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Friday Plenary

Jan-Harry Cabungcal


Jan-Harry Cabungcal

Neuroscientist, Founder and Coordinator for Europe4Jesus



  • December 30, 2011
    12:15 PM
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him him him this message was presented to penalize the two thousand and eleven hundred other resources like this online menu I see where I had a happy Friday July three and decided I I as I stood at a back and listened a beautiful piece I thought to myself wow I could stay back there listed them forever however I have the time to give you a testimony might estimate before I do that I know that right now than he has already prayed on sol are young people in the back of already prayed Whitney informing but it is my personal Judean ethics before I open the word I'm also dependent on the sidelines of the value had where you are to seek the Lord in prayer once more our father in heaven Lord we thank you for this wonderful event we thank you for bringing us here dear Lord you have called us not because we're the greatest perhaps because we are the least of your household long as I share the things that you have done for me the experience of the things I've seen when I'm hurt I pray Lord that you will empty me of self and you will fill me is my earnest plea sets you will can be heard but you alone can be seen when I will disappear since Christ can appear not only now forevermore is my earnest plea in Jesus wonderful name you are July face of before I start my testimony I like it do think your sort out only to sharpen it does limit largest afternoon go to the book of John Whitney book of John chapter four when you get there please don't be shy saying that through your use of that by now here we find Jesus traveling northward into Galilee with me on the big day the Bible is a positive news scenario and at about the time the Bible says Jesus may cause delay on Jacobs well it's a weekday it from verse six John's underfloor verse six amen okay gearing and you gave me permission I read the new hearing from the King James version Nanjing as well as their Jesus therefore being where and when his journey saw not so well I was about the sixth hour or seven there the woman of Samaria to draw water juices that are broken and contrite for his disciples were gone away under the sink at the Miami verse nine then said the woman of Samaria on the powers about being a Jew eyes a drink of me which I'm a woman of Samaria for the Jews have no dealings with his American burst then Jesus answered and said Robert and Don on the deal and the not only business in the Mediterranean what a basket of him and he would've given you living water verse eleven the woman sat up and start but as Anna Gonzales on the lowest leave will send out the living water Breslow are now greater than our father Jacob which again was allowing drag-and-drop inside and is generally an Estado Jesus answered that Senator was eleven think of this water shall thirst again but was eleven drink another water that I shall give him shall never thirst again but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life the next verse message being the woman senator and lives are in the Bayswater that I thirst not need or come either to draw my name is Jen have a couple I am a neuroscientist that's how I pay my bills but my life 's passion is solely and I have news for you young people you might be students you might work in a medical field in the bag just a means to pay your bills so letting his Iraq invasion we find they are sorry of a woman and this was sorry is very much like my sort I was born in the Philippines in the nineteen seventies raised my right micron in a all done by a ion said my uncle so I was not laughing aloud on the exit wanted thirteen one thirty I joined my parents and letting the United Kingdom and while in the United Kingdom by the time I was sure I was skinny very skinny and very short and I didn't speak English as allowance and Robinson all they don't want monogamy I thought okay will put them in the lowest class and as I will end of the class the water friendly bunch of good people here know to be my classmates were very friendly and they actually were nice to me and the teachers actually sat with each sentence during class and walk through the exercise a month and a half demon they are maybe almost two dollars of exam I didn't know what they say what the strategy laws but an exam was given to the whole class I don't and lo and behold I got ninety five ninety eight percent positive like callers as other pages look among those on the sidewalk this guy is not so stupid I probably and they put me in the middle class higher middle-class and in this last being let out my closet went up as well not so nice Yellin whether copying notes I remember I would love that their payout of their notebook and they would delay I got a better month after meeting and advise those that are exempt back the know know know in an elegantly designed as I noticed that it is in my exam it would bring up a higher class if I fail it is a win-win situation I'm beginning to like the pot than that out of the same time in the back of my all last with her to do it and so the paper was given I flagged it glad I stayed in the class now you understand that I was raised in a personal but when I joined my parents in the United Kingdom all of a sudden our home was not us I imagine it to be or should be want to be at Arizona was something lacking within me when I begun seeking something that would satisfy the longing of my heart and my environment is still silent as no I saw a partly because the alert those that are in line to be more sports gifted and so I look around the ship around I saw rugby no way to get hold of the ball everyone's just have to get you an unidentified because of the ball pregnant agent and catching the ball without blogs is just painful as I thought I basketball or something I could live with as I'd like Alaska will be brought low as a lot of the guys that as I am a blogger that meeting but with me on the you mean what I called a fairly dancing because that's what where I spent for the five weeks of my life in the basketball throwing fallows and as I got the ball is on the again will be done and loving them away so you're getting the picture one day finally I thought okay I'm tired of this and I just whispered a series prayer somebody break a leg and somebody did breakaway psych at the plate and said goodbye bring event and so now I need to earn the trust of all my teammates but insane time I just wanted back in part like I'm alone nobody really possible unveiled the opportunity was given and finally I get to shoot in England and behind the three-point line now they discovered something that you see in the Philippines we start playing basketball in a supply as so I'm even able to jump him I decide that his legacy seven out of ten from a distance they apply you lasted maybe don't agree three months and after that was still something missing I discard it they decided to go somewhere to find something else as one install icon the people dress nicely with their jackets and the black labeled with and bring them they wanted that such testing so I joined the testing knife out of a thought okay this guy buses being good English so let's put them again in obedience until finally somebody gets sick about a play of low story short and what do you know the basement lineup playing basketball in my tests and so I do not think that outside and he doesn't get up until my art beaches was my uncle place all the kids at the same time there's like a chessboard anyone playing one on the same time a assist leader on I was a little bit older what a happy people school doesn't have money doesn't have night air Jordan and so on a couple of fifteen sixteen -year-old the money so decided get a job so we got a job finally and no one would accept this apart from apostolate Saint I would say when they would anyway so finally got the not paid and went and bought the things that need like a millionaire it still didn't satisfy the longing of my heart but while I was working of this class would chain they are people who are calling me names and telling me wanted to go back where you come from your limits the regard to youngest child with hard language and I am hearing that it was a locate one day another prove you wrong and that was my drive the boat the University to prove people wrong what the University in England that's evident by medical program Kudlow sorry sorry successfully got my degree and finally got invited to the doctoral program in Switzerland so went to Switzerland was there a Switzerland where God has been beginning to work in my heart I have the need to track wrong fine gentleman writing for a long time I wasn't one Saturday was the spring of two thousand three when I began to wonder how you leaving there was a one American preacher okay that meeting delimiter you're primarily and during design I was hearing the message that was just the just for me how I saw myself in that message in the end of the way one professor advised me that appeal something just what's happening when you will explain I was holding onto my chance I wanted to respond with my chair on my on my backside finally the Lord that hold enough summer of two thousand three as an allegory screen back to Switzerland Monday was a great series I was my thoughts forty one days out of my mouth is on I pray I praise my first revival meeting I value my design my my news was shaking slightly selves allowed the I was worried that all the people of year when my knees the Lord I pray you I do that's what this I guess I will preaching my foreign-born skills as very bad feeling in the Lord heard my prayer I asked Lori Ms. is what you really wanted to do nonchalantly Leon on the Romano theories than people recommended lies to the Lord about is God calling me I'm not the ponderous costly trouble when I got into as I was praying and I do not believe Lord send your Spirit the body needs all parts of opportunity a door opened I was asked to be part of the Dean to preach evangelistic series form an endless series in the Dominican Republic have no no no no training encouraging our evangelism dog training advisories and I had was finally classified while studies for today 's an obvious to me young man watch and bright as I sat in the bar is once again and right and soaking up everything that he is building and how he's making appeals and how is leaving a present decision so while my goal out there waiting for many months of writing and preparing to the Dominican Republic by the younger Dominican Republic because of our summer to get a picture worst night regular classroom addressing any avenues running Bridgend IL-2 I can run child maybe five or six years old runs across germs on my cable my laptop Leno without wings the house like a basketball I can discover my eyes they complain my MacBook is unavailable in the region when in a you know that editing this refuge for the rights to ospreys in nineteen twenty K I said nothing about Iceland I is implementing down undoubtedly soliciting child trims unobtainable my computer about this like a basketball I said this cannot be happening and that's unable at place of a late appeal of the battery had another child the same thing that okay we go to solve this problem no children allowed first night second that I wondered silently set up everything I was writing my notes on my model ready the rates and then allocate the amount of leverage and the rudder as elaborate allies on suffering the claimant applied Alice Young on studio and so he basically said you penetrates this one up as we don't know visitors year when the masses and mobilize all the help you argue without but I argued anyway as I was talking with them back in court my translator Juan Francisco from New York saw and he came is less sensitive the problem so I put my arms around a bit younger to find camaraderie and an unexplained situation independently has a brother you know the eldest rights unless I was about to argue there was a voice at the back of my head I slough this ice when speaking with you today that's all second I have four six but no rain the memories emerging consumer mobility in my name on this here is where the log on the Jack my life is not meant to be gone by Mike not let what you speak just a load of books by Doctor got a backlog I fell on my knees with three minutes announced God Lord it's your spirit is that you your spiritual film feeling another be obedient you decide both know I'm going with this but you know so I went with it open my Bible for the shortest time I could remember it's not being you want to Donetsk and they'd be gone the way the pulpit enterprise ninety one rates cited my knees were shaking like never before that I had to stand would want to get back on the front to stabilize and we've reached for one half hour on the sermon I did not prepare the translator paper manifests brother you sure you do not prepared upon I was hoping you would take my side but you didn't I would live you could buy has something it is all indisputable and on that Sabbath afternoon the hall charts is not the mantra to be daunted by the hand of evangelistic meeting with the addition salts but originally they only had she so as I is president by having that I what happened I thought he already had a thousand women be gone from so we explained the situation but it was only through the spirit of God we meet charts be gone to pray an object to be gone condors seven cobbles got married the pop only the Spirit of God can do that well I had a season brainchild I arrived my experience this was just the beginning before I allowed the Dominican Republic I wasn't done with a root window in the room with the young people and I love them I see in our eyes what are we to do when we get home when we got to do is visit the city I all this is original adventure we had one call and let me know back on the dais the vision begun on forming Europe were Jesus God 's mission in the mission field our young people may not be able to elaborate the message will not go in understand unless specific message of the Seventh-day Adventist and the part of the young people of the land learned to rehang the lesson of the people I work in our generation so that's begun why we would arrive at the young people of the human terrain writing were still rough when asked God was bringing us through sincere and that unable here legally seeing the intent of our hearts what he got a submission we got to materialize I regard below revival meetings in Austria and Germany and Hungary in Italy Switzerland Norway different places in Europe God begun raising up on Army of young people who wants simply to be filled with the spirit of you are not alone in their brothers and sisters we might harm you yeah who are just like waiting to be mentored waiting for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and I'm so glad I live in the moment God has led me to many young people as you are you wanting through one young person recognized I wanted to bring in the air but he's not like hauling for this time is joined by I was very genetic gradualism day in modern Germany and these young man was there I met them there is a born generation processor and is young man came on the pages on their something about the eyes of the Lord are you leaving me to be shown not to be due to mentor him it was somehow bring into the blood of the cross is an Internet but is starting but then to church his name is Mark and two thousand nine it was not that and that is deepened by AZ bridge is fundamentalism and anyone else the following year and I is that networking blog labor of Euripides is not only that is the longer you coordinate in God can do that for myself online or not on this movement how much more for you young people recently I was is that the this two days ago and is formidable to evangelism it the Lord given me one of the most memorable experience on just one night I went out the outreach but were forbidden but I went out anyway I think that you might translate visit me because I wanted to get into trouble the worst thing they can do these important not majorly be pornography women report was okay as I went out because I got restless at eleven o'clock leaving the I normally have gotten when I have that I know that there's somebody out there waiting as I went out on lo and behold while three of three different periods during three different guys think the first was on the second was on the blasphemous and apparently the hallway of the hotels around a month out with more significant than I want to share with you is the last one unless you want to the Pentagon establishment eventually I deducted in the viewing of anywhere were not supposed to be where there is you will lease but basically women precise iPhone and brother I'm happily married and I will be committing sin against my wife by even going so what does this is what you don't know what was then are committing sin against God and he looked at not begun compiling asking the propaganda system in the daughter no I imagine this if your sister is there just to make me would you I don't think myself and asked in discussions I asked him you know how meet up with stuff it seems to me that you're a good man but with the strength of what possibly one of the was once like you the one victory over death and we walked for forty five minutes around the city Palestinian Bible studies and American IPO there's only one who can give you victory another as Jesus he won one of notorious is not just a normal night is a difficult nice I just world is the son of God and you can have victory if you allow him so the presidency based January interest that we had about everything it's what background was saying as is would like a copy of some elements you exists yes so we walked back venerable the price and David Muslims I want more sorry like I decide I want to leave you without giving in this story I live in Switzerland my mission field trained Muslim playing and cellophane as I discovered right is a big smile was looking on your phone wow I just don't base I look is nice and unborn life no problem there and saw it I I I he I think even siblings is yes by all means least it would place it and diversity of just listing is a what you do some question the class with the ball question which require bold response is always easy I got a lot on your side this is essentially that of a creation I let them have it and as the name of explaining what I thought hanging in front of the great controversy I do not believe this amount granted to the battle lines and we are caught in this battle and I was not involved in London England in five minutes and eleven with this is a heavy dose of overenthusiastic and finally I did finally I got just a copy for you cycle gap analysis in all he asked me I asked him what about you what do you know what this is idolized eyes as well I'm a Catholic priest I got my grades he is a professor at the seminary training at the grace and you can imagine I was riding in the great controversy as I was pulling it back I love you guys it is really the only one that really nails behind the essay Lord put a sock in my mouth hit the dirt before because I thought I just dishonored him I later realized later I get an e-mail different exact assessment of e-mail when I read I almost fell of my chair his business his words I barley enjoyed this book I believe every single seminary should have this book will start line where can I get more of this book I felt I almost know the chair I went straight to my bookshelf all done Brinkmann versus woman in the boxes they brought out a card for you I don't know where he is today but is no longer in the faculty of the University where he was the life whereas that the Sierra Nevada mountain that will see him and have young people God has a special phosphorus but he cannot contract is not without its being field I went to radio television or listen a Robinson time we got of time by the wonderfully without this just let us think the storyline is learned among them education page two six three thousands of young question when you log in his rescue ministry normal while his alternative in the hospital after car accident sends Dragon wants prime on a knowledge of God millions of you are not always live in a different high within his knowledge that it will rise the Savior is nursing we concern this and I despise is no question of simply lather going to have me home at reasonable administrative listings aren't allowed in the bath will knows whether you are complimenting them for such him I asked this I wonder if there's anyone in this room who wants the Lancer the school but before you cannot service call before you can receive beneath the spirit of God you have to bring something that hinders you said priorities before him what is this hindering you from fully receiving that living water price offers a trial that was satisfying and I satisfied myself on my heart I let her evangelistic meeting point of reality and the long run eleven we had an evangelistic meeting I was also enough by the one mind-boggling law and two thousand and last year I was in the mission field I miscalculated a date might one week I was supposed to be home I have a somewhat alive who understand that this is not must be answered young people God will use you but only when you are asking to be filled I wonder how many of you with the raising of your hand would say I want to be field but holds with has filed a nice close maybe there is a young person young man young woman in this room who have something in their lives I is whatever that may be neglected giving God the basin they can be fully use my widgets than your feet as a lawyer the unity I am tired of going to the swell and driving from this falls well I want to drink from the well that you offer is good that young person a man in a more young person I want to pray for you this this afternoon not be cost there is power in the butt I believe in him whom I stress for my life as easy size for my life when I gave it all then you can transform your life is not the first I give you today I don't want out one of the displays knowing I am not its that I seemed markedly less than utilizing in the angel of God by Saddam himself was smiling appropriate our father in heaven Lord I think you lucky about in my life I say give what you are doing in the lives of these jumping your day is spent for you today because they understand that they may have the neutralizer this brought along they also recognize the need to be found while they're holding on to something that is hindering your smear to fully work in the facilities symbolically span percent of the our lives you disappoint them they will live displays not only feel like you but you will dwell in the nylon forevermore we thank you for hearing this prayer is just wonderful this message of hope that you him or see him as someone who is on the same thing happens in sequence by you Bible -based Christ and his Christians the downloadable purchase another resources visit the online and see what I see when normalizing


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