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Thursday Plenary

Janet Page


Janet Page

Ministerial Associate Secretary for Prayer, Pastoral Spouses and Families for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist



  • December 29, 2011
    12:15 PM
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him him him this message was presented to penalize the two thousand and eleven hundred other resources like this online menu I see where I had a what an awesome privilege theodicy can I know if you know only I need a title for a start father I need you right now I know that's a prayer you always answer a display father for your Holy Spirit to blast each person here in them just what they need even if it's not anything I say we just want you to work Lord thank you for blessing each one in Jesus name amen it's not easy getting up and down but I can still do it what a privilege to be here my name is Janet Hayes I work in the ministerial department at the it the world church headquarters only been there about a year it's been absolutely overwhelming to travel around this world and to see the need I hope every one of you can be involved in the mission trip involved in service outreach going to places it opens your eyes to this incredible world that needs our help I had something happened to me eighteen nineteen years ago that was awful I turned forty I know I know you cannot even relate to that even eighteen years you can but my friends I call my ex- friends because they get one of these horrible parties work black blue and white crêpe paper I chose Dante Sajak webpages yield has died it was also was on the house becomes an ally I moved to the West Coast actually I know because God called us to know if that'll never happen to me again but then when I turned fifteen all over again but this time it was worse I don't know why my husband were here he'd tell you why they won't let me when I is when you're young if you can't link you can't wait for that day gets noticeable you can't wait for that day to drive a car you can't wait for that day you graduate from college you can't wait for that day you're going to marry in life seems like it's going slow but as I started getting into my thirties like to see Mike is going faster and faster and faster it is always busy and is always priorities these things cannot be done I remember when dangerous one what really matters I can't do all the good thing what really matters you think about your life really what matters and what came to my mind as I thought that was John seventeen three which says and this is eternal life that they may know you the only true God Jesus Christ to have sent the only thing that really matters is if I know Jesus Christ and yet I have learned when I was seventeen years old from a Bible teacher that I needed to spend time with Jesus everything I I I I me I try to be good I tried to charge me my thousand eleven nonmember why do I need to spend this time with God every day he knows I love him I raise my hand I asked the teacher that he said if you don't spend time with God and get to know him reading the Bible you not know him you will love him and if you don't love him you're going to walk away from him I want to do that I found the star-studded final exam essay will finally do this and he showed me how to do it B Molina will set my take your Bible and pray and will have a lot and he suggested will maybe maybe thirty minutes he said is no set amount of time such a way I decide I want to do this right I got my alarm clock setting on the edge of the bed and I started trying to play read my Bible some I started playing I played everything I can think of and I looked at the clock only five minutes ago one why I thought how I spend the rest of his time with God and I just didn't I didn't know how but I have found the more I pursue God the more he shows me how to spend that time with and shows me the word interesting to me that I got to college and college was bit.ly really busy and I kind of forgot about spending time with God and telling family and that was all guide to getting to exams as individual exams unless an timely view I read the Bible every day instead and he will need help immediately through exams and I would try to keep my promise and starts in a timely manner but then I get busy again on my fallout of it until the next exam week I would remember getting all the just ridiculous and I will be that Bible and really get to know you I went all the way to school like this that we thought were once you're done with college all you're doing is working a full-time job you know you got what sat eight hours or so and I know the rest of the time to get to know and I found I was so busy there's just so many things that he got all the time then I got married and we have a little baby and I quit my job two weeks before the baby was to be born as I wanted to stay home with my baby and I was so excited I thought I would quit my job on it say hello I have so much time to get to know that I remember my mother failed to tell me just warn you now twenty four I will jot things that I may be an executive and was probably starve random thought in the car when I got to help the vegetarian cooking school we of blasphemy health of the vacation Bible school and tell stories we bless the Lord on never forget the past right now my window I think signing this out once I was studying Lord is a good time so I haven't had time for yielding but how do you want God to bless me before I know what I'm in my thirties realizing I really don't know I thought this insults that lately it's been a be found someday humans but will it went fast right now things out but it will be fast and Aristotle is gone by so quaking if I start getting to know and now it's not happen so I started trying to spend time every day we die in the Bible as I did that I try to follow the steps to the sanctuary of praise and thanksgiving you enter his gates with thanksgiving is quite surprising and then I'm going to time a confession and then into intercession as I get the Priceline and went to confession I tried to assess everything I thought I needed to confess but there was this one particular spot they kept coming to mind as I come to mine I think all I melancholy I determine over guilty conscience I know that's not send and I just would try to shut away every time I spent time with God is saying I keep coming or sitting in meetings like this with a trendlines that we keep coming to me and I finally told Godwin okay I know I sent Nike deal with it I think Jesus put if you were here and had this from just no way and I thought I can go on with life limiting the Christian life and not deal of that sin in my life defined shall identify I realized years later what I did to me but my whole experience with dogs are just trying them behind why China read the Bible and it just seems so boring and lifeless I will continue paying on that and when I try to infiltrate my prayers went higher than the ceiling paradigm to this vicious cycle of depression and I just want a life was miserable for me at the time this started happening with you in my life we had moved to Pennsylvania and we were there for about a year Jerry was pastor to the past is there anyone around visiting him in the house and found out home what they needed was a help arbitrate the past is once a bottle now the guy said he worked that out for that to happen I want to go I was an interesting note this is a pastor 's wife you don't tell anybody this kind of thing but I have given off I felt like I was helpless I just kept going through the motions what you do at church with your kids and everything feeling like I was lost it was no hope for me God couldn't save me as the data center and then insulin-dependent and idea later my husband became the conference president there and it was like a candy timer right before Caminiti and chanting people started coming up say congratulations how does it feel the need of first lady I hate that and I don't I want to disclose the same Alexander is the and twice the end of that ten days attending that last weekend some of the people had been attending a seminar that was on the Holy Spirit and the speaker day water with the Taliban how point is that we pray every night for the baptism of the Holy Spirit in our lives throughout the day but he also told them to pray for your family pray for you your leader is not met the price difference can I ever read that the baptism of the Holy Spirit in our lives and at that time it was like sixty feet in the morning or early some time quarter past the hour to price points will that last weekend I found people started coming up to me and say in we just want you to know we attended the seminar the Holy Spirit and the speaker got us to commit to pray for you and Jerry every day to the baptism of the Holy Spirit in your life and I look at and I smiled I don't think you but inside I was thinking big deal so they pray what they does not do and it wasn't helping me buckling telemark but one person after another coming up to me and say in then for the next two years we've been a different church almost every sound because of Jerry's job at every Sabbath not every Sabbath a lot of it sounded someone would come up to me and say were meeting in our groups were they praying and studying the Bible so we may wait for you and you the baptism the Holy Spirit in your life for myself thank you that you know it was two years later that God started moving on the enzymatic way turned me upside down in my whole experience within make something happen that pushed me into spending time with him again and just seeking his face and industrial rice I would take my Bible I would get on my main and I take my violence it cannot I don't know you I'm miserable I will then present moment where you help me and knowing you will you help me to love you know that's a prayer God will answer it didn't happen overnight it was a good three weeks I'll be continually coming to God telling him on the stand this hour with you definitely knew what you shall offer nonviolence and Abigail and I would take my Bible I think going into me shallowly than tomorrow evening help me among you God help me I know you and you know gone DAV starting point itself out on me it was a carnival you realize that this holy book will speak to you know just what you need for today anything I know that there I know that God will speak to me through his word for the time he started doing that in my life that I know it's because of those people planning gone like me because of that just pushing on the Holy Spirit version on me my husband he is my husband to get me to do a women's retreat I did not want to do that I was to silence embarrassed in front of people or my doing now right but because of that I didn't want to look bad I wanted retreats of the successful I started pleading us anytime and on and on timeline says your word is your voice speaking to a just lonely I could spit me what I need to know this women's retreat and it all got started sure me what to do without retreat by a trust them I do believe in and I was later I met someone who actually demonstrates I asked her about it what do women's retreat additionally she started sharing with me what to do it it's like I just faintly gaunt same hour he told you that wanted to believe me when to trust me parties argue that already showed you and I was amazed at how personal and intimate relationship is with God but in this time I started working on the about that sin problem I have how do you train I was scared he got me to start training for somebody else to pray without active heels of your failure I'm how I was complaining to my husband he pushed me and he said just go do it I went down to just go do it it's easy for him to say that the thought came to mind was to try that Godwin would send me some woman to pray with about as women's retreat the only thing that was one minor detail I forgot about that what I was afraid to pray out loud with anyone you know insurance levels say or his grades as a noun was divided between the boards and pray together I don't know the bathroom incident again find decided to get out I will have people people afraid to use a lot of help in and I stumble all over my words and I start crying and of course everybody wonders why you're crying and I know I'm trying to an end by the time they get to meet up right everybody's playing everything I can think of is not the landlord about God is it's okay to write about the same thing because you don't release the information through your personality and cocaine stumble over your words not these words are good the Holy Spirit takes all of our work and make some powerful meaningful to God and praise through it and the Lord sent somebody to pray when it was amazing and I get around my best friend and that an work but someone other clear blue called me on the phone introduces himself and said this may sound strange but I was not asking if you would want to get together and fight once a week or your attorney so it was an answer Brenner we started meeting and praying together and other women joined us and I would pride board help these women this retreat they need revival they needed the burden of what timeframe that I some I felt like it was so loud not talking to me like you want me to help these women let's work on your life first they know God is referring to this one particular sin problem and I was so embarrassed out in my eyes but everybody was like this I know it inherently and I said to you later delivered not later but I did not procrastinate you procrastinate it's a horrible thing to do but later on I was in a meeting and we were in a motel room and my husband didn't want automating it when it was all about prayer he said out of triathlon ago there did he tell you that you were here on that time is coming when will the go and wake me up early in the morning started spending this time with an jury wasn't awake yet I went into the bathroom to spend this time with God dwellings area and incense gone feral like he usually was an exciting time where you like you know your words not speaking to me I don't censure here and I just as they are from a defendant by the twelfth but it will drag you are you know God family but you sense God saved me Janet I want you to deal with the sin problem now my sin problem this particular one was a bitterness or resentment toward someone who someone who had hardly terribly many many times and I just been after me to ask there for you my thoughts are with one of done all of that thanks to many indebted to them anything so I be asking their forgiveness and if I started moving on as a new and call me and then I can talk to them let them say something forth but there was nothing gone when not given me and I guess I was so consulted not one only time when God I got up and went to call the person and I went outside and down the hall because I do want Jerry here is embarrassing in the hallway to the need to go where I could call him I'm thinking I hate this person they been so mean to me this is no way I can do and thought you are doing to me Holy Spirit is working as I got him on the phone company would be home I will come out it was sorely in the morning I started jumping into asking forgiveness not knowing how to do this timeframe Lord how I do this but I once thought after another kept coming to mind is specifically needed to ask forgiveness for I was in some point will you forgive me for that then when you forgive me for that and then we'll begin the process I was hoping praying it would and so I was in such shock I is thanks to them and I finally ended I was thankful but diligently missed knowing full well that they would never ask my forgiveness but you know what happened is like a wave washed really taking out the bitterness and the resentment in its place in the Lovin compassion for this person I know how it is for you but I can remember if I older teenager young adult taking up the book stuff surprise in reading it again into those chapters on confession and repentance according away as I know he was calling me to go to someone who would who I felt in her a lot that I needed asset forgiveness and I would not do it it finds out your experience there is such a freedom and the joy in going with how God leads you how somebody's thinking for yourself you cannot go wrong in doing you know that person I can be friends with them we still had her differences with the highbrow human there but that night in a motel room during and want to go to the meetings as if I will stay here looking out I felt like I needed to stay with him and after I decided that I felt like I was saying share with Jerry what happened on the phone this morning if I had not told them about it nobody had I started sharing it with him nine something had been bothering Jerry that I didn't know what that is I shouldn't let him what happened I could sense this emotional walls is coming down and Jerry and I invite you to visually first Parliament these are saying yesterday as I was walking back and forth near the motel room housing allowance was going to not know one of these days meaning I need to be back home to my work why did you make me come here and teach us how to pray and who is a teacher I know how to pride my conversely a lot of great pride family to be exact it just so spiritual not so early in the morning anytime you how comes you have trouble with so-and-so it was a very next morning that God told me do it now and call this person when Jerry shared that with me I was really in shock about going back to always on my five note I found out different at that time sees me I'm sorry you don't have any guiltless versus Matthew twenty three twelve except whoever humbles himself whoever exalts himself will be humbled whoever humbles himself will be exalted or in James four six opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble Luke fourteen eleven is the same thing as Matthew twenty twelve whoever exalts himself will be humbled Lebron Wilson well will be exalted I always thought those verses are for somebody out I'm not only anybody's doormat and I just always not in the dildos versus Medina what if you have a problem with pride you can't get away from it if you read the Bible where it is through the night without being humble and Nightwing series shared with me how you can train the day before I got sales because I realized this really is a God thing he's the one that got me to do this this morning he really does speak to me it was just incredible to me but then gave me the courage has gone was question on the van you need to talk to Jerry and Donovan asked me for a number of years past year 's forgiveness for a number of things I was now no way finding that you know he is holding over my head we have a disagreement I wouldn't do it but because it would have meant morning beginning occurs at night forgiveness for number things if you know what again it did so when God 's word says if we humble ourselves will be exalted into Jerry and I close together for you sideways finding thought myself at all identifiable and now download myself I was exalted we cannot go wrong in obeying God 's word is you that women's retreat we were meeting once a week pray you what happens if you commit yourself to get together and study the Bible and pray with people you know you know what happens if you commit yourself to spend time with God every day in the Bible mean the word implying you know what happens you'll get busier than you've ever been diligent so busy and that Satan will do anything he can to keep you from spending time and that's what happened to me but I know God is sent me these women to play with and I bring my teeth is okay with what we didn't have meeting every week and when that women's retreat came we saw so many miracles happen there we had a woman that was physically healed the doctors two years later were saying I don't know what went on there but you are still from a disease jihad for thirteen years a very serious disease but the most the most beautiful thing was the conversion of the lines that were change the window and change the Alaska when they went back there husbands one would call me arrange my faith thank you thank you for unit is nothing there was no one the churches were changed because of what happened at that retreat on my husband said this is wonderful what all happened because we now start doing the doing is we've got to start meeting with other families once a week to play together for our community for the people around us our school so we started meeting with other families we got everybody to commit to spend time daily with Jesus in the water if you want power when you Friday with people spend time in the word of God know your God then you will be trained on time when you mainly people than five ten we kept the list of the things we pray for and after that first year resolve assisting people that are then converted they did not even we were even working with just people will try and forth we thought our tiny army but I will start happening and one student after another warning to be baptized even know we are praying for them and through that God started showing me it's because of those people praying for you Janet that your life is change praying for the Holy Spirit and it's because of that when we were asked to come to the general conference and ten Wilson asked for revival Reformation committee to try to encourage revival Reformation across the world charge only praying about what can we do jury talked with Mark Finley you know what happen in our lives to sue people pray the Holy Spirit enough in us in every guide the same time and now that market linking on the idea was to people twenty seven days a week at seven in the morning and seven the evening know around the web it's always be different or somewhere to play during the day the Holy Spirit to be deployed on us this is people so we can reach this world free my life was changed see that it's going to change as well I've seen in a church pastor the poly we do is get up and tell jokes from the pulpit he didn't come to prayer meeting in Woodinville evangelistic meeting at his church had he needed to be converted and people that were in a church that we decided on another Adventist church nearby within the all-knowing all you need to pray for him and they did ask mother started getting together the baptism of the Holy Spirit they gladly give them holy spirit filled pastors it took a while one of the biggest reasons people don't see answers to their prayers if you think you they don't keep anything that we've got the bed by the mortgage not that is a great controversy going on and God has limited himself to our prayers we have got to join him and praying so that he can work in this world is just like witnessing the very box yeah but he gives us the privilege of reaching people for him the same went with prayer no one is last week we are when we pride job forty two ten James it says Joel 's captivity was turned around and he prayed for his friends my activity has been so turned around as I have prayed for the people around me I pray more for others and the community that I ever do for myself and yet God continually bless us and blesses my life my son my younger boy with what is rebellious time and I kept praying and a lot of people are praying to God what we didn't know what we go not let me one day to start playing Isaiah forty two three which says the Bible porno spirit on our descendents will bless them estimate more need of the Holy Spirit in him I that doesn't matter you just pray for the outpouring Holy Spirit on the bat boy I wish she could be here right now but you can visit my ninety -year-old got my mother the boy loves Jesus drawings he's been serving God for several years now doing youth evangelism and nights at the seminary my other son loves Jesus is not the nonsense and their wives love better than to get together and into spend time praying together you think about it's the God of the universe that wants to spend time with you you you are very important to him his heart reads this heart longs for us to take time out of our busy lives and just sentencing Lord help me to love you help me to know you make your words speak to me and he will do it it reminds it Christmas time when I go to spend that time with them I love you never claimed Isaiah forty ignore Isaiah I lost I get nervous appearance every member tax Isaiah fifty first for the promise you can claim asking not to wake you want so that you can spend time with him and I didn't notice till later than me and he wants to wake us up it's so he can instruct us so we can help others and I will do that as you spend time with him in the morning and in his word or sometime in the day when you can do it when you spend that kind of God will lead you to someone to share what he has shared with you to help somebody out it it's incredible what he got him early in the morning found me out and will maybe darkness I'm going to spend that time with him it reminds me of Christmas time when my youngest son was then a little guy you come home from school and he wrapped a gift for me he may be found in the wrapping himself becomes run any of my money can you look to see what I may do for Christmas and said semi- gas onto attaché and ethical putting on the living room any point out anything I want for Christmas I tell them how long pretty soon you have it back down again anything my mommy can you guess what I need to and I would try to guess and then I found putting away legal how long thou Christmas and I tell him how long he could not wait for me to open the idea so then I could see how much he loved me by making something that's the way it is with our God he is so anxious to get you to sit still so he can love you that he's just the room sometimes the focus is still the life with God him wanting to spend money so happy on a fixed scale and let him talk to me through his word what a godly serve I hope we've seen it happen central California where I was before coming year year trying to not give rise and untimely as to all the flair Shawn now there is a shot back there is we are seeing so many years very not young adults a lot of them are on fire for God they are passionate about leaving reaching people for Jesus Christ look at as well we need you we need to do for us as adults for not showing you a real life experience in senior for not showing you that the most important thing is not a new car that region that person down the street not that job originals we want him on Wii I want to take your time about where I will just want to show you that prayer can be fun it can be fun and also how powerful would not knowing fragments and that it's okay Hartford will this person for a long career will is present printed on prayer this is long for mayor so here by that time I'm going out of my mind in all the laundry I think it's hard when people will tell you tonight to play brief prayers is short one sentence or two and would like to start with praise and thanksgiving it's a wonderful way I recount never forget the time I started it was always going to be difficult to get it enacted at exotic usually say hello first good morning or something silly like to live every second you will answer your prayer start praising and thanking him more toward sustainable model it shows you how to do that then we would like you to if you're comfortable with that we don't want to push it too hard recycling to Sabbath evening okay I am writing up so we can question how can we assess you get maybe you can present course and do the same thing would try on as we start with you just put on our hearts how we could bring you joy right now in its your love so why are to civilians I'm not good at words God you know I'm not that I want you know I love you and will creep into her wanting me into trail body type in this room is precious you started this world is precious you are so many don't know you all we wanted the cattle at slaughter sweethearts you are in Isaiah nine and is one child lying on July first time is different the government will be on his shoulder and his name will be wonderful Counselor mighty God everlasting father Prince of the main coupon and you are wonderful Hermione God and we would like you now he would just end in maybe two zero three is played back and forth praises to God this for a just a short while you want to you're willing to this message was that she was she wasting someone's ministry on the same thing happens in sequence by you Michael Mace price-sensitive Christians the downloadable the resources visits is online and see what I see when I


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