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Tools for Soul-Winning Health Expos, Part 5

Charles Cleveland



  • January 29, 2012
    8:30 AM
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when you have a standard screening stations infestation is made up of Google matters that is the pair there is a half-and-half that nutrition sunshine that you put two together maybe flat behind alongside each other a little bit above the and then it makes just it makes us a nice backdrop for us the age PlayStation should be arranged in a way that notices that facilitates the flow of the large number of people some must take into account the physical characteristics of all nineties my older banners here that we were doing one time in Portugal and their district together to spread around with what the other medical walk-in this door will use this room and two more behind us so you walk in the store Phoebe will give him a personal record and a nickel right over here and again to get their height and their weight in the neighborhood on and get their blood pressure they just go around the room going to the various stations that's the common way that we normally would or would arrange things here now arrange things in a way that facilitates the flow I like to I purposely did not put on these banners on and for nutrition in an S for sunshine and try to make the banners be an acronym of themselves like they do with creation they have the sea very prominently you have to put their banners in that order always art won't spell creation of my philosophy is people don't care about some of these labels they want the Apple ply not the label is it unsafe I I want to be able to put the banners where are the less I like sunshine I want to have sunshine fairly early in my process because I want their blood pressure before I exercise them on the step test does not make sense okay but if I did knew started the nutrition and then in the exercise and that it would be water and hasn't to be sunshine and I've already gotten an jogging for three minutes on that big step so that's why I like it that way another thing I like it that way is I want you to be free to feel like you're not limited to any you can start with temperance first if you want to work any of them it won't matter so we want flexibility again is not a criticism they have with the other weights it's pretty but I've minor very function will that way okay now let's look at the order of things Odyssey are we have two diagrams here and there almost the same but the one where money used today is this one which is the basic and the difference in the basic and the pluses just what the new blood screening the plus is doing glucose and/or cholesterol screening which just means you have another table okay that is not extra banner for it it is working out to the put it with something rather tables so in the plus program it just means one more space and you're going to put the new to the whether you just glucose are you due to just cholesterol no less answer the financial question that came up the other day on finances as I like to offer the Expo for free it looks good in the papers you get more PSA 's that way and so forth but was that I pay for no anonymity cost anything would be if you do blood screening it costs about if I says the dollar the new glucose does the Bible strips nude and get them at Walmart target or any place you want to go to drug supply company to get them cholesterol is a whole different thing using to have to order them from some company and I and in your manual you we given a reference to the company that we've used before but you know it every doesn't matter that the important thing about my cholesterol strips is worried I get some more later if you buy a cholesterol machine a little little screening machine to do just total cholesterol is about a hundred save five hundred dollars and you own it the last three years then you get the strips that go into the machine but the problem is they only have six months longevity another out of date so you got an event to be prophetic to see how many you need I and so get approximately to the several wasted and not get caught with an extra supply you could say on your brochure cholesterol screening free for the first fifty people or the first hundred people and a hundred dissidents and it's only half not apologize you could by the way out then but still low-cholesterol stoves about three dollars each to and after three dollars zero three or four dollars investment in glucose and cholesterol art how to pay for glucose well quite often your home health people OR your community nurses for the county have this equipment and some budget and if you invite them to join you they may come in a dispute free live they will do it for free they come and help you they don't charge so get them to come into glucose you might get a local hospital to the cholesterol to try and look around but if you end up with it hello recently that all that I had the doctor came to me one of my doctors that even a new cholesterol as well have been decided yet I don't know how to pay for uses get it don't tell anyone I'll pay for it on he says I do I want them to have cholesterol is great with the so I got the cholesterol situated another way I do it is I put in the brochure everything is free except glucose I mean except cholesterol and then it's just no basic costs three dollars yes well you can do it either way but of course the best as fast as we suggest they come fasting what you get infinite given just the media for the ready you that is not IDSA for glucose are did you mean glucose cholesterol is not the cholesterol is not a problem but the environment is a glucose is yes right you write it out using my but then you can't advertise everything three so you will have to clarify that point that's fine yes yes that's Isaiah view I always ask your local people and that's why it's so important that you have a good relationship with the accounting people that inure in your county gets are you I I I thought it was in the book you not seen it always not in the supply page know if his mentors omers in the text in the manual up in the front and an irregular manual where I are other supplies there's a company called test medical that's probably where I would suggest you go and it is mentioned there this account they call tests medical and if you Google then you'll get them test medical I think there in Maryland or someplace in the East Coast there are very good company they have they have all they have the simple machine a complex machine anything and scripts and a very nice to work with you and so they were they would help you test medical Italy is to recommend a certain brand but we haven't use that ran for years so I don't hope is still a good Accu check is what we used to use but I don't do it so much anymore I is getting it out and that's the other thing I will talk about the finances so you can everything is just asking for donation and just let them put something in and then you know you're only out a few dollars the other thing is then you go to consider the legality of it now people are more more concerned and health departments were concerned about public blood sticking and so on the simple countries that don't want you to the public and medicament the lab and do it but in our country is still pretty much the public but you need to have proper disposals for those the sticks and everything has to be done carefully so I always would like to find a lab tech in the church that would do it our nurses used to doing it and they can borrow the hospital that the the the little red bucket you know and the sharks think and bring something like that make proper preparation and find out if your state has any restrictions or you can again find that out in the county health department if there is any issue with that well Paul where do you all were doing this is making very very clear to them that they need to they need to see a physician immediately that's that's all screening can do anyway okay yes I believe that I bless her something in a you I don't know what to tell you that as a defense in the country that you live I suppose Latin America to schoolyard they have to do something you better go to ER you got your blood sugar sale for fifty to get there right away in the eye guess that's what you could tell they can't turn you down by the way I'll jumped another example on charging we were in Honduras so we were doing these health expos in nine locations weird and health Expo simultaneously and the week we told the pastors as we were preparing for this that we would need to charge for them that we didn't have budget to pay for hundreds and hundreds of your nine locations and so they set all brother please find a way to pay for with paper everything are ready to work for the rich Americans enough please brother find a way to pay for this I said than sorry where in hell I say what people have a choice that you have they can get ranked for free but if they really want up on screen that part is that they pay for I don't know that our people can afford we couldn't it was funny it was a fascist water for free everybody favored on requested it it was not a problem to help the people and not one person got mad at me as an old three dollars above two dollars back then you know it just wasn't a problem not everybody that it is most people dead and they came up with their two dollars work and were happy to do it because for them it was not as common to get it done artists get into some practice now of how you set up a room you have a diagram in your manual right each of the these diagrams so I is in a Goldberg just see if you have questions you want to set up a room I don't care aromas round or oblong arc rectangular most of murder in the classroom rectangular but you got I have control you don't want to be a circus where they can come in any direction right you want to have a mammoth entrance so we have an entrance here that's for your people friendly of graders are going to be the welcome them and to give them the personal record and in some cases actually reroute down there for overly crowded in one station we might send in the subways not busy until they come back without one a little later but generally we go in order to get that generally legal right around the room well be around this way here so in this drawing nutrition be right there somehow I picture over there today so they come in they get their personal record which is this half sheet of paper on national paper it says your personal health record North American division held some and they they just put their name on it but the first name on axle thereby to keep this is not for our record bluntly what comes later as they go to nutrition and in these little boxes if you are in the nutrition booth were not getting food nutrition was a just warmer during the body fat scale and the height chart would reject the we put that in here and it says what their weight is their height their body fat and the recommended body what it what was recommended for their height weight and then they go to exercises that I have these written in new start order but they will jump around to where the tables are fixed that and it's just up to you to find your slot where you're working and put in that they visited you now get in the water booth is a lady is coming to help us but one of you can help her you're just initial that they been is nothing in that case you need to write it so that they get the personal record then they go to nutrition and nutrition August first record and nutrition they do the bodies that and the height then they go on to get their blood pressure so I watched their height in their way and their blood pressure so whatever they get to the health eggs program they've got that information we don't have to do it over there and also the blood because it got the blood pressure we have their pulse rate related to the exercise table these people don't have to get their resting heart rate with Artie God you need to get their exercise heart rate you need to get their recovery heart rate buttons but it saves you getting the first heart rate we do it three times in that oneness is a busy station and exercise part of here you do height and weight and blood pressure we have a body fat scale and that we have a chart that they stand up against further weight that the height now let me they committed about the of the body fat is there under in the section forge just for yourselves screening step test the flow the height anything about that I don't see it yet always is in the handouts section okay so we've got a handout we could give them thank you so it's in the handouts section in the earlier part which we acted in print for a handout so it is given that information by budget assets we could find old by the way why work why were added in the handouts section we have the medical advisory I know some you will appreciate this information were not using one today I don't usually use one but we do have churches that are paranoid about that their meta- get sued and maybe your church is one of those and so if you have paper uncomfortable however when he signed the medical release it might help it might not I mean and in the crazy legal systems of today you never know how things are going to work out but you can use this medical advisory you are particularly and that those helping us with exercise that's the only place it were really at risk and when were doing the step test and and so you do want to ask the person if they have are our people doing exercised yesterday can ask them about their heart history and so we we should be able to at least say that we asked everybody before that is that death if they had any contraindications for doing in an effort if they develop pretty shaky this look at what we've is not equipped to do this we don't we don't have medical backup here wanted to skip that for the day and go on to the next station and you just have to do that firmly think so from here we go to hydrotherapy at the other one or both that which will have will be giving them a bottle of water from here and will also be showing them a little Hydro demonstration a dry run exercises were rated the step test and then at the air both were into the peak flow meter lot two of those and then over here at the rest table we we will do that she and I stress massage London and stable women stable we need three amended to do that one of your Barty volunteered for the men need to my men we need six ladies that would enjoy doing that how and then health age will be the computer would only have one computer ideally we should have two wasn't able to find a printer to go with another laptop swords is one so I need someone who is feels very comfortable with that okay to get the information I quickly okay it's its PC it'll it'll you can run on parallels iMac but is not back it's its PC we we look at doing that if I know if I could pay that man to make it enough I would but we don't make much money on it so nine ninety five out of a hundred are happy with theses so far maybe someday we will that I have some others asked me about maybe in holdover said they could put it back for me so maybe we'll get it done if I get it done that way it might work then they go to counseling we have Doctor Guthrie said help was this afternoon we have the country is invited the the Dean of the school of medicine Rob from from Maryland he's been a help us save Proctor 's disregard for the general conference health departments and to help and one other lady from Allegheny and Leah Leah sent out thank you and good health for counseling and asset and then here's just a list that you have a note in your in your book to say what you do in the different stations this is what written out for you in the category and you will let me read you the question I'll read to you what I wrote the possession you have every right because these guys are just pop in here this bathtime are trying to start so I say thank you for building willing to volunteer as a health counselor for today's health Expo the trust station is where is the last station of the Expo were participants will visit they should have with them their personal record sheet you know that one they should have the health age assessment sheet and a have a variety of half sheets of handouts on new start that you given one at each station the other two that you're concerned about if you're counseling the first to have the data audit of what their help pages like and what their blood pressure was their weight and height using this out usually if a person has any health practice deficiencies they will usually have more than one in a you don't usually get many people are sixes editor six issue of your pretty happy anyway as if evangelism but it is everything that is not meant we found that by referring them to the health age screening results we can ask them which of the deficiencies listed there that they might see and the best place for the focus bus usually opens them up to discuss what they were drives that are working to say to them all I see you have about three areas here exercise getting better sleep not eating between meals out which one of these do you think would be a good place to start Amicus it is easy to say that and then get them to feed give you feedback because you don't know what they're what they wanted to do anything at the moment and so I argued to say well I see you need to get more exercise you need to do this you need to do that you okay okay yeah I hear you but if you just has to which of those giving to be the easiest to get started and get them talking and see where they're coming from and maybe even addressed how the other two actually could work together with that well you know if you if you are getting more exercise will burn the calories and think what will happen you hear you're working on your weight but if you got more exercise and you stop eating between meals the two will compound each other and you will have tremendous results in a pickup to build on this yes and an addict and the counselor would tell them but we don't have the next programs they didn't do that here innovate this is just a demo Expo and and some for the community that they it's hard to do this when were all coming in as visitors except for the local people and if they don't have the vision and no that we can't yes all I does not hear Erik will read anymore that your message while you're at it this minute I just check our office this who else is missing the help okay Internet it I you isolate them and go on here okay will we talked about that so but remember we're just giving you a sample of the eighth or ninth was a nice station blood screening so those are the basics in old blood pressure computer all page people height weight those are basics you always want to do those but keep in mind you want to add other options wherever you can have a pathologist if you have a dermatologist in the dentist you have Scott I add those extras and it just will bring more people yes when examined as our help I don't know to me by a vendor but there is no way don't do that know none of this is a free community service yet no note we don't allow that that we have allowed a lady Isabel I couldn't pronounce for less than yet but as those coming a dentist and her husband maybe it may be a dentist as well from the local community Adventists and they're going to come and set this afternoon the WNL so I was able to get that I wasn't able to find a dermatologist or anything else so not but I was happy then assert easier to get Dennis attended the health oriented more than other health professionals they do it just seems to go with the package in a wide but I like that so it's nice to talk to you right I I like to have the kids corner in my Expo we won't hear because I just don't have the extra time and help but how like I say if unwanted old children's Expo that's another's another thing all bytes of since typically led to an adult Expo I'm not at the same time running the children's Expo you could do both of you had enough room and staff it would be it would be an ideal thing because then all family feels there's really something special but I do advertise that their children's activities in the adult Expo so they come it for that as well and so we set up a corner where they can do different things now I know the food pyramid is out and the plate is in you get off the Internet pictures of that have been color than that just have a table with color grants for younger children yes you got a twelve thirteen is fine you that that's a good question there's one that you can cover in the past and I'm not real happy about the food plate I I think I like the original food pyramid the best because we are pleased to make a complete on your makeup out of wood we made a pyramid with the shelves just like the pyramid and we give the kids a bag of groceries would have them we explained to them what the food pyramid should be like and and take a listen carefully because in a minute you're going to have to make one and then they've got the frame of the food pyramid original box of groceries and let them try to put where they fit on the shelves children need for meaning or active I thought we could do that with the plate of the plate reminds me of the old four food groups because the plates in four sections except for the one section on the outside you know so I but that's politics are something 's going on yes well that that's in the news isn't good anymore siesta thing that they have that they have now my plate and and my plate these the loop of the top of the pyramid should be wells and sugars but it almost looks like it has equal to the date that the division of the four plates almost looks quarters and noticed slight differences but you have a lot to say that the fruits and vegetables are low bigger and it's just not a nice job and I watch are the very associated submenu of the thing I don't know okay really at that of let's go ahead and answer any questions you might have about our equipment and that may get you some price sheets now for how many are not religious so we have an idea what okay by two okay computer this EJB but by lunchtime would appreciate it we get that finished book user okay with half on the side my capacities out for us on the site please all take one part of yes on a Goldberg the supplies right now no one will go to the screen part in just a minute oh okay so you get today this is the first of the nutrition banners it comes with an aluminum screen aluminum frame and the is so nice because everything is his self-contained this poll is like a ten fold with a bungee cord in the middle foot comes apart but you can't lose the pieces because it's munching together and they insist right back in here inside so with all one piece we did not I like to tell people that the volunteers are helping with the Expo that you folks you don't have gone your team better helping you you can help us with everything in the Expo set up the tables for the literature out but only three V and Chuck are going to put the banners up and down or Joe and Sally why do I do that well because it is all a lot of attention I'm a lifetime annuity grip this I have a lady then today was a can we be teaching this to decide to help me without asking if you came up and grab the sing off and he just pulled it right out of her hand she didn't realize how strong that the is not gravity there's a spring under there like a window shade and it's tugging to pull this down because it wants to keep a tight so it looks nice and smooth so and she just dropped it and fortunately it didn't rip the top off but it ain't it often could do that so you know they'll last you for years if you limit how many people can handle them I dystonia so that is how easy it is to go ahead and put that in the back close this up we supply a canvas carry bag for it in a box to put it in eight each one individually and that's it this set there's two ways to look at the price I know is there's two prices on what I meant to say that I you look at it like you want okay to get just the banners mounted in the friends which means sixteen matters and frames is thirteen ninety five to get about three hundred dollars worth of screening equipment for two hundred dollars it's fifteen ninety five sows thirteen ninety five for the sixteen matters of brains and it's right there in your right here in in fifteen ninety five is the package that most people buy because you're getting a three hundred dollars for the equipment on show you that fell if he would give a destructive force please when you order the starter equipment here I'm surrounding it behind you didn't realize this is what you get from us okay him and you get a big flow meter which is designed originally for an individual to use at home to practice expanding their lungs but it it it holds up for years as a screening tool reviews and for many many years and anything that I have in this box if you want to buy extras you can buy them individually you don't have to buy the package we try to do it anyway you want to but you save money it cost thirty five dollars for one of these and a person blows into this you have to permanent mount pieces one for a child little narrower and then the adult one and down but we don't use that with the public because we can't share mouthpieces it's like you don't share spoons so we give you to start with a hundred disposable mouthpieces in the package and then we keep of these on hand so you can call us anytime to get more there are twenty five dollars a hundred as odorless and or a box of five hundred is a hundred dollars which gives you a hundred of them for free instead of buying them either by the hundred for some of you from foreign countries how you get the mouthpieces to keep going all in in another country was in a country where people are a little bit more tolerant of sanitation what we do for them is we guess is now you you take this adult mouthpiece which has a slight taper and you do use that and then you you go to either of you have Lowes or Home Depot but we did and I'm going to Dominican Republic relabeled by PVC pipe there you get a length of PVC pipe user ten foot lengths you know what but not schedule for new schedule forty is the heavy thicker one bit normally you use for most applications like her water pipes but but if you get the thin-walled pipe one is thin-walled pipe and then you take a hack saw or are snipers and cut it into two age sections you have about fifty of them and now you have a dish washable reusable mouthpiece and you take that piece of PVC it will not fit directly on here it doesn't quite have the right size but it will fit on this paper please just leave this on all the time and put on that PVC piece and that a blow into it you'd think that when you put it in your dishwater so open and all bleach solution now we don't do this in this country I don't know why we can't but people don't feel good about that another go to restaurant use other people silverware over again with this this these are not washable or cardboard weight within Washington Honduras for a while we were dressed we were desperate at one country Moldova they take this one and they put a piece of paper around it for each person seated in a piece of paper real nice either but you don't live in Moldova so that they always have to improvise we willingly demonstrated both will get event just a few minutes yield limited up to demonstrate that will initially looked in the box on how to sell you something right now I is you would be able to what are you a you have a hundred and and then you can get some more they're not that expensive or even if you're in a country with the news the last plastic pipes you can do that this should put up this is a two meter six foot height chart is nicely designed and has centimeters on one side and inches on the other a lot of people are not sure about their height and they just enjoy having you take it anyway when I put on board over there and will have that on their so they can adjust it just again something attractive to have on your Europe the Roman yes yeah sorry here is the the program discover your help age how old are you according to your health habits now we supply either a CD version of it or downloadable version the CD version is when you get it that's it that's the price is sixty nine dollars what is included in the kit of but if you buy the newer version and work work we are happy to be either dystonic that this is our original version it works fine if you gives you the same results but we did have the new one written that is now downloadable and that one is updatable so anytime we do something to fix it better the and and the next time you're happened to be online with your computer and you open that program it will say would you like to update and an even updated it it just puts it in a couple seconds and you get the newest version so any improvement to make the next two years you get them free okay on site is six foot six and a thank you for help me out to make it better okay I forget some of the details of it all I didn't see any of the the massage owner anyway all that is a massage will help you start and so this is the massage DVD how save in train your church members with the BBB on the screen and have them practice to help out in practice the massage out with this going on so this book is on and get everybody teamed up a new practice and here's your body fat scale the Omron if you live in a country that uses genograms that he don't want the Armand Skelly one are to need a scale we stopped both of them and that because I once has a switch on it and you could do kilograms or pounds or stones if you want ardent Kaneda scale up PA and IATA okay the life of the manual someplace was little things in life this is certainly and the okay the batters conmen different languages we normally stock Spanish and always English and and and I can say their fifth fifteen ninety five for the whole package this plus sixteen of those or thirteen ninety five without this don't need screening equipment for some reason but most people get the screening equipment questions about the materials now on the pricing in case you have to sell this to your church they said oh it's a lot of money well one banner if you go price it is any any printer in this country you will price making one better given your artwork is two hundred fifty dollars ninety two hundred if you shop around her banner with a frame with a frame maybe two fifty so you multiply that by sixteen in your talking for five thousand dollars is what it would cost so I gave it to her thirteen ninety five without the screen equipment you understand we've made enough that the missionary price so okay that's a good deal under churches realize that's a good deal you're getting a lot of value for that price okay yes yes to it doesn't matter to us in the same price is no is exactly the same you and you can switch it over yourself for those that wanted to let okay are now I have I have the one set here today they were using so that anybody is local what's the bias that the day I have one set here we have one additional set that is discounted four hundred dollars it's also here and it's never been used is brand-new it was printed on a different material that I tried for a while and I found this out like that better the other materials good but this is better and I can show you that if anyone's interested it's it's nine ninety five percent of thirteen ninety five without the stark image with the starter kit we can put that with that particular one for two hundred four dollars nine ninety five one set year is really what I have left so that it was interesting that if anyone was interested after your fearful money Highlands and you can't take all that back with you because one set of banners is for busy for boxes that's what it takes to this morning 's box here Vanessa we have to ship to you and uses one hundred fifty dollars to ship this FedEx ground somebody in the United States out but I do have a set here I have two sets one is an final one is an fabric with grommets in the four corner so it's the exact same artwork and everything but instead of having a frame we have four grommets in the four corners which means you would tie them up make your own frame and so forth and those are available for five hundred dollars for just the banners we happened to those sets once printed on vinyl which is very durable and once lightweight fabric and also durable villages some options we don't normally sell these extra miscellaneous things that we did we experimented just to see what's available and how it looks out works yes write it out wheat we don't because we don't know where people live so we don't we didn't anticipate by this measure can would love to have some and they want today the body fat analyzer okay CCS how does the body fat scale work all the young the one you stand on the body fat scale you you'd need to touch it with some skin out men need to have their socks off you can have a and ladies you can have a heavy sock on Gazette insulates you to have nylons on it's able to censor that thank you so this one when you stand on it it has it has four little AA batteries in it and his electrical impedance it it it checks against future to the resistance not know that you don't feel it but it is there is a false there is that you're reacting to all eyes you stand on the scale and it is able to enter estimate your percentage of body fat that's the and is quite a her afternoon it has been five hundred dollars and up and go to a water weighing type system to know that displaces the water the figure that out and it's something a lot different so docile handheld ones that you can do the same thing with and some people like that is not the issue is off I don't like it because I want to get their weight as well and the lower extremities you know you have a lot of a lot of muscle and body mass in your legs and your hips that this tends to get better than the handheld one so it's I think it's a little bit more accurate if you want to have fun and you have both that I wanted to get that summons got thirty percent body fat with a handheld and they got twenty seven percent body fat with the stepping one that I does everything to together and it should be significantly different it should be pretty similar now that's just an overview and if you read the handout on it that we written up as more detail and when you get the scales as a whole manual with it that has lots of points in it for you so that's not particularly any questions on the materials before removal and something else yet it's this it's easy to use all right were going to go ahead then and start working will give you a break for ten minutes and we come back unless Holloman a work with the staff of the group on one of one of our screening procedures body the exercise test and feelings I work with this half on Monica and then it will switch so that you all get a chance to see that that the different material and that after the VR exercise that I'll be working computer help page regularly working with the on this media was used by bodybuilders including NAP health summoned if you would like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. can I help someone .com would like to listen more green online sermons please visit www. audio reverse it on board


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