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NAD Health Summit Devotional - Monday

Allan Handysides


Allan Handysides

Director, Health Ministries, General Conference



  • January 30, 2012
    8:00 AM
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Paul when he wrote to the Corinthians he says limited investment chapter two verse two for I determined not to know anything among you say that Jesus Christ and him crucified this morning I want to talk to you about Jesus Christ the Alpha and the Omega I want to talk and to you about the person of Jesus Christ I want to talk to you about the power of Jesus Christ I want to talk to about the applet of Jesus Christ and I want to talk about the process of his healing ministry is about hits gracious father in heaven before I dare to even open my mouth to speak I seek that life that is Christ Jesus to be amongst us to invigorate to give us strength and to bless us this morning I pray in your name amen despite the fact that we talk about abundant life we joke about life there are many who live their lives in quiet desperation there are many who seek to find meaning in life and instead live a tortuous tormenting existence sure they have that drive for self-preservation but sometimes they use utilizing in perverse and self-destructive ways I see that I have two speakers here I forgot that I had one already like I said using one of my head going to live this one down perhaps if those are controlling the speaker can do that then I don't need thank you in my career as an obstetrician I did have a career 's pediatrician in my career is not sufficient but by best calculations I think I have delivered in excess of seven thousand babies that's a lot of babies beautiful me it was unlocked of babies but you see I stuck to draw young and I delivered lots of babies in Africa Europe and here in North America delivering a baby is a wonderful experience a child is born and the baby cries and the mother feels so wonderful enough although sometimes even we bench and he holds that any edits are wonderful wonderful experience but that child that gift of grace is born into a well expected I'm on gracious will the often born to Philip Yancey says into a well up on rice sometimes a child is born looking perfectly normal only to go blue as it begins to breathe and we realized there is a cardiac sometimes as the baby is in the gnashing we begin to see that there's a neurological problem I've illuminated babies heads in a darkroom with a bright light in seeing the whole hand glow like a lightbulb when there's been a porn 's account access and the brain is just a perhaps one of the census says the situation is when a baby is born on one tape this world of grace there was such a person born to married mother on touched by her mother 's hands in fact I see by the amount that she was taken to the Nestlé and adopted to two people who really but as fate would have it these two adoptive parents both died and the little baby and was given into the kid of an eye willing grandmother while she was a Christian so she sort the security but she really treated that child with great harsh discipline the Christian people sometimes on school and hot and that child left the home and went downtown to the city of Toronto and found some people go apparently with a detective they took care of that by taking them out in NSB is used created a into a crack at it they then were able to take her life and track occur in prostitution I didn't know this window first into my office she came in because she was pregnant deliverables of babies and it worked out but she came into my office and there she was and I was talking and I make small talk and she had a denim jacket in those days they used to babies didn't change with all kinds of stuff on there that was the fashion startled and you've got a jacket with lots of stunts on a tangent and she looked at me and testing my tolerance that's what she was due to testing my tolerance she said yeah I she still is she watching your expression is to see how he'll react to such a thing but you must have found that I have practiced enough self composure that she sure no condemnation so when IR stresses the deal work she said yes I will watch your job I'm a polka she must like our office you see it's the greatness behind the doctor and that made our office attractive because she kept coming to care of for many years to get and I would talk to incentive jail one day they go to find your body and with each throat cut in a stairwell what are you going to do about this note I have to support my habit should include eventually she realized that she needed to somehow get them on this addiction and she loaned out of town and I thought Gail has moved out I won't ever see her again until one day the telephone rang and she said my husband husband of course my husband to have today's and so my wife said in which I checked around and I found that she actually was HIV free and so that being the case I talked to her advised her about protection and she went back home and that November a frantic telephone she was waiting on the ship to my wife and I think I the problem is one of the evangelical Christmas and Justin and I thought I see if I got next application contains me I wondered how my children don't worry about it said the right nurse who's behind the good Doctor will take care of it and so it was that we found ourselves with bicycles skateboards skates crash helmets which God bicycles that fresh outfit for gang and shopping for each of the children and want God to join Turkey to the kitchen and you think that she should clear your mind this woman so we're going to take her turkey we went into the house and as we went into the house I was amazed because it was a small little house at the particular copy fit through the doorway let alone into the back it was so it had been spent hours it was so clean we won't all these friends we had to take both our cause in order to them to carry this up with portal of this in the children's eyes being like sources as they looked at the Christmas presents wow this was going to be a real Christmas was shut it was going to be a wonderful she showed me a spotless kitchen the lovely adventures of say the children in my bedroom and she then started to take up the stairway eyesore a photographic picture of the ravages of a foot ass fan named in his honor that was a person will a single shopping will try one of these beautiful body but as we progress up the stack case I saw the decline and isolate the misery until finally there was at the top a bunch of human bone was dressed in human skin was great going ties staring out from the chair the wasted body off the best while common-law that she said a cash before he and she took me into the small bedrooms of the children and then she took me she took me out and disposition into the bedroom of the Hulk and SS Thursday she said this is my fax I was so good that the greatness bus with me and at least there I looked around the room and I said this is beautiful down you've got your house looking seven and on Zyprexa was a wooden box she pointed wooden box and she said that same God say I don't love you begin to see emotion welling up in jail to start to run down her face and I put my arms around his children I suggest you must've really left him and she said he's the only one who's ever really that's the cognition of the well today so many people will I I I I living lives when they don't know who cash for them living lives that are the result of scene what a sorry sorry sight must be gotten of the when the Savior change means when Adam and King now they had been set but he still came still kept the point because Jesus still not after they were commented I see a new nakedness they were trying to hide themselves in the bushes had a voice called Adam and why did you pride yourself because you realize to manage in the hospital that is as I think the knowing on the future what was God going to do for them but praise the Lord Jesus Christ had been slain from the foundation of the world four hundred and fourteen he was willing to meet them even in the form of the state even though he had to pronounce on the wages of sin is argument of text the wages of sin is death you could even find that it's going on Romans two chapter twenty three I have read just to chapter twenty three the cost Romans chapter two twenty four say being justified freely by his grace through the recent redemption that is in Christ Jesus that my friends is the message of health ministry that is the message of every ministry that no matter how miserable we might be know how matter how wretched we can beat no matter how we have fallen it like that we feel that we can only find somebody to love us amongst the crowd will also Richard the messages that the team of Jesus Christ loves and he loves you and he loves me a few weeks ago my telephone rang it was the nicest and she says is a gentleman here from a research institute researching longevity and they want to know when the Adventist church supports research and longevity icicle on the phone I sent him he was report on Joey Schillinger for women promoting longevity should do you think the people in a hundred years hundred yeah yeah we went from people living for a hundred just to watch about two hundred yet I have no problem we would support that because you want to find Methuselah Palin and nine hot Asian was Methuselah yeah is it all right if elected nine hundred one sound money living room to house and should you know we are doing all kinds of genetic research we can do kinds of gene transfer would you object support I don't know with a conscience would support your genetic manipulations to live to a thousand years that we tell you the I going to live firing frantically and because I believe Jesus is my CV or resume this conversation because it highlights the growing it highlights the difference between me living for eternity in Jesus Christ and somebody attempting to live for a thousand years through genetic engineering now we don't talk about genetic engineering sometimes we have a little bit of the mentality that we can perhaps people had to leave hundred and fifty years through what and how we can I was in such communication check in Canada Lake Ontario since then conditions right on the eastern side of the north shores of Lake Ontario and he said to me if we could only eat what I believe we could leave for costs will follow us you are repeating the same drive that Satan get into account not showing I than the garden was taken away the tree of life was removed we became we time we were going to die you see I sometimes wonder why we are so focused on process and I think that we have to be key we have to be there you can because Jesus said to the Pharisees he searched the Scriptures for it than you think you have eternal life and these are they which testify of me but you are not with to come to me that you may have I usually everything we do is important but only as it brings us to Jesus because in him is not we must not mistake the process has for the person it is in the question of Jesus Christ that we will now for a time at eight and then what do you will get this one lived to eighty three one link to eighty six like grandma Janet that lived a hundred and six and maybe grandma knows ninety four we don't know what gamers does it may if within ten years Adventist health if we gain the whole world but lose the Trinity and so I want to speak today about Jesus 's Jesus who became incarnate in the same flesh that he gave to add Jesus cobalt the slings and arrows the shame that this buy and an independent that people being despised everything they could thought upon reading it that Jesus and his healing ministry Mrs. White said there was no building in Judea but was capacious enough to hold the crowds who followed him this is true healing who followed him onto the hillsides and time of about ten to just see it I didn't touch it Christ be lifted up he will draw all men to him recently he thanks the message of Jesus ministry a few of the prescription for this is given to us by Jesus when he said Blessed are the poor in spirit what there is the kingdom of heaven it's strange that he would say Blessed are the poor in spirit why did he said Blessed are the poor in spirit because he knows that the holiday Pharisees weighing that tied in time and in common and in every that they grew looking down their noses haughtily at the first of the unit of the publicans and this is common to know that in that pride there was no ability to come sometimes I wonder why the Pharisees wanted to tie that is why they criticized the disciples for getting the house of a little bit of one old man's whatever it was when they take why would I shut critical of Jesus boat they said broke the Sabbath by doing good things unless that why was I so critical because that constant question why what must I do Jimmy say I'm the most convincing you are asking yourself what must I do to these that is the question that spells disaster because there is nothing you can do to be say it is but you seem to be poor in spirit means that we are humble enough to fax that you are generous and generous on the night I would think I could do my wife says I'm good as a gift the petitioned your terrible as a receiver you never want to take the gift and she said you know why you don't get it was a violent death while my wife and I have a cool receipt because the proud she said some of us to pray to the ground to accept the gift of grace and if we are to accept the gift of grace we are going to I come to the situation that we sang take me as I will I will await take me all about high blood pressure type blog I've got cancer he doesn't care the children that I'm HIV post I guess I haven't told you that because it's untrue yeah but I tell you that I see because I wanted to ask you this question but it's still fresh in your mind what was the first thought that came to your mind what if not how did he get it yeah this is a consistent challenging mission John Smith comes show regularly than mine of the human Pharisee await the viruses but what all Pharisees were always looking when somebody comes down the chance of a set of keywords and then I you said we don't realize that we can build the thing that help is at the gift of grace from a glorious God wants us to enjoy to the fullest extent possible is now broken society is resting his lobbyists action seeing the multitudes Jesus had come as Chevron then an effect when it wasn't a vegan meal in him them because he had come soon on then I health ministry must become a ministry of grace not judgment we've got to stop looking at each other and see what is doing what they do and instead when somebody is a design director said all I am so sorry I would greatly the love of God wouldn't recognize the new high seat we can only see the presence of God in a hot when we have reached in the Temple the Temple in Jerusalem to be a place for God was changed as often in the thinking of the people they no longer thought of it as the place where God dwells amongst the extent it became a building standing as an emblem of Judy asked them against the Roman oppressors through its gates they went and looked us at regarding with the Internet that sat gay marriage of the disciples because they were so human just like you and I have made possible by Christ didn't use celebrations of creation is chocked as you can debate the wellness of the full plate that Christ did not have a ministry of a lifestyle Christ is nice and we need to have this way of not impossible it is very important to read the text and jot decisions on chapter nine this one would agree with stored in the first before it says they took up stones to stone him and he hid himself from the top spot on the very next him as he lost by an quiche all my goodness maybe I can just imagine myself as Albigenses and other like somebody's got a broken bottle and holding it to implementing the applicant would find that it is intimidating because they held a bottle to front fitted with all the stones in the hot would be beating from you to explicitly document I would be really agitated and glad I was called to my body Jesus to the presence of the Holy Spirit in his life as he by the soul been blind from the disciples followed his gaze stopped and looked in with a question that you had in your mind I told God 's HIV question I sent coolest business boys Jesus certainly yet that the works of God should be reveal the works of God what what is the work of God since the fall of man the work of God has been to extend grace into every crevice of human existence to put race on the lips of every one of his followers to put grace into the hot in the minds and lives because and by what you say I'm not that not of yours 's house the time is come for health ministry to be such a rejoicing such a jubilant such a sound and hot rice plants exercise most about thousand five hundred and ninety six so far today that's not what it's about it's about Jesus and loving Jesus I want to arrange I sat up right and tell everyone and I wanted his precious gift that is given to want to extended in July like getting your life not judgmentally so Jesus spits on the ground and he takes a little of the month that comment she everything that they have walked on the thing that always useless and he applies it to those eyes as he applies it to the Jesus then said go to the pool of the Jews meaning and then blind man to imagine how the blind I began to speak that gap gap and all around him were the crowds of young people jumping around and Josh Lucas Jim zero they can't keep still you can see him I think I can't teach down to the change that was jumping around him all the way and some of them you know something which is the kids like he was cheeky this was enough it was just as apt as a blessing when you get the gift and curse is when you've been wanting to do that kind of man as he went along he said the children shouting at Rutgers ice manager José Holy Spirit when he started his face he assisted that went extinct in the game to be found himself being anyone is high in the month democracy was in the first and he saw was himself reflecting in the waters the grooves are now probably he was a disheveled man probably get it maybe it was couched that he had two brand-new shining I than Jesus the son for him to see himself as he really was because only when we realize we are seeing that so to see that the wages of sin is death and we appreciate but that is God is eternal life through Jesus Christ 's and this is life eternal that they may know the name is an health ministries we can talk about ten thousand steps a day it's all very good in administration we can talk about what kind of guy we think is best suited we can bring in the nutritionists and I hear them into my head is ill with old hockey the science is put before me all the time but I know I am persuaded that it is not die it is not exercise important though they are it is again that is one person of Jesus Christ and that we will find our it is in the person of Jesus Christ that we will find purpose it is in the person of Jesus Christ that we will find the process of health ministries Jesus and revelation speaking there to John speaking to us all he says I am the Alpha and the Omega it is any body the tote twenty of our ministry I hope you come to worship sacred you will get a deeper glimpse of this saving Jesus who will give us the power will give us the purpose who is the process of our ministry because without it is the gracious father in heaven we draw close today and spent the love of Jesus illuminate that we may see everything that we do the need to represent you that your glory maybe see and your works especially the books will be manifest for all to see her I pray for them to go this video was produced by bodybuilders including NAP health Summit if you would like to will I help someone please visit www. and I help song .com I was more green online sermons please visit www. audio verse is on board


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