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Engaging Youth in Health Outreach, Part 4

Casio Jones


Casio Jones

Fitness Minister, Author



  • January 28, 2012
    2:00 PM
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I don't follow it thank you for the opportunity to come in your presence again by the Sabbath this was a delight and father is even sweeter when we have an opportunity to fellowship with those the systems father once again as you could be these households represent here its ministry is represented here that you continue to build him up though this gap between you and them so Davis see you in a whole unique way of father I asked her to a blaster health ministry that may blossom reach out and touch people in the community such unique way father asked the worst that comes out today will be yours in outline and just a matter of 10K masses and how to expand your ministry and I'm sure you have all identified that each one of us has his own ministry yes enough on the call to ministry but I like this to say we all have a ministry because it sounds much more of a party already in our individual lives when we say it's a ministry you have to have a name for it you have to have a good espresso not for profit status with the government did that apply what you do as a ministry because as you accept Christ as your personal savior and you are going on the world as a disciple you have a ministry statement all right so what are popular today about how to expand your ministry and for me it's a similar more personal because there's one thing that we all have the ability to do is to share testimony and is something very powerful of a testimony of how God has woven through and on in another individuals lives we got to see some similarities in our own lives and this strengthens us to no I have a father is present in love and care for every single one of us that at times when we feel little town of the law or have questions we hear the encouragement we hear the example of Christ in there and open doors and gives us that stress and I see nothing is one of main reasons that we hear this G F G and the Bible classes always been with everyone in the Bible so it automatically learn what remained on the sunscreen example for us that love is endless it never stops with the beginning of each would come to think of how I would be in that love paternity so spirit me today and enjoy a live how ministry has been can expand on these much of loving kids gave him dominate their my table is the Elvis on the right and Dominic is my little is known about TSX and down with you and Gable 's ninth there exists a lot of joy a lot of fine to allow quality time daddy time together and and enter such issues blessed and I never forget that moment where Gabriel were at a powerlifting ministry event and I taught you it's amazing how God works through children and able to connect with children and of varying ways sometimes we parents can be a hindrance to feel quite understand what God is saying to them more we think they're just a kid that they don't really get it unless this is some strongman events and I was there the night before so somehow describing slept less of the next day and window sentencing outcomes coupled all the call and my son starts to get as much as the window opposite number in the sun it's not nearly drop in him alive and well is called PL but some call me Mary Malone and then my son who was at the age of a start up and walked out except the crisis personal savior wow they realized that I don't know I am not there to understand how dogs drinking with my son and for me to be a parent to try and dictate what I do is you do not do is wrong honey can lead to trust me trust argued an upstairs to Lori and it's our job to be examples out the way that God does his thing with them so it was a very proud moment and down so as had Sheridan felt anything out hunting one down I wanted out because of my job is to give me Jesus is this what Jesus might sometimes odds-on as parents as you used to connect our relationship so when he accepted a knowledge crisis burns that were paid between them to love my job to help people but that's the first thing is that falling in love with Jesus some of them young you don't know why that was it shows how active life it's on three ABN it would background about who I am I will twentysomething years of health and fitness industry my degrees in exercise science and yourself self letter nobles law and it's been a fun experience working assuming different people I have an opportunity to work and it is from a seven volume eighty five professional athletes to amateur athletes to just jealous mold who wants to lose weight Vermont this wants to improve your golf game but what I have learned throughout this journey is that touched choose synergy between how we live our lives and how happy we can be correlates basically with the let's assume you have a Christ's issues we had the life and completely connect with that relationship the more relationship you have with the Lord easier to see things in life that make sense stress is no longer the same you need to with the bust rations the disappointments let alone the same because at the end we know who one renal aside beyond and so we see lots wholly different green industry as part a journey of life so what strike me you haven't felt okay to stop by here after sixty five as this is my book and DVD we have is assisted by that sounds little backbone a little more another time and this is a new new venture which set the position of Florida hospitals appealed within the wellness director and as you hear the expansion of the ministry he rarely see hard paint hides in together okay she got has been created individual race just for you and each one of us it's our job to endure the race to the end was a pause told us that we need to see a soft white athletes in this enduring keep going through but at times it are cells that takes us out of that half that God has chosen for his each one of us has a ministry after Colin when I was thank you I could do things the way I wanted to that I thought this is way I want to live in the things I should be doing doors do not open but it's still out one myself up with Christ it wasn't the doors open all the being blown over like the Berlin wall coming down it was landmark it was changed within me demonstrations will so many things around me okay people God can use you you have to be willing and he will qualify you like to compare you for your mission for your ministry is a bit of my journey so you can see what to look for the lives of our new army of youth health ministers from the same concept when health ministry will I know a new section of youth and health ministries it's important to actually looking at all lives to reflect on how God has called you to this point what has taken place in your life that brought you here the distal passion about helping change in the new government have my store is different however anybody's path that is right here so what is they've only get to have been if it was something he does the opportunities like the best during the movie ever to sit down and watch the story of somebody else in here Christ is woven through the lives and changed the lives and see how that relates to the just blossom so Filipino looking forward to great in heaven nothing is on the board learn how to sing right now I can't sing and I know when I get to heaven if John gets the walk will be of the same so right I will no store little guy was on crutches that he was born I would just pick a name for some young lad who was born with a birth defect when he gets to having his leg and they were run forever ineligible with a handicap singing wasn't unlike okay okay handlers want to think about the story of David we think about Dave and his big landmark is young lad who took out the life right Bailey storyteller story about love that one must go back a little further hair was debuted as the shepherd looked after his sheet Bob Lamb Little Betsy couldn't care Betsy Blumenauer Lebanon her and he saw the lion and the Bears tried to attack his precious flock so many times you can imagine David practicing with his sling mastering how the slower to learn how to find the right type of rock that the flight it was somewhat speed and that he along the journey has developed trust in God if you sake of the day passport he goes to the camp and he sees his brother thereby skirmishing had this big loads ice cream and holler about guilt talking down but soon it'll talked about the God Almighty vehicle that they were stepping up to the plate to save the day and Dana Blountstown faces Goliath with his sling with his ability to find the right rock instrumental question wasn't the fact that he was just looking down about the rock what you have blocks ready equipped in his satchel because it was a weapon of your day you would think you have and what would you I will ask questions I is responsible with them and so can realize taking on what most people that would be impossible the butt because he trusted the Lord and had a whistleblower in the dorms without is done to stop the what ex-wife and I know what the preparation for David Buddha one day on this platform this is how things go with his actions that day the same thing happened to us in ministry the same half of us and prepares us along the way so when that time comes we stand on the pulpit was an opportunity to speak out to the world of boys would appear to do I have it up by missing a book about the briefcase Temple maintenance communication and relationship with Christ not developed if there is a somewhat nuclear members maybe symbolize you went through but also to doubt by what I get on individual and young Christian bells to the foster deal with that health care Temple maintenance records to exercise and passion for being lifestyle passion for doing the things in life that that's going to enhance the Temple communication courses how into act talk to people 's souls and dynamics aspects of course relationship with Christ because they looking right now to think about what my ministries about passion about go all day long talked about these things I am going to begin a elementary scene temple with my mom was the health attempt this person church and she was the one always has been cooking classes she was always the one that was you know people went simple questions about how to help her meals and so forth and Peninsula time-dependent different searches close enough to travel around in my motion to get involved and help ministries surround was brought up in a house with always around me communication head elementary school I was always accuse interacted too much Pierce chatterbox thingy is no way that was part of my skill set was networking the lab and hang out with people anything economies like the use of the Scots around too much black was that mean working on something that the Lord has given me don't know that I think so okay let's look twice at this point my life I was going to church with my parents I was being dragged along to go to church because that's what you did he went seven and he went to church early steps middle school more healthy episode of the mother and his amazing that story my mom was a related made homemade bread soon I am going to school with homemade bread Oklahoma Manhattan the white bread with marshmallows and peanut butter sandwiches and I can walk around with the homemade thick slices of bread and I'm sure I read an outlet I want this so many times I left that in my locker and went down a job food because I wanted to be accepted I wanted I rejected what was good and that was that because I was so wise I wasn't at the house so that was at times we have billed at school and I excelled so well in sports and it was as passable movement I enjoy exercising I enjoy you know the Townsend of the above I perform better and start thinking sports and medicine balls and militaries I started painting going to Jim Dantley understand how what was going on in their unlike the environment it was just wrong to this environment and everything else that you can understand them is that vacation develop more skills of interact with my peers and as a military brat which outlawed a lot which required you to make friends quickly now if you are watching interruptus only different cultural summary different traditions only different backgrounds people can't fund to match and to see the Internet as a person this will scan it was a race as individual in the alarm to make friends quickly yelled having of lesser price what Pathfinder is still going to church with parents not going to will reason his postal filtration on them so Bethel would drum corps and that was excited for me was eventually parked thousands of funny when you know what the seventh about I couldn't pay him to sit and then view day but you can understand the mindset of a child in that age how it's so important to realize are they really connect with price how point is to find ways to get them to commit Christ so they're not just going to try just pick up space abuse in acting digest what's being said to them I have no new boundaries high school food crazy years for me you don't tell me to start a slumlord exercise and and we had equipment in the house and somehow was always forgot I'm starting to exercise more to know I was going to start enjoying access the way my body was going muscles the length is about this is nicest kind of cool and then we had one incident with that in mind I was genuine but come as senior high school ever been anything down .net stored with the cartoon character that became the big mouth about what I could sense a MySpace and so forth I had that moment that my was he had me pinned down I couldn't move my felt so weak and it that next semester witness of the weightlifting class in school but one reasons of course it wasn't really take care of the Temple but is still a draw for me to learn more about about how you can visit my body and so we join and passive began I was doing things may be wrong but the design of passing was there to learn more medication as the class and social clubs interact with a lot of different lie that good social clubs and was also able to once again class mingled between different clicks in high school does a lot of clicks we know this and so the ability to interact with was a skill set known and my networking skills which was not developed internationally people connect with people and get them to trust me and combined me and here's my favorite part is the God it's against my religion common comics then we understand that love what I did things out of choice it was low I have noted on Friday Philo why not what it gets my little I don't need back is against my religion not how to do that is against my religion 's ask yourself did you make that comment when you're younger or how many chairs that you interact with in short make iconic and its comment to say however that means there is a myth the intimate understanding of what it means that relationship at times with hot do 's and don'ts I don't want to when you give the Dems and those without the relationship Humana has ability see the flaws of the human you're telling me the dozen dollars but yet I wanted to do and doesn't add up so Chris the sense of hypocrisy and I like the hypocrisy leaders into charts and into publishing with my family father Bellamy is that sometimes conveys big gap between generation of connected twice so important when you given Jesus to understand the choices that are made are not based upon those in dollars is based upon I choose to associate with doing that you say something so many harm and destruction down the road because they're not the void with Christ available with other banks and other things there is much more damaging was an archived day I headed up the military of the Air Force for her for several years in court Air Force and this was I start a beginning of a new realm for me when you went home and alone and allowed time to reflect on who you are and what's lifestyle to be about and this was the time I really was much more aggressive into weight training course military units we do lift weights and I started personal trainer work a lot of different clientele and I started my education started college and licensed also started modeling note this unique civilizing model than one cookbook Molly I got the opportunity to enhance all that expensive being drama class performance on the people learned to be on stage in front of people might have cameras and not be shy of the camera which relearn later how that turns out also my relation with Christ alone can't help but reflect about life and I started attending church that this is a huge moment I started pinstriped because I wanted to family the whole aspect of relationship still yet but I wanted to go to church which is my wife was at the time very huge area like Damascus Road experience both military back home and once again my company this express I was done personal training was called to a high school doom by the competitions and I was pending cause for this ad major lacuna case of course I would put speech class and actually what the Tampa Bay Lightning I was the guy with the first four years and have a line out and crouching the teacher to the crowd I was ecstatic but it got thousands of people can allude up in China mine and felt very comfortable in that arena violation twice this to your way is my Damascus Road experience twenty five and I realize life wasn't good the past I thought the past where I was living I feel this experience of life was going the way it was posted out of the child my mother was told that you are special and when they knew some wonderful for the Lord added bills if you like best and I was doing my life and so I said no Lord of its hideaway at twenty five except the price of my precious Savior I was raised in such a bicep twenty five except that for the savored surrendered fight his way going to go to church all you want but until you accept him that's when it starts on my Damascus Road experience but then again I justify things wasn't approved overnight experience that my baby steps walked in my Christian life and it was exciting to see bounce when the true of everything starts for me should I get a glimpse of things and we get guys sauce is awesome I love this so much okay having out my dog I called hungry does the time Allah looked hungry for knowledge hundreds hoping that means what I'm doing in my life okay I was on this cause I was a corporate wellness work in a corporate environment like this cause I was judging by the result don't want to belong competing shows a lot of different aspects of it has started my business by the health and fitness and we had a student on solid panel of why worked with something different right of individuals over the years from buccaneer players baseball players to never cheat you I may guess the golfer we trained him for three years in a row and yet it was just a great experience and I like it got experience what was the way people only pay what they are marred when you have a business special personal training with something never want to get into because industry goes up and down if you don't have Jesus in your business may go to make specificities economist with wild and crazy enough that for now mom told me she said when I start my businesses keep the Sabbath and pay your time when letting your straight we never missed a mortgage payment nervous or rent payment the Lord provided and I don't understand how these numbers in the bank account said this this was due in every time he bought a way to step up to the plate and support what was requested anymore I am sit back and watch the opinion does he always been to show that God cares for something to show that he was paying attention to me and so when things now life is what it is not enough praise him ahead of time because what I went through with them along that way my faith in much lasting heel I been think most of those eleven years since it was somehow glad to take a guy I went on to Germany we all have to go through so it was kind of cool documentation to Muslim on the basis of guilt the modernists are doing commercials I've been a national commercial for Denny's commercial out I had out that ran about almost a year and for Denny's and then a friend of mine was what CA and because of the interaction funds the camera working with the moving counter commercials got a call the local police station and they needed some like the biggest segment well I went in there and get a home run the report where they said we elected this every Monday so I had a segment on child ten at new money for ten years and it was easy steps ultimately the way back as an high school drama class the company blamed by the people working at the lightning the company has a camera that means people a watching with some people feel uncomfortable I was driving I was at the confidence I don't know what confidential what about the will was when something okay we put a lot of pumps a lot of articles it just amazes your hard drive majority had gotten open doors to invest on expanding ministry you got to see how to look at expanding your ministry all you whole life and it hasn't these briefings doesn't be done in the company goodness journey to build upon absolute and add what illegal block in the management and free not to get insurance big to all completed but only from different pieces that actually over time militia would have it by the Bumpus violation of dependence and trust the Lord and we started a ministry two thousand one Apple and mother passed away of a certain search and I felt like a slap on the back of my head in this lab was like okay in a voice told me that I want to take this help message out to my children you can understand an absolute moron action how to exercise how to move more than help messes around is very topics insulate people 's lives same thing but had to labor a different twist to it is what we do with our ministry and it's been sense a unique experience a lot of joy a lot of pain but a lot of joy because here's what happened my education was too late to make the changes to my mother 's lifestyle that sometimes the people had disease that had diabetes and got copies from diabetes so when the disease has such a head start Jamaica give me aggressive you want to try make changes but I'll quickly sometimes you can't be there enough fast up to make the changes but we can help offset that casts a light earlier this week in ministry about is not just indifferent Neil the understand about salvation how would Bob also given examples of the longevity of life that we have lunch at one chance and because of the wonderful things the Lord is the highest happy when he sees us check out too early and we checked out are choices that we make today have called this minister or ministry aware that wasn't clients trained for and over the years and down so that a lot of people doesn't in any I guess it will have people that it's a sense of less because we had so many fun people who are in wheelchairs people who are from post- rehab cardiac issues sorted ways and it allowed to have opportunity to interact and to you for when your are doing something and you interest and how you came up with a solution that have anybody is interested is newly asked me what to do to me it's like when you're in your groove when it will have to do much opposed to doing it I just suspect since and so on here is that skills have improved but sometimes when you know me creating exercises me to meet with salt people 's issues identified muscles are weak this causes a possibly better causing a champagne for them and it's it's just a forget but no one wants to you you are able to last song of the people in the way that you think is just before that was such a blessing but opportunities for you to be there for them to look younger share while in your way to do your ministry to medication with what I booked sixty five I thought was a program of action for life by conservatives on Vietnam which is over two hundred million households across nine states embryos on the world with exercise program that's for me I think there is this only if you exercise faith based exercise program that exists and on I like to be very proud and say that we have the best known subject but not as fun as unit if you haven't seen it at the time check it out to be seen on YouTube this includes the museum but thought we had a three o'clock Eastern standard Time Monday Wednesday Friday and it's such a blessing because of the name of the program looked home and in a the Lord told me then you visit ahead of time about what havoc for government free again why was on channel ten the Lord told me the steps was that happen and I didn't know where how but it was the video but if and how can put out the again I showed so the Klan and she loved it is open to this and that was until later the board approved it and have you started production selling what kind of the steps that God does for us the path is ready set if we pull a self-doubt that have exists along the journey to get back to that path we keep a supple line with what has called us to do and if you don't know what you're called to do Y you ability to sell you so what has you working with youth in Brooklyn is choosing a church in which a self identify the best identify patterns sizing with his kids really has been this year health Minister I like the consummate the possibility to me I think this to be a beginner something very unique because we go back home is not realizing for these kids to be something how can I help them to be better because in order for us to make this continue to happen we got to have kids ready to fill in the void when the gaps his floor statement is below the quarterback and a black recruit people to build up a program waiting until program of health ministers next generation they become what you technology you think we haven't thought of that got headlined to change this world I think it's so important that we will they sit on become Jesus freaks ever heard content before reduced rate no really yes some hat is not a bad word it's made I'm so and so on Jesus Begay I'm so made up on Jesus this is everything to me okay and when you have that relationship with Christ he is everything to you you know you guys that never the time Christian was originally given to those people who said that was about as I said is that people when police tries to help him out with his ministers because Mrs. am very blessed to be a part of the organizational business as Association with is the birth of people would help the business field we created a certification as a credit they were Christian university that actually certifies trainers and of all the instructors and people physicians nurses to become famous ministers now what I thought I didn't fight about back in my Damascus Road experience I decided to go to southern to become a pastor I know right and I went to Sunday contact Southern and that have house arrange for me to live on campus because I was told at that time and one delivered on this one up there and got it with my father got minute an eligible camp and get there Debbie worked out that the finance worked out and then how's the situation occurred at a passionless come in and insult and give my apartment to that pastor is looking on foot or so off campus around so how much it costs and it was like working to the expense of living there and paying our situations up a little back home and go to school of home fast-forward year later business minister stored therein and being a pastor but I didn't understand then when you come to be go to become a pastor that it wasn't the traditional passive with me from the pulpit but still speak in the pulpit but talking about healthy last help help people make my choices my journey your journey is all part of God 's plan health ministry is important for saving lives and also segment sells for Lord we must understand and identify ways to see the pattern in the younger generation help them to find Jesus help them to get educated with the right information so they could be passionate about God 's temple and to be passionate about she medicated with others brothers and sisters to give the passage about the relationship with Christ that can be passionate about spreading the good news to help Becky so much appreciated for allowing me to see the things more real-time any questions this media was used by bodybuilders for the NAEP health Summit if you would like to learn more about the NAV something please visit www. in a nineteen help someone .com I was more free online is www. audio verse on board


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