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RE-Evolution, Part 2

Berenice Cheng


Filled with the Holy Spirit, early Christian church life was centered around small groups. Journey back to the beginning - the book of Acts - to discover how to establish vibrant, biblical small groups.


Berenice Cheng

Dentist based in Melbourne, Australia



  • December 29, 2011
    3:30 PM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a I is is is is is is is is I initiating changes in its time making the Mende goodness enemy can appreciate you letting me nearer in fascist and every time you effectively silly panties and ingeniously than as a necessary one of my favorite sections because it's basically a long story and I like stories reflect the pictures so what will be sharing today is not earned it's not a formula it's not a secret recipe for a seat for a successful check we do not basically share with you to bless cool and firm expenses of the past and how God has worked in the open so this is just one example of the stuff that we do in our checked by no means saying that he have to do this to become a successful tension key don't really interest of any successful conversely chefs and I think that we've gone out and done hopefully he doesn't ever it may be related to it or maybe I you be able to share some of you I think this is so there has been sure this is working for you that have been sensed area you never know that is nominated in the southeast part of the sky but for those that haven't went off our plane ride away about fourteen hours in the East Coast and nothing is actually instantly second-largest city so we had only about four million people and attach that we act the RAND think tank based in America he earned that ten minute walk to the CBD from where I said until we are in the University campus at the union is demanding that I attend on Sundays after the checks that not only look you see that we hired I'm not sure this is outlined for you but you can gigantic you like and these are the different aspects of ministry in Gateway and into center and will be going through these in the principle is behind why we have the component now checked so the fact is that we are now later vacated the small group ministry with many overseas candidates meaning that people visiting student veterans moment in San Diego home and a tape includes an expansive and they sat keeping down catching up with me I initially started by ninety it was exercised by nineteen to twenty twenty two euros we've had out odor compounded and countless help and we studied the New Testament in the city annulment and Griffin said he five hundred and fifty in four years after we started our second day we happened to center in May as of late and that check is starting in that quarter next year for the training center that we had the different element is separate from the chance that this is an wee training centers to train young people to be sullen is the Christ the courses to reach the community I need them going more into what that actually entails in that kind programs we run the Focalin is that we find there a student club adding to students on campus at three of the major university campuses note in filled gameplay added center of the charts aims to be not only interest for an outreach center within the city of Melbourne and its surroundings now think that God is a little bit old because removing older than five years now the checks but in effect five years we had him on his continues in the lab with continued to grow step-by-step so as I mentioned before we had a student club can't add to students and had been that is basically the same chat on our ministry we are a you check in we aim to reach all the community but we are based on accounting so had to student content is said then add power firm becoming China bombing Avenue to reach new people and to get new contacts and invite more people to check out be participate as a student club is an affiliated student club of the campus we take part in all of the things that normal to because they do so we go to orientation week and we haven't been found we had free vegetarians often shave that we offer at lunchtime and and student I almost anything as any other student club with you the difference however that we still be authenticating that we often anesthetized listening we had a unique message and so we we highlight the different aspects of the advent message that I need the help message and prophecy I will retailer programs to suit the students and integrate that into the student housing and that forms the basis for planning out transparent as well then he sent so we were off at interesting is the intent of the content Sony get around campus ministry the indicator and caters the nature and we bring them to a point where they may be comfortable of a mask for once one Bible study is the consummate engineers and they love God and they get baptized and they enter the cycle of evangelism is amazing this morning is selling it and that piece of history foundation as a tragedy family will be a soul winning and training center that multiplies chances in three and so every year that we sit down and reflected in the him when the Itasca so I'll be still a soul winning and training center have we upheld the spin but this year and how close are we not acquaintances again none of them when you blessed to after you so as a chance and I'm sure many of you will be able to make an Jill organization so sometimes people 's priorities may be different to what you expect them to be and how they behave in school Iowa Department of corporate environment and attach as a volunteer organization we need to mobilize people based on a shared vision is shared values and is no other way that people will be affecting the nation come together to have a shared vision and share toys such as clinicians some of our values apparent is that you have given the fact says that we Bible -based church 's beliefs and practices are founded on the Bible the craft dependent and so we are and how they backtrack this seat I indicated neither Tennessee can basically it's not a label when not trying to pigeonhole people but is basically a lamp and identifying who I mean you people in your friend we also colors of his new friends in a coming infant occupant ministry and that may be attending K good but then not mandates of this and shift that has been seated at everything that we do in our church calendar is speaker Ari there we are passionate about reaching the Lee also have a focus on discipleship and dedicated to mentoring amended the newly baptized Christians that come into we have an emphasis on training a large portion about checks covering is based in training to consolidate domain amendment but also to prepare their law so winning the night especially in a really active residential all of the addressee ranking you are on five him intentionally see when you have a scheduling weekly suite B draining and placing phony spiritual life ignorance and timely progress also we recognize that you know we are and how each think the checked but we also need to look up down and said that if anyone did the last client is one point that is really one design and accountability that comes into play especially in a discipleship program and an ending that we are basically looking out for each other to support each other administer to pray for one another into champagne and some of that history Jennie motivated and shipped them to remain as to how game actually started than the top picture here is a picture of the youth group in the gnomon Seventh-day Adventist Asians this is in nineteen ninety nine and discharged is a rich and very culturally rich to amend many families and investment banking the seventeenth and in nineteen ninety nine they actually had an Agatha Clore you about thirty to forty of them that decided that they wanted to move to the city to see another day if you have a look at them that the city of nominees that rectangle and there signifies to Asian children another thing that happens is Asian chick is about a forty five minute car or bus ride and said the bus that we had here X he has an interesting story because what would happen before we lived in the city might do any of these international students in overseas students and what happened at his family at their university campuses nevertheless had no way of getting to because it's quite a way out in the seventh and these were people that were not sitting in it this is not so they went probably going to miss an hour and a half retention is Saturday morning when they could be sleeping in going to check so we actually had some of you and for many years my family dear would be to get this check they would wake up and coming and leaving out on Saturday morning six a.m. or something and they would derive the path to the city picked everyone in the city trying to check and then driving back this evening that last was a really interesting I really am I guess the confidential means of ministry on that last drink those forty five minute trip and that is that I think of one guy in particular his name is Eric and he was a Taiwanese Buddhist and for many years is very resistant to electricity can he would come to check but he wasn't really progressing key had a few issues that he he struggled to get over on that bus ride one of values and his in that topic actually are nearly ended his name is Samuel every week said it would spend a good three hours in the back on Friday night with two and from the church located on Sunday morning to and from the transfer chance that it three how is talking to air and he would just talk and they would be friends he would catch up with anti- filleting and they would have eventually it got the stage with a high pilot studies are no strict and Eric was baptized Eric is now back home in Taiwan and he's doing well and he is very active in ministry so God really blessed even though we were out in the seventh forty five minutes away from where the action was that is the kind of blessing thank autosensing I use these small experiences highlights are the guys you really have abetted by Dutchman students are guys with each other and so with that said and we actually moved so as it seems yet everyone I see came from the city to the price of chance but we wanted to go to anyway there was thinking about using the bed and I want to highlight down one of our members and his name is Edmund Mrs. Edmund and his my two young daughters and this really speak to have a consistent error station of how God that you can set and individualized to sacrifice into connecting the engine is an incredibly intelligent and capable and young professional Key West his way through Univest and he became a very successful management executive in a global consulting he was here last to be part of leadership and he was headhunted to come and what head office in the United States and so he sent a little bit of time here but maybe he was actually coincided with the timing game it was trying to establish itself as a chance back on the mountain we were trying to get a university location commission that each method it was trying to throw the student club and are trying to MacCallum the kinks of starting a check obviously and anything is a graduate alumni of the MSU nubbin in reaction Cordero infancy and I was having trouble is beginning a location for out the classic jeans you think you'd be able to help and so along with it Sonata is easy note and after much prayer he said look I barely knew the people that I know my friends in the unit identified back and admit it hope you guys instruct the ending gave up his potential in a leadership position in the US and since then he's been back and nobody still nascent now than he's extremely capable he's been headhunted to different companies and he has he has the potential to travel although the admin has decided to stay in Melbourne he actually spearheaded one of our check on South second church on fire and a few months and he helped out there and God uses sending specific individuals in the capacity that he is given and so that was how Haley said of the EU that internationally takes the something to start to have a vetting each individual so I will be united that in God also raised out and I don't currently think I young people themselves on his nineteen ninety nine was when we went still in the first two Asian chicks and we had harmed assassin decay groups in different homes and from the comments in the youth Friday night this is great to have fifty people attending and we need to reach out and grow wet when I met we aren't happy with we can meet a friend but we do not know how to send a message with them so what these counselors actually did Internet a left-hand side you see their three couple and in April two thousand and they have to broaden his feedback and be conducted revival program now this revival program really highlighted the importance of God in and through that the ideas they revive the group in and highlighted that defendant 's judges the movement the last days and we had a unique message that we need to share so the revival in our church took played by a fourth step the fact is that we spent time in in-depth study of Beverly Daniel and Revelation so we have occurred then the book of Revelation in connection with the book of Daniel especially denying that is what we found out that was a good three to four months we would we start out with the revival program after the revival speaker left each of the youth to attend strategic chapter of January revelation in the last few weeks as well known anyway they had never thought something like this before they didn't really know how to even prepare for by God and was patient with them and he was patient enough and we got there eventually and after that the second time he went into their variation again and everyone was so much more comfortable with it and being you it's a much better name in getting so much more out of it such a way that we he really had to love the Bible with you and I was awakening the student begin to realize how do you feel anything how precious it's tragic and he began to acquaint himself with God XML is a time when we really and size and used it of him we want to learn how to love reading her Bible step three we experience in the last things that God was giving in the title is live in an energy and a tiny comes given in his brain in step five we started to train small group meeting on Thursday evenings to run small groups on Friday evening we started training them in how to energize them to be group dynamics basic Bible knowledge and reading a book evangelism by Heinz is the basis of that revival so Chatfield went through the full component that we had we had a student club the training center advocate groups etc. of the line goes out and then a five principle is that we biblical principles that we base our case calendar and how components and I can't find anything a cartoonist today the fence is that true spiritual revival is by the way the word of God and so as we highlighted the full one of the elements of ministry and can use a small group ministry so I don't read of God I think the advantage of pregnancy and prophetic message of hope and is becoming the fly in the homes often more successful than anything that we can achieve in one sermon one transfer because the presentation of cracking the family and often is more successful in winning souls so the strategy of ministry one of the eyes you and Livingston is small group in Kagan who had been through that already so I happens when in him at late nineteen ninety nine Lisa said decentralized Friday night but that means visit from the five two Asian tags family that was forty five minutes away from the city we started small groups in members homes around them was doing with others because that's when this essay a lot and then lastly in the city because that's when the students is staying in that way they were able to conveniently and excessively complicated every week so many too fast and what happened is that we actually had three story three tickets in the government and those in the London right now Grammy-winning Clayton and to base in the city 's CDU and the city younger all in attendance the people -based ministries we had a lot of principles of attachment accountability discipleship Katie and that was aimed at demonstrating the spoken way not only not only spoken believing wedding practices so much as it's in the city we start off slowly had one use one and one young accountant what I want to highlight here that not all of us I necessarily school-age son last night via different stages in our and that the case that doesn't mean visible respecting the effect is small it is meant to be expected for every single demographic based on your Sacramento is talking this morning he sat in Jerusalem and even in Judea the silly hat and one younger because we found that the young enough and it was so friendly whenever they got together with the UK group that they just clicked on and they have more to relate to as they can give if they were all together and that's where we started with those two cases five two thousand and three we multiplied to have more tickets in Portland and Fafnir project in a city so that an easy in case you continue to grow I found two thousand and five a month I began and we had some annotated Chinese characters we had a southeastern candidate was more time in the metropolitan area amid a bit better at their SXSW with an bike is about seventy percent and I can't communicate you every Friday night he said it had really don't necessarily halogenated rhetoric that it will be the recommends on this one close to you may want to get in contact with a leader but it is all based on demographics and the patient and Doctor Keith that you want to make it accessible to people because these are then nonbelieving in they have no obligation to seek out a kindergarten Friday night and if it's forty five minutes away the guys going to be a struggle for them to come when especially when school that is the almanac holidays and things are so much as innate and this is what allocated SUVs it looks like it's based around someday I can go the Navy had a different check in the swingman University is up on the top right hand side and so we had to take us around that that campuses and basically what happened with each of the cases that are affiliated with each of the canvases id. and a tendency to into that change this is what allocated the flight now we have as I mentioned before we looking at having three churches by the by about September next year we had one in the city one in my candidacy which is the other the University now been and then we are starting one in Detroit University reaches out West and so as you can see what happened is as you grow the Green is our oldest text that he speaks as he drove on he has more and more came even though the church has a ready so our youngest check out their baby adding the West currently three Jesus is continuing to growing crime problem now I share with you I really cool connection enough the power of friendship John one forty one twenty two says he finds that his own brother Simon and David to him we have found the Messiah which is being injected to Christ and he likened to keep the power of friendship is something that we had really experience and we have really been blessed by him in Gateway and went to share with you Mrs. Edwin Arun Arun is an Indonesian young professional he has a young family and he wasn't all that far we studied gateways though probably nineteen ninety eight yeah I think that's right so actually comes from the Buddhist background and through a series of evangelistic seminars and he was baptized and after that he continue to pray for many many years he really is given that replacement reappraisal my sister and his older sister is newly which is disputed hereinafter many his beliefs he came to check in she was baptized about the scissors cutting every story very short so you only continue to plan every time she gave figures that I would prefer my husband and sent you one is a husband and he won eventually came to the Texas law that you won had a friend I will be and so he invited onto a decent attention through evangelism and Bible studies in Kagan irony was baptized I don't be caught married and out of any brought his wife to see the check is not at the time that they got married they were both on Seacrest Avenue of both Catholics actually know when my not cable read from Indonesia to join our ability as she was baptized into his undergoing pilot studies and she went to that process I'm only also had a cousin called Gaddy and Gabby was baptized with catch a couple of years ago and she was likely to change I hate invitation is now going back to LA and LA and sister called out italicized at his young assistant and old a friend asked even after you leave was baptized and they really say how every creaking of the new animated relocating I and you have the win and I noticed that there may be twelve years and she is growing so much of their time and always in their highly same please remember saying your prayers and sometimes with the outset and check programs and then she go away for allowing with the hag in the next year Inc. and Congress is continuing to work in minutes this is the house actually invited in Trincomalee was salicylate that what is interesting to note is that all these people have now gone to different parts of the West LA and is back home in Indonesia Italy anyone in our project in Gately and and they are really involved in the family ministry that I many a man on the right there helping out in our transplant in the West Gabby down the button has been moved over to Kings College in London and she's studying then three minutes state Palestine is actually voluntary one year for lack of the Bible and English teacher and bacteria and Melissa has gone back with the husband cheated Bali and she's been doing ministry there the goddesses continue to bless in ways that we can't even imagine these are some of the students that have come to Gateway and it will enable university student may take a way and at that time they became Québec leader and had gone home and then started taking that kind season he had including the needs that we had six caregivers actually in Mauritius I was just recently sat next very exciting for a hour we had one kid up in Indonesia currently we left in Hong Kong in Thailand and Taiwan Sony people like taking one evening and going home and doing exactly the same nineteen hundred humans and want to make sure that we don't EK group is an alternative it doesn't mean that we invite our friends the KU and they get baptized when they got there how do you integrate them into the seven bandits yet ultimately the cake of a diminishing of the text and we need to see we need to help people and the members of the candidate see that map hot in the lines around my test community so what measures are important and potentially does they went talking about integrating sentient and Katie together so let me look as they chatted gaily having to center that we look at the percentage of attendees that come election and cadence is not we also look at the number of candidates that we had a look at the ratio of the Fifth Amendment in Arcadia and we look at a number of members unable to train to lead techniques in the future will help us set an event to help us to it as organized as time and allocate our resources accordingly we conquered by Alex CKs into gold silver and bronze the goal of the enemy that they are having once one pilot study we dedicated many project is still eager as all of the same thing except they may not constitutionally may not come to depend abroad is just starting out in kicking and that helps us to know how to tailor our cake of resources on teaching a new sharing time and and things like that so every all this we have a public evangelistic meeting and that's how I checked basically started it's a little bit convicted in the diagram but basically what I would take out of it is that we started our morning weekly when she added normally I'd like an absolute crime in two thousand and three prior to that we had all these great him feeding in from the container of the top we spent two years installing ground mecca called remaining cake because Maine is at student contact them he had when he was ready and able to come to attach West at seven we also had on the menu 's and every year during that time we had public and public ministry and we spent those contacts in to check on his event is so since then as I mentioned before people had gone back in and started Kagan but also one aspect and economies really S to explore and to develop more a creating a culture of mission and evangelism wherever we go and to sacrifice to give sacrificially and so we haven't seen here which randomness in Indonesia in two thousand and seven and they actually sacrifice and the last portion of the year to going back and pray in organizing a huge revival in training affect back on ballot Indonesians and elements of the top actually coordinated this epic and he is in Indonesia has a lot and I think a thousand islands or something like that and he organized and different revival in training events in some of the major islands as of these are somewhat more common that they had gone commission should say and then training in evangelism there as well we had just the top and has gone to use of type transparency went back to reach out to native Karen people we had had training in you feeling to the second picture and showdown vitamins tires the second and aspect I guess unconscious ministries that we want to continue to multiply catch is the second principle is that we need to do when you're talking about they will be feminine to change the round had long believed behavior when designing a man say I was at a nonbelieving man wanting to inspect if anything I cannot manipulate anything be very it is critical it took me to be critical of everything I'm hearing I need to haven't been to belonging before I'm been leaving the longing comes after you can create a sense of belonging people exactly believed when they will have a more receptive I went using that is when advance invented by the Holy Spirit they begin to behave in quotation they be doing they begin to earn accept the treatment of learning incident that the process that we keep in mind of the planet that it is a short recap we started in April we had two candidates in every two thousand and two thousand B started off at seven afternoon monthly budget as kind of like that a wide program value in the city April two thousand and one and throughout that time until two thousand and three we continue to have evangelism then we started out taking two thousand three in March this is our best chance seventh we had thirty five people and explains how fast we had been a little bit nomadic like the children in your intent we have gone from unit of electric volt electrical at the ground and set visit set until I think the capacity of a hundred and forty two was something like that and because of technological and opulent we soon grew a little too big far and whole and we had to move to a technical inadequacy of a hundred and eighty five it was still in the University of moment candidate in God continue to bless this is when we had one of our armed I recommend listing every test that it is an evangelistic opportunity about thirty percent of their creation every week and I think in that we moved to a two hundred and twenty capacity home in two thousand and eight and I can remember if we were talking about the cycle of evangelism this morning classes actually Pelé to transition at the upcoming pancake is on our reach into the check space and their existing level of knowledge so we have any more Lily had the Creek basin is using people to the Bible and basically run things like in the Bible trust many how you study the Bible and praying in the discovery class twenty the study is entering a revelation century currently has the fast program Nathan Dent is not only have five classes for discipleship of the Mende we rented it survival basic in team tactics programs and then we can think of that would lend it back and we have five and so what does the men that actually if they're not teaching in one of the outreach that this was actually spend their time and I use a quarterly and we study it like the wheels are having children an irregular status this is our second test plan in the same in University of technology be started again with at and I get the core of forty to fifty people and we started after having a presence on campus is a student club for several years and then having to the miniature they moved to my candidacy in two thousand and nine where we had a considerable student pregnant contents amendment and we started again with a number of data points small group but that's all it takes income continued to me that this is where we have just recently actually in about seventy three we wrapped up at have an evangelistic campaign in the West and Victorian of SC campus and then there will be launching out and change the principle is that you need to know your customer and design everything around the villages actually mean anything you need to put your self initiated and are beautiful what would they be feeling what would they be thinking that somehow relax we had catering which are for carrying and relationship building the economical for teaching lesser sentences that the ministry through once when I was antisocial activities and evangelistic meeting now from a amendment is expected these are the objectives that each of its component achieves so even witnessing opportunities training opportunities question opportunities etc. but from the perspective is completely different it's all about friendship the goal of that relationship family and belonging to culminate in a yearly evangelistic campaign that we had in and the one behind it here is called better life for the future and we actually incorporated by an health health and a better life section and dark environment and an done revelation evangelistic meetings the hottest programs and not only nearing merely selling program one of the straightaway share inventive here and say that their lady getting baptized under the ordinary interesting story she very very nonreligious student she actually came to the church because one day she was very drunk and she got into a car accident and she trained that if she should survive because they do present a life that she would come to God himself through a series of events he came to amended if you can't laugh him him was telling me about assessment she came to our attention and she realized getting up on the best morning that we not serve coffee and she remained indignant to a mad and pains she really struggled but you know God continue to bless in and she's such a lighthearted and very bubbly passing I continue to reckon a hot and she actually got baptized she attended after achieved by working in the nursing back in Brisbane which ignore missionary and she's working there in time sorry if this okay I know if we got here we had the perspective square catered and not caring in relationship building that it was invented with anything less it is their experience of a check question that the ministry is they are taught on a one-to-one basis with a Bible teacher social activities and its attachments making friends in the new people in evangelistic meeting is been learning more about the Bible in a public setting from the speaker effort amendment perspective however our focus going into these events is slightly different so indicator is an opportunity for us to witness to God when invention instead though it is at times resting on a mainland and cross house benefit to teach other people unless it seventh is to lead out and to point people to Jesus Pennsylvania she is where we get each of our members to give a Bible study will be encouraged and in a needy parent with the Bible into the past the Bible study they also grow through that as well personally you cannot is about the money has created community someone in evangelistic meetings are about witnessing is practical for is that being rightly trained means that you need to go back to the basics when you next to me it means that we allowed training aspect after the New Testament Bible and and and the spirit of proxies that our men and women of Gateway and training center we had a little a little house again next to Colin the ministry has next to the unity of moment and it is a dependency which is if you have a look at the map ran about it two minute walk from the campus and this is wow Bible record of a no our public act cooking school here help them not here we had made in a writing seminar was student we had when we had stress and how to manage Chad the second being the old man at currency we also have a cake and then every night after night every night every Friday night and all and some of the Bible studies are under some of the programs as I mentioned before that we offer that we have conversational English classes in a standard I'm not sure if you guys have a here it's cold I is basically an English proficiency test that a lot of students from overseas need to take and it incredibly increasingly difficult to get the score that you need and so usually people tried to attend preparation costs and when she had a member of our church volunteer he's a professional psychologist but he volunteered to run a free conversation English classes and is released and because how he teaches in English is that he get them to read the Bible and from there went like sanctification before they lead in writing train or something I think that we offer we has helped anesthetized classes so we offer free mass I would think that we do on campus is that we basically have little been assigned a lively dream and time we had a weaker point which is the newest student to study year without classes basically and we often pretend what we say on where a student club here would like to pray with you the lighting just a five-minute message of we have probably not fairly also had relationship in the ninth of file management but we do strain there during the year especially during a school holiday time we run Bible to train people and we had about not coming a couple of years back to train and airplane best time in having Bible record that likely that four year and so we take on a couple of Bible record of the year each of our campuses and you might see some faces that you recognize a lot of them actually have that she gone on to do different things and then went on to study theology become hostages evangelists all of the Simmons vibrated and that's not all of the micro- fit anymore in this life and I affect about training program is a lie CNN's Lisa Christ which is similar to what you guys doing here at UNC and this is no convention we now haven't got over a thousand years in three different sites and that's hosted by immediately checked one interesting result of NYC was that in two thousand and seven we actually had we let what you want evangelism with the mockingly person they are not charging us a familiar and how marketing is eventually sent that he usually selects one city per your need for a select and on leave into one city that he liked it and spend time with in the next year and he actually does the long stretch of as the campaign that is so in two thousand and seven Stephanie was Melvin and yes he did a five week twenty one session three five evangelistic and he was preaching underneath a set and a Y C Anaximander called the Bible are geared the ground reckoned company context invites anything and everything in the months prior to that the seventh seventeen full-time Bible lessons in the context in the condo fifty three divisions in the end they continue to drive a bus that was out campaigning with my family and this is one of our programs called PNT is potted their training program a lengthy and from our last component is if we had a student club and he said and the student clubs are very very closely affiliated with the cake can I'm not sure if you guys having your weapon and she says that Christ's attitude reflected in everyone that he underlined that principle and that even has a seizing cake of every Friday night anyone that you only ask one of us each I think he's off he can you tell us what can you stand for an end table takes land they woke it because meeting we had the delicacy and we told him he shared and that's what we need is a student ionization Dan Alban Univac he we set up a Bible school during the week and with resources and possibility for people to sign up the cost is an Muslim Bible studies and things like that and that little table with some of my bipolar and we also did a survey so we began in the campus at about three times a week and biomolecular nonstudent member that just I'm talking getting to know the student back we have to manage health Expo and read about it here on the majors South line if they are going congregate and a sunny afternoon for lunch and usually don't be one major student club offering a free manicure anyone time with the year in honor so we cease out how to next event we didn't know that it was such a popular day for barbecues and we these started doing our vegetarian sausages and people you came along thinking that we were all here and I think you until halfway through the provision and people asking what I recall back in student and had visited Cardinal Health promotion this year how you like a vegetarian said in a people at life I noticed that the Polanski Thanksgiving and so on as many led blessings of anyway we based it on the day will use and then we had to connect to either found we had initiated as a date again we had been dying at times to attend this year the better the definitions eventually in the state so that was aimed at tying in with a focus on health and we wanted to meet emotional and physical and psychological needs of the student learning get them involved that is what is everyone familiar with that but the tensions and that no hint of an thematically than basically based on Daniel chapter two site things at the one wearing Daniel and his friends chose a lifestyle of health and of trusting God and they excelled so we basically in should use the basic health principle is to not believe it and say we challenge you to take up God permits into this week of resembling nutrition to eat my favorite veggies into fruit a day and you get a set you accrue a set number of points you can be on exercise so we challenge you to take thirty minutes three times a week exercise they got together on a Sunday afternoon in a random and what isn't it even mild recorded together on something like that and so they would cruise the number of plaintiff and what we did was the boy attached I came to gambling free iPad present the president Nicolas point that the pre- so the societal stability with a student club with any church ministry and you see this in small groups as well is that at any one time you'll be facing the challenge of meeting several levels in need concurrently so one of the examples of how we address this and we need directly thing is illustrated in these what I call Clinton on campus that we have when a student club so this is an example of some of the people at anyone civil on the University campus is extremely undefined one months pregnant so and that thou Bible records enacted amendments had night to instantly gain and multiply themselves so that we focus on sending to be good individually we don't double helps us to spend more quality time with each of them is not this is one of the cats at lunch and that we had and what he had the Bible teaches the Bible and this would actually invited by the students to come along and that you don't video to spend time with them outside in a church setting another thing about Kagan it's really important to spend time with people outside of the cave to let them know that you are interested in the customary so Billy and I never have a student and the Palestinians would actually invite their friends as well so then he had new contracts that you could talk to and after that after that he had on this event because a given level of the convention by two different programs like sports and sports boating and then the health and cooking class for medicine at the same time having that on this helps you in very basic level to his raise awareness of your clubbing a present for new lien investing regularly tries many civil levels of need at the same time right principles applied that we only need an time watching the Holy Spirit changing line and it's very I guess this is if the PowerPoint is especially important to highlight the business interests of the United place that was so different mean every single individual fun and it's a matter of practically asking God to reveal to you how to recognize signs of conviction someone in a time to go to that today but I leave you with a couple of encouragement and good time visiting every chance we need craft Lackland those who think growing in the divine life I'm linking to close the special act of the chance to be kept alive only as amended and he has no windfalls to know amounts of mental culture archaeological training we do this way they can be done by the soul who is humble and contrite and in view I could have reached an subject in fitting finish that way but in order for us to develop a cat into my car in the share enhancement in order to enter into the joy joy of seeing those redeemed by his we must participate in his latest Americans they really encouraging from the ground so very powerful child for firms so that is that every shine again I have just recommended to the public who never tried to incorporate a ministry into thinking an overview of household him immune to this message will even when he was utilizing this important ministry on the seventh thing happens in sequence by young me by my roommates and price-sensitive Christians the downloadable purchase another resources visit the online and CYC when not liking


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