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Aaron's Investiture

Douglas Na'a



  • January 28, 2012
    10:00 AM
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him seven I've been hoping that once we can do better than that happy Sabbath and then hope it's good to be with you here again and I emphasize the word again because I is always on listening to the special music just a few minutes ago in but we think you fully beautiful song I was tremendously blessed by that and I began to just reminisce the last time I was here was four years ago going on five I believe and so was of two thousand and eight two thousand and eight yes two thousand and eight I was here and so it's very encouraging that saw four years later you come around and value see familiar faces and using new faces and it's just a and awesome privilege and inexperienced to be part of a group of young people was serious about the second coming of Jesus and also those who are young and hot soon someday godless you and may God keep you as as we do our part in this probable than the to prepare for the soon return of our Savior before we begin this afternoon this bow heads for a word of prayer in an eternal father in heaven we thank you once again for the blessed hope of you soon return furthermore we thank you for this beautiful Sabbath as we study a word speak to us guide us Holy Spirit teach us and bring things back to our remembrance as you have promised this is a humble prayer in Jesus name we pray amen this weekend as I was asked to come and speak to I've been hope again I began to ponder unlike in my mind what should I talk about and so I decided them when you talk about the century service last night with our something practical about how to have the mind of Christ in other words how to have the capital price a being the importance of having the character of Christ this morning of life was to go to a book that is often referred to as pretty woman and boring about the book of Leviticus I must confess with you this morning as you turn to the book of Leviticus that when I became a seventh day Adventist I did was want to ask I had in mind I did and Robin had been a single Methodist and I when I heard the advent message I I also heard that the ugliness people were known as people of the book remember the SOI determined in my mind am going to read the Bible from cover to cover from Genesis to Revelation and he had that desire one point in your life how he made that your New Year's resolution two thousand and twelve so I I have a design my mind is study or read the Bible from cover to cover the book of Genesis to Revelation and in my reading and my pondering of Scripture there were two portions of the Scriptures that I found absolutely boring manifesto began to wonder to myself why is that even here the first portion of Scripture in life it might endeavor to to study or read the book from Genesis to Revelation where the genealogies how many could resonate with me I went I became a spidering the genealogist for myself what's the big deal so-and-so begat so-and-so and so-and-so begat so-and-so is always made you couldn't even pronounce off or even say it aloud and and and so I determine in my mind that I'm sure the Bible says that all Richard is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine fully proved and that's including the genealogies and in my in my studies of the generalities I found the beauty of the genealogies is that the genealogies has some messianic meaning a points to Jesus it confirms that Jesus was actually a fulfillment of these genealogies bus when they come to the Gospels the reason why good there is in and to the genealogies you have no genealogies are the Jesus because Jesus had fulfilled the genealogies something beautiful it's something that's perceived as boring I remember a friend of mine who's a Posner he came to me one thing one day and he shared with me he showed me a visitation he had it was a young one of his members was was of was on his deathbed and his final wish was for the posture to come in and just be by his bedside and just be there with them as he breathes his last break and as the vote the member was lying there on the bed my pasta for invincible to miniseries like this was probably the most weirdest visitation of every experience no as positives you know we have formulated and now minds service passage of Scripture is the Seventh Circuit since omega was on was about to die you know the classic the classic book and chapter Psalm twenty three the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want you know that right but to his amazement when he came to the bedside office buying member the last request of the spine and was full of positive to read to them the genealogies Walter Hasidism Scriptures somehow this individual found comfort in the genealogies and soul could understand so he said he turns to the byline he began to read and so-and-so begat so-and-so and with everything that was pronounced that person lying on the deathbed just just closed his eyes and just kept reminiscing convulsing in the hospital is confused how to define a hold and comfort in something so the moment and boring and so and so begets on the Newton and so the apostle had sup 's apostle had some funny on skin and since certain warmth comfort and hope you find in the genealogies to watch the man replied to the apostate he says if can remember what all these names on so you must remember my name is and when the trumpet shall sound and the dead in Christ shall rise he popped the will call me by name and where you can look at it from a theological or messianic standpoints on soldiers confident hope in the genealogies amen something so boring can produce something exciting and comforting the other portion of Scripture in my endeavor to read the Bible from cover to cover that I found absolutely boring with the book of Leviticus how many could resonate Leviticus sides of Palma link to the book of Leviticus all of this glory live killing flying skinning a mean this is really hot Linda Saint Juliana Lackey to ring off its neck skin at all I take the blood put on the glory detailed stuff but it is my hope and my desire this evening this afternoon and and and later on this evening to bring up something beautiful in the book of Leviticus that's often perceived as boring in my couple of me to the book of Leviticus there are some things in my study that I found in the book of Leviticus that are interesting facts first of all the book of Leviticus has more direct speech from God than any other book in the Bible there is more direct communication between God and man in the book of Leviticus than any other book that probably tells me that if you desire a direct word from God consider the book of Leviticus there is more direct speech between God and man in the book of Leviticus than any other book in the Bible secondly in my studies of the book of Leviticus I found that that the book of Leviticus is at the hot of the Torah what can I say the heart of the tour but Florida simply the five books of the Bible of the five books that make up the foundation of the completeness of the Scriptures every other book in the Bible borrows its idea as far as its own language and is and it's and its closet from the Torah Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers and Deuteronomy these five books lay the foundation of the entire radio descriptions and live villages is right there in the hot although tomorrow there were two books before and there were two books off there it right there since then in the Torah is the book of Leviticus furthermore the heart of the book of Leviticus is Leviticus chapter sixteen which talks about the atonement thus one can safely conclude that probably the whole entirety of the Scriptures stands from the principles of the doctrine of the atonement in a seven-day Adventist Christians awaiting the return of our Savior living in this perilous times the atonement is a doctrine that we ought to be intimately acquainted with visit since October twenty second nineteen forty four the great high priest Jesus stepped into the most holy things and right now we are living in the acting typical day of atonement to write this smack back and looked Torah is the book of Leviticus the heart of the book of Leviticus is Leviticus chapter sixteen which refers to the atonement interesting facts about Leviticus that brings out the beauty of this once perceived boy will come with me to Leviticus chapter rate Leviticus the eighth chapter of life to begin this morning and if we have time we'll talk about the offerings I I mentioned last night that that this week I will talk about the five different offerings there are so many ways you could bring up a century to bring it up from the south of the salvific part of the century the prophetic part of the century but I will talk about the five offerings not mentioned in the sanctuary one would begin by the confirmation of all the priests the Levites what qualified him to be a priest why does this have significance for you and I today the Bible says that we are kings and priests unto God we had kings and pre- sponsor the farewell lessons in the confirmation of Ehrman to his priestly ministry that still apply to you and I today spiritually speaking Leviticus chapter eight beginning with verse six Leviticus the eighth chapter beginning with verse six the Bible says and most of us brought Aran and his sons and wash them with water and he put upon him but so and regarded him with the Journal and with the world that is bought upon them and he girded him with the curious girdle of the default and bounded onto him there was verse eight and he taught the breastplate upon them also important in the present rate though your and the thumb and then he put the minor upon his head also upon the minor even upon his forefront did he put the Golden plate the holy crown as the Lord and did Moses know don't pick up to verse six the Bible says that Moses brought Erin and his sons and wanted Moses do he washed Aron notice who does the washing Moses does the washing now this washing is a symbolic act a delivery but there a lot of soon well it means because we are kings and priests unto God the Bible teaches us that before Erin was to begin his ministerial mold in the holy place and in the most holy but it was imperative even his life depended on it that he was first to be watched if he wasn't watched he was automatically disqualified from being a priest in the sanctuary one cannot begin in ministerial role and seceding and went missing and ministering for God 's people and I'm giving up unless they had been watched by the blood of the unit automatically disqualified yourself if you have not had what Titus chapter three verse five to those washing of regeneration this watching by the Holy Spirit this very same concept is amplified in the book Revelation is washing before ministerial roles couples need to Revelation chapter one relations chapter one verse five and verse six notice the sequential order here all the profits on the hour penalties borrowers this washing this a washing principle from the sanctuary before one can begin to ministerial world they must first be washed notice what the Bible Saints first five ingredients and from Jesus Christ who is the faithful witness and the first be gone and all the big and the Prince saw the Kings on the earth unto hearing that the DOS and lots and washed us from our sins in his own brothers when Wallace 's John Powers upon the same to the same watching that Moses had to do for Aaron then he then sent John says on the one has been washed by the blood of the Lamb then what happens verse six then he has made us kings and walks priests unto God and his father that's a sanctuary language what you say and had to wash the watched before he began his ministerial role in the sensory lesson for you and I have even washed by the blood of Jesus they did have some here would probably die and leave all this washing what can wash my sins away nothing but the blood of Jesus what can make me whole again nothing but the blood of Jesus what you say this watching was imperative to come back to Leviticus chapter rate no as the detail you in verse six Leviticus chapter rate and verse six and Moses brought Arun and his sons and wash them with water not to be a priest the Bible teaches us you had to be between the age of twenty five and fifty Soviets weren't little children communities were growing men went weight when you are in the much older towards fifty you weren't really required to do the efficiently stuff it was more given suit into the young priest as a so Erin and his sons were between the ages the priest between twenty five and fifty the Bible says here that it was Moses who do I think most of us that have to wash Arun the Bible teaches us that the priests were not permitted to wash himself who did the washing Moses thus implying that the priests were forbidden to wash himself not because they had disability reasons I mean these will grow in Maine twenty five to fifty blog was trying to teach them a lesson that that this kind of share trading their time is as a result of watching was something that they themselves could not accomplish the priests were forbidden to wash themselves teaching them that this kind of watching this kind of purity is something they cannot do in their own strength someone else must do went for big this washing that we are all in behind the dog is watching and this purity this character cannot be a cannot be obtained by my all my power what he say not by might nor by power but by my spirit saith the law ingrained and thirty five and molecule nobody is over six thousand years posted there is nothing good enough to wash ourselves and that's what God was tried to teach the Levites always as had to do the washing the priests were forbidden to watch themselves thus taking in the lesson that this kind of purity this kind of righteousness and watching can only be accomplished by someone outside of ourselves but Jesus Christ what he sent come back to the book of Leviticus notice what the Bible says in verses seven to verse nine of this washing came the investiture the confirmation the clothing of arid notice we see the same principle in verses seven to verse nine the Bible reads and he put upon him the coat who is that he referring to again Aron was not permitted to even called himself and he put upon him the code and guarded in what the girl then closed them with the rope and put that you thought upon it and he turned upon them the curious girl of the E4 and bounded onto them there was and he Moses popped up briskly upon him that's an and Moses put in the breastplate the year-end and the thumb and any part the minor on his head also upon the minor even upon his forefront then he put the Golden plate the holy ground as who come on the as the Lord had commanded again we see might have ranged that Erin could not even close himself this clothing is symbolic of the righteousness of Jesus at this point of this whole and rested to Erin must stop for and how this and defendant the man couldn't even watch himself the man couldn't even call himself at this point it was the design of God to make parents feel totally dependent and helpless and it was a purposeful like God 's desire for parents who feel that way because that's the exact feeling that we must have if we had to be clover the righteousness of Jesus we must have a sense of drunkenness we must have a sense of total dependence on God we must have a sense of complete helplessness realizing there was nothing in us that can watch us all clothes it was the point in the design of God to make our and totally helpless and dependent on another being I desire to be closed by the righteousness of Jesus amen not by might nor by power but by my spirit saith the Lord Aron must feel totally dependent on his last for this righteousness is go back to the book of Leviticus is beautiful inside the book so considered so boring amen Leviticus notice for the Bible says jump over to verse twenty two I find this ritual is a hasta arrant was closed after Arun was washed then comes the ram of consecration remember there is relevance for this for you and I today we had been court kings and priests unto God we are by the grace of God the errands today what you say this chapter twenty two sorry chapter eight versus twenty two down to twenty four the Bible says and he brought the other RAM and the RAM of consecration and our and his sons laid their hands upon the head of the ram verse twenty three and he slew it and Moses spoke out the blood and put it upon the tip of Arians right here and upon the thumb of his right hand and upon the great toe of his right foot verse twenty four the Bible says and received broad average sons and Moses put the blood upon the tip of their right year and upon the thumbs on the right hands and abundant upon the great toes of their right feet and Moses sprinkled the blood where folks upon the altar very bizarre ritual is in it for me of you today before you go to church let's have a devil of man's blood on your year and if done on the rights of the Bible teaches us that by applying this blog to the right ear symbolized that that particular body of a particular member of the body no longer belongs to a parent but belongs to God when you look in the components and look at the word here it is mention approximately one hundred and eighteen times and many times in the Bible and often refers to get going here to Michael Mann and solo hockey and I'm here on my words and/or the design of God nor the desire of God for that you all these priests to hear the call my mental blog and also listen to any evil particular body member of your body no longer belongs to evil but belongs to God Hill is more akin to to Hawkins a local monuments and the voice of God not to listen to people there are certain things and then hold that the Bible teaches us from the book of Leviticus that we must suck out he used to a member as I mentioned last night the battle the great controversy is the beveled online who has allegiance over online and Satan are often used out in years as an avenue into a mine there are certain kinds of music that we should be listening to what he say we must also close up views to gossip and rumors for by beholding we become changed that year must be consecrated to hear the voice and the combines a little furthermore the Bible says that his son which is found in the hand was to be consecrated we all know in the Bible that I'll hand is often symbolical action what is it symbolized it is often symbolic for action or allow acts must be righteous in the sight of God what you say furthermore I'll see how feed our right so must be damned with the blood of Jesus there are certain places young people we should be going to this case is all feeds soon not be taking us to what you say we must be about God 's business we must be going about God 's work genes and priests unto God with me to the book of Leviticus Leviticus chapter one Leviticus chapter one once Aron had been consecrated once Aron had been watched he had been called then the Bible says is right you had brought his abuse of his wife Fountainhead but now his feet was consecrated now as it was confirmed and qualified to be a priest in the sanctuary has your right ear and consecrated as your white foam and consecrated are you doing about God 's errands will feel feet have you been watched this washing over the generation do you feel totally helpless and dependent not on your own strength not an old pal but in the righteousness of Jesus once you have gone through this whole ordeal and it may be humiliating at times it meant just like Ellen must've felt humiliated as a grown man for someone else to watch into the Bible says the note Moses had to put the miter upon this is forefront of an agreement with his own had on a man total dependence on God once you have gone through this investiture of this ritual then the Bible say 's he had been made a king and priest unto me I desire to be a priest forgot how much it consecrate my ear old Lord what you say consecrate my thumb consecrate my whole body wash to me claims me covered me with your righteousness in such a bizarre this morning I desire to be a priest forgot to spell his foreword to print great and everlasting muster in heaven like Erin we desired to be consecrated takeout eaters may have used be used to pop into your components into your voice not to hop into anything that's evil take a whole action outworked stepfather may be pleasing in your sight maybe with all things may we tread the path of righteousness we go about doing your errands may we be found therefore the male fee take us to the places that are pleasing to you wash us all father for there is no good thing in us there was no power in us to even wash ourselves today we come to visual people totally helpless totally dependent for you to cover us and told us with your character as we prepare for you soon return this is a humble prayer in Jesus name we pray that everybody say amen and amen


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