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RE-Evolution, Part 1

Daryl Cheng


Filled with the Holy Spirit, early Christian church life was centered around small groups. Journey back to the beginning - the book of Acts - to discover how to establish vibrant, biblical small groups.


Daryl Cheng

Pediatric Fellow at The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia



  • December 29, 2011
    2:30 PM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a I I and I and and and and going to say what you and you is what you is an evolution not revolution it may evolution the rain that is why with this module we evolutionists because Christ is our evolution on the process of being formally something in all we had a great creating something or read I think something we believe that small group ministry effective slogan ministry has always been around and start what we need this morning the one-to-one that we need the Holy Spirit to help us to read you bowl event in six three was forty three this morning I want to share with your little bit more on that would restore recap of the different modules the enemy writer life of the late amendment about churches can accomplish a work which as yet they have different we know the apostles have a rating short an example of smoking on the inspiration tells us that there are being so we can do which we have disagreed and the company we get a little one of the things we can do to small group ministry recap from this morning favorite forty two seven also been told that through the solar reading you ball early check this will the difference through the same group of people with a different attitude to thank the people with a different problem I thought some key segments of small group ministry the one layout accepted with forty through forty seven restore aspects of prayer with the efforts of doctrine with the efforts of breaking bread and fellowship that if they get out of the market delay healing every member within and it was a puzzle in the open complainant the question this morning is accepted you are a place in the Bible where you filed our new place where you find reference to smoke with the Lord and this afternoon regarding going through some of the examples in the following on your home in the first page of your worksheet on the work that you have all the references in the New Testament is small with housework Judge clears what everyone small group industry is the question is not accepting the pointer is only one of the references in it in the New Testament use me that the Holy Spirit is inspiring apostles of the disciples producible real development arena mole because Republican I'm really looking on the best reference we have varied I kept the one that even when the offering is still a small fellowship group eleven this morning and accept that it was forty and five before refilling every out at eight with free soul went through the house with the goal of the Christian death is the reference that sure is that the lifeblood of the early apostles of the lifeblood of any church is within small group ministry small group Fellowship a small group maintenance seeing is crucial was crucial to the area of the seven hundred thirty nine feminists through endless twelve twelve and twelve fifteen the student being dangerously wanted I have everything I wanted and then remain to accept this invasion we have wait a little bit about the sort this is the whole comes to Thessalonica and here we picked the story up in seventeen this file accept the finger thought the Bible state of the Jews who were not persuaded becoming envious looks some of the evil man from the marketplace and gathering among the oldest video going to help the case and sought to bring them out to the people but when they did not find and they dragged Jason and some brethren for the rulers of the city cry out the script send the world up side down how come you plenty of if anything is degenerative and whole has generated a spike in Thessalonica and is based in Dallas on the theta all we do not preach of the check of the fiscal month old ministry in that any was made out of our house off Jason and when these Jews lost their full train could not find before they dragged Jason a mother people who were in a half hour and then where are all the men who what and the world this access of all the surface of the early churches success of the apostles was because and when they said it was upside down against the phone will run the thing that church ministries in order of troubleshooting a large congregation must react to a lessening of important but the effectiveness of old and in the air and as a missionary with no one you look at act seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty and older life are usually everything you always everything in phase fighting someone tell me that someone felt the relentless affiliate Chris was surrounded etc. etc. demo all in all of these small group ministry out of the health if we want this the success the key to successful small group ministry we need to go back to finding out what they reviewed the menu minimum now and a little bit of a reference to certain things but before do not let us on a brief analysis throughout the references we got back and have a look at them and actually noticed that every single person every single person was involved in a housesitting a happening it easy for people to get involved in because they benefit us and went for someone else comes to the city to happen in and in ministry in the same time the members of that nonbeliever ethnicity the question I want Oscars as we as we talked that this afternoon is why the disciples feel the need for a Northwest three nine this let this but once you not a breakfast dishes it anticipates one hundred fifteen in module one morning we common the fact that different people argument different spiritual taking a successful small modifications successful small-group ministry is combining these different specialties so that I have to seal small group can reach people of different cultures and backgrounds different languages the defendant demographic a choice the key to successful that role of the physical small group ministry in the involvement of every a small group can not successfully outfit NEC that in the apostle at this moment cannot effectively function you carry bag than expected the fifth of one person carrying five people you rather than the faithful small group is when every single person is everyone what had been allotted and no one can do I actually written down on a look at the Billy and I so we are in the early apostolic Church we believe that there examples of small group successful spokeswoman ministries accept it with red aristocrats we had been the fact that the apostles on many times we saw there anywhere else in advances we are unique there are many people out there in the world today who has access over there are many however be that he and many people out there in the world today this Christian or long begin they realize the import it and each bag of small group at that reunion we have the tools and we have the principles of successful small group ministry but we also have a unique sunlight not only do we have get the job of the principals gather the tools that we have have an efficient inch and that that felt the hot unlistenable at the top of the smoke I say that because as we come into the pen of inspiration there are unique J T when schools like you got another spin a little bit of time focusing on the softening about smoke the experience that a lot had off cloth meeting with healthy stories is that despite you become how long you'll be in the world will never come hey goodbye for the best experience that of the white hat with a small group ministry or small group settings once class meeting cost meaning that the district in eighteen hundred and organize five by the lead of electors and a very Adventist pioneers of this year to radio what they evil basic cost meetings devolved into weekly prayer meetings and these groups provided Bible study area testimonies are interesting right the complainant on the same as accepted to sideline the atmosphere said it discovered small-group ministry to all the good down there that will effect his replacement may balk at the weekly prayer meeting the very principle of the belief clock meetings with Bobby and Congressman all the members Fellowship of the member 's communion of the members to encourage the members of these meetings to be united they would dream and by late members not another of the key successful small-group ministry is driven by the time up front if they hit it off with a important are printed with five but they badly needed in in Nikon one six okay in small groups of the same time insulate members I need to successful the suggested eve of one of the LE cost meeting in fact if one of the stories of that was told by a wire that holds how she was a participant in this 's cost of meeting the movement initially this is causing movement had a great impact in eighteen nineteen we share with you little bit about what happened was that any meathead of the Welsh River revival of rock surround the tenant is him they were written while well for my when I happen one of the component that whether the lady who was annulment of the time and no one is the one in the second biggest city in a very optimistic they know that I find them what they want a movement to actually drive some of these things to share with you limit about the Internet identifies a little bit about the conflict in and then come back I use this example because we're from the thread and start it in my hot act of a thing about I actually be the bodily changes no shame in a being whose sugar goes to the in eighteen eighty five that everything I can't describe it was in Haskell came with my family the title of about fifty during the course of the year they ran a number of things they did evangelistic meeting bacteria on the evangelistic meeting they did the teacher distributions of a candidate this week they distributed with the and they had on vinyl readings all what is had a bowl from class meeting that I have small-group ministry public evangelism and also what you call retrieve engines by eighteen ninety one thinks it later when everyone was in no particular sentiment this shredding eighteen ninety one Bancorp from the group of white families benefiting people up to seven hundred church and under judgment they think the seven hundred nine million digits of the left showing I like my chances bit.ly more than fifteen people that that's incredible increase from fifty percent to answer the question when I used how the fairly Adventist pioneers know what was best for the churches should share is north it's like if that was back in the days and I have to my photography this is what looked like the movements which is the oldest and him finished her somewhat reached at his schedule is a little plot showing that he was then anything I is resisted accepting the window and the phentermine diet about both want because they may at the University at the bar this chit whenever we haven't got the answer every time we got eviscerated we are reminded on the significance of the Adventist would this was the place where they think people in a thread that includes the seven hundred degrees also in an area without you spending revival of the Welsh revival they in the eighteen nineties is that Haskell and his group will court out into a movement that was sweeping Melbourne Village through thousands small group and we wait in a TV of note is the credit but even the whole Adventist small group is not Christian smokers of automated illness some of the major denominations tend to get invited evangelist by the name of art to come out in nineteen oh three which is doubtful or even American inventions from what I suspect one of the ladies who came to what was in August two thousand small group movement in Melbourne went back to Wales and was one of the key of the United do is not new it's not really giving up all the time that we need a significant impact in the elite abolitionist is fairly anyway on the show and elsewhere as well there was excess so there's no reason that in two thousand eleven we cannot have sex systems with every you someone can govern you think the seven hundred and sixty is by doing evangelistic theories over the chair evangelism I became more what if eight hundred ninety three FSS will not depend so much upon your knowledge and compassionate as your ability to find a way by being sexually coming close that we may defend applicable really done by the most able very very interesting posted life and the fact that on reaching people is not to preach to them but the one being such an interesting one the profit of volume one that has been waiting to hear if yes we need to praise fungicide making we need to be social we need friendly we need to be read because my friends and people you wish that one day this morning we led the Holy Spirit we need always been a hot people we've been experience the joy of serving it ineffective school is going one step further here we see that we are encouraged to reach the hot African family beneath the table ha ha I think the rates but we also need to reach the hot over there isn't particularly going through a number of passages you about what life is about ministry from the life which I have received on meetings should be one spiritual and social and what not to very interesting and most of the times when we talk about meeting as small group meetings Moberg is in the spiritual or social right it is a spiritual or social regarding commodity either we go to pray for all we go out for a high deductible and there is Bible study group or you daughter a new something exciting the path of the telecast of four more days we don't combine the two files I think it is that he was an effective ministry effective ministry should be spiritual and social and what I often we drink is united on this site mentioned this morning at around in a plenary session at lunchtime sometimes really dreaded when we get a printed on and on and on effectiveness of small group ministry is social spiritual and when you have effective you don't need to drag it out when you're practically anything along it when you're effective it's not too long we just don't know what to love the people you're trying to prevent a human mythology but you recognize the whole group reporting about people who are advancing at the same time as people will reluctantly got out just a few of the Adventist movement small group ministry I believe no one has told the impossible good ratio share with you a little bit later she's talking about words which had been deleted and not if you make it through all as to lend a little while you can detriment she starts the right-hander that the later part of the life issues he didn't strategists also put some points to get out I'm going to go through the black key points review here the softeners about the life lighting and small groups church groups house groups off to use a different terminology here if you do sometimes use the words cottage meetings as well as saving but I think that there's a lot riding on small group ministry there are a number of variable transmission is small group health meetings cost meetings quantity Bible reading on both what five check is sure to have one small word if they check is not matter how big you want the facts and is what in their formation activated the formation of small companies as the basis of Christian ethic that was prevented only by one who cannot a life they in is better than five hundred and fifteen the basis of Christian effort basis of ranging someone else would Jesus is up for a room full or the formation of smoke not yet remembered him enough I can discount any other form of ministry don't understand what public evangelism visiting doorknocking anything on the formation of small company is a basis because it what it reaches the point of the small groups Amy in private or invisible by the five five thirty nine faith they had fireplaces there are five places that make me by the table to see that every time the apostles with the dignity they went along the health happened to the house the delay in a house is usually around the fireside in the right when it's cold to me that people often fit around the fire wall that falcon chat and have a drink in and cut shopping pray and encourage each other a lot knew what was the home was was revealed to have an effective small group ministry in a place that people normally catch up what one of the phone will get access represents a flood of hundred ninety three the presentation of Christ in the family by the firefighting woolgathering in five thousand Baltimore fifth therefore in winning full-featured FM infinitive in the art and even moving from what even in old Orchard notice of the second volume in one fluid in the second half he says that preaching is important poverty evangelism is important but maybe more successful in winning souls is what gathering in private houses when you make someone one-on-one when you meet someone in the city it can be more effective the car number one was not checked it should have small group one of the very small group should beware out of the hall and around the five five places where people gather soy that you can catch up with them on an informal basis one of the small groups meet in the evening the morning whichever is convened for minutes small groups meet in the evening on morning whatever day of the week you want so long it is convenient as you say later on we noticed that the convenience factor is important we not compromising the principles for convenient for convenience important especially when you're trying to reach on if someone feels like a dependent watch with another small groups and the likelihood of you being affected region effectively finished if they find it convenient to define that joy that find it comfortable to come to a small group the chocolate you try to reach a thought crime that I sent it is like when you when you know someone well and its author favor of someone we do them well his father the author paper if you are not sure how the rear for number three small groups in the evening when we give is to be put on the form of his uninteresting small cottage meetings finally the minister the three groups of people but for the people I can read they are people that has all the second was on the small group is that the unbelievers I've been wanting we so stingy but one that I should have been we both do this this is really the various media as a life mentions that small group ministry is as much for our benefit as activists of the book would benefit one so when you come to a small group to challenge yourself I think this should have small groups in addition to disbelieve in small groups the acquisition should have small groups without limiting the investment in often often as great as it catches we liked it and in Adventist believers coming to get to know your friend to the people you're familiar with it and in particular were in useful and effective small group ministry weaknesses the people one on that when we needed them the court in five hundred beginning areas a lot I'm going to just let amendment need all the small companies to work what will I enable the church members not for unbelievers also table with encouraging each other as kids members but we are also witnessing to nonbelief make it remaking us and upon one another this is not responding to my thirty eight with the refreshment and figure this will affect these meetings should be moist precious and can be made interesting to all who have any redness for what religious is referring to admit is a non- nonnormative people are showing spiritual interests should constantly towards what am I to include the fatty Bible reading first oh five is coming close of his worship with it and testimony to look at some points in the flood one last judges just won't work like this what was only made in private funds the one five five three small-group meeting that evening the morning whenever is convenient point for small groups often minister to that question members and also denominated in point about why he was on the small bridge include Bible study Bible reading prayer social time what do you notice about this when I found it identical to what action if I accept it identical to what people would message window ways in the early nineteen hundred the complaint that have been changed just like we were reciting the first module need principles and limiting effective small group ministry from both have only been in public see how we approach it with a hot Macy's meeting intensely interested seeing genuine revival seems as big as the coughing eagle behind me she's referring to estate with power and assurance of the Savior 's love make one temper about what true religious experience so she asked us to what things all kiosks to make with how I think of Jesus love to visit estate on campus I don't truly does the spirit what is surely to the spirit I believe who is experienced and or and put the conversion is not just preaching the word of God in fact sometimes of testimony can do much more than two thousand seven at only the Hornets have always been a theme sharing the gospel sharing the Bible speaking what speaking on your personal data will meaningful conference and Fred should not be made what a very interesting this is it going to get the long acids on a continual ID is limited civil and ancient art that the appointed hour will be that he only for the second volume two of its authority seventy eight very interesting he if you reach that the exhibit on the fly but you can currently be entire package is that if there was a new one or two minutes of the small group who offers it appointed out on anyway and be punctual Scotland upon common occasions that should not be well more than an minute durations are specific very specific anything seen in a T-shirt and coordinates any full compliance had done it it's a long time creation not the one entitled with the people should feel comfortable in the situation in a small group yet be able to connect to avoid permanently and reflect them the small group should complement other members of the small group in a cell is not a separation from that you cannot try to create extra checks you have in front of the parish adjustable movies not hatred a small group of employment of the complaint is effective component for encouraging people to do the effective who shed light must associate later on what we do in gospel bridges we invite the people of the nonbelievers in our small groups to come to chip we don't invite them to come to school to install with a small group that the Avenue to invite them to come the church when the memo format not if I have questions I know I do notify some schools in another place remaining at number five on the things in the church they are complementary additional to the mean IQ to say the small business the irony thing that you need check you unsuccessful but it is one of the things that you need to add an assignment to show your short video because I will be managing it isn't always a little bit more detail about our experience in this area and experience with small group ministry and then move over to just stay with me if I get the video because I sent allot of the sounders of the Phoenicians he has really changed in reaching that target audience of young people anywhere from eighteen to twenty six years old they partly biblically based Christ centered group of young people that are committed to him us him to feel the similar proclamation many of them are professionals highly intelligent and they are able to recover students cities today they are multilevel in any city in view of any major city in the world you have a high Asian population and Hispanic populations living in the city you may have eastern population to have Eastern Europe populations that's one effectiveness of changing demographic is another aspect as many young people that is in the flight of the season so you've got young people that they want to be with the action as they would be willing to young people today particularly looking for is looking for something genuine and what were children once shame no one pretends they're willing to make unusual when you get to church I think what is visible when I can spend a lot of time on your authority of worship styles today everything from the altar contemporary and traditional people he is a fairly unique challenge because it has it has targeted not a worship style would try but it has said look you want to have a biblical foundation we won't be among the King New Testament biblical community and what's important to us is openly following the Christian principles and I has at young people to a teaching us something as a union unity at me speak to other religious communities as well you know will attract young people maybe I need to be a little more contemporary my music approach maybe I need to be little more entertainment oriented maybe I need to be a little more amusement or even maybe we need to capture that what didn't we him position I think you said if you want to attract young people leaving Los Angeles in who you are sent within the city of Christianity without biblical basis and I think a powerful attraction gave a good inbox I say your day off there are many thought the two favorites in the city is famous for him out of bed and every Friday night like this and ineffectiveness of a hundred people dead and when the cost is not uninvited is not irrational for that is the to effective job in the church agenda is very different in the sense that he's more and another safe day together daily weekly and daily compulsive house and it was fun listening to the house is so effective the very meaning on the number of English as a community spirit and supervise the way is this combination of thinking biblical reality when it comes to doctrinal understanding of proclamation very Christ centered on the other hand there is one fellowship there is this idea of family and community so you have this plan of biblical authority to give him equal certainty but family is and Allison the family so knowing presumed missing is the only island in the two thousand and no and do something with him when you visit website for five to ten then when I is is is is is is normally not really have only one leaving there is not a man is not an eye out and painting again and in and in and is sorry and malignant mass is an and is the community that together interfaces lively sense of the Netherlands New Zealand and the together in the meantime as those words and phrases things in the very low coupons and then let me know when you have a place I think the dividend coming up communicative complicated we find that the University is a bona fide night you have the option of going down the house eliminates all hang out with a very caring environment is unique and provides the authentic relational and caring environment and I think this is going on my necessity and meaning is present is previously doing when they were five is a him he said he thought that this is the thing that many people in the city planning and community and belonging and identity in a very enjoyable setting and be in the city and the Mehlman is a very more than all of the city the coming government uses coming in and out of the city and often in direct raising the face made and ended and it was fun to have been living in and provides a number of them is a consummate businessman mistakenly accustomed and if you know your customer and you design something that around this time the same Ogden is a really know what the greatest needs in the hot meaning unknown moving them together in environment is comfortable to share in monotonous and a half saving the law was as well we can do something that looks in the ceiling above the baby on Theophilus as we myself living in the city as well as university students studying in a because the founders of Gateway Ephesians note that you and that you want and medicate regarding growing that time and ministry review is not me a few more practical problems of what we do know what it and some of the testimonies that we have as well at this time is in effect it would have greatly affected the about analysis department started José Pereira out of five him him him they would on an enemy thank you for this time where we can open you would want to do everything it is not within the testament in fact and no say in the pen of inspiration we have seen that over time and time again they are small group ministries that I think alone we prayed as the ark then again this document is help us to discover your own Holy Spirit you will probably see many of the more than one post this message was removed and found that she was she wasting someone's ministry on the seventh day Adventist sequence by you Bible makes price-sensitive Christians the downloadable other resources visit the online and CYC when launching a


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