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Thursday Morning Devotional

Charissa Torossian


A teaching graduate from Macquarie University in Sydney, Charissa is passionate about presenting on the Bible and its relevance in our time. She has spoken to audiences around the world, and is currently serving as the Prayer Ministry Coordinator for the North New South Wales Conference in Australia. She and her husband Justin are loving being a part of their conference evangelism team and seeing people join God’s end-time church! 



  • December 29, 2012
    7:30 AM
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him him him this message was presented to penalize the two thousand and eleven hundred other resources like this online menu I see where I had a good night everyone right to name a few from us in and down very much exciting it is my faith gave life to think of anything so many young people excited the Internet of God amen I dislike either written added work for them myself before we go any fed father in heaven I thank you for bringing us use our area this morning I just pray now that you would speak through me that he would take away any cells and any medicine made Jesus sign for is my prayer today in Jesus name amen this is called to brother I am ten and giving them not a lot of trouble is assigned that she would take them down to the logical constant to see if they could help straighten them out and when she took into the policy was very happy to help out and he took the younger brother in today's office all the boys sat outside sitting down in front of his desk I need up to him and he said when is this the young man's eyes open why but he didn't answer inside the constant Macy's voice a little money said young man when is the best time the boy began to school and in his seat but this hell he didn't miss all that time the pastor asked him a little more blossoming young men at Sydney when is I is the hero had anything to the office and down the hall and when he felt the brunt is sorely and pedagogy will and when you finally caught up with anything or review my new name when he can taxi spread the middle biphenyl wearing big trouble God is missing and I think we get friends a good news this morning is a God isn't missing a Mac the Bible tells us on the creation of the world that his invisible attributes have been clearly seen and yet right throughout Scripture we find that God calls us to seek him I and others are again not because he is not but because without him we operate in an area might see the text in the book and ceramide Jeremiah chapter twenty nine and dissecting Jeremiah chapter twenty nine thirteen Jeremiah chapter twenty nine dissecting the ways of God Jeremiah twenty nine nineteen the Bible says says he says and you will seek me and find me when you sense for me with pot of Johan with all your heart that's what God 's promise is in France once upon a time there was a man who sought God who said he is hot to seek God and as promised he found it it was a great great grandson of King David the great grandson of Solomon Isaiah had dubbed lack of mighty men seeing and I than what empathic and I believe everyone in Jesus family tree the Bible 's final betting on his grandpa Rehoboam was an epitaph that effectively read God was not important to him and he's our father time to the picture of a directly father he married fourteen women and Ryan just three short years the French God is never left helpless among the ruins on our lives and God 's grace was still in way in places life in the Bible begins these three chapter biography in the book of second Chronicles chapter fourteen the company 's second Chronicles chapter fourteen second Chronicles chapter fourteen and will pick up reading a story in verse six second Chronicles chapter fourteen this soon the Bible says and Lisa did what was good and right in the eyes of the Lord his God fully remove the alters of the foreign gods and the high places and brought down the sacred pillars and cut down the wooden images it reminded Judah to seek the Lord God of their fathers adjust them the commandment he also removed the high places and the incense altars from all the cities of Judah and the kingdom was quiet on the hand in the spirit of prophecy there is a wonderful quite match twenty two eighteen ninety seven from the review and Herald that said I reminded him of true godliness among us is the greatest and most engines on all our needs to see Conejos you are right it should be our last letter and friends I am a seeking a revival of true godliness he's fast what it was the dawning of a new day in Judah an exciting time to be alive risings of the Rhine in nine hundred and eleven BC Canada nine one one it is almost as if God made a stop for the spiritual emergency of the time I had my doubts that Jesus commitment to botany leadership with people outside a friends place and wasn't trying to win a popularity contest opinion all students sizing under the power of the Holy Spirit case it shied us to surrender all that he wants to all that God is and he shouted as a young man to do what is good and right in the eyes of God on the ice of the world in the eyes of God and he called on this to do the same the land was managed on idolatry people time to the light of God and obedience was the fruits of this activity it was the work of the Spirit music minister at the time putting things into the text that bad I mention of the Holy Spirit here in this passage and say that this is the length of the Holy Spirit I'm so glad you brought that up because friends I'm reminded of the best in the book of Providence Providence chapter fourteen this wealth that says there is a way that seems right to a man but its end is the wildlife the money of dance and friendly yesterday I started denying that this is true I am I just finished studying to be a high school teacher of English and history and in my short time in fact on track him into from a fan I know that leaders have to leave the classroom the real format and then come back tonight and it is addressed for us to be left to ourselves which is my friend the last leg of the Holy Spirit is the way of conviction he works to convince us to convince the world of sin the second lack of the Spirit is the lack of conversion remember when Jesus said to Nicodemus he said you cannot even see the kingdom of God unless he been born again and that lack of being born again that's the Holy Spirit 's job he turned that suss amen whether the spirit is the lack of cleansing the process of sanctification with last night just for a day for a week before I lifetime under the work of cleansing the fruits of the spirit is developed in our lives we had into the gradual filling of the spirit as a friend as we look at the work of the Holy Spirit and look at Alice's life it is very clear to me that Jesus was a man in the Holy Spirit was lacking through because the fruits of the first ten years of his life through this to us but France every pop has some titles and places life was in a different notice what happens there is not second Chronicles fourteen the Bible says that Sarah be using again came out against him with economy of a million men and three hundred chariots and he came to my cell and you said everybody like a sonic foot ten is the Sirens hasn't sounded to herald the approach of an enemy and now they screamed from every corner this was more than just the disastrous WikiLeaks him upon me when I like this on the net had ever been assembled in human history at that time nearly twice the size of the pieces on the stopping just six kilometers short of the N Judah Jerusalem a member shall friends and wasn't playing games he was threatening Judah with other information that you think I'm my parents decided to go out one night with some friends of theirs from chance to go out to dinner and the good thing about that was that all my parents friends had students that were around the same age as my sister and I say the pencil decided that they would get a babysitter to look after us and we thought that was right that night we had a fantastic time we pay lots if they'd played games together and as a time was going on and they still went finally decided when watching video to relax and after watching this video we had footsteps coming round the back of the house when we had the footsteps we Florence and we and our babysitter she could be out to send seamless alignment our parents had instructed the privilege of protecting our lives and she was even going to be passing by and see what happened when she had the month of nice footsteps coming around the back of the house she lied and got sent to me time and that they did against the window leaning against the AIDS very very scared thankfully this is my parents returning to get us on the back of the half identified a man that but listen to you ASAP read like my babysitter when he had done much of a million man coming towards evening let's see what happens am a nerd knows the answer to him me that so I remember dancing I'm a sent the troops in battle arrive in the Valley of death that the admirers invest eleven basic hideouts in the law he's gone and said Lloyd it is nothing for you to help you with many always nice to have no power help us how God fully rests on you and in your night we go against this multitude I know I view how a God do not let men prevail against Breslow said the Lord struck the Ethiopians before and Gina and the Ethiopians fled friends when life knocks you to donate Friday and I had attempted outside the end honey like you and I have a computer like you and I might have a watch and the Bible tells us that he is climbing they were all mighty men of valor equipped with the finest weaponry trained in the mice killed military tactics I think I have trusted in his army but instead the Bible tells us that Jesus was on his face people God crying and say I isn't not the decisive thing God you and friends when you rely upon organization you get what organization can do when you rely upon eloquence you get what eloquent can did when you rely upon education you get what education can day and is nothing wrong with nice thing that friends let me tell you when you rely upon God through prayer you get what God can do I meant how do you explain it someone was once a the lady after she had said nothing to brag what I doesn't explain I just decided he's right anything made my bass line there is power in prayer frame there's how the cause of relationship advice anything I like you are our God the Bible safety called out on the log his God how because of relationship there is because I'm dependent he says I love we rests on you ice was depending on God and there's how because God 's desire is always to present his on ice or appeal to this in his prayer he says in your day the guy against this multitude the spirit of prophecy Mrs. White says his petition shine that he was not a stranger to God 's wonderful power I had the privilege of traveling to the state mine in Australia Melvin you may not have ever heard of that place but it's instead promise you that I went to Melvin and I spent a week for the chats then we had a only a week of revival during that week I got to meet some wonderful people but there was one story that stood out to me lady she came and she told me the story of his son who is coming to the meeting and when he looked at him you could say that he is in mint through some accident Jerry she told me that his son he said he won last year in August he was in a very bad car accident and she received divine call the next day to tell her that his son was in hospital he was in a climb up I wasn't looking good he was on life support could she please come in cementing the family rallied around that that they tried the six guides and after six days and the Holdren a Finland you may as well just I think we have to fan the last one off it's too expensive and Jerry's not improving he hasn't improved at all but his mother is a lady of prey and see how many inherent rights he said I didn't let that happen she said I like him and isolate him and he's quite a big lady so I imagine that she would have thought he had to fly here and see many the doctors keep Jerry on life support for six weeks after they called had to turn it off I think that is too expensive and friends she kept praying and guess what Jerry walked out of the hospital that God answers prayer and friends in answer to the prayer of Jesus the power of Ethiopia was broken before the Lord and his army and the rejoicing truths when pretending I'm in Ohio with the spoils of war the Bible tells us in the next chapter that he was met and the armies they will get by and not the man filled with the Holy Spirit but soon was chapter fifteen verses one and two of second Chronicles second Chronicles fifteen this is one of two the Bible says now the Spirit of God came upon has arrived the sun I didn't and he went out to meet hey Sarah and sixteen CME ISA and all Judah and Benjamin the Lord is with you while we came if you seek him he will be found by you but if you forsake him he will forsake you first seven and eight but you'd be strong and do not let your hands be weak for your work shall be rewarded when I saw had these words of the prophecy of the hide of the profits he took charge and removed the abominable I know from all the land of Judah and Benjamin and from the city even she had taken in the mountains of Ephraim and you restore the altar of the Lord that was before the vestibule of the Lord Azariah whose name means now way has helped themselves I found that because he had made in his lifestyle to see God God had been able to address here I met God had thought and God had one that glory was all gods and by the way frames that glory is still all the net has never been normal there haven't been times when the glory of God in the work start them the glory of man in the work of the gospel all that Martin at one time on this message was be strong and do not delete question was piece that meant to be a strong by doing what I'm running around the block in the nine friends the secret way in the same message the Christian strength lies always in seeking and clinging to God the story is told of a students who had a teacher a spiritual teacher he went to him Monday with this question he said pizza how can I truly find God if he can look at a student smiled and said finding and even any amount and eliminating down to a river when they got to the river the teacher walked to the river when he got to the middle in that city Sydney September I commented that I see volume into the river when they got to the middle they stood side-by-side in the case is now playing in the house just south to the market that you can frame himself beneath the water in that River and is safe as eliminate the water in that manner that takes place in the past money that we held in as the Muslims began to pop student began to struggle down the data how to make that much safety of the dates out how they met and the other flattering and the likes of China with all is paid to how the student back and after a few long and painful moments for the student finally the state to remove the handset companies sought with aching along asking for a when you find a place breath again it's easy just look at his student said when you design a God as surely as you decided to breathe the air you just bring then you shall find the key to revival and blessing the time of Asa the same as the key to revival and blessing today we need to set our hearts to seeking God and I believe that's why you're here wait here to pray the Lord film made this is our earnest plea every morning when you wake up I use it in your heart to seek the Lord do you look up before you look out some people go a long way on a good comment and it appears that Tyson was such a person encouraged by the preaching of God 's prophet he threw himself into the work of revival again and therefore unreliable took on new life nice again with me this is nine three two eleven of chapter fifteen then he gathered all Judah and Benjamin and Isaac dwelt with them from a friend NASA Simeon Frank came under the immigrant numbers from Israel when they saw that the Lord he is God was with him soon I gathered together at Jerusalem in the back month in the fifteenth year of the reign of Asa I may offer to the Lord of seven hundred bulls and seven thousand sheep from the spoil they had brought George Whitfield was a twenty two -year-old boy pretends from London who took the world by stone he shook much of Great Britain and this country right here in the United States of America and he had every reason to see a popularity and success whenever you took the pulpit people that surround the union by not found as a result of this thousands of people look and decided to faith in Jesus Christ which is why one night as a twenty two -year-old judgment feels found himself kneeling beside the spread bed and he prayed our heavenly father full of ideas sun sank keep me from climbing ice it might well have needed to pray this prayer for his popularity to was climbing he was soaring and yet it for the staff you see a revival was taking place Jeff was trying at seven in the morning and seven in the evening and they were doing it seven days a week Israelites and then augmenting them with flocking to the South craving for godly leadership church membership in the two Zantac type without the prayer meetings with the unlikely tonight is something that you notice that it says in best ten that they gathered in the bad month on the fifteenth year of the reign of Asa this is quite interesting to me because the you said months and I'm in heaven and on the fourteenth damn the past month according to the Bible that was the time off fifty days after that all whenever the barley and wheat harvests were right they might have a feast called the feet of weight and K which means that the occasion for this great national assembly that we read here infecting particles in the month was most probably the occasion of the feast of weeks have explained water altogether and in the great the feast of weeks is also nine as Pentecost meaning fifty friends when I think of Pentecost we immediately found my inspector acts chapter two and we imagine a roomful of believe is a hundred and twenty the upper room on their needs the tongues of fire above a friend the last Pentecost wasn't quite like that that's Pentagon the very first Pentecost happened when the wind Don brought his people out of Egypt and they are around the base of Mount Sinai and God gave to them they can economically be when it's hit me up on that can see that happen in the grandma Exodus chapter nineteen that's what you'll find and when done anything his people the ten Commandments at this Pentecost he is most reclaimed to make to make clear three key ideas number one the nature of sin sin is transgression of the law number two the qualities of the Lord righteousness that's from Romans nine to thirty one fifty one check that out another three DNS capability on the judgment that we will be Giants by the perfect law of liberty that was what was my nine hundred and fifty because I made my mind now you have attempted to we find them in the Holy Spirit was polite out on the day of Pentecost is the radiant flawless what happened at Sinai because he came to convict the wellness and and of righteousness and all of judgment say friends they looking at right here in the book of second Chronicles was very exciting and dismayed I get excited about anything but this is a very wealthy and I believe it is a celebration of Pentecost and Old Testament example and what happens he noticed that his twelve and that's a it says then they entered into a covenant to seek the Lord God of their fathers with all their hearts with all their soul and whoever would not seek the Lord God of Israel was to be put today with a small amount rights with a man or woman told about having an effective revival of name and a half men you you are either seeking dawned on you what and if you want you would just take and write out to not seek God Jane the time of Jesus friends was to commit a crime ready off capital punishment radon may slightly then they took a knife before the Lord with a loud voice which shouting inch from the thin Rams horns and all Judah rejoice that the finance small and with all their heart and sourcing with all of this soul and he was found by name the board gave them rest all around Nina lunch for twenty years after this God bless a set God 's sunny Providence shine upon him and every direction and for thirty five years OLAP Acer enjoyed the him I think they come from and abiding relationship with him but a faith that even tested times be trusted with every nine chapter sixteen this is the final chapter chapter sixteen verse one in the thirty sixth year of the reign of Asa Bosch and King of Israel came up against Judah and built Rama that he might let not go out or come in to a set king on June three the plot thickens by Shannon King of Israel that hurricanes shoot up by solidifying around the city just twelve sorry kilometers north of Jerusalem and the miss out one way to be inhabited of Judah invasion this had the potential of crippling their economy like they didn't price is there even lives something had to be done or else the people might stop today because I was sitting right on that strain rate noisy men of action he quickly moves into action investing than afebrile silver and gold from the treasuries of the house of the Lord in the king 's house any center then had acting as Syria who dwells in Damascus saying that there be a treaty between you and me as it was between my father and your file see I have sent you silver and gold and brachial treaty with King of Israel that he said that he will withdraw from Maine there was meeting this time instead I sent e-mails the king of Syria he happened to be an enemy of God involved in the bride 's name now they many brides in using dogs money Nina God the common attack Israel and therefore get Israel off his back well that's fine now you have invented by Sontag and that he stopped building and cease his work went to trade stitchery strategically politically militarily this had been one of the most recognized and everything may ingenious history resting on a design genius two front war plan had enabled him to gain pace avoid long makes strategic allies and established himself as a friendly and he done it all by him self I can see him having united on Medicaid this amendment right now is this not make Judah that I have say that phrase even a stopped clock for clock with a battery in it even a stopped clock is right twice a day and Jesus decision right here had been one of the most dangerous decisions he would ever make the story as follows on the farm and get tried to mock God and so when he died he willed his found the devil and as you can imagine this caused the courts quite a lot of travel and frank deliberation until finally they came to this conclusion they said it is decided that the best way to carry out the wish of the deceased is to allow the farm too bright we the soil to be bride in the house and the barn to rot in our opinion that they weigh at least something to the devil is to do nothing and friends evidently a center somewhere and somehow has stopped seeking God and that's how Satan gets a hold of good people when we stopped hanging onto Jesus the enemy looks and I think is rather the fact that you will be eventually my friend Scott had a message for ISA notices that seven at that time and then I see a change of pace a king of Judah and said to him because you have relied on the king of Syria and have not relied on the Lord your God therefore beyond the king of Syria has escaped from your head for the eyes of the log run to and fro throughout the hallway to show himself strong on behalf of the city 's hottest loyalty in this you have done foolishly therefore from now on you shall have what everybody thought that a family from my Sprint investment and wealth it appears that box profit assess the situation quite differently and God 's prophet his name here means my grades he tells him listen Asa nothing is hidden from God God sees their high-priced environment walls at a glance he looks of this world and in the Glancy taking a position he denies and ninety nine whatever crisis effects not a sign of a trial and temptation comes your way without his notice without excising his sympathy for you and it is not listed as well evidently according to Scripture he is always looking for the same kind of people they may not have charisma education style culture education whatever in common but what they share is a hotbed is tightly surrendered committed to God that's what he is looking for I think of people like Caitlin like Daniel like Abraham who is able to climb that mountain of absolute surrender and still be willing to offer his son friends about it if you live from God only then we could allow him to black on our behalf amen it is a lactamase that we remain on how to live our lives in the midst of war but friends if United is what happened in that ten muchly did not profit then I said was angry with the Sierra and put them in prison when he was enraged that he because of this a separate some of the people at that time frame that suddenly the lot of us that we would rather be ruined by price and saved by criticism I didn't just get angry at God 's prophet he was standing ages five and up and running all I is I am in town from there on this man to his opinion anyway sometimes God 's prophets unpopular with God 's people but friends you can't get need of the message by getting rid of the messenger I meant I'm reminded of the client Mrs. White made in eighteen seventy three she said I have been shy that the greatest reason why the people of God I now found in this state of spiritual blindness is this that they will not receive correction that she made another comment in testimonies volume four page eighty seven she said the Eileen on the latest same physically and standing before God and knowledge of the nature unfair sometimes I know you like correction sometimes that's exactly what we need of friends it was all downhill from there any site will serve as in animated this is the bad day maybe he just liked up on the wrong side of the bed and I wish that that was true but if you notice it may basis twelve and thirteen indicate that this became a characteristic of his life him twelve hundred and eighty nine PRC 's reign Asa became diseased anything Chinese melody was busy I got in his busy he did not think the maligned but the physician scientists are resting with his father dying in the forty first year is right I've never been one for fairytales but with all my eye I wish that I could stand here in front of you today and tell you that my family and happily ever after but the Bible doesn't grade that way his seat disease told the story of his hot this once mighty monarch walked away from God never to walk again friends nothing is worse than losing God is God missing in your life and mine I see reminds us this morning that's astonishing wealth spiritually is not guaranteed off finishing well spiritually it was not the first general to win the battle and then afterwards lose the wall all yes I'm sure many people when they come to Jesus they so excited if they enjoyed seasons they enjoy spending time with them talking talking sharing making but as time goes on that experience begins to die and they walk away from Jesus their reasons are many and varied site has a thousand ways in which he seeks to drown out faith starting is easy is what I'm trying to say it's the finishing well that tests why did I come into the story because what happened to hasten could very well happen to us to it how hot do not sit in the right direction the question how can we avoid the disaster the cane we have to turn I love you Jason because one of the defining characteristics of God 's people at the end of Time is this that may well have been testifying of Jesus Christ amen what was that testimony will positively find in John chapter five invest that come with me to the book of John chapter five said Jesus says he says I cannot myself did how much how much nothing as ICI jobs and my judgment is righteous because I do not seek my iron rail but the will of my father the father sent friend Don is not lost but he is begging for us to find him because many of us have lost our connection with Jesus Christ friendly and I want a dial up connection with God we want a broadband connection amen Enoch had a broadband connection with heaven he wants with Donnelly 's life and he walked straight into heaven the great leader that stretched to that the great need of us the guy is the same as the charges made in a time of Judah in the book of Amos Chapter five thought the Bible says God save seek me and late payment but sometimes like Paul we feel like Paul in Romans chapter seven MSA chain when he said for I know that in me that is in my flesh nothing good dwells to forge the real is present with me but have to perform I do not fund things we need to find ourselves with Paul at the foot of the cross looking up to Jesus and begging and pleading with him for the grace that comes from above to help us walk with God amen this is what Pentecost all about this is not seeking God is all about and by the way friends we kind of like to be defeated now think like I said the Bible tells us that how things ought to be shot with the preparation of the gospel of peace I do remember how I told you the best three works of the Holy Spirit was conviction can imagine I'm thinking the full length of the spirit is the way of commission the Holy Spirit always have to make us beautiful I met and by the way when we seek God we become involved in this seeking Sega 's way the Bible tells us that the Son of Man did not come to light he came to seek and to save that which was lost I met and I'm lining up now because my clock is counting the time but the Holy Spirit is present wherever there is action when he found that New Testament church we didn't get the book of new ideas we got the book of acts and I believe that God 's desire for this check is to finish well someone once said that the wind of God 's Spirit is always blowing but it's up to us to set the sales framed that this do I say it's time for you and I to set out sales to seek God to seek his face if we have walked away from him it's time for us to walk with him and walk with him till he comes to walk us harm amen at the nineteen sixty eight Olympic Games in Mexico they were many highlights but there was one that stands out happened during the marathon writes that wasn't memorable because staff is status and finished from this present finished status second or third actually this person finished last and then this is what happened when the race began John Stephen inquiry from Tanzania find out when everybody else that was seventy two runs in this right but shortly after he decided he found and he had himself but instead of giving up he balanced himself up he kept running well now when buying older residents had started from implement automatic came back and ask you how after everybody had received their medals and people attacking out to Anaheim camera crews are shutting down John Stephen at Lowery of Tanzania into the stadium to finish the rights and cross the finish line someone went up to him in Austin at the end of it all wanted to keep writing and design of everybody had no metals into this is what he said he said my country did not send me five thousand miles to stop the rights my country sent me five thousand miles to reach the rights friends I said didn't finish well but by God 's grace we can and we will and download again today now has me going to have a time of prayer together when we are going to set our hearts to seek lots that I invite you now to join us fill me and myself will be unending am I going to begin with print and online soon as you guys urinates to join me in second Chronicles chapter seven the sporting setting chronicles chapter seven this forty second Chronicles chapter seven this fourteen enjoying your new needs if you're able the Bible says if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and Frank and seek my face and turn from their wicked way then I will hear from heaven and the him he'll mail you sent to give you a moment to pray privately essential service I only see you in humble yourself before you dismiss this will even see what is she wasting someone's ministry on the seventh day Adventist sequence by Young Bible -based price-sensitive Christians the downloadable purchase another resources this is online and see what he went on


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