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Engaging Youth in Health Outreach, Part 5

Duane McBride Gary Hopkins



  • January 28, 2012
    3:00 PM
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Walla Walla walked into our last session for this afternoon and what I do you remember our whole being Ms. what is it that helps make young people resulting it will to resist the temptations and all the things in life and I want to talk about religion which seemed like a reasonable thing to do on the Sabbath afternoon right so religion mouth I'm a child of the nineteen sixties and older than most of you here except the couple and done him in I have served on grant review committees for the national institutes of health since about nineteen seventy six back to him last yarder from the ethics of people at the nationalists and helped telling the guys serve one more year there was ethically allowed while Jan oh I know I'm not to keep track you guys invite me so high band for the rest of my life a series of preserving our national inches of health grant review committee can I serve so many years and nicer than I should have so now I'm serving on the Centers for Disease Control grant review committee meeting next month in Atlanta but what assay things that I let that that I have seen over my of your forty years of doing this arguing that it has all of you are not a new Gary Knight remember I had lying the nineteen sixties and time magazine God is dead rather than life I well there was a researcher by the name of Rodney Stark a very famous sociologist that I read in graduate schools about about ten years old the seventies now and hid that a longitudinal study in San Francisco delinquency and he was a good statistician a good empiricists have you found that young people who were involved in their in their church even if they are from bad neighborhoods there is less only puts a number likely stay in school is all this means nothing on God 's debt this just means that their parents watched some more nothing here really well he kept doing more and more studies and he kept finding faith religion made a difference and actually about fifteen years ago he became a devout Christian is this something is here that I am missing something is here it isn't just an artifact of portal supervision is just that some variable that you can be explained away he said there's something real and fake antihero to block out called the Verizon tried to Christianity was published about ten years ago Rodney Stark and done he really argued that Christianity emerged as a triumph of religion in the Roman Empire because it did a number of things most of which we talked about this morning you know in many pagan philosophies in concluding me the Old Testament Jewish approach was if you got sick you defended the gods member obligee his disciples said to him and the man at the pool of Bethesda what once seemed that he can do it or his parents that want to sit and how it was just being in this world yes just being in this world it's why we get sick your surveys we can think like that but dear friends of ours are older and Andrews on the husband got a got done on pancreatic cancer some of the people in the church after which is the to do that don't ever do know Jesus said it's not the sin he committed it's not his parents living in this world but nearly dazed when the pagan when the plane hit the cities are wrong the Christian state the Christians cared for the sick the Christians prayed with the sick the Christian state food and water to the sick you know what it injuring the plague during epidemics of influenza to bubonic plague a lot of death don't occur from the disease but for dehydration and starvation you don't drink you don't eat you die Christian said the babe Megan water to the sick and the type of Christianity Rodney Stark argues is really from those early days of caring for those the pagans ignored so how could you tell they were Christians by what they did for the community so faith is really important now unhappy all of nowhere Perdue David Williams anyone David Williams a very famous Harvard sociologist who is a Seventh-day Adventist David always played a major role in turning around how social sciences be able sciences look at faith and look at religion study after study of his around the world show that faith is protected that faith makes a difference it's not a statistical artifact the belief in God and active devotional life you make better cognitive choices making a rational choices better behavioral choices you'll get in trouble lot less likely faith makes a difference so if you look at David Williamson again Harvard sociologist Davison a lucky religion and sociology respectable again and every time I do grant reviews for the federal government there's always her puzzles to look at the role of the faith community in providing service learning opportunities improving the community and the role of faith in protection role of faith in recovery so it's it's it's it's how they think the David Williams is really quite quite important while organizing and by looking out at some date again covering it twenty five years that Gary and I collected the money at this colleges and brilliant alcohol member up thirty percent of them are young people are used out last year and one of the variables we look at Mister Re: why this is an I didn't put this site up there to the passing on I had a project of University of Miami from ninety five to two two thousand and one in the way I want to look at faith and church attendance among street heroin users who would've thought you know that one should look at religion among people who were injecting drugs three times a day on the streets of Miami anywhere for Miami but my eye other than thirteen years stone as a professor there and don't be out of the nastiness of health was just typing games there are I guess we should look a religious insurer at the question so we had the questions about you go to charge how important religion your life your belief in God your faith and after we discovered that about a third of the street drug users injecting drugs three times a day went to church every week Gordon thought now there is an interesting differences between those who went to church knows he did not now in ways that might surprise you the straight injecting drug users who are regular church were three times more likely to clean their needles before they shared them I was an important work that need what I just set the merits in addition Theophilus is exactly right they are thinking of others another was when they clean their needles they were sharing HIV you're exactly right so street drug users who you went to church cleaner needles before they start what about violent crimes if they do once you went to church every week and it more or less violent crimes a lot less exactly all types of crime a lot less I never got that article published the review because it is interesting to think of you think of street drug users going to church but about their debt on a very regular basis and they clean their needles a lot less crime a lot less violence so religion Mister Gary's say of religion is protective even among those you think it should be protective of religion is powerful and when I see them I had a research assistant they're very fine young woman was very prodded her she went from high school dropout all the way through Masters degree in the ten years you worked for me at Miami's repotted for it I should bother her because she lived in high-risk neighborhoods you are point thirties people go to church were humming of my church this enlightening should be very thankful they're hearing the gospel you may need help change our lives because of that and actually was the best predictors of you getting off street drug use is based it is religion there is a whole special issue of the journal drug issues published in two thousand nine that's devoted to the role of faith communities in recovery of Doug Longshore the author may those articles of faith community helps recovering but deliver slightly bit stranger it's a good point Faith and community belief in God even in our most awful times has that bit of protection in our lives and click cleaning needles of less violence if you can commit crimes you shop with you don't want people going in again good headlight for the review you go to church job with Bill Mott Colonel think that would work right let me talk about this the less a concept of a hit in one of your David Wayne faces pressing to intentionality in the in the social sciences intentionality is important to us what you intend to be member talked about commitment you know if you went if you're committed to a future I will be a doctrinal beauty teacher I'll be in pastor it means something what do intentionality of the remaining is that they are others in your ineptness school makes a difference if you intend to remain at Dennis Tony twenty five percent drink in the last year it is at now I don't tend remain ever seventy percent drinkable intentionality is important commitment to the others church is important for young people don't beginning our young people to commit to the church is asked very protective your reference talking almost three times the rate of alcohol use for those who said I don't really intend to remain at this note that intentionality is crucial while into a jug is important with this behavior is crucial young we can talk the talk with training walking the walk not one of the things we've we look at individual sciences is that what we publicly do we publicly do says a lot about us because you were taking a stand people see us people know where their young are we going to church while attend church nearly every week is out last year there were twenty five years of studies about twenty three percent said luck I'd venture generally catering last year if you didn't attend church new every week seventy two percent drink no Bible says don't presage the assembling of ourselves together think that's what this is site about Santos was interesting because if you want to start a school nearly every week even lower rates of bringing seventy three percent no forty three percent societal school is pretty powerful not involve the Sabbath school is really powerful again this is this is intentionality are unfair this is behavior I intend to remain apparatus I go to church nearly every week I noticed that the school very protective strong differences in the percent that drank a lecture and you knew this tobacco marijuana such a behavior alters out about the same while private devotions are a key part of Christianity part of our belief system we believe in a in a personal prayer life you know we don't believe just in the ritual of going to church saying a few prayers on weekends I think that's upon receipt it really is what we say and what we believe what we do in the privacy of our homes our rooms note Daniel on you women's of your Daniel prayed quietly we pray quietly we pray continuously personal emotions are important but what about personal emotions personal prayer several times a week again if you had person-to-person enticingly twenty two percent drank sitting five percent and in the last year read the Bible least weekly and very active forty percent is set I read the Bible weekly Dragon go out on the last week forty percent and did not if it comes in and the Internet forty eight percent is not so young personal devotions are very protective intentionality I intend to be a member the state community makes a real difference I can charge items out of school personal prayer read the Bible so our intentions are public behavior of personal devotions all make a difference now there's no more tables and in more data it is a positive relationship between religious belief and cessation of substance use a lot of our kids experiment note that Doctor Endres and all of my president is always says young people make this dumbest decisions nobody makes stupid decisions now there's a number of reasons you know that it were learning in in cognitive psychology and I mentioned last night I recall young faculty member who is a PhD and in and not neuropsychology and you know the Supreme Court has ruled United States you cannot execute someone for committing a crime under under eighteen that space-time neuroscience no matter how it have to be in the Old Testament in the young time of Jesus College B to be a member of the Sanhedrin there is in your thirties of a president I states in thirty two thirty five or something what is a reason for this we timed it intuitively now he knew it neuroscience like never some pain is not finished developing in all this neural connections until you can get toward thirty three the Supreme Court is a weekend that will not rip on capital punishment the Supreme Court is set then executed juvenile because their brains are working right the brains aren't finished cognitive development so young people make mistakes they take a drink they get in the wrong crowd they make mistakes but cessation is related to religion every variable that we've looked at from family disservice to mentoring to Faith is strongly related to the cessation of substance abuse as I noted it strongly related to recovery from substance abuse and doing better on in treatment programs no research letter consistently says in fact again the grant before when flowers are very further ashes of help I always got the religion grants bigger I get the guy who believes yelling and evaluated in the NHS like a lot of those grants but consistently if you are involved in your faith community you actually tend to show up for your appointments the treatment programs are more likely to get a job finish high school and clean urine 's not commit new crimes know you're involved in your faith community made a difference in a for number of reasons no summary explanation is sense of judgment that almost all religions have a sense there's a judgment from Islam to Hinduism and Buddhism Christianity that you know your faith makes you behave a little better because there's a strong sense of accountability don't want a stronger recovery programs author Ralph Cox anonymous has a strong sense of accountability so we tend to not use seasick we start recover better if we get seriously into it if you have a strong faith in a great talk on three this would Gerry brought up that we discovered Street drug uses Miami were better and better moral street drug users if they attended church that also reminds as member of the Thurlow Street drug use were in charge prematurely week those your pastors you don't know who's in your church you don't know who's in your church there are people there that you would be surprised what they do during the week now physical abusers in one importance right but twenty five percent so don't bid that the church is a place where sinners don't it isn't just a place for Saints is in place we all are sinners we all need the grace of God we should welcome everyone to church unit bothered my research assistant very devout Christian that may be her church there were street drug user and I said to be bothered they can't do there because look first of all we know they're more likely to get a treatment we know they were likely to better treatment we know even if they're not in treatment there behaving much more responsible way they're not infecting others with HIV are not engage in violent crimes think either their thank God as things turn reps now know and I don't know now what the things we pass over these these twenty five years of studies are done of substitution at those colleges don't know why why don't you use your what's going on you know the number one thing is commitment to Jesus Christ consistently year after year its commitment to Christ can serve your help is there and that's the all-important Minneapolis health messages is really a good thing because about forty four percent of the kids who were abusing substances did so because of leaders and help message they should the damage that their drugs do to your body but seventy percent commitment to Christ faith and fate commitment is really crucial to preventing substance used to making healthier choices they want to type show him we forget the integration of August that the help message and commitment to Christ we go together that last known as the top three on no I was showing us the survey says with a nutshell but I'm not I'm not as if the TV show family here I survey shows the survey show that the best reason for not using the top three reasons the top two reasons committed to Christ and several not creeping your parents these are college kids these are ten euros and we talked about the importance of parental bonding providing is crucial because for a quarter of the young people these are young adults aged eighteen to twenty two euros mostly at night creating your parents is a major motivation so that's why the health message with houses with talking about is really crucial our commitment to health is very protective and that's why this race I think of the administered charge is how our commitment to health helps us think more clearly helps us decide not to use substances engage in risk behavior now that one of the greatest message as we have in this world is our health message but also always was related to understand that our commitment to Christ in two thousand and nine on General conference health ministry 's department was invited to to partner with the World Health Organization and health education and prevention programs around the world and we were the first church that the World Health Organization invited into their world headquarters and was able to meet in their boardroom to strategize and work together and Gary and I were invited to participate I had a close a college friend from the University of Illinois in Chicago and he is on sabbatical the World Health Organization so I got there early before meeting and went to his office and talk to and at first he want to know what is I've never been invited the border how commandos get to go and now so I guess it could be respected he's a very devout Catholic goes to mass every morning very good but man very strong Christian him does we are talking about it and I supported people say here about why others were invited and Lisa Valdez a number of reasons I just hear informally he says first of all you worship physicians on the Internet first of all you said that he wanted that you are the only issues that only they are mostly Catholics are truly a great global church visit and integrate structure is in the problem with my churches but we don't really practice however it will he said you know we smoke we drink pretty heavily and we know we don't labor birth control you do any says that now they can partner with us well because our DVR core beliefs are core practices are not consistent with the World Health Organization 's mission yours are he says you know we learn here the world health of vegetarianism isn't that just a healthy thing that could save the planet job at the lots are some the biggest contributors to global warming you want to know all the methane gas emerges in the great feedlots of this world is a major source of water pollution and on fact I I cherished health department for nearly the greatest threats in the strains in our community or big farms know you get a rain and you just destroyed the creeks and rivers of our Southwest Michigan is the expert is not a lot of that stuff so you know he said your vegetarianism makes you really are not honored by the World Health Organization is that you is that you believe that Jesus feels you and you go to the best positions is the other conservative churches pray you don't go to position this as you believe that the Jesus stands and divans of the surgeon is more than proven you'd think there's a picture general conference that actually has to so you know our help message our commitment to Christ are our two biggest reasons for healthy behavior and they go together in there is an enormous witness by the end of first we invited into the headquarters of the World Health Organization to my colleagues into the world in our vegetarianism are smoking our health message was all a part of of the respect to the world has first you mean you this smoking was dangerous when physicians were still advertising for cigarette companies right now generally let's remember that but I can still remember a position I out and add state well for my patients to smoke I recommend Chesterfield 's own positions these datatypes ungulate and crutches it was true right we do see physicians advertise the cigarette comes wearing a white coat the stethoscope around her neck Sylvia 's churches health message has made a real difference in this world we were the control group insurance smoking killed knowing that at the self-study today were still part of part of that process the one hundred greatest witnesses to the world is our health message rights a white male possesses the ability to overcome the bad environment in in my situations in which we began by talking about accurate information base accuracy of information is crucial but it's not enough we talked about family bonding family bonding is so important you'll love our children member unconditional love it bonds it holds now self-esteem and sense of purpose no young people must have a sense of purpose the mentoring note the mentoring that the connection between responsible adults parents teachers youth leaders church members mentoring bonding tutoring connecting with know your names all the things we talked about the school 's community service we spent a long time this morning on the role of service and protection and in developing prosocial behavior and then say this is kind of all one package it needs to be integrated all-in-one package you know we must have the right knowledge the the scientific base running we can strengthen our families develop a strong sense of worth and purpose in our young people network know their names connect with them is our school is a community center in the church have the school after school activities again numbers five holdouts no doubt more misbehavior service in the community and a strong faith in all price together service commitment to Christ health message all ties together so what kind I have been learned over the last couple days the church families community network in recent things right on the out because it talked about Pathfinder programs we have some active newsgroups to make a difference families know the importance of dinners and bonding we need to build on these things and strengthening never forget that in dual income families with TVs and cell phones in the guy and I had it easy to Tutsis to forget about tomorrow I'm troubling track meet tomorrow ill at the church activities are important Pathfinder Scouting youth programs youth activities will be accepting home connecting use the teachers staff other adults member you can talk to for more adults hatcheries and half of high-risk behavior engage youth in service is very protective meets the needs of others changes you that last point really is important I think to remember if you remember all these data showed even if you did everything right loving family strong parental body go to church twenty times a day while we did Ms. Miller did I think I do not but remember even in the best you still had fourteen percent who drink out last year so nothing is perfect notes Satan committed the sin in the most perfect environment you can imagine having sold our environments are far less than heaven and so we know people make bad choices so you know we generally know that in the best environment were still no comparison problems but we affect the odds we encourage better choices and without substances you make better cognitive choices yellow date rape tends to occur under the implicit now the drugs no teen pregnancy occurs under the includes about one hundred brought in fact most crime occurs under the influence about one hundred rocks because we aren't thinking clearly when were drinking our cognitive processing is slow and I might amaze with my colleagues who drink the things they do when they drank the unbelievable in him the next morning don't feel bad that he will remember they did at her Senate but they get in trouble because of it on their unfortunate kind which I think I'm codependent is a not get back to the room without attacking him remarking them harassing and I am forsaking out colleagues will drink when I'm there because another state so not sure sometimes you know if I'm doing right day long I did talk with you casually back to my room and I'll be okay now but so we went we know that not all things work in the think is a bit of trouble so no independent protective so we never give up we always pray we recognize that young people come back note that the dire art are Steve's plan it will grow and there's a good probability that they'll come back with a great things about Academy high school reunions in my surprise that the kids came back I never thought would come back now my last we can create a graduation abroad which is now closed in the Illinois and few of us that live nearby gather every year more together more often but one of the kids she was always in trouble his nickname unravel and it wasn't just a nickname he wasn't from the South he was from Chicago we called Ron in fact he engaged in service when we are in the Academy done they always worried that we are facing when we were sick so the first day were exactly would be this they would go to school like that I recommend it with a wooden fetus well Robert used to break into the cafeteria and gather food for the sick okay he got in trouble for rebel also confess anything that was done now I hope Chris I'm sure your Academy this never happened but in my Academy of for example if someone put the sand in the Dean's car we all stand outside to someone confessed to each other that had to stand until some confesses I heard no we don't do that okay well yeah but rubble annoys him no insult in the faculty voted someone most likely be imprisoned they voted for him but he turned out well computer programmer for the American Medical Association Chicago very fine upstanding Christian guy we called rubble the faculty called rubble he broke had to feed a set of active interesting executive service if you break it up into second well I guess I was i.e. either I'm an asthmatic I was a very sickly child the doctor told my parents if I lived till twenty baby very fortunate I actually retreat out of throat closed and I can start real problems but they divide my doctor says and do well in young so I was sick a lot I would get bronchial asthma and they would let me revel fed me know he broken and badly yet I'm not sure how that all works of ethics and behavior lecture not your dad 's do that today also put it maker Betty Wood C Black teacher and another health apartment got a court order to make a liquidated know I did but we never give up were amazed at who got spirit works with some of the best circumstances things happen because of that they delayed because of parental bonding because of the teacher connecting with that young person they come back they come back so we have a number of references and again this will be available in Gary Nayar academics and why the note we published in the church journals administrate one of the main things that I would hope you would look for this is where Gary and I and others put this all together the medical Journal of Australia a evidence -based strategies for many high risk behaviors much of our talking from that and we hope that you enjoy that gets on my that young Gary and I were together funny or scary fifteen years and we've enjoy doing his research projects all over the world together and hopefully you learned a few things but maybe one of the main things that we learned is that adult churches to make a huge difference in the community now and then we should never get discouraged because not every kid turns out well we have to look at the lifetime approach it we have to look at the forty years in the future no kids who show up at the fortieth alumni reunion I didn't think Rob would show up and they do in their lives are different they changed some the wireless is Academy 's defense in the greatest church leaders and local community so we never give up we always pray remember that the Bible teaches one center on earth has existed Jesus would come and die for them so we never give up we always pray we always hope we always do we can to strengthen the work of the Holy Spirit and we know there's things we can do for family to church to community service unconditional love and bonding to engaging to knowing their names that's how we can make a difference and we leave it up to the Holy Spirit to work and bless our efforts to make a difference in the lives of young people and keeping them arranging them and remember that true this media was used by bodybuilders wanting anything else summoned if you would like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. and help someone .com or you would like to listen more bringing online sermons please visit www. audio reverse it on board


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