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Saturday Morning Devotional

Charissa Torossian


A teaching graduate from Macquarie University in Sydney, Charissa is passionate about presenting on the Bible and its relevance in our time. She has spoken to audiences around the world, and is currently serving as the Prayer Ministry Coordinator for the North New South Wales Conference in Australia. She and her husband Justin are loving being a part of their conference evangelism team and seeing people join God’s end-time church! 



  • December 31, 2011
    7:30 AM
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him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a dynamic life is in him anyway and in the affairs in this morning that's okay now show us in and out easily and just like they offer an adequate rest and to that ahead of the father in heaven thank you Lord for this Saturday thank you so much for the blessings that we have been receiving this way lysine thank you for feeding us in loneliness again this morning how are the end of two thousand and eleven we ask for your Holy Spirit to be present distinct hot they challenge us today and change us for Yahoo did Jesus and once upon a time in HFS file and following that ninety three things are on a married transmission they are on their way to stand out and growing brewing novel I read that a many things in Israel do not need a son only intelligence that they had received they decided to my staff was down and around the state even then I intended to slight smile at all surprised and from the sound it was an ambitious venture and rightly all in all three things decided to embark upon it without even send mass and I pray for us in a name last is my see how we really benefit and friends let's say I dreamed of visiting the history that would be the head but I think you and I is in a major problem not a bad read it again to get enough one day to help them off again ran out I'm more to harm a database these made regarding I think you cannot get very far with that one I is not the same site I might did enjoy me now in light in the Gazette contains settings in chapter three second things second three wheeled began reading this thing step three second things second three this can think of is a hot story that is making money from said second things second for investing events and laughs home alive had called me three things they data to examine them into the hat of Moab question happened to me God I know these readings completed behind this one I still have more simulated crime link on the credit of the deadline on God he blamed God for famous and friends you and I only got anywhere without Jesus we see will find ourselves in a situation like the Army found themselves in the Bible says in Jeremiah and attempted to address nineteen for my people have committed two needles that him made of announcing a moving wanted to leave on themselves this then writing that cannot hold water in frenzies is only happening depending how much nothing so tiny when we found Jesus Manheim become hot and full of ten and then some way without Jesus online and meaning that the music was from the review and Herald May nineteen and nineteen I foresee right the promise of the Spirit is a mess and legal thoughts out in the result is highly what might be expected spiritual draft spiritual weakness spiritual declension and that one night the captain of the agreement Raymond whitening vessel he found himself surrounded by high in the state and fearing at any moment to be groundless and that he met me waiting until morning before he decided what to do next my morning playing ICP group of missing there on that call see you soon this is a strange mysterious vessel just sitting there in the water not desktop from St. Paul some of these crew members together in something illegal I am right now to see this bestseller and as I got to them estimate called the vessel anyone that there was nice and not respond EPA's report home and he saw the attack then sitting at his desk as I was writing in the logbook but he was frightened and didn't made as I continue to survey the ship I found Santa line in having Dominic Harman evidently inclines and unlovable this should when it's frozen crew had been saving lighting through the optic they gain long we friend without the Holy Spirit in our lives we unlike that partisanship man by his frozen fruit yes we may have the appearance of life in a name that we are alive really we are spiritually dead with Asif said we made that human but today is manna from them he then we may inquire of the Lord by hand and by the nisi so one of the Simmons of the king in Israel and said it might be like you the sun is just easier one example on the hand Jeff has many interesting how is it just happened to be there in the middle of the government at this point in time the Bible doesn't say that friend I met in crisis with a lot anything I thought I was seeing this situation and say you have these broadband ready and waiting speed away on these the half and I'm so grateful to God the spirit of prophecy I see praise God for this profit site is reading the Bible tells us they ran see him I sent I is sure until this point in time in my set had one in Wyandotte had called him to the desert as you know I be my son had a meeting me they don't call because it is not the kind of faith the question is the power of faith to iPad and it cannot be relied to review existing in Israel rebukes you are gold-mining I went down faithfulness and then I be nice and interesting requests investing and he said but now bringing a musician and then it happened when the musician lying that the hand of the Lord came upon you my sense him then a Harrington making leader said nothing about me was that even making a browser harmonium is a heretic because he was the second son of Ahab and Jezebel and even anti- rebellion against God and Bible tells us that in the science was star for you designers are exhausted that he is just that the King in Judah had been faithful to God he had walked with God now he had made a very disappointing decision without God and the son of the great amazement think I have must have really three devices how to travel in and say also a musician because he needed to see a God and friend that's the kind of music we ought to residents in the music that allows us to hear the voice of God thousands of soldiers in while the music play and the profit train the Bible tells us that this music was flying the hand of the Lord came upon you that in Old Testament got informally and came upon him and what happened what was the message that God had in their sixteen and he said the Lord many families the seventeenth investment you shall not see when the CRTC brain and that he shall be filled with water say that you don't have to enter animals majoring and this is a simple mastering the size of the people also demanded them alive into your and all the people say I anything in Manchester less than his message month I'm sorry him oneself to make it in to make the Hall Valley will is I'm sure he sounds as when one of the son had gotten through the prophets hand on something or maybe they already are in and now I was calling them today I know what he had even brought in what were they going to do with I remember feeling especially spiritual need I mean it's hard enough for some time scanning spiritual ending racial when they sat for twenty minutes in a condition but life had been out in the hot sun advantage in time that I was admitted that she feels that he just thinking about that the number of swing at him they wanted to do was time with why because if you start digging in a dry place on the ground by getting high or that the Sandy life amenities that you know Miles evening event at the same site this is a very strange thing and from a human line in the sound said that France Jehoshaphat had walked with God enough tonight the Indians did not lead the eye midway I know it was going on guys sorry if he was concerned and so I may something today the sun went down and they kept digging all night long they got it was hot something went the rounds this law that back was aching they were tired of the top at all a nameless face in the league behind United this is was unquenchable and when the morning sunrise studio him him him taking meant something we demand from that because many times in our lives God may ask you to do things they did I think you're able today I cannot mentally you may seem impossible but remember .com mountain filled in before it had even my remember that God told Abraham that he would be the five immigrant nation long and Sarah were in the sunset years of their life remember that not only the guilty priest in the Valley hard drive signs remember I think I will end when the children reach the voters on the Red Sea and they had to say in front of the Egyptian army behind them and when you remember this night is that if God calls you to do something that seems impossible it is simply because he and Derek three maintain their impact on you to be I think I threw a fit he says my right is sufficient for you for my strength is made and your strength nine this is my strength is made perfect in weakness and friends in digging name of learning to lean on Jesus and I believe in this conference as we have been spending time on our meeting last night as they made that commitment to God and we are sleeping and putting ourselves of ourselves and inviting Jesus to come into hot in confessing our same friend is leaving as we let these things darling my roof of God in our lives I only think you and I are opening up channels in our life this is if you like waiting time is going to be able to fly a Mustang amenity times when you have had away free spirit G Y C you're thinking because the Holy Spirit is impressing upon your heart this is not to change that's got to stop this is the octagon you think you you're right you and he never said he could because he had and he always said he was a man that Francine now happened in the morning when the grain offering was a perfect that's silently watching me my way I even am the land was failed with water friends the psalmist was right we only lasts for a night because joy times in the morning and I got to see the unit without a sound from Solis is apparently impossible and invisible in my diseases live came stealing infant Manley on him in the morning I this is where all they don't not sinning dreaming then moving will affect crystal logic reflecting the morning sun from the radio without even we shall soon join the finish these soldiers will define the major advantages I think the lines and into the water and beside them their handle the night estimated greedily and happily beside them was a wonderful one in the morning and Francis the smallest act in obedience to God is always a science that shipments because I had a God God had been able to listen the award had been unfavorable to them I'm really because they learn and during the wild while one during World War I the Australian soldiers they would call each other not just nice but tickets the reason why they call each other because it was because they had much of the time and that I had been refined from these changes is a friend as far as latest Canyon flight was consented Dana was assaulted and threatened as far as God is concerned we are all gods it is as well we haven't channels through which God intends to take his fountain of living water into the wild to your family theater and a history of friend we are in the Army that God has raised up a sense of time and space and friends of mine who tells us that what happened in the back to is going to very same happen in our shed came in calmly made both in general jobs to open so I say John Johnson and I know you think made but the Bible says about the blood coming don't have the same verse twenty I the Bible says and it shall come to after the Bible says that I will pour out my spirit on all flesh your son and your daughters shall prophesy your old men shall dream dreams your young men shall see visions and also on my men sentenced in my May seventh I will just sprinkle but whole house my spirit in the eyes friends there is a shot coming to this church I'm mighty glad that the well has not yet seen and I believe is that the men and mother Natalie Hattaway and did in preparing on the water that was him who had shares we have home well today in preparing for the laughter writing to come into our executives outline it was once again a knife this subject in his kingdom it was always being such a good and some kind everybody else so he wanted to give you something that reward only what does being a good citizen society called the manual before you can follow the money to do anything within I will give you Monday to move around how much when you're able to walk around in one day and when we are able to walk around I want to give it to you as a nineteen what you are doing in his empire without hesitation Batman Turkey stop any journalists all around himself many the King was shot you and you only want within this demand signal Your Highness I went everything outside and that man was involved in his request for backing and friends as Christians the Seventh-day Adventist Christians you and I can be involved in what we pray and expect from God because our God is a right God amen he is able to bring both strains in the desert Matthew Henry once said that I expect God 's blessings must prepare your implement friends are you preparing them in your life is a blessing for the lack that is about to come because not deny me feel less to the extent that we unwilling to yield to him not going to amaze until we do prepare ha ha the man you a lot I will highly prepare how willingly receive sorry half of the blessing that God has in store for us the men are united in the late receives no debate against them all I received was a friend I didn't legally in your spiritual life the delay in the way he handled his marks as you want to receive clearance I sometimes relationships clear-sighted Sonata and that's an important one guy clearest face of God in your finances my brutal not an angry angry on your lives because he is going to bless us with an outpouring of the Spirit we need to trust in God that everything depended upon you but we ought to want to do everything depended upon the ninety one percent I'm starting to there was a revival meeting this revival meeting barmaid in a powerful way to the man McCain 's revival meeting you always saying to the revivals ever held every year in this exhibit checked every anything every revival he would always been always felt empty chairs only phone that inside when this revival came he was married and is and was previously found to remind themselves revived again I'm in the best of emotional regulation of emotion he cried out not to family and in the money is there was a lady sitting in the chair it's an old lady and she had seen these many revivals and many backsliding in the moment she had him cry at the feeling of the spirit PC said not because he makes his time drinking now friends the reality is they are without Jesus all of last we need to be continually refill continually refilled by Jesus is my only three prepare for prepared pan mom and prepare vigorous him unless he works like God I think it is very thin running time with me to the right brain as I Friday Saturday the steady-state running start I then say to the Bible says in Romans I guess anything that he did not and he finds some but delivered him up for us all how shall he not with him also freely give us all things to freely give us all things since I forgot with you have to have story argumentative at the second case chapter three then because that was not all that want to give them what was existing or anything there was something else that he thinks a history again and again how have reading invests twenty one seventeen seventy three verse twenty one all I'm saying everything 's a freaking sick to fight against them I looked and at times and all they get rid acid and they stood at the border then they rise up in the morning and the sun was shining on what and the Moabites sold to John the undersigned has read my and I said this is my thinking is actually structs alive and had killed one another now therefore not to display a set when they came to the camp of Israel Israel writing up the Moabite cement pavement bidding on them and they hinted them and feeling the mobile friend not really did not meet their needs and gave given what he will say to them that victory friend my my hometown and my non- eye and beyond our highest expectations I may not believe that Satan is afraid of the fact that one day you and I are going to write about just how they are really stories tall with only ninety five that he was surveying a map of the world he may he's enormous and is not met Ralph PMI is sleeping giant that has sleep for if she likes she was saying hello the giant of the cease-fire was trying a friend like that means that when Saint Elizabeth's it's almost like Napoleon he looks in orphanages all that has me because if she laughs she will check the world strengthen the spirit of prophecy must even if there is nothing that St. Vincent much that the people of God certainly in the way by removing every hindrance to that hello I can fly out he stared upon languishing checks in advance how many times to try today to lazy to I wanted to do what he calls us to do there and that he will feel like taking the easy micro- having to pick up the sky there and that is when you read the diamond is assigned a sign of America in May two thousand and nine that is when you pry I feel your franchise 's right to the throne room of God and there are days when you give is the ceiling and friends when you think like that when you feel that God is not really speaking to you to give praise not liking the idea of a dynamic just feeling kind of behavior is reading the way the mouse Holy Spirit to make it moving and powerful in your life keep trying because God will answer your prayers he will always come through you will gain you are providing we do how I met think I saw this in the Valley had reached him and I found the season that found in reason why I shouldn't have to dig independent infringement we've adjusted by God and obey him together I believe that we would say well I got right we would say this while you think of Smith likes the flexibility but if you put them together and stop the friend I believe that sentencing after three and a sixteenth order to become is submitted to us is John three sixteen because God calling us to dig ditches for blessing that will come praise Jesus will come the latter rain willful the gospel of the everlasting gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world and then the end will come when freezing and not prepared for a blessing that might have we are preparing for what we don't not respond from the Valley can quickly when they prepare these issues and talk to the mapping thinking click here we've been preaching that Jesus is coming soon trying to twenty years I think I really did amazing I neither compress the camera mention the other night that he believes we will see Jesus come and I believe that they are believe as we look around us I believe that we assign life to the end of time where I believe would be shocked if we knew just how much time we had with his mother quite there is no limit to the usefulness of one opening south the side makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon you from and not live the life only consecrated to God if he is people will remove the instruction he will also I don't want to salvation and time constrained through human channels and I believe that God wants to use you to be a powerful witness for him not to say that I didn't have testament because I grew up and I listen to people in the front instead of testimonies and they were always so exhausted so amazing making this money was the message I just only thing to catch the friends I've always been also very side I know that might be hard to believe but found my mother she would take my sister and I could check every sound growing up in the middle of the city and my friend share and I'm what's the freaking end up defining phrases you see anything when I wish I could do that until I got back time and when no one is looking I got back into my room and shut the door and I stand in front of the mirror and I was preached in the mirror and tell you what they were very the same and that I would preach the near not many feel like his stand anything I discussed that a priest that there Monday while speaking to the mayor and myself that came into my room without knocking and fill me preaching to the management of funds is a cannot so insanely replace would like for you human problem there is some sadness in a row can say that I have the offering and then finally get up and I'm a phrase when I finished freezing outside I think Randy enough final unit in and understand the guidelines recommended by different and I said that my mildly replying chance to live explains anti- and they had out there that say he came to visit in nineteen ninety was married and I was in the middle of one of history 's deepest salmon on you come visit my dad wasn't going to take and eat as long as he's mine him him him immunoglobulin is mining the renowned second twenty five the story as a fourteen -year-old in the high school still very shy person I remember one guy beside the school one morning and we were talking with my friend my teacher might receive similar passages a good morning Kathy Gagne speeches ready to assist agencies in the one next to English life nothing is ready to experience that we stop talking and we went to write and speak his language when English came and we all hopped in the classroom to teach and write the names of the students that would be speaking message is during that class and I went from evening to put on the mining there on the board so I had to get a delimited space that I have prepared and was to be a speech in a book that we had read and it was to be a monologue you would think a character from the book envy that has never been I had read was about the time years of anybody read that the magnificent powerful book of the people how humble about a film that was shot during the Columbine high school students have read the story that I decided I'm going to be the brunt of his film in the book inside when my time came to give my speech to my year at class he ended up slightly I got off and on delivering the station my classmates and I are going through this phase of the bulb went on in my said to make an appeal the evangelists doing they precisely after all you're just pretending to be like somebody somewhere into my seat got his idea to sign in I said and now if you would like to extend Jesus Christ you have to know saving a friend of friend amazing I had with me feeling of doing just twenty million my pages at enacted the rent she is the main one is happening in the front of the room the front and I was just talking what I think uninsurance nine ninety tanks and I think if you found we had half the time comes around to see me many times I've seen Nvidia field and saw I had never seen a few time when no one responded so I have my CJ with no one in my scientists again I was amazing until somebody may find that I am delighted in any tendency may sound like my best NCC actually married to Mary she was sitting in the front right finally see the handout and I said I see Fred at when I sat down I felt off I went fine that night and I feel terrible that my closet and I think I'm some kind of a religious but I think I want to make is not nine timeline you and I anyway so I don't care like all my money and wanted to genuinely change will only change the line when everything went like they did in the developing and we as went to school the next morning to make things with friends and unusually bright and morning had missed the bus seven zero nine making civil cases their melodies resembled with me and she's it was an incredible speech he gave yesterday that many she said know how you like to give you an assembly today I said you mean the whole thing made him seem says ESRB we want the whole thing him a hundred million budget on Ava Mahanta said he went too long have I listen a minute to three minutes because everything in life from for a minute coming to me and friends my CCC honestly saw that there was something they are and could be developed for God 's glory and the following year has authority neuropathy on you David Cheney became for me to answer public speaking competition to represent my school and I when I was asked to do and I said I had to pray about it because I'm a very shy person and I never done before I prayed about it and I decided that I would enter this competition on one condition that I could talk about the sun went back and told me teaching my decision as a teacher she could have looked at me and fisheries that's nice that God would work in a secular competition but instead she looked at me and she said something which is possibly be one of the most life changing things events adhesive shares and that is the best thing that you can do with that encouragement I went and I had to write his states with you right on the IntelliSense in the audience about God I decided my sister help me God help me to write a speech on the way tenancy because in the year two thousand nine New Year's Eve at the Sydney Harbor Bridge made up in this class to cross it was the Weddington thyroiditis face I can still remember the day before the competition I was kneeling beside my bed I was a fourteen -year-old student and I was very net as I know climb I made and I pray he said you and I advised neither lifetime Davis so I just ask you to please help me get through tomorrow in fact not if you knew me tomorrow then I promise him I will sleep training wherever you Windows family promise I made the next guy I sang at the school happened that I was home was facing this competition amenable to the rumor that the competition was going to be held I was very intimidated because there was shooting similes of the schools address United S uniforms and they talk so well vital sound so intelligent I remember one time he said that you end out even have a standing army of the time I didn't know what the UN while I thought it was time to time I decided the time came for me to deliver my speech not protected I think it's a microphone I made to minimize states that audience and I got the night began to tell them about God but I was going through this feature intended to something happen my friend the phone will connect classroom while I was in the middle of my speaking is the one speaking competition you do not enter only memory and when someone is speaking in front of his death my principal walking and acidity walking the passage I have memorized and was reading in my head just should and I was left staring at his audience that look like toys for effect if I had a serious iPhone and I know what you doing in my mind I was panicking comes next when I have to than a miracle my mouth just started by telling people that my head was in confusion and as I sat listening to what was happening to you my plan was mentioned on nothing the second time classmates walking past the ring they were waving at me through the window again but hey Jim I have to vanish again my mouth just got done telling people about God of the time it happened three times I'm also him I like playing through any help for me I minimize him when I finished I sat down and I felt safe unlike Jeremiah I felt my body just reached out and when you might now that within the house the competition the next thing from two sixty nine terrible and impromptu speeches and I was the worst when they so when the time came for them to announce the winner announced three minutes and have someone of some renown in a manner that leaves a razor to the adjudicator often with you that music to me sure so that was an incredible speech could have been an insanely division just one thing had gone out of it thank you and I went away disappointed besides I told her and she said she was do you remember why we went into this and she said and I wouldn't change coming in the next round of the competition and I lost two women and their friends my promise to God business if you let remain tomorrow and I promise you that I speak for you and see what NATO in transition that database I have endeavored to be faithful to God and I am indebted to go anti- Federalist you guys call me to dig in places where I felt it was impossible for me to take to do things and I didn't think I could to their friends when we make room for God when we would just do what he calls a day God will send through a blessing for you amen and friends it's interesting to read the story and second things that you the priest offered the sacrifices of the time of the morning sacrifice when the freedom of the sacrifice in Jerusalem suddenly feel it I've been a fountain of living water supply soldiers in the mapping for inside two centuries later when she him God offered himself in the cross for you and I he has other than that my faithful readers I've even created for us the fountain of living water so that none need a fancy now Tommy it is not coincidence that he became an unstoppable force after they received the power of the water and all the blood and I was itching will always be in the blood of Jesus Christ amen friends second Corinthians chapter six invested second Corinthians chapter six nurse to the Bible says the hall from the screen in the second half of his face behold now is the accepted time behold now is the day of salvation friends right now today as we are on the costs of twenty twelve now is the time that God is calling you and I think David ditches to databases we can and as wide as we can because I place where success comes before work is in the dictionary we got to do something and when a prophet said he didn't mean my friend God is ready to make when we ready to resume this morning the Ukraine a spiritual blessing you want God to fill you in month allocates today is simply this I feel badly for the ditches that every Seventh-day Adventists here and utilizing every Seventh-day Adventist and this world that is not to be filled by God 's Holy Spirit him random moving more to the gospel denies around them that they may have learned from finding them live Megan is in the database and then I may fill them to either ditches is not asking you to dig in your life if he wanted to spend more time on your knees and pray perhaps this someone you need to forgive perhaps God is calling you to go and do the same the mission field somewhere that God wants you to say José Manuel band Radiohead God maybe I need today is a fascinating argument is framed on the ravens can just make that step in a meeting during bowel movements and then as my brother he sings a song I like to invite you to demonstrate that desire to remain on the going date when an area emitting on anything I just standing here faith and coming events are designed when the guy from this place they thinking this message is she wisely is important is the same thing happens in sequence by them I Bible makes price-sensitive Christians the downloadable the resources visit the online CYC when launching


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