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Engaging Youth in Health Outreach, Part 3

Duane McBride Gary Hopkins



  • January 28, 2012
    9:30 AM
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was sent to Gary Gary and I are are academics who we present data and I talked last night about young Gary Vining the Centers for Disease Control data on many states in one of the questions that was asked by the Centers for Disease Control many states was engaging in community service and we we did it ran that against the risk behaviors and not in the survey number odds ratios on it there less than one that means younger less likely only seventy six percent is likely early sixty two percent is likely right Gary I don't think I got that right so this is from Alaska and how engaged in community service relay service behavior she said it really reduce your odds between a quarter almost a half for smoking for binge drinking a beer drinking the most dangerous forms of drinking you can do it brilliantly we drunk intensely by drinks in a row you drink I have five NEL Mary Sharon you're legally drunk beer no shots of whiskey wine you're drunk one or more drinks last thirty days again reduce the odds of over a third marijuana marijuana and school cocaine so service relates to laws lower rates of all this type of substance shares down these cocaine out here we get that the sex ever had sexual intercourse reduces and an easier young people from twelve to seventeen produces about a quarter there were seventy four percent likely multiple sexual partners and that's the highest sexual risk behavior in multiple partners your odds of getting a sexy transmitted infection rate if you have a number of sex partner so it's very yes protective reduce your odds about a quarter of prescription drug use of you you know this has yielded that most of drug abuse in this country involves prescription drugs by kids know that if you talk to young people they they have parties in which you use steel prescription drugs from your and you put them in a animal and you take a few the party you don't know if you get a Lipitor Viagra or Xanax no literally it's a party in the own that's time when the scenes out there prescription drug abuse in fact as I recall the daughter of a governor of your state was arrested for calling in her own prescription and you're trying to pick it up in a drug store here in Florida I just wish his daughter those arrested for George's however Bush 's kids I was it was just kids called in a prescription for Xanax bar this is Doctor Sloan solid online coin prescription for domain she went to get up two minutes later my will to close on she was busted so prescription drugs look at days of apps only half as likely to get these in apps if you engage in community service event that makes a difference it makes a difference while the church is a North American division health Summit this is the church so the church what can the church doing service well again back to Matthew twenty five remember our thesis is needed when it really great things about Christianity about the words of Jesus is a multiple level of meaning and understanding that are there no children can read it and say God loves me no love for God 's love the world he gave his only begotten son but older we get we begin to see whole new layers of meaning in the words of Jesus in your Matthew twenty five isn't just what you might be saved if you do this it really has by doing this your life is changed you become a different person by serving the least of these is just a doctor requirement if you want to be saved it you become the person who is worthy of the kingdom by doing these things so you know what can we do yes while innocent but this is not the unit Congress visions churches and youth programs can be service focused a lot since I wonder what are we doing this you program well maybe what we do is mow lawn maybe what we do is clean up the park and maybe what we do is is that he is doing tutoring out in the community know so we can have used programs that are service-oriented which they see they made a difference in that he has to be something that makes a difference of the kids and their skills and their interests there what about you not know that I do right my program that in which the kids about for filing that was a meaningful to the kids well what things you can work with the community and our service learning program and Andrews we work with community leaders and organizations to find those meaningful things in filings not one of them tutoring often is cleaning up a park often is a lot of organizations out the city budgets have been devastated in this last decade not in communities there is not enough money to do things the design might do anything in many many cities today there are fewer teachers there are fewer police officers are there fewer social service workers I'd share help apartment Barry County Michigan we've reduced our staff about twenty five percent because we run out of money so that means there's less people to conduct stop smoking programs in the community there is less people to engage in all kinds of health education so that's not filing now for example nursing majors that Anders can be involved with health education programs and the health department with that psychology graduate students work in suicide prevention wants on we've had psychology majors know working in terms of some motivational changes to stay in school and tutoring is very meaningful clinical park is meaningful because they can see you go from trashy to clean and an in good shape you are in all aspects of your life and that the best that ever I did that when I was a kid in Hinsdale Illinois every every Thursday after school I used to go to the animal center in exercise the dogs that you might yell my parents made me stop that they can't bring home a dog so they think of the good service I did like the press during them yes that's exactly right when I was ten it was very meaningful need to walk the dogs and so in your FC right isn't filing it really is doing something that's meaningful the kids enjoy seeing happy Taipei tensions against the youth programs can be service focused you meet the person you rake the leaves right mow the lawn right right by saying it is important when they serve that it's not a monogamous thing but rather is some distant think they need the people there serving they need to community members that they clean the park up the meat they can they need to the person that they pay in their house they moved their lawn in member earlier point was one of the reasons service learning works is because the kids see they made a difference in someone's life invalidates invalidates the service filing probably doesn't validate blog and have a virus I hate creating order yes he is a okay three pieces are writing talk about what you knew what to make sure anything meaningful to the kids right work with the young people yet in this reflection rate is important in our service learning program at Andrews we actually have to have the students write papers about these kinds of things Gil who benefited what it means you what changes did you see in that those who tutor it's amazing what they see if they if they help fix up a house culprit for example architecture students and Anders were to design safe walking trails in the community are a class project that all universities talk to the kids about what you're going to do and then dive your good then you know you do a weapon and then you make them reflect on nobody think about it some reflections important no cognitive psychology suggest that you we learned that we actually think about what happened what it did what it meant to us and that's what we asked the young people reflect the church it can be these kinds of things your service can be an entering wedge and Doug Gary and I directed Ms. to prevention predictions of Andrews and our board chair 's son is a stock is Doctor Delbert Baker were the vice presence of the General conference and easy to present locally and they use the service as an entering wedge analysis in every city in this country has reduced nurse their employees by a third is the really bad parts David neglected bike trails get neglected while Oakwood on does community service in which they clean up Parkway C cleanup bike trails the repair bike trails they do major public park public space renovation and he said that's an incredible entering wedge because he help I got tell a story about one of my favorite Bible teaches resident 's name is the son 's item voice and down I was a religion major for while it embers in the my wife said she wanted be a pastor 's wife so I changed majors English usage and played piano that while I told the story as a religion is religion majors in ERA and the and the religion professors in the summary Susan Andrews have to do our work in local churches and so he is responsible for doing prayer meeting in the church about forty five minutes or manners not to be named while the only rushed and he forgot the address some of the of the church on so you can go back to that time either I'll stop a gas station in all find out the church I don't look it up so I guess the town he says you're looking for know the Lord says that his church and quite never heard of it never heard of the Baptist Church and then he tried to look in the phone book and was in the phone book so here we stopped a number of places in Somerset for you I do remember driving by Ed's it somewhere somewhere right in this area here a short in the method somewhere here so he drove up and down and up and up finally saw send image church what is about twenty minutes late he was happy to give cars there they had left so he walked in as he walked in they are talking about where their intimately in the time of trouble fetal neonatal worrying on it no one knows you're here your saints will judge you but that's not what we should be we alight to the world not of light under a bushel and yet so very much I was working with the church at last is going to need when it is either it is anything it is a really really interested in the tables of the stolen presidential and late instead of representing Churchill of Palmer we we talk about how they restart the service project in all and in particular advice resonate with an athletic get it together and have fun all trends are what follows is a very small town in central Athens is is currently engaged and involved in what they learn how to do this is done then we would do is invite kids from the local high school to join him in doing used as an outline they never did do a backup plan with the decidedly rooted within but that the plan is for the best I've ever start small did you fail to get management you have lots of people must experience start doing your get your get together uses her to stop get to three weeks because this review must be experienced expanded his mother is another gospel we know about volunteers is to get volunteers of all of his work you got below one-on-one faith on Wednesday were doing the job okay enough I'll remember that overvaluing him on what you said is the entryway this is the community and bringing other youth with you working with you to be the veep were great with the Bible says were to be a light on a hill not light under a bushel that we need to be noted for what we do in the community on and why the things that is that I I chair the public health board in my County and every year we give an award to an organization or an individual recall a friend of public health no individual or an organization that did great things in the community that made a difference I'd like to be an enemy of public health but so far the County commission will that I dedicate unto but one of the years on the staff of the health department nominated Pioneer Memorial Church community service London had to leave the room is a talk about it but they voted to award the seventh it was church a friend of Public health award because of the difference same evening community in providing in times of disaster and providing shelter and when houses burned down the average of their first with food and clothing no so the own the secular community recognize that the leaving church in serving the community with disaster yet as essentially average church not light under a bushel but a light on a hill that's it we should be remember him Paul David bison who should be an elder member one of the criteria was a person of good repute in the community that I suggest once both efficiently church elder I said maybe we should post the first reading of our elders at the local grocery store zero comments we get back taken me about that but now Paul said that if you're in elder people I think while on if your church and no one knows you're here and you're not serving Christ telepathically recognize these friends of the community because you made a difference that's really important no service provider core reason for you to be involved in the church church is irrelevant while churchly relevant if the kids are doing something it makes a difference in lives of others if the young people see that they did something to change the world your architecture students can see that they design bypass know the kids are using a fight as they made a difference in the community service relations spiritual growth and I think that's one of the points of Matthew twenty five is just you fed the hungry but you serve people incident made a difference in your spiritual growth cannot not be loved I can't say releases segmentation that operated the spiritual growth maybe important part of service service makes our faith real it's the fruit of the spirit no we taught your Jesus talks about the bigotry that produced no fruit was good that victory no producing fruit and service make a difference in Sprint and him the point that that Jim may really is crucial in that it has to be meaningful to you again the first version of this different talents the thing I most needed in service when I was in search programming and Andrews was tutoring I love school I do I have this theory that heaven will be internal university awesome place we can just learn and study for eternity my children my daughter will let me tell it to my grandchildren can she said it frightened her as a child but that I might view and know that the two areas is something I really enjoyed many people might not I can't pound the nail and hammer meet I can I can pound the nail in straight you never one asked me to repair anything everyone asked me to change a tire it won't work I'm pretty good to her so is understanding the spiritual gifts and talents that Gary I Jim right now you know .gif media related to sign a release form because you're being recorded in twenty five million is especially in all of it down will last tomorrow and was below what you have as secondary as I felt compelled to go down as a and in the process of five by conference to basically set up groups to come in and help to sixty students it was a lot of activity are going on there was established by this and it's for active interest to serve and long story short once I was there realize what was going on and they are walked up to them is a great time using were going to volunteer as volunteers on the Andes and in the summer Sutherland was leaving seventeen people will thousand cars to get stuff every day we had over six weeks fan twelve hundred young people all around you come in to assist their life they saw literal miracle at twelve hundred will result in a given all their food twelve thousand Buffett and thousand and say what you want to do that didn't really happen those that is not based on lows and visions were alive and well and they changed lives of people in private with her is a private and twenty minute worship in the evening hours later finished the testimonial time for high school students here's a difference in the so I'm all about service learning I would like to see his Baltimore schools and interested in talking for you most recommend any banners that they may get academic credit they can graduate without the academic credit and he has a point out there were students and saw been there there were students from Andrews there were no volunteers came in from all the country and I am very proud that at this point such a leading role on their all young people right in the player rolling in the southern and Anderson used their bosses to haul the students down so is a resource commitment from our app and assist colleges and maybe other cavities were there is a major commitment and the president has made a day and we are going to do this on the Morgan take the resources to make a difference so now light on a hill not a light hidden under a bushel no we need to mean no one as it is the community makes it this is a church that they think it makes a difference right so how can how can the church community don't I have for this summary of what were talking about your hot villagers Meadville resides learn the names get to know the names of the eighth in the church in our community we talk about everyone knows your name 's mega- church dance spectacular day per year in the quality programs and their participation in planning and program presentation be interested in what the user interested in meeting those interest down in a major make the point that you make sure you doing with the kids need to do what they wanted do not not Monday work is crucial to remember that correct beliefs do not replace great relationships INS then one of the themes you you've heard it last night also we are people who believe in correct doctrine and doctrines importance of relationships are crucial relationship with Christ relationship between parents and children relationship between church leaders and youth treaty crucial work with youth in service projects and work with you don't send them lead and work with them now I know this is a North American division no health ministries a program so we have to don't think that we need to talk about how service really is part of the mission of health ministries why service record of ministries well because service promotes better cognitive choices and help behavior no how do we get better health behavior or services one of them in your work were not a magic bullet were joined by a number to move the drums are much for talking about a number of things that work and family mentoring mentoring since service services one of the things is not the only thing this one to keep things service promotes better cognitive choices while you wait we have down on the Taylor talking about the brain by the college in Andrews is a piece dear neuropsychology and no service can improve cognitive functioning for all the really talk about planning cause effect on young making a difference in someone's life it helps the brain develop service data shows reduces health risk behavior so they we presented you saw that that if you engage in service less sex Lestrade sector promiscuity of service a great way for other health ministries programs enter the community the entering wedge notes really crucial part of the entering wedge it shows it we care about the community and sometimes as avid as we are seen as social cultural but we don't care we know it we can build a compound of it we build our places to be a dazedly the nearest known center of San lives are often not seen and I seen the reputation of answers change on the been there since eighty six and reputation vendors this change because we started the service learning program in the community we yet this is his service programs in the community lost funding and staff volunteers often make a major difference and so Anders is now seen is not isolated but a part of the community and I'm sure the folks in New Orleans had a very different view of Adventism after all those people were helped in her bathroom more it became a center for him for helping the community we achieve legitimacy the community and other programs can be accepted know that other things we may do for evangelism maybe more accepted in a church in a faith community that cared and did something in the community are gearing I worked in actually in Northern Ireland on not on some programs that actually Ted Wilson statement in the best as a series after our our work and in drug education prevention service rifles were to talk about religion next rules will certainly end of that but woman for things I want to say now that you know Jim talk a little bit about service in any you're talking about John bigger I think you are talking about some things that you are doing in service in in in in native North native people so much as I love it about that so we can hear other voices I thought it's okay not to sign a release networking from Anna I don't hate you you are not a lot of the next couple days so was nice to hear type I even apply some of these things that Mister I grow up in her mind that he lost it my grandmother and I went to school with the motivation if I succeed in school and is what it is that lady as much as than to support the school so I went to my and these I joined a publishing ministry made my way to the school and that is all for products in the world is less when I enjoying this mission our program that is my school in the Philippines trained young people development of immunity stay with them for you to bear that we thought is so original people how do the right to live if it is dry by this I m so this program is actually sexually what evil this lasts grown you know I want to allow more members of peaceful music programs are fully is one carrying the work universe and where the community is so so SAF three scale uranium terminology sorry for humanity we have our our our body is a reunion on my last November the role within these meetings these are the people from the community of the Journal reported to us how the order of community service is actually help them drain he is certainly high drive some people are envisioning José what you're talking to here's just one is there really is the community and the the the states to their joined the reunion of the room while standing about why this for Sarah is doing in the community changes secondly taking place taking place as the market is people coming from the area joining us here the problem is how many days you will join us there I thought the last we have to reunion in my terrorists right now there is certain of November and so the wolf your novel arguing for the of these is the uniformity of using during the Olympics in Canada and therefore I asked the representative original tribes those about the marks in the last ceremony of the vulnerable about what happened there and there is going to be another reunion on my number is in my opinion on anyone of you will really see you will is is that people are responding positively and relatives now it's very part very powerful material thank you while you wanted to begin in what you are you see I wasn't the if anyone is he was here make sure you I have and will walk around while one a.m. in yellow limiting the archives some eight major things that were covering dumpers our purpose is to is to really show what we can do to make our young people resilience in the face of all the things of heaven number resilience is turning out well in a bad neighborhood and the bad environment and we've we talked about that everyone is in a bad environment with Internet pornography with the young drugs available everywhere that our kids are young people are significant risk and we talked about resilience his ability to overcome the bad neighborhood member of Jews in Nazareth was accused of how can anything good come out of Nazareth to a bad neighborhood how did he do it on the first on the resilience able to overcome about environment his family family bonding family functioning unconditional love we show to the data on it monitoring role modeling relationship between husband and wife relationship between parents and children is enormously statistically protective Scott original plan on White said two things you need for eternity the Sabbath and the family so family is crucial we know that some proportion of families don't work well we know that if families that there's neglected abuse dysfunction yelling and screaming it really predicts risk behavior early pregnancy alcohol and drug use so we then moved to what I would honestly be involved in resilience and overcoming a bad environment naturally began talking about adults and other adults in the community and mentoring that we show data that if a young person can talk to three or four adults about anything it protects them from alcohol drug use and sexual risk behaviors so each of us have a role to play in prevention in resilience by the the people the children that we talk to then we moved onto the role of service in resides in the book something is don't forget it is your responsibility not just you right that's always a very good in person and don't forget your responsibility is to them also know how Churchill look-alike is lectured in employment is walking everybody in everybody and is looking at and that is all you Canadian was called Universal dollars in season you certainly are seven million five into the dog Doctor Loma Linda one of my university of Alberta Calgary so we met for dinner and Catholic in his voice the following is a living speaking as long as I is you rather just a thought he said can we go tomorrow and the University session was so good about the amount of good literature as you can just don't make in the Barbara Bruno 's remains at everyone knows their name and is whether you are your exactly right and you do when they get their misery when those remain mentally ready talk about how service is a good way to mentor it's because we spend time with young people you I bet young Jim was doing extraordinary amount of mentoring not even thinking about it because he was working with young people in emergencies now it is how you mentor young people is to work with them you roll model you show you care and you learn about the things that they're dealing with by talking to her story about the Sunil tried I'll call prevention by working with the kids and doing things for the community picking cucumbers herding cattle that's how they mentored and that we must have figured that out we show data that when no young people engage in service and make better choices of alcohol drugs and sexual activity cognitive thinking of tourism developed insider you get voluntarism and that's why the definitions voluntarism the sense that you know you don't get paid for it that's an extension of what you're doing to the community so no voluntary service tonight I do think integrated curriculum is fine your lizard are part of the curriculum on the other containing vector paying for a page which is so gigantic that unit is to engage into the service of the positive responses just enormous so I can clearly say we been doing this for twenty years and Anders and the young people do have great evaluations some the best evaluation again for any of our classes with our service learning Flossie service classes it makes a difference they are transformed they changed into entering wet not a light hidden world light on a hill community sees it we care that we make a difference listen to us and other things because of that witness we can have an impact yesterday and isn't that old dog another fellow much other than very nice of you and you write noticed your mentoring in every way and it actually and I just taught a course in gerontology it answers the fall semester volume I got sick rioting at the last minute going to invite a readout of the kids it will hard sometimes but one of your axis successful aging in in in good research on how successfully age is doing exactly that it's mentoring a young person to take our place then you are healthy healthier aging population if we mentor young people to play our role to do it we did to make a difference to be a young professional that he was the most satisfying things we can have a very nice really get a kick out of this is working with young people to lead a project and to get lead authorship on the publication what you know we take great I think we take pride in the spirit but we do our report to our board we highlight our former research assistantships are restored or research assistants and our students we we boldly underlined this student worked with us and now look working as a research scientist University of Michigan decided to UCLA the senior author this great paper and so I guess Gary Knight I can successfully age of three hundred young people that you are missing a hot I set out to the editor saying that the Philippine government recognized Mountainview College is having a number one program in community service so you know we talked about that it benefits ourselves to to be of service healthy aging in our cognitive functioning as we grow older works better if her mentoring young people to take our place and were developing them in their careers and we recognize that we won't be in those careers much longer in that church that profession won't be there if we don't mentor young people to take our place no member old alike and mentored Elisha Jesus mentored his disciples that the key in any successful community profession charge is to make sure that were replacing ourselves and it does this better place ourselves that's how we stay healthy that's how we got healthy aging so again none of these are met Rowlandson know why the discouraging thing sometimes is that on your all the things are going right and young people still make dumb decisions while Doctor Andreasen present Andrew says young people make on this evidence and I can prevent them all one important thing to recognize and all the resilience things were talking about last night today nearly this afternoon and tomorrow is that coming back young people make bad decisions but experimentation does not have to become habituation young people may take a break and people may make a bad choice but if there involved with family adult mentoring having in-service experience the odds of them coming back are great what protects also brings back the same things that spin prevent if you get in trouble help you come back the best predictor of who is to stop alcohol and drug use are parental relationships relationships of the other adult service learning that predicts the station you are just a young and so are you in edgy they can play with private maker and I seen him inhale again I've again see a shirt of you but I figure I retire when the children of my students are coming of their lineup but I was either I've seen that exact thing worse service act ten these become the profession because they get experienced they get excited in the Internet field know the tutors often become teachers those are involved in dealing with emergency preparedness I see at least some of them go on to to get there to get degrees to it to make sure emergency climbers repairs or part of their masters program I've seen our students do that I see our our yards are students of nursing students on the run these kinds of help there's it really helps them in their career development language or recognizing gas services all the things in terms and clinic where preparation the other preparing for a career and maybe I became a college professor because I used her tutoring in sixth grade it out and actually when I hasn't no one has a sixth grade out we did this what you do in your grub I sent to be a college professor means because I was tutoring third-graders so again what we do in service often gets us committed to a profession she is absolutely right it's really crucial to us I retire winding down you have any questions and our last few minutes that the molester Gary wanted say and is questioned and Gary and I is that as we try to wind down it nothing is magic all these things are cumulative and will be trying to other things later in and a large walk in even worse is that you are in and the more likely way to go to the shoulders of welcome back to the Senate schedule a work in the snow and you girls are now they don't as yes yes right for you in which Bob unless I remember every young person you talk to three or four adults like anything it can reduce their odds of drug use in half your communication parents other responsible adult very protective and we never give up on are you a you never give up because the did that make people come back and we never give up in your again I ounce of the wireless kids I had in a college comeback alumni weekend and I discover that they've really come back there on fire for the Lord they've be changed so kids that we might write office teachers in other schools were surprised ten twenty years later may come back and there's usually change is usually different we never never give up we always communicate we always pray and we asked we hope the Holy Spirit works in the seeds we planted in a wireless review for the better and sound samples or that I remember more that is better grades in his right off primarily on unforeseen values listing rate less victimization less legal behavior I all as do with any meal communication and talk talk about Jamie no cell phone to communicate right mentoring role playing of your monitoring behavior who your friends member if you don't know the majority of your kids friends you've increased your double drive for alkyl drugs and sex and indwelling thought about it but all should supplement are now at least no longer in print and is and will better lecture tomorrow is a fashion that is a lecture tomorrow and fights which I was young make sure that you know there's no magical all these things work together on today youngest this when we met it was serve as our next presentation were to focus on the role of faith which it makes sense this is a baking with two minutes of on-site estate into PM eye in this room I got onto Gary Nairobi here and I thank you very much on this media was used by bodybuilders including NAP health summoned you would like to learn more about the Canadian health Summit please visit www. and I help someone .com or you would like I was more green online sermons please visit www. audio verse is on board


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