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Total Church: Adding to the Church

Annie Morgan


Fellowship as a winsome way to nurture people into belief.


Annie Morgan

Founder of "The Gospel Net," a ministry training session



  • December 31, 2011
    3:15 PM
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him him him this message was presented FG Y C two thousand and eleven hundred other resources like this online menu I see where I had a reckoning you are allowed in through RSS and I is in some ways inaccurately and I think I help set delete it when thinking about God and I had average as we develop friendships with people that many and that naturally flows into spiritual ministry but other times we find ability to find anger we find with this instantly find people pushing away in hand setting down when we bring spiritual things so that special area that I want to focus on prepracticum practical ways to witness this afternoon I need to get the conversation started about spiritual thing without alienating the person honey and do it without losing the friendship because we all want to have transferred any dumpling if you really care about a person but if the family member or friend and in the love of God for your enemies you want to be in the kingdom it just to get through that rough point about the conflict of the hostility during a segment about this afternoon I'm very glad to hear welcome you how to do what he experienced in so far we have the privilege of coming here on out today after three days in the car with your little one and how we are very happy to see the hotel and get settled and I'm Annie Morgan has been a David Morgan is a pastor and evangelist and so we combine our ministries a training and as thoroughly vandalism he is not working right now they label the whole evangelistic meeting travel and we have a five -year-old why an all boy may have a two -year-old boy on boy and were expecting another one in May the words come at Wednesday week old little one in the in the oven and that we feel very very black and not very thankful to be able to be here together it's fun to see the familiar faces but my home I have a lot of fun but I don't know either and have infinity wonderful it with the members you know to donate the money and then remember forever they printed him a house in forever and ever looking forward to that the welcome again I like to begin with prayer like the deal that you will consent to Neil and I need whatever's couple for you fundraisers and heavenly father I want to thank you so much that you never give up on until we finally close the door I think you and I pray the Lord that you don't run away what was your way I thank you for the lovely you have been drawn into it again and again and again I thank you for the pursuits of heaven for my salvation for the salvation of every person here in its room I learned to given each one of us a circle of influence to give us a place in your body of believers in the event the home to live in a neighborhood to mingle with an workplace and whatever sphere of influence Lloyd is given asset thank you for that I pray that you will bless the afternoon practical ways and ideas that we can be like season that we can be friends of people and we can pursue them and share the gospel with them without taking them away and got it even if they do run for little bit I pray that will have sweet love of Jesus to draw them back so take this timeline into if you want to do with it and lead us into the understanding to want to have the section it did however get to go from here I thank you for your blessing we claim that we look for the granting of an afternoon through the pain and beaten all you really look at any area of ministry we only wanted to think that way you begin by looking at Gotland reason people into the light of day and I see that the blueprint and our blueprint for all areas of evangelism and reach people but he gave the example and so we can see in his life and throughout the icon of the Bible the way they see the work of people that way if I wasn't with them the way he mingled with them the way you talk to them and everything they see them it was elated to exceed the one goal that he had why he was here on earth and that was a good day people and many times people think well you know if you can get your friends to heaven you know you have announced very remote it takes a different because if you really love somebody and you really care about somebody wanted the kingdom them to and going to take your friend in a conference for eternity a different heaven with you and make the goal of your life might see the dead the Sagan say the law notice many things that we can do in our life many people that we can have many wonderful experiences that God gives it we cannot build at home against Roybal we can experience basically can have different hobbies and have different careers they know what those things can be done in we have a limited time opportunity while we're here on this Earth to share Jesus with people we have a limited time to tell them how to get to heaven and when we get to heaven will be an experienced an incredible pain and do and go unbeaten at home all the experience however it will be too late to take somebody dying to get a negative passion in your life you seek Jesus and he thinks he is to take people to haven't written and then I have a real passion for people that are the other throw up barriers and angry they haven't come to understand that within the heart of the hostile person within the heart of that person with angry a lot of her in a lot of pain and I would position of David came to heal the brokenhearted weekend is that the captives free and he wants to empower us to do that same thing so first of all he recognized that God does have a way of reaching people and he's given us an example in the Bible and how to do that that's incentive for verse nineteen do this as follow me and I will make you fishers of net and enzyme thirteen verse fifteen it says for I have given you an example and use of the lot as I have done lately now how did Jesus do evangelism if there is one word that I gave today are you hunting and evangelism if the word that Jesus chose to describe himself when he was in another many names forgot in the Bible but that's one name stands out I'm looking for a way that Jesus worked with people and our living annual annual meeting in the actual being interpreted is God with Jesus and that he has a way of reaching out to people and it is summed up in that word Immanuel we can be interpreted in God with now and I did not notice again and again and now working with people you have to be unit at foundation of having a closeness with them and all is and then have to know where they are and where they're starting from the act of a friendship with them have to spend time with them sort of New Delhi near as they look at the method of Jesus but it begins with two died it every time he reached out to combine its most important to do it from the water and I love him and he he is he manual he want to be with and again got in the manual because he wants to be with a you yeah I knew it contained up in a duet together haven't you got because that's who he is and one another were genuine and other friends up with and will not be taken and will know that is not to be changed by how they respond to what we set they need to know that were genuine the alternate history comes from the Leon affidavits work you what the manual and why he was so powerful that the event because of who he is so regulatory here starting at the top here who got it out of love Emmanuel God with us and that means only one of them got great character can't do that got it back in heaven and wait for us to come to him you never knew that he and Philippe David because of who God is because the love for a definitive desire for us to be in the kingdom he may not love the description consensus after one event that the earth was without form and void and if you look around you today you would be a lot of people that they don't there without form they don't have the identity that clear understanding of what their purpose and their meaning is on a third and without lenses like the beginning of time and there without form and void and another thing that their game thing is that their void or and she people have loneliness meeting was to have been struggled in their life as we look around us we see a whole world that my Genesis chapter one verse one and two without form and void and the Bible says that spirit of God moved who moves got that Holy Spirit he knew toward and I love it if you combine it with the New Testament account this would be the multitudes of people it said that he was moved with compassion the what I live for that is not taken back by the chaos in her life maybe if not taken back by the end of our life and the loneliness and the neediness of our life is not taken back by then the clothes we wear or anything about it is not taken back by the impact is drawn to and so God moves toward us in this sort of compassion and things that were effective in ministry and taking her friends to heaven we do recognize that following the example of Jesus we need to move toward people we need to be an initiator of friendships with people and and first on corporate canon fifth here in his love not that we loved God but that he talked off in the last ten years or so here we see this movement Florida got it loaded moving toward us in ministry toward a some guy came to me when she was not a woman at the well and he knew that she was speaking for the water of life I think that her soul she would looking for and she was speaking for the physical water but even our thoughts he was looking for the water of life liberty deal he's started a conversation with her regarding Jesus did that conversation with her it's really interesting to me to note is that when Jesus started the conversation with a woman he asked her for a infant mathematical water now I'm when people come to us there often intimidated by a religious profession and things like that make the Navy is wanting to help them but barriers can really be broken down when we approach people in the same way that Jesus said and were willing to put anything out there to them and ask them for help I'm sure a lot of stories of how relationships are being built in and my little neighborhood in Washington state become a haven for having opportunities to do things right were doing things for them to get into I don't feel like a charity case but actually feel like you value them as a friend and you need them when he approached the woman at the well after a favor the man a drink of water but not there he sent me he went on to say if you knew it would have been talking to you and the water that they needed new EULA that you drink water this is not a bridge from friends and courtesy over into spiritual thing he said he was a master at it going to be practicing now double that later in our time together this afternoon now we have a terrible without a parable of the last twenty a lot see a lot white on three and in his parable we see that the Sanford goes looking for the season because the seed would not come of itself would it we see the woman searching for the coin but different in the story of the lost boy because the last way is not ready yet he is not ready to contact and does the father would it set up at the pig Farmer at the party that he was in before then it would have been ready to calmly I is the bad boy recognized the need to snag Jesus the heavenly father when they are waiting ready to run out the Bible says that he ran in the end of leaders manipulated in this picture of God is that the eagerness can pass many hats for us defendant Myers is the meeting of the opportunities there he's ready to run and break taken in the Jeep if the initiator he is angry of once a week to be initiated in her friendships with people and even in the transition and we make from friends that the spirit the parables of the father running the prodigal son Jesus meant Jacob on his way to the top in the story from Genesis thirty two and when I think of it I rather came to me thank heaven that night of rest way and talk to him and worked with him and so they can have peace with God got me in the profit to speak to David and after he has great been asked to the antiriot and eleven letter on the look of the method they got it through the prophet Nathan to reach David at David is a guilty person I think indicating he had committed adultery and then you have the man feel so that he would be free to have the big talk about them pretty and pretty tough things that write you approach someone is making those choices those sinful choices in my many times people will put up great barriers of hostility and arguments and excuses if you try to approach them and say something to them about their behavior you have a wayward son or daughter or brother or sister or cousin or family member are an astronomical sum in your family that is doing wrong to the front you can only store them with compassion that he does have a special way of drawing them in back into his love without alienating will look at battle of the later is now establishing the fact that Jesus goes to them that he does as we follow his example what will we do we'll go look up and the infant was things that we extend our hand for enhancing we introduced ourselves we give indications for people to have a meal without we don't need all of our neighbor to the people that live in the apartment complex or the dorm building that we live in we reached out to meet them and take them that smile and good morning to handshake we extend ourselves to be the initiator to begin a friendship with the person and it really sit back and wait for people to come up into a implantable data dump it but as everyone now the example of data further we go with people before they sell any spiritual interest we interviewed by how we initiate conversation we extend our hand for enhancement we think the transit of other interrogators I person to start practicing take some of these really small things and start practicing now I was the kind of kid in behind my mom every time there was a strange and I literally couldn't speak to anyone if you told me that I be up front speaking like that I would have wondered you know what you saw the light intensity now began practically practicing these things and as idea that I have found that God 's power will pour through you when you take that step of faith and when you're willing to do go out of your comfort zone God will make it natural to you because it will work through you and I wanted to practice them build simple thing as practice putting your hand out and say give them understand how what we do that right now and I had any yet reggae right Baghdad Baghdad how can you again that they sometimes an envelope and behavior in a group like that that now interrogated practice that so many times I've held back in the air I remember one time I was bidding and construction and you know it's really easy when you think infection have the money need to be at either the earth it is and you know but we got remember were building friends for eternity not fitting in constructs and enough of the lady that withholding by and I don't doubt that idea in my mind with its use can be responsive or not the gospel I thought if you want to become a notice that everybody can pop this Monday the McDowell and now my finances not having a good day maybe now is not the information that I have that strong precedent algebra but and so as we got there and I finally began to move my eye on recent handout now that these my hand on that man this is the book for you in her face it will admit I was a little incident thank you so it's like myself were glad I'm glad I didn't does the book by the cover right and so every practice is being that extending has now been going to people we will find that there are people who are hostile yet but there are other people who look hospital filtering out to be real response of the kingdom with the principle that if we ask people questions they show an interest in family and bite people we call people who don't call us become close to those who most need our help to get through easily could move on to some of the other Billy Crystal parts of what were talking about you noticed that a lot of training available on the fourth model of conversation you're familiar with that before model conversation in Michigan it's a briefly but if you hand but they are and for family always stand for occupation are interrelated and teased him for testimony and you and if you have an income familiar with it and you feel a little rough on how to start conversations I encourage you to find in trading on the and and get and get more comfortable conversations minimizes the mother things God wants us to start conversations with it now here's another Billy Crystal part about God 's method of reaching when God came to people he came for a specific purpose he came to be with nothing I think significant to you but it is there are many reason that we better and I presently go to someone's door or make friends that when our neighbors or developments it's the people but in only one purpose and will win the heart and that is to go to be with them that's what Jesus did he went to be with people I've developed this a little bit further thought came to be with people that have been in desire all the time back in the garden and even when I'm in the Jesus walked and talked without a need in the cool of the evening of the day I spent time with as many he is a God who wants to Fellowship with human beings and you want to become people who desire to fellowship with other people who desire to be with people who love people and cool gulf ourselves to be with people that he can develop in them and the most reclusive of us because we've done it with me and that we look at when he made it thanks right after the fall after Nana becomes sinful and even changed in their view and I responded to him that make me a sanctuary for what purpose the purpose of the sanctuary within the week and well a minded people from activist twenty five birthday eight and then when she came to the third we know he is Emmanuel God with us and so we know from the very first thing God is wanting to come to be with us that the purpose in coming to making that move toward enzyme one verse fourteen that the word was made last and it was dwelt among us so our first perfect is mingling with people and developing friendships is to dwell among people to be among the and that was Caesar's way of reaching people evolution twenty one verse three if we fast-forward all the way to the end of this great controversy when diamond and take us to his kingdom forever why they wanted to why came with my new Internet why do they want in your enemy your enemy why do you want your friends and have it behold the tabernacle of God is with man and he will do well with them and they said the people are not sensitive with them and be their God grant Revelation twenty one verse three desired to beware that now when she would love to be a fly on the wall and watch the birth of Danza with technician and see the nakedness of what one wants to know if he would go visit family in the home or sit down around a small group and around the fireplace is pumping and just watched Jesus and how you interact with people now are you going into the topic pretty thin on how to work with hostile people I work with people there in difference as well especially hostile people that are angry or that are guilty he said the firm didn't back in the Garden of Eden and they took that phrase is a inexperienced Smith they experience a euphoria if you will they experience such a wonderful lightning of this than the biz with an experience and you can imagine for the moment that they entertain the thought even more and more dirt on one withholding something from God while holding back to like the serpent that located the garden bed in our time and I wanted in on the knowledge of good and evil he doesn't want to have been incident having a wonderful experience you know I think that this is a friend through the party in other men in the middle of the social situation in a happy they seem to be happy either people that are partying is a people that are living life is good and things you see Vanity Fair heart is breaking because he knows the pleasures of sin only last while I read there and got the defendant for them are not and you happen to visit because whether you university campus are working or have family life or where ever you arrogantly and there are people in your life that are living life I feel like it they present to you that their life is really good and beautiful should you got them CEO but the party if he will in our city trying to break into their life and spiritual validity in the garden of the big Y compassion for them then I don't have that euphoria forever if a magnitude of the garment the minor failing a field in Michigan and now they're up rate of God and you have some people in your life entertainment you have some people in your life and avoid spiritual topics yet people in your life they don't want you to talk to them about religious things and they have a walk around the law to protect them he'd been saying and I don't want to break through that wall there I be in the garden and they're hiding in the deepest places of the garden help wanted a little little insight of them like houseplants you need to mull it around in your mind but one of the best places for people behind the church because nobody can looking for eBay and have not been many many doors so many times the big event while at this ride is very active in my church a editors number regular Bible study and images once you know that you are related and that the wild that they put down to you don't come any closer and so you will have religious people in your circle of friends and his circle of influence and have strong devoted religious people sometimes and so how do you approach them as a serial equipment of my favorite things to do at the door what's when I said that I really acted on by the you know my own Bible many of them around the left and are prompted he does on his in my history with me what you been studying lately nine hundred and there little off guard I very kind at that point and now that you know what I agree setting up of the Bible help them out help them remember what a laugh and make that it was a few weeks ago in arguments with our year ago they get and instill the placement I is really not reality for them but it awakened and then at United Tottenham at the Sierra little than with your when I first got involved in church take them back to those early times when they first had at first spiritual interests and get them talking about their testimony and things like that original of that ahead of ourselves here anyway I mean they're hiding they lost their garment of life now that it was saying that afraid that the decision do I go to the menu happy people in her life in your circle of them that she was naked of it in his first evangelistic missions it is there Jesus goes to the garden become and got into a lot of people in your circle of influence the deed is done for the garden half the price that Christina God does he came to live we see that he goes to be when I and is is reflected very very powerfully in the first evangelistic mission of Jesus to Mister Jean about the question is that they've got the back to the question which is a vast enemy where are you know exactly now I promise you that Jesus did not say where are you he did not say that because the Bible pages that either the validity of compassion when it comes to another thing is the data fed to them when a kindergarten you never let some of those were what was management found that debut in the fridge now and found natural for us they those things are really natural the deal of people 's behavior for someone who's smoking someone who is addicted to drugs and have someone not been attending church and you feel like you know I want to help them with needed areas of their life make changes that they can be closer to God but one of the first agencies of that he said I where are you hundreds of the meeting time between God and Adam was able to walk and talk in the garden and fellowship together were talking about friendship here for you have friendships with people right you have friends since with people and then all of a sudden the friendship breakdown in the hunt I happen something comes up something spiritual or something otherwise comes up and what did Jesus do when the friendship of a sit between he and Adam broken down he built me in and he came to first Adam where are you I want to build for a walk with you it's our time to walk and talk and you know Isaiah chapter fifty nine said that art and that is not based from it to say that if I got from it and said that he hides his face from now when you see somebody and you look them in the eye is it whether they love you are not bound to give me whether they care about two or nine and so it's not until atom comes as if they with his Creator the one people walked and talked with itself in the evening before and had such sweet fellowship with it not until God has added by it not until the relationship is re- and boundless if not until then that God says when educated to eat the fruit the principle here is an extremely important therefore to take our friend haven't ever integrated barriers to reject any and that there are two first week to be with people where are you and definitely we deal with helping them change their lifestyle readers with the SQL before God speaks to change a East seeks to be with going to have to thought the question do I have a great desire to be with this person compassion and love in my heart for them even though they've been greatly even though they have is a rift in our relationship even though they done wrong to me or whatever the conflict in another argument in every spiritual things do I have a desire to be with and we need to maintain that compassionate love and a desire to be with people in order to reach them so before not to change if he seeks to beware that this is God 's way of reaching people and so from then from the top here alternate history comes from who we are event because of who he has he the manual daughter that need to be people who are approachable people who love people people who are friendly people who are kind and courteous and how that love our method of dealing with our friends and our enemies our family our work associates and her fellow classmates so have a two step process now the flows out of this the first one interviewing people and men and silly we come to the place and we can be part of the life-changing but we first have to be with the method it seizes this is God 's way of reaching people and it is wonderful and follow the method and admitted to giving page one forty three we see this they are addressing here Christ method alone will give true success in reaching the people the Savior no longer with men as one who desired their good he's done it before then ministered to very need and want in there that did Jesus when the confident about any liability but he didn't like coming to be with them but they are not in the manner and will see you again and you know people sometimes and I and our relations that they feel like the disappointed that they might admit that they feel they've done something enough up the principle of the relationship that you were disappointed in them because of our religious beliefs but Jesus was able to communicate to Adam I still want to be with you I don't want to with my friend I don't want that fellowship with you and here I am to take a walk together today so he showed affinity for them United States of any and one there on that in then you see the kids that progress in here then he bade them followed me and he invited them to take up there when it went follow him he visited across right this involves a change of life it involves a change of lifestyle and it does involve dealing with those they were caught smoking and alcohol addictions and lifestyle in the way we believe in things like that however the first step is for it to be with people and now we've looked at this particular comment here we see the more detailed with how to develop friendships with people under the first step here to be with people we mingle with people we desire the daily show sympathy for them and we meet their needs and then after that we have the other areas within a Bible study and things like that the look to implement that we go to be with people I went down working in New York City at the time I was riding the public transport of riding a bus one day I was riding I know that a lot of things that you see the masses of people walking down Anwar is the homeland a few different people and there are people in life and never get approached many times the homeless not yet approached with true godly ministry they get handed from food but they rarely get handed a gift handset few people ever come to be with them other people that we often ignore other rich people because if we don't know how to break that barrier they have so much altogether things like that I will always have more time to do all kinds of topics affected him but I share this story with you I was watching out the bus window in the bath made a lot of thoughts was slow going I saw this homeless man united in his ragged coat is hunched over eight inches see you can see the suffering that he lives with our databases and how people would walk along heaps even do this in how they would make a little bit of a circle around him and they look at him in all the thing and rejection that people live with it not at the moment there are people in our church that that we go the other way around there are people because of their limited needier there's something about the minutes of how hard mix was nervous it on what to do with them to go around them I plan to Jesus didn't do that Jesus had a great compassion and desire to be with people and the friendships and the relationships that you have most of them I'll have a little bump in the road where they will be a person of my kind difficult to relate to and what you given those moments can make all the difference in whether you take that friend heaven with you anyway am why I watching this homeless man the peak how people are relating to and this lady and interest of the hill she is obviously a professional and seasoned now she walked that pride to move endlessly walking along and saved out a little on a little puppy dog and a round is a beautiful little dog walking along with her after walking along the dotted is walking very immediately with her and all dependent on all p.m. the least and goes next to a homeless man and down he didn't have provision needed and even a even do anything he just sat there any right next to the homeless man in fact there are the definitely don't do he came to be with me and the lady was quite perturbed by it I mean C C seats are that at least two got quite upset enough that I wouldn't move the dog days and many times in our friends and for the little pump long in the road in her relationships with people there will be bumps in the road there will be conflict impressed through the conflict you can have a friend for eternity only got ability that ended twenty nine he has planted his feet there sometimes to be with people need to stay with them in a bag that I do not make a single RFID make in a single knowing if it sat there and she had directly forcefully pulled out all the way from the man and driving down the street until it finally realized that she was stronger than him again and he was going where she was going I thought to myself home any time in our holistic growth cold and a hand of a person because there is no love behind again is no desire there is no compassionate love of Jesus to sit alongside them one by that person if I can say the Nazis it comes to be with people and think of other people in your circle of influence the very people you may want to avoid maybe the people that are closest to the him them and the people that I want to go to the mainland it's even called the gods whom people that is what the people he called back to get them play that he story the very near and dear to my heart because she was half she is angry and hostile and angry for very good reasons on daddy had been horribly abused as a child however Debbie did not act as an abused person as we commonly think that she was very obstinacy was able to run her own business she was able to raise the child as a single parent she was very capable she knew how to dress to the home to their mortgage she was able to do all these different thing she didn't know how to let a visitor and now my husband this is before we were married that he had been living in the neighborhood where she was he had gotten to know her she had been raised in seven thousand family however if on Sabbath afternoon when the children were thought down and had to listen to religious book that they moved they were mercilessly beaten at the mercy of God those children were killed the story go on and on and on and as such is that satellite that she and Graham Strong Seagram top how do we go to be with people not to change people on the enemy moving on my friends at the time and emitting on out-of-state he said to me please go visit daddy I thought I'd be happy to know her at all he told me every little about her which I'm glad for some time together and it was the finest magazine that I was glad I could go impressions of it now so I can I found the street where she lives in everything I thought the Navy 's door and Danny came to the door she looked at me and I guess I looked like one of those religious thought could help and because her her words were what do you want that I wanted to do that you want for a dilemma to be a friend like to get to know it now you want and I fiddle you probably know David he was he was in the neighborhood he and your news did a couple doors down and had descended that I would enjoy getting to know you and that you thought we could be friends she looked at me are you talking about and anyway I I think you mind if I come in and I could tell itself as one of barriers exist on a plow through his even paying all of everything I get angry yes and so she finally dependency let me come into her living room back down we talked about her dog we talked about her career and an independent work that she did things that happen in our life and stuff like that again she looks at me are in horizon is what the Nancy says when you hear for free time to get me to join your church will get a visit like right here for you and them I told right now I'm not I'm here to be your friend is that okay but well yeah but if you get me to join a church I'm not going to analyze centurion at any if God wanted to join my church and you need help doing that I be happy to help you as a friend but that's not what I'm here for all want to be your friend and if you never join my church could still be your friend want to do it that you seem really didn't know what it was until he came back a week later the theater again because usually got rid of religious people really thought and that was usually has to got rid of them so when Jesus came to people he came to them even though they put up the hostile barrier didn't and then I made another angry anything to them even though they didn't want to be pregnant for the name and then if they push them away it is all but it fail you not love her I asked there is not okay I did break into her home seeing allowed me to I could close you wanted me to be there and I think that Jesus comes back at the people we must not let anything that people do is say to us stop us from that God-given desire to be with people because I got the love in her heart I love for them is to be moved that is not a change that is to be with them and here to tell you that Debbie gave her life to keep under its value the daddy is part of my church family not my local church family that Betty is part of the family of God and she did Lessig and wanted to anyone the journey it wasn't the one infant fishing I can give up on people I remember a man we can give up and it would allow people are never a man who wanted to give my students have known he had drifted away from the church I went to visit him at many former member asked how demented agendas and his wife and I sat down with them I talk to them about the Bible but you don't than what you done for me we started Bible studies on a weekly basis and I have to do something about what it was like when he first joined the church told me the story has her talking it was wonderful to talk together I will keep you from going to church now anything while I said that's okay anything I need underneath them I can't come to find out that you feel like you can't come the world can come we begin to get vital studies and eventually into the point where he's that I would quit smoking and I'm with them I know that I may want to quit smoking but he tried and failed tried and failed and tried and failed I need it with our business had a real battle with it and I was trying to work with him in one evening I set up at his workplace when he leaves on break and he came out of the building there he looked at me and he said why are you here well you and you and your wife for my friends right in this activity is in his sixties has said that plan here that okay yeah it's okay and you just exist a lot of people in that I wanted to be with them just like Eva 's death how do that amazing ability to want to be with people why does Jesus want to be let at peace even in our heart and enzymes have to wonder thirty eight Jesus turned and found following and then enter them what geeky statement is now really in the great human longing is forgot to pick up a dwelling place in our hearts we haven't gotten sick our hearts in gear that felt drawn to people because he now he is the only one that can bring joy and happiness of their life at one end of the Doherty not want to have fellowship with us you want to be where that's at once imagine that anything to do magnetosphere this will represent people this would represent God and God knows the ending of the human heart he knows that all human earthly satisfaction is made away and Filion drawn Ellison friends that she was the nose until we cling to him we will be forever searching forever restless longing only chaotic confused about our life forever holding on to other things that never satisfy though God knows that the great longing of the human heart the acting at gnats and a great longing than he has well in an easily have an incredible equation here we have an incredible here you will between the need of management capacity of God Alana and a half so incredibly drawn with the compassion you want to bond with her and we the people only do you need them care for people to maintain and care for them beyond the external surface and be drawn to them because we know that to be there and I don't want an excuse they put up the matter what I put up realize that Jesus is the only answer our greatest lamp of God 's great desire to go the Gospels power because man's great need in the vein of God 's great desire balance it we sometimes forget how much I want to we forget how desperately in love he is without even one would be training them under the story of Hosea in the Bible was horrible as that band is getting his love of his life with minutes ago Mark and she is not deserving of it is see again and again he continues to expand that love to her violets develop his skills here if you don't have to care for people and we been touching on them and a lot of fun because most of my friends that the relationships in her life and has a lot of training that they had built on that front will move our friendship to the spiritual ministry ballet captivated on who got in our love and compassion for people we need to have recognized the two steps the first to come to be with people and then is that we can be on a motive of change in her life the first would mingle desire the good sense sympathy meet their needs and they were able to invite them to follow with spiritual things so how do we care for people would look at that time I remove friends that the spiritual ministry I say just a few stories about following Christ methods of the few things that are above possible interest to you and I were in a move into mighty area how do we work with people that are hostile and things like that him any opportunity to work about twenty different churches and even different program they do and be involved in them and things like that what I think they were doing in North right now is the danger community service program and deleted when the recessed ethnicity now indicated service program we have a weekly meal with closing we have three hundred people in our town is little and middle on nowhere town as the smallest little pond than ever this is that if we had such a small group of people anyone want to take a guess as to how may people come on Thursday afternoon from Neil and not clothing anyone I think against visiting a number and a break as three people in an attack that the honey thirty anyone else think the payment now play all around we had a great duty and make the people covering every Thursday at its three hundred and lady lament guys that work in that program they give people the gift of the things that happened is therefore and people are drawn that because the beloved Steve is working through the people at a vegetarian meal each week they become that the downing and enjoy the feedback another place that we did a thin client for a minister to the needs of that community as they did this because I was the Bible worker and so I followed up the name and it will survey I called the black and were bringing him to have a bridge in the spiritual here in the coming every week enjoy food in the closing things like that so these people were coming its way to the food closet a little survey with the city of Hamburg Museum with the local something new closet I does have a couple questions for you is the staff friendly and enhancer under anything any services that you like us to provide a need that you have they would Tony and I said I does have a last question for you as a gift to you to say thank you for coming to our program and wanted it on her Bible reading guide they cover topics like what happens when that after you die when you go but it are likely to have how can you have a happy home like that in the percent of the people in a constant inclined to get them compiled if you are the light emitting affidavit and inserts in that helper in a church and say you know there's a lot more final season I can give you would like to get Bible studies and filling a lot of people done by both Citigroup and how to get final study for following up on people in April that will not respond that you see the cloud of the falling price method to mingle with people and see again that the methods I wanted to be with you and what understanding it was ministry now there are claims that that was not respond to this kind of ministry there are places that would be offended if you thought that they needed food in clubs you know because there's a whole other group of people answered Jesus and that people need at the very importance you prayerfully diagnose the needs of your community if you will and the needs of the people any in your day you have relationships with now and Sacramento we did a program called Wednesday night out it just different ways to build a list of your community when a night out if we did one advertisement one night janitor opened up the church one night all these resources were poured into one night after night there were five or six different seminars to choose from and fill out one time were able to put on his resources into that and then there were several choices of vacant lakefront now we discovered from a little like the way to do a little test are on natural remedies class out I mean out and with all our gang of them American people are buying them I had two people but what whether they are doing we discovered that that community was very responsive to alternative methods of healing so that was a way to mingle with people so you have to be willing to did get me to work with people to find out if you are the people you have relationships with people from their nap in Northport or I'm in right now smaller community we do have a surrounding area we can pull from but we've tried archaeology we try not to remedy that either try cooking school many different things are not building relationships that we want and then one time we decided to get favorable living program because in that area people like trying to do solar and trying to be done nonelectric NL brother on food and things like that so we offered a sustainable living seminar that was packed out of a hundred and twenty people trying to come this seminar in a little room that only holds about fifty and now it was just a wonderful experience to build the network of all the people Philip winced when she works at people he began he came to be when that which part of that means you have to find out where they are in their interest and if you can pursue a hobby sailing interest with a person and start where they are at then you can go a long way and then taking them down that road of friendship and eventually taken into the kingdom so that it is a couple things I wanted to share with you also restarted a program called open seven visit a really fun thing to do you can do in your neighborhood you can do it from your church you can do it from you now if you have a way to do it in our university campus or at your workplace is like that I need to do it over lunch while reading it in the evening but what we've done and every day of the week the lighting on the third in a motel thankfully the light on for you and I is a great added it to you we realized that the church family that to expect people to come one fears evangelistic meeting Linda are scheduled at eleven o'clock that morning it was really meeting the needs of the community and we know when the bars were open when available they are open every night then there so if you have downloaded the crisis on Friday night what's open the visor open unit of the place is open to the convenience store is open and so there are places that are open and available Jesus went to people he was open and available to them so with something that has been really successful and pulled a lot of people in that weren't screwed me a lot of people that had drifted away only to get a number to take the next best administered to them so what we did is we have beans one hundred weekly have held another mother night of the week we have recovery another night of the week we have because of our area sustainable living and things like that and so open seven has become a really fun thing and the leaders in the community are coming to us the thing is really great we really like what you're doing and nouns Latin really fun to be able to not even that are coming there watching pride and is seeing and appreciating so that's another thing I want to mull it over in your mind and I may be a way that you can implement this in your ministry they want to build many friendships and relationships with people as possible so then you can bridge them into spiritual things later RI ability to send something that one look at Iraq is from Medicare for the now you have one of our present in the spiritual ministry and within your provider now her uninvited take a five minute stretch break scratch gets wanted to drink use the restroom stretch again and I cannot than five minutes you delve into highly utterly brazen the spirit something that would help people who are hot that a few minutes of it for this above that we are asking more questions about the better end of the bike that I be happy to visit my later and I'm maybe if we can get to the material window will do a question answer for everyone to get a question elegant dialogue together with everything but that it gets hard to our third stop I'm afraid to begin her second fun together heavenly father I pray the Lord you are such an amazing such an amazing God Creator of the universe and yet he stepped down to care about me and is never a time in my life and the lives of the units when something that I noticed you always see it all now and are always available to it please give us the ability to mirror this to show this kind of love to our little circle of influence however smaller negative God we just want to show people what you like with my draw them like you do people and please give that give us that ability as we continue to study this fascinating topic this afternoon I think integrating into the same payment I live in game into spiritual ministry in our friendships in our relationship that the second building a look at effect inherent in a comment dear Lily begin the talk to people about spiritual things is the actual line any Bible studies I was by Dylan eventually as anyone scared of getting a gospel that is the human Karana of talking to people about the Bible and many prime numbers and Big Bang and the dealings in the thought that we go like this I don't know enough to ask a question and I won't know the answer to it I'll give you the answer if somebody asks you a question he don't know the answer do you have the answer I don't know I don't have the answer you have the answer okay present at the event that he got any answer would be there I armed again you're ready to go I encourage you to share with you do now that students implement desultory share that with you tell people that seem to you that the little money that can be taken to that authoritative Sarah got to keep that you think you can see the last request you don't know the answer I don't know the answer but good question and I made it will find it out together maybe I'll help me find the answer will have to be experts they don't have to be up already we have to be fellow speakers of people never gave it came to be with people that will thought that next homeless man he offered nothing but his companions and work on it during the hunt for the learn how to get cheated of leading the way and he can lead up to help us delete other people to somehow indicate getting the something fascinating that I fear it I don't know when that I known the high daylight out it off long enough home yeah that's one of the answer in LW cost on angry at all hint of what wrong is really a method dollar but you know what the biggest problem not the biggest problem that you and I ended a greater challenge will grade is a greater challenge than that apparently a grayish I integrated sound in the in we have the answers but people aren't in the question you have family members human relations is in your life you have Palestinian gap coworkers in how people do not interview a parent you have chemical Brothers the casino the list of you have people even desperately want to tell even a simple little part of it is argued above to overseers grouping with them but they're not asking for it to follow me at a greater town somehow our focus yes we should be trying to come up with more answers of studying a Bible acid it has never lies in learning more of what this is but we also need to live our lives with in our relationship in a way that await him a deep desire for spiritual things we are looking to deal with this greater talents to help people ask Weston to help people feel they need if you invite people over and had a great big meal you know the response Levine had your cheesecake in your glass of all laminated and hear your French bread and all the things that are just delightful he ridiculed and you have a table spread and you've invited people to put all the things that you have something to offer I want to tell you that he had seasons in your heart you have something to offer and its people so updated to pick up the food because they are the eight tomorrow I have people inside I did other things temporarily many times they don't sell it open interest in spiritual things so finally Lincoln only linked enough desire for spiritual gains in fact to be a desire that have to be a need to have to be a question on alive I can tell you all a lot about David but if you're not interested in learning about when you meow I specially like talk a long time thinking that hitting up the happening awakening the education page forty one the true indication of not forcing an inspection on unready and unreceptive mind I know from talking to people that there are many people who thought it that family members and relationships with people and they would love to give them information just love it was held which he believed about Jesus but their respective there I'm interested in era banking the unready but if there hope there is a mental powers must be awaken the interest of route so they become the role for the finals of less than or have your wonderful if the person that hunger and thirst and hunger and thirst after writing because they are the one big in the bill now before the community and environment a wealth companion crime which is available to all who feel their poverty were surrounded with people you don't feel they need there must be a fan of need so hard of how a person in a confident point of need in their life is out of our control a lot of it is out of our control however we must watch what God is doing in people watch what God is doing in the lives of the people that you have relationships with in order to watch you must stay close to their has anyone ever cared for a plan even houseplants in LA even if we visited agricultural society the more and more of us don't have space of time for guardians but also has plans and that the neglect that plans for a week and well designed integrated RIS so you have these plants or relationships I like my I will I think that the cause of the vandalism that in a regular weekly personal positive contact with people and in your relationships look for a way to have some connect my phone call I know in the mail and e-mail but not modified this to say in our family home from work but wanted to drop it off to some chipsets point in their life and for those who get agriculture you understand and to build relationship and not even the understand to some connecting point and I went to her easy with the goal of weekly now depending on how big your ministry death it may turn into monthly with some people some people maybe on weekly from diplomate in monthly some people may be on orderly or yearly etc. the terms of IQ contact the people because in order to watch what God is doing you have to be able to see into their world right they needed to be in the world of the people that you have relationships with and what you want for is what God is doing so let's quickly go through a couple ways that God awakened the spiritually because until the spiritual need you'll be pouring water pouring resources into a full cup right where the Lord the Lord permits conflict to prepare the soul for Keith how to become a banana during their intermission here interleaving with him and when you see the drifting into the party life and feeling going on this trail here on some people that have relationships with our cotton some pursuit you know what is working out because they want to have a you now certain physical appearance be more attractive and popular whether they are climbing the corporate ladder and making money whether they are becoming more social and air into the party line people at either the drifting into many other pursuits when you do when you feel like they just innovate in Delhi and he and he you know how I connect with them him and develop anything that that I was making to let the matter is that lots when they come home to the first party of the excited and the second one maybe two third fourth fifth watch for that link is that lonely disillusion disgusted don't you know her that went out sick why don't we went is not infinite but fighting it and what you think one is for those with because went on doing is evil he is giving people the freedom is liberal you know you think the party life will make you happy elect people God of any elect unbalanced riot act as they feel that emptiness and loneliness and disillusionment in that disgusting group is now even eventually that it's nauseating to because the hurt that the bill and you watched this time the guy was speaking to people especially when they get those points that a board and a disillusionment and frustration are hurt with it if the incident one thought if the people he wants to have a human being there so they can see feel and touch the gospel through our fellowship and friendship with them at the above things in people 's lives in the line conflict when the heart is full of self-sufficiency and preoccupied of the superficial things of earth alleged date of the review can take them in order that men may well I'll wake to a realization that your condition I did get some things haven't gone all-out to awaken our needs I was suggesting that one of the first crises that he allows people to go through the crisis of getting how can that possibly be a crisis to get what you always wanted that the rather than believing it will rather than goal you happen and I'd like to be pretty excited when you get around what people may get married made a list we may need to the drawing goals the people have maybe they wanted to their car they can graduate graduate from college university from them I got exactly caught high school in graduate said Americans birth of the first child now landing a job and Emily want to know different things like that these are exciting mild marketing people 's lives and God allows people to achieve these things and get the desired that their heart they like to say they climb a mountain and they get to the top of the mountain the novelist that they can think that I was unable to full minute when he gets the top is nothing there at all many rampant in a betrayed all of me all the people entitled that he wanted and we got to talk to the likely and can hold onto it in our edit anything in the vanity of the taking of the land so I did anyone some stuff working out of there in the gym to three hours every day it is devoted to deliver religion that working out working out gallon whether they want to be in a well-built and now gotten any response be really well-built lady wants to the much awaited things like that I guess that that goal watch for climbing the mountain rejoice with them Jesus entered into people 's hearts he entered into their joys congratulate them each year B went than and be happy for them God-given to have determination and to have goals to achieve I've been battling it for the price you want they closed them watch Valentine's Day people live the ready when they when they start to what it is they get that popularity does I thought there'd have been realized that they don't have any true friends be ready if it's lonely out there is little word that let them know you are the person who loves you are the person who cares for and when a land that job and Amsterdam I think a few months they did a few years they spent with them for any insight you don't like doesn't and will anger what what is it that makes life worth living he wants what God is doing in people 's life if you have a list of any license is that people look for the spiritual opening manipulative getting are not satisfying them okay the crisis of getting people get things they get people relationships of people they even have any religious experience on people going to addiction and then played asset the question now what if my climbing Mt. remember how beautiful story of a puzzle of young inmates eleven the event to her I've done from no I myself will you marinate together we can go here and it was a very touching late in a proposal back on about God God will allow it to go if I is making no virus found and then we get to the top yes he is proud of what we've done but he has an offer for us to see if there's how would you like to go higher anyone coming it or they get it the reason you have a popularity they ought to have money now and they were beautiful it looked like a magazine cover it's really not there the emptiness of human materialistic thing at the moment to say would you like to try something that's really made me the wedding night I know we have learned through the lens together arguably take a walk in the park whatever the appropriate of the person elected again I want to share something with you you know I saw you again on March fifteen whenever I found an apartment and I was so bored to tears of the things in my life and then I realize I had been my Bible time to start reading it and start helping people in my life is not working anymore you should try it you extensively this is little part of your testimony shared at the time when their appetite whenever there is the next incidences that make it and felt for finale watch that God is doing or what is happening in people 's lives but it will quit there was the first crisis were talking about the Christ of the day right was not part you are we supposed to give people a bunch of stuff I have a car and pay off their mortgage and pick them up at the relations of the modalities they will be in this crisis now our hardest to watch and to try right watch and pray that they close that we can be there when they get insulated lid and negatives there is that okay moving on when I get all the father in his lap and found it a lot looked up until there top because there's no way to look from there right then everywhere else in there done crisis awaken spiritual questions they go to school my husband gave his life to God as a result of the crisis of getting even one of those people that battled through difficult times in life he made it through college he graduated and he rode the wave of Y2K and so he had a really good job is making a good income and he had everything that he was supposed to have the family was proud of and things like that but one day of his driving I run a anyhow I nevertheless experience that brought them again and he was not responsive to buy it within your truck and he popped one of those tapes in the low point and he listened to add the sermon on the defenseman departs with harness side of the road and he said basically these words so you go to school you get married to get a good job you have a family on a vacation than one what life all about anything really didn't like season after the course the time he was baptized and they started living his life permission work and eventually he became an evangelist and after him have I found a prominence my life and the beautiful story any other thing and Olympic vignetting they got their attention back to glad that he had a brother who is willing to give them a set of tapes that he didn't want so that was available for him at the right time enough is immortalized in paraprofessional novel of the Oregon Board to take the boredom and the things of the flight God is the one I was to go higher I love this quote from the influences of God he went first to last in her pleasant speaking eleven icons of the center for pain if painting a God megaphone to rouse a deaf world solid click okay now in another crisis is that some people don't look up until their flat on their back and somehow as he watched the people that you have relationships with you it wants the roller coaster of debt in an elevator crisis often open down the mid- Valley and get other things that they want and have breakthroughs in their life than the Hubble point in their life beyond excited about a new relationship in an brokenhearted over break and be going on in people 's lives and we would need to be ready and available to both know what to the people I requested a glass of milk by now how did that happen to me why what happens anywhere in God and we had a meeting on Monday night and get a free DVD called the breaking point is that the DVD that goes to the suffering that you because I when I first found out in ministry I directed that question wherein God in a letter in God when people reject me where is God when it held my family breaks up wherein God what have you and everything is run those questions because I didn't know what many people that the requested time to let me to what has been a really life-changing understanding of what I've come to call the wounded healer and it is so wonderful to be able to welcome those questions and two people asked them to invite people to feel like I can wait for Sears something when you need help getting a no you don't act that way of course because if the times are run in how many times even crying with people like to know if you have something achievements this year within the moment as though the low point in their life and also please outline how the breaking point it's about the wounded healer and it's been life-changing for me and totally transforming and straight because now I love to dive into the deep end of


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