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Tools for Soul-Winning Health Expos, Part 4

Charles Cleveland



  • January 28, 2012
    2:00 PM
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well let's go on and I'll try to bring out points that will help you when you go home to make your Expo meaningful for the committee did you live in and if you have other questions again we are we have time to be able to compete with you to answer them is often the questions you have would be helpful to someone else to start off I've never had that come up and I'm I'm not a nurse my wife is another person just a health educator have a Masters in Public health that seems to help although I have found through life that even though our churches some of our church educators are very much this way they really believe your dream makes a huge difference the real people in the world go more by you are not what degree you have how good your apple pie case you know if you I remember one time I was speaking to a public school organization in Columbus Georgia and I was the administrative review by assistant to time and I have two masters degrees I thought it other than asking for my pedigree and stuff like that they never did all the better to them as I was new to guys because to them that was me note agreed that matter I was supposed to fire pioneering a new area of my community you know I would try to have associate I wasn't a nurse or physician or something that could relate to them I think I try to partner with someone my community in our church that would least come with you and you be the spokesperson Leslie sutured together and get get accepted but again if you have beautiful health materials and a plan that works and this noticeable that you can show them that you got an organizational structure and you can save them but I don't have all the people we need to do a good job would you folks could we network together and be happy because they just don't have the resources themselves either in their always shorthanded you will you and you and you and you will you know it in your anger brochure and in your advertising you tell them and bulleted points what you're going to offer so that they don't come expecting a a carotid Doppler when you don't even know where to find one in Elkhart are they expecting a doctor to diagnose something when you're only screening is we don't I never really had a problem with someone coming insane oh I did know this is what it was because we always put out a flyer to the community as well as something the paper and by the way on flyers and believe we can come back to that more have a few examples for you in the back of your not the back of the manual but the back of the first section I feel this way again you I have a burden to make you successful inexpensively so when I want to do a program my my flyer ninety nine thousand the is a half unit paper I I printed two of them side-by-side and a half by ten and it's a simple typed out thing with one visual and usually printed in grayscale not even in color because here's my philosophy if you offer people Apple pie and you're going to your neighbors and your dropping off Apple pie invitations to come by get their apple pie they don't care black or white in color when it comes to it think about what the five all the papers doing is communicating to them that you're having a program on the win aware how why and so we're offering you a free blood pressure is computer health age appraisal in on you might describe what that is to get them curious and I stress you're it you list all those things so if you have money and you're in a certain society you feel you got it going counter and the press can do it for you beautifully and often Michigan eight nations along the country and I decided your ZIP Codes you have funds for that in my town we don't have funds for that so we organize the church and we go out territory by territory my wife and I have a hundred homes that are characterized and weakened between the two of us we can do either poems in the hundred minutes so but were not visiting with people and if we we adjustably don't mind doing that but our goal is to put a brochure behind the door are in the screen door of all those hundred homes that's our goal because we'll have to talk them into it again I can visit with them and tell them how good the apple pie is the probably come anyway that's just a very that's a bare-bones philosophy maybe something like that but that's how I approach it I keep it very simple and therefore working out what's it cost to print a few note two three three or four five five your half sheets of paper with vertigo are there any know Colorado as a witness to our copy machines of them out cut them in half and where and we give our church members Mattson we go out door-to-door I like that method because then I know they did get invited I was to the house and its and their door whereas they might see in the newspaper they might not they might hear on the radio but they probably won't position the devastation and so on I like that one before I can but I live in a big city in a big city that's hard to do now how mailing mailing is fairly effective of I don't have a percentage for you I know for evangelism you know you're lucky to get about one percent return but you get more than half her health because people are interested so if you could if you can mail abusive codes that's reasonable as well five thousand so that's good you and it's worth it off and the bank yet that almost no one alternative down for health brochures and they might for evangelistic series in a butt but for health they're happy to put them in the bank so libraries the Chamber of Commerce just any public building is just a matter time to get there and I am not in Ohio just we could do more I might have I'm not on trade as a pastor but I haven't been about a specific church for a number of years I've devoted my time for health evangelism but I do take a term preaching at my church about every six weeks or two months and I I'm looking for that's thinking is something civilian Wilson said today that I like that story that he told about the paralytic in the and the roof he did pretty good job on not taking the roof off the dust falling down I said you know my church needs that like I do is I want to I want to motivate I have a wonderful church is the best church I've ever belong to local church that the members are just willing to help but but our programs are expanding and I've reached my limit and I just can't take audible another one is I just overcommitted I I have this as well I'm working on other countries with new languages we don't make any money helping somebody over in India translate these matters many buy one set I lose money that way on a visit cost me money to pay a graphics person to do the layout and then send it back and then have them approve it make sure we get it right support United and that they want to set for in a little over from India we don't have much money and so it's a ministry to but it takes time but I I can see we could do even more in our community if I had a few more of my members were committed to do the elliptical for work in all good kids call the committee together and I know just the just things I don't have time to organize on top of it and I believe that we have people who respond himself as an and labored not understood look at we could do more if we had more hair and I know our church response and I'm looking for initiative is looking recoverable okay on it we just touching obit on advertising PR different ways of doing it good points and very important you know is that story was I put on the nicest health Expo I've ever organized in my life in Chattanooga Tennessee and had the poorest attendance and when Peter Mark Finley walk through it to Chuck we just feel so bad for how this is turning out I've never seen a more beautiful health Expo is actually had the dermatologists two of them we had the glaucoma screening we had Southern Adventist University helping us we had the baby was okay baby was helping with good we had Doctor Otis with dental but we had terrible PR help and the Smart family who chose the person in charge of the art I I I had no control over a little disappointed that is I knew the guy that he chose loaded and asked me for any counseling funny maybe do some night in a cell but if they guided the discs flat on his face he was too busy to even do until it's too late and it was too late you don't do it you can't do PR tonight it just doesn't work and so we had a team of people images and a beautiful program and just dribbles of people that listen it was a big disappointment so what I tell you on this because we learn from each other's mistakes and in that case I had all I can handle organizing for simultaneous health Expos in the city and I had to trust that someone else would do their job but they did and so you got up keep that in mind that the best program will only work if well a the newspapers and radio people wanted about two weeks in advance but the smartest thing to do is not to go by that timetable is only a rough one the best thing is to go see the health editor and get acquainted with that person get their name down and determine that you're been a developer relationship with the bureaucracy of one time you see them from now on and out reader vital practice that principle in another tomatoes are today she's been retired several years but she had she made Van ministries famous after one integrates wire in New York City reader vital to Boston for many many years and she was an expert I didn't know people and going back and seeing them over and over again and making a friendship where when she brought something into their newspaper they just printed because it was read and if we can develop that kind of relationship that's it we have an art out of our brains of the people if are you Danny Miller comes into the Dunlap Tribune that his print whatever he does he has a relationship with them so find out what they're comfortable with the timetable if they see that you are sensitive to being wise with their timetable to better expect that so for the purpose for newspapers it may be one timetable for four of the radio it's probably shorter they don't care if it's a couple days in advance sometimes but you don't know what their policy is and you're looking in their case for what they call PSI is public service PSA 's public service announcements and see if they will do that for you are you two weeks two weeks if if if my money is limited to like them if I'm putting the display on in the newspaper and I have limited funds the last week of so but what if but ideally and generally I go two weeks without we can going to the committee paper for free twice and anything above that with a pencil we do because of the soaring ten dollars a going shopper little bit more display I think there from one hundred eighty dollars that's that's a pretty good size one in our paper but that's not the big papers over the country folks that's the call you know and then you can have all these advantages okay we are an awesome time currently though it is scary to think what could happen in our cities overnight when when economic disaster if this country more more people are angry you find help wood when something goes wrong in the city people this flareup as if they were firecrackers waiting to be let it's really serious time in the times we live in and any of you that possibly let me just tell you this if you go to audio verse it's about three or four years ago that I gave a series on country living and I talked about the poor man's approach to country living and I've tell the story about the meantime who got the country and how today we have our own wood cook stove and Amish cookstove and and we have solar electricity you have all well and just a couple of acres that were buffered by woods and what a difference is made in our gardens in our developing in the orchard and we don't know anything about how to do that we decided to learn and scratch you don't learn this overnight it takes several years and sold with things getting so dangerous in the cities as many of you possibly can think of a plan for your family while you have time to make that choice will be locked in the cities someday will not be able to leave because this is the martial law and number things that are coming in a very brief hearing so we've got to work and do all we can as medical missionaries things in a bad imminent need our help for this event is a very difficult times in between okay I want to get I criticize going out okay so what with the site friendship in mind before the health Expo begins it's important to strategize and plan specific follow-up means and then have to have been advertised during the Expo cooking schools in your stop smoking programs whenever you are going to do be ready to advertise that so I get my church together like my help committee got about ten people are health committee in our church to quite a few full-size church we have actually look at here's the calendar what word of it what what do we want to do with and who who would like to do what you know feel each other out what about the cooking schools as good as that of the organ represented as that of a hands-on yet to discuss all this with them to draw them into the picture and to agree on what to do so if you take the whole whole years or year and a half and then consult at a time with your pastor houses when a network within these got plan or the evangelism committee sometimes we get our evangelism committee together with our help committee is all evangelism anyway so I don't like to separate them and they're doing one thing and we're doing another so we sometimes meet white and meet together as to committees and work very nicely that way will it's not hard at all in the church and me in the church if you have the chance to have the sermon or if you have a you will do it for you and promote the importance of this the ABA method and so forth and you can stimulate the church I had the privilege of able preach the message and then say to my church Ravi Fellowship dinner this afternoon that wasn't by accident and implant at the time and if you can stay by afterwards I like you a lot have two hours with you to show you how the health Expo works and see if you'd like to be a part of it and so that and we got we got fifty fifty sixty percent of our church to buy into it immediately which was a lot now so they went when they see if you explain to them that the screening stations are very simple that the that the given example that the help page program is a computer program that any of our young people could run well here you say that you and then his mom and dad interested to the young people who are involved to you get them interested so will will let them bullets in the young people run the computer I don't mind the young people putting the data into the computer but I'm not than to let them be the one to help the people fill out their questionnaire that's who your user-friendly warm person who's been a drunken note notice what they write and say all I see a registered and cooking classes here here's a brooch in Anytown about it right then and there you past that questionnaire over to the teenagers merely to take the information off the paper but in the computer and the computer then prints out the results you grab that that piece of paper that has a name and address on it make sure someone responsible is watching and keeping it pass on the results page to the individual and they go on the next nation and family and of the trust booth where the counselor is there to talk to them about that results on their paper the two papers and will come back to the personal record another time a half after one or two such seminars that you had after your Expo then you can transition him to think about this depends on your we have to help you but you can transition from of the health seminar purely health seminar and maybe something of emotional mental type of aspects whether the depression stress management where you did a whole different level with them their emotional level is a real privilege to be able to offer than something that would help them during difficult times I'm surprised that I have depression seminar of all the people who come in and people editing over struggling with something some I know it's obviously struggled but others do not and we wonder why they showed up there taking notes like Jerry because certainly they do have times with a struggle about as well and Edison those settings work where it's logical to bring out the help that God can give us or to point them into the Proverbs for some reassurance and that they doesn't very nicely in his video presentations just balance tasteful well except this six months to a year from the gap every six weeks every month to six weeks I think we wrote that in the manual every month to six weeks fit in longer than that you know no quarterly this doesn't do something you if you had a record of every quarter according glass but in between that's something else going on that would fill out your account I like this once a month healthy choices lasted were having right now in our church but we didn't commit to do for the whole year will be committed for about eight months wasn't because it when summer comes things kind of fall apart it's hard it's hard to have summer program of both the get help plus the just keep up with it and was running around vacation or buy things and our sports or whatever so we we generally don't do it year-round but mostly year is good well once once one time once a month yes that is other times we we have all of our workshop of this cooking classes we might say let's have five sessions because Ravenna cover breakfasts simple breakfast and this one healthy lunches and this one it all away out out our holiday recipes another one it depends amid my package something together but it's I think for getting to know people are a longer period of time is nice to have these were coming on a regular basis the first Monday of the month the first Thursday of the month or whatever people discredited airline that the oh yes that's in my calendar every single first Monday of enemy having that up with the madness gymnasium or doubt the training center so repetitions very helpful to want to get in the group and is easier for you to it because cousin Connie gets you committed and your team committed to a schedule that you help work and that that's helpful to plan ahead you will want to the will and we estimate we can't prove it that we probably lose half the group when we have that the church it whenever I can use a neutral venue I do and were fortunate we never pay for why neither they charge fifty dollars a night in any of our facilities in town but they don't charge to nonprofits and local churches and nonprofit in your conference or a nonprofit organization so I don't know what the policy is in your community but the the author respect churches and and organizations are doing something without commercial value to let you have it for free as a committee services from them so I like that neutral venue and I'll neutral number one in central number two where our people used to coming for other programs if I can get one like that then it's a win-win that make sense yes in the supermarket what all we did not once the horrible ha ha I like exposed manure outside because you people is guided by Seo and Ellen and is said to be careful about the web people asked me are these Expo banners good in the win and I tell them there is no excellent manners and good when there's anything that has size to dislike the sale but for Seo say that this matter frame that I have been to feed the swivel out and are perpendicular to the banner at the bottom of the banner looks just about like that would become out this way you can take a cement block and put it on the back one and that would take a breeze just fine but not a cost and a maker that kind of thing okay it's important to keep in mind that in our seminars we should gently work with the audience slowly and naturally introduces virtual concepts and integrating them into our presentations for example cooking schools you might include a short short talk addressing topics such as positive attitude trust forgiveness as they relate to physical and mental health David had gone even to cooking school while the things are making in the oven that you've been preparing all a little help talk on a number of topics not not not grab something is going to force them to move forward record of slices to deliver naturally insensitively but if you can type the something that your working on that would be very helpful for instance if I was wintertime and if I'd advertised a cooking school to compare foods that were user-friendly to help fight depression because they're rich in omega-3 fatty acids that I would easily be able to talk on how emotional stress and and challenges that would fit naturally while the cookies are baking we make remakes of the basal omega-3 cookies with walnuts and black season and under their happy cookies that's right so you know about that you make and we were making happy cookies last week introducing spiritual concepts in this way will serve to awaken greater interest when we transition to the second phase of meetings targeting for mental emotional realm so the idea here is basically in a you might have some basic health kinds of programs stop smoking programs weight management and then you might in the middle section have those of get into more the emotional social aspects of the and then eventually into the actual evangelistic meetings there is not a magic formula you know that there just isn't what but we are partnering with the Holy Spirit keep Eugene praying together to be sensitive to see how God may be leaving survey your people occasionally when they come for a class asked them what other things it like that deleted that recently just to find out what recipes they like to do and now she found out that there was a strong interest in crockpot cooking for simplicity over what was another likely be the daylight and one dish meals simple one dish meals that was quite high list so we can scratch words itching and so given also what kind of other programs would you like to follow up this one and when they are really happy with the program we just saw the again I want to contribute send information to you and then you can build on that would like to do it for the ones that have Artie decided to come and join you you want them to get to know them better then whenever possible and this is where we struggle of baby and I both know how to do this this is not a cheap talent but how can we get them into our home are just somebody's home so that they can really get close to them is that's when it transitions easily to spiritual topics and they they start talking about their family and and pretty soon Bible answers to help solve those problems that's were trying to get to and so him him this idea that everything we do is going to leave to the evangelistic series and it will take a bus to bring them all over there is a little bit of in a fantasy there's some truth there some further that some people will do that but I'd rather picture them either doing that are coming to my home or to a Nevada member 's homes who's made a friendship with them because who cares which method they get into the remnant church you know whether they come in one by one as a group of people public meetings I can say this I know in our church we have baptisms almost well enough it's not every month we have a baptism but it's never good pastor as I think back over the people who been baptized now month after month they all have been to our health program we can't take credit that we always discovered them but we nurtured them we help them to feel that this was the right church not just because of the Sabbath you don't get good conferences only believe the Sabbath it have to be broader than that is a whole lifestyle were not as legalistic and had been a fairly better I'm been a joint venture as I know Saturdays right and nothing else matters no broader than that but the Jew eluding human and Patricia was baptized this today in our church and her little girl is not that the mother was all about the big coming to our programs and feel at home and isn't that Wilbert told that the reason that people don't stay in the church after baptized is a didn't feel connected but when they been through a years worth of all programs they feel connected because they been cooking with those eating with us going to church with us I was going with us you know and and and it just it's just part of the team so I hope I'm I'm illustrating to that how this works like an orchestra the instruments fit together is not just always in a definitely that the cycle by itself it's a team -based seminars provide an opportunity to speak on spiritual themes were openly over time this approach will gradually to the development of year personal Bible studies are solid contacts for spiritually or were disabled they should not be a long time between the Expo in the first seminar other seminar should also be conducted every four to six weeks we just got some ass minute ago I like to have a seminar or two I'd like to have two programs that I can advertise to the people at the expo that are coming up just around the corner one example was when we did the stop smoking program after our last Expo in Dunlap we did it on Sunday that next Friday night we started by the stop smoking program we started two weeks after the Expo with the cooking class we got twenty five percent of all the people that came to the VX filled in the cooking class twenty five percent is a very unusual number of people under two hundred people a week we were hoping to get a hundred people at Apple got two hundred and then the we got fifty three to our cooking class and that was just with with almost just barely two weeks later so that that is right there in front of people which come in right away can we sign you up you not obligated to come what is given a quick phone call here you want to come this elegant but are not obligated and most people notice put their name definitely have their name anyway but it just something nice about asking them from that user-friendly type person if it would be a right to contact you just remind you that were going to have the class that it is sort of a commitment on their part when they say yes you can call I'm interested so that that that help is very much as we saw became the benefits of this method are many breaks down prejudice allows for time to build relationships and the public it's the apostolic use of the people who genuinely care this method requires some degree of persevering effort for sure guys the key factors for success are the proper use and follow-up of the interest cards is now up at the help Expos they should be properly filled in and collected a screening stations especially the health questionnaire if your conducting health lectures each night with the Expo announced the following follow-up seminars during the health lectures explain that to you just a moment we have a lady in our church Chris Craig Rosenzweig tired General conference auditor and live in the community for four years and we've been around but Chris loves the telephone ministry she comes to our seminars and she is a C is a registration lady that she may have others helping achieve my key registration lady I can count on her for any seminar but I have Chris will come with her clipboard and nicely organized columns and be ready to put in place name and phone number down and then during the week and she will say to them as she meets them in and out that's okay with you all call and remind you the day before our next seminar would that be okay and if they should tell her no trouble at a mark not to call the but almost nobody else Chris don't call it just like on the lady she doesn't give you don't feel push by her aunt and she does it and so should get on that phone he's had some serious health issues but it is she is alive she's limited anyway it just fits our ministry and if we gave birth if you can be finding somebody like that that will help you it is such a relief to us even I would not have time to do that were babies always helping with the cooking you can cook you can't make those happy cookies and do all the phone into it just too much so it's nice to have that kind of person out of this last point is that now the feast night announced the okay of the follow-up seminars one thing you can do is to have your health Expo and then have save for one hour or now or in a half and in the same building an auditorium that they transition into to have a health talk and an end that way you get him longer and they get to know you better and then you can also at that point tell them about what everyone for coming up what we did with the in Atlanta we had Doctor Neil he .net when we were working with the conference there once and ASI you for Jesus we had been working in that event the downtown community and the other you help Expo in Denver to have Louis Torres and day of TV lucidly unsalted opened up in the hospital David Asher no one appendectomy during our meetings and and the other one finished home when the devil is out to get to evangel several the same series I had to have one of the hospital nephew trade-off and then when it got better the other woman the hospital they traded a half and David Asher he could barely get out there with his appendectomy recovery have the sermon widely dorms and dealing with his kidneys of really amazing but anyway what we did was we started the Expo on Wednesday night we had Wednesday Thursday and Friday okay young that he was with us astray times Wednesday Thursday Friday so we have the Expo for an hour hour and a half I remember which it was but we knew it then exactly the precise time we would tell everybody folks were in a close in fifteen minutes if you haven't finished everything you can come back tomorrow will put you first I will get you finish but right now Doctor Neil Bentley 's here tonight to talk on such and such in the auditorium you got out of your get a free pass to go in so we were taken into the auditorium so were conditioning them to be in the auditorium and to hear the evening speaker said he would give it all tremendous health and that night as Wednesday night Thursday that didn't again Friday night we tell them on Thursday now not tomorrow night don't miss it Friday nights of the doubleheader were having to speakers tomorrow night because Doctor Neo that is to take part of the time and and David Ashford so take the other half the other laser talk about your physical health and David I should some talk about your spiritual health they're going to be complementary you wouldn't want to miss him at a article David actually is David theoretically in this model a dog about would've been there on Wednesday night also introducing Doctor Natalie so the pastor evangelist is part of the team from the very beginning he's introducing the House Speaker but he lets him run with it at the beginning to kind to get the confidence of the local people and then transitions to share the time I started in the third night and then could do that from then on out what we did is you can keep the unending Verilog and an even less these days problem is now anyway we we we had a good connection with it we helped him write his first book you see my name is barely in their head the first thing all but then I would take over Neil Natalie sparks say or we had some weird not too far while we had in Wildwood books come down that were trained in how to do the health talks with the young people about it was an answer you for Jesus series besides we had lots of young people and they did a terrific job and people enjoy seeing young people give those health talks after Doctor Debbie finished that work very nicely to do that together that's so to try to jump into your rental six series of the same night you have a few nights returning gradually get into it and so you know on the third night you can talk about this spiritual health is lots of Bible topics that you could bring it that way and an evangelist but also started a series with some interesting studies on Daniel in the first the first ten day health study ever done and in biblical history and talk about Daniel and so forth so yeah that's the just lots of different possibilities we can experiment with health club I don't have a lot of information about health clubs except that it's there fairly simple he organized that it's a combination of of a of three things make up a health club that I know about the people in Czech Republic and done it I know they have information in English I threw the country life restaurants over there but it's three things in that you do in the evening for about an hour and a half you you get them in and you and Conan Cottrell close to some warm-up exercises usually indoors love events in the cities of the end of the inside but they do exercises calisthenics and so forth a aggressive ones jumping jacks and whatever her first half-hour then they they either have a little help lecture and then food samples of food samples maybe the food samples and they sit down and enjoy those and why they made them white a good explain and give the recipes and then they have a health talk the last part and while I'm on that point all I just talk to someone oh yeah we just visited a health center we on the way down here called living springs retreat is in Alabama the country and we have a few brochures from them on our table it's a lovely homelike sanitarium just like a light described in it would probably take about a project about ten patients of the time they usually only have three or four the time it's a beautiful user-friendly place out Cisco now out next throwback are they supposed to sign in again or something initial unit okay and to honestly tell you about them anyway yeah I know but why was I going out to all the health clubs for the use outcry was a good lunch at the and not a call to senior moment is another kind of entity that offer what will I get my ticket back up about wireless at the think of them as an illustration yes that the combination of pizza those are the three bushes going there those are the three that you put together a health club out of and you can the ideologue was once a week or you really get to know people we went to Israel about two years ago and we thought a one-month life course of an iCal parent maybe I can tell you about it a little bit we have to treat three at three thirty three thirty okay ha ha that was a tremendous experience we had about thirty five students in our course in Israel trained them in medical mystery work and then afterwards we rented the hall open is overlooking the Mediterranean Sea it is beautiful auditorium and we disused the foyer and we did a health expo therefore three or four nights a week suite six hundred people over that period of time it was really neat of the different kinds of people that would come through there as well be the potential all the intimate and we trained up and found that we've started I think about the re- health clubs one when I was there and that was now there's one in Jerusalem and and I don't know whether city I can't remember the other one we had I know we haven't a lady from Nazareth that works over there and another started once there can imagine these places starting health of the Nazareth and in Jerusalem info and maybe that they have next as of the harder the Palestinian controlled but it's possible that the Palestinians are very open to help who is open to help put a somewhat premature little longer you know and it just this is normal so if we go in there with the right approach we can get into almost any country in the world so the help X was working very well I visited Doctor a year later as were looking for property to be able to part a lifestyle center there with an excellent team and we thought we had nailed down last August and then we found some legal problems with the ownership of it gets okay of the thirty minutes of good exercise and risk exercise and then you could have of food samples with the recipes why you chose those in the fund and thirty more minutes of a lecture some health topic and questions and answers and an independent thirty minutes doesn't always have to be can be a simple remedies demonstration show them how to make charcoal poultices of how I can help with the basting or part here a can and all in infection and you know that they live this kind of stuff people account is kind of program really enjoy some natural remedies you can join a lot but that how to use hydrotherapy is like that of the wide variety things where rich and what we have available this yes okay yes you can indicate that people when they're going to the health Expo that there is good to be the health club and he did one have a brochure re: prepared outlining what is going to be a visiting expensive this is by donation which I would recommend and then note aware of where it's going to be if you have it all figured out ahead of time ideally in that case I would be more likely to use my church some part of my church facilities if it has a gymnasium or some kind of exercise room more or that the Fellowship Hall room which could work for calisthenics as well but because it's in opportunity every week if you'd if you try to find a public facility on a weekly basis you end up having the faith for that is hard for someone to donate that much that law so although in an that's what they did do they actually read the place possibly have had some budget for that of while I'm just on a few miscellaneous things let me take a moment or two to tell you about a training opportunity I don't know which one of you told yes that's right what if you recognize that God is speaking to you to get more training and yet you're limited on your finances on everybody you and time and so forth I just want to know this a couple of options available that we could have offered to Navy several years ago at the wildlife health Center here in Wildwood Georgia they have developed some online courses for medical missionary training so if you just googled in wildlife health Center and get in the education department you can find out what they have available and you can take the full course by online and it's a very good one yes I wildly all all lawyers to write here while the lifestyle center you it's a six-month course of you are there full-time that is another option nearby that and that's called I don't know but that it still Sabbath but just look on the website okay you have no today out God will help you with that part if God is calling you to do some the forces promised all his billions are enabling the don't worry about the money you have it you'll find it given the okay I okay secondly light LI LAG streetlight light in the work that they are the website is Debbie Debbie W lighting the world all three were together lighting the world on all RG lighting ING lighting the world .org they also offering some online courses iPod the founder of light basically their counselor that program is conducting training for that that might even help you locally life goes in two different parts of the United States and around the world conducting one month training programs we have multiple teams out right now in Trinidad in Grenada in Africa India all on the Amazon honey that this moment they're going on immediately right now one month training courses intensive courses that we network with the local conference to find a place to awaken sleeping aid and people can come in for a month and we don't charge for our services we went back you know if in a mini case of the razor on money to get there if you're in a position where you can help the team come that you should but anyway we go all over the world helping with one-month courses and fan when we look for people during that time that were the most serious and invite them that they like this to join someplace over doing a six-month training so like when we were in India a year ago January the roof of the weather today there in Indonesia but a year ago January we had ten teams go out mostly from North America for nineteen forty people went to India to ten different locations within one month training schools for multiple young people using thirty forty fifty of the class that then we we sorted out the seriousness not serious and we said that you can apply if you like to go to a six month course and we went from ten schools to in two different parts of anything we can't support the stain teachers for so many months and so many locations just for a few people so we chose the best and offer them to come to where we had some training centers orphanages of the self-supporting conditions and that's overdoing it our goal is through these steps to ultimately help those people who proven themselves out we get to know the money several different levels to be able to establish in their own country of permanent medical missionary training school and sanitary that's our long-range goal okay delight in preparing high-quality materials for teaching in the six-month course of the one-month course has now put all of their material online as well and it's available of my correspondence so either one either why would our office are building for allied is on the Wildwood campus we work very closely with the College of health evangelism that the director of light was the former director of the college about financials so either way to get good materials well Wildwood runs a sanitarium and trains young people all along without either were consented to go back to old churches as health of their procedures and medical missionaries article on with further training you let the light courses is actually a kind of the Marine Corps type people they are googling out into different localities around the world and in with the new estates in Canada where we find a focused interest with where women to connect with you to go out and to docusate called something like course I got three or four people interested captive but if you can organize a course is twelve or more students a minimum of these twelve overview could commit for months training then we would work with you to come to that location and put on a training course usually fortunate for teachers yet to find a place to sleep and be done on paper and they will do training at law were training people to be basic medical missionary workers left the medical history course they learned hydrotherapy they learn full body massage the six-month courses are less than that of the one-month course they learn in the one-month course or both how to do the health Expo they put one on during that period of time they do a lot in the one month program it's really it helps us to get somebody partially trained what helps is to identify the most serious to go into the six-month training program is underneath the different things that God is doing to help an office together with this medical mystery theme we need thousands of medical missionaries and this is our free weekly the Lord started oppressing with this need several years ago I argued for a long time to support the church is supposed to do this why should I do this you know the church is most days I know I know but it never the other busy with other stuff well that was before Elder Wilson came and without all that we sizzle timely reading overlapping and complementing each other this course is fundamental to anyone lifestyle centers not enough but is it some it's kind of like yeah you know when you learn to fly a plane you first learn to fly the plane just in daylight then later on you take instrument training sleep late at night the medical mission course for six months as daylight training it gets you to get the airplane off the ground safely and at least get introduced to it if you than actually going to running a lifestyle center that I would say from after that foundational course then go spend six months volunteering at someone else's lifestyle center and shadow them and everything then you will run the lifestyle center is if you're if you have the gift you be able to run you cannot do this stuff by two week visit in or drop in the different lifestyles and is good we mark the day go to Wildwood for day you get you get the whiff of air like spelling of creampuff you know but you don't know how to run it you really have to go and live with them for a while and watch what patients go through what the staff go through working with some of the patients seen how they prayed two different things you just you have to experience it centered framework is one of the hardest things to do in all the world and that's part of the reason the adventure doesn't do it so much like we used to the understand we got in the hospitals and so the sanitary we were counsel presented during what's an emphasis of the Senate health its prevention is prevention with an and natural remedies what's the emphasis of a hospital care are art and medicine webpages more hospitals where are wary of final Dennis in a hospital okay now you say why I so sanitary work is if you want to people are going to send a dream you never make any money you can't afford to charge what it's worth are the people can afford to come so you have to the sacrificial if you are not sacrificial it won't work that's the whole thing is when the church tries to run something like a sanitary and it doesn't work as a café regular wages and make it work it just doesn't work is to hands-on it takes approximately one person one staff person for every patient if you don't have a twelve that Senator imitates twelve people now it takes about because is so labor intensive it's the most rewarding it's the most rewarding resellers and all right time for the biggest of the recipes and up to three more minutes and then will that have a massage break another finishes up for today tomorrow morning we have four more hours only so tomorrow morning the jogging shoes on because mentally we got to move quickly you look to the screening equipment I need to teach you how to do that exercise step test and is and some of you I need to find the ones that can handle that because it's very precise timing to make that work others of you we need to polish it up on the size for the Expo tomorrow afternoon to understand from three to seven they told people to come and we heard today that they've already got two hundred fifty that they know of outside of our group I prepared for two hundred and I don't know that they already come to the Expo I hope they do but we had a problem design printer for two hundred below see I can only split so many people through anyway so I think this will work out all right but I need I need about five five or so ladies and three guys that will make massage her specialty tomorrow see this will help people set up on the thunder run the computer on the something to the step this Sunday due in the body fat scale will divide up your Google practice everything tomorrow morning but then will decide who's on what part of the team okay seventy five and a nice experience a new biblical knowing that you've been a part of okay yes Bartlett what was around five thousand oh well it's you yes that's true well it brings in the it brings in the thinking people who are aware of what a doctor grunted Doctor can do it is just a screening ceiling check back and see how you look at your private arteries and so you you you be sure to get one if you can have okay seminars are preventive medicine topics simple remedies cooking classes are the most popular musical about an hour long a good idea to make a program where interesting is that the lecture time that this is just a suggestion what the memory that I get the whole thing on a stick of sometimes if you don't have read English speaker in your church honey physicians are in the room one two three four sometimes you guys elicit from that sometimes positions archivist speaker some physicians just don't carry an interest in these four probably do okay but the father here but I've had I been in trouble sometimes with professional people who don't know how to talk just put it a language that draws people in and makes actually explain it okay so energy and most churches reside set this up your is not to be negative on our physicians are just reality you think about it and an end so if you get you know your people nurture community physicians and I have one position of my my church I will never asked to give a lecture because he's kind of a ADH something another and he goes he goes over all your run at fifty topics trying to hit the one and that if it doesn't work and so I just can't ask them to leave the noise what these humble about it you come in and be supportive to me but I don't turn over to him I wouldn't be able to crowd but anyway maybe I can give them five minutes on something if we could divide it up with a few people who are able to carry a topic so you might have to retrieve you doing something but each one of you polished and what you prepared for that just a suggestion rather than as an additional person the whole thing left with you that's swinging to take a few minutes and then divided up a little bit I don't we don't need a lot of detail there we have a moderator that can make some transitions so this is just adding the idea if you'd like writing syndicate your notes well him him I thought the typical schedule depends on you know what country are and how your protein at we were trying to illustrate here with the chart but it's an engineer manual I did get your chart that shows a theoretical situation action one that we did before and where you you have your your health classes first the transition gradually when the help into the combination in and eventually as to the evangelistic series so you start with your health Expo some health classes for a few days are like Natalie for a few nights and then into your evangelistic series gets a health expo going during the first week especially on weekdays what is hard to get people to come out keep it going some people will come and maybe go to the screening and then go to the evangelistic meeting and then drop it off once you've is the interest is satisfied on that part of it and just get people coming the evening meeting is we do that we don't we go both ways it's it depends now if I'm divine intent team for them to come back from the whole weekend I make it hard for him to get through it one night purposely because I want them to come back more than once so I limited to but our and just say folks you will get through the night but will get you by tomorrow night of his other times were liquidated on Sunday afternoon for the latter to all get them all the way through and I'm on using at that time that's a leg up most of the assignment using that program too perfect to send them forward to my follow-up programs a week from now in ten days from now that's because I generally do it that way the longer cycle and work with the people rather than the Expo in the foyer and into the meeting that night so it but both were pictures of the path you better have a good speaker if you transition from the foyer into the main hall you need to have a good speaker that you know already command your attention this how can remember that the drawing I had up here to help X will started it than the last it was the evangelism will bring that last time at the end of the year of all these health programs we still do a health expo at the convention center the night that you speak that the evangelists of speaking just to give it extra push as well for the extra bonus there I think were pretty well there announcements okay if you are going to push people into the evening meeting you start warning that that there's only a certain amount of time left before you close down our life is a long line at a particular station like the health aid station you tell people just turn in your your your question here of questionnaire while you're in the media will go ahead run into the computer and stop in and see us afterwards and they have to stay for the meeting so they come back to me they get information about to the oven and then you can have time to counsel them and spent some time with them as well and asked them what they thought of the evening meeting as well on special considerations saw support all three stations close on time you get sometimes somebody running a certain booth and they want to be here Roy and stable I think everybody know you want to do that we stopped at a certain time because our goal is to go into the meeting so I tell myself you want to stop to get the people to meet you going with that with all going to the meetings and just as good I mentioned the help pages for one is actually close it down and put them it is afterwards of the of the I mentioned to use the foyer doing data from a lot of lot of auditoriums have a nice big open foyer and so we had a time we were in a different part of Romania one-time intruder in the Transylvania Valley for Moorish and the conference there could not find a place that they wanted so bad to use a certain public building for the Expo that everybody in town knew about and it was a good one but it wasn't available for the evangelistic series but if they but the venue the church was just two blocks away and so they determine to go ahead and get the people to get warmed up in the Expo and then come on over the meetings that normally in Romania at that time they would a transition fine from a foyer into the auditorium but we lost seventy five percent of them try to get into blocks down the street and I and I warn them that that's what you let people out the door route the door and sorry but that's just the way we are and so they don't have a burden to go that far anyway is that it was so far away just they did really they were sold online on evangelistic series if it's if they trip over getting out the door they don't mind trying it out a little bit it's right there just to say so it should be the same building that's the point were trying to make for so that's basically singling review some pretty crowded hallways into our Expo what if this really skinny you know we generally set up an infinite rectangle doesn't have to be every single file where you have is the reason we had that one place in Russia we decided for them all one after the other and then the people to squeeze down a ruckus it wasn't very deep network find the lake they start at one and finished at the other end in going to the auditory network okay Citigroup already are you ready okay I better go ahead and switch over now all I'll stop here and will use the rest of her time to do the decisive turn turned yearbook and in your book I might just mention how we organize the the first section before that that is what we call the manual and that's on our website and you can download anytime you want for free as a PDF form or should get a nice printed copy what you what you don't get the download conveniently packaged together is the first step behind the first adventure handouts to be printed and quantity these are just different things that we use a lot of it at the different stations so that you've got a master copy here take it out here book will give copy machine is expecting other people to Expo copying a hundred times each of these you're going to use them at different stations the third section the second tab behind it is screening instruction form for staff only this should give you make just a couple of each one for your team but it which wanted it so if you got ten people doing massage you want to copy the list of the antistress chair massage ten times I like to put it front and back so that I can have it on my table on one piece of paper and just flip it over have to be into pieces and so there's other things in here that you will use them were used tomorrow they Harvard step test how to do that how to interpret it as their I think the people meter church should be there hi Charlotte here's your people meter will get in tomorrow morning and the other somewhat to bring in the back I've got I got two samples for you by the way in the back of here of what our health talks are like that some of several you referred to the abundant living health nugget series is a series of fifty one talks we have them in English French German Spanish many different languages there beautifully illustrated we used ten of us and help educators and positions to write these health lectures we peer-reviewed them all there scientifically balanced on heart disease cancer how exercise why breakfast important is a wide variety happened over here from Western countries and half are geared for very poor underdeveloped countries where there is malaria in and of sanitation problems for the village beautiful talk sooner on on both levels and soul of you have of example here of the Gouda why we need to have a good breakfast and then you also have another sample of one of the village talks on child nutrition and so those are available we have those on this on PowerPoint cities and out all I can give you prices of your pricing on our tomorrow on what those are like when you when you're trying to work with the public after after you have your exporter looking for material used for health talks to help others could be a real help to you we also have on our website some new talks the health nuggets were designed originally to be used in conjunction with an evangelist so he gets it only takes a half hour forty five minutes for his talking can't afford to give you that much time as the health educators you get ten or fifteen minutes south of these were designed for a therapist there text editable so you can take any of the slides you that I give you in this series and you can actually change it but new information with it and you can add delete slides heights life is very very flexible and make it your own but to get you started and then on the CDR all the scripts so that it at with a thumbnail picture so when you print the script the picture on with every paragraph of what you're supposed to say and then of course he see the pictures on the screen while you could give the talk or you can modify if you want to that's that should be what it shows right there you the help .com is look on the health topics have a health expo materials may have health thoughts on there as well and were writing some new ones are just now working on one of diabetes and of the all brand-new illustrations and the most up-to-date information that should be available soon in like nine ninety five the peace you know a few my packages is not a lot of money to get good help okay let's get together and the group up with software massage who want a practice would like to get comfortable doing this comfortable enjoying at the comfortable doing it if you turn your Cisco turn your seat sideways and find a partner will have much time left glad to find a partner and out video get you going this media was produced by hummingbirds routing and eighty Councilman and you would like to learn more about the NAV him please visit www. and hang a health song .com or you would like I was more green online sermons please visit www. audio verse is on board


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