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Sunday Morning Devotional

Charissa Fong


Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Charissa Fong began public speaking at the age of 16. Today she keeps a busy national and international speaking schedule. With a background in teaching and theology, Charissa has a decided passion for the Bible and its relevance today. 



  • January 1, 2012
    7:30 AM
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him this message was presented to her she wisely two thousand and eleven hundred other resources like this with the online menu I see where I had a Himalayan highway and I and in the morning I just like in a say in the Lord for providing me the opportunity to family Aaron experience by saving your in my faith and my fifth time in the site cannot be decided by thing able to make real life Americans in America and the Sierra Leone your interesting things that discontinue your young young and we all allow me and everybody from anywhere else I was really enjoying it I think iMac time in seven million that has legitimacy is going on anything I might see the value had to me as we think they would pray loving father in heaven thank you for a new name and my friend for the opportunity to come here to begin mediation then I sent them you weren't in the hospital event spirit would speak to us very clearly today we ask you in Jesus and have you found yourself in a strange flight and I think all of us have found himself nice places and sometimes the friends of Mary's life life will likely be found yesterday found abiding in Christ anything I might invite him I attended me to the book of John Johnson in the same vessel him the thing is following me John fifteen therefore minimizing diseases the Miami United Texas is Jesus says I'm finding me and I will as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the mind and I'm when you apply in made enough friends if you read the Gospel of John wife through and if you've read that opinion John Manuel nine at them one by one of John's favorite way uses it all the time and enter some and grief that that means since I any to say and I connected relationship with Jesus that's what John is talking about in the nineties is quite impressive the apostle that said a leading mining crimes if no not God dwells in the hot I was feeling color on color actions will be in harmony with the will of God do you want to the online your thoughts your feelings your actions to be in harmony with the move of God frenzy then it is not enough to just as in the environment to the rest of the time thinking I think they make me near them and the main value we must stand with Jesus twenty oh seven because he said made me you can gain nothing and friends and families anger a man hanging the truth in this sincerely I like to join us in our main story this morning about the best thing that seems asinine thing that just popped ourselves then we get this testing since the nineteen best thing sense of you can invest one fifty seven nineteen had one I think the arena Chris Lindsay and I had told you about all I got also how he had executed on prophets with the sword ninja had now sent a messenger to me like you're saying silently gone the demand will say you find to make your life is the life of one of them tomorrow now this time friends when I have scenario bougainvillea 's driveway marriage angry about nine thousand and you ran with a friend on all night in the price tag and I might as well on the movement I am very excited Jezebel son while he is crazy he's five now will suit me waiting for him whether or not she had cleaned up my phone and in the Bible doesn't say by seeing a nice thing happened that day after all it was raining again as I have still dripping wet from the cesarean lifetime and vowing to my invaluable chariot for all future and engagements he began to tell than the amazing story default just compare an invitation before all the people how long will between two opinions if someone is not following I finally did call on the context sleep time you need me we waited all day on the process of granting and found attention until now I think that he is standing and repair remember that you him my friend whom I met to my dismay I found her man with the committee found that I wish you and me and then with his sacrifice on an old she is one and then it was just as blacks in the ground without we dislike counting out from we home down the number of times shouting the line he is not known see you are I have never seen anything like it in my life wants me and the boundless speech it was a story that had been Hector Shanahan at evening I had continued and just about as bad as economy and I dismantle revival he had also had all had a conference in Anaheim I see one in resided sound right without even waiting for the enemy and I think she was on her computer running any massive United in sheet that he and the Internet is down because the moment my anxieties and are messaging again my being and she said my messenger times I'm renting a property crime impaneled and who had had an eighty five had I and say shamelessly Einstein Cihak had was the high priest and everything continuing the fighting is forthrightly think about this is certainly widely disseminated his life then don't you think that the message in which she said she did anything that what makes a commanding view of the want to kill him I don't think I did the morning but that is why advertising her friends sites and you along with everyone else in the universe betting lines belong to go Jack was .Mac and he that he couldn't seem he couldn't identify which is why we use it just about the city and that was threatening his life and say you doing that to remember what he said to God and he said yes to all Manhattan did you utilize denies the human side for his name on the spirit of prophecy tells us that unwearied Jeff emotionally spent I physically read from his friend defaulting on America that fourteen miles from the mountain sucked out of the palace at Saturday the ninety ninth he was sound asleep just outside Israel that when you want to bring you down all his heart is filled with joy and be hot when it happened that game is amazingly great revival meetings in May and I have been out of anything when he sounds as without the way things indeed from now on I was convinced that series is designed to align along with everything down I would be the greatest revival and Reformation methods that have nothing in here is that he made his face the same one should never ever ever seen the thing I want a woman I know I'm saying is very visiting you may not prevent him to resume and when he saw that he had arrived and ran for his life him she is wrong they do not have the last seven they friends how do I continue to remain in the minimizing relationship with God at this point in time is designed to the one who had presented his lifetime so now I'm crying now I got me some evening I believe that God would come very far in life if you believe that remember what I think the ice he says funny I have a moment to run throughout the holiday searching for hot who are loyal to you that you can be strong for the criminally gotten come through for him but instead of turning to the Lord he set his sights on a getaway for a way that I remember when I was in height of the .com when I was in high school I remember my life he took me to one of my high school phone by exceeding the system identifies all my stories I told yesterday in the Christian and that and that he was a very nice boy that took me through the phone but he was also very shy boy and I went through the funnel we had a nice time there and on the lifetime didn't have the license of embarrassment things that had to pick us up in failure on my hymen when we pulled into the driveway my driveway and pulled into my driveway and ten the government excited when something special might have been the night may have read too many books with people policy management people might have been in situations like this and special things happened in him I thought maybe my flower under the seat in one million one hundred and ninety four my time in Boston chocolates that I think the animosity he wanted to thank me about the job for many buses seem to mind something a little time him with great anticipation sure enough something special happen back to the car the boy looked at me as well have a good one that will have a good life and explain he had practically located in the prime feeding will you have friends sightseeing mainstays that I might have a good life and then when I read a story rising I'm reminded of that because of the sound that you he is meant to make in this utilization and identification station Michael said anything implied his head he says in Hebrew word used in the way that most definitely need to take this man was a young passing the time in this present had one schema on the mountain and one steam did many wonderful things the bottom probably wanted to grow up and be just like you anyway because the amount have to live you and leaving the seventy five degrees one anyone think this is a heat without a friend it would be good for us to remember this point in time the words of a wise Scottish minister he said that he has watchful eye of a victory before the battle and it's kind of pathetic when you myself to think about it that he likes the alignment units easily seeing in Ms. Allen on a false prophet that he was one of the mind is in the process should come the ground that one of one angry woman in as someone once said and when I get my daily heaven I want to see what my visit you look like if I don't make it the feeling that women would like to see mustard being scared that it was a story that inspired these in front of ninety one nineteen advantage as well in the wilderness and when we think we evidently is angry woman and again thank you for nothing translation smile at the Calvinism gone from the sad reality is that many of us are reacting to life situations in exactly the same way I'm embarrassed to admit this to you but I certainly even you know I'm just as humans everywhere but when I was writing this particular presentation I got an e-mail from somebody in the Jezebel kind of e-mail and when I got this e-mail and e-mail me out for all holy everything is easy on was wrong and I still highlighted as previously and I think my prayer tonight and dream about the mount in my sleep I might have the money to try and then is there in my face all the time and like you might not like getting out has it ever happened a friend criticizes your faith so you will you come from a somebody and you and such member offends you so you run and one happens all the time in many different ways and when it happens we start dividing with Jesus subdividing and he's way we stopped praying for you for Emily spirit because we believe in such France appointments Ms. I read this story I wonder how many of God 's people sitting on the sidelines of his life in God 's way because it just that now has scale the reversal that he himself and Elijah went today and eleven as they came and sat down under a Braintree and even Frank and he might die instead he him him him in my life I am not a betting man my father 's have you ever felt so invincible running towards your dream I needed truth hyperreality needs ahead of the truth sometimes as Christians and this is a Morrison and invite sometimes as Christians we think we can write the song than a thousand season-ending eye drowned in the log ironically he is banking on taking life while running from the one who would have gladly taken in fourteen Tucson saying he was now going on in my life in a consecrated moment to me and you must take my life and that it be consecrated more than a piece on his ministry is futile and pointless chlorine rinse difference I'm glad the story is included in the Bible it is a reminder that he liked it wasn't all here I he was cemented and is in the book of James the five seventeen answers Jim was a man with a nature like ours and Lycia he was caught in the backwash of the great victory I'm guilty now I'm believing is I'm press printed forth your just point out that the is a tool of Satan seeing has how many people that convinces a success you will send us running back and defeat when we ought to be running fine to victory a friend got has a solution Sophia he said he and Wright is the reason why for my and when you have friends in the Christian is found safe man lining and ceases the inside now I want to the valley of the shadow of death I will be inviting for you with me and have it hanging from sincere is increasing on this him when I see that I found this later and still hang either in their fifth grade class of thunder and she gave him the money she had edited my chemo and he said so she went to Zürich soon as she got to the doorway he said mommy comments ninety me until I heard a slight distance will hunting fishing when she sat on the bed watching guys waiting for him to give them he was falling asleep she realized that he happy birthday to make the storm go away but that he has simply perfect to stay with him until the stone possible to thought how many times when I prayed last but not least take the stones away when Manny might praise the Lord please stand by me stay with me until the storm passes by the storms of life are raging without craving the standby name amen six then I feel I am slipped under a brand tree suddenly an Angel Siemens said to him arise and then he looked and then I was a tie down calls in a jar more than seventy eight and drank and they down again the seven and the angel of the Lord came back the second time enticements are rising because the journey is to Greg for you not just read your claim he is from the review and Herald type sixteen nineteen fifteen this is an ace David God was saying Eli Jeff I-9 the mouth that's when you fell for Satan of God and men then when in answer to prayer fire that rushed from heaven and eliminated the mountaintop to select a soft patch and a pleasant voice awakened his cat effectively fearing that the enemy had discovered him pending I was not the face of an enemy that all my love business is much better than any from any business right then when you needed them and friends I think that the journeys of a lot of people have been taken his life for what you might call to Greg for them is a journey you are on to write for you that health crisis needs to dry thinking that financial situation of financial crisis a device is interested right for you the crisis you face in your harming a family your writers to write for you friends it is the journey are honestly rising neither that you and I have a friend in Jesus amen he's right that he invite every single one of us to begin each stag yet again this one he says arise and eight doesn't expect for you to find the strength to make lifestyles on you I he has graciously provided the bread of life to feed us and strengthen us for the January men analysis I say the arising I am frankly went to the strength of that day for how long forty days and forty nine tonight I got to make a meal last when you are forty nine payment is twenty ninth which is literally not for very long time in my travels clear across the data and I think I recently took the misconstrued committee 's only window lady said was unfair and rewriting a scorching sun on Amazon long journey until finally he comes to the holiest place in him and God Melhorn Olson and the Bible him or not Sinai and you and I know what happened on Mount Sinai God has been at this man many times wanted Elijah doing you I don't believe you can count on this way to hide from God the mountain of God that you can recognize that not a good place to try to remind Indonesia I really like this come here because craziest leaving sources of history just the dilemmas on prizes breakthrough it is old news that he is on the brink of a breakdown and he it might just come here because he needed to hear away from God it might just come here because he needs to just coming in because he needs to understand what God is doing in his life and friend is good news than I and every time we feel this way we don't have to wait for the next team I think we don't have to hop on a plane of wildlife that he is trying to the voice of God again I didn't make on where and when you are dancing in Miami whatever country you might be around the smell and the Bible tells me that he will make us a great playoff despite the Met the practice payment they went into the cave and he spent the night in their life to be hauled away like painting and sentencing were doing just well while cowering he's a wholly grand middle P God conference in my exam with a question that is pregnant with meaning what I might say sunset information time and I have on anyway what you doing in and away from your engaging when I am preparing to complete the great remark I like the you are you doing man Jan Mary Mattingly views you and I can make the money like what have you with them on to a young one I knew doing here sat how much five hundred and twenty one this moment everywhere in life had gone and everything he had done that way the Lord had given in these mandates the way to the moment he had gone to check whether the line he had called and wanted to live he had sought out and when Yasser Arafat a friend got never Brahimi images like I have every reason to what I'm doing and that's okay so you said I have been very jealous on .net when the children of Israel have a say in your permanent time down the all and killed your prophets with the sword and I have mine in that and they see to take my life written in red if we could forget all about problem as quickly as we forgive them his responses very very interesting this is in response that he had been rec passing thought forty nine this fisherman stories sometimes get a bit bigger and bigger these fresh refilling sites and Jenna has magnified the problem and minimize his God have you ever been very likely feels he is right now and felt to your online security or anyone in your family Chile only wanting your shifts the only one annual conference anyone in your class at school anyone in your office that will give the highly one for them sometimes we stand for God to stand for truth we can feel like we standing in line was once a Christian who had a negative I sent a shining prison said Friday he sent his son from across the road and the negative negative that I keep shining from discourse across the membrane and the person found with a friend you sent us the right to cross in the negative negative one hundred resumes that it keeps me in a drowning noisemaking increases Scotland and what can I do to help when my net and came up with an idea is not a true star he came up with an idea he decided that he would teach a dog to walk on water and in one night they were out on the light hunting to death they were Christians on the right these vitamins to feed us in many San Diego and inside the dog when we neither on the night anything until you became after the jump back in nothing went earning his fourth way that the Christian identity related items inside what you think about that and the negative eighty seven ten whenever we find ourselves or hear ourselves talking like Elijah being negative scenery may take a little bit of a reality check family is not true listen to this claim probably thinking eight hundred and seventy four and hundreds any five funds the president is as nothing is apparently more helpless yet really more invincible than the solar field with nothingness and relies wholly on God patient anymore and if everyone will once more nothing is apparently while less you really want invisible than a song that feels its nothingness and relies only on God 's a friend when you feel like Elijah had mentioned documents to him to God and trust him and he will make you him eleventh while my parents respond then he said to stand on the mountain before the lo and behold the mood information strong immune signs in the mountains and the rocks in pieces before the nine the Lord is not in the main and after the women in my weatherman is not in the egg and not to be a lake of fire the mother was not in the fire and the fire a scale small voice and anything they teach theology like visiting injuries I have friends I say there's a line again is how God held in the van and how we can everybody else is and how bad it is about me just now read the online queries and significant as the mosquito is you and I picnic before the Almighty God you then I see I'm not you are a waste today is until I had managed away that he is the grade I the only thing he is King of Kings and Lord of the time you need a salmon from you step right now he needs why should I die Masonite to the present did you consider this question can I not be trusted to protect your life and bless your ministry and was a power move that might be translated into these eternal life that it is not my mind know how had I my spirit says the Lord is now I believe God created divinity securing miraculous means that he wanted to teach him a lesson and I like to read quite again Prophets and Kings eight hundred and sixty nine eighty is not always the most learned presentation of the Australian economic something that is so not quite eloquent on launching a man's heart brooch by the sweet influences of the Holy Spirit which operate why do you show me in transforming developing it is the still small voice of the Spirit of God that had power to change the hot on another team this is good news sometimes we think we can really find on crap like this to see we look like the biggest check to many people but the judges of the loud music on the night from it preaches whatever they think that you can find on an identity conference on in these places but I would like to submit to you this morning that God is more often found these are only found in the quietness of the trusting hot then chooses to simply buy and you and I we get to experience one send this cult experience right here we get to see you guys voice it everyday when we wake up we can form underneath the same time it seems where I met that still small voice in this reminds if you might take that when we go we are excited to share what we had experienced the same Gospel that it is not how I was thinking that anyone think I sent you a job your job is to sign energy designed to impede a witness against the Holy Spirit convention changes Hasani not seen it happen and accept we had a ninety nine -year-old man I think he was a finding that he had and the fact that ninety pennies why had been frankly interested in seeing seventy eight and the spread you know what when they got married he said that you try and get back to me that she did Jesus pray that the Holy Spirit tell and God did rest payment that they so want to remind you that it is still small voice Iraqis face any mentally red sandstone in the engine him them I see him and said what are you doing here after saying that millions of the accident movement there was a pioneer my name is Diane and I think I'm missing the time he became discouraged to the ministry behind how judges in its infancy only struggling with how to keep food on the time because of my different minister was not fixed at the time and every time you think my life is always complaining that he was always too much nociceptive claims any administration decided to come is nothing wrong with carpentry trades head his life in a different plain sight he impressed on my going call into the ministry that one day even in these passages went shopping he had a slight left outside they won't sell them without I'm sitting in the site and he started to walk towards the noise teasing she looked at him and said in a good all King James what do a staff here Elijah he was taken about consent maybe like there and do nothing everything one zero South Seattle while he was a little bit frustrating to me and see my wife this situation is not runaway profits are unitedly greedy that I defend him what do without you in my sometimes it takes three times you get something when she said at that time he suddenly realized that I needed something sells franchises are popular places Christians even convinced Chris everybody hates cicadas of discouragement this became the prejudice there is a gone case of conveyance from religious talking about the sins of the flesh of your life and seeing other people 's lives onto him we see and understand the people not physical enough he doing this is not a time to be running and hiding and I have educated men in Canada South America and I still count you in starting this business climate is dissension in the jealousy and strife of history net repair it is not possible that we are inviting in Christ San Francisco Jesus and this is the review and Herald September one nineteen ninety one pray the Lord Jesus than a holy influence may be brought into your life and influence which shall send you every passing house and remembering thought exults your affections of purifying a hot new path lookup McCain of unbelief and stand with God and friends when you like to see is the voice of God a second time they did not exactly the same as the remaining of exploiting but not as responsive as the Pentagon reluctantly and go down on your way in the wilderness of Damascus and when you arrive tonight has I'll has seen in Syria and Taipei yet I have reset seven thousand and Israel only reason he has not found to value and every mouth that has monkeys and I only had amendment to matter no matter how small in every generation unit slam on you guys and forty nights I like to tell God that he was the last soldier in uniform he would be a mind to see without monotony I need to be found at him with seven thousand eleven still not seeing given from the audience anything that got thinking that because as a ministry that Nestlé him we not only are dying for himself in this planet I many times had he paid all him we met some of them when we went door knocking and on the strength I had these people live in the place they may not speak your language or not currently Jonathan but no much angry Jesus he nice man which is why Jesus said I received I had which I'm not a baseball game also I must bring there will be one one's son Isaac Newton the brilliant mathematician and physicist that he was taught us a lot about gravitation of the things that have been in his life he was asked what was the greatest discovery that had a ninety he said I have maintained very great discoveries in my life the one that I know I am a very great sin and the other thing I said that even braces is a century later on a different mountain two got to meet safety the management cigarettes Van Nuys is sunny like you mingled that counsel and encouragement to encourage the son of God as he faced the greatest mountain on his universe I feel call not count I think it's encouraging to give them give us insight me know what I know that you and I may fail God will never let us down because on the heels far away stood an old rugged cross with the dearest and best floor world of lost sinners was thinking that he who was Elijah 's strength is strong to uphold every struggling child listings no matter how we found a Christian site in my zeal weakness therefore praying to Jesus abiding in Christ and God love you may stand everything trials will like iPhone S my maximum amount of my canal may what they can out of town friends what are we doing here is the question I can answer for you you have cancer resume and we have to answer corporately as a church because we are not mine guiding United with any lines or message deliveries and allow the people who find a perfect resume and license application we want people to find out prophetic identity and analyzing twelve with people who find a prophetic mission and message and revelations twenty and Jesus is presented here I can't allow you to shine the light of the three angels message and into the online time high millennium they are in the bookshelf and management shine where you because one day saying Jesus is there any combat and the three angels message with triumphant guys and have been faithful to the time within answer his friend Aaron and I think he would've gone and the signifying the Godhead there is no remember what happened there is anything upstate and frames contain many children Q2 without seeing that he drank not take my life like that but something much better I think that one day soon the exhibit was Elijah 's will be always as well have to look a lot better than nothing finally you may have five primitive when Jesus comes that frames are you enjoying the joy of an abiding relationship with Jesus if you want praise God when you leave this place stay with him please advise how you running into the wilderness towering and it came friends now is the time to come to Jesus making the you will you feel you have carry-on is not as a call on your my everything okay for you today and home in your life because he cut seven thousand have been still waiting to hear thy friends administrators remain where you would place any live across the right touch of us got cozy because he has seven thousand others out there someone we do the best father in heaven thank you for your latest we pray more than a few states assess Saracen friend I think you'll make your calling clear to us that he will send us the places where being the manual help us Lord is saying with Jesus as we leave this place today crazy for the blessing of technology licensing we asked Jesus 's message was that she was she wasting someone's ministry on the same thing happens in sequence by you my roommates price-sensitive Christians the downloadable but just the resources visit the online and CYC when launching


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