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Fitting In To Heaven

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • December 29, 2011
    6:30 PM
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him him him this message was presented FG Y Z two thousand and eleven hundred other resources like this is the online menu I see where I had a meeting you I think I will try again a few I think in a much headed a blessing in fantastic at Beaufort repeatedly at this point you should apart repeatedly it leads that our theme this year is filled me are earnestly that for all intent and purpose that that's a fancy way of saying topic that the theme that this conference is revolving around is the Holy Spirit 's work in our lives is an important theme in fact speaking of the absolutely critical role of the Holy Spirit we are counseled in the second manuscript relief page fifteen it is beyond the power of language to express the blood things the Holy Spirit brings God 's people if received and appreciated the Holy Spirit will make us holy Christ like through his agency we are united with Christ partakers of the divine nature and here's the key the reception of the Holy Spirit in its fullness is the great need of the church today is my hope that my most sincere prayer that tonight will be not just another opportunity be more informed about the Holy Spirit but by the grace of God in his indwelling spirit be transformed into the character of Christ's as we begin to study God 's word tonight we must begin with a word of prayer I have with me directly father Lord I thank you so much for the opportunity of bringing these young people together if you wife the I thank you for the theme it's been chosen now Lord I thank you that you have promised to give as many of them through your Holy Spirit as we open your word we've got are mine Lord sharpen our minds and where is needed Lord soften our hearts so that we may now hear the word would be doers of the word reflect your character the world by your grace that may hasten your soon coming to pray all of this in Jesus name amen above all the other creatures that the Lord God made in the creation week we're going to Genesis chapter one by the wife will give you a head start above all the creatures of the Lord God made he gave humanity man and woman the man dominion over everything and I were to reflect on his forming a moment why is a Marathi why was the man given the responsibility of dominion over planet Earth what would be the reason and many of you that while courts were given to me love is going to do it in a way or the other option for me we are as we are special where you need where one-of-a-kind were the only ones in fact we were and you might have the theological reasons why we were given dominion of the art is that what we were formed from the dust of the ground and while that's true that doesn't make us unique apparently according to Genesis chapter one verse nineteen the Lord God formed every beast of the field out of the dust of the ground way that bio we were designed after the plural man and woman you like like the Godhead work together any unity and they created we been given the ability to procreate but we were commanded to be fruitful and what multiply enough revenue through the problem important official told me verbal multiply in the format was created is not arguing this is a happy about that but we have the breath of life but according to Genesis deficits and Mrs. seven seven the blood was given to wipe out all creature him so if not that even if they felt they could not be before the strongest creatures God ever made were not do that because where the fastest creatures God ever make it because with the best swimmers the guy never made were not we don't have the coolest powers of any of the beings he did look around the world we can't fly I will apply to fly we can't breathe water fish can do that I can't do that you know we don't have bio what are they called luminescent we don't glow-in-the-dark that would be awesome we don't have what we are operated by photosynthesis you're not fueled by the sun which think about that how great would that need every night in front of them was like a backup or is tremendous you know you follow the sun of the butt and living in Michigan estimate is not the best thing that the people in Florida and Arizona what do you destruct I did not see that coming on the thirtieth where not even the heartiest of creatures were actually quite fragile think about how much luggage did you pack for four days in the wild outback of Houston all the other at hoping to get by without luggage we had to carry on it back in again my point is this what makes us unique is not any physical attributes but a spiritual something Genesis chapter one verse twenty six tells us what that is we could eavesdrop on the conversation the Lord has with himself says in verse twenty six Genesis chapter one let us make man what are the next three words on Friday was edited you felt that under what is in our image according to our likeness let them have dominion over the fish of the field the birds began over the cattle over all the earth every creeping thing to greet them your number twenty seven so God created man what an alert in his own image in the image of God he created him male and female he created them this spiritual significance of humanity is why we been given dominion term Islam eight Psalm eight reflecting on this creation week in the significance or rather the seeming insignificance of humanity amongst all the other creatures and beings and created world of the Lord got an established local dishonest that on a thought in the first three that I consider your heavens the work of your fingers the moon and the stars that you hold ordained course for what is man that you are mindful of him and the Son of Man at you visit him do you think that they thought of all the things that you made what it what we first thought for you have made him a little lower than the angels and you have crowned him with glory and honor crowned with glory and then he goes on to say you would make him to have dominion over the works of your had to put all things under his feet but the rationale for that is this crowning with glory and honor what does it mean to be crowned with glory out of relate to being made in the image of God you know what I think of the word glory and I guarantee you're thinking this to what I hear glory I think of like shiny like a gleam you don't you think about that when you think of the Lord returning at all of his glory your thinking brightness and splendor and shiny sparkly maybe but here something differently that while there is an outward aspect of glory greater importance the real significance of the unclean the N-word glory which we're going to be tonight if character of activists after three exits chapter three of the quickly through the Bible tonight is not an apology on I'm just letting you know that his chapter three this is the story of Moses being coming up on the burning bush any desire to inspect it and go over the Lord does not do that if that were fixed that moreover he said I am the God of your father the God of Abraham the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob and noticed these words carefully and Moses hid his face for he was with the work afraid to look upon God he was afraid to look upon God but what's fascinating about this is the thirty chapters over thirty chapters the right of exit chapter thirty three and the same Moses was afraid to look upon God now this is chapter thirty three makes the famous request verse eighteen and he said to the Lord God please show me your what the Lord example three the phrase the look on God Ernesto seven thirty three he's begging for more with the lot would submit you leave the different Moses at this point the Moses was wondering around the wilderness unsure of himself not been called to the ministry yet but now the Lord God if you've been at this point in a mighty way he is going to do before Pharaoh give delivered his people by my nannies across the recipe that based on autumn outside I have received the law you gone up in Mountain View come close to the Lord in fact even shared in the sufferings of the Lord in dealing with the Israelites a film in the golden calf of a history view incident occurred in Bangalore it is not possible to reading and then put myself in their place block my name out even different Moses now he asks for even more of the Lord glory and this is crucial this is crucial because given first nineteen beneath their I will make all of my what's the next word goodness pass before you receive the equivalent of the glory of the Lord is his goodness that will make all my glory of a golly goodness pass before you and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before you I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious now have compassion on whom I will have compassion if you go to chapter six verse of chapter thirty four when it actually occurred this is what happened in the Lord passed before him and proclaimed the Lord the Lord God merciful and gracious long-suffering and abounding in goodness and truth keeping mercy for thousands forgiving iniquity and transgression and said by no means clearing the guilty visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children and children's children to the third and the fourth generation this is the glory of God this is his goodness the glory of God is his character his goodness his mercy justice etc. man's creation in the image of God and being crowned with glory means primarily that God established humanity to reflect the character of his creator this is likely that this way they try to prop up a forty five Christ alone is the express image of the father but man was formed in the likeness of God and she explains what she means by that is nature was in harmony with the will of God his my capable of comprehending divine things the defection were pure and appetite and passing under the control of reason he was a holy and happy in bearing the image of God and perfect obedience to his will easy with only with this inward glory this godlike character only while that with maintained good their outward glory be shining a further garment of life as we typically refer to it be maintained continue on the same page we read these words within the spare war no artificial environment bioluminescence they were clothed with the covering of light and glory such as the Angels where the notice the next so long as they live in obedience to God this robotlike continue to enshroud it was this inward glory this Christlike character the qualified man as that unique creature formed in the image of God but of course we know the sacred history we know that they did not continue to live in obedience when Adam and Eve rebelled against their Creator it was this image of God that was lost as devastating as the must of been to be brought out of the garden to have increased pain and to even lose access to the tree of life and the resulting living forever that came along with it those things were subordinate though things were secondary to the real loss which is the image of God and man are things sometimes I think when we present the great controversy theme we don't talk enough of the story we need to present a greater controversy if he will talk about the great controversy with a thing like which are truly thankful to Genesis chapter one and two and with a few thebaine with establishment is good good good good about they think it was very good and it had the other water that ran through it and downhill and had the tree of life in their all beautiful surroundings perfect environment and then came in everything we lost Eden we go through the whole Bible the negative in the Bible Revelation twenty one and twenty three when you see the restoration of the Garden of Eden and bears the raw water of life if the tree of life we shall have a book in the Bible thought would even establish and even restored but as true and as great as that is good my point tonight the restoration of a place is not the point of the story of redemption salvation in Jesus Christ involved in the restoration of people themselves sometimes I feel it will follow this logic sometimes I fear that we focus on Christ promised to prepare a place for us while we neglect the work of the Holy Spirit to prepare us for that black do you see the difference put it another way redemption in Jesus Christ need more than simply if promised to physically transport us to heaven that includes the far greater promise to spiritually transform us or have been not merely to get us in but to fit us in before we get there you see the difference is the difference between sitting in an dating in midlife but that was when Christian education page sixty four and sixty five then has Martin and well-nigh obliterated the image of God and man and noticed these words it was to restore that in him when a foundation would live in a life of probation was granted to man to bring him back to the perfection in which he was first rated noted before it is the great object of life the object that underlie every other so whatever we do beyond that the foundation issue and the great controversy about just restoring a place for storing a people for a better way education page one twenty five the central theme of the Bible the theme about which every other in the whole book cluster is some after that with the Pennsylvania Bible apparently that was rhetorical but you guys even if they like to sacrifice on the cross you to get that the central theme of the Bible the theme about which every other in the whole book clusters in the redemption plan which she defined as the restoration and the human soul of the image of God from the first intimation of hope in the sentence pronounced into the last glorious promise of the revelation that make up the estate the names of the underfloor at the burden of every book and every passage of the Bible is the unfolding of myth wondrously man's uplifting the power of God which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ of course because of our sin the problem that does exist we can't have the open communion with God that our first parents enjoyed I mean a promise that Mrs. White referred to in a previous quotation of Revelation twenty two do we suffer your faith sounds nice until you counterbalance that with God warning them of the back connected thirty three you cannot see my face for no man shall see my face and what led you to you can create Godlike utility knife but if you don't you'll die if that good news or not talking about a new thirty three be the God of revelation why do how can we leave the faith of a God declared that no one can see his faith and live a knocking at the question for you right now it will be late at night while you take that idea that contradiction that the paradox only place it on a shelf in your mind keep it doth not to come back to me we can have the opening with God anymore after the fall the only way we could see God 's glory within the veiled person of Jesus Christ Hebrews chapter one verses one through three describes Jesus as quote the brightness of God 's glory in the express image of his person Colossians chapter two verse nine says that in Christ twelve all the wellness of the Godhead bodily so now all the bull of the Godhead is in the person that person is in Jesus Christ Jesus himself in John chapter fourteen verse six and seven made it very ways that I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father but what I made it goes on to say if you had known me you will have known my father also and from now on you know him and have seen him for the second print second review from chapter three second Corinthians chapter three starting with verse eighteen the apostle Paul lays out Richard Borjas the first eighteen seventy seven three he says but we all with unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord are bringing what the word transformed into the same image from glory to glory just as by spirit of the Lord did anyone go to chapter four verse sixteen he says therefore we do not lose heart even though our outward man is perishing yet the inward man is being renewed day by day but the amazing thing about this life the paradoxical the longer you live in your physically you die you closer and closer to that everyday but if you walk hand-in-hand with Christ you actually get renewed in your inner man day by day as well Paul talk about the outward man is perishing yet the inward man is being of the process language not have been or will be but is being renewed day by day because of them are seventeen for our light affliction which is but for a moment as a guy who's been beaten with advisor been threatened with his life you can ship any all kinds of horrible stuff that needs all that light affliction in comparison with the future life for our light affliction which is but for a moment he is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory what we do not look to the things which are seen but the things which are not seen for the things which are seen are temporary but the things which are not seen are eternal by not only ASAP excepting the sacrifice of Christ but furthermore by beholding the character him in the forty fifth the sacrificial death incomplete victory over Satan and everything taking thrown at him we seen the glory of God and through the work of the Holy Spirit become more and more like compile right that by beholding Christ we are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory you literally mean that our character inward man is being molded the refashioned that the Lords took down once again out of the miry clay is reshaping you into the image we were originally created to reflect sons and daughter of God page one twenty five the Lord Jesus contained to strengthen every earnest seeker for truth he came to reveal the father he allowed nothing to divert his mind from your sword begin the great work of restoring the moral image of God and man and we must see that the great and important work for is to receive not just is offered to get a thin but the divine likeness to prepare a character for the future life in heavenly places one forty two again we are individually now testifying to the world of the power of grace into the grace of Christ in the transformation of human character from glory to glory from character to character those are her words and faculty with a look of your CD-ROM people that used be run your act whatever you look at the phrase glory to glory time to go into town every single time it is like a boy that brave glory to glory twenty one twenty three verse eighteen she always being reference in context of developing with that of the character of Christ in fact oftentimes wears a glory to voice you will literally insert right next to it in the bracket character to character she's even equivalent between the glory of God and the character of God and that is to be restored in humanity in preparation for the life were going to live these your God in beholding Christ our pattern who is pure and holy undefiled we are being prepared for the society of the heavenly angel have you ever been a party that you didn't fit into I mean you've got him but once you got in your life I just do not belong with these people either they were lot of LOI to know the difference for you and them whether you knew it was there is there anything that it has been documented in a list you just walked in he likes the air year is different something Smith it looks of fear and know no this is difference beginning in stating those she asked this beautifully rhetorical question and makes so much logical sense with children if Christ is to be our head imprints in the heavenly court it becomes us to inquire I love her language we should ask it makes sense to question this if Christ is the BR had imprints in the heavenly court it becomes us to report in choir what is Christ to us now live on another people who are serving God at all somehow fully expect the servant would joy in the heavenly court such of you have the audacity to think of it again would you fit in even if he lets you if you're not into what makes you think your function driven a trained on the white pop character who will be ours for eternity will not be given at the second coming it will be developed right here in the life you are right now living this moment Romans chapter eight Romans chapter eight policy and comes back to this idea this theme of the transformation in Christ Romans chapter eight I did notice a very similar language the second Corinthians chapter four the time Romans chapter eight starting with verse eighteen he says for I consider and I love how he considers I consider that I think about it I've thought about that and I've come to the conclusion I consider you that shooting from the hip of a thinker I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed where and but I thought the glory relating forward on the eastern sky would be another thought Manhattan is going to be good that the glory were waiting for right is the slowdowns like the sufferings were going to the present life on anything embedded would lie which shall be revealed in the next verse nineteen for the free earnest expectation of the creation eagerly wait for the revealing and you would expect that I am the son of God with your Bible that God 's son small and plural the sons of God is it possible that the creation is waiting not for the son of God but the sons of God to reveal the glory of God in amen I'm a shameless plug of the fantastic seminar this is a lot of fantastic embodiment but one in particular called the long campaign and the speaker talked about how if you notice Christ didn't just destroy Satan immediately vicinity rebounded after tapping out of the double what it takes break from the court that haven't been writing it wasn't one shot to the bottom it was actually more like a slinky on the staircase right should put my arm can do that you could suggest you played with linking because once that the effect 's four stages of things fall in the very first baby was originally cast out of the kingdom of heaven God recognized and rejected his rebellion but God knows everything he sees the heart you want to do and how about listening up playing along at most of the year but he doesn't destroy them because really the rest of the created beings had not fully understood the contrast between the character price of the characters they battle change the craw the theory that was within the violin with Isaiah and Ezekiel talk about being with and would unleash upon the simplest thing in one climactic moment the entire universe all the different delete the unfallen University watch from forty thousand feet so the difference between the character of Christ when you have everything in the contrast between that and the characters they would take everything even the life of God if it was possible Mister flight that in that moment when Jesus died on the cross in a victorious sacrifice her words are the last link of sympathy between Satan and the heavenly world broken it's like they were people still waiting about the hour to be loyal to God always now but when they saw the cross is the no more faith henceforth his work was restricted whatever attitude you might assume he could no longer a wink the Angels of the tape and the heavenly court they were done with annual and finally to accept one if not picking up step two he was cast out of the sympathies of the unfallen heavenly beings on the leave overstepped the ringtones that for you in the final analysis of the clothes of the millennium when the wicked are resurrected to face the final judgment and execution of judgment in that moment they will to will see the contrast between the character of Christ and the character they have developed through the deceptions and take and not out of love and not out of enjoying a repentance but they will say they will knowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord the glory of God the father so God recognizing rejected about rebellion of Satan and the rest the universe recognizes and reject the rebellious Satan and someday even elected will recognize the rebellious thinker what is acknowledged that Jesus Christ is Lord the question is what will the people who now claim to be Christ to do with that thing Christ will they allow Christ to make them heavenly this is will those who claim the name of Christ lived life of Christ likeness I believe it is the revealing of the sons of God the creation eagerly awaits the season you Romans chapter eight verse twenty for the creation was subjected to futility not willingly but because of him who subjected it in help the boundless creation under the loan and pay not just to make it stop for a while but there's good news of the end of that halt verse twenty one because the creation of will be delivered from the bondage of corruption in the glorious liberty of the children of God for we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now not only that but we also have the firstfruits of the Spirit even we ourselves groan within ourselves eagerly awaiting for the adoption the redemption of our work work body the redemption of our body apparently what working to get the second coming of the new body not a new character when Mrs. White help me out here I thought it wasn't three thirty one a character formed according to the divine likeness of the only treasure that we can take from this world to the next everything about that when Jesus Christ comes in all of his glory will you be ready to step seamlessly from this world to the next even more plainly I can't think of how you write it any more plainly worth of our high calling page two seventy eight when Christ shall come our vile bodies are to be changed praise the Lord and may like his glorious body but the vile character will not be made holy then the transformation of character must take place before his coming friend that the difference between simply a transaction that gives you an and a transformation that we need a higher picture of the plan of salvation basically the change the glorification were promised that will take place when Christ returns is merely the reception of a glorious body that will correspond harmoniously with the glorious character we have formed through Christ welling in on Libya seven three again Paul comes back to the same vein Philippians chapter three starting with verse twenty surgery for our citizenship is and where I must wait for you to catch up and start for our citizenship is where it happened neither does it notice to our citizenship will be in heaven our citizenship is in heaven right now today if we claim to be correct now she said not even from which speaking of heaven we also eagerly way for the Savior the Lord Jesus Christ verse twenty one who will transform our lowly what body that may be conformed to his glorious body according to the working by which he is able even to subdue all things to himself I love the state of those who take no pleasure in thinking and talking of God in this life will not enjoy the life that is to come where God is ever present dwelling among his people even thought about that you simply have rhetorically ask you would you does enjoy what you're doing could you do it you're doing of God sitting right next to you and lots of anchor but it has some validity right I mean were going to dwell with them forever those who take no pleasure in thinking of talking and got of God in this life will not enjoy the life that is soon to come where God is ever present dwelling among his people but those who love to think of God will be in their element the walk in the room like this is my place breathing in the atmosphere of heaven is like I even smelled like home visit those who on earth love the thought of heaven will be happy in the holy associations and pleasures that she quotes Revelation twenty two again they shall see his face in his name shall be and therefore had that my friend David asked like to think God is going to take everyone to haven't who would be happy there the question is is not going to get you into heaven the question is do you actually want to fit into heaven and on you you really even want to go on his characters with why why God put such a premium on character was such a big deal to what's take that idea off the back of the shelf the exit thirty three Revelation twenty two paradox the God who invite you to see if Nathan said if you see my facial how will this be resolved I think we finance in first John chapter two verse twenty eight and now little children three critical words as we please fill me are earnestly and now little children abide in him why that when he appears a reference to the second coming we may have confidence and not be ashamed before him at his coming how can we see the faith of a holy God is by allowing that same God to make us holy before he returned first John chapter three one over first John chapter three beloved now we are children of God present tentative like our citizenship is in heaven now we are children of God and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be the family now you can be a child of God and there still be grow in the future I'm not preaching instant think vacation understand God have a higher ideal than simply getting you in putting you in heaven you want to make you heavenly first now we are the children of God it is not yet been revealed what we shall be but we know you like I don't know exactly what it looks like but we know that what we know that when he revealed we shall be like him or not we shall be made like him or transformed like him or changed into being like and we shall be like him why do we know for we shall at the very being him as he is dealing Jesus comes back is not to be just that veiled glory no beauty or comeliness that we might be attractive and and and and and and you have renowned in his life I thought the divinity flashing through humanity like little pieces of shipment and then enough when Jesus comes back is coming in all of his glory in a burst of the Scott Schwalm disclosed that I can come to reenacting it for you have but a lack of high density battery life here I have are you ready look at me can you even look at me the writer says we are going to be just like him because I know what you have been implicated in an lamb plenty of people under the demon come back and not live youth even if she felt than in the most sublime way not by birth a blessed are the pure in heart why pay the again the implication is and not die from it as the blessing not occur they shall see God the reason number one like character development is so crucial because it actually gets you through the second coming it prepares you to meet a holy God and live in a holy place in the society of holy being that makes it different to send them as we have a greater understanding of and Donovan into any other people on the planet when we present the themes of Daniel and Revelation in time prophecy even if we juxtapose that if the snapshot of current world events it makes a pretty airtight case that Jesus is in fact coming soon and it is a powerful method that it is an alarming message is a starry method of the needed message but I've always said that Jason is coming down that's not necessarily good news for those who don't like Jesus I can't be the entirety of her message in his recent book got Adventism 's greatest need of after run to close a right-click Christ is far more interested in our fitness for his return then we should be in the timing of his return he felt that these coming soon enough that we can know that they are the hour that the we can be prepared to go from this world don't affirm this was originally invoked by pioneers it wasn't because they expect to be the people who lived through the second coming they wanted to be the people who live in the coming NFL may differ the article deliberately filled with people who have lived through the second coming but how many will survive me I wholeheartedly endorse I embraced that I have an IIS as a boy the idea that you wife is that we will see Jesus return I believe it in my Baldridge we will see Jesus in our lifetime living through the second coming has no inherent value the question is will you still be alive after he returned we just a bunch of the coincidental people happen to be here at this time in earth history is the difference between living to it living through that's reason number one by character development on point but did you know this goes back to the we need to present a greater controversy there's more involved in the primary controversy than simply saving you at another unit that they feel good here although you that you've got right Jane you have any advantage to you and I agree that severe motivation you need to get ready if you don't have fun with that you know that there's more involved in the great conference and then please let me know and I cognitively setting other fallen people on the planet they augmented this ball and people on the other but not what I'm saying even the plan of redemption what Jesus worked on the cross his shed blood does more than simply didn't fall and people tend to have it actually restores the universe and makes a secure retirement there's more to the plan of redemption of the staving off people it re-creating the entire universe in the image and glory of God will explain a few and then chapter one verse nine make a very big promise I think the biggest promise ever anyway the big problem with like I go to prepare a place for you when you come back and get you to the big problem with Bonanza one verse nine is in the works what do you imagine against the Lord he will make an auditor and affliction will not rise up the second time once evil is what is forth in the great controversy is ended there will not be another controversy so after you wrap your mind around how can there be a God who creates free will three morally who can choose to do what ever they feel like doing and yet I think I can guarantee the thin and will never rise again how can that be possible outside of the development of the character of Christ in each citizen of heaven notices certainly not going to page two ninety four without perfection of character no one get into the pearly gates of the city of God for it with all our imperfections we were permitted into that city there would soon be in heaven a second rebellion we must be tried and chosen and found faithful and true upon the purification of our character rest our only hope of eternal life now that's not to say that the Christlike character causes us to be saved only the blood of Jesus to save sinners are we agreed but a Christlike character is the only guarantee that we will never choose to rebel again think about that a lot riding on your character to once you be there for the right reason when Jesus was executed on across the cruel hand of Satan Gabriel that it right think about imagination he was my friend that Lucifer and I really wanted if you eat all about but now I know his true character he's a murder he deserves to die Lord the plan of execution and go forward but then Jesus answered and said that's great thank you but I want to bring some of them back here you see my plan is not that the plan of execution my plan is the plan of retention liturgists and then I want to actually save sinners and him and make them your neighbor Gabriel I'm with a camera to measure and put them in the palace right next door to you and a relay slowdown no we keep a record here and no more I appreciate the want to give him input he doesn't fit I think of you will only do some work in him he soon felt the Holy Spirit and even those that have since I really really the whole experience of your life is a big sign of talking with the Holy Spirit right here in opportunity was the Oliver learn how to preach better the Holy Spirit I would learn how to you I'm tired to think by McCartney felt if they can tell no power to raise the download of the ammunition area what is something real for Christ I want to see the Church of God government people now when I into an organ Oregon inventory and look like an army with banners that likely would you I be put on your doing a talk about economic might have all infection with the work of the Holy Spirit actually is all those things are good think the right thing they're necessary things they will begin their promises of God but their secondary the primary function of the Holy Spirit is not to make you more powerful but to make you more Christlike DC the difference primary role of the Holy Spirit is to work in you to make you more like Jesus please don't have raised all the money to get here traveled hours and stopping buses and come all the way to Houston over Christmas break just become informed about the Holy Spirit make a commitment to God by his grace and indwelling power you will be transformed by the Holy Spirit into a heavenly being who is comfortable in heaven in the book education everybody knows the famous quote higher than the highest human thought can reach is what I free people get a quote higher than the highest human thought and reaches what we all know that since the doing of the next godliness Christ likeness God likeness is the goal to be reached no the natural inclination sinful fallen man to the revelation of the glory of God is to hide so what happened when Adam and Eve were confronted by God was walking in the garden in the cool of the day we are afraid and we did this would happen to Moses at the burning what will the new man in Christ he was afraid to look upon God in the book of Revelation we read the reaction of those who are unprepared to happen to be living to the second coming but are not prepared to go through with Revelation chapter six verse sixteen they say to the mountains and rocks fall on us and hide us from the face of him is that the Lebron and from the wrath of the Lamb for the great day with Rafael who was able to stand on if they're not afraid of the sickle with a sword or the power the Mike they're afraid of his face on the closing night with Mrs. White's description of what happened when Jesus cleared the Temple for the first time you can find the biblical account in John chapter two but the picture I was out of my Money clear the table when he purified that place was that he came in with what you know and it was okay often Johnson lands in these moneychangers of any distortion written the place of part it is itself an article and add authentically and runs everybody got been finally get why you and the little children come at the picture as he beholds the scene indignation of authority and power are expressed in his countenance the attention of the people is attracted to him when she is water meters at the foot over table his presence just command authority notices be either those engaged in their unholy traffic are riveted not riveted upon his face I cannot withdraw their days they feel that this man reads their inmost thoughts and discover their hidden motives some attempt to conceal their faces as if their evil deeds were written upon their countenances to be standby though searching high between the I noticed the foot table spoon moved his arm at all he's looking down to traffic and bargaining history the five becomes painful lessons of all overpowers the assembly it is as if they were arraigned before the tribunal of God to answer for their deeds looking upon Christ by the old divinity flashed to the garb of humanity the Majesty of Heaven stands as the judge will stand at the last day not now encircled with the glory that will benefit them but with the same power to read the soul if I sleeps over the multitude taking in every individual 's form seems to rise above them and commanding dignity and a divine light illuminates his count he speaks it is clear ringing voice the thing that upon Mount Sinai proclaimed a law that recent rulers are transgressing is heard echoing through the arts for the Temple take these things had make not my father 's house the house of merchandise slowly descending the stairs that this inning steps and raising the scourge of cords gathered upon entering the enclosure he bid the bargaining company department briefing for the Temple with the veal and severity has never before manifested he overthrows the tables of the money changers the coins fall rains sharply upon the marble pavement note for non- presume to question his authority none dare to stop the gathered up their ill-gotten gain Jesus does not like them with a whip of cords but in his hand that simple scourge seems terrible at the flaming sword officers of the Temple speculating brief brokers and cattle traders with their sheep and oxen rushed what no one thought of escaping from the condemnation not a booth with none of his mighty right arm the condemnation of his presence I believe with all of my heart that this is the generation that will live to the second of death not enough is not promised and no for countless people well that's just coincidence the question I want to know for myself and I want you to be asking for yourself is if you am I ready I don't want to go to heaven over the Denver heaven now when I walked into the day to breathe the air this makes this is a home is more than that in the eyes of my Savior and the multitude and land on my own I don't want to be ashamed and high way I want to be pure in heart and I want to see God I don't have to question the Internet it disagreed with it it recently extends razor and it at least makes sense praise the Lord clear communication might all disagree with you understood the method now I make an appeal simple will belong but if you want to not just think about salvation terms of the transaction and they look a little step on higher ground I would be hearing and him only to find him Bartholomew didn't have any learning right now none you don't get me a you and me and society of Angel will transform my character make me like you if that's your wish we spent the night is nothing to be appealed at the beginning if you are using what another might be one person and I'm not looking for the promo video moment where everyone comes pouring down the aisle I don't care somewhere out there in this congregation might might be one person who has never made that commitment before you know why you're here I don't know how you got here someone here has never made a commitment to Christ the radical toll like transforming not to the transaction like okay I agree the Lord I see a bigger picture I see a higher standard I want a greater goal I want to be like even even down to my very character would only make the commitment right here tonight in front of the congregation I've never committed my life to write more but now I understand the endgame and I wanted in May I'm ready for the commitment that even one person who said look tonight is my night and I want to make that commitment I want to be baptized I want to die in your den I would be raised to a new life in Christ never made the grace of God I preclude them drag along but if there's another one praise the Lord not in the college of the little bit it might be some older people here who have made that commitment but for all intensive purposes even though it away with you of living away in the idea of Christ's second coming is not a hopeful thought looked through the grace of Christ you see a brighter hope you see a brighter future he's even got still love you still cannot you be calling you all tonight there were anyone who says Lord I'm ready to come back home that I wanted a paper transaction I don't want my name on the books Lord I want to be fit into the society of heaven Blessed blessed knowing story is that Jesus is calling you I this message was removed and found that Lindsay was G Y C supporting ministry on the seventh day Adventist sequence by you my roommates price-sensitive Christians the downloadable other resources businesses and CYC when launching


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