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  • December 31, 2011
    9:30 AM
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him this message was presented to key wisely two thousand and eleven hundred other resources like this is the online menu I see where I had a annually devoted the last for my site what is the leak devoted easy just four months ago my wife and I welcomed it where new baby boy into the wall SII dad is a scanning needs I told little fellow wide-eyed and sometimes wide-eyed when we wish he was sleeping but you know how kids are and we've been learning what it means to be continually devote every day he needs his diaper changed he has to be said he has to be locked and spent time with and almost twenty four seventy seems entertained and played with an evil sometimes omitted child was sleeping on a particular morning will continually devoted unceasingly focused on killing for that little boy and it's the same way for us as part of the family of God when we join Gord 's family will be invited to be continually devoting to the life of being a member of the family of God and accepted to plus forty two the Bible records force Luke records was the activities of the early Christian shot just after the day of Pentecost it says they were continually devoted to the apostles teaching and fellowship to the breaking of bread and to prayer and twenty three friends join me on the platform this morning and will going to dig deep and acts chapter two beginning at plus forty two two plus forty seven and the boy to study this morning what does it mean to be continually devoted and what are the activities where the ministries wonderful cases make on calls for us to focus on is his truck after all when the Holy Spirit is poured out what are we going to be doing what he was according to Ellen Tauscher thanks for joining a young for this study was looking at was accepted to any of us forty two in those those those four activities that the all the Christian churches focused on and eventually the context about is this is happened just after the day of Pentecost three thousand have been added to the chart twenty before the day of Pentecost and three thousand after the day of Pentecost and so this is taking place in the context of this is what the truck is doing to disciple new believers to incorporate them into the body of Christ of course is just out the outpouring of the Holy Spirit so this is what a spirit filled joint so why this focus on the apostles teaching what is the apostles did an asset and an day I played the Bible so that I turned to accept of flying versus file I believe the Bible claimed that that is a vitally favorite friend via e-mail as long as the people of Israel by the name of Jesus Christ of Nanette Nazir had when you cruise the fire God raised from the dead even by hand this meant and before you whole this is the stone which is set not of you of you builders which is become the head of the client and neither is any salvation in any other but is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be a insult truly the apostles doctrine is on it focused on Christ both price and it's what I had done for Christ is doing and what price will do it it's not all Holloway I get on and on incoming and being the father and of guide on the Lamb of God people who paid five things what he's doing it and have been on the heavenly intercessor money than you when he comes back to save us from our sin so your e-zine of the apostles doctrine is the everlasting gospel since yet yes any use of the very focal point of that option that the very heart and center of it why would be what was decided to see for a focus on the possible outcome after all unhappy to see the Holy Spirit when we receive the Holy Spirit only supposed to have a direct line to God and just be expected to us and we just allow him to be just what he's meeting us and why this focus on Doctor nonteaching okay love John chapter seven by fifteen goals other than that to John chapter seven or six the sixteenth and is a vital read you have answered them and said my doctorate is not my opinion that sent me the leafy hair needs once Elizabeth Rex felt Jesus was sent by God and Jesus sent the apostles other than a direct line apostles are sent by Jesus who end-user set by God and the Holy Spirit convention on ad language uses went up to heaven you promised the Holy Spirit for the disciples and as a result of the and everything that we may well Holy Spirit will bring them into remembering and so though the apostles had he said at the time and he his very life was adoption is very teachings his very being though we may not see Jesus as I see you shine the apostle we have the Holy Spirit that can fire me to give an understanding of who Jesus is through the Bible so something biblically the Holy Spirit being given to us as an adult short be anyone Bible study focused on examining a last files in the process in a way that I understand it is clear meeting upon for example and you leave the pond and you kind of guy on meetings anyways you have the archive upon to give you what he meant e-mail upon anything literally and immediately leaving the Bible only make our own conclusions but if we drop if we pray for the Holy Spirit from his wisdom and training he himself will give an understanding of what he intended when he fired the Bible writers to write with a run and that actually the power and the beauty of the Holy Spirit the apostles doctrine was focused on Christ and the Holy Spirit will give it back understanding of who Christ is and dwell in it and the apostles heard Jesus speak that Dotson right and the Holy Spirit will give us a given that ventilating prices in an effort to fill those actions that we need live like Christ and he may restrain the management of the love of God distinct constraint and we find that in John chapter fourteen verse fifteen a direct application that we can draw this is such a beautiful very if you let me keep my commandments right ability to keep the commandments of God is Christ centered me often times we remove the commandment of the law that Christ and Christ making a direct connection between the two if you love me I said keep my commandments in the Holy Spirit will constrain and admit we infinite Corinthians chapter five verses fourteen to fifteen he will dwell in us so that the word of God and the life of Christ will be manifested in our lives through his Word and through the Holy Spirit so sounds like what is teaching us that the apostles doctrine 's ruling on the apostles doctrine will know not only the teaching of Jesus and Jesus said that he spoke as his father told me so really we have now connected with this is with the gospel writing that the apostles teaching is is the gospel of Jesus the Master Jesus on some on doctrines or teaching the salvation wishes everything is salvation Eric Aziz is a very miss you and you and what he's doing in heaven is salvific rain fell on everything that was reducing the cried and cried entire ministry was disabled right and he he he passed that we may understand salvation we may understand the love of God that would design on my salvation on the ninth from the Garden of Eden maybe that reminds me of the second John verses nine and ten a second John versus nine nine when he goes too far and does not abide in the teaching of Christ does not have God is the one who abides in the teaching he has both the father and the son if anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching do not receive your house and do not get the greeting for the one who gives them a greeting to spaces you will be so what's good for telling us and what you should with us is that doctrine and teachings or salvation in matters we believe in matters that we accurately understand God 's word because if we don't have the right teaching Mrs. a Gnosticism what we know some special knowledge that that makes us secure we don't and able to enter into the divine realm this is the reality that God communicates with us he communities with us in Scripture and he wants us to believe what Scripture says rather than erroneous false teachings as you said he came to fulfill the law writes a very very existence on earth design that all that was written in the Old Testament he was a fulfillment of that and continue to be so the apostle 's teaching is something that the only choice was devoted to continually going to unceasingly devoted to how would they devoted to that apostle 's teaching and helping Emily that my life today they are devoted to it because everything they tied the way they live it was they had nine and is a quote by Helen Lane after the apostles patiently every the disciples were to carry their work for in Christ's name they're very worried and asked with the fasten attention on his name was nothing the the vital power by Wednesday's meeting theme their phase with the center in Hamlet who is the source of mercy and power in his name they were to present a petition to the father and they would receive an answer the disciples were to speak with the same simplicity which Christ had spoken they were then present running and the methods he had thought them everything that they did was cry and it's really them the take-home message from the pot saying we had to live our lives with Christ at the center point and he is you will fill that the promising than the in our lives as we see became constantly and he said to fill his his way through the Holy Spirit to the apostles teaching is not right spirit feel the spirit in charge will devote themselves to the study of Scripture because the one accurately understand God 's revelation of himself are most clearly seen of course and Jesus right and be related to the apostles the better the shootout as the reminds me of violence if you want to we are we have the Clio revelation that hold minimize spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit so the apostle 's teaching and being filled with your wheat we wish we come to the same place that you just don't feel charges not teach no sooner so what's that mean if I judged you can contradict Scriptures ending in October this year and they're not surrendering themselves to the movement of the Holy Spirit so virtually surrendered the wisdom in the direction of the Holy Spirit he will need in the Rye maybe ten the Hall of Fame Holy Spirit Alabama now possibly teaching insanely good I have shed is the same Holy Spirit that one virus to really understand any divorce of description now it says here that they will continually devoting themselves to the apostles did you it sounds like this is just the apostles sitting in the back room and doing exegesis and going on the commenters Michelle Williams didn't have come into their lives as they think they will fit in with the officer come it is for programmers but that this was the entire charge involved in cell number on a hearing argument which was he he said that he focuses on praying and his wife is the one who does the Bible study is to praise him and she studies in a very literal understanding of two solicits and we can kind of item or spiritual activities so we came in and say on on I'm going to do the Bible study my wife will be playing a little bewildered witnessing and has the voice for four months he has the voice what do you think you can heed when people open overnight so it's something that all of us to be focused on definitely I don't have to be a biblical scholar do not be devoted to the study of Scripture is joy and beauty of the Holy Spirit he is understanding despite his knowledge that a possible environment of the apocryphal Island men and yet the Holy Spirit was able to do phenomenal things that their ministry and then I have the results of their surrender in piety family and that example and ideas through the Holy Spirit is the fulfillment of Christ's promise of guidance and all true that claim so the holy human replacement for Spirit filled life doesn't mean we need less of Scripture down it simply means when Mfume and Cindy implied him and analyze more completely and they work in harmony reigned the Holy Spirit example and see that and the leadership that so we have the charges you feel Georgia's electronic that is focused down continually devoting themselves to the apostles teaching and is the second two components to Fellowship the breaking of bread of the singular together they are and fellowship that the devoting themselves to thank you Sean I think Christians really relevant I have since accepted to refer units connect up a package just to have a look a little bit more about what the two elements work again accepted series is a combination of things which make the church very effective in soul winning nothing about the principles that we can than from the particular question about fellowship is extremely important invest forty trade system that continues advising apostles doctrine in fellowship in the breaking of bread on us I like the sandwich principle because there's a sandwich in which we need to look at this concept the Fellowship is that the great what fellowship is quite nine-year and calling on you sometimes we think about fellowship you think about hang out the pool we think about fellowship is saying hello to someone off the church potluck and not think about the next week I think in the Bible in the early church fellowship is a lot more than that he tells me second Corinthians chapter eight of his twenty three we say that Paul describes fellow workers as more than just team members in fact in second Corinthians chapter twenty twenty three guesses include as to what fellowship men severely church the Bible says they any audit inquires about high disguising side of his upholds French CAC is my partner and fellow work can send you it is sometimes in the Adventist judge and I'm on duty of the Sun-Times as well very good at working in teams we are very good at working with people enchanted as colleagues but when perhaps not so good at making friends with occupants and the early apostles the early apostles Titus was not only holds worker and fellow missionaries he was holds friend as well I think this is again seeing agent is going to make another Bible that second Corinthians chapter one to seven we see the same concept of eligible associate mean your friends your team member your workout I think that's more than that second Corinthians chapter one verse seven the Bible says and how harmful use of Foss because we know that as you are partakers of the sufferings so also you will partake of the constellation of the Woodcock take it comes in the same Greek root word and it it's almost as if scholarship means that the disciples were united there were united in mission in purpose other with that not only to this spread the gospel but they were there to encourage and support each other 's friends know it sounds like this is sort of an undoing of the lecturing of human relationships in this chapter three where we have this closeness is fellowship of Adam and Eve and their makeup lectured by of course in the Valley now here we have a skillful charge with thousands of coming to Christ and are being brought back into that unity Fellowship that closeness with each other in the make of it you mentioned the sandwich principle and I'm kind of looking at that bus or eat you we have a fellowship like the middle of teaching and put out absolutely and I think that this means that fellowship is not so much something that we do something to be attempted by the way of leaving it's a lifestyle the way we interact with our friends thereby reconstruct without cemented in waving the church but also the way the apostles interacted with people who were nonbelievers I think that that's even more united and accepted to the forty three read all the way down to forty seven if is that many went out of the church daily such as fellowship this breaking of bread applies to not only change members but also impacts the way that the apostles dealt with nonbelievers in the community so this is Christian Fellowship this coming together and I'm really struck he mentioned leading down to plus forty two I'm really struck by how tangible this fellowship is easy describes these activities ago involved in the selling of property to support each other they are on a continuum with my mind the Temple breaking bread from house to house eating together praising God to get up interacting with others together it seems like this fellowship principle impacts every facet of our lives accident even if it's Marcello lifestyle that in every aspect these apostles united in the same mission in the same goals of the same excitement was almost I think that yet I can call each other anytime hey how you going in the opposite actually catch up to reading hard to spend some time putting together its owners it's the distance education it is all the encouragement of life support each other it's a way that they needed their lives in the early church ankle really blessed their rejection notice this is felt to be biblical because I knew we'd have lost fellowship light on this interview New Year's Eve party tonight let across the street from us on the stimulant allowed probably and I mentioned this in fellowship and to take place out they are out is is is that different than the kind of fellowship what I can ignore them believe us as a fellowship both interesting and I in him he otherwise writings you should does mention that meetings of believe the meetings the small group meeting we have should be both spiritually and socially the same time too often I think is not a balance found between the drastic and sometimes we have fellowship being refined beet polio spiritual but we missed out on the social component 's at other times we also find that you know when we when we get together we we just want to have fun and sometimes we we forget about that we we are reflecting God 's character character and everything we do is I think a balance between the two is vitally important and easy old throughout the book of acts that I'm sure the disciples and yet the early apostles and the early church enjoying the time they had to get ahead holy speak to join enjoy it together budget the same time they were spiritually for it makes me think of a fuss John chapter one and for strong chapter one is introduced with this this concept of us having fellowship of us being one of us interacting with each other is not believed guys believe us and also as bargaining also as individuals who are fellowship and with with what and I'm struck that is relieve this additional sums we have also got my joke that this is the eldest the chosen lady and her children whom I love and the truth and not only I but also those who know the truth for the sake of the truth which abides in us will be with us forever grace mercy and peace will be with us from God the father and from Jesus Christ the son of the father in truth and in love so this unity this truth this fellowship that brings us together has to be saturated with with truth accident at any fact you are sure you tell one one back with the first John chapter one it was interesting you may look at this is a valid choice yet first John chapter one complements what you just read in in second on N first John chapter one this seven this was the Fellowship and we have with someone else and this is almost the moment we can have the early church domestic safety we say that we have fellowship with him and walk in darkness we lie and do not practice but if we walk in the light as he's in the light we have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus Christ his son cleanses us from all sin human beings were having fellowship here I can be honest Los Angeles is looking for and I was looking on outsource oh seven Jonathan thank you download antivirus and let nobody else knows I've missed that does the flow of us and that is good system so we have this fellowship in its truth -based fellowship so while the meeting is a portable outside that may not be difficult all shipping is I'm not sure what they're doing and use parties here in America from its failure sorry about that and use body fat by a slightly different I think that you know the apostles in the early fellowship everything they did was like this on Jesus and the model for their fellowship development was that fellowship and insurrection and that it integration of Jesus and the Holy Spirit in our lives this is what we hear about this we can feel me out and asleep is when the Holy Spirit fills us the Fellowship that we had with our friends through the family Republicans rebuff church members the people around us naturally focus on Jesus as supposed and that fellowship focused on Jesus would be sacrificial giving fellowship will will looking at how we can blast and benefit on those rather than just or well you know those people who call you all the time and yet when most people I like anyhow the day I often thought I'm on on the past and done when I lifelessly passing I had to do member one of my coaches who would call me at all hours of the day just because he woke up in the language talk to somebody how is sure to clock in the morning wasn't nearly so a look at okay actually got to the point and don't tell my children was when I turn my fun silent night I did just because of that he is eligible talking about will will I get something that could right now self-sacrifice and getting fellowship he wasn't having that kind of felt that I should be getting that kind of healthy BMI by Ike I guess I deny I ever been classes so I can't comment on that is on site it is interesting and sometimes it's difficult to get the balance between respecting itself and wanting to keep focused on self sacrificially to the support others as well I think if you notice the disciples of the example going back to accept up to this was their life before their life and sometimes when we will add it as something that we have to drag ourselves to do it on the troll heads almost all men some say that it should just call me again to bring fruitful potluck before three weeks in the right country but when you look at it from the angle you look at it from that date through the glasses off while in supporting my fellow church members every doing this to get it encourage each other and encourage a church family it becomes so much more positive approach I'm unchecked by the radical mess of the Fellowship just been accepted to the selling their belongings so that they can share with all I have a few belongings back home and know that bag I'm coming to clock in the morning and I'm not sure if I'd be willing to sell my MacBook to know the on him send them to similar they don't have cell phones no no phones and can call me and I I I don't I don't know if if if if if a the is is that will be calling to do is used to sell things just give and give and give you are sad that's why core symptom of the underlying principle uniting in the feud that I working in medicine symptoms are a example of our display of the underlying principle I think you look at acts chapter ten the principle is illustrated he eloquently just have a look at the stories in excess of ten of one impulses so excited about selling their depositions and giving all for Jesus in you must read and accept the tender for always telling the story of Cornelius and remember Cornelius was a nonbeliever that you were focusing on fellowship between believers and nonbelievers and it was cold by always given a vision and then someone contains costs compete to leave he's house of the place we were staying to go to Cornelius Houston share with them about the cost of tinnitus and Peter Ritz and send it sorry accept tenders for United States eat tomatoes and to be baptized obviously she's sharing in the name of the Lord then I asked him to stay a few days now I might inhibit Cornelius Stanley would have fellowship with the money spent so much house for a few days yet displaying a ruminant frightened sleep until you go out and have you together are in a vehicle for a bush walk or a hot together and just what is a bush walk of Bush 's failings have rawhide on that they play both together what you're going to all something and any other of the guy fishing together denies the greater good of folk when the icon efficient Cornelius the dystopia how much propaganda straightening up being a general and an site here in accepted eleven way when Peter which sends back to the other disciples notice what they think this through when Peter came up to Jerusalem and daughters of the circumcision contended with him saying you went into an uncircumcised men and what I simply had done exactly what accepted through his forty three to forty seven was that he was breaking bread with these unbelieving and Allah complement that with a point of the pen of inspiration in gospel with his page one hundred ninety three of one rights that your success will not depend so much upon your knowledge and accomplishments is upon your ability to find your way to the hot by becoming social and coming close to the people you may send the current of the thoughts and more regularly than the most able discourse and sometimes it advances we get the order slightly wrong we are encouraged and I was so excited yesterday was helping to fight they would like the possible sites on the salt many people who were excited going to outreach and it's always exciting when a thought about sharing a face able to be made the family and friends that we have a too often we try and share our faith without trying to befriend them the principle that I finally by abilities it would yet biblically inspired prophecy page step someone in order for someone to come and want to stay in the church they need to belong phase then believe in the beheadings they belong which is a few constable in a circle of community they feel comfortable in a friendship group if you constable fellowship in the ocelot some day Adventist and depth of the enemy it's easy once they belong in fellowship for this is that the teachings and doctrines that Elizabeth was showing about this morning also as an attachable share of the incense of prayer often we we turn it upside down we try and share with them we don't want to be a friend I think that fellowship and breaking of bread and every disciple is what Peter did want upholding what all the other disciples did was not any shed the phase but also befriend infants so this fellowship is not necessary for membership as O'Neill so we all we all befriending a fellowship in spending time with not just outshot family but without human family as a whole accident the overtime of the dismissal Fellowship the apostles teaching them how to print a minute and I is I look through this this description of this EULA film charge just after their Pentecost we has the public evangelistic series of the only still preaching what they are they are they are they still social so this fellowship is with placing public proclamation of thirty ninety five you just touch the part 's wanted rating at it it's summarizing this quite I need to reach exactly when I read it last night while preparing a list so moved by Spirit of prophecy volume three page three hundred and seventy five it still cannot be accepted to example and this is describing what happened at CNN and LX ports that tested initiatives that will amend at this feast at the eating that the breaking of bread with fellow shipping from every quarter of the world and the truths received by them would carry today various forms and published among the people waiting solves the crops yes I'm a pretty public events is that the average of half seven accepted two yes they were sharing history teaching but the things that they could share whilst they were both shipping would just this powerful insulted sinuses since they are following the example of Christ not that famous cord ministry of healing Christmas alone gets to success mingled with men is one decided to minister to the needs when the confidence that they needed and followed me absolutely and I think every member of our church worldwide would do that today can you imagine the number of souls that we convince across some fellowship was the Fellowship focus on apostles doctrine focused on putting out results in plus forty seven avoid continually adding to the charge we may have a focus on doctrine a focus on teaching because that reveals to us that we find an accurate reliable identification of who God is his field of his life was his will his plan formalized that leads us to fellowship this is apostles teaching takes place in the context about her spinning time with believers were not isolated no man is violent but this prayer as well I guess we have a balance we don't just get together and study we just don't get to get on fellowship we also spend time in prayer and talk to why why was clear so important in the life of the spirit filters have to all the arty got what they pray for the Holy Spirit they had they had your shot at bay beginning chapters and access life is hardly even a chapter where prayer is not mentioned it was like the very backdrop the very foundation out of which the church in operating Neil that before I can mention the Holy Spirit was poured out as I hundred twenty of them but actually prior to look at the Bible can accept one pair was like their primary their primary activity that had the word before it was it was for that and it wants the Holy Spirit was poured out then you see prayer all in Houston that had three single thing you I let them one example that I was looking at those studying athletes was beginning when they were behind to choose another possible point in with the group there is a great while specifically that they thought and prayed before they chose the church leaders what were going to be and advice about Allah I know people who enter participating in church then we long to see the Holy Spirit now in everyone that how long you just recently our church had seemed half therefore a year is pretty long to have enough passing one church and he was incredibly godly man and then to our great human being transferred away and were connected and you and and I entered for the little bear in a unhealthy there would incapacitate everything during that time it's easy for us against both the light of the line there was the own I lack capacity was so wonderful you know can we be losing him way reality our job is to follow the Bible again are any evening we again nothing we can do that much about that guy with limited device compares the connection assistant and prayer intercession to accomplish anything the world that they both seem to did not have a wonderful pastor and church after much prayer God God was very good and then as you looking to continue studying to ask you a very medical ministry here he was going to heal dark and he knelt down and prayed about the thickly working with an action solicitor to arrive or when when Peter and John went and healed the man by the people thing the Temple there on the prayer with apologies for not getting feelings obviously this point but we are call to reach out to medical missionaries even week the medical personnel we are cultivated perfect the art calls reach out to the hurting and prayer is supposed to move 's new goals to put out the ice is reformed Chinese agreement is interesting of the ten times New Testament that God 's people described as being devoted to something like six of those times is in reference to put out then we have that before the cost you soon improve we have a connection to the description of of what they devoted to as as and only choices feel himself and it wasn't asked six way of business the lid of consoling about the eye I guess he only accepted you must forgive we several get the site is a utopian community and everything is working I got sixty five thousand people feel the getting left out by the disciples and apostles is the response when they were asked to heal for some the use of the meetings and other companies that now because my grace is saying gay makes a complaint of discrimination issue this thing of it that the Jewish widows are getting yellow healthiness villainess race or everyone was being held by everybody out leaving asked to execute by the Grecian widows were not getting that enough there complaining the there was an issue discrimination there and there was some tension the bread Bible I will indicate any possible think of very interesting some they make the comment that it would not be appropriate for them to me glad prayer and the ministry of the word even for something like church ministration or ministering to the poor and the winners which are biblical command which are which they recognized to be needful and necessary but they had flat out said that it would be inappropriate for them to neglect prayer and the ministry of the word for this magazine ignore it because there is they did take care of any raise for things to happen so that that would be handled fairly but they had this recognition of the important prayer and the importance of the word now are you telling us then that would description times like as we know with you we think you may that that is why Muslims in that only some people should be devoted to honoring ourselves the apostle diverted to some of the less less important of us would take you know what he's like discrimination and feeding people and things like that no indeed in fact Paul later on in in the New Testament then we are all praying that he is like a suggestion actually command to pray without the thing Peter talks about prayer also John talks about prayer approaching God not just something for the awful to think that after the elder than the conference president the General conference president you it was just something for them it was something for everyone to continue in continually to devote themselves to it so we have a spiritual charge that craves even though their prayer has been answered I wonder if sometimes we come to conference like this and Tosha and Alice theme itself is still meowing is itself and we've been praying that all week long will continue to pray that all through out to today and small until noon on but it seems like what happened with Lucretia George was the was this is not just an intense focus on prion they went home and forgot about it but it was ongoing court of the Christian life how do we actually make that happen how do we make sure that we are continually devoted to put out not just when I'm slanted by five thousand people who are clicking away ill I think it had a lot to do with incorporating into our daily lives our daily schedule is look at the book of that Peter and John who were like we could quite easily pay the most prominent of the apostle Paul came along old layer was also very prominent but in the early church right and before Paul came on the theme Peter and John were like the primary figure him leaving and going to the Temple to pray mad men dealing with all this and that the other nine event organizer serving let happy so often we get caught up in the year have been detailed by day of our rule of our work or if we are part of the ministry the details of the ministry and all things are diagnosing the very least the even Peter and John making time even in very incredibly busy and children the most common leaders of this new church taking I did actual time frame to do is if you missed me involve us on food in the something will going to be intentional about going to be intentional about making sure it is a active vibrant point of our lives and you we will she mentioned the new reality that we individually make this part of our lives he also must meet the home to a charge that is devoted isn't devoted to the apostle 's teaching and would know what fellowship was a came up with them on the nose so can I really if I go home and actually a pastor that I'm not describing my judgment I do not describe such as that on eels we devoted less like that or family like that that spiritual falls on Bible study prayer is not part of family life can I do something about it or my just stop having my own individual existence in that context and deal I think you probably wouldn't address us on this reality of a few isolated when we wanted to vote like the only charged it ourselves to pray on to Fellowship and Bible study but we feel like well all alone in the digital wanting to I found a lot of kitchen is mostly young people who are not in a place or I I really isolated because affinity country we have twenty million people across Boston and Macedonia fifty five thousand and sometimes that we are stuck in a situation of me because I want to do and we are disappointed and discouraged always going back only five to the initial stock how can the Holy Spirit changed me Holy Spirit changed me my hot to my hot so that I can then reject the people around and human events starting a prayer life whether that's thinking of one name that we can share with the Fellowship is that we were there it's doing a Bible study of preparing a bottle so you can share with someone else it comes back to the feeling of hot by the Holy Spirit full we can reach the people around us in our church family community so is mentioned as such individually sealed me out on this plea God calls me to my knees for us to be pleading with him that he would fill in transform my life and then I can be part of something bigger that he's doing in my charge so that every practical sense and are releasing the news is I can go back to my charge only I am now have to wait for someone else to initiate Christian Fellowship I've have to wait for someone else to initiate a prayer ministry my chart I don't have to wait for someone else initiate Bible study in my truck I can take that step is God leading me I can reach out and buy someone else to study the Bible with me I can go up to listen and say let's pray I don't have someone just wait for someone else to take the initiative is itself a simple those of us that public universities him in a secular university and when I was unimpressed that they had been married I know there was outing during the week there is no Bible said he liked it was very hard to have hit upon receipt of the people but if you go within a very intentional like him and then I want to create this atmosphere and create by the grace of God a non- inspiration of the Holy Spirit to have this community and God will surround you with people who are interested in the same things and who coolly not have expressed it without you expressing initially the Bible went on Amhara and he therefore you are and he he will deposit the hardest thing knowing at what kind of pricing the people and create communities out there definitely people who are licensing just as we are facing and guide through our prayer will answer it so that we will we will come into contact with those people and we just have to be intentional about it it is it's great in BusinessWeek and we can combine a time of prayer of revival of commitment is one before where Holy Spirit with good school that we can gain from a place like this networking with other young people were not the people what interest is in the aerial passionate about reaching souls for Jesus getting good swings on the seminar that we attend and getting some materials available here when you combine foods holds the hottest prepared going to do anything for you one peasant alike in a shot I think sometimes you don't believe me like these ideals will be in like acts chapter two things like that only compared to our own real-life it means that the country is almost discouraging than anything perhaps you know I must have fellowship but if my if I actually had a youth group is like no other there's only people thinking about in my church for a small window whatever enemy I think this is the concept of fellowship lab I think sometimes be unable to think outside of the Willamette what am I not not too long ago we had had an elderly woman transferred membership of our church and action church clerk felt I was dealing with membership in it with some difficulty getting over info and at any time with her on that and announced he was transferred into our church I will especially cultivate friendship with her and tell you after that you will meet with an month of advertising encouragement cultivating a price of admission is probably late seventies perhaps eighty have a wonderful fantastic thanks I have available policy with that person and it fills my heart with a fever oftentimes we lock in December in her eighties we don't think of Allison immediately there is true godly fellowship there is one for so Christian Fellowship biblical fellowship is crossgenerational he reaches across racial boundaries he reaches across well one of the rounds on the line for this one about something besides racial and and and eight eight event is not Argentina and passing I think I just am a lifetime as sweet as six months ago and what my coaches this was this old older gentleman with you on would construct up some conversations with the actual action and then invited to come and is kind of business passes listening to people and daddy took me out to visit some of his friends and we actually set off some guys along his house he wasn't failing and it was his adventure and a couple weeks ago my wife and I had a Christmas open house outhouse on a Sunday afternoon both portrait is over this is been some time visiting and so he told me he wanted to come to our zone because he says that a single heavy to myself as he came over and sat on the front porch and and we chatted and that he only cleans and brings authentic essence of in the yard and she was craving fellowship and healing to those the young parents and electric is old enough to read new elite he was eligible reasons of some I've seen the same thing inside of me initiating fellowship with someone older than me he was taking the initiative as a hammer to spend time with your make its name and fellowship with you so we can get we don't have to wait I wonder how many of us he'll all the awesome people don't I wonder I wonder how many honest he ought have been waiting for someone else to take the initiative to institute biblical life in charge I wonder how many of us have been content just sitting back and maybe complaining that nobody's doing anything my truck was sitting back and thinking why don't let the past and evangelistic series or otherwise and he do about putting on the article fall asleep I come to put everything online go to premium now for either brimming able to work on what the next young neck shooting of you I see so many asked that question every has a villa by anything but how many of you have prayed he regulations the intentional time praying he had USC outside of a main sessions I'm glad to see that crazily a proposed reservoir footage of fellowship and brought by the way if you want some biblical fellowship this evening I'm available to have been now now I live in a man is sinful so that means it needs to be a group not other odd but but but but but but fellowship is and what we will have inevitably think this experience I might one of Israel concluding if you missed a lot of it was like for a few minutes on what all of this life of the charge and I take back what we we discussed Elizabeth at the beginning of this whole life the judgment was based on what the Scripture teaches vessels and can foster the apostles doctrine sometimes people say we don't need without doctrine we do need without teachings just focus on Jesus will love each other will hold hands and could buy our enemies will come I'm a Navy has had both hands of people anyway so that is what me but I guess that is seen as having and I guess I will be doing is fearful people and God is the right access of action is so focused on Christ so we only have to centered on Christ if we lose sight of who Christ is we can get it people have gotten plenty of trouble that they lose sight of the heart and the focus of felt like I was exist with the sun at my fellowship is who and why prayers and who would then have our prayers and who will intercede on our behalf make our prayers except upon the thing of God felt really when we lose sight of Christ we become immune he the potential of what can be unleashed otherwise and we invite a lot and we had we ran out of room for trouble and fire self gain and for self gratification in Purcell he exemplifies out rather than price and we are imperfect therefore imperfect fellowship and perfect prayer and imperfect relation description can center union for goodwill of people who will be transformed only by the power of the Holy Spirit being empowered to the likewise I appreciate what custody jurisdiction is in the evening I know we can him us occupation is a win following is an innocent I suspect that this can be more and more experience as we are filled with the spirit as will focus on scriptural as well as a method July the wife in the mission the ministry about charge I wonder if we could make this very intensely practical and with each one of you could come up with two very practical suggestions principles that all of us can take home with ourselves and apply as we are struggling to do have this feeling filled existence you would want to practical suggestions for for being devoted to Scripture were too practical to suggestions have been devoted to fellowship with you practical suggestions for being devoted to prayer and I necessarily failed by Elizabeth he's going to think about it more and then he don't have much time I feel like this sketch I think it would be great if we spend time memorizing Scripture that we can have and are hardly stated that the life of the attack on Cecily constantly meditating on it and secondly is an intentional time during the day and evening are at and pointing in the word and really meditating on it and spending time reflecting on it asking the Lord to give it a message for the day that we can really be prepared for what's to come and give a message that you are not we need and to truly injured infused the word in our conversation so that is not something that we do in the morning at night and accordingly memorizes ourselves but something that we remain real and tangible in our conversation and eight and a ninth action so memorized Scripture is devoted to the focus of I know how the focus on fellowship and a practical way you can do to press provincial and I think one other thing each of us think of two days then we leave this place and correct this week to check in the that you can intensely make an effort to fellowship with this week whether giving him a cold lunch is off to do something but spent time recently been encouraging and praying with them or maybe going through a Friday night for a meeting Wednesday night prayer meeting together with these three people just to support each other and on the other hand think of to nonbelievers we can intentionally fellowship with his rhetoric is going for an outing when fighting them with your house for dinner I think of Flonase three-judge vendors and two when not yet believe is that we can change the Fellowship is when we leave this place is so elusive that he said memorized Scripture have an analytical human all we did I know for Liana and I had five five one five five M walking the things that the land had plenty of the something long enough it becomes music so really just using the way of playing even as I'm walking citizen discussions are saturating the mind regards what exactly sat human guns would prayerfully thinking of a few individuals industrial that this next week all we counter and fellowship with and to who are not yet believe us in a Tauscher wanted to suggestions for how we can be devoted to rail workers when it comes to my mind is to actually make an appointment in our day and got any know what light inevitably shone because it's a dedicated meantime hang the cell phone will be ringing busy knocking at the door and my dog lithic system in China saying it at night if you think I'm inside but if we make that concrete appointment and we keep it as he would keep an appointment with Senator God was greater than our senator no appointment is his obvious that you don't even be be involved in Los Angeles on one of my kind is not maybe this is related to my mind by e-mail but seriously keep that he is not so much more great personal omnipotence has so much more under his control weighing in the balance seems responsive and word that Senator Graham he stated he may have a weatherization keeping but you know what how much more should we keep it when we make the guy even though the double and everything you possibly can Stephen the first suggestion make an actual appointment in the day I have time to time from the gondola beneath the deck and back down the biggest blessing my own personal life my second suggestion is actually find a person to pray but also together joined Democrats efforts with your daddy mining for IM event I feel at home so you a while ago I would go to my mom every night and she would play with me before I went to bed or our family needed the seventh morning at ten o'clock in the evening for our friend or someone on someone supremely for the fact it continually a part he spent seven morning 's meeting is most of them sends a Newsweek life as one of United Nations all the vital information please e-mail address to have an appointment with autograph I bet you these in my mind and that the more review the memorial enormity copies down these great ideas have a event on so I'm going to know my scriptural evidence and then saturate on my description on when I'm walking or running or whatever I can't have a CD and listen to the Bible as a Jew suggestions and then ideally you said that I should prayerfully considered on to caution to believe us and this next week we charge them an opportunity about and secondly that on the thing to do normally an interview gain control that we can else in the sex would end in having obtained a fellowship with them and insolently for prey on the document should make an appointment with God and in keeping an appointment was gone and keep it solicitude good with that I'm not available organized force when I was in Academy I had a little saying that procrastination breeds creativity on the because I I I sometimes see no push things back but deadly in a Christian 's life is at it pushing back our time with God single sleep in the lecture this morning 's get my devotions will have him tonight marketers spend time praying white now I'll do it later but making appointment in keeping and secondly used to create legally with someone else not just myself greatly loosen rusted you get those ship is six wonderful suggestions six wonderful suggestions and if you need more suggestions on how you can begin to implement the acts life style of the charge in your truck in your life if you're wanting more training Bill mentioned you getting training getting equipment and in an empowered and would ridiculously for how we can begin to focus on the activities of the Spirit filled Chuck this afternoon you may not join at two fifteen were going to have a program called total charge it is actually based the whole programs based on acts two forty two forty seven and will look at how we can be empowered equipped and engage in the life of a local charges will going to be looking at what you have acquired a breakout session with you what you want to meet what he ought off us at two fifteen and what you looking at some very practical ways that we can begin to implement this kind of lifestyle and in all charges so what time we went to gather here this afternoon to fifteen two fifteen for total charge and avoid any fourteen breakout sessions after the main session for two hours introducing practical relevant you can take it home and put into practice training and some hoping every one of you will be young on your this morning doing my devotion I sure wish that was talking about when she gave a speech and she improperly felt she had to make an appeal on any I think that's appropriate to make an appeal so how many of you incognito sharks this afternoon we raise your hand and I'm guessing I see a lot enhances immune unfettered appeals which was because she is looking at releasing on and not not trying to look out for the other this is this is the object of this was not brought to thing like this is not obvious that so so it will look at those hands and wonderful wonderful I'm going to pray I'm going to pray that God is going to lift a few more hands just a few more hands so could we try that again on this is not manipulation mind you I this is not manipulation this is this is biblical encouragement so how may get a bit shellshocked this afternoon appraisal and I look forward to seeing each of you the attic of the good force in just a minute to actually spend some time playing the gone with homeless to adopt this kind of life for ourselves and for charge and I'm inviting everyone where you want if you would just throw into the person next to you to talk the person that she is confused and let's spend a few minutes less than some time praying that God will help us we member we go home that would take the new approach to balance personal life and the life of the charge will be to have an ax approach to Christian experience the Christian life and secondly that Claude would compel us not just remind us but how us not give us any less until we step forward in faith to follow his leading and implementing the life of a Spirit filled but we do that together with us this morning the two items that God would help us with them to go home six wonderful suggestions remember and secondly with you that like this Mrs. was holding myself fifteen ways to see why save this important ministry on the seventh day Adventist sequence by Young replied Bible makes price-sensitive Christians the downloadable purchase the resources visit the online and see what I see when the logic on


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