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Engaging Youth in Health Outreach, Part 1

Duane McBride Casio Jones



  • January 27, 2012
    8:00 PM
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warfare and identify the Lord we thank you for this opportunity from your presence father each individual here represents a ministry to ministry you have set in their hearts for such a long time father what they do they're very passionate about and it's their way of helping sharing your love story father asked that she will appear this today as we share in learning and just betrayed okay with unique ways only ways of how to connect with the generation that help them to love you more and entered also taken measures of health and and you know helping people to make a positive change their life that they need everyone unfortunately father I asked to abuse my words therapy your words and not my words finally use me today could be the vessel and and Lord most of all doses have a great time praising in Jesus name amen I saw this as a way tired labs are you because those you don't know me mothers Kassie Jones and I used to be I guess clone as the Energizer bunny I just quit I just keep going and I'm a very energetic individual so forgive me if I'm all over the place in his ruling eyes a bounce back and forth but hang in there it all makes sense all come together when we work with the youth it's important that we able to have ability to yell SSA connect with them you agree to disagree and as you know we were confused their energy is nonstop at times and in fortunately we like to keep out with them but and how so does have some fun is you said that was what I'd learned we want to bless up with a lot of resources and have the time very very any group small knit family right now to address each other for next few days and down to get chance to interact one of these days and anytime you have any questions the cans up and I like to know this make it if one is that it just okay I felt dizzy let's talk about how to make an impact in NSB estrogens of hashes can be rough draft by the way you say something that I don't like them will visit on with it okay you know Moses God discloses the yes speech issues so what time uses me as much as he canceled his go with whatever comes among outside night ahead is it okay for hepatitis A okay I love to laugh a lot to smile and have a good time school of figures of feedback on cool all right tool I highly was working Pedro so and I positively try to get it appear and it was working before so I'm so have anyone you are involved in health miss you right now was involved of mystery and place one two three four five six okay and Monsieur are coming about in youth ministry went to salute different so we got health ministry and youth ministry some youth ministry are not involved in health ministry and somehow risen above the music ministry so much identify with connectedness together and expected would be we all agreed there is a there is a need for taking in health your regeneration doesn't and we would look at are the subsistence the straight across-the-board is not the United States is across the world there is a bag and major issue lifestyle and and as the generations younger generations are starting to see the effects of unhealthy last hour obesity issues are just rampant in United States is about when other countries as well have you notice in your country the chain 's obesity stunned when younger and younger age contact so it's we cannot sit back and and just take a stand and have applied this on to identify that is upon going to not take action and I think is very important for us to realize that we can do so much as an adult but imagine what it would be like if you created an army of youth leaders of the young generation who comes behind us with who has information to witness to their peers asking very powerful but looked scary than so much more adult this generations of having to listen to that appears only once you get a seven days instead of your parents is like this the above lot lot lot of that that they don't hear from the peanut was the teacher won't won't won't won't won't won't won't look like they don't get it toward businesses dissociation and I don't have that with every adult because of my siblings just the parents like like they don't listen and they need certain bold models in the lives and that you know you'd work is your you have that connect with kids suited to listen but the relationship with their peers to be very very powerful to imagine the ability to take that information put into a mine over you and put you out there in their community how more powerful and aggressive backbeat of spring and the masses oh no show Goss Temple Temple maintenance very powerful when you will actually have a mold made some change the addition of charts but in the community around us and an yell when you think about obesity and think about lifestyle choices meals settings eighty percent of all diseases are due to lifestyle choices you know and when you see younger case who have hypertension age health we must go along in the life is causing that much destruction happened next twenty years are our will happen in our current pattern so it's it's important to be able to connect and reach down with them and to see that you demand in this army of youth house ministers today now and I have an idea how this don't normally like what I mean me think about I'll be here to just begun way to just tell the youth about health over here to take that if you think about that the gospel message was the go make disciples we make disciples a twelve minute power the wild what we have today is almost twelve if we could do the exact same thing empowering youth and find the right use invisible God has called to help ministry because if you call to your ministry God 's chosen individuals to keep this going until he comes same as an ability to connect and find help minister and delegates in my opinion and connect with them and then immaculately to do but the thing is we have to understand the most important thing we work with you is not about information of data is not about the information 's and don'ts it's about she's able to give them the ability to connect and build a relationship with Jesus that is the first thing to do because I disagree okay now I am saying some holding some good stuff is my mouth is and what you doesn't help that they and you know it's also the opportunity to work with with the faculty changes in my lifestyle as in my abundant shrimp is helpful to see it is assigned to seem to affect people remember when they were just crap at all difficult payroll or just holiness armor and they need to see the positive changes in your the best part is the Holy Spirit come to do all this and is is awesome to be part of the transformation some adults through and and and to just be there and say wow that's a slight snapping with the athletes noticed there to do for free puberty happened had has the best like the world is that the police force and get paid big money to pay some health ministry is the weather help music is the best because we actually change people 's lives spiritually and physically and a very unique way so okay let's get back to the villa this army concludes that I know I know you upgrade to think increasing problem with this time you wait to make a difference it were able to connect with you given Jesus is something you must understand that I help message is not about it's against my religion why don't you just what you says it's against my religion they don't have Jesus in the right place in the hearts because is not a religious thing it's about picking to what God is giving you you would think it's also important for us to spin out ways to connect with the use general to understand our relationship is when they understand and listen to understand the value of themselves they see ourselves a different way to realize that how I treat myself is basically saying how I really filled book is done for me because of the island the blood was shed for me was people the price has allowed my to harness this just solidifies given me just the way I wanted to the way the author of an eagle West pillaging myself and what we're doing is you given this sense of understanding the foundations they belong to coordinate connect with and get something to dislike in life you know because I didn't want because they understand their position so magnetically got you right now those Jesus again at you you've now you'll connect him general information about how to make better choices in life now does you doubt is now understand that hate a part of God 's Army and then able to get this information of what it means to have respect for this body I needed to take care of his body and were unable to basically how can assure this new information have with my peers out that well in the school classroom to help influence the cafeteria at AC on the stop and start the process includes what is singing in a what else the whole thing videogames but after talking to another Siebel walk or bike ride and I have an opportunity share with peers more with their peers and is an opportunity is talking sure about Jesus the cylindrical ways of thinking and why they possible with health blessing that it must start with bars helping the individual understand the value how to understand their deliver information to make the change okay another front I want to have fun as you notice right and I will help you up and that hasn't been together that will are so he didn't really get this point down needs there are volunteers Gary will visit went to physical update after visiting with particular seven-year stumpy okay Denise but that there but that director I and we can learn acoustic catalyst I went on to play the plane started to fly along Iowa is live on the seventeenth year that ended in a couple of digital captain speaking how would our nuclear temperature out his seatbelt and processing out and out about a month earlier the confidence of going to my brother got the financing that's an asset and all of a sudden I decided to get most of the panicking is to understand what men want in life this is not the only English in meteors on the other side is to Canada Cingular will will will him playing a videogame I like to understand the skin and cannot fit into a basket and invincible I was wondering how you would get a scare and that he is thinking of ways is well useful white woman was batting on women and voice of God is good and I say you see was how it was to get home safe I have seen housing housing is using those chance to read up on the West and to connect no matter what was going on the life to heavenly father was there I used this analogy story because working with the youth sometimes we have to find creative ways to connect to any sometimes I just love you systematically get home with them down and so with that message was just for them to grasp and understand actually publish everything you hear me repeat the whole weekend it's about relationship if you are a mystery if you and you administrate health ministry and you don't comprehend relationship you're doing something wrong don't take it personal and about two and about Apple 's Internet service and about detention against the pulpit it's about Jesus were here to spread Jesus okay so I don't understand the concept of family and of all the heavenly father who connect with and how we connect with him now imagine the opportunity that you are understanding your in the for ministry official says approved individuals how can that what they're calling is the key here is unless we wake up in a morning person wow I just really wish I was doing this I really wish I was doing this because this is what my hash as I was in the room were actually doing a job or have an opportunity do your passion everyday okay you see the boring you are a thousand suns what's on twenty nine that I was knitting us in the womb engineers like he's on you okay and get casting the building gap no not singing and making top-quality law is and what it's like he knows us better than we understand those ourselves and he can kiss and pallets supposed to sing some list here so masjid you know really good with numbers and solicitor to choose how cleaner okay but when you use your gifts and house to glorify the Lord trust your ministry and when we working with the games and stuff of youth ministry will need to buy those individuals and daughters hauled for youth ministry by me for help ministry 's donuts I am guessing that you have been an army I need a little chairs or you are just going to pass time they're going to give leaders are going to just hang out the past time is out of joint effectively helping them is actually effectively helping a minister did you try to work in the community it's important to have the right individuals as part of your community west of public about a ministry that has a ministry that would be I can have individuals in medicine would just staggered installer log in cause upon the bill you didn't opportunity to because they are and are not really heartfelt or not pass about it and elected down certain issues occur in the automotive leasing up before another Mister Rubin about the right it's important as you building this army that you able to connect with those in need of those who are not really truly does when we don't value our generation will find that some who don't have the Jesus relationship are on the first of the parents told our the traditions that are being dragged along to build a church as an apparently stolen in certain things of the past time and is not doing them any good either specialist individuals able to identify this is what my passion about is okay would you like to know you say okay Michael you have a passion about this so had to pass about music when to go here and take the distal Beta mentor and work them and I been connected to be useful what do you want to be is when you yourself and I have placed the apartment this weekend but when you spend time doing things that you want to do that you want to send us half when you are call it the negative affect you like Jonah is going to bother to ask if yes when you analyze and develop and supply facilities your life and those one example of the Jesus commitment with the plan he has for you so we can do consequently teaching them know the relationship involved now as we identify with them to help identify their ministry now we get them in for nation that we have a health ministry that has a lot of people patient around but yes there's a lot of unhealthy people around why do you think it's difficult for people to process information at all about available and still make unhealthy less the choices and you and two two explain anybody else having yet been achieved but the results also chemical reaction of mythology to snake but yet good point it's like where is God as a vital part of this pastor made a a sermon in his message was that whatever your last decision source to make a decision is your God whereas if we have the issue would have been sorry we should go to topic that instead of trying to bonbon 's retard all over or return to some people in a well-to-do horoscopes make decision for them some people trying to the fact and gossip with friends about this instance rental our heavenly father who knows and will lead us and guide us in the Holy Spirit gives the right path to make but you know it's it's true that you send a lot of times we make decisions on the citizens would do the lifestyle choices based on emotion based on you know what we does that make us feel good in a situation okay so when we able to read on given information to these generation imagine a new or a house messes that incorporates a great sure component on action utility go back twenty years ago five years ago and suggest when you had a health Sabbath was the main topic vegetarian cooking yes enough more than they do about there was lots it was August and cooking now the budgetary plug-in it's so the thing why was that people overweight thine heart disease who are vegetarians and then you have this mindset of classifying people are you must not exist on your vegetarian you'd be a vegetarian sometimes I hear when I'm not speaking to mass so your vegetarian month of unfitness best of birth and asked me we should not put people in categories where they are not which is love people and let the Holy Spirit do when everything you'd be to convicted up in a sing this out to me to have working values everyone going to use as a working with other people is not just a point business in which she do what you must do get information to quality data to back it up but also just love to get back to point out action in that then get into habits along with a program that is designed to help people make the appropriate changes they need to make such as teaching them how to physically transform their bodies and healthy way because in the wild they all acted like a dog with bad programs out there all based upon changing the way you look at changing the way you feel about your body very superficial outward approach to help individual and you deserve it does not look good it was all about the me should understand that the world for trace and we have been assessed as a chart because there's nothing else really counteracting it on work in the social aspect the given truth into it and I thought spelled with people want results they won't result that they can follow something put in the play and get to the Gulf Coast to help the arrangement of trying to achieve because media bombard them with socks on file with skinny girl bombarded with all the stuff but the real emphasis is when a life that glorifies the Lord taking care of God 's temple and focus in on being healthy and active for your own individual ministry and guess what your body 's built-in setpoint would get you to the body that God created me to have it's very simple when you come from data codes it's actually a lasting affect the way the people get results there have to hear this president won't win I guess what that you imagine the ability to influence a young generation console of movement the basic concept of exercise science the baggage is more how to apply was amazing what is resistance training me what is a mobile training means what how was the best can't apply this could get very deep and varied musical ever and ever with exercise sites this is called science as I is going to go to Jean by new data new research on this and that but giving the kids the basics to understand that along with drinking habits along with the aspect of connectors somebody would have evolved along with its back to Paris the love relationship you have two brothers sisters imagine a help ministry that would get argues that really transforms individual mind body social and spirit quite different as it very relative to the day very empowering give the kids something to pocket they could choose and to pull out and interact with change them help them change their community could reflect the sender generates an actuator of particulars now these are young individuals no matter their age thirteen twelve focus on the twelfth coming to update you reminisce glam network of middle school students in a public school setting awful I made a lot of indicators but that confinement after hearing it's possible I mean this so exposes Soma 's I stopped and dominates the brain hasn't fully developed yet another combined with all these emotional system will buy him his back then and just kind of bed is hard but if you have Jesus able to identify who they are a younger age and isn't unduly to fight back into disability clinked his shield around them but have others negatively to the left of the well think about the basics of me nicely I have to buy into that and I think as using leaders held ministers as we are we need to find ways to replicate what we do and finding time to pour into another generation to be very powerful and I know probably what you're thinking of you envision your church Cocoa beans that don't present to pick up the mantle and take it out in the community have to be prepping one things of me that was really pray about it and some board help me in my eyes I picked up by the individual help me to be that hard with that help build this army of youth ministers the ability cool and very unique experience is something that they want something one participated with them if you him to be and no one and will not talk to say he was living in music with all that you do it it's important to identify that we have more reason this is not a mistake that the small group this is not a mistake in twenty notes of the wrong exit to the right edge the humankind got here to be your leader is my plan and according to this plan you know it's all in the past right back to Christ then the harvest is already right now the world is a solo home view right now they were outnumbered we need more help ministers out there she said a message about God 's plan and well-being because people are suffering their heart and guess what I do so able to come with some understanding it's hard for them to really digest the twice thing with me and you hungry and I was going to take a sister I do not see the old historical mice in one eight we have to get them what they need right now is a health unit in our community by the actions of candidate information provided Wisconsin from its last lineup of her here and there is some information right here I think because we understand the mind-body has an intimate relationship and this message is for us who was to raise in this message we know both for the rest the world is born to them as a client opportunity great opportunity anyhow something luck has run out and I wonder I wanted a woman's desk you and yes yes and actually okay the monotonous some very quarter and has limited think about it we were the beginning right now were not facts gay and in the technology is made of really accelerated to catch up J endosperm cytosol towards us to really put our helmets on and get in the trenches and fight back because we're part of God 's army for part of God 's special army has a big moronic memory of the squadron of elves funny okay this is yes I thought a great but the rate at end the thing is it starts with one consent before it starts with that relationship nothing else matters no matter what Mister can't do it the individual does not know Jesus because you can badly have a behavior change across the white facing hard that his attitude change in his behavior change difficult behaviors all you want it will last your time but to get singed should look things out and Melissa shape the web supposed to then we see things differently to see the film states are not what was the fact that you know that I make time to be active the sooner we get God one hour and day to make it twenty three hours better claim type people who trust him with would like to set these little building is not so bad in them and make a hundred percent with the recession thing with our being physically active concealed picture less than A+ as we invested and get back and look at what he has given us some access soon after the correct habit and understand the biblical principles is what it's all about you cannot relate medical principles they don't believe in the biblical part okay holy holy that's our best domain focus we have to beat out the blacksmithing would argue because the world the box can argue you can bury it you'll have to change the message and altering at all but sometimes how we present them can be part individual is spent in fact with small benchmarks to imagine her regard this minister is done for your small business peers this person is that the principles stress understand that you inhabit this person understands trusting God like decisions this person understand the place of exercising this person understands the importance of guilt does the concept of the guilt big étoiles of how he looks altogether and ease of hanging out with his friends and he is one of an example one of why to follow Christ and I wonder why they are like and what would looking at environmental and St. Louis friends and was wondering how I would think that why we seen the Lord gave me this by painting my mind I can't communicate with them Bob Cox K what hasn't been as a diuretic and worldwide historical site of the day to live out and I ended him a lot have been nice muscles beneath average of recent health ministers who is able to articulate that in a community that started you guys educate yourself estimate you guys be able to pass on to the right to in your community to guess what kind of it hasn't happened right there don't wait for you you have to go run after them she then asked if I was looking to stuff them in a confined to yield to do some writing in your own existing outlet of the school to go program you could smoke it could do was think because he represented this career field you want to build more recently a walking billboard for Senate health ministers developing system to check out all life because they will want to wear during a look at them and are now in here yet is not there is as I know he is him and him and you know sometimes you yes but yelling is a negative vision Popeye 's income laptop I like this is an eye-catching way in the cold outside men's Nike missile warns that weren't enough there's been an right they got it exactly as I could and upon payment of the bigger games would be to buy a what move Darcy today connected with it being digested you know was the same help you to connect and I just Jesus and Mary Alice Hoffman connect and I just hope that you does your life is young man this testosterone on the part of the consultant society the time you grab a mode of mistakes about you but outward appearance is about taking care windchimes give you helpful maintenance and the like Alaska would have a maintenance type I have is a less lovely Peggy Guggenheim appreciated on little boys we can send some more with you guys and ensuring some stores robbed on food and I apologize the my message today I hope how presentation but because I guess the level of the second displays that all works out forget I said that was downright market banking and I is really I'm going to try and prevent his vision is in a Verizon hearing Hawkins is rendered is also the associate director of his general 's office know Gary is is a NBA page is so easy to question him please is not that I is an and Germanic cultures will will design a is Doctor McBride he and Doctor so as I you want to use the is is is is is will a you you know I I from Yale University in organizations is and here is a you really as I will install the triathlon around the world is the author 's own world and working as an I love their new American division or I hear America Island in Miami over the University of Miami as I is I home and I ordered Jordan Brown was a of the limos overground the entire visa line was a new to hear your heart he is a man of enormous energy is all is and I cannot possible remind you of being on you as you so you will will will you as a you as you as a my son is very wrestling around services and an useless my son is the soul of my -year-old son write down every word in Greek and deserving people up your attack on Iran is on the rise is is is that the church is so the idea here is you are talking the next few days I is he is will reason is is is is any kind concept in terms of what it means result is the one you don't engage in high-risk behaviors you engage in behaviors as I know we often look at what they said they had choices walkway why look at what pace was involved in good times the question is what is personal social relational by real-world maze is is and how we use this well known as no work wireless me know I is University early in Bolivar is a combat environment is hidden within is there is here is that I will and will you and your you and you will you will you a you a you use you will is a will is you you wonder how he will and you will as well he is a a a a a a a or B is is a hottie and the is an way way there is a way to pay there will be in the and now you and where is he talking about this e-mail is that he is already in the online industry changed the world last day is reentered and you put us all in with his hospital while you are on a women is by easy recipe and method by you you can actually go to Google and you I shall help her the iPhone will heatedly vis-à-vis Google that Montréal is presently in developing the yacht is when he is ready now as you is not my will is to be a a a is is is is is is also approximately we often data is available as a group is an annual survey of my usual setup is as is how long you hold will pay off in a result of the grocery store as a MS is your yard in time for the United States here is a a a a a in his words he is in your environment is an and in my is a will and we're driving home as I is will you okay well my phone is why you so on and in a new unit of value is that part of the vitality and just as the need is for real all artificial home human archers and I is somewhat early in the over is a is a him very well and is not in the server I will provide information on as well there is information on his years of his incorrectness provided by Shane Young I know I'm working you know your problems on Yahoo! News if you leave it we know he has a hobby people here know that you should reject designs on her and even rumors of my eye on you you are in I hung a futile exercise and means that I is razor is worth and I will know this will be a I should have I you know I know but we don't I do there you are you are you as you know is not possible to correct errors in a change you know you do as Paul said in the spirit is willing but as I will never give you know we just know you will you talk about what makes us is unblemished he is will you and the family is more only that he will mark a line in the event you were a family is a will is only a couple days that will review your façade is an family is very very Leon is one of the most one that is perfect children view the hybrids they sound Laertes in Miami and is from Ohio is in an and my brain is a you is all I will know something is really crucial down emotional bonding additional love in Jesus Christ not as a theocracy there's a lot of your children you emotional on as strong as reply as I is amazing that supervision I wear our case will a parent so when will we say save and I remember of as a and him most my mother is one hundred and three generations about father grandfather and a phone call Hughes I usually change so that you will see lots of art and nothing you thought of the good in Rome is really my iPhone is a you is so you don't and what is and is and is one hundred and is a I and everyone is for everyone who said so in turn will have is the will so we really will our children what we say is not as important as what you know as I is here the other is just that is that he may not turn off it is that you don't need me there is genetic influences on alcohol and then you know that these that the half Elizabeth Moran is a and I and is defined as a how is everything now and in a you are a you a you is a very important reason why he is here and I need his review of the and is a universal English in a wide variety years and is no cure for far as possible and only when you are in I will do additional love this is data we collected over twenty years and that is all universal as he and I were lucky and use of alcohol last year you said you unconditionally thirty is low about thirty five percent or is that no way is from a world in the paresthesias obvious love than thirty percent when you said at July thirty one hundred and one family is in the line work that is I is a you are a I was alone most of them were a perfect thirty five years and is in many as you will the will and why is the result is an will call you you you you you you you are you in person enough to justify a no he is a you sure I only a national and a class in an and you and you is a will is is is is a is a is will is will is will a you is and what is a you as an the firm will you go home to you the is the right to a liberally he is a busy and will roll out I is little sure you and all you and your Tuesday is going one after you are you have a and leaders in you I don't know is you will immediately and leave through these phases phases and there is a class and I will you know he will love you I love you is really on it and you are not alone is one of the most important thing you will you will more than a family has more than a will is a website is published is you are so very called adolescent alcohol and drug abuse and Yahoo! is a more than maximizing the yelling that he is actually in love as you all warm and well you know is an inherent challenge of relaxing pretty good correlation someone who is usually a result one where you reside love each other as I will again this is something here is what I was reading rate is able to is able to talk to people you work with is and the Centers for Disease Control in Florida every couple of years and all his behaviors are as you have received in the course in question they also allow states that will will by the state and biases on Monday at the role of anything from university for another years and is a will and behavior inside we will send you an well last failure across the room he and I said and policy in the invasion and I argued that is not in Brazil there is an awful lot known as your knowledge and culture he is also one who made you deserve and opportunism is reserved for prodigy you will they it will have a horn is at home is the last in the Sharon so he and his emotional law eating together is communication he is unique and beyond and you are in a month or so after all and in his mind thought you are you a you is also where we will and to learn who we are and what we say social review rollout you are in a will and will is an monitor and you are my body I know you will think he will him does yet it is a and data in the state of Idaho it is used as the review is called hydrogen the Valhalla will young people who wait for more meals per week and phrases are compared to those who did not have any meals feel awful as it was at her home in reason are learning they had a king one hundred percent is also five four five how is life to the center of brass and is what is inside the phone and is is is is what is those of you is as you as you here's the press and the worker is our emotional health of young love you we also I is in libraries is these the same data center in the corollary and we are yet it is a and B they are so smart and mesmerizing correlations between hitters in an is a very interesting process has you meeting indicates that you give an impression on you you of all things are your so you think you have worn as you will receive us as a human and communication will be viewed as more and I is I will and I is on the dollar by somehow is going to school is a is a slot or correlation and correlation in the first Polish you have more and slightly working the inside and use out on strong margaritas and policies I said he will not run a supervision as Isaiah shows you are a will is a that is going on is a or I will live in the will and who is no are you you will do a memo occasion as he is in the pool and a result will carry a you are in another the Internet is a bad and will be a you a way as long as you alluded to in the right he is a therapy you use anything they are the you you you you you you you are not left to run on everything in this only among only a engine is actually a is an and what is usually are in your eighty God is using you as a fan and left a guy I know he will say is a great way we may just design is reimbursing his to them and finally very important family dysfunction New Orleans is that Susan relationship is that all are really saying is so being a highly major design usually by you and you and they are on your PR so that you never get involved this is you little literature is trying to worsen as Van Morrison and your so easily Trinity off on will and will work for you and so is complex because the younger free peoples of reasons talk about solvency is not all it is your is a reason and racers does show as his own work and purpose in life related and here is a bad movie here's one on a you as a friend on your loan will so your is wrong the Yonkers I really want to know who his friends are back if you know you are in your profile monitoring is as is you is and is is is is is is is for your head portion of your friends your parents know that he has are believers that is a you know the order in a modern super why will my preliminary so is our purpose of an software is now we need in those necessary everything is a will that is unless you you will personalize your client you know you as you reside in your life it is as you want on the business or is he is all I know you as you is easy on you as you as you will will will you will die spiritually based on a self-esteem will balance is not as now what is young because of wonderful helping Houston will you are a you and because we need narcissistic and self-centered is to mark my word each as far as he is now our job church has his own euro each as you walk is a you are you as church leaders you are interested in is person software is increasing the numbers and is and will everyone okay is getting on all everyone is on your face on everyone or he is the author 's sexual work please see the somewhere in East and do something with my life you know I was going inside his leaders he is a no keynote we having seizures and all peacekeepers I wrestle University time I is in Chicago as well as I is will you all is instead of the more prudent use of that I is there was a a a a you need an accurate task he has to pay to her and in your life your regular one you see who is on because the poll that so many days you a T-shirt nothing else out your nose run off strong or even worse about half of the apartment is a never say you are in this is so the software is never the Bible teaches that Jesus was teaching me as I work in a is a work to be sound and is will is will that help you people continue to have 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poor children choose so is no a measure in this media was used by bodybuilders including NAP health summoned you would like to learn more about the NAB Summit please visit www. and help someone .com or if you would like to listen more bringing online is www. audio verse is on board


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