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Respectable Conventionality

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • December 31, 2011
    6:30 PM
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him him him this message was presented in a GUI C two thousand and eleven other resulted like this is an online venue I see where I had a meeting in and I will likely and agreed a lot of my first test tonight thank you before I get started saying anything else I want to get something off my chest just briefly healthy Nona told me or ask me or know even know actually I'm going to be thing that sort maybe you even think I need to put I just wanted to apologize I left the methods I mentioned the house indulge your sense of irony and a good example of how you gossip about some of you talk behind your back and then sometimes you would you thought the plank in your own ideal seat and getting real you doing sometimes if I have accidentally in my presentation of the character of Christ not comport myself in a Christlike manner in any way I have unintentionally hurtful or anything like that I sincerely apologize the money on me again no no prejudice is just coming over my jet and then I'd be needed but I just felt the urge to tell you and if that okay let me give you an example pastors do not live in and a holy bubble they need your prayers young people okay if you have a concern with your pastor pray for your pastor he probably needs it is a clear anyway having said that holds your past is not to be biblical to be bold and to be humble that all is done Gloria Jesus Christ alone can examine and having said that this could be a message tonight and I'm excited about the methods night I'm pasting I the clock is running out of your iPod to talk about how excited I am about the methods like before begin up record where your heavenly father Lord we've been exploring the depth of your Holy Spirit in a and what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit and we know that the primary purpose of this Holy Spirit is not to make us more powerful to make us more Christlike and Lori Anthony is because we round out this this this theme this evening as we come to our final evening meeting Laura asked in a special way of evil send your Holy Spirit not just of this realm but to our hearts changes and make us more like you everything that we do pray this in Jesus name amen I am not in any way has been to tell you that it was with great fear and trepidation that I accepted the invitation to speak that you like the I promise and the reason is very simple I've never done it before and unless I bend his wife I will have them either some of those powerful and influential Adventist voices and consumer activism have spoken at UIC either in the seminar rooms upon default in that extraordinary testimony to share about how the Spirit of God has changed a lot David answered with a purple haired punk rock a few Clifford Goldstein used to have both Christians in the streets when he went to Europe to write a great novel and for a while he lived on a kibbutz in Israel the weight limit my word to stop the disguise with you with a professional hip-hop dancer right and once got caught up in a bar fight in Kentucky with the guy from naughty by nature and then I think what am I do when you are not have that experience I am adding another view is developed about I brought being single most systemized albinism on the planet okay nothing extraordinary about that the money whatsoever I was born to parents who had me in the hospital okay you laughing for the hitting home and I can close the gun of the across the street from the hospital was the church which they still attend across the next street was the school I went to school I went to run for the first twelve years of minor education have been admitted now long before I was born but our local college after the call to close down for the age of eighteen circumstance forced to change my life eleven I had to leave home not to have minutes away friends two and a half for mild to an entirely different town inside the things they divorce and and there I continued my education after graduating with a degree that I pretty much the only thing I could know anything like about religious education I went and got a job working at an Adventist Academy I stand before you today having a Masters degree in religion I thought it to Academy I worked for three conferences pastored for churches and friends this is my him GUI three I could borrow the language of Paul of the tribe of Madison and Adventists of the Adventist Sebastian Braxton went to prison I went to southern faith in the bachelor Linda K I lived in a dorm these are two worlds apart and I think to myself why am I then got on the story and the lobotomy who am I speaking to the RBB print this story is much easier to listen to write I'm guessing that my story is much easier to relate to for many of you here at back I just daresay the vast majority of you here many of you most of the other death of some portion of your life had gone through the system I don't interop I love the system I'm still in it my kids get to be in it still Jesus something and I'm a fan of the system but having said that I believe there's a danger in the system again I worked with the support of the system remember last night I is that the greatest danger to happen is young people spiritually the greatest danger to add young isn't that they'll fall headlong into a life of drugs and gang violence and crime if not teenage pregnancy is not disease is not suicide the greatest spiritual danger is the mind my merely avoiding the obvious then pulled the ball everything 's okay we unconsciously rationalize that because we're not being bad all is good I have a tattoo will not be as smoking drinking and management explained let me allow Mrs. White to explain each time you say something controversial hide behind inspiration and let them do the heavy lifting on this under their okay while addressing the delegates of the nineteen oh two General conference session Mrs. White pointed term the following is included in that powerful book education the term is respectable conventionality the title of knife methods respectable conventionality cyclically respectable convention three of you said it please open respectable conventionality is the context Golgi into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature is Christ's command to his followers not that all are called to be ministers or missionaries in the ordinary sense of the term at all maybe workers with him and giving the glad tidings to their fellow men to all great and small learned or ignorant old or young the command is given of a forklift she's talking about the command to go and preach the gospel exactly now in view of this command can we educate our sons and daughters for a life of respectable conventionality your definition a life for effectively Christian but lacking his self-sacrifice a life on which the verdict of him who is truth must be I know you not shielding words the next thousand are doing this basically to secure for their children the benefit of the gospel parenthetical getting in right while they deny experience setting it to see the difference but this cannot be in Houston Houston what were to be honing in on tonight of this statement those who reject the privilege of fellowship with Christ in service reject the only one kind the only training that impart a fitness for participation with him in his glory they reject me training that in this life if strength and nobility of character respectable conventionality mean just living a conventional life in a respectable way in our society these days and probably something like you go to school then you get married and you have kids and you make sure that they go to school and get married and have kids and then you work hard and play a little and retired relaxing that the worldview of the conventional life the whole world of living destroying America have to have significant that the same around everybody's basically going to respectable conventionality by the him him play and sanctify it would happen to them I went to in Adventist school I married an Adventist south which by the way I did bring it up perhaps even work had been as then you have added a solo who go to the staff at the school and the students that is the exact same template is added it happened to them you just created a subculture of every other culture that's out there respected and it's a good one so right where helping no smoke in a very competitive so it's recently will look at the outside and say you're letting a conventional live in a respectable at admirable lasagna I thought it for you which is a shining version of what will everybody else's respectable conventionality know everything about that for the next few minutes business there's a float to this message okay I'm a step out of the flow element take you with me inside the big that will you understand is very quiet it makes me nervous parenthetically if that is our idea of Adventism a life of respectable conventionality with the hope of heaven is the cherry on top is no wonder that we have no feel for evangelism are burden transitions from preparing people to see there save your face-to-face with economic to simply trying to tell the world that were really not that weird think about it for a minute you know and thanks the truth right now not a no-no were not crazy or just Christian neighbors we go to church on a different day and OnStar will outlive you buy a good ten years but no basically every other respect were just like you know folks that thought evangelism that public relation about evangelistic campaign at the PR campaign is nineteen verse five tells us that God 's church in the Old Testament was supposed to be his peculiar treasure payment first Peter chapter two verse neither the doctors in the New Testament it convenient peculiar treasure amen last day event page forty five we read Seventh-day Adventist had been chosen by God as a peculiar people separate from the world by the great cleaver of truth yes cut out from the quarry of the world and brought them into connection with himself he has made them his representatives and has called them to be ambassadors for him in the last work of salvation the greatest wealth of truth ever entrusted to mortal the most solemn and fearful warning advertisement by God the man has been committed to them to be given to the world what makes of peculiar is not our subculture of rents it is our message we are the only body of believers in the world preaching the present truth of the three angels message the revelation fourteen the everlasting gospel in the context of Christ's final work in the most holy place of the happening thing with such a method in a missionary mandate however while we settle for respectable conventionality back to the stream of thought that you are giving up two nights ago in the same guy I unfolded the great object in life is the development of a Christlike character please tell you until you remember that great object of life is secure not only getting into fitting in the heavenly realms then we followed up last night with saying in an effort or in an editing part of the things involved in developing the Christlike character is beginning of them we need to tell the backing group then you might be thinking okay in my job in this life is to develop Christlike character cannot so I should just go through life into my best to not sin and that I'm being like Jesus it could be a logical conclusion but my friend if that's all that you Christianity can visit up with them we living a life that included no spread is an incomplete when we come to believe that the most decisive evidence of genuine faith is simply not sitting our commitments to Christ tend to revolve around what we want to stop doing if you think and I think we should stop doing the bigot would become the people who don't write we don't use foul language praise the Lord we don't eat unclean or really any meet we don't wear jewelry to work on Sabbath we don't participate in ungodly entertainment new music movies TV Internet all that stuff we don't live we don't even know still don't feel we don't want to take my drink smoke together looking on are about we don't know if I thought we should do those things amen but here's my thought the Internet all we left you with with the busy wife evening Illinois there developed the character price the spend the rest of your creators are to go through life just like everybody else the only difference is a good fighter not me back in the insurer feeling will enable be careful I'd be careful of years and you just kind of insulate yourself off from the rest of life in your field to be somewhat that the semiconductor and if you thought the even possible that our fields and then we actually commit offense when we come to think of Christian character is merely the avoidance of evil we leave ourselves vulnerable to deeper and more subtle temptation if I have to buy the latest evening with the biblical definition of sin what at way through Seventh-day Adventists in this room would likely have the same effect with the front about it you know I want you to speak now is a little thing altogether with one voice finish the following things were done to reverse board said if I come home wonderful spin it we know that you have maybe to face James chapter four verse seventeen to him the note the little model therefore to him who knows to do good and does not do it to him it is then remember those words in the statement read earlier vote to reject the privilege of fellowship with Christ in service reject the only training that in part a fitness for participation with him in his glory you are you according to the Scriptures and forty minutes demonstration is more than doing bad it's also the refusal or neglect to do good without even got a little bit message of nineteen I will do my best to go slowly with the text I apologize mad you nine Northeast I want you to see the visiting users go to starting with verse sixteen as we all get there on the really really fast so I need to still stay with you behold one feature I behold one came and said teacher what good thing shall I do that I may have eternal life this request is asking Lord how can I fit into your kingdom or just look how can I get into your kingdom is looking to get into that clear Jesus understand that goes on the system why do you call me good no one is good but that is but one and that is God but if you want to enter into life and obviously thought that eternal life because he in his first wife having the conversation if you want into your life keep the Commandments the symbol which ones the Jesus that you shall not murder to not commit adultery shall not use or not their fault with it all your father mother you shall love your neighbor as yourself would verse twenty the young man said to him all these things I have kept from my youth what I selected there anything else make a list I'm going to keeping with tell me out the only or more technically I'll avoid telling what I don't have to do Jesus is what you want to be use the word with the work perfect just quoting Scripture anything that you think if you want you go sell what you have and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven come follow me when the young man heard that he that saying he went away sorrowful for he had great possessions the check within the same story quickly over the Luke chapter fence is a moral to the story the first twenty five we won't go the whole thing you know the story very well but I want you to notice the similarities seven ten first twenty five and behold a certain lawyer stood up and tested in thing to do what shall I do to inherit eternal life to the Lord how can I make my character oh Lord how can I just get myself in looking to get you he said and what is written in the law was a reading of the evidence that you shall love the Lord your God with all your strength with all your mind and your neighbor as himself is you that you have entered rightly through this and you will and he had no problem with them not doing part of the customs like well notice why verse twenty nine but he wanting to justify himself said to Jesus and who is my neighbor for me I'm okay with not doing that but the doing good to others exactly who you mean in the Bible that he asked that because he wanted to justify himself the implication being he wasn't doing good for others and of course then Jesus gives the story of the good Samaritan and at the end look at verse thirty seventy seven showed up to the edge of the question who was a neighbor he who showed mercy on him and see that that's a benefit them go and do likewise go and do not simply go and don't do go and do Peter fifteen in verse twenty seven we discussed the own return he explained that the Son of Man will come in his glory and the glory of the father and with his angels and he will reward each according to his and isn't afraid our works works revelations twenty two versus eleven as well when Jesus talked about his soon return once again he mentioned and behold I am coming quickly and I reward is with me to give to each one according to his lot is aware apparently righteousness and possibly a enough simply not doing stuff actually doing stuff so the question what we thought I thought I wanted about the character of Christ unpopulated that was not that my job now to live my life and not be mad what is that I'm supposed to do well is important to get the three Angels messages to the world this is what we've been called to do and that is no question about that if our seven-day Adventist message that of the enzyme last generation movement message this is the thing the world needs is the message of Revelation chapter fourteen and while I agree that the message of Revelation chapter fourteen in our methods I want to suggest that our map read of conveying the message is found in a different chapter of the Bible please go to the Old Testament book of Isaiah chapter fifty eight Isaiah chapter fifty eight mega Manila piece of this chapter you might know talking about the keeping the Sabbath at all pleasant evenings in Isaiah fifty eight but I want you to please even the broader context to read through it again very quickly but I want to see the context of this chapter starting with verse one I say the cry aloud they are not W voice like a trumpet how my people their transgression in the house of Jacob there's been we love that part we've been called to review Madden they allowed lead the trumpet have that certain found a man first to yet basic me daily and the like to know my way as the nation they did write to the knock respect ordinance of their God they asked me the ordinances of justice they take delight in approaching God why first three have we fasted they say and you have nothing widely afflicted are sold and you not take notice this speaking to the Lord what would we want to be good people were trying to will bet you were called up every which way we want to spirit alive we want to be found while you do not answer in fact the day of your faculty find pleasure and exploit all your laborers in the first for your bath for strife and debate them and then never have a holy congregation Concord before looking for congregation I can and all kinds of unholy wars break out strife and debate goes on and to strike with the fist of wickedness you will not fast as you do this day to make your voice heard on high and he asked the question given the fact that I have chosen a date remains afflicted soul of the bow down if applicable Russia despite out of thought that Wabash is you would call this a fast and acceptable day to the Lord but you're right simply coming together and pleading for the Holy Spirit method avoiding that applicable in the event that the entirety religion what will all we do this is not the fact that I have chosen but even if that point him back in the spirit of the Lord to go something like this to loose the bonds of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens to let the oppressed go free and that you break every yelp she continued I think these were seven is it not to share your bread with the hungry and that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out when you see the naked but you cover him and not hide yourself from your own flesh you know that your brothers and sisters to get you hide yourself away when they are in need and why his year at a retreat you're fasting is this the fact that I've called for verse eight then your light shall break forth like the morning your healing shall spring forth speedily and your righteousness shall go before you the glory which of course is the character of the Lord shall be your rear guard then you shall call in the Lord will answer then you shall call on the Lord will after you shall cry he will say here I am if you take away the guilt from your myth the pointing of the finger the spreading of witness if you extend your salt of the hungry and satisfy the afflicted soul then your life shall dawn in the darkness in your darkness shall be of the noonday the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your soul in drought and strengthen your balding used to be like a watered garden like a spring of water whose waters do not fail you get the picture they were talking on United please note the people were not rebuking others either it was what would you be able to peg and even they are having I thought that was actually find receive analog .org while I don't employ what were blinding the North outlawed but why when we gone you do not have to look like I ever disputed jewellike of respectable conventionality we've simply go to life and avoid evil and called out right of the defendant in an open my idea of Christianity Mike Christ like my godly character is bigger than just merely avoiding foods that you need to do them for over seven p.m. the people that they finally still absorb their personal spiritual experience that they neglected to do good for others but differ with originally established to do Genesis chapter twelve called it for the call of Abraham I will bless you and you will be and what a blessing and a valid left you enjoy that I will bless you for the purpose of being a blessing on your video like the Gentiles even be my representative on the art you're going to demonstrate the character of God in a dark way and things with their mind to think the only thing .net would not name and they were curious Lord why don't you wear is your power the Holy Spirit Pentecostal revival like you would doing anything they were so intent on being good before God that they neglected to do good for others on the Regis and statements and vitamins rated by what I make no apology for that I'm just letting you know if the seven Dennis pastored him him them and they haven't stop them indemnify rough is a problem the work specified in these words begin thereby with other work specified in these words speaking about fifty eight is the work God requires the people who do I thought we are just both old evangelistic crusade we were not required for people to do the work of God 's own appointment with notice the combination with the work of advocating the commandment of God and repairing the bracelet is made in the law of God we are to mingle we are to mingle compassion for suffering humanity we are to show supreme love to God we are to exalt his memorial which is that which is you speak of is that right right that we should keep that we could see that we are to exhaustive memorial to confront down by unholy feet and went if we are to manifest mercy benevolent in the tenderest pity for the fallen race as a people we must take hold of this work love revealed for suffering humanity notice this gives significance and power to the truth is it possible that we can preach and teach the truth that still have no significance in power because were just preaching and teaching the truth instead of living it the reference that as well for Mister page thirty two given over the book called welfare ministry from the next page page thirty three I cannot too strongly urge all our church members all who are true missionary I love it altering church members are both to be true missionary even all who believe the third Angels message all who turn away their feet from the Sabbath to consider the methods of the fifty eighth chapter of Isaiah the work of beneficence and what if we working on required people to do at the time my life today patient two forty one in the fifty eighth chapter of Isaiah who worked with the people of God to do in Priceline it clearly set forth they are to break every note they are to feed the hungry and clothe the naked if they carry out the principles of the law of God in act of mercy and love they will check out represent the character of God and received the richest blessing of heaven what a blessing from heaven live the faith of Jesus Christ Christ object left page three eighty four love is the basis of all godliness whatever the profession no man has pure love to God and left yet unselfish lover his brother but we can never come into possession of this spirit by trying to love others don't fake it by the way people can smell hypocrisy it looks bad what is needed is the love of Christ in the heart when self is merged in Christ love brings forth spontaneously notices appear that the question I'd love it if I was there the litmus test the literature of a way to know when Mike Christian character has been completed to be nice to be able to read like all I brought it which of course you never supposed to then bad theology understanding of the mind that we have effective the completeness of Christian character is attained when the impulse to help and blessing others brings constantly from within with that name and dawn on you to try you just kind of doing is that who you are now the fun side of heaven filled the heart and is revealed in the countenance apparently the Christian life is supposed to be life more abundantly joyful caring giving benevolence medical missionary a medical ministry page two sixty three to teachers in our schools the ministers and physicians and nurses I would say you can succeed in revealing the truth of the third Angels message got apparently spreading the word if possible payment however this well not be done merely by preaching the word but by deeds of loving ministry we can hold all the evangelistic crusades we want to reach the word report and say and say and say it will never be enough the world doesn't need a proclamation of the character got me the revelation of a character from there's a difference between proclaiming something and reviewing it from within those who have spirit of Christ will work his and I think my philosophy that grand idea but the high standard I wonder what the seven data search would look like if we took on an equal fervor ministry for the needy think abortion as we do with proclamation of the truth and by the way I know something you want this is dangerous ground of preaching social gospel are you one of them press out affect regular smiling call that changes minimum rent social gospel of the term that you know Satan is employed to keep us from doing good bulimic type something while the social gospel just giving a friend in walking away not Jane reeled the bread of life right is not what we should do the gospel that we pretty much inherently social theories no such thing as a Christian permit its oxymoron it will not preaching social gospel preaching a gospel that is social there's a difference by the vivacious page eighty six instead of the colluding himself in a hermit 's cell in order to show his heavenly character Christ labored earnestly for humanity of Jesus could come in a glass box shaft of light for her to get a turntable and people would come by and get invitations far and wide to conceive the glory of God in a jar that's not how we demonstrated the glories that have no beauty or communism I want you to see the picture and how easy my character in what I do not merely what I don't he labored ardently for you many inculcated the principle of the Bible religion does not consist in the mortification of the body when you have a field like I last got nothing against the ability the right thing the incident but if all you take away from you I feel that year that I want to be filled with the spirit and that means I'm going to do even will have mercy he thought that pure undefiled religion is not meant only for set times and special occasions UIC at all times in all places he manifested a loving interest in men and shed about them the light of the cheerful piety you know it's great though is what time in the history people to be principled and that I wonder what that would actually look like impractical and I went to a seminar seminar free today some of you might imagine a flight of thirty thousand feet in the theory and equivalent where the legs will look like if a church embodies the idea of just equal force preaching the truth and showing love will look like around the turn-of-the-century but the last turn-of-the-century nineteen oh one it happened in the town of San Francisco to share with you was going on with their physical and a fun little active game you can count how may things were going on in San Francisco try to keep up the are many live the Christian effort being carried forward by a brother and sister and theft of Cisco these include the lift begins visiting the sick and destitute finding homes for orphans and work for the unemployed selling anything the cartridges are doing right now not application nursing the sick and teaching the love of Christ from house to house the distribution of literature and the conducting of classes for healthful living in the care of the sick a few over the children of conducted in the basement of the meetinghouse in another part of the city a working man's home was the modern equivalent of a working man's home a homeless shelter and medical mission is maintained on market Street near the City Hall there is a vast establishment support for the hydrotherapy center operator the breath with the elitist sanitarium in the same locality of the the people of the health food company warehouse foods are not only so that instruction is given as reform I think of the city are people conducted vegetarian café with they've know we give entirely closed on the data tier about five hundred meals are served daily in no flesh meats are you Doctor and Mrs. Doctor Lambert doing much medical work for the poor in connection with their regular practice to adopt with volunteering to death a medical plan and Doctor began and is doing much free work at the working man's home and noticed these closing words we earnestly hope that the steps taken in the future in the work in San Francisco will be work will be steps of progress the work that has been done there is but a beginning Mrs. White Elizabeth thought all things were going on as you look as you think that is the way rate sparked as we know shortly thereafter the earthquake in San Francisco and some things change and activism politically with the medical work which by the way all of those things are medical work medical work is not as coronary heart transplant okay is getting ready to the neighbor medical work in the ministry cut of over hundred years they haven't really met together in which he was the same I haven't we seen a Pentecostal revival yet is it possible that we living house Isaiah fifty eight only when it be great if in the Scripture there was just a simple definition of what perfect religion look like there the text is like Karen undefiled religion is also slowly see you can see that it's actually in their James is not rhetorical I want to hear it James chapter one verse twenty seven notice the combination of the two works pure and undefiled religion before God and the father is this we looking at a definition now is that clear statement here and undefiled religion before God and the father is this to visit orphans and widows in their trouble and to keep oneself unspotted from the world how many times we think that just the second half is the fullness of Christian character Jesus didn't come just and not to he came to do some stuff for humanity appear and undefiled religion is this Scriptures the final statement from the pen of inspiration Christ on the question page four sixteen four seventeen we read the last raise a merciful life the last message mercy to be given to the world if the revelation of his character of love the children of God are to manifest his glory and of course glory is an equivalent without it what other word character the children of God are to manifest his glory in their home life and character they are to read BL what the grace of God has done for them the life of the son of at this shine forth in the works if you defined in words of truth and deeds of holiness later in that same statement all around us are heard the wail of a world sorrow you have to get closer and closer the end of time and with Yukon properties have expired the price coming her all around do we not hear the wail of a suffering humanity do not turn on the GBA given when new streams with the video clip of atrocities in our world and I'm not talking just around the world I guess they are but in our world right here on every hand are the needy and distressed as you know the economy is not doing too well right now I'm guessing you might know firsthand I'm guessing this people who know even more first-hand it is ours to aid in relieving and softening life hardships and misery if we walk by a person in need in all we do is tell them what to believe it seems to lose its significance and power this is a standing rebuke to me these next sentences this next from a primarily practical work will have far more effective than mere sermonizing praise the Lord by the way if your church that even still does evangelism I mean the worst rebuke as you do neither with a half-hour got I would operate the Lord already a level got you don't get a cookie for that him enough the objective and if you are doing public evangelism literature event of impressive alarm are not done yet a proclamation is only half the battle they need a revelation of the character of God and good works practical work will have far more effect than mere sermonizing and he lived them off I know we like lists seven we like numbers twenty eight you know we are to give food to the hungry clothing the naked and here it is again shelter to the homeless when was the last time you were the seventh Avenue shelter if we leave you're asking for the Holy Spirit to fill us and get we refuse to demonstrate the character Chrysler life we have robbed ourselves of an experience that God wants to give us that he says and we are called to do more than this access the social gospel just do those things she said were called to do more than the ones of the soul only the love of Christ can satisfy their greatest need but in order to get their greatest need we had to go to their first meeting if price is abiding in us our hearts will be full of divine sympathy the field sounds of Ernest Christlike love will be unsealed as we close tonight on attorneys Matthew chapter twenty five Matthew chapter twenty five Jesus speaks of his return and a night number one we talked about how the goal of the great object of our life is not simply lived through the second coming but deliver in writing simply to have the transaction may get to them but perhaps by the grace of God and the power with indwelling Holy Spirit to have a transformation that the thin film we can go from this world to the next seamlessly preparation for the second coming is not merely knowing the time you need to develop his character after twenty five starting with verse thirty one when the Son of Man comes musicians can come on out when the Son of Man comes in his glory and all the angels with him then he will sit on the throne of his glory all the nations will be gathered before him and he will separate them one from the other as a shepherd sheep from the goats and he will set the sheep on his right hand but the goats on the left then the King will say to those on the right-hand column you blessed of my father inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world come on in and the reason verse thirty five four I was hungry and you gave me to I was thirsty and you gave me drink I was a stranger and you took me in I was naked and you clothed me I was the second you visited me I was in prison and you came in I love everything on earth thirty seven then the righteous will answer him saying Lord when did we see you hungry and being human first interviewed the strength and thank you Internet getting close you are or when we feel sick or in prison and helping you and the king will answer in a limit certainly I fit if you inasmuch as you did it want to believe believe my brother you didn't know me and he went the conversation went on he now turns to the left then he will say to those on the left hand depart from the universe into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels I do not want to hear those words and here's the reverse forty four I was hungry and you gave me no food I was thirsty and you gave me no drink I was a stranger and you did not take me a naked and you did not clothe me sick and imprisoned in you did not visit me in with powerful about this method is not the obvious is that their response the response of the wicked is true that God is just spoken if I didn't signal to the response of the righteous there are two different five the only difference is one did in the other getting involved in Lord when did we see you know noted that they will also answer him saying Lord when did we see you hungry or thirsty or its ranger or naked or sick or in prison and did not minister to you the implication being large and we had known it was you know shortly what about my love you can come to my really done anything without involving private collector regarding and gathering we would've been communities are not always been for the minutes him when we know with you all in the human people who are bullied expecting to get in but in this life they did not develop the character that would see the different and I love you you remember their response what but when receiving me I'm not complaining I'm coming in but what when and when everything arriving I never thought you said there a few negative hunger in prison is when everything you know always always be able and that's what we do when people need help growing it even knows mean he did it anyway you picked in the morning to see the great object of life is not merely get into the second coming but living from God wants something more for you than simply continue into heaven to take you to a new place he actually will transform you so that when you get there people understood tonight 's method you raise your hand if it made logical sentences cohesively with clear praise the Lord for his if you believe that the Seventh-day Adventist church with its marvelous message of truth could perhaps do a better job not only proclaiming the truth also demonstrating the character right and you say Lord the church I want to be part of the church we should be unbelievably in making the force of the kingdom of God and your commitment you stand if you understood in this arena now that you may think that what we want level we need that's what I'm strive for now massive coughing I'm asking for specific commitments to do something practical for God not because of trying to because Lord I've been filled with the Holy Spirit not translate that into practical good for your glory Pamela discovered I had been taught build I've been trying already to go Lord I'm young I've even noted one so young I don't even know that I'm supposed to fail of being so I'm willing to try start is if there's someone here tonight is willing to go back to their local church please do the love of mercy help the eighty five -year-old lady who's running your community service center in your do-nothing day I'm going to go home and I'm a volunteer in community services to do something to reveal the character of God the world around rate and good balance in front I want my camera will record the thing your pastor should be watching and I'm helping communities there is an event not you're just don't come down if you develop with me to deserve it but maybe prison ministry could use your help the announcement only before the ground is covered with everybody I don't want that moment I was serious commitment if there's someone here by the grace of God that will finally open a seventh day Adventist only shelter is maybe enough to know which wanted it but I have prayed God maybe but maybe something to help me maybe some sort of practical stuff maybe some idea we haven't even thought of yet even possible we haven't thought of it we haven't been doing it wrong again maybe to the ministry that I didn't even ask you to come down to work with you having created a yet can we say Lord by your great quality use the money you given me the body in the life that I haven't a few years to reveal your glory and good works you just have a social gospel but I'm ahead in the gospel of the everlasting gospel of the Revelation seven fourteen to proclaim a McLeod and the character is not a pie-in-the-sky things the practice with you home this week you can make the plan director Randy thinks I'm responded to thing are you limited to but when I get home I'm going to do something for Jesus Christ Lord I'm years I've been filled here I am sent me I'm willing to go and willing to do go where you want to go all to what you want me to do you make the planet up with study advantage of that fifty eight refillable Christian service and do stuff ring welfare ministry to stop study the attitudes you think the tribe of English and make them better and do some stuff this is not works righteousness is a righteousness that too much theory and the seven that Mister too much proclamation on another revelation exactly are finally for the love and mercy to find them and let Christ using every ounce of our being glorified character patient is then returned in Fiji and got nothing to lose in literature evangelism and proclamation please review our old event of the campaign the room and I'll come down front that you did not want any other than a higher standard a higher idea of God one view that you were his glory the night I spent the next years you might be in Seattle we talk about the revolution among the Mac the unit number and was voted down because I believe in God doesn't expect you to do and you want to do it through you this message is voicing support ministry on the same thing happens in sequence by you my roommates since it was the downloadable purchase of the resources business online and CYC when launching


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