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Engaging Youth in Health Outreach, Part 2

Duane McBride Gary Hopkins



  • January 28, 2012
    8:30 AM
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more AI mind Duane McBride who now be working with Gary Hawkins and note were really talking about resilience and how we can build resilience and was slightly below definitional table regarding mangers have on the record member resilience is the ability to overcome a bad environment when things would predict that you will not turn out well and you turn out well you make good choices once involved notes the idea that the good the good boy in the back neighborhood is where the concept really came from and why the best predictors of value making bad choices raise environment the German we talked about you know Jesus of Nazareth and people said how could anything good come on up master three the Bible there is a sense of bad neighborhood produces bad people so what hot we produce good people and bad environments we also talked about that note one of the reasons that Adventists you all may not know some of us are old enough to maybe know the history but Apple has built their institutions far out of the city to try remove us from temptation in fact there's a phrase that you did I found very very by father collected very very early issues of that review and we wanted our institutions so they are more than one days round-trip walk from the nearest knowing center of sin we want to make sure that our young people couldn't walk to town and get back in the same day and that's still true from youngest daughter like Loma Linda was ninety miles from LA by Sierra was sixty miles from LA and resist out the days walking back and forth of Moorestown seems a union they all were set up she couldn't yell get there and back in the same day however as we also talked about last night cars Internet and the cities and move out there is no good neighborhood anymore because of the Internet because the drug abuse exists in the most rural areas in fact methamphetamines a rogue argues on it is rural areas that make math in fact I live next to a County of Cass County that is a major math centers within about twenty miles of managers it's actually one of the nation 's biggest pig farm areas ideal wire to make meth near pig farm because math stinks and pays mask the smell and also its instance of this is a safe neighborhoods Leslie resides is important now last night we went to a couple of things about resilience we began with the family and it certainly wasn't the best and most important elements of resilience is the family if there's bonding occurs up supervision if there is a connection all roles on Gilliard you doing by example these are the things it really relate to teach our children doing well we also talked about the family is not functioning well yelling screaming abuse than that the young person does not turn out well and hear a lot of young people are from very bad families we also talked no cargo rapidly through we also talked ill that love and the family work for the family Mister talk about how dinners really related they were important we talked a bit about self-esteem the importance that we have as adults church members committee members in building up the talents of spiritual gifts of children so that they do well while we want to have now moved to in the cesarean Gary will be join me on soon is reading mentoring the family really is important that you know a lot of about clearly data suggests that Lisa and twenty percent or more of families there's there's violence and there's abuse children are are are are hit children are neglected children may be sexually abused and we've seen many dramatic stories about sexual abuse there's a major story on the news from Penn State about venison dusty who abuse children I beg of you knew this but last night he appealed the judge to allow him to have overnight long visits with his eleven grandchildren and unbelievable unbelievable the dangers out there for children are enormous but one of the most protected things of the family is bad the neighborhood is bad is really the issue of mentoring elementary is essentially a connection with a responsible dog can be parents teachers youth leaders it strongly related to resilience to be able to overcome the bad neighborhood lower risks of this behavior better choices of help behavior Gary gave a great story last night no the prediction of this this is some woman Africa would eventually return of all she did turn out a prostitute she did turn out a drug user should be HIV-infected but something made a difference in her life and adulthood care while no connection BK thing is this word responsible adult begin sexual predators are are are not not comment but they're not uncommon no proportion of all human beings are predators they look for victims and they pick on those victims and they destroy those victims so many mentoring program it's crucial that we have that we have strong responsible adults so connection how do you make a connection with the use of Gary I know you're very active in the new church in Sandusky said I got send us your standpoint of a Zen point I said those events Ohio another problem is how can adults connect with kids very how do they connect yet some of you a we emphasize we can be a noticeable regular blood will be able to do that is that conference on school psychologist may or will will is the other long as you have probably to using drugs is not as his formula is as you are you are you using your world result will program from the everything is a happier food was reducible I will e-mail you a you world is in the first point Notre Dame said the project to an and had a meeting was ever later and you are using users of the service plan you will a a lowly job is to stay on agile obsession is is is is is I was short on words you are in a area but yeah as if Murphy is a a a process of learning in the will be elected as he led his team sure church was in need of an ever what happened to you who is a little and he is in the you thought of as a a is positive in everything and if you don't have a you should there is nothing you were moving on evangelism in bringing people in the outside were not included in the history and understand how I envision a lot of thought to do with the environment you create is limited by his enemies and environments Kishore set of morning churches several times the page with very weak call about some of these kids really single-parent homes on the Disney in the holder no good they were there unwanted and the actions that have sure are like yes they are very likely what I yelled there is there's a old TV show it was called cheers and one perverted tears by what was one of being songs and cheers why do you go to cheers everybody knows your name okay that is a danger in this truth of that you go where everybody knows your name and that's what were talking about with church adult mentoring note the names of young people in our church does a couple reasons for that one is that feeling important feeling recognized feeling a part guilt the other reason is it's also monitoring memory talk about monitoring on the a while the ways that I have adult supervision adult monitoring dull mentoring works that everyone knows your name you get in less trouble right you know who the kid is you seem in the neighborhood so as part of the monitoring the second point out there is you can talk you can talk to adults you can confide in adults or someone you can talk to and that's really important one of the easiest things so that they were the things that happened to people this is known whatever school they heard nine I now I will do okay are you all know that right you'd fifteen -year-old kids right I bet there's your grandson Fortune Brands and the end I pick him up on Thursday stuff from my roots rock elementary vendors and onto God it what would you focus on her and it's really hard to draw out it takes real time and effort is the first two minutes of conversation are shallow they are quiet and they are slurred note now I dependent drive home about time I get home actually I can understand it maybe it's talking a CFR driver I think can you talk to someone about anything we talked about this time the families of an emotional bonding now this is more data in this again comes from our fifteen years of studying on Adventist colleges and in looking at was protected and Guinness is out last year now we ask can you talk to an adult about anything if you said yes twenty nine percent rate last year no of forty percent drink in the last year within this next one either four or more faculty and staff you can talk about anything again we almost double the rate of alcohol use it it if you don't talk to for more people young that is can you talk to responsible golf about whatever's bothering your life these are college kids on that are rounding more and when I do feel faculty in-service training vendors I'd really get this I said you were the best things that you can do prevent alcohol use such a promiscuity drug use on this campus is talk to your students no doubt to state right now Canada was a vehicle know if we stay after class and talk to our students if they feel comfortable coming to our office to talk to us if we do same in the hallway in the lot of the student lounge if we sit down and talk to them it's really one was predicted the things we can do we all have given lectures of remember obvious strict vegetarian today remember all you want to any caffeine on your way to do that we have to sit and be able to talk to about what they want to talk about not what we want to talk about it when they want to talk about this is rape rape article network we find this consistently every study we do almost protective things is either you adults you can talk to about anything because the parents aren't there don't this post post family so relationships are unbelievably crucial in how we prevent substance use don't want to be in that Josephus will rent would attach references of immature presentation that will be available somewhere on Gary Levin article that many of us work in a month this polish the medical Journal of Australia on how we prevent high risk behavior and encourage kids to make healthy choices school 's community is one of the major kind of things that society in our church really buying is important connections of teachers school are related to Laura's behavior 's high rates of healthy behaviors the school is schools have often been community centers in many parts of of of the world notice the institution were all young people have to go it's an institution that often is a center community if you're from a smaller town the high school events are community events him I live in a small town in this room County Michigan they broadcast local high school football games whole community shows up for those dates in the analyst community whether raises the schools are important to us is is that it becomes the center of our attention on as a church the school becomes our focus is where we go for social events it's where we go forward on your connecting with the kids connecting with each other as were programs are Robert offer no spiritual rallies to the lecture is two things the movies we might show the school is crucial and that's like Baptist Church is often will come together to have a school so nothing brings to a three churches together to support the school here in Orlando I am not sure how many other schools there are two Orlando for a policeman all yeah okay so there's a couple schools in these many churches support them and so school is a community center for many churches so the school and the bonding school is really crucial if you have a young member if you can talk to the responsibility anything is very protective by teachers are important commitment to school is really important know if you like school is sexy very protective of liking school up the point to doing well in school bulimia succeeded schools crucial by Tocco alas I don't know that the top ten things teachers ever want to say to a student known for years years dumb as your brother talking you are smart like her sister terrible things to say no to doing well in school believing you succeed in school is crucial that's part of the commitment to the future that that you have subduing yell that's why things like tutoring and preparation are crucial note if you have no more than biggest predictors of bad choices from alcohol drugs the sax really is having a see a real lower grade and we get we don't do rate inflation no that's not how never your new self worth self-esteem that state knows school has to be real because have to do well but tutoring is crucial providing the skills are needed a student 's English as first line is made of the English meaning language tutor in offering two hundred one things I like about Anders as we have a student success Center which we offer tutoring now has father would've said that you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink the other can be a problem we've offered tutoring no one shows up know that it becomes very difficult but anything we can do in class to help the students show up no not there is an unfortunate system we have it enters is called a flagging system in which of the students in trouble we can push a button in the flag goes to their visor on a incident saying you're in trouble now that's really impersonal and that's not how you get them to show up for tutoring it takes a personal contact you we meet with them a class with him after class and bite into your office don't just send the cold e-mail but they're in trouble notice before my causes just is that too much diet about ninety nine nine percent of the e-mails my colleagues answer you're in trouble you're about the plot didn't interact together the periodically low doing your wonderful and I have an honor student advising is absolutely brilliant and I got a copy of an e-mail from wrote to her echo rather what happened to her what turned out his e-mail singer wonderful bit no I cause heart palpitations and heard Kerry scared that she plucked something but it isn't those in it in impersonal e-mails it's really the connection that we have our students the tries to help them figure out what's going wrong to committing the high level of education occupation is highly protective in the monitoring and future study that I was talking about last night what are better predictors for less substance use and less delinquency rate is what you be when you grow up and when you finish school from high school and college when you plan to be if the answer is I don't know afraid about someone's doubles on it the yell it if the answer is I expected not finish high school shots of you being a drug user are phenomenal no plans to make destructive choices you give no clear goal and why you may destructive choices pregnancy alcohol drugs delinquency present commitment to the future is really crucial future orientation that's why when young people are from a high risk neighborhood which they see high school dropout is the norm in which they see that you're it doesn't seem to matter users get in trouble if they don't see a way out and they become a part of that skull is self fulfilling prophecy in psychology of your heard that phrase someone prophecies of the most destructive things young people and adults get involved in sin means is emigrated fourteen order everyone else I know is I guess what happens your pregnant fourteen how you know my feelings are finished high school it's what happens in finish high school self-fulfilling prophecy committing to high-level education occupation is highly protected was important to know is that you missed the Sabbath school leaders as church leaders that we actually work with young people to think about the future and what are you going to do what would you like to do what you enjoy doing and when you see yourself as doing it we often in school bring in individuals and from different professions and occupations that is really being done so that the children began to see themselves in that occupation I I'm a child of depression era parents now I'd set up by the one of you may remember the depression in the depression digital anything away no less that's very true all my parents were hungry my parents went through jobs you do it in fact what important things copies would say only a will to you next week keep working and then they didn't pay next week and you were two weeks without any pay depression for that generation was unbelievable experience I saw how my parents live because of that my parents and we were Mormons my president two years of food in the basement because a newer was to the hungry have opened the suite two years attendance they kept until they moved to Miami where I have shot beavers in Miami and so they can tears of food from my earliest memories and nineteen fifty two they move from his Illinois and in the in nineteen seventy three and took the stupid because the depression well the bit that the commitment to the future bomb for them had to be strong in order to survive they wanted their children to succeed from the earliest years we were encouraged to think of what we want to be what are we committed to that you have to think orally of your future or even don't have a good future it was a bit if you fail to plan you plan to fail so commitment working with children to see themselves doing something important to give the early roles as maybe leaders of junior leaders the church Junior deacons junior elders are responsible for developing a program that's how we can think of the future schools community to many it can be protective or risky liking school is actually important as for the hardest things is to get young people do like school I was a very weird person I love school I is set outside in the aggregate Hinsdale Illinois and we had to room to room school one before I gave in I used to sit outside the door hoping to be invited in when I was five and five other pathologies that was a major one is flying out school and sold teacher of years ago sorry for me let me in and I sit there and listen and you know when people take reading lessons Yum Yum is the same word you'd think by the third time the kid would understand what the word was good to be there been a mess sorting and correcting them is getting as a biggest in class or the beaten up regularly but none of the kids I corrected your third grade and I was five starts so I think there's still some is that how we Americans who likes cool part is a success experience is something than what actually makes our we make the school and community center is where the church may hold no regional rallies on the best teachers the best principles really are crucial we often don't see in the prestige of occupations teaching is one the best paid will pay fifty million dollars for basketball player and thirty thousand dollars for schoolteacher son-in-law when society does that our president William Prez Obama Steve Union address made those kinds of points what's wrong with society when were willing to pay fifty million for happily thirty thousand for a teacher and a high wrist neighborhood trying to get all these things happen commitment to the future bonding features bonding the school that priorities are priorities after school activities you know it's why the highest risk times for fervent fourteen fifteen -year-olds is you and you know what time or time to school get out here no time okay what time it was pressure home from work in the ongoing three o'clock now they don't so the highest risk times for delinquency teen pregnancy is three to five three to six that's when bad things happen so no afterschool activities really are very crucial and many in this case back to school his community many of them don't many schools have had afterschool activities and has been funding for for that know we had we had done I noted that we had done a study from the Robert Wood Johnson foundation a colleague of mine Kurt Vander wall that theory I work with and we are looking at differences in risk behaviors in communities that had afterschool programs with adults involved in without adults involved some schools like the gym opened that you can shoot basket is to play volleyball track your you could do stop other schools make sure their adults around for all those activities right so am the anyway which can be visiting had a higher rates of teen pregnancy alcohol and drugs in schools that had adults involved with after school until these resources is what the school are yeah in fact if you let this globe without adult alcohol drugs marijuana and teen pregnancies one up young adults are crucial adults play a major role in mentoring and monitoring and role-playing in an communicating if we leave a bunch of fourteen and fifteen -year-olds along good things don't happen right so the Canaries after school programs that had adults backing change policy the Robert Wood Johnson foundation stopped funding any program that didn't have adults involved adults have to be involved in afterschool activities or it does not work well destructive behavior occurs a positive behavior I carry him what Ayers would talk about service I want Gary appear to service is whether there is a guy who has the most incredible creative ideas that you can imagine I can to be an administrative type I'm half Irish half German which means I'm ordered generally the teacher moments of chaos like the Irish and Gary someone who can really think out-of-the-box and Gary got involved in looking at the meaning of service you I remember that in and I will and will follow as you as you as possible and best practices in an interview of the Internet is a very research-based facts about that that is to stay in the reason is that is will is is is is is is is the environment you will need environment when you are in a you and the information pleasure the solution is but he will learn something new design is now the city is thirty and less you for his writing on the same time you get a hold of information on video while out on her I is a you a you that is you help like he is other people as you he was in the life that he is the highest office in deed is engaged in business service is twenty five what are you need a use is the one person is was that it was saying is that one third the least of these and while you are the people you will will will you service unless for his only television that I is you is so similar to select and is as I literally says he is a new service is not while there is a show I said I is only right and wrong and in the liver is a serious producer and in dire policy research is the one I found is that is the only article on your audience Wallace lets you get what you know I like a couple things that that they dared not going to Gary said about Matthew twenty five EIA is is a others were in the prophecy rendered judgment scenes and work were big on Daniel Revelation and for a lot of people Danny Revelation is time obtuse is difficult to figure out your Matthew twenty five is not obtuse it is not difficult to figure out there are many bees without any beast but Jesus says no this is how I know who were in my kingdom know what you did you make a difference others are needed you and the community and delegate it it doesn't have to be in the more most important thing is is in and the people who didn't do those things and the people deadhead interesting response does it will note Jesus said as you've done it to the least of these you have done it unto me as you serve the leper is just served the person imprisoned as you serve the student flunking out of school you serve me as a people set when did we do this to you while you serve that person and great music that was me and that's it we have the order is humility in the Adventist church maybe the organization Valley should be about two hundred ten parking out you take one closest summons and present of the ordinance e-mail the author visit anti- ritual because we've been doing it for over a hundred years maybe origins in humility is what Jesus did write a one of which are probably tied to find what service and service learning is to get what is community service and leadership in the act going on so you are that is when someone is someone in a way that is not okay that is okay as you know and I either love or a you a you is is is is is what is is is is is a you gain in the NYC design is all he all that this is for the games is for all first ages of the users others miracle on the Sabbath is a fine those newsgroups and thirty thousand workers all you with her and thirty seven years you have that on the afternoon is a you yeah I need to foster a make people very and that is in and you were a you will get in behind Mister viewed biblical and will serve as him over what to look for a church executive memo and we and he said he is talking and page at your watch is a and I sure as long as I was hard pressed as they were not you will him him him that many this is a real movement a lot of schools go even down to elementary belt on young people are often self-centered and what's important to them is the most important thing in the world and get Gil and many schools and including Andrews and in the and Oakwood and union many of the schools have integrated service learning project banners we have a whole semester that you take on an glossy service we require certain number of hours in the community and the young people have to keep a diary of their experiences what they did and how it changed them what caused is often heard that privilege another plane to be physicians and lawyers and nurses and teachers and know that commitments important and they often forget the struggles that many people have who drop out of high school who had children fifteen and so we had programs in which they literally do pain houses they tutor kids on the edge of dropping out they become big Brothers and big sisters to high risk youth and to read the notes of those to and we are she publishes the journal plans education of years ago so you could look up a copy of the McBride up in generalizations here article the stories they tell are wonderful it transformed the baby dentist see the point that Jesus made that you know by serving others they are becoming like Christ by making endeavors a lot of others when you spend a whole semester tutoring a child you see their grades improve you see them going from these Teletubbies and so those young people who spend that semester in community service are transformed they may make a commitment to future service and their grades what will talk a bit about that so I hear you're the best pregnant room best practice pregnancy so what are some reasons about why you did it may reduce bad decisions about pregnancy about their sexual activities so what is service learning new for you will will possibly get I is in a is in the five people in all the mess at home and you also befall you and it all in using their and their desire to set a subject that is designed in England but they may difference a young person 's life they come from dropping out of school they also say that consequences you know that that if you knew this then this that sexual activity pregnancy failing to study grotesque flaunting out of school they begin to see your critical thinking goes up and reload all of this before I will know at all the courses I caution you that I will work as this will work in your position and abrogated verses fourteen and is at present for you people yet you start having an stuff in the provision for him not to do that is not information is not it if you have a you throw your is always as easy as you very little cost because grant a will you and you and so here's our question was that he is a you are you I will do it to you and while I was out of school story church and a half after any counties complicated do you believe in Jesus will and you will is is a is going on after you will know who doors for Buffalo and that is why he is no longer what was developmental here for you and your son is five will use him as he hear your firemen were in as you go in and as far as crazy how this fascinating this is interesting whether the literature will we really got a committee all in one name apothecary and prizes is no relation to me him where McBride is using what is the washing letters in St. Louis a suitable as a humor that is not in service delivery so he will run out only you will you will you and I will say you will will you and I now get on us only you know that you as an even related to substance use which is what you will I will you know really a good service in disciplining one I mean it in the idea of even unfortunate thing in which when I went to Academy interview I did something wrong maybe they make you do service that's not good now that's coerced service know that myth meeting on force I still remember the idea down to do a job for worship you had and take the garbage cans out at five a.m. I remember our kids are throwing garbage cans down the stairs Ogden their irritation that's not what were talking about so we need to not use services disciplined review services a positive experience in the community and all these things the literature suggests work that you know if it if if the young persons responsible for tutoring until they begin develop responsibility if their big brother big sister they begin to develop responsibility ignoring the problems in the community they begin to think Larry they have to plan their next tutoring session they know they make an effort CCA and his grades improved and Nazism all tourism you one of the most important things that psychologist trying to figure out is how do you you you get young people and to think more mothers alter in any society any community in any church all prisons important that we do things because it's good not because we get something out of it disinterested benevolence is an old administer right disinterested benevolence and what kind of major doing something good not expecting anything back and that's really difficult we all insisted was called exchange theory I do want to other civil do want to make this inevitable gorillas do unto others will do one for me now it's doing to others knows is is is is it basically did others that which you want under something I expect to be done to yourself so service really does make a difference now why the ways that that we found that service him relates is that encourages prosocial behavior that when you do good for others you actually engage a lot lesser 's behavior is targeting other good things if you're an opportunity service in becoming you may engage in better choices the whole wide variety of ways and others will raise the drug is alcohol tobacco violence school behavior in hypersexual activity are all much are all much lower are on much lower so looking at the data for data we back she collected in the community and have in the schools those fifteen hours of service a month less alkyl drugs was tobacco less gambling less violence less school behavior problems truancy getting kicked out of school school discipline and less high-risk sexual activity what that means is not teen pregnancy just just but also engage in sexual activity the number of sex partners is reduced if you the people are involved in the in service activities will service I also related to grade service lanes associated with clarity of academic roles goals and commitment that you begin to see yourself going to college you begin to see yourself getting a degree higher standardized test scores and we had a literatures can be the end of this but test scores improve in schools that integrate service-oriented curriculum cognitive thinking higher grades now why the most important things is your you may think this occurs in the in school is in the in the best neighborhood schools with educated rich parents now that she works in alternative schools if I drive to O'Hare Field in Chicago between Anderson in Chicago I go by what's called an alternative high school well-known alternative high school errors okay it's the kids who are from reading great danger of dropping out on the other fourteen of fifteen and they just plunked in school alternative high schools are poorly try given some vocational skills that might keep them employed it's the discipline problems learning problems what you know there's research that shows that even alternative schools kids do better when engaged in community service so Matthew twenty five is a powerful burst is not just a judgment scene it's a changer Lightsey it's a public health data byte byte by serving others don't we not only are citizens of the kingdom maybe were citizens of the kingdom because it changed us it changed us by high-ranking former service behavior so you know we've we've learned the know so quickly see all those good things now we talk about the role of adults in service we can advance Ryan member study might our friend Doctor Vander Wal did without adult gets worse notes and fourteen -year-olds to do service along without adult is more risky Felsenthal service facilitate mentoring highway talk to kids who are talked about you know my fourteen -year-old grandson the ten minutes I drive them home and you're the first nine half-million nine on the outings working besides a young person in the service activity that we develop rapport that they begin to open up the conversation comes about that when I was at the University of Miami I was involved in a project with the Seminole tribe of Florida and as you may know Native American peoples have real problems of alcohol on destruction of their culture on even some biological reasons of how alcoholism tab allies have real problems and native peoples and I was a part of funding on four from the NASA said draw units assembled tribe of Florida to reduce substance use alcohol use in the tribe and I was edited to work on evaluation in the program often involved the that the drug prevention counselors are picking cucumbers and herding cattle on with the with the teenagers and that's a radiant look I broken so no I mean I know what alcohol drug from this post do we need picking cucumbers is what you do I was at this breakdown by your spot accusing fraud about that unusual for me I sat and listened on and into that the leaders in the Seminole tribe about how one what was going on how can I tell the federal government using their money wisely when you're constructive picking cucumbers without this is the point instance when were involved in service that mentoring occurs that's when the adult tribal member members by spending these eight hours herding cattle picking cucumbers with the young people actually talk to them that's what I could talk about what it was to be the responsible member of the tribe and they could transmit their history about their tribe given the sense of pride in who their people were assembled tribe of Florida is the only tried to never be defeated by the U.S. Army I don't know if you know that your Florida right to a simple trust is very proud big daily citing history with the with the US companies know they were never defeated and that's a sense of pride while working with young people this is how they prevent drug use in particular covers and herding cattle and it took me quite a few months for you I get it it's where you mentor it's where they get to know you it's where they learn your values for the Lord tribal history and they learned the importance and status of their tribe it made a real difference so the dog mentoring working with the kids is one of the best places you can mentor in a way that will a you at all and anything looking at putting together a a a a a a last night is a really is a understand it as well as anybody I know and he is looking a little of the so is he is is going to an all and will and will carry a aim is in a and he is a a you will will will will you think of what is model where you don't have I will service that will do so we were living in America and is your is that actually is a users and is in this dose crosses home is on a indicated he is called you were the ones is one of the pillars of Islam is tempted to do the drive to do their brothers the visit this is why adults play role in service yet again is the best place the mentor is to work with the kids in service on independent young yes so important that we work with the young people we don't send them out along the right talk last night about as you do and I say not what I do well we got to do with the kids you can send them out and is the best way to get to know the young people in your church in your community is to work with them on these projects noted tech job no young immature academic consumers demanding months to understand what a tribal leaders and some driver tried to teach me the best way they can prevent this to work with her kids doing things for the tribe the cattle to the cucumbers to everything else that they did that one is easy we did a net project we have to get the music department University of Miami to record the oral traditions of the culture he has many the travel members are very old and their kids on the edge of Miami were not proud of the Native Americans and so we recorded their traditions and and brought the elder the tribe together to do this from their music their healing songs in the oral traditions of the culture and assembled tribe of Florida has had some major positive things that happen if you been down there to the cultural Center on top of Tamiami Trail on its it's it's they're made a real resurgence and I think is Gary said this is been use with aboriginal peoples in the Australia and use of some first Nations in Canada is a pride in the tribe through the service to the tribal members doing things for other members of the tribe and it does work for this long I was on call is received Eastern Europeans and they're looking at service as a way of dealing with alienation abuse and making a difference in the communities so of the abuse at high risk by itself we would want fifty minutes outward and take a break before we get into data Gary and I are academics we can talk without numbers also without a memorial service and no one wants out this video was produced by honeymooners including any help someone if you would like to learn more about donating some please visit www. and help some .com would like to listen more online was www. audio verse on board


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