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Tools for Soul-Winning Health Expos, Part 1

Charles Cleveland



  • January 27, 2012
    8:00 PM
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the bastard Jackson and I refer to this text one of my favorite also because I see Jesus going about cities and what the villages highways and byways and I like them I like that he cared about all the different places he taught in their synagogues and I added of course my letters here and I call this the ABA approach because I think we passed by often I dislike the highlighted any preach the gospel the kingdom and he was healing every sickness and disease among the people so often I see the money spent on the evangelistic effort and almost nothing spent the preparation for the health work that really opens the door to make good Seventh-day Adventist people when people come into the church of the health message they ourselves much more solid and mature then when they just come in so quickly and with a shallow background Matthew ten he not only used it for himself but he mentored his twelve disciples and he gave them power over unclean spirits to cast them out and heal all kinds of sickness and diseases and then it goes a step further he goes on and we learn about the seventy in Luke ten after these things he appointed seventy others and he sent them out to buy two and they did they ABA approach they were healing the sick there they said to them the kingdom of God is come near to you you see the two old approach to healing and the preaching teaching together the beautiful method and seventh evidence of the last of the AV method but clear back in Kellogg's day the devil came in and just trying to make it difficult for ministers and doctors to work together four however we were supposed to blend until October doing evangelism with one hand behind her back we just don't have the whole approach anyway this is some background white not long before she died made her last trip across the continental United States on old city train for several weeks and travel from California to Washington DC and she spoke this message to the general conference delegates with recorded Word for Word you can get it all by that reference June three nineteen oh nine I think you have several messages there but this is the one that caught my heart she said in this title a plea for medical missionary work with another worker plea appeal with the other wanted to start bag ha ha besiege it's pretty intense why would she have been fleeing at the end of her life are subject to document out for a long time they let they were trying to restart I mean would Loma Linda have been created just five years before four years before Glendale Paradise Valley they were they were pressing together and she left this message with Avelino we don't have time to read it all but I'm getting just the High Point she said the end of all things is at hand the signs are told by Christ or fast fulfilling there are souls in many places is not yet heard the message henceforth from now on medical missionary work is to be carried forward with an artist with earnestness with which it is never yet been done Elizabeth W special for us today and I had the privilege of seeing it opened doors in little villages and huge cities and it's exciting I caught my vision for the health Expo working with a man that was just saw three minutes ago next-door Mark Finley I was starting a new medical missionary training school in Romania when he was out doing these major cities and actually call asked two thousand and broker rest was on his list and when he came in plan for Bucharest he asked us if I could come and help him to do a large health Expo in a auditorium it'd been dedicated the Communists but no longer in the gospel of the bridge there all joys and pictures of that a little later and come back to that story this is the work this work is the door through which the truth is defined entrance into where the large cities it works large cities in working with small what you want to be learning this class so five things how the Expo opens doors why it's one of the best programs to start a cycle of friendship I'm not promoting it as the program is part of a team of programs but it's the one of the easiest ones to reach a new territory how to organize it how to use a screening equipment will practice within your and practice the antistress massage and a quick little introduction to our abundant living health nuggets that we have available which when you arrest got the interest of people for your help export and looking for something to use for follow-up and you want available in Houston health talks we have the abundant living series and more okay what about that as well that sort of recovering in our workshop did tonight tomorrow morning I think it's eight thirty to ten thirty is a correct and tomorrow afternoon for a couple more hours and then for our Sunday morning and then Sunday afternoon we can do what right here Howell Expos opened the doors around the world back to marketplace two thousand year two thousand we revoke arrest I knew months ahead of time it contacted me to prepare we had no help axle vent respect that the Nelsons and I would minute we marked years before had created in the Philippines huge banners but it was like five thousand dollars to buy a set that was without any friends that cost about that much more to make and so we try to make some of our own and so the union conference I took it over I'll listen photos and pictures but I did live over there at the time and I was coming later to start the schools they were working at a time they had an outstanding twenty thousand dollars to put together their own set while they used it for numbered years since then so it is not like it was once good way but it was balky and huge and takes a truck that carried around and I said you know the concept is so good it's so neat to have professional looking backdrops that promote our message and that we can build our stations around for screening but will never finish the work if we pay that kind of money not how can the local churches have these things and it was there the Lord put a burden on my heart to find a way to produce health Expo banners in large quantities so that it could come down to a price of any church can afford until I'm done with come down from the five thousand dollars prize to just over a thousand dollar price of Moroccan and when the details exactly but I am warning you don't try to get me cheaper than what happened because I learned on my mission got them down from the high price down to the minimum in all I offered her for ten dollars among one hundred five dollars is just with others are so unprepared if you want to try that but anyway we have tried to get down as a ministry where insupportable and so it's a real blessing that we can offer that for you are constantly searching for the best sprinters the best material the best rolling systems and frameworks and so forth you can imagine how much time you've spent to do this and the Lord has really blessed with excellent supply now and give the best quality so here we were in Bucharest we were we were doing about a thousand people a night a lot of people the process and they would come in for their massages and that we've been up more than one night we did it multiple night so they could compare their blood pressures and we were using as a theater right into my families meeting so we were in the foyer of this huge palace auditorium at doing it and then we would stop at a certain time and announced everybody it is time to go on into the main out of Troy Murphy didn't have a ticket we just happen to have a few extras and be our guest and we would take them right in the UK usually transition people in this country and in Western countries that quickly from you know from the doorstep come they came there for a health screening and then you try to get into an evangelistic meetings Western people don't transition that quickly generally but in many other countries they do it when I did about that they don't have so many options and there is an incurious and so they come in and so that's what we did there does want to clarify now give you more points on that as we go along with the Emanuel later so we had the computer health age appraisal how old are you according to your health habits are you older or younger than your chronological age will be doing that as well on when you can add extra activities to your acts will besides just the screening weight we were wondering a large program there so we had other rooms at which at the same time simultaneously as the health Expo was going on you might've gone through it yesterday you can then go to a side road working efficiently and maybe my wife were has out doing a cooking demonstration than five hundred people every day in their classes that was amazing and so we went several different options that's a lot of work but all that on simultaneously more often we have a table right in the Expo room with maybe some food samples rather than cooking class here's the link getting the body fat scale for weight and body fat and now via my as well and then the temperance Booth half years one of our nurses she's now the union help in different secretary of the of in Romania has been for several years she is one of our students at our training center at Herculean we first started there after we got started in Honduras and I was able to come back United States I was then vice president of the wildlife health Center and Hospital we did we went ahead with that dream that God gave me to put together a set of banners and we decided the set of thirty six which was the model the Nelsons three for each law of health a distance of so much were Rome we would have two banners revolve health and have sixteen and not as big as those were so we went to Honduras with our OCI develops EI outpost centers international is the umbrella organization for a number of self-support institutions in this country and in about thirty other countries as well we got together as institutions and went to Honduras to help new evangelistic series rather than just always running our restaurants in our lifestyle centers we week we got free up a little bit of it we all made teams evangelistic teams and healthy and we want to go out and do something another country the Honduras and we did a hotly help with a hundred and fifty different campaigns we were the speakers for all of them he probably did about thirty of those and in nine locations we tried simultaneously running an Expo like in San Pedro Sulu and Tegucigalpa in the major cities we run an Expo at the same time and I get you find would help Zen favorites while it helped over and in Tegucigalpa and we just had all different kinds of people volunteering and helping out it was amazing how the media people responded and when they wanted it because it of the banners are colorful in their the photogenic and Ellen are in the background so they came out they interviewed us and diplomatic United States reminders was home eager to the radio about it he came by and asked if he could go through with the with the VIP section that we had the news media and it just was really interesting how God used him to open up some doors for us that we were having some trouble with the government at the time and he solve everything overnight I taking people by the arm used to be this is our original set of vendors in the background we had at that time three different sizes so largest he was a brother and a sister who are bilingual I bilingual and I were helping as they are in the Kennedy church so faithful everyday counseling at the end Doctor Renato Pereira was now the health leader in Portugal and in the Euro Asia division we were doing this excellent weather churches there Honduras and I psychologist from the largest prison of the country lived in the area that we were doing this Expo and he came he said to me you have to come to our prison we have the largest particular country is not that far away but they need this information for you bring a tropical bring all evening I think it matters down below them will will will take care of everything a bring your boss if you bring up some year team there is the device of you were so busy already were were pushing all the buttons we can I don't see how we possibly can do it while at one of my students came up from behind he said you know just if you just give us permission and if you just figure that the health talk will organize everything else and you can't tell them know you know so we end up going to the present we didn't know it but that the administration never been allowed to have a prison ministry now they're begging us to come because of the Expo so an NHS assigned to welcome us we go under this this prison and were able to spend I thought one time no not to guide note three times he wonders back over a system with two thousand prisoners you've only seen a few hundred help itself violated up instead in a winning when he learned that we couldn't come anymore we were finishing our whole campaign we were going to be going home in a few days he just said is there anyway you can help us I think the guy was so dedicated for prisoners and then now this young man was one of our students from WoW ladies in South Africa where he's back there now working full-time as a medical missionary he said to me he said are you a lot of stranger attempts and stay another week or two and if he would let us offer for those interested to be able to preach a little series with the lightest day so I called I asked the doctor I so what about that and he said if they'll stay that long vacant race to anybody who wants to come and so they did they stayed to love our guys stayed and they went back to her day and they had people they did ask and then people came to the meetings and they got a really nice crowd of people and we got permission for them to church and follow-up got they got a permit to go and from then on and the pastor followed up here here's Kennedy Cabello we call them that the Kennedy preaching and the men standing around listening and an six weeks later we got messages the pastor started Baptist so that was that was exciting that we got this public picture afterwards so you know that the Expo opens up doors we didn't know a diplomat would hear that that we were doing Expo but he unlocks and some of visa problems we had me in a vehicle we're trying to import temporarily got that in overnight I mean the market opens up doors for the work of the medical mystery was really exciting well then we decided well this was such a nice thing to do but was ashamed of Newman nine or ten places and not another other places only some places that Expo so we went to Dominican Republic about two thousand one and I would never probably do this again but I took on one hundred Expos that was with a body fat scale for everyone about a set of sixteen manners back then we didn't have the nice aluminum frames we had to make on PVC pipe frames of Velcro I had hyped for everybody to make their frames we had glucose and cholesterol strips for every hi N I do over there several times and train hundreds of other church workers to prepare for this time but it changed the island and it had a major impact on hundreds simultaneous expos going on throughout the Dominican Republic noted that the PR we got was amazing that in the news media got a hold of all that and so the people does streambed and the here's the note conference secretary during the help page appraisal and we just we were just enunciated there was a tremendous experience suite I'll never forget it and it was really from a wonderful here's in the day at this university was at the big banners we had used different classrooms to do it they are just enough space to do everybody to using just the chairs of the chair massage we're going to borrow your your pillows from your rooms that you willing on the day we do the explanation about a dozen of them with a Capello we find out my goal is to find inexpensive way for you to do the same to these fancy massage chairs were you you know you consider that it costs quite a bit of money most churches can get the soap my my way I try to show an alternative safe and we've learned out to just take a pillow and lay it on the table and then take paper towels between people it looks nice and nipping fellow fillets and bluebells for the guy cases are and whatever you want with it what is it hotel pillows you look great and I will try that and they laid the link for it on the pillow and relaxing than we do our culture we were we were in the city is a leader in the mountains and some of the places up there at their church wasn't big enough they do the Expos and the how to make their own little tenth and out but people came from everywhere is it heard about it already I'll and the general life body fat scale but you know to dry and then we held meetings with the follow-up event of the meetings of the Lord really blessed with Dennis in Atlanta ASI argued for Jesus that this a few years ago right and in and out the other Georgia Tech and we use this facility we had the health Expo there Neil Bentley came and joined us for product time for the health part they put out a brochure for the spiritually put out a brochure for health and typically they put out twice as many of him he is currently always push the evangelism and an half as many of those but it turned out almost nobody came evangelistic meetings they all came for the Expo and we talked them into coming into the auditorium for the meetings you know and that's a bit if it hadn't been for the Expo there is a benefit eight people or so for the evangelistic meetings were we had a couple hundred the way it turned out so it does make a tremendous difference and this is some of the screening that we did hear they were doing blood screening here blood pressures and pastor was learned to do the antistress chair massage for young people helping me out the help page appraisal body fat scales here's my double church in Dunlap Tennessee which is about an hour north of Chattanooga are committees about five thousand people to count up Ronald corners in every place I like the little community is so nice in the big city slider Chattanooga will help Mark Finley couple years ago when he came back to check music is so hard to get PR in the big city visitors and with so many there's newspapers there's all the radio stations that they are not dated with so many things that are going on is a circus everyplace all the time but in little communities there's one newspaper and there's one shopper and you get that everybody reads them in and it just a lot easier to get out there and and be known so of here is our little main street of town and we put up a sign there and we would advertise in the paper and on the little radio station that we use this as the City Hall this with a colder training center the park in the back and so our church members just had a great time working together in a way at church members of the sign up to get Bible studies half or more get scared to death and quietly slink away but when you ask them to do a health expo and talk about how easy it is to run a body fat scale for the teenagers it can run the computer people say it's the soldier not something I can do new blood pressures and I can I can learn the massage and and it just seems more people friendly but easier to get our churches involved so we were in my village church of one hundred hundred twenty members when I asked him to come and to train we had sixty of them not ten or twenty but we had sixty of them that responded under there as well today as they were available years ago we started to have a lot of fun taking our neighbors and the community people are doing the blood pressures and this baby getting directing folks this man is my neighbor not an address and we become very good friends and he was there for the Expo and one of our our elders retired missionaries talking about all hydrotherapy we don't use water but we have the hot and cold bucket down there we just talk about how you do it and even the cold water in the hot water why and how Manhattan Belfort will do that on Sunday and here's our Coeur d'Alene River entire topology is in our church and others pause for a moment to mention that with the next vote women agree to do new the eight basic stations but we want you to understand that that's just the minimum that's just where to start from if you got other professional people that can join add them on you'll see on Sunday we having a local dentist join us and she'll come and bring her VisualAge and if you can add a dermatologist if you can add an OIC ice cream for her glaucoma we've done that and and the is that the specimens it Doctor Ethel Nelson brought I mean really you know got people 's attention and so that was very agency you are watching very carefully that that's tremendous we had a little kids corner to take care of the children of we involve the children quite a bit in a in a printed in this section as an extra thing now we have since recently come up with a whole children's Expo and Valerie Dufour from France's here to teach that as well that's going on simultaneously while we used to incorporate some of it right in the Expo and I still like to do it that way because generally we can't manage in one time full adult Expo screening program at the same time the children's Expo you'd have to have quite a bit of staff to do that so I like to have a corner at least with some visuals and things that children can do as well at and then for them at other times to go in the schools out with our regular children's health Expo banners and activities here's a little body vest with the parts and kids enjoy using these are temperance goggles they distorted vision to be something like you would be if you've been drinking a bit and you think you can walk the straight line and you can and this just suggests what it's like and people try to walk the straight line or throw beanbag and dishes I just can't make it happen and the step test practicing that on Sunday morning and the antistress germicidal here you see with the pillows we have ladies do ladies and men do men it just works a lot nicer otherwise we would have some bad experiences were guys who started younger girls it just makes it easier to do this way and so on these are different church members at the training I had begun we had people in wheelchairs having them that were disabled we had one one of family that actually own the machine for doing bone scans for osteoporosis they brought volunteered to come with and so that was nice to have one time there she's doing it printed out a report here's our team of some of our church members at the help of health age table helping them to fill out their forms at the health age table when they tell us their health habits at the bottom is a little survey there are other programs they might be interested in from stop smoking depression recovery diabetes prophecy studies we try to feel them out they leave their name and address we keep that page but that information about their life on the computer but we keep that in and then later they are and then later of wood for that information the computer negative differently if I don't know how heavily applied a screening program with never been in trouble of anybody but the EL no no it's not know what we what we retain his or her name and address to contact them to about other programs that once she does not have any of their screening on it except for their health age there's another form is called a personal record that does have all of their their their blood screening then and there their weight and so forth but they keep that one the national we use it in the last station first for counseling but we just turned over to the we never had a problem but this particular station is one of the most important station for the most user-friendly type people because it's there that we we we look at what they're interested in and we say to them all I see you are interested in nutrition did you notice that we have a nutrition class starting in just ten days from today here's a brochure for would you mind if I just put your name and telephone number down on our tentative list is not obligated to come over that value planning to come in most will say yes it had a nice massage they spent an hour with the already relaxed their open they like what you given them wait we willingly do this in Dunlap we had fifty people sign up say that it's okay to put their name down for the cooking class we had eleven people sign up for stop smoking hard to find people that are early one without a motive that have already we had both programs ready to go within two weeks when the data is already there that's the most effective way to use the health Expo you don't get spring people in it but those names without file for a while if you want to get your moneys worth out of your Expo you got a be a whole calendar every year of activities you want to know what you can do right along the way and tell the folks write down what's coming up because that's what they're interested and so we were able to have the three stop smoking program every Friday night we got seven of the eleven to come that was pretty good and then we got fifty three at the cooking class which is more than signed up because people would also advertise in the newspaper we got most of the fifty visited might come in a few more that didn't come to the Expo came straight but that was amazing we only had two hundred people the whole Expo only got twenty five percent of interest in nutrition so it can be very effective for you this is putting in the information you probably need to go a little faster we have the line thirty oh eight eight eight two nine thirtieth right I hear you some of our positions at the counseling table will have a people coming in to help us with the counseling as well and of when can we had the bright variety of literature we can give them on help and out we also had samples for them and and I think recipes that I knew what was with the food they were dry we did this on a Sunday so that right as soon as they were getting out of church they could come to the Expo and they knew there was a vehicle examples so is sinister and we got the local charters but a flyer in their bulletin at almost most of the churches in our community to do that we got a number of the Jewish people as a pneumatic church and they went by and with the excellent and so we have a lot of fun sharing with people this way and Ukraine in two thousand three OCI again put together a number of institutions and we all went to Ukraine I'd worked about a year I was Vice President Losey at that time I worked about a year with the Ukraine union president because we've started to health centers over there that are very successful to date I just got back from the tenth anniversary of our health center in central Ukraine called Milby will be holding and we celebrated our tenth anniversary in January two they average fifty patients per session they often have a waiting list of three to six months and has been outweighed we started with about twenty four patients not to keep increasing the facility is a fantastic place and who just enjoy to see what they were doing well this was at the end just an opening year and we went and we did sixty health Expos and evangelistic series throughout the whole country and and we had two hundred and about twenty of us fly in to Ukraine to join with our people over there and read the series of meetings and so we were in many different auditoriums with our help vendors and in Ukrainian and Russian and the people just locked in at the children's sections for them I'll just have to go through this see the pictures of massage that the peak flow meter you see how the ladies enjoying it doing it in all the local people emphasizing water on the suicide to therapy of course it's a nice way to get our people involved hearings on nutrition ideas it's always cold in these auditoriums they don't usually give them an inconceivable the roads are just packed Harold Lance was doing this church that's the doctor slop and juicy within the health series and it's always such a blessing when you're there for a while and you stay long enough to see how it finishes and it turns into the baptisms people of been studying and that we've been working with the health programs at a time before the Manchester series even in Portugal we result we have huge help expose Doctor Ray Otto Ferrero leads out with that big signs that advertise Expo salute and and shopping centers and the people waiting to get screened and you can see the distant lots of folks there they do a very professional job a very well-organized and this is Mark Finley in two thousand six he was there we use the jet and the first church believes Iraq was a pastor 's wife was not user-friendly person who is helping folks see she's got her personal record in her hand but she is she's prepared Louise is prepared to tell her about her upcoming program to see Jesus spent his time with her about one table where they fill out that information and an input of the computer we had health samples there as well the church ladies were very faithful to pitch in and help we explained that the food was and this was nice what about Dennis a Doctor Otis search under that he came and he had a camera to take a shine to their mouth and it would show up on his laptop so they can see what he was telling them about their needs were and that was very popular here you can ask you see the little camera I was hoping that we'd have that force unrebutted and work out that the dentist and have it available I should try I hear we did some glaucoma screening Doctor vessels are local and the disposition of the community very well known and he sent over some of his tax and they offered the screening that the more options you offer the more options you can put in your brochure that you're going to give to the public at a time in your advertising the more books you have the more efficient yet so hungry when I look at it the more variety you have it some as I pick up on something that your offering we are able to borrow one time from remark a doctor for screening of a arterial screen and I say what we do we couldn't even handle everybody the one in that particular line but it drew and a lot of people do a higher class of people that came because when they read that the paper there was free screening that way they they blocked him for that as well that was the Georgia Tech University thing and then some of the folk in sub at Southern Adventist University welcomed us with the counseling and the trust booth as we finish up of we have what we call multicultural and western there are some countries that they are not so many diverse populations are mostly Caucasian they've they want to call the Western series is mostly Caucasian people but nine out of ten people what the multi- culture which is this one and the idiocy of income impairs we weep when we change over from our original banners which I felt were little bit too busy you can have too much information on stuff and people don't comprehend it back because switch over it just saves just too much for them the bill refocus so we decided to put more of a visual on one of them and then one of the points all on on the rest will have all the banners up mice by studies you can see them so here is the exercise your pair of water your sunshine temperance air rest and here's a nice picture race Hispanic father and son with the Bible and in countries where it it's a sensitive issue to have trust in God which is what this emphasizes we do have an alternative is also called trust but it's in social relationships that your trust and family stress the new job or your relationship to the people in some countries you can start with anything about God European Union New Mexico going in so where that and I had I had a health department last week order and ninety nine percent of what I sell the established churches but last week there was an Adventist who works for a health apartment in Texas who showed her his boss these banners are they designed order them but she said that I want the alternatives I want the alternative banners as well since we special order them as well looking on this media was used by numerous losing any decals summoned you like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. and help some .com if you would like more free online was www. audio verse on board


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