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Knowing Christ

Jonathan Martin
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Jonathan Martin

Jonathan is currently a resident in Detroit, MI.  



  • December 3, 2011
    10:00 AM
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a good morning and happy Sabbath is not as disinherited I have here on helping is fundamental he is a fashion so as you go to the Scriptures reckoned down significantly it was okay but not before we go any further on limestone has a seemingly impregnable I think talking hacking but thank you for the privilege we have come to worship you to open your word to learn more about you to share this morning light is asked you would on your promise the Holy Spirit would come in with work and would be a tedious morning revealed his person when visiting you here this morning for this we can even Jesus I pray the topic for this morning is knowing Christ and how to value them more how do you guys have ever gone shopping and gobs of our physiatrist while a black Friday cyber Monday on things when you get a margin at least for me I stoked I am really very happy and the reason why I'm happy because I is an incredible work for a huge discount okay what was letting out our couple of discount offers the Bible Cantonese message after fishing message and thirteen in verse forty four through forty six fifteen forty forty forty six the familiar story it says again Gina had why do you feel the ways women that found I enjoyed it go insolvent on the environment field one story in which I gently seen of heaven is likened to emerging seeking goodly pearls cool when he had found one pearl of great price when sold on Jihad so here it is not the worst bar in a cost everything is that how is no discount okay but it was an incredible bargain they received most of all known treasures Christ nor the pros claims on us welcome to the United this week was something in the book of Philippians tells me to Philippians and losing hallmark in the history Philippians chapter three where to start every sentence season back on here suppose regularly as his favorite trick is about no problems and is a happy happy letter and cards in a statement he is resizing things that was considered valuable how he was a Pharisee and the Pharisees circumcising a day note warning Hebrew of Hebrews zealous concerning the law perfect and links okay now how is his revelation percentage says but what things were gain to me those I counted most Christ gave count all things but loss for the excellency of knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord will have suffered the loss of all things and count them but dung I mean Christ and be found in him not having my own righteousness which is of the law but that which is good because Christ the righteousness which is of God that I mean knowing the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of the sufferings and for whom this test is not by any means I might attain the resurrection backpack that her son-in-law says what do you mean who was lost for Christ okay almost entirely interesting and valuable at one time when Tracy said I counted loss now I suspect that is important people in his remains were working with numbers I is you have taken a regular book were counting on his less than a quarter case of any minority status but numbers are usually accounting and legal accounting you have to credit you that it's okay as well A credits to get credit when I wanted in August that I combat loss we lost is it is not just how disgusting is a decision you haven't evaluated using this thing will be I have decided this is not what I need this is Congressman I decided this is valuable to consider the legacy of biblical example of counting loss transmission acts chapter twenty seven is a curious thing out of this week that the words lost here is to get every word is only used your Philippians twenty seven so let us see how it was used asked chapter twenty seven twenty seven first eleven all is the essential role for his adjustment before Nero and their Havilland squabble because it is logical further off policy and to stay here but the captain of the ship this is a zero nine will be programs that are harder than before as under celeb says on seven sisters I perceive this for you to be with firsthand much damage not only of the reading and should also analyze nevertheless is ensuring believed in mastering the ownership more indices which is looking home okay damage go forth and sailing along and become into a storm starting in verse seventeen is a connection and meeting exceedingly tossed with tempest and next day and even my condition and is very day we cast out without all the hands of the ship and we neither sun nor stars many days no small stillness all hope that we should be seeing was then taken away now it comes off the rescue but anyone but after long absence Paul stood forth in the midst of his service you should apartment me and not evolution street and took aim this harm loss that were lost the same thing at home in this case lost in a very specific thing the serious had awarded lots of cargo and as the sun was directly to each of the cargo and possibly die or read an article and possibly that kind of loss cost of harder today later Islamists on the wiki didn't happen you always other stuff on board and hopefully not dialogue to be thrown overboard and possibly the kind of loss throwing overboard the counting of loss here is deciding when July is at stake there are certain things that are not Bible that are worth throwing overboard and not even worth considering how is loss and that is the path talking conspiracies things were gain to me I was turned into a soprano those blocks to avoid price against as you see him processing Italians in the more astonishing statement firstly he doubtless cover all things but loss for the XYZ knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord will suffer the loss of all things and it hasn't been done and Paul was not just during an academic thing is a story about the hungry and homeless by the sacrifice of a single overlay window is listening on as something that you might call no site I count all things as long as I have lost all things but this is lost on his new signal is not like the one part is when walking on earlier and is a something behind that is done as you don't have enough at compared to ask questions is when you made that statement earlier I I was really blown away as Lord have mercy on you much of it and maybe really want to all CA names of valuable than they would have anything that he was willing to sacrifice everything for Christ walked into and why and when present things you know when you present herself as you see how valuable he is on and so on the thought from this woman is going to look at a couple of examples in the Bible of white people do not value Christlike they did not want to see you all in all hopelessness is on our first stop if you are really a seditious charge Isaiah fifty three and also had a finger in Mark six okay Isaiah chapter fifty three six eighty three pursuing this is the classic chapter on the suffering Messiah Brister says for he Christ shall run before him God has intended as a root out of dry ground of prevention of this is that he hath no longer communist and when we shall see him there is no beauty that we should desire him he is despised and rejected of men and dinosaurs and agreed with grief and here is where my thesis from he was despised and focus on the last anniversary since Christ hath no form of communism when we shall see him there is no beauty that we should desire him it is nothing approximately nine is priceless when you saw it on the outside is anyone was sitting here okay nothing is not as Henschel 's time in the elsewhere this is not all okay he was not in my chapter six March six will see an example of this communist Jesus come back to his hometown here I says and he went out first one he was convincing came into his own country and his disciples followed twenty seven it was come he began to teach in a synagogue and many hearing him were astonished saying from which this man these things and what wisdom is this which is even up to him that even such mighty works by his hands not just is not this the carpenter the son of Mary the brother of James and Joseph Simon and his sisters here with us and they were offended but Jesus said is a prophet is not without honor but in his own machine is launching his own house and he could do no mighty work seems elitist hands on a few sick folk and healed them and he marveled because of their message that Christ him was no different in the messages presented at the warehouse but something was going to hear us these people have grown up with Christ as it was more familiar with me babies legally sign will presently know what is iPhone one oh one what if this is coming from because Wisconsin and the family blessing and exercising her own life as was growing up in the church Christ has become a common thing is sung his song throughout childhood we have noticed is he answered everything and in my own life when I went to the most great evangelistic series about his preaching and everything else all these citadels then when Helena Susan Christ Jesus and this is new my friends list not become so come to Christ that we aren't using is because at that point to work for us we can experience his power so that's number one crisis become crisis becomes the next to the people I like to look at him people in John chapter six John seventy six one of my favorite chapters in all the level in the Hitler Gospels of all the Bible alone John's physics prize has just performed feeding of five thousand eighty jumped on a diverse twenty five it is going across the sea will come flocking to him okay everything and when the people had found him Jesus on the other side of the sea they said around I went it was Doctor Jesus answered them is infinitely various scenes you you seek me not because you saw the miracles that because you eat of the loaves and what felt maybe not to the meat which perish but for the Army which everlasting life the sun also given to you can call the father sealed well unsafe as that is known to look for value coming to me because you want bread and bread as that's not the point okay point they happen verse thirty December twentieth shortest outing that we may seem to believe the one dust homework are already not in the desert as it is written he given credit for me and Jesus said to them verily verily since you most enough my father giveth you the truth of the bread of God is he was coming down from heaven and will see Jesus talking to redirect her attention is focused on physical brand and the Brian God 's promises plan needs all and just as very graphic picture with them verse fifty three he's just enough his first victory Jesus is very various if you accept them in the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood you have no life in you who saluted my flesh and drink my blood has eternal life racing the responses of people over sixty ninety seven when the Henderson this is a hard saying who can hear her sixty six from that time many of his disciples went back and walked no more with him Jesus given them strength the something much higher than their physical needs and administers its good to talk to ask them to supply will need a man many residents here on exams are coming up on some step one is not that far away from here I know some person or interest extends that when I die but as soon as you have other things on my nonsense in humble man would give me half someone went and he was encouraged in always good to meet some one one person kind I was graduated as an economy like what I said all this time I need a job I need to do something give me a job where I die an arm 's reason for seeking Jesus becomes just like our friends here in the most vicious in the needless things ultimately when Jesus does the bread is that the reason why we do know that everything was associated with an significant changes I have appointment with your doctor see Jesus for necessities of life there's much more pointedly why some people did not value Jesus is at a very basic fundamental transmission chapter three verse nine chapter three verse nine this is talking about one of our favorite characters in the Bible the Pharisees author of the Gospels we have been hearing that Verizon to both of many of our jokes and many of our own guys is not good things that hear John the Baptist preaching and the Pharisees the Sadducees are in the audience and he says of them bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance and Vietnam to see within yourselves we have Abraham to our father price since you are a lucky stones to raise up children in these guys the descendents of Abraham and are all well and good I think Jesus and John W Hudson interesting responses trained with me tonight to chapter eleven twenty eleven in the reverse sixteen to nineteen the very curious story Jesus tells his parents years I liken this generation is like children sitting in the markets and calling their fellows as what you swim mornings you when you are not lamented for John came neither eating nor drinking and to say he happens out the Son of Man came eating and drinking is a beholden man gluttonous I wonder publicans and sinners was and is justified of her children and street people in this audience who are on canvassing is sometimes before selling Christian literature in that everyone should try not everyone's cultural life but when you are at the door and your dissenting book signing the human knowing this is with gold preconscious people give their lives the permissions questions blessings in all neatest and elect Lieutenant 's night will shine out one of the interesting you will create a healthy group of elderly none of the lowlands of visited alternate cover story and I will love the judiciary I shall exist at all set in people they all kinds of things in the cover for I am not interested okay I don't have to need to need to have a need for this ahead as far as the Sadducees and Pharisees they had not realized in need of Christ they were the sons and daughters sons of immigrants and pajamas that too much for his eyes to the Senate she did not meet their expectations were dropped on a little bit to CG 's reaction to this in verse twenty eight nephew Chapter 11 is just famous invitation he says come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest take me upon you and me for a unique and lowly in heart and you shall find rest for your souls the meal is easy medicine physician who is invitation given to all of all but all who already read I have you made it okay if you are laboring if you're a heavy maintenance invitations not apply to you as you you do not realize you're in need of rest and our friends and our society 's use is not really in need of rest from Christ in fact they are in John chapter eight is even arguing Jesus is a new artist services and since we talk about our aim is noted in service anyone until the realization has hit home we need a Savior we will not see I support number three must have need for a Savior okay natural resources want to look at stories on while this is two one ten released to John John Chapter eighteen verse thirty eight John chapter eighteen and verse thirty eight Jesus this is also being condemned to death is standing in the pilot and I had this incredible opportunity is personal interview with Jesus if you want a personal divorcing just yet that is not personally with Christ right in front of you and adding to the conversation process I developed in verse thirty seven Della Kingdon Jesus answered now seen as damaging to this end was born for this cause came I into the world that I should bear witness unto the truth everyone that is of the truth here's my voice I said to him what is truth the question noted with meaning philosophers in Athens was hundreds of years at here is an even amount was one hundred is truth and ask what is truth before Jesus and give them an answer and when he said as he went out again Massachusetts to them I fought all references a lot of reasons why hybrids between Chrysler and sale of the living Christ but when I want to focus on this morning is even spend enough time to hear the answer is an application to us voting rights something where a struggle with myself but have been like in the morning turning philosopher the longest papers of you people and officer expecting you patients in your round on any running behind the photographer to day scribbling on and run an inheritance to reflect on what was happening there and it could just be that you have just proven what is truth Christ is ready to get an answer ready to give you something nice today we have not time to hear the answer but I guess what happens when you rush off yesterday in a case that she met a very strong temptation Gentoo verse nineteen chapter nineteen verse twelve from thenceforth to talk to release Jesus juice cresting if thou let this man go now I'm not Caesar's friend was automated in salvaging speaking against Caesar when I therefore heard that saying he brought Jesus forth effect on the judgment seat of Christ is called in and he and his way have what was going to happen during that day and night as we rush off his personality and what it was going to hit us and we silently fall and be of value priced position number four and one but not as nice did not spend the time with that is needed to hear on just in passing this one person I want to talk about just passing on the right is text on your level it is interested in the later is a story of Harriet Mark chapter six and twenty three on the end of a quickly much six months after six this is the story of the beheading of John in my sixth set on for sixteen Harry turned as he's hearing about Jesus coming to anything while John is resurrected from the dead over seventy percent in some sense of what they called on John Dalton in prison for Herodias since his birth and that's why she had married her for Johnson inherited is not lawful for you to have a writer 's wife okay then literally set up religious and with children but she could not is a fascinating story is read a real offer is all about vacation like listening to John's things afterwards but the one thing that Harry never good with the one thing to sleep with you and that was put away what industries for you and in the end erroneous essentially chilled John's cost Terry's conscience she was recently John the Baptist was later on in the child Jesus you see that Jesus is brought before had Jesus is anything to hang out this is just one alternative scenario but Jesus has nothing to see the part of the reason is because even if Jesus was the same one you things more fascinating things Harrison is ready to go for he has sung at this one point going forward and innocence veggies go back to a pattern that can be crucified some point number five this case on why we do not by crisis we should there is some known duties on the thing we are not listening to talking Crestview more valuable things less until he leaves the skin but this is actually really depressing right now I always talk about so let's look at something incursion came at nine oh F how not to value okay there is one common point is not meeting my needs and don't feel the need of an point number four time for him point number five I'm not listening to him while how do we value Christchurch John chapter sixteen John chapter sixteen John is whole section of John Jesus telling about the Holy Spirit and if you want to get disciples in verse seven he says nevertheless I tell you to choose six beautiful you guys go away I go another way to comforter will not come into you or part I will sentence you when you come he will reprove the world of sin and righteousness and judgment okay important works of the Holy Spirit but jumped on a little bit of researching how he when he disputed charges comes he will guide you into all truth for he shall not speak of himself but whatsoever he shall hear that shall he speak and he will show you things to come now this is the amazing part okay ready verse fourteen he shall glorify I will precisely the mine especially if you cash out not only is it working the Holy Spirit to convict the center of who the world ingestion always can continue to strengthen the core by Christ wow it's that simple in order financing which is no relationship Newcomen is significant here the Holy Spirit is the one who brings value to Christ he is one who brings glory okay and it is really amazing you can look at the stores in the New Testament how this actually happened when John the Baptist was that people in the River Jordan on center the only one will look when John's baptizing percentage usage on the record saying I saw on John chapter one verse thirty one just usually say I knew him Jesus not that he made manifest to Israel from a conduct testing with water and John bare record sing I saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dog in the board upon I knew him not but he defended to baptize with water the same sentence in the pond to see the Spirit descending and remaining on him the same is he which baptizes we ghosts and I saw the record this is John again is looking and didn't see anything on ordinary John was told the students and persons who need to know who is the Messiah can pass the story of Peter when Jesus is asking everyone who donated by peers as well Christ is the cities are joined in flesh and blood improvements you but my father which is ultimately ending when one of ourselves or one percent Christ's others there are many individual people to Christ on the last league between is just nice to this is amazing is the Holy Spirit Holy Spirit who glorify Christ in closing and tingling again our friend Paul Paul had many good things going for him that he resubmit his accountant is around seventy listings accounting template I don't do that which I don't want to do over Gretchen and Diana who shall deliver me from this body of death but he had felt needs and realized it was something very wrong in his life on campus he turned to accept your twenties six twenty six twenty six and here policy fourteen hundred 's didn't understand why his preaching the gospel why is doing all these things at one thing that you notice over and over three times in the book of acts here on Paul's conversion experience the masses it is the same vulnerability how came that Christ but when his jokers he he expands one of the others but for switching and we were all volunteer and I heard a voice speaking to me and seeing in the Hebrew tongue Saul Saul persecuted it is hard to defend you against the pricks and thirty one dollars anything I am Jesus in the procedure just rocks instead of on ninety five and appeared to be for this purpose to make the minister and a witness both of these things which are seen and of those things in which I will appear in the divinity for the people of the Gentiles into North seventy two open their eyes to turn them from darkness so how are you seeking Pentagon spending you receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is this was all mission anytime she was going somewhere is what you went back to and I can imagine there is almost hired employees in the salon shaper three times because the dirty times in the office stuff is getting tired and is eventually on accident bosses what ever all felt that way whenever he started to feel you know is your fighting you look back to Christ's Crescent and for him and that would renew his you the secret of Palm can be found in certain transients secretions Chapter five think of his fighters fourteen this is for the love of Christ is training us that is what is pushing us forward going on and that is the sum of my Bible study for this past week helped in some way this has helped you guys and is encouraging that indeed if you are searching and when how can I value Christ more Holy Spirit is the answer enclosing array to think once I really looked at but it's in the book of the two things the story of Christ and his parents we went to the Passover feast Mary and Joseph have gone Jerusalem that had a wonderful time visiting friends and family going to know worship service at another home after going back into the supposed Jesus with them inside the craft okay you guys Wednesday so if you interview with CNET will not back they okay and they will run through some research from soaring now I know many of us have come here to the school for good reasons we wanted to be professionals who serve God became human hybrids in mind but sometimes it's easy if not an actual set of Christ to forget where he was in the mid to study for exams and is preparing for who knows what I might press is not here with me where I can go perhaps people in the workplace you were put in a specific job he knows I call it I feel as if he went I is Christ in my life in ways you cannot I still can become you don't have to intervene in the semester winds Christmas that is looking ahead find times that you don't have to wait until some summer vacations in fantastic days of their salvation this afternoon you can go back and start retracing the steps where did you last see Christ I close this is not a general appeal against someone like that who has felt that they had one in which one is there anything I find you three hundred and twenty is always interested me you will find me he's traditionally occupied and has promised you can take a bank reference accident positively guaranteed and help others if you're like me you know Christ all this time and yet you are still wondering about all I want you all I want to value I know you have now seems like sending the Holy Spirit health and to glorify him in my life ninety nine Christ above all things and the influence use your hands needs history that you would be fetal tumors were ever before even when we may not produce receipts in New England community found if you need present yourself as you promise not far from any of us who are seasoned for you Lord for those of us who is known for so long want to know you more often tonight please send your Holy Spirit allow him to do his work in our life that we too may honestly say that if anything else in Trenton on Wednesday filled with the Santa Fe the rest of her life to pray and him and Jesus has to thank you I


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