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Tools for Soul-Winning Health Expos, Part 3

Charles Cleveland



  • January 28, 2012
    9:30 AM
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I was nevertheless an hour would like to practice the art chair massage in our last thirty minutes again so you get session number two is like in last night I I heard some of you yes I'll give you several people to work on I got about one nine I I heard him that back there last night you he needs more practice it out right after they ate indirectly in our world anyway which approach to use all the school and their witness in my there are several different and effective ways in which used to help expedite the cultural sensitivities and the amount of time available and I'll give you three the point is when you have a set of Expo materials the banners and like all the starter equipment package which comes in one little box with the body fat scale of the peak flow meter the things that will be using the things are not common for you we don't sell the blood pressure got because almost everybody has one of the one hundred blood pressures we try to sell in a little package something you don't normally have every try to get one for the last in the Walmart get a body fat scale will cheaper than what we sell our sport but it's an Omron is top quality and if this lasts for years I've one five five save money by buying Walmart so I bought to a limited degree with each other from the beginning so I I can have one five pounds different than the other though I took about I live daily with the NATO are online leaves the Omron in this country we as the Denita if you're outside the United States because it does kilograms as well as how were the online doesn't bother both good quality of used them for years the thing of it is whether you go to a full health Expo and by the way you can do and health Expo in this room if you had to do the type but you can do there's room to set up all the banners for sure and you you take two banners we put a table either six or eight foot table in front of it to do your blood pressure is on and so each of them an olive doesn't need it don't need a big table it depends on what you're doing if you need to space like the step test you don't really need a table for the new chairs for people to sit down and think that but if you and and a similar free of these rooms for our Expo which is really too much I'd be happy for two Albany mess with the name of budgeting for us to open up to the principal bigger the Sunni part of the health Expo room W Sunday afternoon but let's say that you're going to the health fair at the health care you're one of many booths and you only get one booth you can't put a health expo there but you can take a few the banners as your backdrop and do one of your screening procedures for that year 's health Expo health fair and next year do another one like the computer health agent raise one years of the elevator another year the step test you can break it up and use it in pieces in order different settings and and still look very professional building friendships and confidence through a cycle of friendship over a period of months this is the most important step for us the methods I used to talk a talk with Mark Finley about the philosophy of health evangelism and I now is remembered my first experience with them in Bucharest I'm never forget it was a marvelous experience within these are wonderful people to work with are so dedicated and I'll never forget the feeling of walking in that palace auditorium realizing that the dedicated for communism and that was all behind now when the people were eagerly coming and I remember that they were going to satellite to Europe is meeting and stand Katie was under the health Oxley something happened and I end up doing some of them and it was awesome to realize it was going on all over that part of the world will never forget the last half-hour or hour before we were to go on live they were still on the roof and the roof was not a flat roof rounded roof is the wind was blowing in trouble getting the satellite plaintiff to work and I'm in this countdown and it wasn't working we were more already to go run the platform and the people a lot of trains full and it was just the last two or three minutes I connected it was ready end of the world and know how close it came to happen to you just it was a miracle and if that is before that they had trouble even getting through customs the equipment that was held up and then finally they got it they were rushing to get it up it on and position there is a lot of stuff goes on behind the scenes that we were quite impressed with him to talk to Mark Finley is no mark that works so well that works oh well just to have the Expo the first hour and then they stop the excellent bring the right of the meeting and and and hear you preach and he says that's right to do that in Romania can do that in the Philippines you can do that in India but in a Western country he says it works it looks like it works in that the people made available comment of the other auditorium but after I neither do you don't see them anymore and he says the best I can find is unanalyzed that he said was that in their mind they came for any help screening program and they may or may not feel tricked but they don't feel I home all whatever it is and it are just not interested yet they don't trust us who knows the reasons altogether but they often don't stay and so if you try to build a series of meetings on that premise is not so good that we deal health Expos in conjunction with evangelistic meeting and identified him several times in this country but it's after he's been working that community through the church 's organization for a year and it's just the end of the cycle at the beginning the cycle is that makes sense so on but there is the direct approach for cultures that are more open spiritually and physical constants mingled together from the beginning we did that in Dominican Republic we do that in Haiti we do that in Honduras the people are more open and then conducting short one day or one of the programs is also a possibility of the just some of the essay there's just innumerable ways to use these materials which to have the cycle of friendship and help expose an opportunity to come in contact with many people with problems many will receive immediate benefits from putting into practice what they've learned that the Expo but others the Expo maybe the beginning of the process of a cycle of friendship some people will come the first time in ages they does collect and they did identify me and they did adopt the number one thing figure teaching them but most people they really benefit by coming back as they yes well to some people do the same technically what I've learned is is that a health fair is usually something that the County sponsors it is that I'm familiar with it at least in our country the county sponsors what they call a health care and a convene from how to milk a cow you know and and and contests for four animal husbandry and and and the best can peaches and and and and lots of different booths and end up at popcorn and cotton candy in the circuses on this quarter estimate I can be sometimes and help their or the county fair and usually in those settings everybody gets a ten foot square booth just one little booth for one table to set up and share something that you're doing so and that's what I call a health fair where you just have that one place so therefore you can't set up all the stations but a health expo has at least eight tables at least eight stations which would never figure one boot right and their people come in and they go through each station a progressively learning about their health you'll see that it described just moment that is a little bit of it but the good question is confusing yes okay I help Expo is a standalone it's our own program were offered to the community at that point whereas the healthier your part of another group of a wider you have a book table and have a book table of the city just lots of innovative things you can do that we encourage that the only thing I don't encourage is to be careful of certain folks that are selling things that I would be comfortable having in my Expo if someone is promoting some some form of water that bubbles and visits and hears everything I don't I don't welcome that I dissent sorry but work were not here for commercial of promotion for it or here's a public service will my waters a public service yeah I know but your cards there is a new vendor contract me know whatever so there is a limit that says that otherwise would try to open up as much weekend now I have a dermatologist and other health professionals in a one lever card I don't object to that I realize that they may get business from that that's not rely where there but I can't see I invited them to come and ask them to hide their identity so in that case but if if they were selling just product that I'm hesitant to do it at a free help us aren't so the cycle of friendship is something we want to explore little bit more help Expos could be organized as the first is a series of programs that will address the various aspects of how here's what it could look like luscious look at envisioning out so health Expo is number one Honda Civic that is number one rather than say number three would it matter I think it does not take a minute to explain this to you if I'm running a depression seminar it set up the one that I use the model values from Doctor Natalie 's program it takes a session it's once a week for eight weeks the tremendous program now remember how we are trying to reach the public and they know almost always that were seven thousand there Baptists or Church of Christ are Catholic for atheists and they have certain opinions about Mormons and Jehovah witnesses at this and so is not easy for them necessarily to want to sign up for an eight week program with the Job I'd say that that way they understand it if you don't do it that way you just you don't realize over saying that that however some people who were the one sponsoring the program I don't mean that I have a bad opinion of ourselves I'm ashamed of it I'm not but I'm just thinking I'm trying to put myself in their shoes when they would I commit to that kind of a program if the Jehovah's Witnesses were running it I'm not trying to do this is an example not to be negative that's eight weeks if you do reversing diabetes in your bottle I still center of America's program sixteen session I find that to be too many I cut it in half I double the sessions and in doing quicker it is hard to keep people such as an incidental point but my point is they say time it's a lot to ask somebody even a nutrition class is usually more than one session but the health Expo can be just one it's it in and this one is that since seven o'clock at night at a certain place in every week where this one is all afternoon her all day on a given day and no appointment needed you see the difference feels it feels not binding you just drop in anytime the paper says no appointment needed were here from nine till five whatever I best rated as using the fish and get acquainted and get started with people give up on it I become all I told you one time we did it very successfully eleven o'clock Sunday afternoon the three that was adequate is in our town they go back to church Sunday evening so I didn't want to do anything but we're going to interfere with the church schedule so eleven o'clock I tell you I'm I'm amazed of myself fortunate in our church maybe you feel like it if you view but some of us we preach at our little while when the you can get away with and have ministers to some degree but Udall in other churches I mean the value in at eleven thirty in churches and over involve our local churches Frazier is in trouble they started nearly did they just he has just a lot of that and there there ready to head for the three love they had out for the restaurants it's interesting anyway so all the help Expo is a drop in event you do not need an appointment you could just come and go through the Expo at your leisure it's their FAC that whoever will I've been is our we don't really have horns and we don't look weird and we we seem pretty friendly I remember who's working with you in the Expo the Lord is working the Holy Spirit and were told that when people come to know us and they see our help programs the Holy Spirit suggests of them and you don't know it's happening except wiggled it does happen that these people are so reasonable about their health that may be the are reasonable Doctor theology S Holy Spirit is doing the same so your provide an atmosphere for them to enjoy their program and that's when you sign them up at the health of the help page appraisal for the following programs if you buy this that the whole kit from us in the starter equipment package you get Discover your health age computer program for screening people will be doing that tomorrow afternoon she'll see this action for a time that you are ready with your how wonderful all year and you know that you better run certain programs it doesn't have to be these and and then made the transition of those this is kind of a model that views of Mark Finley in Chattanooga a couple years ago expenditure in the couple of times to major series I hated one with the doctor puzzle on archaeology the two of them did it together and of course would you think of this dinghy than he does that will they get the churches to do the sponsor different programs as well as Holm Bible studies things like that and and then I I did this one for him I organize for simultaneous health Expos in the Chattanooga area in the in the African-American spare areas in Hispanic areas wherever we could drop without we did one in a restaurant downtown and in Chattanooga we tried to get different parts of the community and got the local churches to run the Expos is a nice way to cooperate together and waited for simultaneous expos in and sign people up for follow-up classes that eventually transcends transitions of these so they would get to know the evangelists themselves and in this setting and then come on into the convention center for the evangelistic series and then since this went on for all year and this had been well over with for a period of time that we brought the Expo back again when the evangelistic series started I ran the health Expo in the convention center and just a little corner to again attract people to conduct maybe had been involved in it before or and just try to fish a few people more that would and then going to the evangelistic meeting also the last time the model that you can experiment with and put it here you know you got to do what you're looking at people to do it with no nothing about the Natalie program here or the lifestyle Center of America reversing diabetes for those two that I'm familiar with is that they both have video production they have video presenters to put the DVD in or you can do it in PowerPoint Doctor Dudley 's lies the PowerPoint slides in case you wanted lectures yourself just make sure you have someone who's good at doing it that's all it is reading the notes note that can be discouraging I I like to do health lectures I am comfortable with help lectures that's where I I'd feel comfortable but I don't do those because those particular ones even though I could I like the Doctor Nestlé is so comfortable with what he's presenting and depression recovery he knows it so well as an internist how could I do any well have you as well because I'm not a practicing physician I don't practice medicine and health educator so he comes across with the credibility that people are just wild with Johnny they just really feel that what he says is so sensible it's so if so backed up by science is not heavy-handed stuff is not complicated but he takes it piece by piece and explains how depression works and how melatonin works and how that interacts with it in your exercise and any just when you get ninety same I never realized how these things interact with each other and he has the ten hits you know that that if you get four more you've got major depression and in the weather 's genetics are lifestyle if you and you love these different things in a nice workbook that goes with it and the now they would they would suggest you charge that just parenthetically for you parenthetically they would suggest you charge because the hundred and twenty five dollars you can give them the textbook the workbook SOS book and tie yourself up for the book in a few of the things my community can't afford that I wouldn't have argued that he coming and so what we do as we do it for free on free donation basis and we only require that they have the workbook is twenty dollars and we tell them when they come to give them a workbook we save folk we told you this was a free program we also set in the advertising its donations are welcome we want you to have the workbook you need a workbook to take the class if you can cover the twenty dollars fine if you can't still years never come short people and eleven donate every time they come so people give much more sometimes than the twenty dollars problem and then we say that we have the textbook and we have the SOS and we have tell yourself the truth and we have the possible music that he says is good for you those are asked or if you want those the ladies have those you can purchase them for costs we make no profit we get them up on Amazon.com if we get some of use dribble past month you for a few dollars you know whatever we pay for me to have forgot here to make money they believe you think they appreciated that Mister Hilton how we do it because you are all worried about you don't have enough money right nutrition was never much money well that's why I try to find ways to do it for next to nothing and it works so I don't I I rarely bother my church for a budget I just pretty much sell forty it works so the initial investment in the banners you may need to get some help and you know don't be limited don't get discouraged if you go to your church and they say we don't have that much money to buy something sorry why would Sable how much money do we have taken something in the good will can you at least five hundred dollars and get them to do something and then don't say open I don't have the rest so how many can and maybe a few people the truth you pray about it and maybe a few people in the church you could go to privately is a look at I've already got five hundred ninety this much more about what exact price with the ventricle tomorrow but you know I I want to get these vendors usually look like shoulder brochure and say could you help donate especially just for that started the church but market for help Expo and just go to a few people please don't just put your mind closed while the brother didn't approve it so I can't have you never finish the work that way in bold and go ask somebody if they would work with you take some of your own money even it's not very much it's a him and to put inside the church did agree to put in this much could you match that tried I'm not a fundraiser I hate to ask for money just like I'm sure you're the same we don't like to do that but you're not asking for you you're asking for an investment of a set of materials that will last at least a decade to take care of them they're good strong materials beautiful and I did a quick once you have your banners and use screening equipment package you are prepared to be able to do program after program I mean even if I don't think I'm about my health banners in the background is to get some more quality previous delay auditory you know and an empty emphasizing the importance of these materials and other concepts in art any questions about the cycle of friendship or one of his commenting on this here first archaeology while I've never done that when that's Mark Finley and and I don't know there is something available you can get what they they talk about it it's a transitional thing seat is not a evangelistic topic but it it it kind of mood from the health over to interesting findings that help to verify their lives the dependability of the Bible excited creation evolution would be a transition one that could be used here thank you someone over here about every four to six weeks if you could have a program and are in our community right now we have every month we have one program we call healthy choices the healthy choices and my wife's bleeding out with that and that is where they come in and they do some hands-on cooking we tried for a while this year to do alternate we did one month every time we had food but one of the blinds I would take up all of major part of the and do a health lecture for them they read like it they like that very much like the interaction you can ask me questions afterwards but I'm just there's just too much going on and that started this depression recovery program every week incisive baby I just can't give a fresh health talk every time as well and let's just do the cooking and they like that to in my and so now she's just taking the whole evening is not rush that way associated have the counselor coming every month for that of the healthy options class and now if they want to also come on on Monday nights they can come on a weekly basis for the depression recovery thing the depression recovery me how many weeks is a eight times once a week for an hour and a half to sixty seven thirty okay anyone else I I I I is this media was used by bodybuilders for the NAEP help someone if you would like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. and help some .com I was more green online at www. outfielders on board


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