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Bible Study on the Third Angel's Message

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • September 2, 2006
    3:30 PM
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him to talk about learning the lessons of history behind it and the development of the purpose of the today and were talked about some things in prophecy that are not talked about standard evangelistic series will send a revelation seminar coming things many of you probably are aware of this because it's not study the snow hopefully as you see these things you will see how it adds force to the third Angels message so why don't we go ahead of the work for you or not in heaven thank you for the Sabbath there thank you that we have the opportunity to come together and study the Bible and in your spirit when being with us on my mind that we would have a better understanding of your will for our lives through the power of prophecy sexuality things in Jesus so we are to talk about prophecies today and how important you think prophecy is for a visit just some interesting facts that we throw together that give us an understanding that perhaps makes us different from other people or is it more than that is there a reason why we have the knowledge of prophecy that God has given shoes and I wanted to start by reading second Peter chapter one starting in verse six reads your verse twenty one second Peter chapter one verses sixteen to twenty one this is the apostle Peter 's him racist for we have not followed cunningly devised fables when we made none of you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ there were eyewitnesses of his majesty for he received from God the father honor and glory when there came such a waste of time from the excellent glory this is my beloved whom I am well please in this voice which came from heaven we heard when we were with him in the holy locators reminding us that he was an eyewitness to the knowledge Transfiguration one thousand allies and not the father came down and mastered to Christ just before he is experienced on the cross and here is about to make a point here what he sang as I was an eyewitness and that is a sure thing I was there I heard it my own voice I thought would longer with minors I saw with my own eyes I saw a wife and Moses I heard the voice of God the father I was there when Jesus or three and a half years I was there when he was on the mountain Transfiguration is in the next point is the crucial point that lays the foundation for the study is in verse nineteen says we have also a more sure word of prophecy where she needs you well that he take he doesn't feel like that shown in the dark place until the date on the day star arise in your heart knowing this first that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation for the prophecy came not all-time by the will of man the holy men of God spake as they were moved by the holy and so what peters on Sears he surely was an eyewitness of Jesus 's ministry but not Transfiguration that courts dear way back two thousand years ago but when I hear passages that what we can rely on this even more sure is the more sure word of raw lust when we study from an I would challenge if you haven't made much of a study Bible from what you want on especially members of Daniel and Revelation that it enhances and brings out more clearly in Jesus and what is purpose is for us to live the modest 's learn a bunch of symbols fact that that are interesting historical pieces of information actually set things up so that we have a much clearer picture of who Jesus is and what he so that's why we are going to stay where what we study the second and third one for huge forward home again today the first how much is in read the book of Revelation one briefly in the book of Revelation we have a sequence of seven if seven churches seven sales seven trumpet and they follow right after each other although there is a little bit of an interlude in chapters four and five about that before the opening of the film Chapter six is in the seventh soon what is the purpose for sequence of seven survey related or are they separate what he studies someone is elegant this briefly on the seven churches seven so the trumpets follow each other in succession for a reason now I'm Celica one particular aspect of some police and the church is in the soul before we get in the truck the seven trumpets we were cool last church in way of the sea and the thing that if you are looking at the written reaction of John the revel later as your pay attention to the sequence some churches are better than others the none are worse than the last church before Jesus comes later this is the last church at the Worchester MS basically the end of the seven churches a monument on the Revelation chapter so you left with the question of how is that how God 's church is before Jesus is not the condition if so how can not be possible Jesus is coming on of the church and semester the unspoken reaction ventilators of any of the seven and the second cylinder in Revelation chapter six and over the seven still actually in the beginning of chapter eighty is an early chapter seven in the seven Seals we see that God was a church the hundred and forty four thousand in Ottawa which so the seven churches were what was the almost a public button this is the condition of the people before you and the sons of we find that it hundred and forty four thousand and ten out of plastic church that leaves the question how is the hundred and forty four thousand developed will ensure you have the seven trumpet and at the end of the seven trumpet to have this parenthetical chapter of the Revelation Revelation which describes the rise of the Athens Soviet sort of answers the unspoken question of where the hundred and forty four thousand hundred forty four thousand air biting and maybe then after chapter ten of course there's revelation fourteen three Angels messages that Justin I give you a big picture of the beginning the first supper of Revelation sequences done everything until little bit of the talk of entrapment that often are not talked about and many people are ignorant until the sun comes of it is time that we never really hear about it but have poured so that you understand the basis for putting specific time periods and following the prophecies and hopefully you'll see some interesting connections that I give you the big picture you have the sequence of seven there's a lot of thought we always talk about the church the seven sills in the seven trumpets then we can space and other things some other time you want hearing good sermon on the seven churches audio record with nuclear triggers from the Nikolay history through the seven churches is very clear until I felt the document how to link to each church and how it comes up north last inch or so that's that sort of an assignment on any and all that need so you can listen to the audio person I would encourage you what you like yet now is three Wayne this something in the snow with them and her how about one to the rise of the Avenue 's Art history and the third angel mother discussion so the seven seals in Revelation chapter six verse ten which is under the fifth till actual servers Revelation chapter six verses nine and doesn't want you to open the fifth till I saw a video to the souls of them that were slain for the Word of God for the testimony which they held and they cried with a lot more thing how long ago only the thumb on judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on your actually study the stills will see that there is a persecuting power to persecute the people we know from history that this was taken before Romans persecuted God 's people and soon figuratively speaking the Saints are crying crying how long the Lord who introduced us not judge and mentor one on one year for interesting that takes us to the seven trumpet than the seven trumpets start in Revelation chapter eight verse and Revelation chapter eight verse two as I saw the seven angels which stood before God and to them were given seven track and another angel came and stood at the altar having a golden sensor and there was given under the much ensigns that he should offer the prayers of all things upon the golden altar which was before the throne and the smoke of ensigns which was which came with the prayers of the saints ascended up before God out of the angel 's and the Angels six percent through the fire of the altar at the end of a very and their voices thundering and lightning earthquake the master question when you see a picture of an angel taking a sensor testing that center now what what kind of imagery or what kind is that the sensor things have changes in the sanctuary and what specifically what the affiliate an appointment with the that ultimately the third and that's that am exactly the point that this is making what we have here is an injury of the close appropriation and judgment and now the sensor being cast down and in Revelation chapter eight we know that this is not wrong the end of the world so to speak it's actually talking about the judge of God upon his specific empire now what God is doing using future language and what I mean by that is using the language of the closer provision of and the time to describe something that happens before for the end of the world and what I mean by that is in the seven souls we would we just saw how pagan people around persecuting people killed many of the people and certain Revelation chapter eight nine the purpose of the seven trumpets of the shirt God has on the Roman and the historically speaking revelation eight and nine are in the seven trumpets the action of the first six trumpets especially are talking about the judgment of God upon the Roman empire and Morgan went into specific detail will try to get his quickly that essentially the first four trumpet turn Revelation chapter eight this is the judgment of God upon the Western Roman Empire and they are being judged and being and not allowing barbaric tribes and afflicted around for the persecution of God 's people that happened in the first century chapter nine the fifth and sixth trumpet judgment on the Eastern Roman Empire which admittedly over in church so here's what I want do you briefly run through my notes and on a Reiki 's things down soon the first trumpet when I hear all of you that want to get to the more interesting that this is important God in the Bible for a reason so with that one of his pastor Reverend Davis doesn't matter but it in the book of Revelation for reasons of the first trumpet we have fire and help mingled with blood and specifically this was literally fulfilled between three ninety five force and eighty when a layer it can this ago and attacked the wrong the time three ninety five forty alert thinking of it is that Visigoths came in attack to run MS literal fulfillment relationship for a verse seven one think this is a site with interesting of the language that used to describe the seven trumpets is also the says basically the same language to describe a place of revelation the place to yourself very similar to trumpet of course it matters spiritual realm the judge them off twice in the second half of the first second trumpet is in Revelation chapter eight versus eight nine it talks about the mountain burning with fire this was literally fulfilled twenty eight four sixty eight eighty and this was jammed there the king of the vandal who was this part of problem is with all predicted before the concert and the Vandals twenty four twenty eight long siege for years the Vandals afflicted the Roman Empire concern was the one responsible for that meeting in this performance and if that is or the few people that many of you have good I'm glad that this is new for many of you justly have in mind of the net some of the more difficult or less studied parts of Revelation you have need and the third trumpet Revelation a one thousand other start falling from heaven one would bitterness and this was literally fulfilled between four fifty one four fifty three eighty and this was so I can how many heard of it selecting the somewhat annoying that so I can have a fun with the fulfillment of the literature in the fourth trumpet is in Revelation eight twelve up assignment and stars smitten their part of the David Charman actually this is talking about in symbolic language the sun moon and the stars are talking about the leaders of the Roman Empire in this was fulfilled four seventy sixty four ninety three eighty so there's some overlap between some of his profit and the person who was the leader of this fulfillment with Odoacer here's the first barbaric ruler Italy and he was the chieftain of the area 's that the first four trumpet these four tribes are kingdoms were used by God to fulfill Bible prophecy just as he said they would in Revelation chapter eight and what I want to point out in the relationship when I got drunk diesel this is your basic inner review on the revelation chapter eight in researching this as I beheld and heard an angel flying through the methods that saying with a loud voice one oh one oh world to the hackers of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels which are yet to sell so there's three more with better yet all in Revelation chapter nine talk about your world and this is where things get more interesting when we talk about setting the table for the rise of the the first world is the fifth trumpet and this prophecy with my in Revelation chapter nine in the first ten verses are basically talking about the fifth trumpet what's interesting is that one inverse verse four and verse for it talks about it with commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth neither any green thing neither any treatment only those which have not the cylinder on the fourth outlet store once we get the perfect love on on her and historically speaking the Ottomans hurt never afflicted South seizes during the time they attack the Eastern Roman Empire through the fifth six trumpets the Eastern Roman Empire especially in degrees and half on Turkey is being attacked by the uninsured the Sabbath keepers never had any trouble sometimes her support for Islamic Friday survey of worship today and especially targeted the Christian and the Sabbath keepers were left alone by on the side and prophetically speaking of talking verse asses they had told why can the scorpions and their worse things than itself and their power with the curtain and for five months this year we have a time prophecy here in Revelation chapter nine verse than the fifth trumpet we have a prophecy of five the five-month equals is thirty days it likely the five month and three hundred and fifty days and fifty nine equals one hundred and fifty literally years now historically speaking the Ottomans first instruments used recent first start of the earth on July twenty seven we know the history July twenty seven twelve ninety nine now one thing that impresses me about the plan here is what Darius James why Joseph they are not all of the things that they actually knew significant events of history held a kind of Bible prophecy and an why that church developed a prophetic omen stores will examine a Christian today interpret prophecy by futurism every things that happen in the future writer is in everything that that insists never felt on the car because they knew their history so this is a very why are the property of a hundred and fifty years of Ottoman church would afflict their power to hurt men five month they had a king ever than witches being on the bottom of that his name in the Hebrew China's avid and then the Greeks have his name appalling one was possible there comes she was more hereafter nonresearch uses in the sixth angel sounded and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is the forgot thing to the sixth angel which have the trumpet was the four angels which are found in the great river Euphrates and the four angels release which were prepared for an hour and a day and I'm not in a year or to slay the third part of men novices are things go well bit more interesting in this prophecy here we have in this process prophecy and the sixth trumpet a lot more were given a prophecy of one hour one day one month and one year and what's interesting is punch July twenty eleven with this first of all hundred and fifty years from July twenty seven twelve ninety nine takes you to July twenty seven fourteen now what happened on that day is quite interesting there was a Greek Emperor name via poses empathetic this is how you spell that is a great improvement the expenses and he was taken around the greens because his brother had died but he was so afraid of these on and hurt through four hundred and fifty years but he refused to accept the ground unless he got permission from the phone number on our happen on July twenty seven forty nine hundred and fifty years after the Ottomans first attacked Greece so now we have the beginning of the sixth trip on July twenty seventh fourteen forty nine and we have the profits of one hour one day one month and one year that the Ottoman churches and for the first part now how do we calculate this to get an actual line so it was just this how much is in our prophetic funny you may have the answer that I want I want to think this through one hour is one twenty fourth of the literal day and so to get how much that would be through its one twenty fourth of the day the prophetically at one twenty four thirty six ago your interpretation of what you usually get three hundred and sixty divided by twenty four to find out how many actual days that is not actually equals three consecutive twenty fourth fifteen hits a little bit easier for that the one day equals one year one month equals thirty days which equals thirty years and one year equals three hundred and days with people three hundred and six year so if you add up all three hundred and ninety one years fifteen literal days now what prophecy is saying is the Ottoman Empire will have our three hundred and ninety one literally years and fifteen literal days starting from July twenty seven fourteen forty nine and what's interesting is if you take three hundred ninety one years fifteen business assets of July twenty seven twenty nine left and of their family this rate is three hundred ninety one years and that takes effect August oh one eighteen forty so this is interesting because now the seven trumpets are not only talking about God 's judgment on those the Roman Empire alternative take us through a very specific time and that's the thing that a lot of people only thirty seven they don't realize that its following us to a very important period of time in Earth 's history now as far as the history the Advent movement William Miller started preaching about the second coming of Jesus in eighteen thirty eight and he has spent twelve or twelve years studying about the second coming of Christ he gone through the Bible and he was very very knowledgeable in the Bible not you want to read interesting history about William Miller and the right of you through the couple of bricks I have here that I used to reference for this study one of the prophetic faith of our fathers by Leroy from house sound much talks about everything that led to the development of William Miller and the Millerite made my the midnight cry a great disappointment the rise of the Sabbath has a lot of great charts in here on that the valuable but him were all foundations of them there must be on some people my thought through the thick better than others the anyway this is a this is a scholarly and yet very comprehensive summary of how the church started and have-nots were some of the other information about the study of the first because that way the second one is by Gerard on and so anyway William Miller started preaching about the second coming of Christ and the Millerite movement is and someone's story at I promise it will talk to stories that will be completely dry from many of you know the story of the William Miller for twelve years that it always crosses about the second coming of Christ and they truly believe that Jesus was coming in eighteen forty three and he had a very close connection with God and an felt very connected that he needed to start preaching about that he was setting the house and was he was roughly fifty and didn't felt qualified to start reaching the age of thirty and in his mind he almost dropped my God if you invite his Bible the Berkeley and with them as I think the story is within half an hour hours is not enough on the door had already been on the way and had an invitation for free and that was the turning point willingly fly every time every that story it just very incredible to see how how God that you are willing to start preaching is not clearly lead in Miller right Prince William him us eight years printing a lot of small churches and one until eighteen forty the thirty and about the same time there are some other people often this message one was Joshua Hines not it was just filed with a justifiable list may have an important conference nations on Josiah which was setting the prophecies of Revelation and he was the one who really made sort of the conclusion that this prophecy was talking about are of all the day and about somewhere in the spring he said that this cannot be fulfilled sometimes Islam that she leaves the award she weeks before August eleven eighteen forty he said I believe the Ottoman Empire 's fall on August eleven forty eight on the principle of the year-to-date prophetic interpretation this is it she weeks before this actually happened just by which said the Ottoman Empire of August eleven nineteen forty on the radio basically what on August eleven eighteen forty think on this here okay basically what happened is the Ottoman he was called the Sultan of all other parties like the King got into a disagreement with the leader he ensued Egypt was under church leader to pre- major world powers and Egypt rebelled against Turkey declare their independence and pocket a large part of the Ottoman Empire this Western Europe very because they saw a potential war breaking out and the Ottoman Empire felt that they didn't the resources necessary to find a warning on August eleven eighteen forty they asked for the protection of the Western European nations to help protect them from you the basically they were surrendering their sovereignty and their their world domination essentially up until that point they had been Don and then wants the world workout between Egypt and Egypt have a lot of power in the lot of their faith they were left in much with much less power than may have been one that was the protection from Western Europe and happened exactly August eleven forty and when I happen the Miller writes were electrified by because they saw that what William Miller was reaching actually true the year-to-date principle actually was correct that if you use the principal bearded it is actually taking through an exact day the prophecy the thing the one with the precise three hundred ninety one years and fifteen days and was right on the mark here when the Ottoman Empire was essentially a much larger version of church as we know it today is a very expensive that they are not bottom church there is this a church that and they were Islamic and it was very expensive throughout Eastern Europe and they were the leading world power and wealth a little thought he heard it on your which in exhibition that I have all of their all of the display of the Ottomans they they were very sophisticated for a him a name they they dominated the earth on fourteen twenty nine eighteen forty the reason why this is significant is because the Miller writes as they were studying trumpet realized that the sixth trumpet reached its fulfillment on August eleven eighteen forty was only one more trumpet after the enemy with a twenty three hundred aircraft is that they believe in the in eighteen forty three and so when this prophecy was fulfilled it's really electrified the movement between eighteen forty eight and forty four is one there that that was the period of time when the first Angels message was preached from our so the fulfillment of the sixth trumpet Revelation chapter nine was really the it really initiated and help the movement to take up the greater part of the houses that were in the area up until then William Miller was with noun but not that many people heard them ROTC would fulfill any sort of friction the big cities structural consult the newspaper started publishing the Millerite teachings the management really green the conservative estimates fifty thousand citizen much larger than so from August eighteen forty on there was a lot of power on the preaching of the first Angels message which the Miller River preaching eighteen forty three Jesus is coming up the hour of his judgment which we now the hour of his judgment is different than what they were preaching that God allow that to happen her reason and what happened historically we had a eighteen forty three came when the Millerite believe that according to the Jewish year the Eurasian forty three when it would end in this brings on the Palatine the spring came in one they were Ray one of the early point in the spring of eighteen forty four and there was a verse of Scripture that they came to that encourage the business is found with different back in chapter she resists you through four and all my talk about the first great conversation or operate interpretation that the Miller education during this time the electric chapter achievers the see-through forces and the Lord answered me instead write the vision and make it plain upon table that he may run the read for the vision is yet for an appointed time but at the end that shall speak and not why though it tarry wait for it because it will surely it will not carry the whole assault which is lifted up his library but the just shall live by his faith now there's a couple of interesting points that the planners earning me about this verse that talks about here is like the vision and make a plan on cables right here in this working-class hero while the theirs in eighteen forty three chart in eighteen fifty are in the Miller writes actually Melissa Miller and criticism after they made this chart based on this Scripture actually Charles such was one made this return he died a week before October twenty forty four family that you resurrect the belief is that the October twenty two is an even more bitter disappointment for them for great is that these are the these are the charts of the the early made based on this passage of Scripture that money came to the time and disappointment they would send it again they saw that his vision will carry that weight work and that gave encouraged that they had perhaps misinterpreted the time that it was still different people will be appointed time and then this is of course the great passage of Scripture were Hall says the just shall live by faith and this has a direct implication of the third Angels message versus the just shall live by Thursday as part of the phase is not in Revelation fourteen twelve of the third Angels message so the back she resisted her for the significant verse the development of the mid- Valley director revelation and at in Revelation ten we come through the first six trumpets revelations after a very important what is further that he couldn't hear what he said is that somehow or fell on the fourth fifty three and after that run us off really of no which lay the foundation for the Reformation reformers Martin Luther that is a lot of stuff in history the we can talk about the size of these prophecies and what happens here Revelation Chapter nine for the fish for Revelation chapters and Revelation chapter nine with six you are one amazing forty Revelation Shepherdstown when I break down relationship would be a great Bible study on Peter Gregory did three sermons on the south with the flashes to go back was that the revelation chapter ten is the rise of empowerment is an it starts with a mighty angel coming down from heaven which if you say that is Jesus he has a book open this hand book of Dan and opening the book of Daniel showing that the sealed prophecies of the book of Daniel and now to be understood in the prophecy that was actually still not have been understood as the property of the twenty three hundred days soon God raised up and made to understand the twenty three hundred a prophecy and verse seven assist in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he shall begin to sound the mystery of God should be so now were getting to the seventh youngest son during the sounding of the seventh from the mystery of God and how many of you know what the mystery of God so the mystery of God so will the seller Revelation chapter is the second Advent movement and it's in the time period eighteen is Revelation chapter on the table for that when the sixth trumpeting fulfilled during August eleven eighteen and it talks about the mystery of God and Mister God is in Colossians of one definition Colossians one twenty seven right now over for the weekend I have message in the message of Christ are right and it's not just a message of Christ outside of businesses and a theological debate in the church some people say that were saved only by the righteousness of Christ outside in Revelation chapter ten of the Ministry of driving in the end and the ministry of Christ eleven the method of Chrysler righteousness Christ not only covering for this right the coming in our hearts commission is working hard in the end and there's a difference between the second and moved and in our church that we are part of now were not just the church were and there's a difference between an Indiana church that every reformers Martin Luther John and Charles Wesley started the Methodist Church the Calvinists and all those reformers got erased and during a period of time were essentially he was starting a work of reformation that these reforms were procuring people forget that they will be ready to meet God we then got a recipe and you had a different purpose of the afternoon wasn't prepared people for death is to prepare people for translation and that the purpose of the three is to prepare people to walk without to finish this break is here not that the difference between message and any other methods that's ever been as much as my misunderstood or Calvin Wesley White Cliff for any of you the other reform a widely possible that people who see their clear teaching of Scripture that the Christ of the facilitation of the policy they would be prepared to be named Jesus that they would have to die for God Raytheon it was his purpose for us to be translated is an interesting point that home winemaking early writing she said that if William Miller had expected the Sabbath nothing was part of the thirty he would've his health and really broken down after the great discipline he was severely disappointed in this physically he is the author so much and while you're decreased four thousand sermons he is pretty much piracy times a week for twelve years strait was really where someone not that much and he was living in the holder whether the Northeast the city and how family values that we have and plan my wife is on page thirty seven Jesus Helton really broken down at all I said that if you set the Sabbath message that his health when revising with the third Angels message with our humans and translated without the heat just like Moses made a mistake just before entering business that does not accept without notice was losing a bringing disrepute to death characters just before entering they can force and cut gangster picture in front of the horses that Moses was untranslated to have from pain after said position as an interesting side site feedback shoe is history in eighteen forty four the summer of eighteen forty four not the mainstream Christian denominations have had enough of them will they were sick of the message of the second coming and him birth perhaps rightfully so as the day or the hour of the Lord and they were right to do that because the notoriety came up with a very creative interpretation of the justify their their position the year at first and then eventually the exact day that the truth of the matter was that the Christian churches didn't want to see the way it was described in the Bible they wanted to see Jesus Usher in several millennium that will bring peace and prosperity for this earth they would reign with Christ on this earth for a thousand years Jordan was very enough for the Christian churches living high on an there's some weird huge things hot that in some ways are similar to that of the teaching of the Bible is very clear that there will be a literal thing of the earth will be destroyed by five of the righteous will talk later to need the Lord in the air and the wicked will be destroyed in a thousand years there will be a special Resurrection of the working so this is what William Miller and Miller writes with teaching the Christian churches have not been restarted the Fellowship and the knowledge from the church and William Miller and John Joshua Hines the silent strokes that you name it they'd been very careful to not call these churches bobble they they were trying to work with restrictions as much as they could on Charles Finch was actually the first one say that the Protestant churches have become part about a millionaire consider when creating this year preached a sermon sermon by Charles about and someone will be as if he didn't go back and listen to the anyway Charles which him through receiving this fellowship church for printing victory every baby born people like him are being disfellowshipped from their churches observe the Miller I start the Protestant churches were part about and this is so the summer of eighteen forty four is one the second Angels message began to be preaching there's an interesting point your revelation fourteen verse eight this is Babylon is fallen is fall so the word is fallen fallen is mentioned twice and brown the Catholic Church of the following for many centuries and the emphasis of the second annual message of Revelation fourteen is the first two groups that are now falling largest round the apostate Protestantism is now fallen as well as and I it bothers me today when I see him growing up in the church I went articles all the way up under faithful people away but some have our young people start to think that there is no difference between us and other church that were all the same love Jesus as long as you love God was just all get along and all go to heaven not on the defendant the millwrights understood literally understood with the once Protestant churches rejected the future second coming of Christ they join around the Roman church in becoming the following churches about and they continue to teach the false teaching of the falsity of worship and they also teach the immortality of the soul and those are part of the one thousand one soon him just to clarify the people novel for the third and come out of her my people that's where we those of you know we know virtually give this message to your three people in the other churches will come out of it appears that there is another point in one of the reasons that it taken so long for God to use us a call a lot of the furniture in many respects were not ready for God 's we don't live the message of the three were still fighting a fight is the greatest is like the disciples were more concerned about our home political strategies and shirts and we are about God and so God uses people most of the churches protect some of the dangers they can be in our church and he said that there are faithful faithful churches and arguably that you have to live this message in the call people out of the literature to Saddam take but I just tell you again the work of evangelism when we understand through Angels message it will ask for the revival to our online so that's the history of the first Angels message really sick often eighteen forty second Angels message certainly given in the summer of eighteen forty four I mentioned this to my sermon for mom to get the midnight cry with him between August twelve through seventeen October twenty three reply I told the story lot on eighty acres for them or fathers only a few people thought of the thought belief basically on all rights were confused as to the runners on the twenty three hundred across as they thought that that Jesus was going to come by the spring of eighteen forty four and that obviously didn't happen if you read some of the things that William Miller was saying after that he and knowledge teeth he always said if I'm wrong I'll be the first to answer he was admitting he was wrong liaising with so sure that he was right and you can understand how he was wrong and they were the next room apology and yet defending what he is and this was made in a forty four and there is a camp meeting in Exeter New Hampshire August twelfth the Millerite gathered together for a large camel market and during those years and towards the beginning of it and Joseph he was given that wasn't really very much for the high basically to five thousand twenty three hundred days were seated on the there was no real certainty I really wasn't going where and as a gentleman by the name of Samuel and I will arrive your knowledge of the faith term he's been doing since then he wanted to share with you that can so he came and the sister was sitting on the front with the system 's sister that I have in your life is a sure the sisters found the focus of faith this is now and as we have someone here with here is the just the faith of the office market but most of the point of Samuel Smith's sermon that the future is when Jesus came to this earth in the spring festivals him overland died on Passover for any with the actual day of Passover the new design so that was evidence of the flash of the first and the disciples were proving the Messiah Jesus Christ after he is using this as an you read the book of acts of and then Jesus body was broken and rested as he is unlike the broken unleavened bread in the chamber on South and then he was resurrected on the debt offering the first truth is the first begotten that you see Hebrews were Jesus called the first begotten in John chapter three he was the only begotten son before he died that he became the first begotten of the resurrection and it fit with the appetite of the wave sheaf offering the first three and fifty days later the early rain or not on the very day of the placenta flows explaining to always know where it many comes to the twenty three hundred a prophecy says the twenty three hundred days is going to be the fulfillment of the anti- typical day of atonement and if you follow this area you are her fourth and the twenty three hundred days of taking two eighteen forty four and the David's comment forty fourth of October twenty two and I said just as surely as Jesus can and died on time that at the very appointed time the myth of the week he was cut off after one of his neck right on time on the day of account out of a monthly place of sanctuary in the key point that they were off on the they believe just like at the end of the day of atonement in the the high priest holy life they believe that they have a time when taking one day when Jesus would go in her mouth and the they didn't understand that he was going to entry for the first time that a argument with Ryan at October twenty two note the fulfillment of the twenty three hundred from home I corroborate the this was before him I was thinking and this became known as the midnight cry because after Samuelson amended presentation it was so compelling however find that he had a data presentation in the next one is the they could just make sure that everything he said he refuted the good in this presentation the next day and the article the word on everyone's list my life that can hold the right go ye out and the whole Northeast the whole Millerite and what they truly believe that adoption is that you I wonder what would you like and if we knew that he removed the three hundred ninety one your fifteen day prophecy fulfilled this is how the Holy Spirit was guarding their movement as they knew they were a fulfillment of Bible profit because nothing like that happened the time of the reform now why does this person before the great Congress is the simplest time of the apostles there is no amendment has been more free and unprofessional move out of the other eight forty four and that the Holy Spirit was really defined what happened since every time you read a story just really gets me excited about what God 's purposes for the church questioning of the degraded him there were twenty three forty four allows the data Jesus moves into the most holy place and the most holy place this is where we have the architecture of which has the ten commands and it was God 's purpose you read the writings of known why it was God 's purpose to bring his true believers in the time of the disappointment for them to stay together and ending chick to have a more complete understanding of God 's law is Jesus went into the most holy place by Satan they were to enter them with and there they would run about the logon something solid and some of them this is only a few the faithful to our faith followed Jesus from the holy place of the monthly price went from fifty thousand not the start of their church we started with fifty people important for the morning that's where we start I like the people here and think about the group of roughly the size of the system that stretches are now he added Howard from the degree and move the lead all the way to eat we form those fifty people they give up their faith and you've got one they weren't about to give in many others couldn't reconcile the prophecies so forth one of her the first person of course you understood what happened with higher and this was the interesting point about higher was given the benefit was a vision or just his mind was enlightened to know what is not real clear good him with fine grain that the Holy Spirit would give them understand what really happened and they kept Frank until they felt the case of God and thought about how long they traded in graphite prayer is leave and say why after that for they kept friendly use of the Holy Spirit that heard the prayer was after you hire nothing less than far as realized that it is Jesus entering into the mostly place the first time the message history some prophecy and history that Pollard to the period of time the rate second half awake from a thirty two nation twenty fourth MS Texas from eighteen forty four so now here we are two thousand six the language is an were living in a time of the third Angels message in the third Angels message is huge call people out about one inch of the mark of the beast at in Revelation fourteen focus here is the patience of the same security to keep the commandment of God the faith is that you have a commandment keeping healthy and lose the live the faith is now probably heard this before and not it's completely different to say I have faith in Jesus to say that I have the faith of if I have faith in Jesus that means I can stay alive only that Jesus died the chances of the government believe that it really is good to have faith in the entirely different to have the faith of the things that we have the same thing him a purpose religion then just keep the Sabbath law if he or our grandparents and parents over the great authority third my father and I will not flow at my desk in the church when he was thirty one twenty two the history of the godliness of them position and he believed that his wife and yet just like the children of Israel home with taking the truth you will we relied our lifestyle here that hastening the second coming of getting the variables methods and living word and sixty two years after getting forty four and the Lord wanted him shortly after he am only a two thousand and so the purpose of the third Angels message is not to preach a message just to assure that we have no one else because if we know what the truth is we know that were right but we don't really allow the truth and realize what he preaches many evangelistic theories provide as we want and it will be like offering the views of all they they felt the warmth and thermal were what gave them value five they were God really want among us is not just the people who know the truth and enmity one document once we need to know people need in our theology will him going to a true heart for myself and every day when God has a group of people who have the patience of the things they keep the commandments regarding how the faith of Jesus then he will have a group of repair for travelers not without it was brought on this earth for the purpose of the reason for Jesus answered in the most holy places on them for a short time is now he had every thing in place should work a complete understanding of truth and a group of people who would be willing to take that message to the world the revelation camel this that payment went through the bitter disappointment talked about here in Revelation chapter verses nine through one as I went to the angel said and him giving a little work and he suddenly take it and eat it initial make my belly bitter but it shall be in my mouth sweetest check the little book out of the angel 's hand and ate it and it was in my mouth sweet as soon as I my belly with the book the greatest point of verse eleven says in his seventies now must prophesy again for many peoples and nations and times serve that's her commission to prophesy for before the world to give the third Angels message to every nation 's hundred hundred people to do the methods of the solvent to help people understand what Jesus is doing forth a list place of work to understand that he other high priest and helpless when everything is a tenderness victory over every man have a fair from the hundred and forty four thousand things that you see is the other without fault before the office found no guile just as the threat level definition another the last few things that are sure to really familiar that I never hurts to be reminded of where food is and I hope that a few select back in Revelation chapter eight nine December the eighth all of the things in the first four trumpet the fact the Western fire and see the city prophecies that were fulfilled to the very day that that God got his playing around words there is there were specific fulfillment and there's enough evidence of information to show us that the afternoon was brought onto the world scene is hundred eighty before special leave and there's just enough for us there and just look at the history of an Oregon and now that we surely are raised up I got to finish his work with her people this is so painful to hang on to pick up second Peter chapter one verses sixteen to twenty available read verse nineteen the computer chapter one verse nineteen says we have also a more sure word of prophecy whereas UU well they think he doesn't feel like that shyness in a dark place until the day dawn of the day star arise in your heart knowing this first that no prophecy of the Scriptures of any private interpretation for the prophecy came not in overtime of the will of the holy men of God spake as they were made by the holiness him him or her work off your plate is unfair I mean you guys step for this is that they got stepped his disciples through to make turn him from quarreling to together and he is he going to step us through Wednesday crises Wednesday in the universe crises in their bed what caused them to actually come together and what might have or River with a online throw everything either one in and you are and what you are and the more between the top and after the resurrection Jesus is visited by the one who is one of you they spent that time that all is wrong by heart I want to and in a you and you are there was true genuine heartfelt and by the time the Bible they were one of only thirty one of the way the lottery is in the lower right one the only thing that my right here right him fulfill very wonderfully thoughtful film right now see a fulfilling revelation holders of life before you finalize the way is not feasible the picture has all fine and is a actually have I is a good thing now that I really wasn't part of our faith is highly I have a leaf is a very essentially a sort of a person for you have taken is a is not a you finally have worked very closely thank you very much as the body of the Sun Valley for you for that in heaven thank you so much for the Santa Fe we thank you we ask you for the more sure word from you life is dark and during the darkest part of the history we thank you for the transforming aspects of and we see that your hand is dried very arriving at revelation time with you and his focus on lighting and start this new board were thankful to be part of the credit each one of us here with real-life significance of it and that we would be faithful to the theory that we would surrender our lives that we would have the mind of life that Christ truly would be the hope is that the old self died the love of Jesus shine forth thank you so much for all you've done for fair that we would go forth here more committed to serve each and every prison Jesus


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