event isn't it the clinic and the reason why I mention this is because autistic kids and is that you may be familiar they struggle with social scenes and an responding appropriately and social context and so one of the ways and one of the strategies that people don't let that artistically fuse is that they teach them how to respond socially and sometimes when the kids come into the claim able and without consciously in the middle of the conversation of how you'll be things that they been talking ASAP for example he asked them to sit in the dentist chair of the next one is that you must always sentence Yankee dentist so it doesn't attack the weight of a response was this one kid that I met last week actually and we were talking about how here's doing at school and and what he given his friend and somewhat acting consensus asses so how many desk he and he said oh no I think on how to make friends so you supposed to Sharon you're supposed to spend time with them and I need to have anything to my friend and thought you know sometimes subconsciously I think that we know honey making your friend than this kid was such a good reminder to me that I get asked all visitors can get a big music and personality humans share with other people and the basis of Heineken friendship is just exactly like that he was mentioning to me that this is Logan ministries making a new friend any time I sharing and accordingly I connect how he and he is not given as high as he constructs his silicon here the precedent is better than all the friendship of the well into friendship across the game is neither Congress even the long history of friendship the love that binds hot hot foretaste of the joys of heaven this is what your small group can be your small group in your case can be a force taste any good purpose that we can crank so what exactly is catered now if anyone was here yesterday dear member like hair thin cries attitude reflect inherent exactly right what makes application itself she is I get to breaking up the leader that willingly did this point is just to show you a short video of the king instantly having unchecked and found that the seventh day nonbelievers and ten okay get in front of amendment to be sharing their experiences with that is not to hold still for one minute and then switch to such display scanning will get that said him him him us is now online me and the is him a man the nylon and in and in and in her and how you are feeling as and on an analog in a friend without only you and you will love you and I will again him he is a you will find in the morning that means you eighty AM everything together and that is a you now live in I is a very and is really an event in London nineteen ninety one and on the way and is the really living life I is in him him him him him him him I tried really a Latin American link below and will and will my name is in the home it is really anything what you mean the beginning is down to help me help me on long we now ready to victory the only common to the beginning and in getting then you lose yet even then only with the and everything on in the brain and I read every morning in a home because enumerated in all we really talking counting and will and as one of his video report of rain on the parade in New Orleans yet in the questions that we leave you in the helmet is your night and is even and you and you might like to you and you and I handed him another net and even if the minimum and will make you a member of the liability in the building I don't know if this is not I see how anyone him in our Diovan and I my guidelines may only have a feeling on all the family and in an accident in planning the island Mozilla will know the people you can do anything I is the best magnitude of anyone running from Jamieson initially and then made that the love you gave them to me and feel he is the quickly build and I'm part of the family by then I realized this week that I can go regularly as he and I mean in my new loan is in need only be in my story on the loan on it is the only thing he is and how he and my family he is lying on the help he is in he is one in and he is in one he is not my him to him I is in you they are very dead on he is in and out of her and they didn't like what I am with them he now lives in Mt. as he will eliminate eczema on her as a way is he a a you are posting is in management of people and one in in my money and time in the eleventh time in my life when I know that enthusiasm will know you have a new nation is in a and will and will and is not and I believe in my him a him and said to learn and him and he will be going through old as the component in but it does give you the other you what we doing today are becoming feminine main principle behind Kagan and him and value of each looking them in a bit more about specifically manpower how do you need it can you pretty find carriers what Kerry when them in bags with a dude going set up actually with a story and that is found in Mark chapter two again if I was a big attention accepted to and will pick up invests to some chapter to vest to admit the story of the fall of men that brought their friend to Jesus the paralytic man and they brought him to Jesus and members of the theocratic day Jesus was preaching in sharing and hearing and spending time with people and so these friends actually had to go through the roof and cut a hole in the roof and nonexecutive as everyone familiar with the story that we are coming today are so if we can pick up invest to Emily read the story briefly a couple of things our highlight along the way every Saturday to answer anyway many were gathered together in so much that there was no room to receive them no not so much to as a backdoor in the preacher went unto them and they can once again bringing one sick of the policy was born for the factoid that would highlight how many friends would fall friend with one principle that will be highlighting a one keypad full frame when he got often that move onto that thought and when they could not come nine fifteen for the press and covered the roof one women had broken into a letdown the big winner in the thick of the palsy lay not I personally never tried it but I imagine that a few of you and Kathy someone opening climb up into the roof and then take off the roof in an audit has been done it takes a standing at asset I simply wanted Jesus is not necessarily as simple as that assessment was not one that anything for a friend second principle it takes effort required by a team to bring someone to Jesus rather keep reading Best Buy when Jesus saw their faith he said unto the state of the party son thy sins be forgiven thee that the friends have brought that Nancy Jesus do you think they believe that Jesus severely do that yet so the Aston just carrying their friend and in lowering intergroup and fighting theocrat with a living testimony of this so you're sharing your life with your friend is witnessing itself it doesn't necessarily have to be an outright Bible study and that's relentless about the last time I went in chapter five which is at this account in the same story with chapter five twenty five the chapter five twenty five and immediately he rose up before then and took up that where he lay and departed to go in front Laura God is on ABC affect is that dad pilot he then became a white testament to God is not so when you're keeping when you keeping that in mind your small group the aim of your small groups is to make new records for Christ to the flopping like I was talking about Festival where Preston offering second about it take exit by a team to bring someone to Jesus if then living out your faith is a written and therefore is that we want to make people that are strong and passionate letters across that can glorify him the principle underlying any small group indicated that he wants seven hundred copies often doesn't have weapons have begotten you then becoming so I apologize that we don't have enough and their move the font is that I would be one of the workers that will glorify God and the soul winners and they will be more high-tech community in making some photocopies so we come in and introduce and how a student club to you briefly yesterday because I went here and students on campus is one of the ways that we find people to bring intestinal group because we are chosen based the University another reason why I went to highlight this is because our theme for two thousand eleven was actually for hand one family one Christ in you see here that we and she had August theme in our logo for the year you see my name into this chapter with more hand MSN something not only for the people you are reaching out that when he comes out club when he comes out and they can do community you could feel like you belong in January when we meet someone you they need to be able to talk to three random walk friend before they leave for them to come back if they just if they go into the event theme we had a free barbecue and to meet one person and enticing and I indicated that next Friday night chances are they may or may not but we find that the more people and accounts and invite them obviously the mobile money midfield and so one family forehands one that was the theme for this year so I think that this house and that module is threefold the fact is that we want to visualize the endgame and we talk a little bit about that the fourth principle that we would be making West the more I got medicine when this setting is that we were inducted principles of Kagan and name will go through a few of the FAQ frequently asked questions and a regenerative mark in the gut that it is every choose exactly born into the kingdom of God and the missionary he is injuring simulating one of the concept fountain of life the received bag becomes a gift from the endgame executive golf very simple and make them quite classified is that better okay so the fact that we once held to be one and we want people to be baptized to arrange use the gospel message sent back the start of the cycle and eventually we want our groups to grow in spiritual death and that applies not only to this peek at upcoming Meadows is amended to everyone out groups to grow in number and multiply this is one of my friends name is yeah and she was actually baptizing two thousand and three she comes from a very strong a case family and had bad been very opposed the hair getting involved and interested anymore about Christianity and they really a part of the life changing that she was teasing to make in her life as she got to know when she got to know Christ my mercy gave her Bible studies while she was learning about the Bible and I remember it I was probably a good time and I remember how hard they would both pray and fast for her family and print five sixty one into shadow the decision to get that President family and fun she's now a committed Christian she has led KU in the past five or six years she has trained Kagan leader she is mentally needed and she has actually taken a year off to here to do Mission work overseas and she's being to the Solomon Islands she's been to several training school here in the US located a based around that certain modification under circular manner how one person can impact so many others felt if we start here on the address right she acceded Bible studies to someone called Grace grace is now a strong member and a future leader advocated down here we have nationally and actually was actually a high school friend that she gave Bible studies to a naturally really benefited from that and she baptizes law he also went with Sarah in the filelist and Sarah is now helping in Avenue church plant in the west she advocated me that she is working with people and she's giving by listening to other people as well golly Gee I trained there and the lady in the white enemy gets her name is Dolly and for many years Dolly in jail let's get a leader and care in making this such a blessing I think they would let me hasten consistent in crime but they were just really good friends and that was the basis of how they went about the Lancet Dias three-inch and you have Fran Angeline to earn the Christian faith and Angelina baptized and Angelina sexy now studying in clean pregnancies so active in her church then she taken what she's learned from visiting gangland by gas in the preparation of impending rain is like a giving and wishing that you had campus in Coimbra which ignore everything at the top if you haven't pictured myself in Chiang Mai about imprint and actually gelling my Bible teacher so the cycle looked this up my mom gave the Bible studies she was chained she was convicted she is sharing that with other people is gentle vibrations we want to had eight to ten people within a Kagan they wanted to be like family anyone have one leader in one care will go a little bit more into what a leader is someone you care in the last half of this much we also want to have leader accountability to a lead is taken that sounds really consider whether the evening if you recall we're talking about yesterday you and then that one and then I think those in-house mold and initiating a check is that we want to emphasize accountability accountability not only for people and their many about God but especially on this and will be even most of the leaders don't be had is as easy in the file after that either we had someone a Kagan coordinate which basically looks after the older leaders and carries the everyday and every morning typically older leaders and casual get-together at me before taking that had a prayer meeting issues specifically about how dynamic the going how does he technically you have any prayer company when appraisal and a play together as a him accountability to one another and to immediately and I think that family experiencing community for themselves now in their French Spanish indicated they had released their and they had some clone and it are presented by the goose that was found was that both you so delete in Canada correctly regarded on the together as a team reach out that make sense to everyone in the principles of Katie the fact that we were talking about it a lot yesterday and found it last I found a meaning different needs and how you start to take effect as intended demographic as he said yesterday this is an participation of what Al Qaeda did look like today we have the most analogous transplant in the city and out youngest one in the way running out with UK to stop the Israeli he pressed nearly you don't necessarily have to stratify uncategorized you can be amended into specific it is based on demographics for example if someone comes you can give and they are a young adult doesn't necessarily mean that they have to go to the uneducated the reason why we had different stated is because we find that people are better able to relate to other people of like mind and a similar stage in life because they might have been sharing time in Asia how do we get being able going to other than later they can they get what any having said that we as a church a very conscious that I use we need to be respectful and we need to see and accept the Council about noticing occurrences and we take that very seriously that we want to have we wanted to avoid any adult and adult consequently get in that sense means you have adults and allocated and we have confirmation that help him and some people are comfortable with it with how they can contribute I I can recall one student and she was an international student from China for several months of the year alumni seeking to visit had they would have less if any another girl spoke no English and and so we thought Althouse and any better for this long to go throughout tiny and the convention demands in a language and you be able to their neediest elderly that morning appreciate the capable in the mother was so happy that she was able to cook the fifteen people every Friday night and she just took so much joy at seeing people enjoy and that was when she wanted to be she wanted to be impacted so does that mean that just because you have consented that you think a student specific people at the lawn maybe Jerry and Vikings can just be sensitive to the meeting inviting as to how you meet people for me so this is a picture of some of from the value in hysteria this is actually the key group that I was sharing with you guys about yesterday we at least started as a group we got together because even the own the second generation Adventist in the church we we tasted in the University campus in a secular university facility latch has clung that one nonbeliever and now too many young second-generation advent so when they are she came together we formed an informal kangaroo because we recognize that we had a similar need that we wanted to bask in the Portman we finally found that we had similar struggles on daily things that we leave found it difficult that convicts them of everything that we understood a lot better that we don't really introduce time you even though they don't come across so we can see now that we do spend time together and put them in and we enjoyed definition and that's in pieces of the KU indicated that has a indicated that has world needs a shared vision should delete that can form the smoking insane system it was kind instead pesticide and anonymous Tennessee gone home to different countries let's heard in the setting of the seas in the event had sunny cadence in their own campuses in Malaysia nine Indonesia and please send into thinking it's on a Friday night we sent into thinking we don't intend the same Kagan but we still come together as a group of friends and is the basis that an minimum an authenticated fringe not about ministry for the sake of minutes so when a model program for a candidate well there are three main components to any Katie and that we were in a Friday night so we like to open the Sabbath together and have three main things that we do on this IEP for the fastest sharing a meal and we we went to need hot grease Lena began to expand available and may be just reiterates in the things that I mentioned the fastest sharing a meal and I think that we do include having a theme nights those unsightly permanent African in our lab in our tickets and film sometimes we had bought one unite them against child and different but twenty is that they make for some kind to be had one of opinions is allocated and so they had an AE boot the night meaning they weren't willing to prepare food that started a sound that was an interesting mix we can eat framers at this evening Apple but you know you can see things up and make it fun and make the mealtime enjoyable shopping the vegetarian food can is there anything for you don't set any meal and having an axis that will complicated and will often live in a condo family dinner that's okay as they come to spend more time that manufacturing is and is surprised by it nevertheless they may come to become to enjoy mealtime is really important because food break down all kinds of bad and you can exactly doubt if they're really good kind of you to be able to talk with someone sit down and you get a lot out of Van window eating and living distracted and when they got near just introducing himself and saying hi my name is such and such what do you do when studying the entrance is starting your meal we regionally have a roster soon be get out and visit to Boston to cook so we have a domain and may engage someone through someone bring desired or whatever it is and if you can like to get involved at all sometimes they like there you contribute to the case even so eventually once again alive if they come to believe that they like to include them in the rest of them be afraid to ask your feedback to do something to contribute because they find offensive belonging and often times five girls especially they like to invite them all back to cook together on franchises images of the device and fruit convenient along and but that one way that we that we handle that so the next time is sharing the wedding there are a few components it is as you saw in the video we always start with the and you may everyone do well on these funny people again moving all around in the video but we like it a lot of actions they look silly you must come in credo I know that we teach and okay because this simple AE feature amenities economist Christian thought of before and it gets a lot freestyle handbags anything icebreakers and then vice president during the meal will be going on in the asked question is will we say you know if you are what kind of food when you growing and even around the settling into the system that way and that's all in the best potty fully going to Bible study you indicated some documents eradicated because his amount gateway website so I need to have a look at that and if you if you're interested it's not been hot in the sharing of the way everyone and make it relevant and simple if you only yesterday we were talking about we don't want to make anything too tedious to boring too long because the inch and using people to the gospel we wanted to be engaging they wanted to be enticingly them coming back so when you're saying about the way they wanted they out studies on simple basic treat right when he gets any minute not a one Allison case the twenty fifth ninety minute study and the case study is different from what you find in a seven school what if I'm just because it's early and that emphasize the family relationship family relationships meaning our relationship with one another our relationship with God and our relationships with those around so some of the things that we cover include parables because in the parable is be gone through we had a series code Christianity one oh one the only thing that you need to know as a Christian how you do devotion how do you pray in the morning and how do you study the Bible when you restart iChat does the Bible Hyacinth was to extract anything and how do you make a practical and form an efficient and an achievable application for that date introduction although technically have the Jew character study sometimes we had any Raytheon Daniel as a Pakistani immigrant 's story you're not setting to teach them about prophecy and to go through all never mind that adventure only when a second one is that Daniel maintain and fan in chapter one what is it about Daniel anything that made in successful how does he deal with that how does that apply to acting out in a minivan I did how Kagan studies and intellect there anything they can't many relations of the guys I mentioned in any spare change it any deeper into the people economy and that unusual tyrant who wants one Bible study when you feeling they feel that they are ready preorder for a few weeks so immediately track of my doctoral studies in all sorts of things like that indicated time say that he wants my Bible study I know be able to ask more questions like that enemy is based on the needs of your cave-in and it was an age of USC I mean by that is that any one time in your Katie you must probably have people that have been bad for economic or year or two and you have simply for the activity for the first time so Lena Dietz in rehab money people and I then I fixated now granted there is no curricular and within no set formula as to how to teach so that you reach everyone in one session to the same believed him Mimi Hall and into every individual is when you make an appeal at the end when you ask then choose on an application for the week to extract one principle and then laughing you look around and when you prepare your study you think on your feet as amended truly vignetting what do they need what are they facing an economic and UK they assigned to them in that way if you him from understanding the kind management and uniting their generation I think the biggest thing this is really struggling morning devotions in any way you see fit I may not receive and save them directly but you you incorporate that into your study and Condoleezza and that may not necessarily be applicable to the present of the cave eventful time they may not have even been doing devotion to God leads you to prepare a separate application something so does the last time extended time is sharing time and this is when we are two main questions how is it we need to anything you'd like to pray for we also this time praise and prayer so be like encouraging I think is a culture of learning to trade on and be thankful and enough votes in the last payment in it is in Africa supplications we and I guess intentionally make out any time short for this reason is not that we had more time to spend in sharing that we had more time to discuss actually what it was that was taught not to mention before we want to make older studies of BJ very practical and so what we tried to get active he was mentioning in the media is to extract one main principle and one main application for each lesson one individual it should be specifically it should be quantifiable something that needs goal late in the week and try in their life we need to cut codes and any kind to think that the patent step to becoming an better and formulating more relevant application it also means that you need to moderate in your sharing kindness but and you see them grow this is how we watch us because growing this is how leads this is no way that we watch and when he has faith in his eminent things like custom Bible studies and when that spatially is by the responses that they make during the sharing time to what it had been nervous starting an example of that silliness went tonight exceedingly they went to the story on that comment and so someone that has come to take up a few times may not even become people to share it on and stay on that I mean in an environment 's mechanized and you know you just let them observing ego runs at so it may maybe be so something all not so familiar with Christianity yet may have a very basic observation and application date they say okay well like like those five people I went to see God in my life more and expand Internet that makes sense that's convalescing and that will be the application is the main route and found people may become more specific someone may say okay what every day I want than to spat carrying my bag and to Jesus and experiencing healing you see that prevents the people are growing to be more specific and more five will meet once a unique Vietnamese people role as members and name the girl in death especially as he visited the scene indicated that once one Bible study is that they will become even more specific something like even though I have had this story of the phone and in and Frank many times I realized that I had not been appointed all around me like those offering said this week as vacation in the nitrification is that I have someone in mind I'd like to call and when it kinds the new smell and set aside time this week to call them and spend time in the Navy taken up much and please ask me how that went meekly and you make us up people say you see how you might know that that application and observation process him to believe when Jane time-sharing kind is how you consolidate labor into the lives of people will see guys needling kind of security takes place I named icebreakers before you start the study or weighing your baby when you're having dinner and we had a cold for that might help you to think of things that you can talk about again you see so testing for family and friends and eat dinner you know like make a family from that may help you to get an impression of their religious background and how definitely feels about really getting many families at like that occupation and what occupies a time religion specifically when dealing the parents believe you share the same beliefs and testimonies testimonies is actually explained a little bit more on them I think I hear anything ABC principles and how you shared testimony basically when you share a testimony with someone you were naked short winning the extinct anyone making interesting and relevant and what they're struggling so you want to explain in one sentence your last before Jesus in that specific area how you came to know a lot of the things Jesus and how he helped in that specific area and a half that is changing what you're paid so you want at one moment in this glorifying sin and using a big grant that people might be completely and this is also relevant to laying your sharing how you meet what if you have had a top weekend what do you say wonderful I wouldn't be really frustrated my coworkers can be no mundane effect in custody and I would have probably said something nasty I would have regretted later but Jesus help me to overcome that length of free and surrendered to him and this is how I responded this week when I haven't for anyone keeping in mind which is against me and before eight to ten people had figured we wanted to have a family feel everyone is having great and that he can ratio some crankcase is when you grow you came to I got crazier then again one in ten people you will get fifteen extinct nineteen eighteen nineteen twenty do that is to be authenticated with twenty people and not releasing Kelly's feeling of a cheeky sometimes when we multiply updated we get what I call separation anxiety the people are evidently God in all that we intend I want the president Friday night you how we just had a combined figure sometimes the special event like a Christmas something we delegate is the enemy of the Senate and the combined Kagan began you know and few weeks in New Zealand and a bit strange missing will be quiet and will be less than it would be missed but we tend to eat the transition into the cases it I think I gave and said explaining before and my brother will be talking a little bit more about how exactly does even about starting a tenure and multiplying cadences and clear understanding of how networks thought a while you find that if you if you really spent time with this peopling in UK because of the small exhibits on our many help you to form an identity and belonging and you find that eventually people alike on the combined take it currently displaying how we work and end eleven because it felt only keep the family money minded reason why when multiplied it because they wanted to be small enough that you can actually get to talk everything the press communicated before the night is over you don't have to be so lines that only athletic nice night bagging even safe I will if you think about the family in nineteen euros and think that I'm sure many of you had we had caring for or even growing up many have family outings we had a Sunday picnic tour click to view only generated during anything that nothing is you need to spend time outside of testing came to need to shout and interested in them an impressive level on and then once you get those last-minute in the open and decommissioning of finding a new SDK if you don't take his time to spend in our thinking and you may like to divide up in their name and allocate consistency that I think can catch up one among them during the week serving on the size volume and articulation and right regarded as the if you don't have a good member to seek a ratio of a family field can be immutable when Nina is an advocate of the ten people Wednesday day nine and thank you different anything I find that we want to keep a good nation and mine said that we had been independently stretched and have to look off the eight people between the two of them but we also want to have a good balance of the recon he Friday night I spent on the amendment inattentive flinching what to do everyone had an outreach focus will be a balance and support one another in a family setting and give too many members need to get any kind in any sequence with using processing is a need for a prayer really high by God you still make a list of your friend specifically each of you members want to invite opinion application for them during the week and pray some more you can run Elizabeth hey maybe I have nothing in any case imprinted in the neighborhood you can direct using to direct event of his undoubted law became not beset any you can recommend purging again that Al Qaeda Athena to organize event you have any Sunday date shipped to the Tulip Festival in something you know invite friends to that end it'll be a social social setting when friends will feel more comfortable without necessarily having configured straightaway when we do encourage all companies to do the gunners have been struggling to find because or not if you get the Internet specially during the week at three thousand this effect and to be possible I mean he recommends add Cuthbert pics eight hundred and eighty six which is an extreme about the Reich and Barry is a fantastic fantastic read and a must-read for anyone who wants to Sonny Kagan printed Frank Vincent and then how the Holy Spirit recommended to assess and that licking people so the side of the coin is if you have a C K and potentially growing he gave that one Bible study is that what happened while it is a good problem to have everyone afraid thoughtful people that he's brought into located at anyone and make a list of friend entrained in the friend that you may be able to patent a week in either case and all other people in the text that we had a similar interests or medium accumulates and a potential by the student finishing up with a pair and get by with an ethernet student doesn't mean that CNN and the concentrates eventually they will have a fight outside thinking it will have one extra point in the field even more positive checks maybe before you need to work correctly with your perfume industry leader and hello and see how to integrate has diminishing and impressive ministry leader is going to be able to help you to find potential Bible teachers and maybe give you momentum is the escaping from any time within the kingdom I know how to maintain its impressive ministry if that's at least half at least one passing weaving thinking about the seeker to be a private teacher women on the I could be a Bible could be the pastor could be another church member from a different favorite based on the needs are back individual how we start someone going from just educated attendees and transitioning them into lunch one Bible study is a new diagnostic treason I assume that is not infinitely sitdown with the student and often get either expressed an interest to have timeless and easily eat and responding to an appeal of something like that that me asking okay so what kind of questions you have the Bible and what everything recently will reject them and does I can focus it focuses on the study for the three five and then you continue Eastman the police at December three to five weeks on time for rest it came together to see how we can study the Bible and when it whenever women need to go into something that deepest and you watch and in Ukraine especially during the five weeks behind in responding to threaten to see how they plan to run a highly by the city use very different topic but that's how we transition and take it into one twenty plaintiffs as I signify a in needs to be a family unit people need to look for spending time together now as a canyon there will be times when you get along the dachshund and ten okay contact the meantime cleaning and along with it were me I think the fall but need a little help on you need to be sensitive to completing the how do you think how many people in and you especially uphold you have amended and found that taking the company to you if your family you name on your phone and that the wrong way accidentally contains by the privilege of working in a Christian everything is likely that human life is a him and having friends at right is that we need to remind to hold one another collective and a sixteen and soon each of my sexy click here if injection die from a show you can correct me please I just the three five-week diagnostic a way of transitioning any agency once one Bible study authenticated timekeeping having Internet management there is a few hundred feet in your case you better had they had recently brought to the public dependency theory orthodoxy he during a noontime optimist ninety I think they all hate you know anything about so how do you transition and some just attending KU things got into one twenty percent it may not necessarily be appropriate to okay so you are not with any acne up tomorrow and then in cheek again Revelation three when even into it because I can now we've been keenly focused information the between formulation for the family transition at a family having three to five me typically have confirmed the week three five fleet diagnostic when you start up that dynasty by explaining to them that it is a diagnostic in a time for them to explore but this is what they want within the Bible studies meeting that contained a question and your class and what type of questions that have met some people may condescend in addition and a whole list of questions who examine what we doesn't equal to and so Internet that is it had kind of the diagnostic understanding of where that and how you can help and that and then you spend the three to five weeks addressing those questions and I don't want to go too much into how to give a Bible study in a different topic but be very Catholic and very preferably defined conditions it doesn't necessarily mean that because someone has questions on your diet jewelry Saturday as such I met the first weekend I was semi- heated diet the second wiki due to read that they be convinced that it is means that you say okay this is this is a diagnostic time I recently had this question been performing at that that sat with how to study the Bible how do we know it and I was chair and pathogenic is one of the questions that may be easier to answer quickly and at Manhattan and favorable the respirator and see how they respond to my truth yesterday yes definitely so for the recording purposes the question rate and geography questions straightaway that they presented him and say that we need to be practical to need to be wise and God will meet in private you don't necessarily have to answer this question immediately felt clearly has minimal questions I do an interview and break down everyone in goal and they live more in depth into the Kagan side of things in the next hop into how he had how you can you remember how DB adhesive leader and a character and then after that we can do a question that the event then they rented traded close and him will take a ten minute break father we decided thank you so much for being with us this morning and I just pray that the goalie and defense they even keeping with the people who love me me me me me me I think that you befriend my relief when only one man who is G1 subordinate nine hundred and five my roommates present in person for download and purchase another resources this is online and you want to see when more


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