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Sunday Committment Service

Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • January 1, 2012
    10:30 AM
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him this message was presented to her she wisely two thousand and eleven hundred other resources like this with the online menu I see where I had a morning he likes he had the morning his wife see him I thought this was a generation of you guys felt tired I was praying this morning and the idea came to me to send a text message to my mother and father and I said mommy daddy I'm speaking ten thirty this morning and he wanted to and you can watch I'll bring my father that birdseed reach about thirty minutes later my father texted me back and he said I'll be there then my mom called me back please and God gave me a little talking we'll get into that later in the sermon you how mothers are and she said on Monday frankly and should be watched and so there's nothing more peaceful knowing that your mom is praying for a man and sold my parents a lot to say hello morning and I love you and I'm thankful for your prayers and support also want to extend my thanks to my wife as well I know she's praying for me to we are on the verge of a new day and this is what I message this morning a new day vision I see that you are seeing Europe video last Sunday I saw that what you blessed by the RU excited I cannot tell you how excited I was my saw that video tears almost started coming to my office and it reminded me of a statement I read in the book ministry of healing where the statement says it we are not developing the different races of the spirit the latter rain will be poured out and falling all around us and we will not know for many of you you have no idea what was going on in Europe until last night and the spirit I can tell you first hand is falling upon using your I can tell you firsthand the spirit is falling upon Africa this spirit is falling upon Asia this spirit is falling upon South America but the question of UIC is what's happening in North America is the spirit falling upon North America and having this conference in trusting with the Council of the spirit of prophecy if there could be a combination of all the churches of your the object of their United prize should be for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit there we come near and far sixty six countries represented at this very conference gathered together for one prayer and then we also announced our theme for next year as a member whether he wants the revolution use house also excited about that theme as well but when you say ask the revolution continues you can only continue something if it has already begun and in order to understand that was the beginning of the revolution this conference is about starting the beginning of that revolution and that every single person in this role every single person watching home or live streaming anywhere around the world around the country is a person that is saying a lot Lord just like you feel the disciples so that we can continue the revolution however we are not asking for more of the same because whatever Peter and Paul and James and develop a seething this exhibit and the world and so the need of the Holy Spirit is not so that we can do what Peter did for us to do more than two X digital Martin Luther Marvin West Martens a lingering mark in life more than translators look for the Bible in over two hundred languages the movies of the Holy Spirit a new day is upon us that's three father in heaven you know that this man is but don't endorse but it is our prayer that you would breeze upon impressive that you would feel him was life and not from this quiet place audience was going you would send forth only to speak your that he would be talking to the word of God and into the Holy Spirit Maison Sweet Sweet Spirit of Jesus being upon his soul carrying the word of God to the life we know the spirit can even reach those who watch more television or by what's not something on this earth that will bring about a new day this is offering and we trust that you will help us to be our experience that we ask in Jesus amen there are certain situations in life were at something always makes a difference sometimes makes a difference or never makes a difference for example I like to use food it's clear everyone resonates with it so it simple I don't like watermelon and when I was growing up you know my family began to check my DNA are you really black you don't like watermelon and and I you know sometimes people would say it wasn't ripe enough for you to get the right kind of watermelon or even absolved of the watermelon eating sugar it doesn't matter what ever you actually it will never be the same party with but also I had another experience where does the just keeping the issue I also grew up and I completely dislike collard greens now my family Thanksgiving dinner every year I I committed to my mom and she's watching she knows this is true God is my witness I will him me once here on Thanksgiving just to please my mom but I think the edit was interesting that years later I went to a friends house for Thanksgiving and while we were there they were asking all you don't have caller dreams I know you love can't agree that how I know I don't get is that while I think the reason is because there's vinegar and garlic brings us in Benadryl Wildwood vinegar in the Congress is just a tradition I suspect that's probably why you don't like so she set out mind you can place and if you don't like the disobedient on my collard greens so she go that plot of collard greens no vinegar I took one for all UIC and I'm telling is the best flavor I brought in my life there was nothing left in the pot after that I'll deny anything else except called agreements and I realized that if you add some of you to take something away or sometimes the changes watermelon it doesn't matter what you asked with twenty it will never be the same for God agrees it you just got the vinaigrette is it's always been it is good to me but there's sometimes it changes things and sometimes adding something does not excel in our prayer to be filled with the Holy Spirit fill me our artists we want to go with you on a particular journey this morning over three main topics for those you think you know you like to stop and organize this is the lay of the land this is the trajectory this is the sum on a cartography of where were going first of all are going to look at it's never the same it's never the same the second issue will look at is a sometimes I think I thoroughly will look at it's always the same so if you do not know the first one is what is never the same but the second one is sometimes the same the third one is always the same are you ready number one foot accepted to beginning in verse one to be speeding through the Bible in so you need to fingers very limber dexterous and ready to turn so you have a photo probably be led by accepted to beginning in verse one when you're there you can say men do not daresay have mercy accepted to beginning in verse one are you there yes the Bible says this when the day of Pentecost had fully come they were all with one accord in one place and suddenly there came a sound from heaven as a whole rushing mighty wind and it filled the whole house where they were sitting then there appeared to them divided files as a volume and one sat upon each of them and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit did walk gave utterance knowledge of the notice the elements of this Pentecostal outpouring number one the day of Pentecost was fully come number two all of the church was gathered into one place and was unified number three they heard the sound as of a washing mighty wind and fourthly it divided among them Charles has a fine now often times when were talking about Pentecost and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit heat we like the lingo so we say things like you know what you I offered you I see what you decided I'm hoping that when we get to Houston the place is to be shaken definitely a sound as of a rushing mighty wind funds as a fighter on a follow-up on the congregation in Houston and I want to suggest the unit are certain elements in this Pentecostal outpouring of the Holy Spirit that are incidental and are certain elements that are essential to let me take you to the subsequent outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the book of acts first of all the acceptable acceptable when you're there you can say then asked Doctor for just a couple chapters over the Bible says this matchup before the disciples were praying after persecution when verse thirty one the Bible says sports through when they had prayed the place where they were assembled together was shaking and they were common he felt all filled with the Holy Spirit and they spoke the word of God with one baldness event for this conference by the way they says when they had prayed number one and accept it to when the disciples have the Holy Spirit come upon them the Bible says that was sitting it will bring number two the Bible says in verse thirty one of acceptor or the place where they were assembled together was shaking what was the place it was shaky now was the place yanking it accepted you yes or no it's okay to talk to the preacher was the place I can ask him to do now it was not so easy they were all filled with the Holy Spirit but the elements on this outpouring were not the same DC that in the decades ago let's look at another this would accept a fax chapter eight in verse forty are you saying that the Bible says when the apostles who were at Jerusalem heard that Samaria had received the word of God they sent Peter and John to them when they had come down prayed for them that they might receive the Holy Spirit for as yet he had fallen upon how many of them none of them they had only been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus then they laid hands on them and they received the Holy Spirit I want you to notice here again you see anything shaking in this verse yes or no did you hear a sound as of a rushing mighty wind ethanol no beauty and you and you see any divided from the fire ethanol now so now we we got to want more place in the book of access to shoppers over accept a sense we look at this watcher service yesterday ask chapter ten Melanie looking at verse forty four are you there statement all right the Bible says this while Peter was still speaking these words the Holy Spirit fell on all those who heard the word and those of the circumcision who believed were astonished as many as came with Peter because the gift of the Holy Spirit have been for out on the Gentiles also for they heard them speak with tongues and magnify God then Peter answered can anyone forget water that these should not be baptized went received the Holy Spirit just as behalf and he commanded them to be baptized in the name of the Lord then they asked them to stay a few days now I want you to notice a huge difference in and accept it do we have dampened the cost is only calm sound of the rushing mighty wind then we both ordered seafood of I will only find the fire lighting upon each of them accept avoid the places shaken accepter eight is nothing thinking no-win no fire we don't accept their ten while the Lord is being breached and on top of that we find that Cornelius and his household received the Holy Spirit before baptism when it accelerated as Americans have only been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus and rebuilding is not the same in fact it's never listen so the question is what are we looking for this competent English water we expected to happen in this auditory that when the Holy Spirit comes down to the place need to be shaking does not need to be sound of a rushing mighty wind does there need to be cloven tongues of fire dividing up on every floor had in this auditory ethanol now I want to suggest to you that these elements of Pentecost were incidental not essential in the me share with you in each situation what were those essential components of every filling of the Holy Spirit number one negative three quick points and we got a rush on number one in every outpouring of the Holy Spirit there was a except Vince any reception of the life and ministry the death and resurrection and the placement of Jesus Christ that was accepted it was received and they were surrendered to that every single time you see Jesus was exalted as the only means of salvation faith a man in the only way ethanol is used as the only means out a second ethanol and that Jesus was exalted Jesus was born for the Muldoon said yes we accept Christ and has accepted Christ work in his behalf in their behalf the next element we find is this prayer every time the light reminds us we need not expect revival except in answer to prayer there is no way to experience revival with all three no way to get the Holy Spirit unless we asked Jesus is very clear that our heavenly father is more willing to give us the Holy Spirit then evil payments are to give good institutes to give to those who ask number three there was an entire surrender to Jesus it is unfortunate that sometimes and it certainly do not apply the test of discipleship upon those poor candidates for baptism as much as we should usually we find ourselves arguing over doctors we've already accepted because people before they came in were not fully surrendered to Jesus Christ so you see that the bottom line issue is that every soul is committed to the line and the teachings of Jesus would be an argument because Christ worked with satellite and in fact we are told once again for all intents and purposes Jesus was a Seventh-day Adventist basil we came in a mad for all intents and purposes have read Doctor Lee Holt can be found in the Gospels him and him we come in with a man you know this president a minimum is not information but you haven't surrendered in Jesus alone is the question before you come in Christ is the head of the charts and we are not submitted that there had been one protest and this is also the line before we can receive the spirit of God and I'm wondering in this auditorium is Jesus really void have we really submitted in Tigers to Christ it does not take an individual to have to come all the way to Houston to find it I was reading right before I came to DY seat she says archenemies would be more powerful if our members found Jesus at home before they came but individuals come looking for Christ and praise God uses his three favorite not against the Bahamas more probably it have been that everyone went to this auditorium said I already found Christ in my living room I was already in my role bowing before the Lord saying Lord is there anything left that I haven't given is yours is yours this is what heaven is waiting for that when that coming happens in the millennium is over she says that Christ exalted on his throne on the wiki all the righteous are standing there watching to see the crucifixion in panorama view and everything will borrow including Lucifer and José Christ is no we will say it when we you want to be filled we have to always remember we must accept what Jesus has we must pray and we must be completely surrendered you see when we say be filled with the Holy Spirit week we think of a vessel doing up when we think of this bottled water at this cop want to put water NFL desktop our same or sell my cobbler felt this best of what you see it is misleading the Holy Spirit is not so much about them coming in to fill off until we can go for it's about how much of the Holy Spirit has us now much promise of the Holy Spirit Julie half we don't have the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is God we don't possess and he possesses us and therefore we will have as much of the Holy Spirit as much as he has a boss can you say that this is the critical component times leaving me I cannot linger point number two it's sometimes the same so we see that certain things are incidental certain things are essential but sometimes even though the Holy Spirit comes down these are the same to give you seven points but accepted to verse forty one when you daresay that accepted to in verse forty one are you there the Bible says this then those who gladly received his word were baptized and that day about how many souls results for you I see I know you're excited about the word of God yes or no how many selves and Freddie Mac three thousand cells were not on point number one just because are filled with the spirit doesn't mean everyone will accept three thousand were baptized not all Peter was nil of the Holy Spirit ethanol one thousand running ethanol was that all know you see some of us are coming anything more I haven't no power in my ministry mother at home I have a brother at home I have a classmate I'm a professor start into atheism and evolutionary biology someone am trying to reach out home someone I'm trying to reach maybe even in this auditory on trying to reason what are we thinking we come here and we get the filling of the Holy Spirit then now the personal except the gospel but we see when Peter 's preaching many saying but not all I know something that is just the thing it doesn't mean because you go home and you witness or your brother or your mother or your friend and they don't accept it doesn't mean you are filled with the spirit are you following Wednesday we can easily go back to become discouraged yes or no we can easily go back if it am I really feel I was wrestling for a young man just like to go in this conference what you're listening to a message I was wrestling with a young soul conversation after conversation word after word phrase after phrase back and forth back and forth and he still is resisting and at the end of the conversation got to walk away my heart was breaking inside an unthinking order might not feel you're not have the spirit and the Bible is saying no Sebastian now brother and sister out their energy wisely you'll can be found in the lonely people with the monitor I was filled with the Holy Spirit yes or no had a hole in his original will walk away yes or no to walk away from Jesus who was the boy number two accept the five acts chapter five the Bible says but a certain man named Ananias with the fire at his wife sold a possession and he kept back part of the proceeds his wife also being aware of it and brought a certain part elated at the apostles but Peter said Ananias why has Satan done what wires they know what you are the light of the Holy Spirit and to keep back part of the price of the land for yourself while it remained wedded on your home after it was sold wasn't not your own control why have you conceived this thing in your moment you have not lied to men but developed that Ananias hearing these words fell down and breathe his last solo great fear came upon all those who heard these things usually go in the time of a spirit filled church that was still in need for speed at this particular time point number two being filled with the Holy Spirit does not mean there is no hope no hypocrisy definitely some individuals like Ananias and Sophia rough woman ascends the filling of the Holy Spirit one of the movies like that was a you know what to sell all my possessions common to sell it and bring it to the apostles feet so that they can distributed to those around me but privately what was happening in Ananias 's home was completely different hello I tells us God dealt harshly to show his distaste for hypocrisy you see being filled with the Holy Spirit does not mean that all of a sudden our community wanted to be completely authentic one hundred percent sold-out Christian for Christ Ananias was still able to be filled by safety to concede something in his heart even though he felt the origin of the Holy Spirit it is important that you and I recognize that this is the spirit of Cyrus and encountering all these kind of issues and saying Lord how in the world this is the church that's filled with the Holy Spirit this is the church that was the Pentecost the answer is yes it is something are still missing it's sometimes just as before we acted the Holy Spirit point number three quickly accepted six verse one we get internal issues the Bible says now in those days when the number of disciples was multiplying there arose a complaint against the Hebrews by the hell is this because their widows were neglected in the daily distribution than the twelve sum and a multitude of the disciples and said it is not desirable that we should leave the word of God and serve tables number three stealth internal issues after the church was built on the web can you be filled but neglecting people because their green juice it still happens and is the judge that was that we saw here was filled with the Holy Spirit scale unwilling to go minister the Gentiles gone out to get what party was filled it doesn't make a difference right away but if we continue to surrender to the Holy Spirit it will make its are you still with me yes or no I got a rush on you can write these things in your notes in acts chapter ten we see that the spirit filled churches we set with Peter still had skew skew understandings subjective culture plate number five the CNS chapter twelve in Peter 's release from prison and he's going in knocking at the gate in a girl name Rhoda is there again and she sees Peter she sells a broad lesbian was in jail if Sergeant Frank Revere Lord please as apostle Peter 's at the door anything are beside yourself so we see every atmosphere that starts still struggling with me here you are praying you don't believe that the apostle came out of jail but this is the church militant in acts fifteen the spiritual church still needed to counsel together it is very dangerous when a person thinks because I'm filled with the Holy Spirit have nothing left to learn that I don't need to counsel with my brethren experience and otherwise Paul is still James was failed Peter was available in acts fifteen when they had that council in Jerusalem they still all spirit filtered we need to counsel together this is a spiritual church but many of us they all yet once I get the Holy Spirit on land by the special needs of counsel with my brother him with my sister yes we do James Peter Paul Artemis all know what the Holy Spirit said we need to come together and Council what are we doing this matter now get to the good stuff point number three it's always the same the disciples before and after clinical corner gimme a few observations are not going to these vital points and the Gospels we know that the disciples were struggling with being obsessed with Christ setting up an earthly kingdom or heavenly kingdom in our thinking the so you have the disciples are like normal even set up and accept a one there acts chapter one the Bible says listen as Christ commands them to wait for the baptism of the Holy Spirit in verse six of acceptable and they said there were back on together they asked him saying Lord will you at this time store the kingdom to Israel but after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit doesn't ever come up again it does not in the book of acts never again do you find the disciples they were try to set up an earthly kingdom number two in the Gospels we see that the disciples cowardly and avoiding the cross and yet after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit we see the disciples embracing suffering and persecution before in the Gospels the disciples asked all the questions in the book of acts the disciples were answering all you see the disciples in the Lord what do you mean you'll manifest yourself to us and not to the world how is that awesome will mourn why can I not follow you all you hear is more with the question you going to the book of acts the disciples are answering in the Gospels we see the disciples struggling to pray you would Jesus on the mountain Transfiguration ominously and yet here we go in the book of acts we see the disciples have no problem writing peters on the rooftop taking his own personal in the church is always in three in the book of acts now let's deal with the specifics as we head towards the finish line and accepted to medical disease very quickly and accepted to the Bible says in verse one when the day of Pentecost had fully come they were all with one accord in one place now you can gather all the church is one place anymore the closest thing you have is the general conference in Asheville not everyone in the church working really with seventeen million whatever the number is now so we can get all in one physical place by the Bible does say that with unity this is always the same in order for the spirit to be poured out there must be unity there must be one unity the Bible says they were all in one accord to a thesis is this great work that's oftentimes associated with music harmonies yes you have different notes but strong together they make a beautiful music did you appreciate I'm using yesterday yes did we bless but it was thing like this orchestra concept and great disabled all him out of the twelve times this word is used in the New Testament is in the book of acts that the spirit flowcharts with about unity using my father used to have the same on the oldest of seven children and my father used to say as he sat us down the strength of the Wolf is the back and the strength of the pack is the will and you and you would set it down and say listen why isn't that a pack of wolves to eat number one the strength of the Wolf is the tax payable by himself cannot catch anything go wrong at Enron Enron alums in the planet Earth DVD I see the wall facing on the gazelle does forever in the mountains this is as long as you know the little gazelle doesn't lose its footing the world will never catch it so this is why wolves hunt alone I made it on the low side this is why wolves don't want alone because the will of understand in a packed we will almost always because we want to get but at the same time the strength of the pack is the individual Wolf because no one will decide that you know were running along and as the wolves are hunting hey we see you got left eyeball rhinovirus in those rights as his running rights attached definition of the deer doesn't come off pieces while looking at something and global levels of the sunset what happens if your getaway you will starve all the because the strength of the pack is the one Walsh is no different within the church you see we had any take a individual responsibility is live on the camera was saying righteousness is not just about my Puritan it's easy to be holy in my room him wholly when I got my own diet and cooking my own food if they believed from the potluck amen any of these with how will I live a righteous life with a community is a whole new level of unrighteousness element value on completely supportive of exhibits on completely support of a ministry that are going on but one of my concerns one of my prayers and I believe Christ as well too much individually pushing our ministry usually at the day of Pentecost it wasn't just below where people belatedly that was playing it was believed the individuals that were potluck when you have a church to Paul Apollo 's Peter and can you imagine if you take amazing facts you take a library that arrived UK life UK campus you take strong new technician called in all the people come together and are playing under one passion which is to see the Lord for no longer fighting over recruits no longer than what was I about arrived why should I go to campus just login training amen and has found that his divine power is commercial our something is happening is commercial our women reality the judge with you if I am happy if a young person goes to arise as an employee of campus I'm happy to sell both the hospital I'm happy that someone holds the piece as long as that's always saying Lord you are with me if Yahweh Lord how can I do something to hasten the second coming of Jesus we are to say that should've been a stronger amen and the question is what are we exhibiting in that the church was unified some of the hardest people to get to work together on ministry leaders speaking out administrative where opinionated was strong we we know the Bible we read we decided we had our methodologies we have our systems we need to sit down and come together as they listen what they call library supplies checklist the Department of youth whatever we are compensated with a margin we do to move all these thousands of young people to send them forth into meaningful action for Christ and do I see we need to be up on a new day not just the new year is January first two thousand twelve we don't need a new year we need a new day a time where all the sudden people get low back and so you know it was hard before but now all these ministries are coming together to save under one purpose were not involved in any speaker were not involved in any individual or just exalting Christ were just exalting his mission Linda following a man and a woman who says I'm ready to see the more I don't care if my budget is low we will bring our material goods of the apostles speak so that each ministry has what they need units always with the same before dispiriting the spirited introduced unity it was therapy for content it doesn't just look like the ministries it applies to each of you and your local church it applies to each of you at your academies for your colleges or to high school we are people we don't sit next to a church we all have individuals we don't like to talk to her hang out with that person just weird a stranger that girl just talk still not sure she's now spun we have always when you want to say about the wife whom I was separated from them by the person of Christ they surrendered to the Holy Spirit do they want to see Jesus come in we are missing Bible -based and as long as we expand that division it will never come it'll never come were doing our little thing somewhere in some part of the world and we made you are putting in our part of the world but one we are willing to come and sit down and say you know what I can put some opinions assigned I can put some things assigned that was essential it was always the same number two we see a sense of Bolton 's own acts chapter four verse thirteen I have to hurry up to my conclusion acceptor for a verse thirteen the Bible says now when they saw the water felt boldness of Peter and John and perceived that they were uneducated and untrained men they marveled and they realized that they had been locked in a little use of knowledge and understand one of the elements that always accompanies the coming of the Holy Spirit his boldness what is it all that you know I remember a few years ago at UIC Justin was preaching and I was sitting in the audience listening to Justin 's opening address and I remember I felt was preaching that's what Reagan had cameras on the stage and the camera walked up on Jonathan it was really called while Justin was there in the middle of a speech he was making a pot of money says can you backup and in my mind this brother is small digital camera man on camera on live thing you just backed up now I want to say this is that they made the frontal baldness we need to understand this are you filing one thing now that you have a nice okay ha ha sorry but we needed in reality not just in time to take anything personally uncomfortable we needed because an excuse of uncomfortable on understanding Wednesday afternoon bulletins a notice with the Bible says it says when they saw the boldness of Peter and John and that they perceived that they were uneducated and untrained men they marveled and they realized that they had been with Jesus you see Argonauts are attributes that you can tell that someone has been with someone else yes or no you see as a preacher Omar is very sensitive to other breaches of the idiosyncrasies and you know you can tell SR three zero that you know I love past you know the Lord using to bring me into the church but he only has the mannerisms right now he likes the process saves for his hands on it goes like this sometimes we talking it is so interested I felt somewhere else I see someone preaching I see them doing what I see that you are signaling or I love my family one of my favorite pages as well and sometimes another phase preaching is like on the moves you ever seen before I started bouncing is like moving and I see somebody pretend their leg was moving and use it when I see in this present Verlag is moving or see them you know walking across the stage like pastor after I take note of them they have been with past thoracic or Martin are you with me usually when they see baldness that sang listed with no you must of been with Jesus because of the baldness that they're speaking to us on understanding when they saw the boldness even in thing when I saw you know we speak so I will do so kind you know there there there these people that are that are out you know very patient and on all of these are associated with price and I'm not doubting but the book of acts highlights the fact that what was needed in an environment that was polemically against the gospel required both the people in the secular world can be bald we can be both I remember before I became a Christian I get on the bus to go somewhere on rocking my hints on using super loud not only is it super loud I'm also thinking it out loud and you got enjoyed on the bus when you're driving up to a stop light I know this is a deep and yelling at the stoplight in a car pulls up in his music is so loud you well in your window that you can still hear his music and his shaggy yellow car they're both so guess what I did when I walk up to the light he's bumping his music I said okay let me put in my how great thou art then I tried it out why can we be about a man I cannot get on the bus and sing amazing Grace how sweet the sound unnecessary and dangerous test I had an experience with Jesus can keep me quiet you can make me stop singing hymns to God because I'm on a bus not saying the obnoxious am not saying the overwhelming or steamrolling the market understanding will leave his father to get on Delta Airlines starts singing when the ladies wanted to the security check talk about humble him now that's not what were talking about him a thing when you're ready for takeoff and you open the hair down to iPad games okay open up your Bible why are we so afraid to defend your Bibles in the air tell you which story Donovan airline nozzles flying I get nervous just like you you'll notice it next the synagogue identity like one of those super angry atheist people so I take my violent conflict leg and then I talk to them first this is the way they are before they are my Bible yes even preachers have moments something like Lord was wrong with me you are you afraid something you know what to look for my Bible up software on my tray table crack my Bible open and turn on the lamp down there in the word the guy comes they just usually sits down before you know it you look so my Bible he says also you're a Christian I said yes decisional I was so he sounds so impressed that I never seen a person stuck on the plane and be so comfortable and unashamed with the fact that they wanted to study the Bible before you know we were a conversation with the fact that his wife was divorcing him because he got it she got into some spiritualism in our spiritual guide told him you know it's that time for you to divorce her husband what you must do a spiritual guide we've been there for twenty years issues and disparities as the best out of what to do the tears are coming in his eyes and he says these women he coming to me on these business trips saying a lot I'll be with you I love you I'll wait for you to decide on your divorce with your life besides I love my wife I believe God can save my family even his children said that if you stay with mom you're a fool and he says but I want to be faithful to what I bowed before God him and so we start deciding how to deal with temptation ovulate the fact that these women are coming a citizen brother there is no temptation taken you but such is commented that a man is not uncommon is not unusual and honest people he's not allowed to be tempted above what you are able to start again encourage we start having prayer on the plane was landing was still pray and I like your late edition for flying with us etc. etc. he gives me his card and he says you know I feel how much I needed this conversation all because I was willing to pick up my craft and very very soon they give you these very quickly we sent boldness he said power of their words is the next one we see that when Peter preached to cut to the heart the fifth thing is they had a great delight in prayer number six they had a passionate love for Scripture just type in the word were to look for in the book of acts every time the word is preached people are baptized this is what it's about Bible -based ministry you don't need any extra gimmicks nothing else that I love the words in and in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus what you says Noah Abraham if you send back Lazarus to my family they will believe when he says no they have Moses and the prophets let them hear them and that is the message of UIC that the young people you will not take away all they doesn't take all the stuff it doesn't take someone coming back from the dead and hear the word of God let him hear increased that CNN is collaborative that even if Christ centeredness that even his prophetic significance passionate love prescription Mrs. Robin and accepted thirteen acts chapter thirteen beginning in verse one the Bible says now in the church that was at Antioch there were certain prophets and teachers Barnabas Simeon was called Niger Lucius of sight reading my naïve web and brought up with heretic and Saul and as they minister to the Lord and fast the Holy Spirit said now when now separate to me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called that having fasted and prayed and laid hands on them they sent them away so being sent out by the Holy Spirit date went down systems you and from there they sell to Cyprus the last point to make is when the Holy Spirit is poured out the ministry expense into aunt entered fields these estimates and yes Peter Gandhi visited Cornelius but now I want you to separate me that the Holy Spirit separate me Saul and Barnabas that they may build the work that I called them to do and that's one thing brothers and sisters that definitely was happening what is excited on the one to other fields to other parts of the world besieged URC we are upon the edge of a new day well part of the edge of a new day of young people that have passionate love for Scripture whereupon the new day all over the world who are young people take great delight in prayer whereupon a new day that young people say let where about unity we don't care about black and white conference we don't care about what country you're from we don't care all we care about it do you love the word of God you love Jesus Julia what if you come in your lifetime and are you willing to die that's what this is about and we cannot be here another ten years we can be coming back recycling themes all you have anything get around not fail me NT me Lord and I don't even say this to be funny because it will break my heart about the walk in another convention center only to say our celebrating our twentieth anniversary of DY seat it is not a celebration because it means these points in the book of acts have been lost they were the ones who took the gospel to bear no tomorrow and it began would be filled with the Holy Spirit but the danger is that we will resist a new day GUI theater a new day young people got to UIC five three well now you called for the money to get the DY C .com by faith one think of gas on the way from California when young people all over the world are starting movements in various countries when you have young people even and while trying to raise money and creating video so that they can be at this conference waters in a young person 's heart whose twelve thirteen fourteen says I want three thousand dollars to build his conference because I want to be filled with the Holy Spirit don't tell me God is not preparing the people the question is are we a part of BC it is time we don't appoint a new day when people read you what you realize the revolution continues in two thousand twelve in Seattle but it begins January first in Houston the world let's know we are upon a new day no longer do we go back to our local churches praise God for Germans appeal last night when I'm going back to our local churches or more of the same just the befitting it in the back complaining about a boring sermon were going back to similar to get involved this is Christchurch and I am crying and I will be able to going back were going back to say no no no the charges upon a new day in South America the charges on the new day in the Middle East the charge is daunting upon a new day in your is dawning upon a new day in Africa were all decided no longer G Y see if I asked many of you are set on your point of view I see many of you will say no that's just me needless that Amy Shepherd that's Jamil Rosario that Natasha Nutley and on selling you know we need a new day G Y C is a generation it is not anyhow you don't attend CYC you are part of you are in deadlock when someone asked now exists an army of young people who desired to be widely plain filled with the Holy Spirit and to take the gospel to all the world in this generation what is your answer I have your generation that you are then you are the generation of youth for Christ success in any life in America definitely and he who would achieve true success in life must keep this means that in the and started a has been set before the youth of our day to have been appointed purpose of taking the gospel to all the world envisioned which it is the most noble a doctrine appealed any human being is there a youth that is passionate about the word of God is very use the says Lord I want a great delight in prayer is very goes that is willing to be with Jesus and people is that where you got looks back and says you know what this mission this message describes that will not only be the parts where the two thousand eleven it'll be the last is very youth thus says the revolution has begun it started in acts but is a continuing our medical as the pianist please that says the I missed two short to live the same thing twice in life if those sorts delivered the same day twice you see when you believe Jesus is coming I believe Jesus is coming that we cannot live the same we cannot go back home right now I do more of the same we can come back and submit the same front a proposal to the church board we can go back to the same Bible studies on our website on you I see web is a look at the seminar download was elected and giving properties at the copyright on the word of God Jesus inspired adverse you'd think that Simon in fact you will talk to other young people and really not be a young Army that standing in our hub that's coming together that we are an army of you when there's a war when does an Army will be deployed to work into a meaningful life is too short the same day a new day are we cannot continue as we were wrong everything is about you guys are all nominate some very very specific appeals in my first appeal is that young person that all conflict along Europe is struggling with the Holy Spirit that he's asking you to surrender right is a large to him I kind of resisting allegedly by using want to say I need to give my life to Christ defining the Holy Spirit however Young however holds her husband finding the Holy Spirit come out of your seat is a surrender to Jesus you may chat with you soon you defining the mode and you'll been resisting the convicting messages Jesus will exempt you just as you are her up in fighting the Holy Spirit and am ready to submit no longer Lorna might apply to not minify holies anymore got people to welcome you as a name I look hard to fill out not fighting the Holy Spirit anymore my second call is for individuals in this role who says I am a ministry leader I am willing to come to the table to sit down with other ministry leaders and discuss how we can move this movement forward you say yes I wanted to know what other ministry and help move this movement for elegy to come right to my right side writer by the piano and a leader of momentous and I'm willing to sit down it might have been on the leader of the ministry link to come in sit down with other ministry leaders and figure out how can we move this world I'm the leader of a minister I think on the way to the right does you said am I defining always been to slide over little bit to the left I want to be very clear Windows ministry leaders are busy want to get their names might get information we want them to sit down and talk I'm the leader of the ministry and I'm going to sit down and come to the table and talk how can we move this thing forward to chapter and in my third appeal so that young person that says you know what I think God has been calling me like Paul and Barnabas an issue we need missionaries in North America I don't doubt I support it but I believe that God is calling some people to build some foreign countries on missions to enter into new fields yet on an and you say Lord I thank you called and needed a spirit of saying separate me in your name comes up on the below signed them are calling for separating right here to the left side near the foreign missions overseas discount to the left one occasion name contact information separate me a similar bill called to go to foreign missions I sensed the spirit calling confident come right over here to the left I sense that the Lord is calling the foreign missions come right here make sure someone has the buckets that are hard to get the car to get their names I feel called to go overseas to vote as a separate me cynicism calls and subordinates us over to on a rule for the last will give you a sound he wants to you want to say Lord in Seattle we start on Friday night this is why missions Lord we start on Friday night in Seattle and we want this revolution to start today right now and I is not a revolution against governments is not a revolution against the structure of the church this is a revolution against the oppression of seat and ourselves that are going in so kindly did the challenge he wanted and this is my challenge by Friday night next year your prayer team your designer and your efforts will be built towards this aim I want to bring at least one soul to Christ that's a challenge and want to give at least one soul I don't care if you do the backspace managing AutoCAD review the cameras if you do a single course thing if you're setting up and share your thoughts are at the door by next year utilizing the same Lord I want to make a least one person happen to become a disciple of Jesus and are you willing to make that commitment Friday two thousand twelve in Seattle Lord help me to bring in this one if you willing to make that commitment with me I just invited O'Neill him will him him and ideally bring them to Seattle do not have to be baptized yet but they're a disciple of Jesus they have Sarah 's Christ above all of us if you wanted it with me and say Lord help us as a movement to move annual with me and let's say God together and asking for help to bring was her to the feet of Jesus 's free father in heaven you see those left Lord her daughter some things that are always see your spirit is fills a a passion for Scripture unity boldness and a good life in prayer the extension of your work into one answer areas and father you see these young people left and you're not surprise before they were formed in the womb you are and before they came forth you have ordained in a father helped the revolution to begin today her as for those left to say Lord were no longer fighting spirit to him peace that comes with those who surrender teach us Lord how to rest in the love of God to trust you with unquestioning confidence to keep all our parents all our sorrows before God we cannot be read because he holds all worlds and maybe no longer fight lower the spirit of God and that that sweet sweet spinning father we pray for the leaders of ministries left anything were willing to sit down to see how we can move this movement for yes we have a work to do in our respective ministries you were interested in what can be done collectively in finding unity amongst ourselves father it is our prayer that the spirit of Christ with hover over that group would be of individuals they are individuals of influence are the individuals that have a passion for your work already and have already moved and sent for the young people into the work and it is our prayer that you would catch them in an unity that comes out of their collaboration may have been no it was those meetings in those prayers and move the work for her father we pray for those going on for emissions you separated for such we cannot even foresee returning her at least before the keep them strong keep them faithful not to be as Ananias and Safari to keep back you are going to want to give what the Spirit has impressed and think Thomas the father we need to learn masking as a generation of youth for Christ that by Friday night you see you will help us to leave it is once you become a disciple of Jesus they may not be enough times they may not understand fullness of the deaths of all the beautiful truth of our church but may they be disciples and if possible we pray even now Heaven and Angel would set into motion competencies souls her than we can find that are open for truth and market gardens and come back and see our insane this time Lord we have not come alone her as we and we do not pray for angels to come down we do not free for unfolding the we pray for this the suite suites filled a Phyllis do we want no piece of software and we trust that you'll help if the artist are we asking Jesus in a letter as you exit a hard just drop in the bucket this book is the largest object in the back in the middle I also got filled out a card for those caught in a bucket before you leave you Searcy we have one more opportunity to have a season of prayer please return to your seats I believe that the thing that makes you might see the experience of UIC grade is not the speakers is not the sermons themselves but it is that we encounter God and as we depart from this place we have a promise that God will never leave us nor per se just that he has said his spirit his comforter to be with us until we're going to have you as short prayers as we done throughout the conference individual prayers and then a small group prayer and it would be appropriate that we pray the gods spirits would be with us throughout the year that this experience that we've had with him would remain there when we leave this place we would not leave this experience that are arms fire that is burning within our hearts would not grow called but that it would continue burning because his spirit because he is present with us and so as we kneel we invite you to meal wherever your act and will begin a short prayer individually in our hearts that God 's spirit would remain with us that our conviction remains strong and the decisions that we may would remain true throughout this year please kneel will have just a few moments of silent prayer and then I will close to him a him and for a only a nominal relief to come before you send it we can claim the blood of Christ to digress because we have experienced your presence here we long to remain true to the decision 's been made we longer when we leave this place we would not grow cold we would not settle back into the lives that we had before but that we would a revolution today we began it would continue and we know that that is not by might nor by power stop by our result out of it it is by your spirit and so we pray your spirit be poured out on us now to strengthen our resolve and keep us true this is our prayer not because we deserve it but because we ask in Jesus amen and say your main kneeling and you turn to the person next to add related to paying out for each other we surrender the things that we are holding onto my last receiving in the fullest sense and I'll give you humility prayed with the person next year and then off for a short are the and for a fun and having been told that the Holy Spirit is like a land and we cannot see him as we can see his effects and father when we look at those who responded to stay young we cannot help but believe that the Holy Spirit was here among us the father confessed that I sent on their something to hide and we hold onto ninety five to give us the desired results is rather the things Jesus to believe that Jesus is sufficient rather we failed so many times that maybe ask that you give us insight desire to continue to look to Jesus on the economy trust that you hear and answer this prayer reality existing please return to your seats him a him and him and a moon he ahead and crown I saw him will the Chennai nice seeing the man being an fair man to occur on moon being own I hate and are and I will ninety eight and a loan seeing that a new year dinner on nine and the man in me on a and README it's all and rename a name nine is a and seeing on how you know in an and mind map will and hand and he is leading her girly beating me way and may knows me and since online games emu and sue me I man is saying to me I being a of the Quran and I and a moving and will play gave an him a will is seen in human name and will really mean I made me a fan his psoriasis is an man in the minds in a long and will and time being no time is a time at will and will will a man and the moon will well it's over UIC is over I have the privilege I guess for the final announcements will make a brief as I know you have place to go maybe it's like to catch buses or vans to get on the first is lost and found were missing a green cars if you find a green first taken to the Hilton the front desk there is a little bit of a Lawson Tomas seconded this ECV 's beautiful flowers you can take them you cannot take the place do not him I promised them we would entice them you take the flower out gently you don't database you can take it with you pay as soon as we dismiss even coming to flowers are little gift to you for you there is a guy that literally took a safe trip he does not have a right back if there is someone going to Oklahoma please meet Larry beside the piano he is unafraid trip he needs an answer to prayer which may be someone in this room to get him back Doctor John and Kathy here is Ari or Alan Parker please go backstage of your gear summary of asking audio recordings where can we get them working to get them interesting she wants to .org go there they're all on their CYC web .org where you can ago CYC web .org some are up there some are coming we just have this bad on all the technology terms of it but it's not a big enough paper to be able to get the mullets some are up some are going up GUI C web .org the last thing is this some of you have volunteered we got little water bottles of the DY C Mogul line did you volunteer you did not get a water bottle please go to the side over there somewhere is the water bottles pick those up GUI scene is over next year our theme is as so good right executive committee front row let's go let's go back to the revolution continue what you need about next year starts on Friday Tuesday now Seattle is a fifty you are president Elder Wilson is making a push for the city 's reunion in Seattle is making a push for that city to be reached did you know people from Seattle here this conference we party started working with them they want a huge evangelism for us in Seattle you can be a part of that we need you to come we need revolution SMS and said not to start there at the start today is the final appeal in its short you came here as an individual as a person if you leave you the same individual the same person you were when you got here you will be doing God service is no doubt touched use some way throughout this meeting is no doubt touched in some way throughout this conference if you go back in and as we saw opening-night slip into the crowd like Peter of pulling the awkward eye contact you be doing a disservice don't leave you the same person you were when you got here at our final appeal let's just have a little closing prayer I'll jump down and join my beautiful team come talk to us meet us if we don't talk to you here we hope to see you in Seattle the revolution continues let's pray father we pray to conclude this conference you've poured out your blessings you we've felt your presence here we felt the Holy Spirit here Lori realized that many of us came here with maybe struggles in our lives for perhaps just a lack of vision Lord many of us have been inspired as you are just things in our life we make commitments to do great things for you Lord hold us accountable to those decisions that we may don't let us go back to our homes our workplaces the same people that we were change yes Lord yes thank you for these opportunities to learn more about how we thank you for the privilege that it is to come together from forty nine different states the six different countries and worship you Lord when we go back the lights are often cameras are switched off at Kaiser I'm loosened it would just alone with you and our thoughts may we be faithful faithful to you our Creator may we be found faithful faithful faith let all of God 's people say I'm this message was removed when you see what is the rising s'mores and Mrs. Robinson they remember the sequence by them my roommates price and the Christians the downloadable purchase of the resources visits is online and you want to see when watching


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