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Wednesday Keynote Address

Justin McNeilus


Justin McNeilus

Former President of Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC)



  • December 28, 2011
    6:00 PM
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him him him this message was presented to her she wisely two thousand and eleven hundred other resources like this is the online menu I see where I had a good evening that was bordering on Saturday so I trust your way and in much better as a lot of you out there is a large attack it's been I think just about a year since you and I met in a convention center much like dress for some of you probably are first-time to do I see for others maybe four or five or even ten times but it's been about three hundred and sixty five days since you when I'm at the convention center and I would submit you a lot has happened across our nation and across the world for instance did you know that here since we last met there have been seven but rather the seventh billion person alive on this planet was born so even if you didn't you that yes I know seven billion people can you believe that seven billion people on this planet person was born in the Philippines that the name is escaping me but it's because of this this exponential growth in the world population that people are beginning to doubt the Bible they get all their collective lives of the government if you know seven million people it is impossible for the gospel to go in the world even Christians are saying primarily resides on mainstream Christianity but there sank to the collective wisdom of this seven billion people it is impossible for the gospel to go to the world now Smith US the edges of this fooling him if thou in God is creeping into the Seventh-day Adventist church that this will not go to learn that there is an army there is an army of young people who believe who know about a satellite out this Gospel will go to the world favorites and Australia the young people in Australia are alive and well in this dealer territory of Australia young people are getting together even as soon as next month we met with them here they are putting forth enough bandwidth experience to witness of the country of Australia the young people are alive and well and well in Australia the young people in Australia refused to believe in collective human wisdom inside with Matthew that this Gospel will go to the world below North Asia you think of these are some of the most incredible territory some of the most difficult challenges for us in the church you want to Australia and the young people are alive and well in Australia you think of the Philippines the young people are preaching their hearts out by the thousands of being baptized in the administered because of what young people are doing you think of the mountains and Mongolia the preaching that you think of the young ladies in China the preaching their hearts out our chosen experiencing growth in China so I say I'm mad other young people every canards despite the cost the young people in Australia they refused to believe in collective human wisdom they side with Matthew that the gospel will go to the world you think of Africa there in Africa the young people are putting us to shame and America will do everything to myself how we need to send missionaries to Africa let me assure you that is not the case in most places in Africa Asia resetting a missionary she summarizes that Amanda Young people in Africa are alive and well you think of Zambia impact was forget what it stands for inspired missionaries proclaiming the advent of Christ today since its inception to five hundred people had been baptized in the church and Zambia you think of Gabon Ghana Lynn area liver one might say that yes you will have a loud laugh you think of Ethiopia the capital city at least Obama is against the lot to do evangelism in August twelve hundred young people when on the streets of the capital city of Ethiopia the young people in Australia refused to believe in collective human wisdom inside with Matthew that this Gospel will go tomorrow you had north of the Europe some of the most secular territory in the wireless did you know that young people are alive and well there you think of Germany out of young people there in April twelve no eighteen hundred young people and Sabbath afternoon they rented a trained and we then went out into the streets in Mannheim Germany the young people I live in while you think of Norway and Sweden check this out the youth department there every summer they sent up a group of young people in Abbas they go to northern Norway just so many adjectives are there not want the knowledge that I will summon up freezing our heart out and the baptizing people in northern Norway check this out in Latvia did you know the country Latvia they get together almost every young person in seventh Avenue 's young person in the country gifts together have the evangelism and outreach and at their conference Catholic they listen to the G like the recordings the doing evangelism you know we should do something here he was the Europe is heavily wooded consulates irrelevant the young people are alive and well in Europe so when I see why feeling on the one you have refused to put any stock or credibility and collective human when the Messiah with Matthew at the gospel will go to the world you think of South America you can find the same enlightening story the young people are alive and well there by the thousands they come to Brazil they treat in the mountains of Chile the Peru and Ecuador cities that young people are going out and reaching out to young people are alive and well in South America they refused to believe in collective wisdom seven million eight billion twenty million it is not matter if the hospital about DeLauro and then the end so come in it's no reason that they should not put any stock in human credibility ought for hematologic with the seven billion because it's been done before you know that Gospel has gone to the world before that he realized that check this out you into the book of acts they are in the upper room just before the Holy Spirit falls on them just before their train out and how many Bible students were in the upper room you don't know I nominate one hundred and twenty one hundred and twenty people now at that time when they are in the upper room there was about a hundred and eighty million people live in the world how many people come on stay when I is able much better so if a hundred and twenty in the other room and a hundred and eighteen yen on the world the Holy Spirit descends on them and they began to preach you get into the next chapter back into your breach of the all enlightening sermon and thirty thousand baptized in the church because of the next chapter another salads and are baptized in the church you read all through the book of acts in their hundreds of thousands and tens of thousands him three had minimal combat and there is just about one million Christians in the church to reach one man he is a man such as our number one hundred and twenty and a hundred and eighty million for every one person that is one four million people they have to reach the chatting with me one four million units in the middle of the act of bulk of act sixty years later than a million Christians as one in every one hundred and eighty people saying that all undereducated people from one four million to one hundred and eighty one check this out and sometimes on in the world combine yourself that this is each time Seventh-day Adventist excitement how many the seventeen million I heard all kinds of different numbers but with a seventeen million some skeptic is sitting opposite gases seventeen million of those on active fine how many do how many are active in the Adventist church one percent on your anywhere from ten to fifty so let's take the no worst-case scenario legislators fifty percent among men are are active okay so we have would have a half million active Seventh-day Adventists are dressed with me so far that we have seven billion people in the world seven five no eight five thank you eight five divided by the seven million and is want to eight hundred and twenty three people it's easy him on Mount Carmel you create dramatic hundred and forty three thousand and mean eight hundred and twenty two five with only or anyone I think it's eight hundred and twenty five and has been done on the book of acts are ready if no one are not an army of young people can write around the world as a weighted to take the gospel to the more you take the gospel to the war Blessed father you we are where the convention center where Houston Texans nothing special about the room nothing special about the stage of the presenter but it's special because you're here with us it would be a mistake for us to invite you under this room because you were here before us so we tossed to invite you into our hearts would come tonight for many different reasons with come tonight with many different backgrounds coming from many different geographic locations become united under the banner of the cross fill us earnestly fill out the individual to leave for the Holy Spirit to come into our lives are earnestly coming together corporately as a movement to plea for the Holy Spirit on our our behalf but tonight as you speak through me I pray that the messenger would be minimized and the message would be maximum that people wouldn't leave your Saint Justin free stupid sermon but they believe here's in a house by the throne of God it's a humble prayer in Jesus name and were heading to the book of acts all invite you to turn there with me patches in the New Testament young Matthew of marking of Lugo John and then you get to the book of acts actually wanted in the first chapter so many you are liking for AA cute little story or a a funny analogy for the sermon to start with yet I can get one welcome PG Weinstein legal strengths of the word of God acts chapter one I typically start my presentations up a little bit of a warning I am a layperson what am I a layperson much like most of you know me I'm a lay person my formal education was not in the art of oral communication interacting with me so sometimes in my presentations U.S. Army that aren't typical tonight might be one of those times that I'm going to do next we are to look at a defect to call when you look at young people want to get a look at effective clouds lie with the units the fact is the gospel about to learn we looked in the introduction that have been done of all units in the book of acts thousands hundreds of the event when I was with you that the disciples started a revolution in the book about a man how to make even this revolution must continue it's not a revolution against our church is not a revolution against a political stake in the revolution against the enemy the adversary faith in everything that he stands for they started a revolution in them let's continue seven million eight billion twenty Marriott Hotel at the number at the gospel about a little before Jesus comes again him will happen before Jesus comes again without they haven't startled the land of the free end of Matthew Sindelar and will happen leading up back in the hospital going to the lawyer it will have allow want to explore the tonight of the call out is that the effect is related the foundation your tracking with me that the foundations of revocation is that the gospel about the door to let me off for now yes I hope you will not aware about our foundation we cannot leave because we want to understand why how does that happen to her in the book of acts the disciples are in a little bit of a discombobulated state they just lost or they're just about to lose their master who they spent following around for three and a half years they relied on him for everything Loki is just about the telethon that Holy Spirit is the definitive sundown and so we find a site other than a crossroads in their Christian experience to ensure the future to ensure the next step but there on the class of some of the most exciting times in life perhaps you might be able to sympathize or empathize with the site coming to the convention center tonight a little unsure of the future many of the career path right across the road and you don't know exactly where Jesus have you intended to go in a relationship a little confused by the innocent are not might have a family member who was just diagnosed with the disease or worse yet a family member that continues to ignore the plea of the Savior perhaps tonight you can empathize you can sympathize with the site below to submit to this exciting thing to happen at this conference him reading things happen at this conference have been working with you I think the last seven years of my life seven conferences never never have we had such problems leading up to a conference you look at every department we have an era some colossal failure that's a long world that where that would lead you to believe it is some see the type of thing but there was some sort of obsession that the devil has placed that every department take for instance the knee the Justice Department registration for many of you it was a nightmare of the yes or no it was a nightmare all I can do is apologize and promise you will do everything in our powerful and have you again but here's the appeal God wants to do exciting things to this conference God wants to do exciting things to this conference and as an enemy who is trying to distract us what the left would rather focus on the registration of the food or whatever outfitted that is standing in the life what about the country was better than no plaintiff of the feminist movement in any of the problems don't get a new incredible things in this conference your life maybe on the cost of greatness just like the disciples you may be in this room with some sort of problem some sort of confusion some sort of lack of direction just identified with it on the cusp of greatness it could be that you are to could be that Jesus has something impressive about happening God will do incredible things through this when the book of acts acts chapter one verse three a various amount acts chapter one verse three he presented himself alive vital soon as you as it has presented himself alive blizzard is Jesus he presented himself alive him them after his suffering for many proofs appearing to them during forty days and speaking about the kingdom of who if you will see wife and I the kingdom of God now I will abound a Sonata that Luke built in this letter you try to do in life beyond Yahoo with my same medical records like oligarch buddies writing a letter to the foundation things that are either what's about to happen in the book of the hat is often the foundation because Jesus suffered on the ground easy to throw the game is everything unified from hospital in Fort Worth on the boundaries and because of what Jesus did on the cross with a very passionate executive committee were all youth were all volunteers and because of that we get some real passionate debate you know that it takes about fourteen months the plan a conference like this we party started planning our next conference in Seattle with an exciting think that they are Saturday nights you about it but I can tell you yet we also passionate debate and especially when it comes to see now undoubtedly limitless like you little peek into the executive committee table will be set around the table Italy time for the theme discussion and one man will born name always comes up with this audio confusion in the world although logically could possibly point to it being thought that guy I think we need a theme on Jesus old and inevitably Sebastian 's idea so whenever you go on a Cyprus related Sebastian idea gets shot down not because it's not a fantastic idea not because of we should focus on the lives and had no methods young people see the Fed had been assigned to every one of our theme is even a foundation of everything that we do with the movement is he likely the cross of Christ suffering Christ resurrected to be at the foundation of everything that we do that even no difference fill me I earnestly at the heart of it at the center of the foundation of the disease of the software and I'm a drop in Jesus 's resurrection is of little enough reader the reason of this happen the reason that he has to get authority to speak to become supper on the cross with another young people the reason and you and I can ride out tell me honestly because like you have cried every on the cross made no mistake about it will be a group of individuals called the Adventist church who were near the end of time will be crying out to me because of what Jesus did for them at the cross there will be an army of young people assembled known as the gender known as the generation use Christ GUI feed will write out a free domain because of what Jesus did for them at the cross the only question that remains unanswered when you lose a child in the sun or the daughter of Christ cried out individually filled me because of what he did for you at the cross Paul employs some fascinating language to communicate the same idea Galatians chapter fix at the first fourteen eighty seven listen up because I learned after the fact that he's writing invader ladders partly because of it I find that I think you got anyone optimistic is unless I don't party from each of the phase I trial translation history cut the crap that I have my conversion on the road to Damascus as the Democrats could please him at trial have you come across that even from their now newly for thinking that I could write to you Barbie of the media both in anything but the draw she is only about any of the heart it better be at the center and about amid the foundation of everything that we do see the only kind of the book of Peter first Peter is a letter written by Peter is typically used for those who are suffering but I just love how Peter takes the concept of the Holy Spirit in the foundation of Jesus on the cross to bring the circle first Peter Journal quickly first Peter went chapter one verse anger there yes or no a way so that everyone can catch up first Peter chapter one verse ten first Peter one and verse can concerning this salvation the prophets who prophesied about the grace now Bible students what profit is he talking to what Roberts wrote about Jesus is coming to Jesus 's grace lithic Isaiah might be one with eighty whole Old Testament prophets the learning of the fabulous enough the Old Testament prophets wrote about race wrote about Jesus 's work here reading on that was to be here searched and inquired carefully inquired one person find the Spirit of Christ in them was indicating when he predicted the watch young people otherwise I might live by translation renders of the suffering of Christ and the subsequent loan the Old Testament prophets prophesied about Jesus Jesus 's work on the cross Jesus 's suffering Jesus 's resurrection and on those websites then you could conceivably three watch for the length of the fat content and you and I might have life not just live life more abundantly in a very remarkable and very thought-provoking thanks the disciple is unleavened down to figuring out exactly as you remember yes or now let's will get hold your finger first Peter Bagozzi John John chapter fourteen John chapter fourteen know that sixty is John chapter fourteen hundred John chapter sixteen will reverse seven thousand contacts nevertheless I tell you the truth in SCR and Vantage and if you want advantage that I go away for if I do not go away in a helper who you are not in the helper the Holy Spirit will not come to you but if I know I will send him to you now Jesus comes in aside from that list and I finally arrived on me for so long I know that you rely to me for everything that you do whether the food B Derakhshan you followed me I'm your maximum lifting and steering case that I go away now you and I have yet need ramblings I would say you know the end of a star yet we know exactly what you referring to but think of the disciples fear that relying on Jesus and everything and you say listen listen of God go away in a few advantage but the understanding of the water Jesus had left immediately at that instant when an event of their grantors testing out if it's a classic as we really don't know the answer is we cannot answer that because we do not know but we can answer this genus is referring to the fact that soon he would dine across Rana said Sony would rather be resurrected and mounted the throne of God and the Allison Holy Spirit at defeating the answer is fourteen he think of the more you talking about what the Holy Spirit he will glorify me for he will take what is mine and declare to you is fifteen on the father hath are mine therefore I said he will take what is mine and declare to you use of this year granted all die on the cross for your sins will be resurrected after three days of the throne of God for you to send my helper the Holy Spirit for you why the Holy Spirit in a comp to remind you of what I did back in first Peter verse twelve is revealed it was revealed to them they were talking of the Old Testament prophets that they were serving not themselves but who who was it off you beautifully the grace of Christ was revealed to the Old Testament prophets not just for them up for you and I Jesus came so that we might have a life and more life more abundantly the Holy Spirit came down to remind us of what he did and if those ALT.NET primarily for the Old Testament prophets not primarily for the disciples not primarily for the apostles in the book of acts but for you and I it was revealed to them that they were serving not for themselves but for you Christ the foundation of our law and the foundation of our earnestly remember with me tonight were looking at a defect you cause yes effective five anyone looking at and with me on what do I have for him and hold one of the world around them if you want to talk about his TV and the foundation she has been at the center he has been the absolute foundation in center of everything that we possibly knew back in that last chapter one verse four this is about to get excited and while staying with them he ordered them you may be reading from the King James version of the new King James version and that renders it he commanded them not about you but when the Bible says that Jesus ordered that 4G has commanded them I tend to listen up you did a thing of the now become it down to not than a block from Jerusalem but you wait for the promise of the father which he said you heard from me now before you pack is what I think is a significant command a significant order for Christ it's time for the look in the near medic that a little look in the mirror of the millennial generation a few months ago Sebastian fomented this fantastic book it's called being him factor what it evolved p.m. factor in what it doesn't it describes some of the things that the millennial generation look for now I'm part of the millennial generation and the majority of you out there are part of the millennial generation you may put up be put on some of the edges of advice indeed the majority of us are part of millennial generation now that's what you can factor the subtitle is something to the effect of the millennial generation is rocking the workplace basically what it does it looks at the millennial generation of the holy some some attributes that would be awesome but not all the generation would primarily look at or are beyond part of rather the first Olympics with the millennial generation we life access when we live in I say this appears to me started with a very small Mann if Bob Puller moment you will need actually they worked up into a nicer home of the millennial generation you're not come along with a knockdown they would work we want to start with a what where they ended up in rise from a tracking with me so we typically demand the other thing that we like you would like to rally would like to do the rally especially if there's some elemental we can change the world so you can either generation we demand access we like to rally and we like to change the world that Panasonic some of us yes no if it is not necessarily to say that every person the millennial generation is like this by any stretch of imagination but as a broad stroke what were life now it's all strange that in mind when looking to the commander-in-chief accept one of us for wild game with them he ordered them he commanded them to not depart from Jerusalem now the necessity genus is just delivered the deep green gospel commission with a guy type of all entries everywhere one way to go and make sure that everyone in the inhabitable also I am and what I'm going to try but way before you can take the next few months Greece Jerusalem three the very people you are already a contact with me the church have been commissioned by Christ to take the three angels message to the world but could it be that you and I have insurance are like lot like the disciples were going to be that the disciples went on the cusp of greatness just about now the Holy Spirit porn on an angle to the most exciting times that life could be another church emulates that him in charge we believe that the Holy Spirit will come again in a flattering form you learn more about it tomorrow if I don't want to die too much into it and explore the rest of the conference but if I happen to believe that if it happens out there so that if I buy there in this state of our awareness they have just been delivered the gospel message of Jesus command line reach Jerusalem the VW and either charge as we wait for the Lord appeared to be understanding when we wait for the latter rain power to come out again as he is commanding a way to look in your something the Loma Linda veggie beef of course most of us the millennial generation are not prepared what most of us like possibly even in this room are not prepared to wait it's enough just in case Jesus commanded it is on the number I'm all there is of it away him get away check this out what if I told you tonight we start rallying for the world tonight we rally and it should we can change the world I can see it in my mind that utilizes Internet incisor right here in Israel and in a rally Sunday released today in ten days we can change the world attending will have a lot of stupid really nice meticulous meals were both of the line will eat together sound web programming running around-the-clock and every afternoon Chelsea will organize outreach for the west side of the renewability reason she's not around as we rally even change the way they went we have to now that I saw you as well you may will say you are now ready for some of my majority of you would do that to check this out same scenario we rally what intimate a big difference when it's saying something when a rally and in Oman on the meals on web programming around-the-clock to the native plants and outreach on the left please diary meets afternoon in the 10K you download the attendant said a prayer meeting was with me significantly among none at this question began raising animals invented twelve prayer meetings at your local church is one a month who's with me still some of you picture the affect question to all the Seventh-day Adventists Jesus commands them to wake to hold off to reach locally stay in Jerusalem translation you have no business making plans to reach the world when a prayer meeting here church is suffering you have to revitalize and young people pictures for you I will believe in the mission of the misanthropic Seventh-day Adventist young people living right now is to revitalize our level charts to bring about Reformation in our local church there were now brought revival in our local church we must bring about revival in our local church Jesus commanded them to stay in Jerusalem translation reads your local charts the reason why call me on foreign missionary I'm not talking about you your new Jerusalem is temporarily on the moon the music was not gotten on short-term mission trip that's fine with me on Merna cost-sharing agreement happened with you have what I am talking about are those views in the Adventist church each Sabbath and are doing nothing revitalized your local church Phillips usually Saturday do nothing to bring about revival in your local church with great race in the region of thousands but won't preach the wine that restoration the reason allowed a prayer meeting at dad River restoration of reasonable housing but are charged to write a program of restoration and forty seven thousand five Sabbath mode all Jesus commands in Spain Jerusalem it's a winning concept with actors one of her statement needs to be chapter one verse eight but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you'll be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the earth he catches the disciples to reach the world and reached around them the cycle the chlorine and maximum waiting for the Holy Spirit report out much like the charges and the recent Jerusalem that local church is the other local state and Samaria their country which eventually led that Teresa were so would it be a logical conclusion that if you live a congregation of a mold men are waiting for the Holy Spirit to be torn out again that we would be regional locally that before we had any effort raising the regional line out our workplace has been talks of all excited thinking about a neighboring country our neighbor line was reached before we have to reason the reason the world our family members or race was in his appeal rings true to my heart I'm not doing for my local church my wife and I had an evangelistic series and in the fall at our search the town of three thousand people started visiting some of them were family Adventists not doing enough to respond local church member looking at an effective cause effect is the gospel when the world the cause of Christ being at the center of everything that we do the cause is to reach out to our local church revitalize the site of the world scenario Judea Jerusalem for you and I will countries in any local church why waste the world yet the reach of local church will rally the world yet the rally for your church when you change the world the change of local church were country state city local church it was eleven or twelve or thirteen months ago some Democrats and I was in the city of Rome on a Reformation trip down for whatever reason I'm not a person that just enjoyed sitting quietly in my hotel room as though this particular night so I was sitting there it was the middle of the day for me was the middle of the night in Rome which had there yesterday and what you committed an act of medicine in Europe so I laced up my walking shoes and I began to walk around the city three or four hours that night I walked around the entire city and in when you're in a city like that with so much history sewing exposed probably intended to very reflect what I think that they had one I believe you are late Modernism the early Christian what you have are walking around Coliseum in that particular night the big screen as I do want to hear with with client of the project that I meant to simulate what you and I know his name Nero burning city walked around the Coliseum thinking to myself there were Christian they were Christians who were dressed up in lands of line for release in the Coliseum phone I responded that number walked into the garden fairy garden were deficient to get into our in use this is as torture thank you with torches to light up and on out I responded that number walking to the courtyard where were Christians were tied and share it with three top directions literally caring Christians apart so I respond to what one was that these these Christians had outputted that they could continue to reach even while this was happening to them after they continue to reach as they were being dressed up as lamb but maybe continue to preach is no address is very tall and by extension how can they do it in the book of acts how can they preach when he nicely they were monitor how can they reach out when their critics are trying to silence them they reach out when Christians weren't trying to five what do they have the Holy Spirit because that always seem to be sort of a byproduct of the acts church what do they have how could they continue to read finally hit me I was there that she I don't overwhelmingly Paul was imprisoned just earlier that day I had gone down and that that's freezing but it still tasted dampness of that prison I could feel still feel the slime on the wall the rock that written you can even stand up with it this can dance hole in the ground one of the copyright says thought-provoking and inventing messages of beauty glorified Christ from the from the South cell in a hole in the ground I stood up looking at that church I remember the realization of what they had it was so simple so beautiful the truth was undeniable the disciples the apostles they could continue to reach because they were reached they could continue to reach because they were reach there are hundred percent committed to Christ that was done freehand and him alone in our earthly commitments are priorities time and download they were reached here's the fascinating thing is the logical next step to the equation in the book of acts it's a logical equation to the gospel going to the lawyer world country stay city local church you you you young people you want to reach the world you have to be reached older people you want to take the three angels message to the world the reach you eluded to it in the introduction Peter preach the same light earth shattering sermon in a book of facts three thousand were baptized into the church submits you this year wasn't always so bowl peel was always sold out to God 's will Peter wasn't always so reach that even conclusion to the nice presentations in the book of Luke Luke chapter twenty two Luke chapter twenty two will set the scene just a little bit again the critics of Jesus in an attempt to silence him an attempt to limit his access here on this Earth that arrested him they brought into the home of a high priest in the very front of the high priest home in those days they didn't have TVs and have well insulated home so when is the ruckus going outside like this people want to know what's going on those genes of the interactive is this high priest home is quite a multitude of you well that's following him probably a lot of them out of curiosity but but we picture in this multitude of people here Peter Sardis slinking along trying to just blend in with the crowd the Regina 's link along not being noticed just just wanted to observe Christ's gift of a high priest Coleman is a fire that can't attend up to the side severe deficit behind the fireplace and then in our minds I can pick surefire we can picture many people gathered around it and we can Peter and the maximum is found in ignoring everyone else minding his own business we can place everyone's grasp be rejected because it's cold outside and is just trying to warm up from the fire peters they are just just warming up and soon Peter Field that that glare of eyes penetrating you been in a situation in a public setting where where maybe it was on a boss or an airplane north for some sort of park with a lot of people soon you can say that when people are staring at you can you environment in a situation S&L you can picture you can do then peters easy but it is awkward situation where you want to look at them he wants to avoid the awkward eye contact so in my mind that picture Peter sort of overshooting the glance it done before to you I'll shoot the glance you look at something off in the distance peters glaring out in the darkness and meant that a Brenda's life down to the person where you feel like you're looking at them sure enough awkward eye contact glaring penetration I remember something I solicit three numbers to contact Luke twenty two hundred fifty six said that the servant girls seen him they locked eyes a servant girl seen him he sat in the light and looking closely at him said that this man also was went down this man right here and I'm looking at he wasn't Jesus let's concern you or what Jesus and Robert peters first response turn to Matthew very quickly hold your finger loop but look at Matthew twenty six just moments to ours maybe even just minutes before Matthew twenty six in verse thirty four Jesus said to him to Peter him now you have very nice before the cock crows you will deny me how many times thirty five Medina said to him even if I must die with you I will not deny you I think there maybe other people out there who are the good night and listened to the fact that you are you complimented me like a mania well I will not deny it's not that happen each the disciples that the things look bad in our context we head back to the awkward way that the fireplace Luke twenty two University seven now but he didn't I ask you what he denied it saying one I do not know if that wasn't enough you find effective incidents someone looked at him and said listen you must be the one I do not know him Peter says finally a third time interviewing lots for you we now landed down I do not know the reason I theater I do not know Christ I do not know Christ I do not know Christ just after saying I would never do not allow you what I'm look at the story and I'm frustrated and irritated theater you don't like duration of years you spent with Jesus Christ 's death about the Diana cross are all yours and all of my said how could you deny down have your theater going to be converted from human race that you can deny him Peter you full why would you do it gently reminding us a little bit of Peter 's personality and me you been in all situations I have him into a sermon maybe even energy wifely the appeal comes in I connect you to do more of that could be more time in the word of God could be more time in prayer but I commit him to do it sooner the sermons over the conference is all wrong backs selected the crowd avoiding the awkward eye contact maybe if you relate to Peter videos Emad Lasky was seen as Sunday charge you committed to give something up Christ came even if you Holy Spirit to reveal something out and your life those list directly in your priorities said rather die to do that again get back home it's slept in the crowd you avoid the awkward eye contact if you don't want to remember your commitment that it's a sermon in church pastors just preached a sermon that you know was tailor-made to you you commit in your life to do something more roller give something up in a committee joy a preacher not committing to a pulpit in a committee joy well executed logical thought progressing sermon you committed to your Savior committees your create some of you been with them for more than three and half years come forward on the appeal until I alternate outlaw soon as Sunday comes around your slip back into the multitude that just want to see what's going on avoid the awkward icon she repeated the story of Peter angers us we can rewrite the story of Peter is your pathos for the reminds us of ourselves here you will because we act like a fool check this out there's hope RPM is hope for you and I Peter comes to the upper room he got a significant crossroads in his life his life of an up to this point in his juncture of the blanket of Christian experience is not only reads yesterday upper room and he cries out in his own words fail me to tell me tell me what I'm all about self acts are all Eagle Eagle as possible located for me but I rely on myself I want to remind you take it from me cries out in the upper room count me his disciples pressing close to him fill in large failure and he wants to give up with some indignation ran the most humble and hardest prayer ever recorded in the Bible family and found me the penicillin white she says this now speaking about Peter now his self-confidence was gone never again wear the old boastful assertions repeated doubtful from Peter let's look for you and I am reading from our ten days in the upper room page seventy the book that you will be reading for your devotions the authors of this Peter was a different man after Pentecost a man he no longer trembled in fear of the accusations of the operatives of the Temple when he was confronted by the religious leaders in the Amanda ninety five Prejean and Gina Binet the apostle responded we ought to obey God rather than man like his master Peter 's single-minded ambition was to do the will of his heavenly father the disciples were passionate about doing Jesus will the disciples were passing about doing Jesus is with the gospel will go to the world the endgame the final conclusion if you want to the service history the gospel will go to the world make no mistake about it if you take a center belief in Christ on the cross remembering his suffering remembering his resurrection Christ Jesus only the heart and center of everything that we do imitate a passion and devotion and a sacrifice to your local church Jesus commanded them to stay stay in Jerusalem Jesus commanded them to stay in Jerusalem then you reach the world reach a local church reach your local workplace creature local neighborhood then you reach the world world country state city local church you want to reach the world you have to be reached within the disciples are ready to lay it all on the line they're willing to face persecution that are willing to face imprisonment they were willing to face even obviously they were living for a worth dying for what you thank you Julie for worth dying for other priorities in your life worth dying for but invite the Nablus and come out and sing a song to us that but I want you to think about this Peter came to the upper room full of this this EEO and Damon never again she says numbering and did it happen for many of us there is something in our life some priority that we need to give up I don't know what it is for you but certainly the Holy Spirit guys is a thing I saw your to think about this throughout this conference what is it that you should give up what priority in your life is misaligned what priority in your life needs to be pushed how we can't do it ourselves but has worked clear I need out film mail artist we can flee from us never to come again to the disciples the things they were living for more worth than dying for the things you're looking for worth nine of the priorities in your life worth dying for and I'll leave you with this thought-provoking questions think about is a saying that author 's evangelism asked on his tombstones of this thought-provoking question Leonard Ravenhill he says this of the things in your life worth Christ dying for the things you live for worth Christ dying the priorities in your life with Christ dying him in your life with Christ died this message was reported by half even when he was G Y C supporting ministry on the seventh day Adventist sequence by Young Bible -based pricing to Christians the downloadable other resources visit the online and see what he went on a lodging


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