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Our Greatest Need, Part 2

Berenice Cheng


He did it before. He can do it again. But will it happen again? "The work of God can never be finished until the men and women comprising our church membership rally to the work" (9T, 116). Learn how God utilizes small group fellowship to prepare His people for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.


Berenice Cheng

Dentist based in Melbourne, Australia



  • December 29, 2011
    11:00 AM
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for this message was presented to key wisely two thousand and eleven hundred other resources like this online menu I see where I had a son there is as is and I and you Holy Spirit is silly as a study away and this is each and every one any something to take away everything applying our right choice I paid a lingering feeling that when I share me differently you'll blithely think each and every one they panic ingeniously than Lincoln money I earn isolating cheese myself again shortly my name is Penny Gray and terms here is my brother for that is there anyone that's different in today's session on a wheel in the morning they'll have the same people I think I take a leaf from a chance called Gateway earned in Melvin 's Thailand today where looking at how the Holy Spirit helps us to prepare ministry for small groups and objections so the fact half of this module is looking at corporate revival it seems that we need to do as a chance to be the same group of people by different individuals with a renewed mission with a renewed focus of the different entity since they already do now is to look at what actually means that each and every one of us in a personal spiritual and so it's a say in what it is about halfway through now and I did pick up where we left off accepted to accept it to investors forty two to forty seven reads your banker created manually commented on will have something to that forty two and I would say that they continued steadfastly in the apostle 's doctrine and fellowship and in breaking of bread and in prayers and fear came upon every soul and many wonders and signs were done by the apostles and all that believed were together and had all things common and so their possessions and goods and positive element of every man had need and they continuing daily with one accord in the temple and breaking bread from house to house to eat and meet the classes singleness of hot praising God and having favor with older people no log into the checks daily especially the shape saved the amazing daily we had people being added to check daily commute when we talk about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit usually assessing that comes to mind even Pentecost think of the operating experience and the disciples that the coincidence that a few hundred years actually to the book of Joe and we studied this last night a little bit in the craft of that evening devotions of the opening session John substitute the Senate quickly and we thought an angel the problem of how part of the Holy Spirit like in the Pentecost like an afternoon without success prophesied by Joan and Soviet times visited the whole story until the basically front to see the fancy chapters and I'll explain his property at the time in Israel when our rebellious people have gone away from God and what happens is that in the incest of cultural it describes all the pestilences that God is saying will come upon them because I was on investing now if youngest remaining by using to reach it at an elitist age but I went to attention detected to him to a friend God showed a messy and he's great and in that teacher on respondents and desolate and that disease is robust spiritually physically mentally this is really unique permit parents had that later on will will be studying that I want to have a look at the context in which all I just described the outpouring of the Holy Spirit what do you think that Joel and God has told at the messenger of God not one that God chooses this time in Israel Tuesday Wednesday I'm not in its glory days when man not in the best and best suited as God 's chosen people why is this time to deliver there the comment that he will pour out his Holy Spirit and every individual doesn't seem to think God 's plan it doesn't seem like it makes sense of set will do is to have a look at the chapter children to and we will pick up in that twenty one so don't substitute investments everything is well earned and it says you're not a land be glad and rejoice for the blog will do great things so gone here is already showing a contrast what we see in chapter one but it's going to be the business description and locus and single lens and only made a wonderful creatures that infinite heat up Israel's crops and envied and desolate best twenty five minutes and I will restore to you the use of political parties in the tank when the caterpillar and the problem went my great army which I think he and he shut each of plenty and be satisfied in the name of the law that had dealt wondrously with you and my people shall never be ashamed and you shall know that I only knew three zero I am the Lord your God and not know and my people shall never be ashamed in his account of how classroom and I will pour out my Spirit upon all and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy your old men shall dream Jane your young men shall see visions that the permissive values upon this outpouring Holy Spirit enter something and keep my family hates Jackson is there a similar synthetic but the fact the point is visiting Aleppo and that is that if we looking at promising cognitive SMEs readable message to elegant and effective as we got back to the the fact is that I will restore you to the use of the Locust famous description any story of jawline people it is at this time in a revival in the Reformation the best element in restoration had gone insane in his grace and messy part of his plan provide my recognition every single breath of life is restoration that emanate and he shall night and I'm in the midst of his round that I am the Lord your God pronouncement people shun navigation and it shall come to pass possibly that I will pour out my spirit the second element is what outpouring of the Holy Spirit so that violent affirmation restoration and outpouring of the Holy Spirit everything that I've highlighted away bearing red United says it and it shall come to pass off doing that I will pour out my spirit upon opening the just basic English runaway Mize all I do something after they usually do something that you say you would do before that day I will go to seminars now and often with will have lunch at so when I looking at how to any that we should go back and look at I can read the something they thought that he would do before that what is it that before the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that if we try factory Joe at three hundred twenty eight we have opted the good that we may look for when God mentioned that I will use the time that God mentioned I will was actually twenty five and I will restore you each and every have since learned and sequestration outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the order is such restoration comes time to start us to be equally as to be just in front of him he takes away our thinking salvation that is the restoration and we can not have the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in each of our lives until then experience a restoration right asked to certainly going back to the start of the Pentecost accepted to and we had sorry and will pick up here investing anything but the is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel is seventeen and it shall come to class in the last days saith the Lord I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh and your sons and your daughters are prophesying a young man shall see visions your old men so changing that sound familiar exactly the same prophecy and that accepted she says that at that time he was the food was when exactly is going to be filled again the seventeen advancement I in the last days this is what we looking at we are looking for women asking information clean design four I only spread of honey we are looking for is our environment information in our life they're looking for the restoration and then you can expect that when set will be reading to find a couple of factors where we met we see it mentioned I will pour out my spirit held by my Spirit upon all that God is not down into dream dreams this is what you actually mean to pour out the garbage you will pour out his Spirit when designing an unknown extent on Hebrew agree I really studied he said he doesn't have to help me out with pronunciation assessment this is actually a great way to go on full point out that is used in both John and ask any Hebrew Greek students here and said he had mighty familiar with this way and an trust me primarily pronunciation I think it's pronounced a checkup that they can my apologies I can set this when I can actually mean to pull for figuratively to be start run greedily asked shed abroad for spill gosh for that is a logical I think my dad that seemed like an straightforward application of what it means before that and got me is that Festival the connotation that you get when Thurmond is android support for me is that it's not a trickle it's not illegal but it's not a sprinkle this is not something that will only bring down or incessant individual camera talking about something that's going to be spread throughout God 's people as a whole is not a clear longer selected to delete the previous film that restricted to Bible teaching apostate every single one of us he and he and so we had out we had out literally crazy before that with my mind Reformation as restoration an outpouring of the Spirit that outpouring suggests that something is different about the experience of the Holy Spirit within God 's people to fly when the spirit was not point out as opposed constantly and spirit input you guys find me someone differences between before and after I look at that definition of a chair again and I've highlighted one of the last year and it says abroad and when you think of a broad you think of sprinting went downhill how do you think abroad wet that I say I want to study abroad it means that you go to another country you go to a different area of the well this is spreading out so the experience because people have with however the spirit is something that will broaden their experience and that dad in which the Spirit is impacting their lives the fact that got people slaves are expensive present of the Holy Spirit in our pay increases in fact is no longer restricted to certain individuals of the said before that sends another chapter eleven best twenty two and there's an inch and half and I want to highlight numbness eleven minutes twenty three no wildlife experience of the Holy Spirit within God 's people before on this outpouring before this Pentecost as we mentioned and how different have to it none of the eleven best when teaching and Moses said to him and BS about them I think will of God that all of a lot of people what and that the board would put his spirit upon the design suggests you that I'm the whole of the issue I camp was filled with God 's Spirit or defending victims and individuals now forgive me for my ignorance about while my music that God would be to I guess I cling fragrant why would God play favorite and why is it that innocent people get to have the Holy Spirit is an unfair good idea that it is unfair turning to leave increase their able to have Holy Spirit why did God not want to pull his Holy Spirit this time was limited to what makes us special on trends in Ezekiel chapter thirty nine and best thinking and that might help us understand a little bit of outlining that God is against it now I delaying the outpouring of his Holy Spirit and he chose not to do it for the people of Israel during this time they did your best line that and it reason not will I hide my face anymore then for I have poured out my Spirit upon the house of Israel saith the Lord in seeming contradiction you and all the time it is it seems out once I got said in my perfect either when I put my Holy Spirit on the other hand we see that God always got the desire we read in any figure he got the desire to feel every single individuals life with the Holy Spirit so what was the disc why didn't happen in the Old Testament demonstration ride a cause of the failure of the people and the consequent rejection of the Jewish nation the premises were not fulfilled in a leisure is now these premises within transparent to align to a special is it decline the people of them visually is now rejected the bearing that restoration that these premises the map finally there were not that they could not be safely trained for the Holy Spirit to be part I learned my meaning these are careful that we do not reject the call of the Holy Spirit in a qualified to restore our I need to exactly accept century Galatians three twenty eight is a beautiful promise Galatians three twenty eight and is a variable neither Jew nor Greek there is neither bond nor free there is neither male nor female for ye are all one in Christ Jesus it's just a transfer in kind so really they desperately really to parties Holy Spirit and to install each of our supposedly giclée print them in case of how that because people think the Holy Spirit given the often outpouring is highlighted in the definition of the web support and is it to run really fast to pour out and that to me suggests that the Holy Spirit deepens in your intensity and the president that has been every individual management so that that sentiment is that we having increased the rest of the Holy Spirit within God 's people every individual has the opportunity and has the potential filled with knowledge that the second is that God was his Holy Spirit out to increase the debt and the present of which it has now extensive Asian Ephesians chapter one that this team and fourteen Ephesians chapter one to fifteen and fourteen eight will will he also trusted asinine he had a rather to the gospel of your salvation in whom also after that you believe is sealed with that holy spare from which the test about enhancing into the redemption of the precious possession into the praise of his glory and are so many African and is too vested it's jampacked badges answer that have been at his family 's fantasy benefit study manifesting a new Nielsen tested off today leave that have had the way that you look at that eminent was in the process he of how we receive the Holy Spirit now that settlement is that we see on the web and the gospel of your salvation through men that were violent of making his lunch with the best of restoration this is the restoration and consulting individuals after that he believed he was sealed with the restoration Holy Spirit is then evident here that renal cyst on his family clan the Holy Spirit from his best voting which is the and out in Harrison until the redemption of the patches sufficient unto the praise of the now before I was preparing the Senate on December I never really realized that the outpouring and fully because appreciated the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as it goes from restoration outpouring to inheritance is a sign of God 's remnant people in the sense that it shows that that is we are possessed by inventions invest fourteen until the redemption of the patches possession now if we have bought if we are filled with outpouring of the Holy Spirit when the mean that now we are inherited and we are convinced by God him is another great read and pronounce Harry Hoy I think and I mean to be in a good when he's our mission in the bacteria Ephesians one best fourteen and the definitions in this flag by going back is the study acquisition by extension a preservation of obtaining peculiar patches possession date and is led actually used in full on investment in the Bible in one of his message is that Peter cannot be unfamiliar with five fifty nine the Senate quickly anyway shown in five minutes and then briefly to help us understand what actually means to be filled with the Holy Spirit in our individual lives as Peter two nine but ye are a second-generation of royal priesthood and holy nation a what Julia people if we substitute this led peculiar with the SDI business people unite people filled with the Holy Spirit ERI people in the habits and the restoration in your management are so to recap so probably had restoration and then outpouring the pathway and filling of the Holy Spirit is part on revival and reclamation outpouring signifies a great interest of the injuring spirit in five people out for real estate deepening understanding of our relationship with God in the pledge of our inheritance and undergone possession we are a peculiar people and then checking if anything anything that might actually mean if we go from where we left off yet undergone initially a peculiar people so we went a little bit about what that means infected two nine found to be practical what does it mean for how I behave in my school environment in my work environment with my family with my friend couple of quick way for ancient Israel the tax is on a headline using high and exalted privilege of being peculiar and hold me in fact C-SPAN has been placed in the chance by their fruit these own and not that perfect profession but the fruit today the glory of God anti-Catholic is in the hot from all iniquity and specific holiness year of God 's allergies and night in the middle of his claim it said that his spirit had been question attached find them what by their fruit you shown the peculiar people that is filled by the Holy Spirit has done directly deeper into that now and I'm sure you know the sound is that Galatians five twenty two and twenty three in fact many of the kids announce other school and this is one of the best memory deficit a language teaching the sonic is the fruit of the days is love joy peace the temperature refresh our memories what's God promises to as increase in the spirit Galatians five twenty two twenty three the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace long-suffering gentleness goodness they are making is temperance again again facts now John fifteen eight oh six is a inner herein is my father glorified that he'd been much fruit so shall ye be my disciples and the father hath loved me so I have not you continue being in my life my visit to invite Galatian and John with tiny tuna references to the fruit of the spirit and violent that love always comes in about month and sampling going to show you this question this is an oral ruling bring forth fruits as methods together with Christ as fast falling to the ground and die the last must be constant in the power of the left knee self-love self interests must perish at the laws sacrifice is the law of self self-sacrifice rather is the Lord self-preservation is seeing buried in this ground produces fruits and in ten months the last of that love it was mentioned in the fast food that we need to trust in our life it's because self love and felt that I is only the best thing that we naturally enough economies and we need to its offensive that we need to become the best that we need to learn concerned that he installations are represented with a pretty impressive list we have love and joy peace representatives etc. and Alan are things to be yet it's nice to have a loving president says to have a diaper bags in a peaceful wooded setting meantime with owning a small business of the committee was addressing me for as impressive as a Christian when you think about that as we go on South second element of being a peculiar spirit it don't people think the Holy Spirit connect to every Christian some gifts or tilings which is to be used to fund the kingdom the present is outdoor track to every person is committed some peculiar gift of talent which is to be used to the rehab fruits of the spirit for a particular spirit and people have also had to pay plaintiff in effect shrinking wealth and printing twelve the best seven to twelve that's refreshing memories as to what they attribute and the Holy Spirit into different enthralled that seventy twelve but the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal first one is given but is that the weather we've been to another the weather knowledge many think that Kerry had a faint by the same thing to another the gift of healing back pain spirit to another the working of miracles to another prophecy to another discerning of spirits tournament got back into town to another interpretation of banalities like this one and the selfsame Spirit dividing to every man Timothy and he will Perez a buddy of mine and has many members and ornamented so that one party being many are one body so also is Christ so again we bought movies of speech against promising us wisdom knowledge say healing miracles prophecy descended in interpretation act a pretty impressive list and is also quite competent and as any other references in the Bible with the spirit of the Holy Spirit prompted some to wonder how the game are actually distributed if I told you about an issue when talking about small groups why is it that God has given us all things decent on a nightly kid I used to think that as you got older that they christened in a they should get bigger and so I thought their may be in a design that as a young Christian maybe five did you interview them and after that and he Conan may be the longest running away they never really went away physical against different gifts to different people why isn't it they can't escape everyone only market economy point that spirit in the form of speech against divestment is fixed to their threat Lenin said I think we want to investigate any sexual relationship to the best in Galatians six two seven world that they also wanted on his bed and so the film the law of Christ is our spiritual gifts because little lacking in an issue when the going rent concessions than we want to start out small groups we want to do when initiated that kind of quirky winning for land today one hundred and eighty degrees of the says that we need to exalt one another daily and got given us by Bessie it is very impressive then today when second drinking second Corinthians twelve best nine second Corinthians twelve thirty nine says and he said unto me my grace is sufficient for the for my strength is made perfect in weakness they gladly devil I will run a glory in my vanity at the pact Christ may rest upon me I been thinking about your concerns and earned you are the only one it was a start up a small group ministry and inexact in a small bit resonating issue you need a guy best selection some people can preach better than others some people can teach with an eye to Nicole the best time that I had to teach on the cake this study I will go into the different elements of ticket him and him and entities intended study I really struggling and I think you have not given me the gift of teaching Sean Lee and must be somewhere why is it that God gives that any sentence is when he knows they now ministry will probably need to feel that we are not as gifted second-rate income and save what my grade is sufficient for me countries are set and spiritual gift that we will learn to align you in our weakness he will be glorified we draw strength and set records in a fast full elements every night I can't position we are peculiar people can be peculiar and have the Holy Spirit in our lives means that we had that and that gives the spirit so then what does that mean intends all our ministries backhanding objects we have love we had July there pays we may have found in the spiritual gifts of the spirit what happened then when you go back and you want to reach out to your friends your family through people in your youth group when this outpouring of the Holy Spirit Ashley took place and when it first increase in breast and that we didn't thought before after Pentecost think I know how it is in the last section five is when I visited again really quickly accept the one that case accept Elizabeth Ames and it says that he shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you and you shall be witnesses unto me but in Jerusalem and in old today and Samaria and unto the authors party via places I mentioned for wonderful places in Jerusalem Judea Samaria and then into the market thank God I got into where judges are veggies the New Yorker the people in your immediate circle and then use that you need to heal acquaintances to your scenario your neighbors your surrounding is that your community radio school groups your community youth group whatever these and then the end of the module starting at her spring to your friends and family and your name is Joe community convention in the act is the principle behind smoking finishing missile will be studying law latest day God could have reached is unjust and fading says without our aid but in order for rest to develop a character we share in his way in order to enter into his joy the joy of seeing souls redeemed by we must participate in flavors for their redemption now in Genesis one twenty eight unit investment disease in different convictions but God says be fruitful and multiply the reason why God wants to pour out his Holy Spirit to give a spirit into the skin is not so that we become more loving people and that he went it is when this peculiarity when is it in any of the Holy Spirit actually lead to the red in fact and in acts the best it needs to it leads to Judea in basis America needs the end of the that is why we need to be filled with the Holy Spirit now many say that revival and recognition they together can give us restoration and then the outpouring of the Holy Spirit with when the last time we counted out by the Holy Spirit and with any means that we have everything you want is actually mean to be resigned and how does that fit in with outpouring of the Holy Spirit nine I only need a very familiar with the gospel message bodies when it taken a little bit of a journey and everything in it has sat in John three sixteen ninety may not have to take that because the going 's good I quickly John three sixteen says go Godzilla well that he gave us as a begotten son that whosoever believes in him may have eternal life so do I that whoever gays Bible studies will live and behave limited attention it's raw that whoever believes in God and through CLEC that God is giving us free salvation that's when the free restoration comes the day one of that repentance that we need to be buried there we need to behave in order to get reference to thought if we could sense it actually runs two four seven two posted other just five thousand images of his goodness and forbearance and long-suffering not knowing that the goodness of God needed the truth and let me go through and did good with their penchant to separate from the Grayson that the Matthew Barnaby Sina gives us the salvation comments means that sounds fifty one and I promise this will make a lot more sense when you put it all together in a minute I sounds fifty one best ten this is again a familiar vessel that fifty one to ten hundred and then we picked up at creating me add clean heart of God and renew a right spirit within me me not away from my presence and take not thy Holy Spirit from me restore him to leave and drive uphold me with thy free spirit then will I teach transgressors thy ways and finish of the convention concerning the facts and immediately caught Avenue in the wiki and they say it can't when you install me please immediately and cleansing from what I used to be pregnant I used to be before but I will tighten it embraces invests twelve and thirteen this is a giant resides in the giant preservation and restoration was looking about your and uphold me with every script that part of the Holy Spirit and then one of his aides and then will I teach transgressive violate Senate shall be conveyed the time receiving this restoration out of receiving these hot and having the Holy Spirit being pornography is receding and you will teach transgressing to be a solely and that's what we were talking about in the fast top of this module that when you are filled with the Holy Spirit in a personal level it means that you will be a different silly hat here is a little against the diagrams help us put all of the different elements together so we start off and with Davids the high and you have a five hundred to be a solely and we can be a Salina because we have been giving you hot and we had been conducted and we receive many hard and we are combating decline we repent financing and repentance is because of God 's goodness me do it in gratitude to the free salvation of Christ any mental thing is that Ms. Trax and Michael evangelism because once you receive the presenation of Christ bring back this way you respond and gratitude in your pension you receiving you hiding conventions become a solid someone are you and that is how to know between the last two pages where we had a venue hotting convention in the Salina is reprinted as well we've been studying this morning we had everything we have a great in depth and breath of the experience that we have the Holy Spirit we become a peculiar people tend to frequent the spirit as fruit of the spirit and the gifts of the Spirit in the health system vehicle that help you guys can see how it all fit together when you have earned anything wrong crystalline or anything like that the cycle of evangelism and that is the cold that God gives to when he says I will pour out my Holy Spirit what happened yet is to make us a better person yes if they make us more loving yes its amicus will jointly be the adults so that we become solely now as when I was sharing area we both grew up in a very strong advances family and I grew up in no event image Hatch another good band and insurance and the Asian chat room and when I was in that sequence my parents along with a few other NL conflicts within the youth group decided that they would like to talk to prayerful consideration of my compliance checks within the city of Milton and so we moved out from out the chapter on methotrexate is the Tuesday transplants when I was around seven years old and it was only a small group of us are about thirty to forty people and I was near anyone will at least seventy zone in the next path literally my brother and often that is that twenty two years old old banana in several long time growing up in his transplant I struggle to reconcile two things the fact that I was somewhat resentful like that my parents are taking me away from the key group for most of my Christian experience I never had pop findings I never had a principal office adventure the United Nations purpose I never had a ventricle and how my money to China by seeking to me as of the school to buy this article is to people my mom and myself and for a long time I was still in attention and I was active in checking the Ministry United in little things here and there is a child up for a long time was very eventful I never had the key group of inventions was missing the second thing was that I struggle to reconcile how to be a Christian weaving as secular contact with an enemy when I go to school and when I have an friends from sinning whenever a cyclic activities I did what it means to me I didn't have a key group in the chance of living that means actually exist as a Christian with other people that may not believe the same thing so far for many years and also growing up I eventually got closer and closer to that average age within our chance of nucleoside rollback but I never really had the fruits of the spirit I have love and joy and peace long-suffering and I started to focus his password you can write on the smaller things that you that you may not notice that basket in the checks and so is not because I was from I didn't have the love and enjoying the long-suffering and click on monkey dinner I started to notice for example the inconsistency name for this preference everyone do that but actually they did law how can discuss incentives and they go around telling everyone it they do it and building things and as as a young person growing up in a test that can be classified I also noticed that a lot of my friends and acquaintances when my age some of my some of the neighboring chances started to meet such that was very discouraging is not earned that friend many years i.e. I continued my machinist measures active there were a lot of expectations and some of you may be able to relate and it was the seat Valentine managed to reach and I was happy to exist that way the disconnect between mean knowing and believing in God and in the question that it and being happy and being filled with the Holy Spirit and action script and get it working and then I come back to know the name when I was actually probably my last year of high school and I finally have secret unit because we are you nasty face at stake in the festive Univest the date you is having you back to students coming in every year I finally had keep it because I was in the best unionists he and everyone else is an effective University and was very exciting so I was really relieved thrilled by the resultant position decline I knew that they expected me to know everything and how everything went because I been at the Texas along the coast of China reconcile how the next he went and how I actually existed decreasing the three million different aspects of my life and how they are gelled together and are soon realize that just as easily disputed group I'm not sure then you have traveled away from him to study but usually when that when you tell always in effect seven hundred business is great sense of excitement is finally free and tiny things for yourself and and I just realized that I keep it and I had one could just as easily be because this was the best handling and they had no moral obligation and nimble mom the chats and seven morning and soon they could just stop coming altogether and said that Elizabeth selfishly I got it trained really hot and I started to pay the gone with hot agencies lives each of these at random and I happily had about five or six lanes on each of these friends and that they would experience the convention they were there in the Holy Spirit and that they were having you think the climate they would be constructed to said that they would stay in the future that never realized how much of that actually my heart condition and how much that in feeling of always been a convention is needed to take place in life I needed to be filled with the Holy Spirit I needed to experience the love and enjoy the peace fruits of the spirit that was the time that I really experience what it means to love people and have been begging for some and that was the best treatment entrées to choose to cultivate him he and that was the best time that I really realize what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit sent from scientific announces sonic the Avenue convention do we know that God saved us we know the gospel back to finally finish signing your sleep probably but what happens when we need to prevent how to react to become the sole winner the song has been saved expenses greater depth and breadth of God 's Spirit in their lives they Q a people we know that they frequently give think I'm giving up before specific method Nancy comes up with everyone to spend some time answering any questions and then inherit the Huskies reflect where you lack confidence if you are seeking the Holy Spirit one aspect of your life you need to one presented in human I become a new one for them he went he is not giving you have to use them with your text going back to change the business is utilizing a subordinate number seven and amended by Michael Mace Christ centered Christian the downloadable but just the resources this is online and you want to see when launching


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