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What was Accomplished by the Death of Christ

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)




  • August 20, 2006
    2:30 PM
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for so many things that Jesus repeated more than once in his ministry that end up in one gospel twice but here's a method you can repeat the message is that go out without anything go out without anything is a reminder that when you want to know anything what did you lack but when the string is verses in Scripture perhaps his worst thirty six then said he unto them but now he that hath a purse let him take it and likewise his scrip and he that hath no sword let him sell his garment and buy one that left where the person particular is on maybe is not appropriate for human the call something the Bible on my want to communicate is that it's different than what I would expect to see in the Bible but I think I understand it not like to explain it to you the way I do look back at verse thirty four and Jesus said I tell the future the cock shall not crow this day before that thou shalt thrice deny that you know me what Jesus communicated his disciples was that when you are working for me I took care of you when you put yourself into my service you have what you need but tonight you're going to leave my service take good care of yourself make sure you have protection it's a dangerous world out there make sure you have money you're going to need it neuronal matter is that when you are serving yourself and I would say this to administer for example if you're not giving your whole life into the service of God I might even recommend a life insurance I might recommend keeping a gun under your pillow I might not I'm not on not sure that it's really safer but when I understand from this is that if you're doing your own thing take good care of yourself but if you're going to put yourself into God service you are freed from so many worries and stresses in this world that promise that brother deCarlo read to us from Isaiah fifty eight he was trying to get through the passage in his allotted time Sweden have time to focus on that phrase is said that he will be our rear work what it means this is that God will be our rearguard that you will focus on the things he's given you to do he will guard your back in the things that are beyond your ability to watch for and to check out God will take care of those things it is a mistake when we organize our future life as if God is not going to take care of us know that I want to say more about that that's just for someone or someone's here to make a significant break from what someone wants to speak louder they turned us onto him greatly when I been doing so are this weekend I've been only given you Bible study Bible study Bible study I think it's the best thing to do but I'm going to read you a testimony from the writings of Ellen White I hope you don't feel too badly about it it looks to me alike in the nineteenth century that a lot of sermons were just someone reading page after page after page about like and it looks like to me in the first century A.D. that you might have to send her to listen to someone read a letter written by Paul to another church and at the cute guys if it's true you be glad to hear one hundred review is an article or part of it and how you respond what was accomplished by the death of Christ it significant to me for a number of insights into salvation and into the whole plan and how it relates to angels for example but I never understood if I could tell you some things are concluded after reading it you might have heard before that it only one person accepted the sacrifice of Jesus that he would've come to die without one I am now convinced that zero people would've accepted the sacrifice of Jesus he would've come to die for them to give them a chance it's right here move this for those of you who are into him references like to look things up make sure that you are lying to this is from signs the time December thirty eighteen eighty nine so it became inhaled for whom are all things and by whom are all things in the redemption of the world to save sinners by the blood of the Lamb the great sacrifice of the son of God was neither too great nor too small to accomplish the work sees me just in the wisdom of God it was complete and the atonement made testifies to every son and daughter of Adam and usability of God 's law the value of the law of Jehovah is to be estimated by the immense price that was paid in the death of the son of God to maintain its sacredness just maybe thought you've heard before when we talk about eighteen eighty eight and the message that came for church at that time if you read the writings of Jonathan Wagner defined in the Macomb I said about those writings your client accused thought was about relation of the law to the gospel I don't remember if it was in the plenary session earth it was over in the other building when I talked about the way or when truth affects us but because I think I might've it over there just to tell you again truth does not affect you when you know it is true truth affects you when you think about it it's not when you know that Jesus died for your sins that softens your heart it's when you consider the fact that he died for your sins that is soften your heart is not when you can see in the past that it keeps your heart saw this when you consider in the present to keep your heart saw the long God is a transcript and reading the love of the transcript of his character it portrays the nature of God as in Christ to behold the brightness of his glory the express image of his person so also in the law the attributes of the father are unfolded although the law is unchangeable just having provided a means of salvation for the lawbreaker is not in the least detract the dignity of the character of God since the penalty of mass transgression was warned by a divine substitute only in your mind I'd like to underline the word substitute the father himself suffered with the sun for God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself man with his human finite judgment cannot safely question the wisdom of God hence it is unbecoming for him to criticize the plan of salvation before the theme of redemption let him lay his wisdom in the DOS and accept the lands of him whose wisdom is infinite like a comment on that paragraph you will hear man inside the adventures today speak about substitutionary atonement as if it is unjust as if it's not fair that Jesus would die in place of you some of them to reconcile themselves with this idea will say that in a very physical way that we were in Jesus when he died at very real way so that when he died we died also and there's no really any substitution others trying to harmonize the idea was that if Jesus died for moral influence so that they look at his cross you can learn about how to layout helmet and harmonizer like that kind of character and an inflated idea substitutionary atonement is is not righteous or just and my only comment on that is that the Bible the testimonies teach substitutionary atonement and who is smarter than God and on what basis do we say that God is not just when angels excel in strength a just and true are thy ways are God the only way to know what is Jost is to know the future justice is is getting what is right and view of what is caused not make any sense and understood when we tried again if you do Ron how much damage it causes determines what level of justice would atone for that and if you don't believe me it's perfectly fine but when I tell you that only God can measure justice and if God the father says that Jesus can be a substitute for my sins but that is just I would be arrogant to say that it's not just reading again God grants men of probation in this world that their principles may become firmly established in the right thus precluding the possibility seven the future life is so assuring the happiness and security of all of the right profound sentence one does not grant us probation there are those who speak about aging a message who would think about is his downplaying what was accomplished by the death of cross when a death of Christ on the cross as if to give me probation isn't something so special are so great I will tell you exactly what was lost for me by the death of his new medicine about the sin of Adam did not cause me to be condemned it cost me my probation in the Garden of Eden when Adam was in the garden of Eden he wasn't there for ever in the last two initiatives on the different ways you can follow it Adam wasn't done when he was in the garden of Eden where God was done making out on the physically he had still a work to do and that was to get out on time to develop moral character by making obedient and rights and fateful decisions Adam was on tasks in the garden of the and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was not there just to make Satan happy it was an essential part of the development of an that he could form a righteous character or if I do say that another way righteous characters are created the cultivated Adam was granted probation so he could cultivate one and if you are cultivated that character and tell it was secure that trip and lots of good and evil but never been a problem anymore it could have been removed and it would have been when Adam 's sin I lost my probate as for no longer did I have an opportunity to develop a character that would be secure that would allow me for example to interact with heavenly host another chance of sin coming again through the atonement of them reading again through the atonement of the son of God alone could power be given to man to establish him in righteousness and making the best subject for heaven the blood of Christ is the eternal antidote percent eternal antidote to such a fascinating phrase the offensive character of sin is seen and what it cost the son of God and humiliation and suffering and death all the worlds beholding him a living testimony to the malignancy of sin for in his divine form he bears the marks of the curse he is in the next of the throne as a lamb that have been slain the redeemed will ever be vividly impressed with the hateful characteristic on as they be felt as they behold him who died for their transgressions the preciousness of the offering will be more fully realized as the blood washed throng more fully comprehend how God was made a new of God has made a new and living way for the salvation of men through the union of the human and divine in Christ I really dislike keep reading treatment for an illusion because you're not used to preachers reading to you please try hard to listen the death of Christ upon the cross make sure the destruction of him who has the power of death who was the originator for what is destroyed there will be not attempt to evil the atonement will never need to be repeated and there will be no danger of another rebellion in the universe of God lesson that which alone can affectionately restrain from standing in this world of darkness will prevent sand and happen the significance of the death of Christ will be seen by Saints and Angels fallen man could not have a home in the paradise of God without the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world shall we not been exalted cross of Christ is the next sentence that was such a new thought for me I had to stop when I run it maybe it will be a new thought for you the Angels ascribe honor and glory to Christ for even they are not secure except by looking to the soft rains of the son of God I find when I come to learn and study the Bible in light of this act is not just for sinful beings that might be holding we are changed nor is only for sinful beings that the sacrifice of Jesus weekends of the influence of temptation I'm reading again it is through the efficacy of the cross that the angels of heaven are guarded from apostasy you'll hear people making fun sometimes of the idea of sinless perfection like this that if you ever reach that position you would never need you would need a savior in a longer I just want to tell you that angels are already there and they need a Savior spell if you do reach that stage of perfection of character it will not be your perfection of character that keeps you from sending professional character to keep Adam Thompson and in and keep you from sending in an acute Lucifer from sending it will be the efficacy of the cross of Jesus that will keep you from sending as you consider what was done for you there I'm reading again without the cross they the Angels would be no more secure against evil and where the Angels before the fall of Satan angelic perfection failed in heaven human perfection failed in even the paradise of bliss all who wish for security in art or happen must look to the Lamb of God it's not that because heaven is a perfect place that you won't send their also even was a perfect place and also heaven was a perfect placement Lucifer send their efficacy of the blood of Jesus that will make a secure and is only that very same gift that will keep us from sending now all who wish for security in earth or heaven must look to the Lamb of God the plan of salvation making manifest injustice and love of God provides an eternal state are you against defection in unfallen worlds as well as among those who shall be redeemed by the blood of the Lamb our only hope is perfect trust in the blood of him who can save to the uttermost all that the God by him the death of Christ on the cross of Calvary is our only hope in this world and it will be our theme in the WorldCom only do not comprehend the value of the atonement that's one of the reasons I'm reading this to you I'm sure it applies to me I don't comprehend it I'd rather read to you about it and try to imagine that I did if we had it we would talk more about this that is if we did value and understand the value of the atonement the gift of God in his beloved son was the expression of an incomprehensible love it wasn't almost going to do to preserve the honor of his lot I still say the transgressor why should man not studied the theme of redemption it is the greatest subject that can engage the human mind amendment contemplate the love of Christ light in the cross their faith would be strengthened to appropriate the merit sufficient light and they would be cleansed and saved from sin there are many who will be lost because they depend on legal religion or mere repentance percent but repentance for sin alone cannot work the salvation of any soul men cannot be saved by his own works without price it is impossible for him to render perfect obedience to the law of God and Heaven can never be gained by imperfect obedience for this would place all have been in jeopardy and make possible a second rebellion if you have the article not to read you the other half of the article is not less helpful than the first half is just I don't know how many people can vary I think you underrated if you have Internet access you can find it at canvassing board slip now you can find their cancer .org you'll find a bunch of things they are this article is what was accomplished by the death of Christ the review to you a review for you what we just what you just heard me read I guess you have to yourself before your sure that was written by profit but if I was telling you the truth and I was Calvary is more significant to us than we understand Jesus did not die to pay for the sins of Angels he didn't die to pay for my sin he was a substitute for me I need that I must believe that that's not all that was accomplished by the death of Christ also God gave to me probation through the death of Christ the very thing that I lost in the Garden of Eden the Bible is my tree of life affinities to happen out of hand there and the law of God particularly the Sabbath is our tree of the knowledge of good and evil and we have to date into the same kind of guy that that Adam had to do in the garden before my type of character that is secure supposed to succeed in network you done across at that point it went to form that kind of idea when characters will never regret a guidance in our you dumped across them you won't be done with it forever I mean never ever it will be for eternity but the cross will be in the safeguard against another apostasy it will be the reason why there's no need for another nests like the one that's going on here on earth then we ought to study that theme and telecommuting asides and its value starts that we talk about it more and think about it more when your Bibles to Hebrews chapter twelve Hebrews chapter twelve where we were looking at verse two looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross despising the shame and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God and verse three for consider him mostly I will on the first word in both verses looking unto Jesus and for consider him what was it that had gone wrong with our church in eighteen eighty eight if you would be happy to hear someone else's opinion I'll give you mine that's a rare thing I don't like even sure my pain but this I feel the share because I think it's right and I think it's not just a guess we as a church in nineteen eighty eight if you gave us a quiz shortfall Jesus died for our sins we would like true shortfalls we can earn our way to heaven by obedience we would put false true or false Jesus never sends we would put true and you can go down through a line of facts about salvation and we would basically do okay on this quiz but we were treating the truth these truths very much like times tables once you know them you're done with them you don't have to think about them anymore even if you use them for your benefit it's not what the lot of meditation that you do it yet these facts are not like times tables is not when you know the mass facts that they change you is the time that you spend thinking about them the changes you what I'm saying is also true about the judgment of the adjustment is a very different type of fact but it's just as true and is changing on the life when it receives proper attention if you know that were in the judgment this is a good thing it doesn't it is a solidifying it's just better than not knowing but if you think about the fact that the judgment that will change you there's something else from these two verses I want to call your attention to the matters the name of Jesus as author and finisher if you're interested in a all hearts warming precious truth type message that has to be present through the same time you could do this study and then only to be wrong on author and finisher you would just find so much and I'll tell you a little bit about it you would find that this is the source of your assurance in Christ assurance is priest backwards a lot today but there is a forward way to preaching if you were to ask me Eugene are you going to go to heaven are you sure don't afraid some of you went like this I would say yes but it's not because I'm not confident at all and me I'm very unconfident in the slider like to tell you my opinions but I'm very confident in this verse Jesus is the author and the finisher of my faith and I can hold on to that with my spirit I can keep the bad lean on that that he will finish the work he started and that is around her security for my faith that makes the difference for me I'm looking for reverse speed memo verse fifteen Hebrews twelve verse fifteen it says looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you and thereby many pedophile looking diligently a lot and Jesus that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself lest you be wearied and faint in your mind what is the antidote to you developing a better spirit is looking diligently I'm afraid that we look something so different and diligently but it's almost haphazardly I don't know if you understood that within again it ought to be a methodical and consistent effort in your life be thinking about the cross of Jesus and the sacrifice that was made for you if it's going to have impact in your life and it needs to have your Bibles to Romans chapter four nuzzles the end of that sermon about these the second one really Catherine Warner looking at verse seventeen sad as it is written I have made the father of many nations after the parenthesis before he on whom he that is before him whom Abraham believed lesson even God who quickens the dad and caused those things which be not as though they were alluded to this yesterday I use the silly illustration about the ceiling being some money color I was trying to contrast for you the difference between the word of man and the word of God what relevance for sizes that God speaks of things that are not as though they were an example of that is when Jesus is referred to as the sun even before the creation of the world maybe I just confuse a lot of people you have ever been playing much of putting here for a minute Degrasse Tyson inoculate you against some silly ideas that are going around the United States further your Bible Tucson chapter two song chapter to look briefly at verse seven this will not seem related and absent and it's not just something out in the middle I will declare the decree of the Lord has had into the thou art my son this and I got in the a valid question for us is what they wanted the father sent the son thou art my son and this day have I begotten the maybe we can get a multiple-choice someday far apart back in the reaches of eternity that was Wagner 's view for some time or when Jesus was born of Mary OR the answer which is found in acts thirteen verse thirty three and thirty four X thirteen verse thirty three and thirty four God has fulfilled the same unto us their children and that he has raised up Jesus again meeting the resurrection as it is also written in the was a say second song thou art my son this day have I begotten the first thirty four and as concerning that he raised him up from the dad when was it the day that the father said the son thou art my son this day have I begotten the event the resurrection that's what you learn from Romans one process is declared to be the son of God with power by the resurrection from the dead or place it in another way Sun ship in the Bible and prayer can do in five minutes electronic very fastest son ship in the Bible existed long before there were humans babies when Mary had her eldest son that was the first time in the history of the universe but the worst song was used to refer to something that came via birth before that son always referred to similarity in character that's why Adam was a son of God that's why there's a seed of the serpent that's why you even have a vascular called it a brood of vipers this is why Jesus said in John eight people that if you are the children of Abraham you would do the works of Abraham Joseph it's about the sons of God shouted for joy when the earth was created some ship existed long before there were something like birth referred to similarity in character and God created beings to be his children we never similar to him in character but none of them were selecting him in every way except Jesus by the resurrection by raising himself to life he showed that he had divinity in that respect he was different than every other son of God only she was like the father in that respect so when did the divine one wasn't it the father said that the divine nature Jesus thou art my son but was at the resurrection also the human nature of Jesus is called a son when he was born at the different issue altogether knowing that will save you much confusion in some parts of the Bible but the human nature of Jesus was the son of God in the same way you can be it's the Romans eight fourteen way as many as are led by the spirit of God they are the sons of the a it was Jesus the son of Mary that was the only begotten son of God I mean that was a funny way to say that truth it wasn't the human baby of Mary it was the divine nature of that baby that was the only begotten son of God I don't think I want to the question on this I'm just afraid I would get way off what about baptism that's when it was declared thou art my son this day have I begotten thee was at the resurrection system simple acts thirteen thirty three we might wonder why God often all that point was just for a simple thing because Satan is causing so much confusion over this issue is distracting from so many other more valid points of faith and maybe knowing that will save your problem I agree thoroughly distract myself sign up for it so to start with important single from their beliefs so far is that you ought to give your life armory were in Romans for that is where one ago thank you for your Bibles Romans four overlooking here is about Abraham we want to examine his faith Abraham more than anyone else other than Jesus even more than Jesus in terms of verses talking about it Abraham is a model for us for faith we ended number seventeen regard things are not as though they were breathtaking says Abraham against hope believed in hope that he might become the father of many nations why was Abraham believed what God had to say it was when it seemed hopeless there's a virtue and that you want to understand we many autonomous story and help you help illustrate it there was a man named Mister Allbritton of the Battle Creek he was a youth minister and some you will think that he would have been hired around here he liked the true the true ideas about Jesus dying for our sins both refractive ideas to him but when Ellen White would write about things like diets and dress music was such an issue back then it was an issue just a different type your creditors it was back then is just getting too much attention to it and kind of silliness and it I think with ten days made it so that we don't think anything about it when people get too much attention to the good stuff anyway that was a real problem back then when I would write about these things I digress particular with Mister Aldrich thought was those things are really the most important things maybe in some respects she was right but when he began to say is that those things are the most important things which is understood and is meant to mean they are very important things a light wrote him a letter and find it to type in the word Aldrich or reference to tell you about it what you sent make simple cents it's very arrogant I'm paraphrasing what she wrote to him it's very arrogant for a man for cytosol and the guy thinks about unimportant if God noticed that that ought to be sufficient for problem mortals to at the very least give respectful silence legitimate is legitimately believe that God is wiser than we are that he notices something it's important enough for us to notice when I'm speaking about the relation of verse eighteen I mean there are signs that God says that don't make sense to us from other Aldridge it was that those things were relevant to life important for spirituality it makes sense to him but Soviet nonstarter he ought to believe that something doesn't make any sense that Jesus could die in their place that doesn't seem just Muslims many times reject at reject Christianity and the basis of substitutionary atonement for them it seems unjust but we can't change the gospel for their benefit we have to believe what God says in Romans eighteen the second half of verse this is according to that which was spoken so shall thy seed be so you know this verse person does the demand of trusted men that you don't know this verse it's Jeremiah I think it's seventeen I think of my new verse seven is look at it it's not that one of its first five seventeen verse five your my account for seventeen immersed by this as thus saith the Lord person be the man that trusted in man and maketh flesh his arm and whose heart departed from the Lord I served you in encouraging and the solemn fact relevant to this passage in the time of Jesus the population of the world according to some people who just to calculate was about five hundred million people according to some other people it was eight hundred million people according to a very few was nine hundred million people anyway all those numbers are less than the population of India when Elimite was alive the population of the world was just over one billion people and during the lifetime of most of you it has gone wrong well of the older ones here it's gone from three to four to five to six with a middle aged years gone from forty five to six even for the youngest turns on five to six my place is gone way up the number demons has ecstatic if the demons could man human humans one-to-one in the year eighteen hundred was only one from six of us now on appendix a sense you mathematically but it's a fact I don't know item and one is the fact that the racial humans and demons is six times better now than it was in the eighteen hundreds demons are not having children only said again I think you'll see as the simple math there were a billion people that are six billion people now but there's the same number of demons both times the number demons has gone up so the ratio has is always going up in our favor than a century medicine New Orleans dad and I don't know what I'm just saying it's not changing as the ratio I didn't want again so badly that I want to make is that the devil has adjusted his techniques relevant to this mathematical reality he works to lead most people to trust in someone he focuses on his energies on the someone's the devil is trying to get you to lean on someone and if you can get enough people to lean on someone he focuses his energy on the somewhat this is his mode of operation now it's his only hope also you very much less the world when you go anywhere do anything good because when you're going through community to do something good the doom enforcement community is really in a bind and most of the people in the area are left much less harassed than they were before just by the very fact that you're there you have lead on that either which a duty to believe that curses the man entrusted in man and maketh flesh his arm but the safety for you now is not to be depending on a person but to be very much yourself going back to this book and tell what you believe you don't even know it's in there but you know how un-American shows someone this is very important we do this from applicant aromas for maybe never left Romans one reluctant verse nineteen and being weak in faith to consider not his own by now dad when he was about a hundred years old on Sunday one thing Abraham to think about it was his own weakness if you want to have faith once they not be thinking about is your own weakness now that you think you're so strong you know your week is not something to be considering because you have the word of God the last half of verse eighteen your depending on the word of God according that which is spoken Abraham 's faith has three characteristics of blood vessel far to believe but it seems hopeless to seem unbelievable for example he believed what God said and this passage says that he didn't consider his own weakness he also didn't consider his own past history because you tried many times to have children the Sarah and I had never happened as possible for us to become the something God says clue that it can't be true because my past experience is not valid but indicates to Abraham that the faith his model faith doesn't consider your own experience it doesn't consider your own weakness it considers only what God says it says neither yet the deadness of Sarah 's womb I noticed no evangelism we tend to excuse ourselves from success because of the people out there I remember when I was working in Maine a few years ago I I will work during breaks my times we went to Caribou Maine and returned to Romania 's is not you'd like there really there when I was there in the late nineteen ninety five I'm glad because he wanted in the story we can best caribou Maine and it went very well the easiest places I ever worked in all of New England the people were spiritual and open-minded we sold a lot of blocks and then we went to church there that weekend I dear lady it was in that church I suppose she was dear I don't know her I didn't mean that to be funny but I guess it was a lesson what I mean by that is this lady was found out that we're going to call for incurable she didn't know it already done it she decided to give me a solemn warning that was very difficult territory the people were interested in anything will she was just wrong that happened to me last year that is working and in South Central South Arkansas canvassing area we had from them this success were so spiritual Bible oriented wanted to know the truth then we went to church in the late pastor there found out what we're doing and he came to commiserate with us and he told us the to not be discouraging it was very hard territory what wasn't in the link went on to make you is that when Abraham to consider the deadness of Sarah 's womb it was a model for you in evangelism not to let yourself off the hook because of other people that think that is not to work here because the no one is not working because I'm not interested you just know that relates initial unbelief of yourself if I promise to help you when you get the last half verse nineteen is Goodman verse twenty he staggered not have the promise of God through unbelief how you stagger at one of God 's promises despite talking or acting like it's not true was number to be done in seven minutes but listen her a little time when God makes a promise you can trip over that thing if you talk and act like it isn't so in one of the promises God made is that all things work together for good to those that love him then when you talk and act like things are working together for your good you're tripping Jesus is ready with you to the very ends meet talk and act as if these left you or abandon you that's unbelief it's as but he was strong in faith giving glory to God David said in Psalm one hundred sixteen he said I have believed and therefore is is weirdly never we have spoken say I've been there I've spoken one of those things is something I have believed and therefore have I spoken Paul quotes that verse but it's printed or thirteen on Billboard reports that he says this is the spirit right we have believed and therefore we has spoken what is the spirit of faith is to speak what you believe if you believe that Jesus is coming back that's one thing that you talk about it that's the spirit of faith if you give expression to your confidence in what God is going to do with and for you in the spirit of faith you can put yourself you don't resume careful of yourself I think some might not turn up being true that unbelief Abraham was strong in faith giving glory to God is not a place to talk and act as if what God says is true verse twenty one and being fully persuaded that what he promised God was able also to perform this is the basis of this whole thing the life of faith is one of confidence in God your confidence is there that he can do the very things he said he would do listen to verse twenty two and therefore it was imputed unto him for righteousness that is not sad about Abraham you are righteous when Abraham layouts by faith when Abraham live by every word of God God said you are righteous that's incredible that's what made Abraham righteous God 's word was on a mission that began to work and that interchange Abraham and it worked and Tele was done Abraham will be resurrected a righteous man because Jesus said about Tim you are righteously exercise faith verse twenty three now it was not written for his sake alone that it was imputed to him but for us also to whom it shall be imputed if we believe on him that raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead it was delivered for our offenses and was raised again for our justification is the close of the thoughts of those verses one five that if we will live by faith God will say about us that we are righteous it might not be that so when he says that it will become so because he said to God what is creative in nature and the very imputation is no parking that computing is an standard parking takes time that happens at the same time the other thought is that personally four three five is all about the sacrifice of Jesus not a lot of things and I said that you can believe the persona particular you want to hang your faith around if you want to have the work and you is designed to have for Abraham he should respect the run effect using the father of many nations but that's not your your faith around your faces to be put around the idea that Jesus was a substitute surety for you that he was raised again for your justification giving due consideration to those facts will change you will continue changing you if you understand today you're not done with it you have to keep thinking about it not just Intel probation closes until seven last winter over and that until you get to heaven and then you'll still have eternity would have to hold onto it is our only security here will be our only security in the hereafter that was accomplished by the death of Christ was our father in heaven I thank you for a picture a true story of Jesus that changes the way that we are I asked that you will forgive us here for how little we have thought or spoken about the great gift that was made for us how little we have valued the atonement how arrogant we've been now your justice how it made light of your counsel I asked if she would teach us how to have a faith like that of Abraham you can say of us also that we are righteous I asked for this given the name of Jesus and


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