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SWYC 2006 Testimonies


Note: Due to technical difficulties, the quality of this recording is extremely poor. The voices are very soft, and significant static and hum appears during the middle of the track. However, the last 12 minutes are clear, with sufficient volume to hear.




  • August 20, 2006
    11:45 AM
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him him will is that you will will he and a a is is I is a is is a you you will is is an and in a is a a a a a a will is a is a is an and is as is as a for a new and is in is is is is is is is is is a him to the a a and is you are is is a a a a you is a is a show is as a you a you a and is in you and he is he is and he is to all the is a a a a a a a is a and is a he is a you is a is is a as a you a you know how everything also I have been related to really do this in their lives I'm not blaming you fail eleven five five one but then letting them again I found that thank you very much we still have some time anyone would like to testify the minor burns but senior next response I think both immediately others like that I now know my story and I was such a way that you submit to the spread of international that is in this my electricity met with I'm not having this meeting may not have been that others in that the presence of these features will as well as as vitamin E opportunities computers coming up with those in San Marino area attend support in whatever it in whatever way you can in and not only advertising I want to be a part of it I went on the part of whatever is so I just wanted you even as I feel that the Holy Spirit Negroes Jean laughing I mean it seems and then I really can be seen that began when the finals of the final say that using free spirit and as much as I know that when you check please immediately occurs that I used Lindsay White as the vessel and it was loosely writing the message is an easy rejecting it's a big thing for me I know over supply like this he is also important that when you let me within God 's people will this is a fundamentally significant difference when people see that when VCU specimen having to believe that that they can see that if you really a man or woman of God and I like to have a voice and I know that one of my biggest struggles while he struggled that and him this is a top of that wing for example in this motor if you really want to get rid of smoking and twenty three feet and you will only and I know that in my lifetime I exactly writing I had a couple young things making money simplest thing that when I didn't even see and pay less and I got on the week you feel that you will provide volume of my online ever since I left and down I think that it would be best break even for all women in the testimony for you to say it and it comes to love the light might even though we and now I think we need now is when I especially when you think about it we hear the truth you know that you held accountable free and you're not wasting a knot winds and so that is powerfully here the young lady talk about dressed as we know it's not easy to especially for women so I would encourage all the sisters that are not clear on dressed because dresses very important to talk to women sisters who has been convicted of that I can help you because you will be helping them in Ottawa I saw hand around the bachelor want to see people fighting together I yesterday at January the eighth company clearly a fairly highly and on anyway so I thought the only reaction to it both yelling went through the the thing I fight all people not living there was that behind the net Allen know I was acting with his mentors something beautiful the new season of little early and got a refund of my MAI yet my left eye is anyway so late in the afternoon I had to stand up and it was really as needed so I think there is defining you and I would think that I think that was convicted them of everything at the bottom of thing look at Matthew and really look at Matthew chapter five embryos are reading verse thirty three in either statement says again you have heard I have been sent by the animal time now somehow forswear thyself but also performs the Lord thy nose but I think you swear not at all neither by heaven for God 's throne nor by the earth for the footstool neither by Jerusalem for the city of the great King yourself elsewhere by the hand forgot I had because now can't not make one hair white or black what you can engage to be gay gay and may gain from whatever is more than the originally note the originally on existing I swear on something and has convicted an attachment is first next step is up to seven first one bottle says just not that ye be not judged for what with just three judges shall be judged and with what measure you need it shall be measured to you again and why the oldest thousand note that in that brother but considers not the Dean that is her how well does it ever let me plug the modem that I am evil to be made owner the hypocrite first cast out the beam out of thine own eye and then self-doubt see clearly to cast out note out of thy brother 's eye yet so as to when I broke down I don't know very much but that is my life I like the blood vessel I never had one estimate I realized in that this is and when you do something like that I write and and and latest is my blood of the book never happened without me once a month ago it is only as you know the story so anyway this afternoon he and I will disagree with speaking notes that because it was once and I ASAP six liters BC -based Bible IV chapter six verse five and this is what I said is what I've found is that when I said was me from my done because I am in appointment lives in a loneliness the people of unclean lips for mine eyes have seen the King the Lord of the and I truly believe that when the supreme with great nonviable or thoughtless that there is both a conviction we all have much to learn your brother 's seventh root root for a lot of things to be thankful for our family to learn this feel so overwhelmed her friends especially friends than the speakers but especially for one friend that I met all of you have been better to drive the friend I happened to meet you and got talking and I found out his grandfather and my grandfather were from the thin country and we should have ended up in this is place either know it right now connected to the Dean of the seminary in Russia so this morning I was going to watch Joel Renn elected to them over there instead this is why you I thought this is my answer to prayer I need to pray with them and I think the part about fun things that we could really make a arena to remember Alex as far as responsibilities there is the same kind of controversy in every part of the world and I would like to see selected here this morning is going to be flying home certain is the way back okay it told me drive the climate that seven hours that are not the target different mountain and we talked about hikers there I wish he was here so you can pray with them he's got a big responsibility but there are many challenges because there may be individuals who are not working side-by-side and wait that he needs to have the work in an individuals working with them we want to pray for him not great work is done sigh thank God for being able to say hello and meet a very important person going to come faraway represent that you come all the way from the other side and being allowed to just to have these people here who are working very hard courts with a man other non- EU you got to meet annexing these from ricin he was telling me yesterday that you really love some conference here and he was enjoying and it was such a blessing for him so thank you for fermenting him and I hope that all he will keep him in prayer as he does have a big responsibility anyone else would like to testify higher from the perspective of helping to run the competence on justify us in some way that Ashley God is up to make this conference possible in a been neighbored mention a couple times that we actually were you have a three hundred speakers outcome for the conference and providentially without actually say that the speakers are needed to be at this conference issue came on as the Lord allow that to happen and we've been blessed by the presenters of calm I think to if you do good I've been hoping I be making announcements about coming up and probably three weeks before the conference started we had six people signed up for the conference is a you is you can tell the Lord took the loaves and fishes and multiplied it and even those a lot of stress and blood pressure increased on my part thank you so much for a registering on our isotope and got I myself fairly early baby baby conservative address the presence of diabetes and I have found of all and in this I have found the best way to continue to grow is to stop being a chair sitter and to get up and do something as a doctor some that we talked about having his own ministry look for ways to to do things the Lord don't wait for someone to ask you to do something go out and look for ways to do things the Lord that's the way to work second understand enough people that have the observation to find people in a moment starts her own ministry if you need people to help them around convert some people amen there's no people anyone else I further awesomeness I am interested to find that the colleges into the beginnings just want but anyways this weekend I I've been us a lot because her while you think the guy I was deathly because I see the love I did is that is a thought by our good friend Sean and long on my friend Mike and you know sometimes you know we can forget how much his love this and that the Gazette which is love the Santa don't only God alleges love the spicy the environment around here of love and I like that a lot and I'm not only give you guys a lot of possibility guys fresher you know on here that you live the truth and I not come from is the nature shows raisins in a church on the life and I really got active in this but I was going there in a boring job and I think that you will know including that the pastors leadership and as I can in turn of my family and country myself often turn on of my Lutherans are but as a human uses conference in no event is studying over the past couple months my wife and I I I really see the true identity of Christ you guys know what they guess for that are present along as it is any lucky because you know like I have a soul and would help us a lot less and reduce lose it and already has lottery Nolan the Druids of a man met us with our own Jesus was revealed himself what you offered at this brother a hearing came up here so we'll give him an opportunity of a Ein search on one thing coming up to Southwest I realized that it sad to say that this saw a lot of the churches that were I don't really preach on the truth and is funny I have a friend in my Jeep memo on the longtime since I had talked to him and just out of nowhere I shall hang out with my friends fun of his house I can't therein night and just happened to drive by and him Jesus had Bible study right there for telling one o'clock in the morning something that and on ever since then was usually hang out and I'm sure that everybody are not give laughing that they're not get it done and him I also happened like that but coming up here as much data on this a great many guys have going here on it it changes lives for it really does I think that we should just leave it here but take it on the Mountain and don't hold the truth with like within yourself E A also even though it even though people trying to stop you from the two buttons on the two is that people know it because if you don't and was still in Louisiana and humans no house no so I talked there is great and I got going here and it really does change science so take it down take them out and tell everybody you know so they can also they search I thought it is really working remember advances we know we are in the day of atonement in my search was seen we all have seems that need to be confessed God is more than willing to do that so let's let's take the opportunity of high recession to my eye and to get his vision I don't know where to start out outlasted visiting a great dynasty expressed that earlier to norm every one of the speakers with Austin Avenue last January February I had the honor of going under global evangelism to Ghana and it was something I listed out the Lord 's name I just like faster deCarlo said I might straight on this revealed the Lords to today Max and richly in my practice I witnessed my patients every day slowly and not just my patient I was sitting in my recent statistics in the last patient office networks in fact it is trying to promote regard to turn directly to the mountains to heritage over the something just comes in its position conference to cook during that summer praise the Lord and not only that I just lay opinion for the change that you have made my I should be he's given me that joy that this is understanding his camera footage from my wife is twenty two thousand and one half when life is so full I can still hear more effective I told her it was my pleasure police doubt not is when it went after we have an appointment kidnapped lines on page the right of the Lord her as top Western Conference of the speakers had such great pearls to give up I don't know what to expect you what what in impacted me the most thing that actually lives into here now that it enriched my witness might the money and what you do not be intimidated at approaching anybody like chlorine into your mind I find myself once I start talking and it is and why it's amazing how thirsty people are for the kids go for it for use with you he will give you everything you need we even have questions I ask before you start but a tool for trusts me I feel like it's happening sometimes we hear these testimonies and certainly speak like a Bible study on reality was that your word and God has promised remember if you hide his word he will reveal who we got to study the word first and keep it in our heart and I will give as those words have time for one more testimony I believe is right here how many living room Ray from San Diego and this is the first my face and youth conference I think you run it I'm just last year I had to say it wasn't for parents in one year my mom got me some I learned a lot in August the gays and one thing that I'm liking the way especially because school anything two weeks ago and I got a public high school in how is that a good thing even sometimes it felt like Eratosthenes that means I needed to hear because I was sick for help to learn the excitement happening at the school and what Israel is wrong when we don't know what to say what is wrong way I think that it's actually you what is writing leaves I think that in the design phase that this is a good thing in common people showed up in help parents to a less violent enclosing family this year Southwest I remember last year was longer so maybe next one we can go back to the original plan Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday as the only complaint I have it he has also set a word of prayer our father who art in heaven we come before you with a heart full of joy because you've given your son for us the more we can study the Bible the more we can study your present truth we should understand just how much you know but we can't stop you we got to understand how we got a live out the life that you've lived already we got a revealed to the world that we must vindicate your name father please convict us of your truth in Jesus name I pray amen I cannot go anywhere basically what were doing as we were splitting the testimonies and networking into


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