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Song In The Night

Laurel Damsteegt


Laurel Damsteegt

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  • August 26, 2006
    10:00 AM
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I think the better object-oriented and what we just heard I hope you were following the words in your mind as you heard the notes being played to so Sweet to trust in Jesus just to take him at his word just to read up on it from just two no that said the Lord bring about your experiences morning I can testify that it is mine this morning and I want us all to focus on this morning let's start coming father how sweet it is to trust in you how beautiful you are teachers to depend more and more you can sing the song is we had a terrible crisis finish just before we see all the signs going around and is happening all around Terrace address all kinds of things I'd like to encourage you all to read the last half of the controversy to bring you what really I had about how we know that Daniel twelve one tells us at that time Michael shall work and not the great prince which stands for the children like people and their cell DNA time of trouble such as member was that there was a nation even connecting notice that never okay to manage many times of trouble that were headed for a never never equal time of trouble that time thy people shall be delivered in good news everyone shall be found written in the book so you have our heroine will focus on through Bible history he had been at war with Jesus Christ and final call thing that accuser of our brother and all spiritual warfare is about wind down she's as where the enemy the time of trouble for the righteous will be one of the most extreme mental anguish and in connection with the persecution imprisonment torture why would Jesus Heinemann across the physical torture would be nothing in comparison what you will be facing in her mind noticed this quote from greater diversity page six eighteen as Satan accuses the people of God only accounted their sins the Lord permit him to try them to the outermost their confidence in who and why Sarah a furnace will be sent barely tested and they review their past it was great we are on their hopes sink or in their whole lives they can seem a little that they are fully conscious of their weakness and unworthy Satan endeavors to terrify them with the case is there hope what if they standard of final grade will be never washed away he hopes to sell destroy their faith that they will yield to his case and determine their allegiance to God those who exercise that level is now is from now six twenty one are in the greatest danger of falling under the power state county delusions and decreed to compel the conscience he yet they endure the test they will be cleansed into deeper distress and anguish in a time of trouble because they have never made it I have by the left to the failing which they have new glasses they will be forced to learn under terrible pressure of discouragement so as we're facing this terrible crisis in the U N I are going to have an test will be who we are trusting you is so sweet to trust in Jesus okay I see is that I experience how you and I learned that Santa Fe now so that later on we can go through the trouble is never what they seem to open us and we will need an experience which we do not know is that in which many are too indolent or lazy to obtain it is often the case the trouble is greater in anticipation of reality but this is not true of the crisis for the most benefit presentation cannot reach the magnitude of the ordeal and naptime a child every soul must be for himself before God I'm hungry conversely six twenty two so if I'm sorry hear that a time of trouble which is how it will be so bad in our worst imaginings nothing is nothing will my serious times those who have never learned they will have the hardest time they won't make it or don't just barely make it so I think it's really important for us since were not in a time of trouble now to start thinking about that they think God is willing to give it even now so that when we guess that time it will be easier because we won't be trusting ourselves we won't be learning all the lessons that we would be built and ready to go so what do you estimate we so desperately needs to learn fate at grade were are you basing here has no means trustworthy true reliable sure I have written whereat Hebrew word which is the mind means to build up her support foster and appear to nurseries in faithful be the criteria object member in Matthew twenty five Jesus that while good and what they all are it's not an act of problem of faith versus works because a servant always obeyed me the master one eight eight includes and encompasses works that were not even talking about the whole works still today were talking about a that works okay faith is a simple dependence okay take it down to a basic core in the pending case we want to be in the hands of all because we have of God we can depend on it's not just our faith that were talking about were talking about hanging onto the omnipotent self learning community property things as well as in the little things of life God really does care about every single detail of our lives if you look at Psalm thirty seven twenty three please redirect me the status of abandoning our corner by the Lord and he delights in his way too much the Lord every detail of your life as you get up in the morning you think that I have no idea what's happening today I looking to you to get me through this today people also lead very specifically that we ask him notice what's the are they that redirect me I will start me and cc and the way which thou somehow I will guide you I know this is not the way I not with shouting in when people know each other real well you can just look at them and think that you know what they're saying about critical definitely going to do something in a is willing to go to the Google accounts and we would certainly know exactly what happened that's like the kind of thing we want to be building so that the slightest gesture of his kind we know exactly what he wants and we're delighted to do anything learning to pray the way in answering specific prayers I continue some miracle that happened just in the last week or two where people are very specifically and go unanswered specifically we don't because we don't have confidence in the hope that it saw interested in every single thing that we do that he wants to work with you and answer our prayers Jeremiah thirty three three written with me please call upon me and I was sitting and shelving and marvelous thing went down in a lifetime event I cannot even imagine everything that God wants to put in our way we cannot even imagine but I call upon me and walking into the we need to be really careful getting into the mode of thing God knows everything he's on his therefore he knows my heart and therefore I don't really even need to ask him because he knows what I want before one remember I to think that our communication needs to be somewhat into that when we think something we check that out with God 's way will persevere and ask God gave us away we are saved we need to be totally dependable reliable communications to verses eight and nine here for my gravesite is saved through faith and that not of yourselves in God not of works lest he should that is we are saying even how we are totally undeserving that's the greatest part of it because we did Jesus because God is so faithful and now that's huge if you really understand that a lot of times we confuse grace and faith we say hello God is so gracious and so and we can say that's the way faith works but notice there is there to do my component here great and safe we are undeserving God is gracious to you to give us back we become knowing the way God is that he has undependable then we in turn begin reflecting that same faithfulness and availability so now how do we get more thing we need faith in the making here God we find is the faithful one not sometimes we try to conjure in concert I want my faith but we need to remember that God has all things poetic always gracious gift in Deuteronomy seven nine says no therefore that the Lord thy God he is the God is all God which he had mercy with them that love him and keep his commandments to a thousand generations and that this beautiful promise here first Corinthians ten thirteen no temptation taken you read along by fax is common to man but God is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted of God that you are able oh well with the temptation also make a way to escape that ye may be able to bear God is faithful we don't trust on our own power to get through temptation behind the attack into his faithfulness is a beautiful hand that you and I both know great is thy faithfulness O God our father there is no shadow of turning with a valid change is not by accident they fail to work for the notice went out in sixteen ten says he is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much events and definitely all unjust also in much the argument of type facility is a setting that little things really do that just because God hasn't given us press use responsibility in life station interviewing has given us as always that little bit than the vision started getting bigger and our service circle gets bigger than ever faithful with the little learning more than one separate occasions for serving .com seldom a little one surround us daily that really work perhaps to look at those little things so how do we get more faith to everyone as a war measure of faith from Romans twelve three once we have taken the semester state of faith on use of circumstances all around us increase our faith okay I see somebody waving over here okay I'm going to really important stuff here were talking about how you and I can be prepared today to live in the time of the black it means how we grow the faith today okay this one reminds you were going with all this okay very very important you purchase text before but I hope some of you are writing these things down because it burned for study and grow once you have taken this mustard seed of faith this little measure that God gives us God uses circumstances and people health and all kinds of things to go on some face the people and events calamities illnesses are natural reaction to an attack from the devil is to what Lincoln and go where we are part to build our faith but God says this duration that you are putting in whatever each one of you are facing right now I have given you to build you to and you and the way they are dependable person will react to get angry infested retaliations pull inside ourselves and self-pity to become discouraged to feel depressed and having the worst reaction is to become better so easy to become better the bitterness comes when we get angry we coincide with become discouraged and then bitterness at the end Satan 's best way of just turning the sky and making us unreachable as once we are bitter people can't reach us anymore apart from even reaching so go each one of those reactions you find yourself getting angry you find yourself feeling sorry about something you yourself really frustrated that it's something I think the word about because I now he is seeking to build a time they can use and is very important to understand so we ask of God increase our faith we can have real life that God can use the abuses of the wicked to increase our faith and our dependence on him some of you may know that this is one of my very favorite tech favorites but one of them is in everything give thanks please read it with me and everything is okay for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus doesn't say in most things that say once in a while it doesn't say when you think about it it says in everything give me bread below is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning the president of Loma Linda University concerning you are you in mind with everything that happened renovate twenty eight reader with me and we know that all things work together for good to them that love God realized that fate has dealt this is the time they were talking about built by facing every day trials training will exactly sweetly quietly advocated that the there's a beautiful hymn that my favorite stamp is an anarchist behind a frowning providence he hides a smiling face because God is behind everything even the work of the devil document use to build you that the genius of God there is nothing that can happen anywhere but it cannot be used as a plus your Christian experience even the worst attacks of Satan Genesis fifty twenty Joseph when he was taken into each of such a awful type of experiencing it went through the ending he told his brothers best for you need not be evil against me you know everything is against me and the only gone and I'm too good to bring to pass aggregate this day to save much people alive so the worst intents of especially our economy guy can use a blessing one tends to even the energy of the wicked will prove a blessing by disciplining you for Heather if you don't know this statement and inhabitants I copied it down somewhere where you can read it off-line you to do that from the blessing seventy one the father 's presence and are not being below average and low permitted the blessing of the world here was his source of comfort and it is boring and human mean he was imbued with the spirit price I can price below that is keen to him falls upon the Savior who surround him with this problem whatever you can come from Christ he has no need to resist evil for Christ is nothing hentai can accept by our Lord 's permission and all things that are permitted work together for good men like you believe that so we need to review God pigments instead of complaining or being frustrated or being angry remember how God has always come through when we are hence developed by adverse circumstances surrounded by difficulties with it seems impossible for us to surmount we are not a murmur but to remember the past lovingkindness of the Lord and how they come looking to Jesus the author the wonderful things in one day to have faith in the beginning looking to Jesus the author and I said I wanted what do I call in looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith we may endure seeing him who is invisible this will keep our minds from being clouded shadow will be limited to learn two thing in our nights now and what I mean by singing in the night as you and I we all have our little struggles little perplexities we can learn to sing the truth God will build that thing that will enable us to contribute and are all heaven Ephesians five nineteen please redirect me speaking here so fond hands and spiritual song singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord what can I fear you need to learn to trust God for everything that we did see that everything means every step of the way we learn to pray about everything a little and big pray without ceasing when we got up in the morning during temptation we look to God we were tempted where prevailing rail lines were being tempted but we still like God and we know that he is faithful and he will make us a way to us to escape with some search highly so often whenever we find ourselves something relative said I think now whatever that is also dangerous because we know that we are disrobing somewhere we need to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God anything in such a little thing in fact I would be just fine with it and we can to remake her image of God and thank my God is not like that I think your friend will allow a new heard all these things since when do you and I said our God tells us what he has light in his word and his Word tells us he is serious about even small offensive be to we need to realize how precious we are to God you've been chosen from eternity we were exceedingly precious and highly valued and you know I shall keep every pain you come in contact with God wants to work in you so that when something like that you will think I want to be like him were will participate in that ambassador we need to realize that the data call heaven just for you this idea right here has been something I've been meditating on lately right now I'm facing empty nested what that is all students are leaving home just to allow clear our son went down to Arkansas the first time in twenty three years my husband and I happen to ourselves and I've been thinking about that and never realizing what God went through with the empty nest in heaven when he sat down if the answer any of you guys picked my daughter out here and I thought I really hope they feel is that it was her God the father didn't know he was sending his son down to whole ridicules his hatred to everything awful weather emptiness but remember he did everything for you it wasn't done in only three to and that is such a big thing to get our minds around the one who will make Jesus suffering worthwhile if Jesus came he gave his whole life and nobody sent me to offer that would be but instead were told in Isaiah fifty three eleven that in the hands Jesus will see the travail of his soul and shall be satisfied and with all the great apostle faces Paul Paul Roth so much about hey but if you however taking one step further and gone beyond the doctrine of faith and how behind actually grew all mighty Christian into Inverness fanatical persecutor DC printed this will labor to aim at Arabia that time if possible his very self can help the team to all stick teaches each one of us personally everything we want to be learning we won't take the time health of three years of his life and he went away to learn you cannot do that probably I can't do anything morning RCC teach me things to you by banning this at all listen to what God wants to teach you personally see his own instruction on faith that although instructional faith was based on his own grow in faith of the new idea to me I never thought of this before talking mistakes and have to learn basic heart rate just like each one of us do sometimes he faces trial with faith sometimes not I like to review one instance where Paul learned faith through the faithfulness of others was John Mark John Martin the team when the believers uses mothers up around the witness Pentecostal disciples all change from cowards who all ran away when Jesus was apprehended to be fierce and fearless apostles mission trip with uncle Barnabas apostle Paul Mark 's mother was Mary when Jesus followers bother with having Peter 's wife his mother 's brother but so this is how it all fits in here together this is how Mark was invited to join on the very first missionary journey unfortunately we're told that in acid potholes page one sixty nine that Mark hacking hardships and let's listen to what it says here Pollan 's company continued their journey going through Kelly I only means that sold it to me now because we just went to Turkey this April and I can picture all these places now their way life while I'm there I was there in Turkey I mean harder mountains were talking about climbing really high they encountered hardships impregnation than orbit satellite dangers on every side in the towns and cities through which they pass them along the lonely highways they were surrounded by dangers in the apartment and had learned to trust God to deliver hangover talking about staying here and there learning this they their hearts were filled with love for perishing soul at separatist church in the last seat they gave no thought to their own ease convenience for example if something is not new or weary hungry and cold he had in view but will object the salvation of those who had wanted part of the bowl one zero with him and he was here Mark overwhelmed with fear and disparagement overwhelming that early the opposite of faith is from the bitterness and discouragement he wavered for a time his purpose to give himself wholeheartedly to the Lords work anyway I use the hardships he was disheartened by the perils of migrations of the way he labored with success under favorable circumstances but well in addition Harold Leventhal often because of the prisoner in your work is failed to endure hardness and the good soldier he never had an experience in total disillusionment yet to learn to face danger and persecution and adversity with a Braveheart at the apostles advance of still greater difficulties were apprehended Marcus intimidated and losing all courage refused to go further and he returned to Jerusalem and at the top if you thought what we have for grading faith of his part failed to enduring trusting God Paul got grumpy instead of being patient as NASA only has eleven sympathetic nervous system and that mission trip team all failed to learn the lessons of faith and it turns Isaiah God 's way of hiring our way and lets us take a minute here because this is such an important one Isaiah fifty five eighty nine and have room to write it all out here for my are not your thoughts neither are your ways my ways saith the Lord for the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your felt that this trusting God in every circumstance of life to know what is best for me even though it is against my will and is far from being far beyond my comprehension in other words we don't insist on our best way and then Matthew twenty six thirty nine talks about Jesus going in the SMB not that I'm admittedly not my will but thine will be alright will looking to remain faithful companies use it even when he doesn't seem to answer my prayer or do it my way I is he does and how we pray for something and feeding it to answer my way how do we do this have what if how we do it education to get the rebate is trusting God believing that he loves us and knows best when it's for a good instead of calling it leads us to choose his wife wife of our ignorance is except has wisdom and place our weakness is strength and faith of our sinful Israel right education two fifty three good thing John Mark finally grew on refining the apostles not Slater page four fifty five since the earlier years of this profession of faith marks Christian experiences deepen as he studied more closely the life and death of Christ in obtaining clear views of the Savior 's mission is twelve a complex and member I told her that Paula Ruby and all that there was a reconciliation between Mark and Paul Holly become willing to follow the master of self-sacrifice now sharing the love of Paul the prisoner markets when he's wanted by pulling me in the face of very severe trial and adversity even to install danger mark continued study and why the beloved helper of the apostle again click here whatever happened to Mark Mark also worked extensively with Peter something that the Gospel of Mark is really really Peter story market became very bold they fall and fearless became a missionary in Egypt many miracles and raise many believers pagan pagan leaders became angry because of so many new believers apprehended by Moffitt tied in together Dragon about the streets of Alexandria blood and pieces of flesh through worst rail along the pathway constantly praising God for the opportunity to discover Jesus say the first day he didn't die in prison back in for the next day was dragged to death Mark had a terrible ending stupid people finally you learn the lesson of faith he failed on the first round alcohol and is one time when he didn't quite cut it became grumpy I'm happy to environment another time learning they could best circumstances and the most prevailing circumstances Paul and Silas worked really hard there felt like they were unjustly accused member that is that slave woman that could continuously run around shouting things at them they were ultimately strengthen being slammed in prison the spots on their feet have laid down what are they giving me midnight and there was a deliverance at midnight if they think earthquake broke down the prison release their shackles and we are told that we will have a fall he shall have a fondness in the night when the holy solemnity and Captain glass heart and when we go forth with the hype to come into the mountain towards the mighty one of Israel God will give you the songs in the night yet the Lord will command his lovingkindness in the daytime and in the night his song shall be with me and my prayer to the God of my life sometimes you have a night when you can't sleep I never have this piece the sleep through the whole length but over the past year I've had many sleepless nights him from personal experience that God is faithful and he Monday those sleepless nights into wonderful wonderful experiences as you turn your back and you and allow him to shame those hours and grow you into the faith during that time he will give you a song at night sometimes I lie in bed I can't sing out loud as my husband in bed next to me that I sing in my mind and in my heart and it becomes a very precious time I call to remembrance my song the night I can view my own heart and my spirit and a diligent search David singing songs in the night so what is one of documents I sell you my faith now Paul will this affect two or the whole context of Habakkuk I want you to read the whole context of what is really about everything going wrong everything in life going wrong and he said that just shall live by faith even when nothing seems to be going right to the conclusion to the whole book of backpackers and three seventeen although the penetration blasts on neither shall the Peruvian deadline for the labor they are still failing the field shall yield no need for blacks from the open there shall be no part in the stall made together with me presenting yet I will rejoice in the Lord will join the God of my salvation you will trust in you and say that Paul found the Old Testament into his life and recast in his doctrine you are helping everything situation God has called me the day of trouble I will deliver you and we will glorify you are when we are facing the time of the and it's important to realize that no intercessor in heaven does not mean we can't know how are you anyhow because it is always very difficult to detect facing our fears and determine if delusions are terrible but the warmth I is always upon his people and listen to their cries their selection is great for the firm are being about the consume them but the refiner will bring forth God 's love for his children during the period of theirs the nearest trial is a strong contender in the days of their sentence prosperity but it is needful for them to be placed in the furnace of fire the earthlings must be consistent with the image of Christ maybe perfectly reproduced and Angels all around us he will give his angels charge over the two keep thee in all thy ways Psalm ninety one is beautiful memorizing Sigrid close to you couldn't see when heavenly vision they would behold companies of angels that excel in strength as an outpost look at the words of God 's grace patience great controversy six thirty object lesson three forty one writing down there that give all his angels are beautiful watch over us and if we put ourselves under their guardianship and an average time of danger they will be here right when unconsciously we are in danger of exerting a wrong influence the Angels will be by our side prompting us to a better horse choosing her words for influence interaction John half with a priest in Bohemia in his development and such a spiritual reformer the people under him appreciate back to previous Reformation and then look around him even though he was stated in the line he was eventually taken to Constance Germany where he stand trial away from all human support him when he is in prison and a rotted and dungeon with the wrath and with I have learned to sing and I when he was taken to die defending his death Jesus thou son of David have mercy on me this is the place where John has and drawn by the way altered by the end of house was not big and reformation there were high sites the following and they had armies and Jonathan stepped into the Reformation his countrymen were curiously an opportunity proves Catholics and troops sent to kill them know where the Hussite wars but they had a song that when the county would hear and they would read everything and run away and this is a song that check people still know to this day and saying and it is they are sung in the night Jesus had a song the night and as he was going offering which are slinging words were spoken he was known to sing a song that last Saturday the pass over you without to go forth to be betrayed into debt his voice was lifted in Psalm one thirteen one sixty hundred forty four thousand will have a song pattern forty four thousand archived final short showcase and enjoy the worst possible scenario and repulsed Satan on every demographic and they sang a song of experience and victory only a will be able to sing Lola glanced on the Mount Zion with four hundred and forty four thousand having his father 's name written there for him when I heard a boy him a Watterson 's wife and remember I heard the voice of our having a heart and they found there were one new song before the throne and before the fourth be with you this is the song in the night that they learn through their dark trial here in the Sonia when I can learn even now because of the son of experience they follow the Lamb wherever he goes I want to know that we do not sing-along alone Zephaniah three seventeen for the Lord thy God in them and spending it might be saved he will rejoice over the joy he won't rest in his love he will joy over the human feelings you know don't you have got to be thinking over you certainly want him to be singing over me they shall see the travail of his soul will be satisfied education one sixty eight of our Redeemer leads us to the threshold of the flash when the glory of God we may pass the aims of praise and thanksgiving from the heavenly choir round about the throne and of the echo of the angel song is awakened in our own hearts will be drawn closer to the heavenly singers haven't communion begins on her we learned here at the keynote spring you shall have a son in the night when holy solemnity is capped and gladness of heart as when one goal in the pipe to come to the mountain of the Lord to the mighty one of Israel Isaiah thirty twenty nine how are you facing your night with complaining or what song I challenge you to open your heart to the author of all music to write that new song even now in your heart so that as we face our days ahead we can go for rejoicing


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