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Tools for Soul-Winning Health Expos, Part 6

Charles Cleveland



  • January 29, 2012
    10:30 AM
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so all the help page program is very very popular people enjoy that there's something mystical about a game on the computer this is not a hocus-pocus thing and yet is not a definitive test the test is based on a study that Mark Finley referred to incident last night the resolute valor longevity study done in Alameda County it was done on nine thousand people over a ten-year period of time and date looked at those individuals and they survey their nutrition habits and lifestyle habits and they watch them for the night of ten-year period of time to see who was alive at the end and end what that death caused at the cause of death was and so forth and they found after cinema after those nightmares they found that they were seven areas of lifestyle that stood out above everything else and it's interesting the only meal that made any difference in your longevity was breakfast the only male that's logical physiologically that's logical because when you eat a good breakfast it carries you through the day that's not true for lunch lunch is a great meal for our metabolism Kansas vote on the afternoon and suffers the worst note they be switching for this group to peak flow meter right around the corner so if you want to do that with a folk take this group is twenty five meter around the corner and then I'll get to that later the Breslow Belloc study and on that is mentioned I believe on the handout then that the health age that we have it's it should be right on their little explanation yes I have bright yellow okay with you think would let you know something all my okay but now I'm on a start the program sorry this is my losing my desktop my son is the music director of the Academy of Europe this is in the videos that they go out channel beyond with the with the horses the sleigh in the student singing made this is the one I recorded last year are up and up in Canada on the train and the yes yeah are they rented they record the train and the and recorded on it and then they did what they did the new one didn't step it in steps to Christ and so on and now they just released a ministry of healing and so on called help in daily living that was just released a few months ago there leaving tomorrow to drive from Canada to Las Vegas will be doing the music now for the rest the program for a John of Bradshaw 's meetings there in Las Vegas anyway so I have been on the desktop now the reason I want to say this here and here is a little icon to see Ron pointed out here and I noticed when I click on that it's better for a second look on the Internet and see one you promised to do this that's the outlook on the Internet momentarily to see if there was any updates available there's not right now okay so when you order this when you get your starter kit that'll give you unlock key and then you can download this off the Internet and it's for one computer of and I know everybody wishes they could use one software for everything but jointly sixty nine dollars for it I have much more invested in it than that to make the program as you can buy down the hall from another person for two hundred dollars and you have to then by all his handouts he doesn't allow you to even put the papers that the questionnaires which I'd understand so anything here you can print once you have the program but if you decided you want to move that program from this computer to another one you can Islamic you remove it from the computer and you then you can use that same unlock key on another computer which ended on multiple computers okay and if you need more copies and usually I like at least two computers as Expo we can get forty percent off and the second one or any other ones as well that doesn't cost very much so this is the new program that we have the other one that we've been using for quite a few years the screen looks a little different than his but there it like I say the end result to be the same and I make this bigger is wonderful okay so all you have let me explain some options that you have you can preprint your paper I like to preprint my paper out my Xerox the cheapest way possible but I with the new program you have an option to just go ahead and print the whole page without reprinting anything C take a blank piece of paper and you you put in the information and then when it gets done it prints the whole results page which is this one it will put their name up there and their result him and then your bank the printer that uses favorably a R but if you would rather not do that you print a blank form I had a time go to the copy machine and make a bunch about and then you take that paper and put it in your striker stray and then you then print on preprinted photocopy forms when you ready and it would just put it will just fill in the blanks for you you do understand okay so you have the choice to have the alternative ill person wouldn't have that and if you want to just look at a print preview you can just assume it looks like I'll also I like what how'd you how Dave Johns help me fix this he hasn't he has some things automatically checked and it might just happen to do what they're going to check it otherwise you just simply click on the other button or are you can toggle it so what I generally do that if if were slow I might put their whole name in but otherwise I may just so it's hard to think different people are excited to use a first name that I hit that have it's a lot easier it goes over to the sex will have a 50-50 chance it is a matter woman in its default into the man so I do switch it to the ladies of this a lady of I suppose I did suggest him to choose the men I think I would've put the ladies as a default you know why more women come out to screening tests are just a minor point and and then the age held at my by the way ha ha okay ride that they had a new one evaluated it okay I have been by ignorant drugs though Baja ha ha okay so I is six feet now the older program you had to put in the inches and we are used we never give our height in inches not here in Europe they given centimeters but we always sold builder computer you had to convert and put seventy two inches this minuteness but six feet and and so many inches and then you go down here and you you not asking the person anything are taking their form and you're looking at what they wrote while there just waiting and then you go ahead and you put in the information so how much they sleep this is its default within six hours unfortunates who I is for a lot of people but a six seven eight hours the exercise on the signal it goes over looks but I do here or am I send you back to the scales of the rights and seven eight hours exercise almost every day of smoking never smoked no alcohol this is this a be a really good one but let's say that they don't eat breakfast very often and a snack almost daily now something 's happened here when I got up I messed up well I messed up here I do know what I did I'm in a clear okay I'll confess of that's a horrible number to have to wear for young guy I don't get it but anyway now let's say that her stomach some situations you don't have a body fat scale that will be true of you but if some about this problem doesn't have one they can not use that they can just uncork it and it's not been a factor in because the breast so studied and happy as body fat scales so we factor that in ourselves and estimated the impact of it would be as there is on the original city to and so bloodless a twenty eight percent of women run higher usually men run a little less socially of us in this case are going out that's the notice here on out where I'm pointing there already porting how many help page practices I have but that is because of it put it at the default library haven't gone through now and corrected notice when I get seventy hours of the change that it intended all one of the same nine oh exchange in the age okay and then exercising almost every day okay to notice that gave me for good health habits now never smoking in Arctic out of that one alcoholic see if I change that it is subtracted in RI and then breakfast almost well I'm drinking alcohol but I don't eat breakfast every day and and then snacking once in a while but I say rarely see changes it back or almost every day to know this person has only three health habits and so the current age was seventy because of those three health habits the big on the on the lower usually don't get much lower with three is a forward start to make the main difference but you can also say if you are practicing all seven though you would have only sixty two years of age rather than your chronological age of seventy yes you don't know how we can pretty factor that interconnectedness that kind of an average without being counseling you but there's no way to adjust for it is then have to estimate the and the lifting him it is you know what what health impact is there for versus sleep soon doesn't sleep and sleep some those asleep whether you're able to get a good restful night or not that's probably it saw the realm of what this could evaluate you okay now because all all of you in here now let me just go over what this have been here and that is in this program the down notable program was the envoy had an less just do a print preview my notes I see okay that's what the print preview okay there you go so if Shaw and how it's want to come out and print his letter shows the different areas that were lacking his check that way in counseling you pick up on those axes and this would be talking to them about you have the option now in the new program to do the printing part of it two different ways generally I like to preprint the papers I went to be using the new questionnaire which they the questionnaire which they need to fill out about their health habits and ants and this is where they tell about what programs they might be interested in and give you their local information that's the one-on-one to keep but I have to give it to the computer person that put it into the computer but that I take it and keep it afterward then this paper I've reprinted just like you see it here with blank boxes and a blank place for their name now I put that into the printer tray as white blank paper and then when I go to say print it will then just put the axes where it needs to put them so all the ink that you're using it from your printer will be just about their name and those few little pieces of information or and that's it you've printed from the blank form but if you different if you put friend by itself it prints everything the whole page a case she does have white paper which is fine to you discover the site is it cheaper to use a gun in your printer which of its and inkjet is probably not cheaper than it is to have copied them at Kinko's ahead of time with my sons of pigs or something are no delicate things of the beats okay preprinted of his dependent on top of it though is causing this but the accident you with the axes on it I suppose you will you spread the whole thing but you have the CD version the older version or okay will hear you clearly you clearly have the choices we just made that as an option for you and that the thing you want to do with this program is known set this up the day before you need it is always something to figure out or doesn't download properly whatever so if we want to do this week at a time test test for sure and the other thing is you you to try me on your computer is working great and you borrow someone's part of the last minute they don't match they don't set up are that it doesn't want to doubt you don't have Internet you can't download the printer driver so it's very important that's why I don't have to traders due to stations here because people said Yadav a laptop didn't have a prayer then to borrow some of local printer to get it all working it does generally doesn't leave can't find we don't sell it we know know know on the on the CD there is a file and you can just order you download it from Internet Mart website the the file before but the safest way is to use the new program there's an adult issue on it fitting the problem I didn't like about the old program is when people would preprint this page a lot of times your printer adds margins is set up at a margin you have to print this at no margin under percent because of margin means it's been scaled down maybe five percent and then those exes are not in the lineup you can on the old program there's an X and a Y adjustment but it will only go left in a left and right and up and down but not proportional it it it it oh so that's if the papers out of proportion you won't ever get it to line up just right this one you can't go wrong with the Newark the newer program is good for you this but in a especially is printed off the the machine itself okay so let me go through this once more I'll clear it that Molinari 's note I should be clear that you notice something majority selected so be careful those are just defaults to help you get started you need to go ahead and do it like the volunteer will butcher got in here okay Dallas a okay age of any okay now it's its default of fruit for mail so I just have no at the cricket no no I I trust well that Satan is limited smaller bigger no I I tried to stretch it and it looked like it would but it didn't that's as big as it page of your very own all right I am sorry Wade I am sorry that you are in as you knew this was coming well what I give you what I get in April bravery idea right all I know the now in this program I like because we made it really just put in the feet and inches that's what Americans do there the program had been all inches and convert it okay we all inherit I said you don't have to use the body fat if you don't nobody back to not use it it you can just click it and doesn't ask for it so did you get your money back today but no body fat percentage I was just on cricket I what's your sleep pattern using the four choices one to three or four I will do so usually number three what what is your normal one exercising okay smoking history never alcohol you sure about that I breakfast almost daily sometimes rarely okay snacking all good I think it have to be in this independent engine IRI is a notice notice of recording it changes the numbers up there and as as we do it the Chinese you see the results right as you go on the screen now if someone if you didn't have a printer you can have some understand by you and you could also just take this writer not by hand I had a lady at Wildwood had a little laptops used to go door-to-door and say I would like to find out how old you are on the computer you know what you got in everybody's home in outline of your people started ICN but with what the computer in your hand and elegant well let's see if I could set this to gotten everybody's healthy yeah yeah you could just write it out for him and leave it with them and that's really got any all right so when we finished hers and we go ahead here and we see we see here is your print preview had no but we basically see was co- back here that she has for good health habits her current ages which we said earlier fifty six and I showed up here with her for help habits they only gave her a year 's bonus seemed like she deserved more than that but she could be as young as fifty in round figures issue practice all seven of the health habits LR are older program had a couple more points and talk about but they were always confusing to people so we just narrowed it down to what makes sense that I like this so much better serenity oh okay enough is nice I said I you see what's marked here that they need to work on those three areas the three match the figures for that they do have so there's three left that they don't have and that's what you focus and it even suggests with the weight rate February and you go ahead and knew neither printed here which means a price who are pointing to open the whole page everything OR you preprinted things so you print print on preprinted auto papers this one what's the bottom one for the bottom line is so that you can print a sample that will take the copy machine to see how that works and you don't really need that the don't need the second one is just a bonus what looked on the screen but yes you you have a choice but you have a choice if you if you are finding that if they told you that is your button information and you have to choose yet the sake what would you like me to run this is little what you doing now what you were doing it out if I thought they needed the encouragement I would take what they said are doing now if they want to know what was what it was like without our or if I'm not busy I'll run it both ways is remaking friends anyway you yes yes right I say let's see if it says here on exercise how often do you get vigorous exercise at least twenty or thirty minutes examples of brisk walking gardening jogging sports swimming or cycling we try to give a little bit of an example okay that the was at your question okay and I and we I know there's not many choices most every day less than three times are rarely but we didn't from the data of the way it was collected it wasn't more definitive than that either so we could pick up more than that tonight 's program is that it already is it's an interesting programming we would is very very popular and even more so overseas and and and it's in Spanish and it's in it at him we can have in any language you want if you should want a certain language we don't have it in if you would work with me will send you a file you put was showing the English you put the other language women French and Spanish right now for on the Internet we haven't more languages for the older version but it only takes a few minutes to translate the keywords we put it back into the computer we upload it anyone downloads it in the world they get that newest language with it as well so all the languages in any way dude upgraded you get it automatically right because this is the longevity study did not find that could be a factor in all so they found well that was in fact you know there's lots of different studies you could do but we just have to go but what's interesting to me for happiness is how administer results were in that breakfast was the only male that showed up as important for longevity the only meals breakfast in April longevity and how many help educators outside of Adventist talk about the problem eating between meals nobody that showed up to one oh seven that was significant right will you as well it plays and that is not physiology is the Nazi old mentality that usually back with how to manage diabetes we know that's not you I know it what you know there's all kinds of stuff out there there always will be okay so what do one upon the group has not been big flowmeters so if you guys say no wait a minute let's let's do this could we go ahead and finish our homework for getting ready for the program that's what I just did with statistic no I know I didn't give the statistic I said that that the only in in the longevity studied the only people the only male that made a difference for the live longer I decided a medical year is whether they are not well and it's it's additive you know that's what that's what the interview factor that in it's one of the one of the six areas of factoring together okay let me get your attention okay I want to give you an update not only are you good class but unhappy taken similar materials with you so we have sold the discounted set for nine ninety five which sold the set the reason today with the starter kit and we sold one set of children's matters I have one set of children's matters left and so that's available and I have these two discounted sets that you have to make your own frames for her or what I say five hundred okay and it usually we sell that separate ten fifty with a set of frames in fact we probably sell this one today either one of her four hundred as it doesn't have the frames not pushing I just just just information I can easily take the salt but not the other ones of the bubbly will help one of a set of children's I suppose I will buy it maybe from the other class out that the boundaries doing now for us like to go on time if any of you can stay a few minutes past twelve thirty I don't need all of you by any means but I hope to start taking the walls down and with this kind of puts and tables out how to get organized because then go for lunch and if you could be back at two thirty to be ready at three one have prayer together before we start this afternoon and all I had I had thought of it twice this morning when a rapper this morning that superstitious about a hyper amount this morning but there was a special prayer request I would like to stop now and pray for maybe at this time it would be easier to break all was quiet then this afternoon when you come back world getting busy to get ready for people coming out Valerie Dufour is is a lady who comes in the Euro Asia division that she's teaching the children's health Expo and she is the designer behind it she decided she's a nutritionist and the jet lag is some people may get some worse than others and that that's one factor anyway she's struggling and so she's not feeling so well this morning don't think she has to teach this morning so she starts at two thirty one so five thirty is a subtype that thirty five so anyway let's just remember her in prayer the Lord and giver special strength she does a beautiful job with this program and is without a privilege to be able to help her all I ordered them I have been trying to work he does have the capacity to do it so if it spins and oversaw him run a big company we don't sell truckloads of anything we sell one here when there but there's a little bit here yet if someone talks African islands in Indonesia is just fun to see where this material is going and so she's just a beautiful design we both use out we both have an artist we work with Austrians and help but do these things together you can catch what goes into something like this to make it happen but it it's really been a lot of funds of us remember Valerie Cadena Starrett 's program heavenly father we don't really know how to prepare for today's Expo we don't know how many people the public might come for this part of it we've heard two hundred and fifty might come tonight for the evening meeting we can't process so many people probably in the few hours that we have but we want to be of service and we don't want at this point anyone who comes today so I pray that you will help us now as we organize the think of the best way to meet the people and have each station man that we can assist them as they come through the training screening program so please remember all of us including Valerie that will have a great experience today and it will encourage some people who will come to the Expo and then go to Mark 's meeting tonight in TVs and those are those comings and a beautiful job we thank you for that example that they're giving tonight of another way to reach out to the public in Jesus name amen I make some what about what he was doing because typically we have a health educator physician Dennis was someone doing that role our pastor that has the background on a health topic and then the evangelists Mark family is doing it integrated and I think that I don't think one is right or wrong but I think that the Lord intended in the Adventist church that would be integrated that way that any any Loma Linda College of medical evangelist trained physician would be comfortable speaking and spiritual areas as would anyone who trained at Emmanuel missionary college in the seminary would be able to explain reasonable physiology and nutrition that was God 's plan it is God 's plan and so it's such a blessing to combine them I've had that privilege to the years to combine on but most of our pastors don't have that background and thereby the upper Creek in these last days because they don't have the dual skills to be able to transition we're told that there's been a basic ones how do she say it she says plenty of them filming many many people are sick and they may not they may not they now like our theology but they're meant to be desperately ill how quickly do hospitals get overwhelmed in an emergency class in minutes that there overwhelmed and so it's just not can handle it when things get very very tragic so medical missionary work is so important to consider the possibility of getting training in either online through the light lighting the world .org or the Wildwood program she finds as an online program for I know where they are training when they God 's church needs medical missionaries and if you get that training and in and you would like to join us on one of our trips due to some country and help teach what you learn you know we would love to have you for four even if you can go for the whole month if you are teaching some part of it maybe we'll get your part the first two weeks and then the other team continues what will work with you were flexible we have to be flexible to do the work and I know the program is run some of this media was used by bodybuilders will begin a key health summoned if you would like to learn more about the NAB Summit please visit www. and help some .com I was more green online www. audio verse on board


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