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Saturday Worship Service

Dwight Nelson


Dwight Nelson

Senior pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church in Berrien Springs, MI



  • December 31, 2011
    11:00 AM
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him him him this message was presented to see wisely two thousand and eleven hundred and resources like this is the online menu I see where I had a way are you happy Sabbath repays that just she's my first line that I got a phrase GUIs had the phrase for that and use it we just shared that absolutely had on a guys bless you Peggy Noonan come than a university anytime we would be we would be swept up we were just now the throne room of heaven while it is such an honor and a privilege to be here at UIC tell you this is my first time in a few IC and I'm just wondering how batches there are a few others who are here for the first time be proud that you finally gained e.g. lysine but you hand up when they are like that while Abdullah a first-time welcome you as well thank you Justin McNeil is for your invitation John Reed and the leadership team at the UIC it's a treat to be outside why I'm I'm really stoked about this kind of accommodation I believe that communities that have been built like this of the young are a fulfillment listed are a fulfillment a direct fulfillment of divine prophecy now I have found a prophecy in Scripture share with your him feed you don't start that clock yet this is this is before we get to the beach on our open your Bible right now I'm a show you a deadline word this is clearly a messianic prophecy you're not recognize it instantly when you read the words may I show you what is in the heart of this Messiah coming prophecy is to be Psalm one hundred ten rights open up your Bible to Psalm one hundred ten the most quoted Psalm in the New Testament in connection with the Lord Jesus Christ the Messiah himself so we know we know that song a hundred then is is a messianic song Dominic Eyman be reading here in the the new King James version organization you have assigned to me I got the new King James in Ottawa I say to tell you this this is also the Andrews study Bible you probably have heard about it I don't know why Justin the nihilist left the ad out of the program brochure when bringing down the pastor from any university let me just say a word to say what about that and a study Bible you got I have you just have to have this is this is not just the new King James this is not just any study Bible this is the only official study Bible of the Seventh-day Adventist church with these scholars of our community of faith waiting in and beneath the lie here's the line for some hundred ten beneath the line the small print has been composed by as it turns out men and women who are friends of mine most of the mark that Ed and his University the portions of Scripture that present a conundrum to your contagious witness are the don't wait here you'll get you'll find the missing pieces before you you will find the connecting links so I hope before you leave today have exhibits theoretically these booths are not been exhibited in Iraq I'll just forget that there is a booth that has the Andrew study Bible in your finances than I have to send them but not enough mindless on the Sabbath after sundown you're going to move you will find and it's a battle waiting for and by the way if you're going to get one get the nice premium fine leather you will never regret the extra dollar or two that the Holy Spirit will bring that you as you invest in this study to our right so that little commercial out of the way some of her death clearly this is messianic is look at verse one the Lord said to my Lord all I've read that many guys and it just that you you absolutely have because this is God speaking to the Messiah the Lord said to my Lord writes David sit at my right hand so I make your enemies your footstool that that execute all through the New Testament drop-down verse four and the Lord has sworn and will not relent you miss IRA priest forever according to the order of what accordingly order of notice again so we know this is about the Messiah now but watch this it's firstly right in the middle this is why I'm sort I am so excited about the raising up of an organization like this one but in verse three speaking of the Messiah your people old Messiah shall be volunteers in the day of your power that can also be translated by the way as the NIV does in you know David this is one of the most difficult Hebrew passages to translate in the Old Testament this is a tough one your people will be volunteers in the day of your power or battle in the beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning you have the dual of your youth now little more of fresher translations render it is one your troops will be willing on your day of battle Arabian holy Sprint splendor the young will come to you all Messiah like to from the mornings will in other words Messiah after you sit on the throne beside me before the end game is finished the final battle your doors to your army will open and the young will come to you arrayed in holy splendor they will come to you they will compose your end time army ladies and gentlemen of July see that means that any movement of the young at the end of time the young passion for the Messiah and the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ any movement of the young for Christ at the end of time is a direct fulfillment of some minor dent in this messianic prophecy now this for years as a kid growing up in the church of a fifth-generation evidence of fourth-generation preacher so hung around his church all my life and I used to hear that quotation from the other but education Elimite was at the number of an scrivener two seventy one U member the application was such an army and argues rightly trained might furnish how soon the message of a crucified risen and soon coming Savior might go to the house so whom you suffering and sin we've had application for a century and a half but now right here in the heart of the Psalms is an messianic prediction that in the time Jesus Army will become close of the young dominantly dominantly the young withdraws of riding you know what this is that this is the holiday you get a bit anywhere in the United States or anywhere in the world but here but you gave up holiday time that comes of this place with like-minded passionate hearts the focus on the Lord Jesus Christ and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and I say good on you actually actually ossified exactly my friend writing with your byway even our progressive discipline notes and five writing is I just I just got into Twitter over the thanks giving break ethnic heritage in the next Sabbath that you can now find me at act like a Nelson and you can track along the journey and Roy came up to me sublime and glad to hear that you're into twitter now sought would you really love the song in the tweet by-and-by but I was really a misapplication of that gradient but I tweeted I tweeted very thing that really doesn't we're going to have a direct quote I scribbled down here and send it to those that are tracking that particular Twitter account is about my take on the GUI CVS far five thousand young adults eager to see the outpouring of the Holy Spirit undeniable passion for Christ thank God for them the bad thing about twitter is you have given an hundred and forty characters or less it was not invented for breach of trust that and so it is an honor to be here to meet with you fellowship with you worship with you and thank God for these young preachers that we been having my head as they collide topic early in the morning I'm here late at night I'm here and I'm getting less every single time am thinking that you have got you are raising up preachers right and left among the young for the Messiah strategic endgame has celebrated set us up for this teaching how I bring a little garbled rise of our hearts to hear but it struck away in the Scriptures Osprey you go the army and army like this house shall in suffering instead thank you father for the young adults who come from all over the globe to share this weekend in Houston we will never be the same again for having been and we praise you know are in order are seen as guy filming are earnestly implemented keep praying that prayer until Jesus comes as a move now into the acts of the Holy Spirit open our open our ears to hear him speaking to the book he inspired in his in Christ's name we pray amen for the battle of actually been going to go back again and again and again there is one story fortunately nobody has dealt with yet so I get to go to accept it but accepted by the way that really is the name of the Holy Spirit it says at the top of the old King James acts of the him us know really the title of the book should be the acts of the Holy Spirit it is a chronicle of the moment of the third person of the gut in effect Pentecost scholars believe it is also guess you could call Pentecost the deathly hand of the spirit that's when the spirit incarnates himself in a dramatic way into the human race course was operative in the Old Testament is not going about a ladylove that actually came from from my on the streets yesterday that bus driver running up a thing what must I do to be saved at straight out acts as organ accident is unknown on the no waning moments of two thousand eleven new year begins tonight on lifetime and ask before the new year accepted January found out that this is a savagely LaShawn and his friends upfront here talk about prayer you are now one of the gate in Mercer 's eight two eight players saturated narrative committee you have to embellish this what we rented in moving the fancy flight of English suddenness of this is just straight stuff in the spirit ready to apply to art so let's don't accept Denver 's one member story there was a certain man in Caesarea called Cornelius a century of what was called the Italian Regiment I and he had hidden in a battalion of a hundred generally actually was a underhand as a century he was a devout man verse two and one who feared God with all his household who gave mom homes generously to the people and prayed to God always I love the way my friend Mark Finley put it last night when we Skype in New Hampshire great to have them here in Marcus AAA guys don't forget all over this planet there are men women young adults teenagers and children who are hungry him the living God damn no idea how to make a connection had been a hotly long for that connection of flying out here for a month from the Cleveland South Bend Cleveland Houston and sitting on the plane as it turns out by a farmer who owns the largest farm in Indiana the largest far so we do the talking access I didn't just tell you that know your churches telecast there from Anders University I watch it every night I think I'm not every Sundance are ever signing assessing this at midnight we contacted midnight Sunday night once you watch Sunderland visit on active in my Lutheran Church FY but I stay up till midnight to watch I had a book with me by NT Wright via a New Testament scholar on in the title the book is justification broadband rate and he says Nodaway justification afterward we knows that and we fill in the conversation the whole way getting off the plane and submissive housewife doing and tears she died just three weeks ago soon as we got off the plane with full into a corner in the waiting lounge a similar print that his name and address them in touch with their guy fear is all over this planet today cattle find any only used it on a plate I was marked by last night so there is Cornelius who is by the way framed and I always thought Tony this is a very saturated narrative and about the ninth hour of the day that would be three o'clock in the afternoon he saw clearly in a vision an angel of God 's life in prayer there is being standing there an angel of God coming in and saying and Cornelius when he observed that he was afraid would you be when you are in for him realize your guardian angel and he was a phrase and what his Lord so he gave us that incarnated your prayers and your arms have come up for a memorial before God now send men to Joppa and sent for Simon whose surname is Peter you live in the Simon at Tanner and you find a house by the sea isn't it great to know that God not only knows your name he knows your address of the house he noted your e-mail address and he can send you anywhere on this planet beneath you sent anybody on this planet to you to find you is about it when examined there don't get mixed up one's a tanner the other one that goes like Peter that's when I'm sending so ornate as many when it is November seven and a part of Cornelius called to as household servants and a devout soldier from among those who waited on and continuing were not talking about a a low latter social economic personage were talking about somebody off the ladder who had multiple people who wait on and continuing limited and God has sent out this fish is to be the key don't you ever be intimidated by socioeconomic class that's higher than yours which you have restarted it is not going well at houses where they did today I won't go there and never have to be afraid because they got as your name and address will take care of the connection with the October echelons of society so they related explained them all these things in a step in the Joppa and forty miles away funding after the next day okay his verse nine the next day as they went on a journey headroom in the city on here it comes now Peter went up on the household to pray the prayer saturated unsaturated he went under the household to break about the sixth hour that would be new in what you remember certain around the same time every day you should visit the juices began flowing and you just know I come home and guarantor there is not working the nurses of case during around supper bag I think I just wanted to hang around if you conducted a sociology one more time you'll gets up RIS obviously Peter who is unreasoning anger on the part of the roof will call you when were ready to go zero NA one being very hungry and wanted to eat but up on the rooftop while they are making many lunches the clip below the film looks at its base I have an open in an undivided grace she founded the four corners on a times we read that found in the four corners this she is sending to him let down to earth and verse twelve and it were all kinds of four-footed animals of the earth while these creeping things and birds of the air voice cries out in France rise leader to you in each instance so Lord every negative comment for enclave my slogan is the second time what God has cleansed you must not call and according to verse sixteen this was done three times and he ostrich on this appears and he comes out of this trance where my home what was verse seventeen now while Peter wondered within himself what this vision which he had seen them brooding over the same one was Merce behold at that same split second the men who'd been sent from Cornelius I made inquiry for Simon South and seventy four they know who is south of the Simon beside the same we see here beside the Syrian assignment yes do you have somebody say and Simon as well yes we can we come in the Colorado NASA whether Simon 's surname is Peter would like a mirror and while Peter was thinking now that the busy thinking about the vision the Spirit said to him behold free men are seeking you arise therefore go down and go with them doubting nothing negative Romanus Peter you're going to go down those stairs and you're going to say this this just does not seem to fit with my worldview I need you to doubt nothing it will challenge your presuppositions it will cause you to read remote and writing it will cause you to reevaluate it will guide you to reevaluate your traditions it will lead you to break with history and art every man running is because I was doing this sermon together with us our problems are also written for the small but somebody's in a message to me on any just think that person know who it is because the person was not identified to me but somebody send a message to me and said you will preach on that subject whatever that subject was so little summoned back to my room and spent some time in France announcing police what do I was when I wasn't going down that path anyway after a long time in prayer late at night and early in the morning still a few notes down support my penmanship that are the days so Peter Mrs. Spears beginner Peter their free men waiting for you arise therefore go down and go with them doubting nothing to show you some more about you out of the water it's another worldview but you've got to see it and heaven is ready for now don't nothing eyes open use listening albeit Dutch audience spirit is gone now for twenty one when when Peter went down to the men who'd been sent to him from Cornelius he said yes I need the music for what reason did you come they said they never strike a Cornelius the sensor in a just man one who fears God has a good reputation by the way among the nation of the Jews was divinely instructed by holy Angel Allawi said that when we get to heaven when I hear a voice run a turnaround and that voice that we recognize will be the voice of our guardian angel you have been hearing a guardian angel ever since you were knee-high to a grasshopper that Angel is been assigned you twenty four sevenths if you took that first gasp of air and an angel has been speaking to you but what is so neat about that why is that the divine instructions that the instructions from the throne room come from the guardian angel to be careful about saying no to update with the voice inside of you is is calling you to decide Scott himself through viewing divinely instructed violating to disseminated without the here words from you and Peter divided that have violated this is huge Vicodin to spend the night something already is beginning to happen the worldview is beginning to crumble he would never hurt anyone other pagan Roman government has been in the Motel 6 down around us in the morning is discounted spend the night with us the following day verse twenty four they entered Caesarea now Cornelius can you believe the faith of the pagan Roman believer now Cornelius was waiting for them I knew you would go I have everybody here already and he had called together his relatives and close friends and his theater was coming in Cornelius met him at the door and fell down at his feet and started worshiping him and reiterated the position that he's bald and massive neck before he reaches down and grab penitentiary in my neck are you will you stand a consistent man like you know what so why am I here and as he talked with twenty seven Cornelius bugles into the living room and he found he finds many of them already together face-to-face is limitless in my most recent predecessor that they do you know how unlawful it is for a Jewish man to keep company with or go to one of another nation do you understand how countercultural character societal this is for me to even be spinning in your living room the understanding but God and who gets his life but God has shown me that I should not call any man common or unclean because the vision of Peter at lunchtime atop the roof was not about Peter 's audience it was about Peter 's deportment and when the change boy were going to change your worldview thanks for the holdings of the fact that France was three times to dress circle Mayor argues that I'll tell you were thirty four days ago I was fasting as noted this is saturated with prayer I was fasting until this very hour and at the ninth hour three o'clock four days ago I'm afraid in my house no one answered before me Branko Lisa Cornelius your prayers and heard remember descending job back over Simon and Simon Dyson immediately for humor thirty three and violate Peter you have done well to come on you guys used to giving orders you did very well Greg now therefore we are all rested before got to hear all the things commanded you by God you're going to have to tell what God has commanded you they lecture us a ballad that was powerful this morning and the blessed moment but there this morning she documented by digging the ditch is it doesn't make sense to do this when you give the command from God you're going to have to even have to you have to eat the resistance you're going to have to do it anyway if he's commanding you to say something you're not I have to say whether it's comfortable to say or not so thank you she rested that he ministered to me this morning then Peter verse thirty four open his mouth and he said in truth I first see that God shows no partiality the building can say is no respect of persons that are both epic I perceive that God shows no partiality but in every nation whoever fears him and works righteousness is accepted by God is looking for an excuse to save human beings we find a heart bleeds for him are the long-suffering only moves Internet are there all over this planet raising government all over this planet right now but in a mixing remember Peter is now post- Pentecost exposed that God is the Holy Spirit got poured out over here the Holy Spirit got for now supercharged resistance to discredit a moment ago and especially got for the room to the spirit of the living God Tom move the fire the Holy Spirit has gotten for now and apparently the lesson needs to get through to the church of Christ in the book of acts that when the Holy Spirit gets poured out the walls come down the walls come down asked why Peter by the way is coding Joe in a great Pentecostal sermon and we resume guys enjoy that we minimum to go from not be addressed according to which my journey back to let accepted to Peter gets into the well of Old Testament ancient prophecy pulls out that the via prophecy of Joel two versus twenty eight twenty nine only under the inspiration of the Spirit he actually change the wording you know that he changes the wording this is accepted to a September sixteen in his sermon this is what was spoken by the prophet Jonah seventeen and it shall come to pass in the last days being on the boat those words in the last days are not in ancient brother Joe there simply not there Peter under the inspiration of the Spirit has inserted that line and I'm so glad he is certain because if he hadn't we would think that the jolt to property with only about the beginning of the infant Christian church but because of the inspiration of the Spirit he inserts the phrase in the last days we now know that if I happen all over again at the very end of time is that right thank you Peter for being sent to the spirit and inserting afraid it's not there no adjustment and it shall come to pass in the last days says God that I will for out my Spirit on all last children of the father how much of the flesh of this her will receive the Holy Spirit in a creation of how much was a lot in that they didn't a lot of leads all flesh out where my Spirit on all flesh and because were not sure what he means by all flesh God through Joe and Peter now will carefully delineate the categories of all flesh so I'll pour out my Spirit on all flesh number one your sons and your daughters shall prophesy that means that when I pour out my spirit I will pour out my Spirit on all genders looking at a lot of genders really do but that's what it means I will pour out my Spirit on all genders that will add mind away he goes on your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams God says about away all flesh means all ages young Asian or in between page I'm no respect remains before your day by the way I am no respecter of age I don't have to wait until someone reaches a certain elderly things before and she or he can be used as an up or out my Spirit on all of all genders how for I spirit in all ages and watch this one more category birthday Dave and I will for my spirit on my menservants and on my maidservants I love out my Spirit in those days and they shall prophesy all ages all genders all social classes all social classes no wall there and serious about this all flesh business and if he's serious about all flesh I guess you are not following the same Holy Spirit would be moved in the same way so beers just got this and that on the day of Pentecost so when he you live in homily is little sermon here in Cornelius 's living room that's like Peter and Sabre thirty four Peter of his mouth going back to the narrative beer open his mouth and said in truth I perceive that God shows no partiality but in every nation whoever fears and works righteousness is accepted by Peter goes on the word which got sent to the children of Israel preaching peace through Jesus Christ he is Lord that where you heard about it hey hey plaintiffs start the year about this Jesus Anastas oh yes you have heard Hatch did you hear about this Jesus called the Christ the Messiah who went to the land preaching peace of the method is a rather strange phrases preaching peace in place and asked where Jesus is described as moving to the land preaching peace Paul comes along because love who wrote acts as a traveling companion upon it could be unwanted just visit the exhibit bought SDI here I finally got a transcript of the of what Peter said in the home of the century Cornelius lesson of this as we maybe may have run both the line as far Paul uses it twice this evening a writer be right back but Ephesians the reason for moment Ephesians chapter two I thoroughly read these words before Butler what was during the picture here even if it is chapter two verse thirteen but now in Christ Jesus you were once far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ when Jesus stretched out his arms on Calvary he got embraced took in the entire planet had been embraced by the blood of Christ you have been brought near reverse fourteen for he himself is our peace peace is not a message visa versa for he himself is our peace who has made all why is broken down the middle wall of separation between where we proclaim peace the walls come down to the VA has made both one and is broken down the middle wall of separation having abolished in his flesh the enmity that is the law the Commandments and the ordinances of the Old Testament law and its traditions having abolished death so that nothing got globulin is so having abolished that he's created himself new humanity one new man from the two thus making peace now he's moving to is due to his estimation and that he Christ might reconcile them both to God in one body through the cross the cross is God 's great whenever got the places jams across the state engineer that declares that what was once separate is now showing that Calvary what was once in enmity and an alienation is now joined Dudley discount brings the halves back together so that he might reconcile both to God in one body through the cross thereby putting to death the enmity neither count is aligned to be used first and he Christ came and freeze peace so that you are afar off those who were near for through him we both have access by one Spirit to the father of two hour earnestly I want to do with that holy Spirit is the nicely all the hours we been together and what's the point when the spirit feels us God 's great pulls what has been disparate and alienated holds them together and they become more the walls of the Peterson in the walls down it Calvary are I moved to move the rest of the story back asked in the biggest regional way you guys in verse thirty six you you you heard about the wording got sent to the children of Israel preaching peace through Jesus Christ by the way which is just it hurt his knee early this morning went when Jesus died on the cross he was filling the filling another messianic prophecy niggles like this and the chastisement of our peace was upon him the punishment of our feasts he took said we might have that piece got three grenade as you heard the stories he heard her thirty eight how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit with power and he went about doing good and healing all who are oppressed by the devil for God was with them and you heard that story and we by the way are witnesses of all the things he did both in the land of the Jews in Jerusalem whom they killed this Christ by hanging on a tree became the curse of the covenant Deuteronomy twenty seven authority became the ideal Israelites was cursed on behalf of the entire family of God hanging on a tree always the selectors he was curse Cornelius we might so that we might be brought together and verse forty two he commanded us to preach to the people testify that it is he was ordained by God to be judge of the living and the dead to him all the prophets witness that he was named whoever believes in him receives forgiveness will receive emission of Sands and Peter takes a breath to go into his next point in his and his family when enhanced all of heaven explodes and what happened through forty four and while Peter was still speaking these words Holy Spirit said in a no doubt nothing doubt nothing you're going to see which as seen before Peter was speaking these words the Holy Spirit fell on those who heard the word and those of the circumcision are a string of race for Doctor Lupine Circle right here but that's what he's calling those who are advocating the debt levels covenants see you remain in force and those of the circumcision party who believe in Jesus were astonished as many as a come with Peter because the gift of the Holy Spirit had people are out on the Gentiles also for they heard them speak with tongues and magnify God alone Justine down between Gentiles and use elements and they are feeling the same third person of the Godhead see an theater dumbfounded the spirit yes and no doubt anything you're going to see what you've never seen before and Peter answered verse twenty seven can anyone forbid water these should not be baptize who receive the Holy Spirit just as we have if they received the same Holy Spirit as we who's going to say I move that we not baptize Peterson can anybody forbid of course it's a rhetorical question inverse Fourier and he commanded them to be baptized in the name of the Lord on the water goes that Tate and Roman believing century and he comes up a son of God any disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ hallelujah just like at the wall went down you may be GUI see strategic as it is in the endgame is called to in the same way hey Peter be instrumental in taking the walls down at the something you God calling you like the mind guys and great analysis by then I fail me I earnestly why pray the prayer if you don't know what will happen to you when you pray the prayer below Avenue is used suddenly I slept in when you're filled with the spirit you suddenly are selected to the strategic plan of the soon coming Messiah and you become in the name of a piece of maker you become a wall breaker in the name of a peacemaker you become a wall breaker don't let anybody tell you you can be like Peter you're too young you're not too young goddess positions you right now for such a time as this in the name of the peacemaker you become a wall right now to warn you I need to warn you ever really been about vivacity lacy number that we are I did warn you that if we stay faithful to what were reading here it may not go easy for you because the very next event the very next event when Peter gets back and reports what has happened hallelujah the wall between the Gentiles and Jews has come down guess what pursue and when Peter came up to Jerusalem those of the circumcision those who are hanging on to that ancient tradition and not seeing it released by Calvary those of the circumcision of they were not very happy at all you came up in Jerusalem those of the circumcision contended with him saying and an uncircumcised man yesterday at any rate within and you are in a paper in trouble now I'm telling you in the name of the peacemaker wall breakers can run into major opposition but it happened to be internal it's okay if you say you guys please fax a timeout timeout understand what happened inevitably this anecdotal story is that when and if I had a supervision can forget what it meant arguments that don't you call anything a commoner RRL unclean in these three guys show up at the door of a second this sent Sherry is illegal to send Sherry and houses with all his friends and neighbors and family and while I'm great guys and telling you what I was for each about Jesus the peacemaker the place exploded and he started speaking in tongues they are speaking in languages other than their own they are real with the Holy Spirit what am I supposed to do why you so hard on me verse fifteen and as I began to speak the Holy Spirit fell upon them has upon us right away in the upper room at Pentecost then I remembered while I remembered the word of the Lord Howie said John indeed baptized with water but you shall be baptized with Holy Spirit ever Jesus said is that the act is in the spirit associated with advances in the water and then think this is the last line of Peter during this is it for seventy if therefore gentlemen if therefore God gave them the same gift as he gave us when we believe on the Lord Jesus Christ that was either I could withstand God you the same gift I have started them the same if you have I sought in their one minus eight you know know know know know know you can know if therefore God gave them the same gift he gave us when we believed on the Lord Jesus Christ who was I that I couldn't we stand I couldn't I had to my worldview collapsed when the wall came down and the Spirit was poured to do what I have to do is to be so hard on me and listen to this their response or thinking when they heard these things they became soft Watson said clearly the Holy Spirit has gifted them the same way the Holy Spirit has gifted us so what can I say and hence the silence breaks out in the doxology and they glorified God saying then God has surely granted to the Gentiles repentance to life the battery to see from month the somatic buses right or not but these words are limited up my face necessity buses face one forty two listen to this the exclusive message that the end of the story the exclusiveness established by the custom of ages was up and then and the way was opened for the gospel to be proclaimed the exclusiveness that by the custom of ages was abandoned and the way was open to Brooklyn the gospel is the wall came down you know what to do it just came down the line with their felt we were invited while church right now I have to grab your smartphones as I know there are a thousand smartphones right here and we had a setup with a Google voicemail number that will flash on the screen in the middle of the sermon don't hear from you right now immediately right now down a number on the screen and tell me what you believe are some of the walls that might be surrounding us that generation like yours may be called by God to take down and you ghost everything from smooth passengers phone and I got my iPad not so I have Karen's iPad doesn't belong to me and reminds me that I have her iPad here and shampoo will it listen to this end in a week and let's is doing what is on the walls as you move out in the world we displace you going to the new year what are some of the walls that guys surely the peacemaker wants to take down cost of those walls to me right now now regular biking here racial division you go girl I'll I'll I'll I'll and all that right here on racial division you know what ladies and gentlemen you know what the seven damages church we're having this revival and reformation of feeling that violated Wilson is a personal friend of mine went to grade school together for having this person granting the appeal for revival and Reformation but listen to me carefully as long as we are divided between blacks and whites in North America this church will never be revived you can read it on my list right here as long as we in North America are divided five AFLAC signal lights him will never be read by you can remind a certain other wallah I will have to come down manager history by the thank you foregoing that I received that is from the Holy Spirit himself is enlightened universal and in and be the racial good for you and guess what you are my generation we haven't known what to do with the wall so I like your genocide in Houston who haven't not a Hispanic church over here and have a black usually we just haven't known what to do with the wall but I am praying for a generation of people who don't know better to come along and say you know what there's not a black Ford Motor Company and a white Ford Motor Company is not like IBM and a white idea why should they be in seventh heaven a shirt and a white seven damages in the same city size for the laws to come down the Holy Spirit will not revive the church that intentionally says we can do the Euros guess what that's why you're here God is raising up a generation that is a you know what time zone times up with a new worldview is now taking place when the Holy Spirit is poured out in the name of the peacemaker you will become a wall printer just like Peter just like Peter on the run and to be was a you can do that what you cannot do that we been doing this for years is what you cannot do that girl okay the cocreator you can't do that what else can I do the severest thing for house the wall has to come down so was another wall unforgiveness very good refusal to forgive that is a wall between the you know even if I am being innocent party Jesus says in Matthew chapter eighteen if your brother has hot against UNLV Matthew Decker successfully if your brother and I guess you you go to get innocent party but that wall has been good for you that wall cannot you hire somebody off in the back reference in Iraq a reference gas what a long while I heard someone was a rosary lack of love the lack of love to have elicited a talk about their action to and how Windows three thousand joined the church God broke down the walls and this community became a passionate community of love you have bumps along the way you can read and accept the sixth that they degree Hellenized Windows SAA is no fair you get all your given to the Jewish widows more than you given it was always messy when the community of faith is called become a community of radical law install stuff but you have to deal with and got to the church found a way to deal with those inequities is very good access I wanted you about exercise what is what you mean by access lack access of death access Hugo thank you absolute and captioning are either listening to your business video three again and guess that's what you know she's making a point he's making a point the translator there is making a point and that is what's the point of saying the gospel goes to the whole world and the all hearing never get to read the Gospel Church camera focus on just the hearing she's right on access by the hearing views one day and Isaiah declares of the costs they hear the glories of those celestial choir music of holiday chairman NHL patients haters user smartphone with effort as I can I think this family of San Diego ladies and gentlemen the gym you get the point you get the point when in the name of the peacemaker we move out into a fractured and walled world we become lawbreakers the world falls in love with wall breakers the world cannot tolerate another wall maker I've got ever said language you rather be with you rather be a wall maker or a wall breaker what would you answer him I'm not available right there is enough there isn't enough time left to make sure the walls stay up the time has come for the walls to come down to our friends of the peacemaker and he will make you a wall breaker that the truth of the book of acts that's the story of Cornelius in acts chapter ten and eleven Re: one more quotation online at the apostles pages ninety ninety one only as they were united with Christ could the disciples told to have the accompanying power of the Holy Spirit in other words reading only as they took the walls down could they be entrusted with the money outpouring will the Holy Spirit will all have to come down for the church to be revise that's the point only as they were united with Christ to the disciples hope that he accompanied by the Holy Spirit and the cooperation of angels of heaven when the help of these divine agencies when the walls are there they were present before the world a united front and would be victorious in the conflict they were compelled to ways unceasingly against the powers of darkness done Lance on the walls come down he wins every time who wants to see the walls the end of dark clue wants to take the walls down scrape at Calvary when you follow the peacemaker you must become a wall breaker for his view from it appearing an even know now that if you're willing to put your life on the line for taking down the walls the Spirit poured out all genders are part of that outpouring of the Spirit is poured out all ages are part of the outpouring when the Spirit is poured out all social classes are part of that help I need to know God wants to know in his behalf I ask you this are you willing to make yourself available to be in the name of the peacemaker a wall breaker in the church or outside the church we willing for all who you are limited to but I cannot miss an opportunity to make money more than listening carefully all the appeals and this one this time it's time has come out recently okay what you've done I didn't care who you are I don't care your record I guide is so that you might know you are reconciled to God by the everlasting gospel in a human invitation right now and painted a picture account we haven't lingered in Matthew twenty seven twenty three Germany to we've been hearing tell real so here's the deal I give you an invitation now this is not a covert Henry dedication if you have never been baptized before some wall has held you back you have never been baptized before owner invites you right now slip out of where you are seem to make your way here to the front to others in a common surrounding the first I need to make an appeal to you if you have never been baptized before light I Cialis they can about want in office what happened militant this minute and remove them in on one in my mid- twenties now and this doesn't seem likely children to baptize me please you know are right and Brian for becoming radical disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ of the snake you have come up with a hundred reasons why you can't be baptized I remember that story God knows that chapter I said yes I did that who cares now at the foot of the Cross means you come just as you are and God will reunite you he will reconcile you wouldn't sell you the morning the peacemaker for the rest sayonara and in an and audience like this how many there are here and right now the Holy Spirit is speaking your you know who you are this is really not difficult with this apply to me or not you know who you are if the Holy Spirit is speaking yarns in my loud I know the Holy Spirit in my heart because your heart is becoming agitated right now trust me it's not the devil who's agitating your if the Holy Spirit is a heinous and when maybe today in Grenada last day of two thousand eleven rebaptized today W rebaptized next week but you will make the decision today the last important the most important decision of your life on the last day of two thousand Holy Spirit speaking your heart right now and you have not been baptized you are not coming to me you're not coming to the church you are coming to the Lord Jesus Christ if you speak in your heart right now would you join these who have opened the door for you already just loving the long wait like I'm in a very back row who cares how far you how far it was up with all the beautiful lonely it was spreading across nobody said it would be convenient to say this if your heart is being if your heart is being tapped right now by the Holy Spirit you will never have a more opportune moment then right now right now to come to the Lord Jesus Christ is in the team coming year and so on for dinner with their godless and gentlemen this convention right now is a saving place him nothing is happening to your heart right now I do I learned that the deal for me closure I can start writing there may be somebody sitting directly eighteen inches behind you right now in the spirit missing boy yesterday you know this boy girl today I'm calling you behold now is the acceptable time today is the day of salvation I'm calling it now it will never be easier than today right now to come to the Lord Jesus Christ company and just as you are he won't leave you just lock you may come to live in a thorough robe around you that will take those filthy rags and Oakland are a become the Lord of the Messiah himself is God 's great die to get you with the father the universe governments anybody else to go on go on go on but there is a hardier dry right now I'm really wrestling and you pray for me right now my friend if your heart is resting before it is the Holy Spirit himself who was seen and while not I'm not again until I just wanted in because I heard do I see you all on until a middle-aged film a moment on a life my friend if your heart is being tested by the Holy Spirit just studying music it's the knee that is critical to sustaining your heart and your sensing him calling you to make a decision standing in the back it will never be in Berlin today we know Jesus it he confesses me before others I will gladly confess before the father she confesses me before others I will gladly confess before the fun confessed Jesus you are a new pastor where you go all I don't know where your home is every summer will get into some somebody would help you and when you feel you're ready you can make that you can set that circled Sabbath in two thousand twelve is your baptism be nobody's rushing you nobody's significant studying the Bible today's the day to make the decision the jumping unit and asked and NFL are roaring down the road in that chariot find it easier visit talking enough about Jesus is there anything to prevent me from being just like that decisions me you need a choir singing you don't need anything but the Holy Spirit revealing your arms and come to me you are where you have relayed your guilt has been a ball and chain all the I sent you free when you stepped me I sent you for our liberties are taken voluntary in our resurrection life into a we shall glory of my radical young friend of anybody else God bless you and God bless all of you heaven rejoices two thousand and fifteen he said it when one one center guns the Pentagon sees that all acquire start soon heaven is really singing as you can have a new this is your day Jesus knew Messieurs you are here and now you come to him and I'm so proud of you are I got it feels I continue I need to make another feel that this if you are a young and old and you would like to offer your life to the peacemaker to become a wall breaker inside the church and outside the church Matthew 's tenure fee income and surround these rosy account for just about three steps forward and surround the who have preceded you to the altar or have a season of prayer at easier friend of yours is come for Tony put your arms around good for you phone I'm willing Lord Jesus I'm willing as a radical and loyal follower of the peacemaker I am willing Lord Jesus to become a law breaker I come just as I am Jesus you have my life in two thousand twelve and beyond until you come Jesus use me in the church usually outside the church to break down the walls in a piece on my room through me they're filling up a good feeling of the aisle besides that's okay stand where you are endless with session arm as our young rightly trained Mike Burns how soon the message crucified Reese soon coming soon I know who are messianic prophecy in some an hundred ten and that's why you need that prophesied in the L in the Army Messiah is never apologized never look back to Staples and faithful to his guns in the world that he will send you and send you to grow visiting for the husband suggested Menino but it's a little time thank you very you have anything of Jesus the last few moments of taking the time clock we meet we cannot hasten from from this collective commitment holy Christ these are yours this is your food this is your work Jesus see you every decision right now see you let decision for the rest of his life so you let decision for the rest of her gear see no turning back no turning back alley father these who come forward who heard you say it's not time your last decision of two thousand eleven let it be your decision to join me for ever and ever and a.k.a. Vlad I'm so proud of I've so happy for you vacate keep the sleigh that you ignited flickering and player get the car plus tomorrow and have to go back we all do but God Philippians one six my God who is begun a good working you will bring it to completion by the data crises completely you started today get them entice me to come forward for baptism getting in touch quickly the spiritual mentor who can prepare the lethargy lysing leadership they got some work to do now to contact the home address hometown these you come forward with the letter decision made today somehow fall through the cracks key fanning the forty tomorrow morning early when they wake up and on Monday morning Eric Hurley and Tuesday every day made their first prayer be filming my earnestly filming the fullness of the peacemaker assuming the fullness of the Spirit of Jesus thank you dear God seeing these decisions and father thank you for these who are crowding around overall family the lawsuit got to come down to him walls of different to take a new generation a Boulder generation a more radical generation a more passionate generation to stand up and say enough is enough they have stepped forward to offer themselves to God I don't know what it means for her I don't know what you're than asking to do I just know that when they saw Peter and John and their boldness they should know that these men and women had been reduced I just know that they're being with the peacemaker will make them oldest generation you have dear God we cannot go home until we have replied we cannot be revived until the walls come down and that's why they come home see you there decision champion 's like Peter Joan and Mary joined the champions of the peacemaker make them wall breaker for your glory for the revival of the church thank you for being who you have computers humbly pray in Jesus this message was recalled that she was seamlessly supporting ministry on the seventh day Adventist sequence by young people I Bible makes unprecedented Christians the downloadable purchases of the resources visit the online and CYC when I


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