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Engaging Youth in Health Outreach, Part 6

Casio Jones


Casio Jones

Fitness Minister, Author



  • January 29, 2012
    8:30 AM
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identify what thank you for helping us here the father not your just so awesome love God we thank you for the Fellowship thankful just opportunities you provide is just too learned this week and just to hear the future of our country in the direction that would go with his helplessness follow acid she would continue to bless a new ministry has represented here each ministry is represented in this room father I was asked if she would touch trailing creek get them ready for what you have in store for the due father to your plans are bigger than that we came to understand the father wished here for present to be in evidence and witnessed each other that will will and father who willing to be used by the father you have our permission system and in Jesus and I testified today in high I get I might need to stand up to his feet camera so I must have lines into stuff they don't forget we got into at twelve thirty and had some fun stuff Jim is a great workout clothes I thought I will however today is baby and have two versions of it but after sixty five days a sixty five day lifestyle challenged which is a very unique way and this is what I has Brown or what the Lord is giving me that would be a a a puzzle a piece of puzzle to go into this day scheme of things so at the end what you think clicker does it on and off switch while sawing technology upon five ago at sixty five sixty five work if I met Kathy Jones legal website axis sixty five .com you can e-mail me from there you can find information about me on their and also did not address Casio Jones .com and even one though to put Casio at exit sixty five for Castile at Castor Jones .com and I I do my best return e-mails if you have questions anything you want to talk about something let's let's us communicate I think it's an outlet when I work with kids no work with young adults I can do things like is you start thinking you start getting your mind soon and you could beat you could have the opportunity to make better choices so this is a block of ice and that he was they was doing this this outside to doing this crazy trip and Wayne Antarctic and they discovered this man frozen in a block of ice dust all my children as little as him on so how do you know it down Adam God is hiding out with him as to exactly he doesn't have a belly button and a half that I've graduated and so the thing is what when when we worked with young adults get them to think think out of the box can help them to declare their mind to understand what's really going on in front of them and what's really yelled to think that this is something that is true this is something I should do okay but when you loudly the universal being discolored the system and following things but got to have an opportunity to make choices the network lifestyle choices is this is the key people choices love so much that he gave those choices not sometimes yet the one that will do this he loves us unlevel so powerful he wants us to choose to love him back I access on Ace of Auckland is a good life choices and obliges of the choices are not made for us I received on the road and always cringes me to see a lady smoking and in a backer card legit as one pullover in chakra this is what either didn't have a chance he strapped in began against the windows but yet not being targeted at low track the window so it doesn't affect her bill bill is not about us seeing this lady was complaining about the jackhammers going outside of her her her fun house is just complained out all the noise was affecting her baby Janet gives her stomach but also some efficient she's holding a cigarette is a solid choices can be in the environments we live in like me the old house of the Lord was near this type of environment you know unfortunately because of choice of other people we can be effective so at times twice is not necessary that we really want to do but some situations where that's all we have and so what we need to do our best to try and create the other aspects of unlikely to help control over that we can do the do our best to make healthier choices that make sense within the I hear hereditary like a loaded gun but it's a lifestyle that pulls the trigger so in time to hear people say Mister James smudging my father died of heart disease age forty on the get heart to die from heart disease a forty to say hi to the possibility of this think about this you also learn how to eat like your father you also learn how to sit on the couch and drink beer like your father and not move around there is a lot more associated with tradition and things are passed down the way because the way we live the way we sleep the way we talk genetics James has eight percent but not a huge percentage of lifestyle J I lickety-split the colors of the map here does this have a man on a faulty genes was a faulty James and you is so faulty that same faulty genes on loving you talking about genetics that are not in the Lovelace yesterday that is to write what you have to have you have genetic genes that are those flaws because of sin we not visit with his imperfection you know the imperfections that are passed down in one family has this issue November of this issues but what the last out is the alternate catalysts guy but he was still with us about the same things involved in Zanesville James and it's just that you know but even still you have a perfectly Jain and you have a crazy whacked out lifestyle and have problems now because you can put the limit what you want to handle your legislative who are hard to undock on how to be the largest woman Welch is a seven hundred pounds now she's running its nine hundred seven pounds you have been to some genetic flaws upstairs and I'm a big mean I went on an obese United States is lots of color change okay this is ninety one ninety five ninety seven two thousand one two thousand four two thousand six and is said by twenty fifty seventy five percent United States will be obese that saying that sixty percent of males will be obese fifty percent of women be obese than twenty five percent of children would be obese if nothing is done and that's why you see such a urgency nice it is out there you see Mississippi Alabama and West Virginia brothers and sisters we go in with any army in Mississippi England places you get five four euros and dollars the devoted fan you get five pickles and get fried Twinkies fried the Lord is like is like water but that is true dish and tradition has been twined was somewhat with culture that it's it's it's sad it's a wise the hardware as health minister 's been knowing our communities we have to not despite what flavor or the like to get them to be educated but when their main program in this way some infants and all the chemical addiction that there is that their bodies going to their addicted to it so it's a battle that's why there's only one solution for changing that is Jesus it is not playing as possible to glean what your people safe who are able to develop about photography bill to put down being angry infighting with their brothers and sisters are able to that's only Jesus that can do that when he is thereby placing a hard see things that the new behavior change so here are about the beheading a modification to allow good time until they feel motivated or not motivated not anymore and just like David Burke back to old habits best human who we are as we have been very cautious and identify when we work with somebody to understand that some people to build on this lifestyle to that lifestyle on a jumper by business on Topix they are back there was something or the majority people needs this process take and we got the couple we use our their their site typically found in the great but there are some individuals that day I mean people used to test it takes twenty one days upon habit but it varies because you have degrees of politicking to get it right in the Christian when you first heard Christ's name on it picking up on a surrender at eight and came to individual individual seaweed I look at they have the lifestyle and have a crucial I felt the same in Uganda for somebody else and you'd only get when you will decide to delete button business the junk okay but it's like to stand out and out we get invalid of this unhappily popout think about it was that some URLs my lifestyle justified submitted things so they get somebody from here to here it's a lot of patients a lot of love and given them that freedom and the number one thing we give us you have to help and get themselves so it helps them to focus on key moving forward because we can't do nothing about yesterday or tomorrow is unknown on right now is praise the Lord and if you could give that to them realize that in order but those that arthritis meds when he gets back up so you must stop to think and what you learned from it you realize that you are in a situation you should is not impregnating beings that made you could buy someone else for less disappointment awaits we need to encourage them to help leaders to encourage people particular have victories when you have been at least that's what people want more victories was number bombarded with negative connotations never views about themselves and they try and if they fail to give up with him to be here and happens with the Christian walk is one of the people they try just what a slut but then the guilt to consult bouncing potency be observed that in that event and a cobra packet always but God tells her he loves us so much that he began to see when we stumble fall is like Derek is carrying this the same applies with the help message as you work with people get to be the and all along the way everyone the same and you and you and you and all is right in his life is like a writer for example very well example because new realistic what people does not live style changes is not as you can always let you go to like the cost woman diet you don't don't don't don't lifestyle is hey but now continued on the ground at it it's a process 's selling of the Belfast unfortunately a liability aboveground reactive and healthy but it's a process and you know when you realize that every step I collide to make better choices and better choices that he has been back yet it's unfortunately neither have you some people is when it comes visiting people what I want to write my reviews of your personal trainer it's the work personal you have to be personal and understand that you deal with humans which requires love and gay and not seen people the way you see yourself going pick the things you do when you live that babies it's like you does affect the trainer who works aggressively insist on the train I worked out you're not capable you're not you're not there yet and you might even want that but the meet them back to work at the you train you in detail about her knowledge to help you get the goals you need that kind that's also typical about people who work with other people they got a interlock with them at their level so they commit the changes yes he is very very then its principles and steps forward for when you right-click on when you deal with me personally how I work with individuals I set goals with them and we sit down together we tried to work on bills that are realistically that they capable to achieve and and we talk later on today about covering this mind-body I called my body social and spiritual balance we help individuals to find these ways that when they are to help them to make those changes could that behavior modification varies from individual to individual but the process of helping a intelligent imagine a person can be consistent but how what they need to achieve cannoli will always be different because some people acquire information from childhood and no bicycle is clueless about that okay let's talk along with this note ultimately like London-based chain type constant type of faith in their lair is there there is some truth to that when you take somebody out of their element stripped down and be programmed so about the way you know hello Lisa the life but as it is not what they really want is not the meaning that the new wax it has effect unless you're a mess environment example you would pick somebody who is that the basic trainer milk from a stranded and excitable the closer one nice in the guess what you don't keep on the structure it always just human nature you know in Leicester I design your maintain it in a capitalist still you still have to have the enough of a reminder around you this those around you is still as an example I mentioned my butt was this obesity clinic and Doctor New York famous for your people of the PowerPoint of how the middle and I was watching this video and all the people around it with the psychotherapist to trainers honest up I know what to do for this individual strategy the work was individual and what they came up with was to do this this this and I noticed one thing they didn't say course that it was Jesus however the study found that was saying while he has been that person what she's back for the second time because when they get out into the world on environment David have slowly has died to them I have data and information but the behavior change really hasn't hit home so they revert back to the always good is nobody else to stimulate them to make right choices or delimited choices to choose from the concert is saying when you give somebody Jesus someone who used to be a drug addict game you allow that person to go to work for them to take him through what he given some medication support but does not change a truly changed how they see themselves to the value missiles put around another gigantic they revert back Reggie Bowman gigantic you change their hearts it seems about as unquestioned that the changes desires then that the Gore calls him to go back to Manchester his former buddies he's stronger he's not the same person but I thought we may move will make new and so that is willing the sacred behavior modification is just how is that loved each individual varies and has helped leaders it's our responsibility to connect with individuals stay connected with twice Holy Spirit worked to us and who taught how to say what to say what the person meet with person doesn't even see to help a person make a change because that's what you and therefore Doctor Junot versus five for reasons not just to pick up oxygen each other it should be there to be that like to help guide them to Christ or the present and strengthen new physicality talk about Christ in your life as have those both I and so we know there's a epidemic United States obesity is as rampant so we're doing some about him the Surgeon General yesterday talked about we understand the country understand is in need of additional countries has around the world the joints are everywhere you cannot replace him the sun does not settle Coca-Cola one McDonald's okay so it was only using beginning to like the British Army way back the sun doesn't set on it on the British flag because it was it was the dominant power of his high but fast food junk food a destructive lifestyle the facet it's everywhere and you see obesity common out of all countries need to I mean we get onto what is that bandwidth is it awed because by what abilities you see how St. Louis is working yes yes yes yes you does something John well you yeah you yeah and and it's what is the solution what can we help them with disease is an effort of nature to free the system of condition that results from violation of the laws of health system ministry P1 page one twenty seven you don't have read about reading the health minister we choose truth in them but in great grandma back today relevant today okay says the only hope of better things is the education of people in my principles left positions teach people to healing powers not because the nature and this is I think whacked against any funds without ripping button and thirtysomething when assessing physician out his entire letter help ministers let us both educators teach people the truth that bottling good sound health principles is part of the solution okay I'm sixty five is basically a life downtowns with this ace quits change to the eight laws of held that under very different unique way and so bear with us check it out we have two versions we have our chosen version of the color green body place but mingled adulterers with the axis sixty five and about the Burke would run out of time foundation okay wait upon the design is that it's week there is an emphasis that you read as to help you with the structure to reprogram the inability we polyamide bonus twelve one in one into it tells us that how we should know Neil basic applied and get on my right and get a self focus right back what's important okay foundation is that God is our foundation with all part of the big love story J you cannot build any structure any home any temple without a proper foundation your life has nothing to do it yourself your life has everything to do with God it is not the foundation you got problems J the big love story involves everyone else where and how would plug and love story only God and he is showing each one of us a glimpse of that okay Davis last got up anyway you want forward backward upside down diagonal is not about love it just views love the gay political of the dogs it was a big reason that we should love it equals hand-in-hand down the hotel you got out of anger whatever there's an what about when the tram but when you really look deeper and really understand you have a bottle of the more insane when he leaves for those of us who don't have kids you don't really grasp the concept of that love factor yet to have a child is when you have a child you get to understand is nothing you would do to let harm come to that child is nothing you wouldn't do click track how does anyone do the measure China need the sites I love you have a child but yet are able my could barely understand that cost of level work we only have a glimpse to understand what God 's love lives the enemy for those who have kids you understand for those who don't have kids the real blood Blessed got little so much that he sent his son to die for us now add an extended Backus income figures out the foundation component of the of the program is a reminder of what most of us gay but it's reminders needed to get us alive back into check some kind redoing some mean things in as well that we are sometimes been the almost blow on the negativity all the flow of junk from the world spills into our lives and we are pooled and had a long to find Sue to swim along to life but when it comes out Sudan is dealing with the understanding that it's all about and if the foundation okay you're doing this beautiful mansion and you were told that this house is worth one million dollars and has the most pristine carpet carpet which was imported finished ran about it was important for anyone that is why car at the doorbell thing on the carpet comes in and he says compared to fix your fireplace he knows that he speak with thirty was the first thing you told me but I've gotten how you look at shoes off because you understand the value of that carping understand about his brand-new house but yet it's hard to people can't understand the value themselves the price was paid for themselves and that's evident by the way we be warned ourselves with poison civil not to come out very soon and what happened with the victory is going to help a big bottle of champagne smoking a cigar community some take but we are humans likely YSL with toxicity does he say we deserve its own it will not try to be legal with the main thing is the mindset was to think about how we allow what was the most unique machine to access and which reelected nothing we do whatever we want to it we market and where we want to week six extreme dress with life because he felt Rapp to comprehend understand that is not ours it was given to us and when someone is given to you was to come back and say you have a bad desk all stewardship you are a steward opinion care of something that was given to you becoming short responsibility to take care of the temple of God is giving you I sometimes will say that you know what it is so much was stolen into a brick or stone of Rick this website short window bill may upset and I will analyze the charges they wanted to put a halt to scream and holler when you snap a couple of that Christ died for the suspects the couple of house he lives in us what type of environment would you like your Christ living and we will live in a home with molten glass and put a roof because it would come and fix it for you wanted to live in an obesity hypertension Count one fifty yards is not applicable to the point was to see what's on value is one five to understand our individual ministry convened on your ministry you know your partners you know your purpose you understand that your life and your health is at school you do your ministry but that is the first thing on your mind God which will do for me about how you use me today a gets a different step in your walk it helps you wake up in one with with with the sense of not just what is excited to see what is due to you today but if that's not on your mind like a think about why got his work project at work to get the kids here is that I got to visit template she called and told her what you told to break up with that man long time ago stress of life saint does not think but hates you and you use everything he and his power to keep you off March keep you distracted it is our job to keep all my focus on the ministry focus on our relationship so that you have the right foundation you understand your ministry he's the only people high-value things falls into place the coming lot is where one what does this mean paying if I can move on prayer meditation talk with heavenly father those who are glad kids went to the beginning I was going are you going to go on the house goes gold love love love love love love love how one of their cannot imagine my son walking past me a nice speaking to me I can imagine what God feels like to share our voice talked about slowly other things but also his name don't call out to him has to heart and head hurts us belong like he is about it I realize that I'm an adult now you're just happened so when I came out and I have to never call my mother because my father was little boy and you can get that concept whom I myself being more proactive internetwork he sees me to say what I see my little kid and so his mile-long debris of my kids say be with me but to say without long to be with us is important to communicate with I have a father is also pointless to study his word evangelism also completely understand his character Lacey is changing the lifestyle you're bursting with foundation closing I would bother the natural payment closure ministry what is your ministry what's your valuation what your purpose been fired pray meditation should of course three phases first phase of this program has a deal with change in the body is this right to a new ally would haven't bothered to go spam what's going on around you notice that what you told me going because the military by motorcycle vacation when you ride a motorcycle you make your time you know this type of five you turn your head to the body follows it has not gone heads not allowed God to work through you your body can follow with me what time is to make this isn't safe I needed don't exercise I need to Sebastian I think this is the value some folks in the right way how much will come into play addiction will come into play the word discipline is not a bad word it's a good word okay but without having the ability to train and practice about discipline it needs our focus on the Lord help us to make a difficult times of minority improving ourselves that those discipline becomes habits you with me okay this regard I have some property that was lisping week if they see as even adults know the military we still run and and and on the rifle you Marines all branches military man watch soap opera is like a common thing we did the same thing but we can tell you what's going on a soap opera with them on this character that character would take us in regards to be upset with me because the truth but the finding is our enemy that will grandfather military just people we spent a lot of time to indulge in things of the department things and stuff and the youth build type of the video games treatment this character that day but that character but can it have a safe passage signed by crops that we should try to develop get a sale now time say money effort to him that I nutrition this talk which was soon to clean meals is a new thing water right now you the mainstream output e-mails atomically meals and not just talking cleanly also you know clean means windmills the parts above Spain away from processed foods okay I call it in my program single ingredient we look at the label something that says Berkeley wasn't blocking blank blank blank blank blank to Madonna bling bling stuff S chemical steps in a pillar of the things that those off your body levels can so we want to be lose in a way I supplied by the way God made before met with his hands on the Met manipulated he's doing something to it why doesn't live his pocket better he asked that could be picked up out of bed so you will buy okay all the knowledge of the dollar and avoided color is okay hello I like what goes into the mouth doesn't make you unclean the Bible tells us what's in the heart that makes you unclean thing about it is just to help you with the K because salvation is through Christ and Dallas sees this as his was saying how Christ was we would not wash his hands and do all the things are help message has so much to do with health problems this was to be in web how more about how deals life and not look at what's on my gates and condemned them developing the principles that because we need certain things can be destructive to the body because you said the man who created us also has the manual okay and when you're driving a car is somebody a car engine until I goes on your cell that means when you can indulge an honest man until display was going on with the owner as though he is a bad messenger system when we'll be needed and sleep build by for help on the love that we have lungs in jeopardy expensive less pain less discomfort but I was in Matthew fifteen 's six two eight two twenty okay sugar people webinar to help you to live longer avoid sugar such as sugar divided not have process refined sugar is a big difference the sugar you find your fruit should you find that white powdery substance but the put in foods and that you put on your and your drinks into your stuff big difference fruit has fiber has water in the body to process it the reason I doesn't see by strips of water is stripped of the nutrients defined process and those of the adrenal gland injuring those of efficiency and whole body falls back okay what they need to do such as sugar because you got what they put in restaurant food sugar and salt in fact both the October nation that guarantees that you have a lawsuit with tobacco this should be a loss of the sugar but I guarantee you there will be huge obstacle is the food industry will allow and what happened okay but is true okay we have to make a decision in our lives and our children live the cut glutamate and avoid sugar if the stock natural sweet stuff has ability to provide a positive image still too much of that is still can be destructive and type okay if we can take it one set up on e-mails come from live food window in the right direction controlling more than fifty one percent of the captives what percent of your plate life food that's good for me bless the little red buckle up and down the money has been emphasized has a probiotic it has nourishment in it still in an somewhat wrong but some could be slightly cooking you still have the nutrients the window just when you overcook your best move there's nothing they are likely your broccoli one was filled some greatness is encrusted and I unbelievably was that you keep under a hundred eighteen degrees as you cook and eight preserves the enzymes in the substance and the vegetables and take a hot and Engadget would have the statement that these are stammered to the waters of the pool and suck the nutrients out specimen was a communal want to be more aggressive weather implement without the funding they they they steam the broccoli and equality nutrients how do we put on the street and on the same so but their frequency of plate fifty one percent life food but his something like that we got this megahertz of energy in our food to take a piece of chocolate cake and eat that talking is good to look good in what was later far as it can but we now have been green salad peanut allergy medical because the body has to excel energy to break down a chocolate cake I think anything that constraints when you break down the line include livestock back equally so to think that that's how bottom response to food the latitude this means that food here is processed food that the year is outsold by our society economic more good food food if we can get habit meanwhile life will win it in fact high selectivity no more than he was in Tucson no more have fun you have most of the video Jesus you could be having for the mayhem of my imprisonment in a help button lets up to that Jesus was out the only people okay get a body is easier to have someone to help keep you accountable because he this little guilt factor of menus would be there for thirty flight right into the final galleys were call me all day laughing at me identity up to some accountability there that's also working out some of the spot you to keep you safe to walk when you watch your form exists also interaction spouses exercised your spouse some quiet time with your spouse there's something about them to exercise together and praise together to review when there's something about that you know some opportunities to work with women you care about when it ended this a chemical reaction takes place in exercise and is a bond that you perform together when you exercise with that person is as magical in a good way set goals set realistic goals don't try and go of some of who doesn't exercise at all to some by Google and exercise seven days a week stop everyone to me then you start enjoying niche carved out that the activity into your busy work schedule is not realized this and now becomes warmer priority is to slice up more time and now because we tried to make lifestyle changes not something short quickfix shortcut that's all I have a good time just what happened he backed away but if you want into your lifestyle will enough about the whole livestock in implementing this in your life set realistic goals goals you can see is when you're jiggling about those good you may be spelled Mark at the hotel we walked across we got a high school diploma and ultimately walking fuzzy got to college degree the milestones at the time it took hard work Sandra applied to lifestyle set realistic goals and when your genome is great but the best part as a little milestone reward yourself gets us up a new audiobook get yourself a new pair of jeans get yourself something to warm yourself so you have benchmarks and rewards realized by him elected and get something inside the district okay so it's okay to reward yourself for one and we verified the twenty hey good job I completed in as you like back so you can as I simply think that keeps you moving for good make time you are parroting real estate hate I come into work a little late tomorrow why have a doctors appointment affected my kids a doctor I do leave work a little early we give Doctor Celeste part already and I baby schedule when you have chaos going on the exact voltage of four possible can make it happen but when you come to think of us owls and try to do this can do it I know make a scheduled with you inside Somerset I have an appointment I can't make it bookmark what have an appointment has too much appointment really is saying I can't make it but is our inability says however what you have is more important than what I have to do know what you have to do is important because you think of God 's temple which will share what God has given you good penalty of the ministry God has for you what is more important than your public link in your job because when you take your God is the immune response without his game you can still picture the job if the money is a candidate comes under three things for those who married you are a husband or wife breast cancer parent and the child died we allow things in life to come before them you have problems when you take care of the things that are priority for God is giving you trusted him to take care of everything else is he will he is not neglected such attention this love is given you your body some point he tells us if we filed away to give him one hour is actually how much work of the one hour day elected twenty three hours better paying five people he'll make a better but some of us can't make a whole hour to thirty minutes twenty minutes to ten minutes because you no longer do it all yourself you don't bring him eyeglasses pleasant people so it is okay to excise on the Sabbath and basket answer him and him and him and him and his lung had is indivisible she said oh no it's not possible what about going on and on the Sabbath while let's do that just outside blood he realized that hasn't exercise when you exercise on Wednesday so I glamorize yourself you do a deficit almost everyone Debbie was about you and other matter what day is it is wrong but when you exercise a particular kind of commute is the wish of people Temple maintenance going it's a mind thing the world has infiltrated all of us for a lot of us to think it's all about you that being is active it's all about outward appearance and nothing do with outward appearance inciting it is a universe of tiny cells is your responsibility to ensure that universes if you hasten your kidney cells are different to your heart cells your liver cells with defending a pancreas cells in each one no cells of birth in to existence and some more diet at the rock the same rate when you live in a destructive great destructive life Mister struck the Temple new shell that disbarred to do his job is the limited SIL level when you have a destruction of cells of almost faster than a repetitious of what happened in your response to the credit helping Miami to bring election I is is is is best job combined to help the environment for Microsoft with thinking but hey we definitely the responsibility times goodness and hope to think about outward moments on the inside thing about how the food you eat has the inside and let the things you join house at the end inside is inside his tools you need to do the mission got undo out there I hid my favorite stop the excuses I know that there was consisting and identifies far cells and hydrogen of the butt stock this uses we make time and do when you do because God has called us to do something some responsibility okay batting versus you know if you are not being active your diet than the play that right now you have a flashlight use all day long what a long it's what the basilar die but with us the more you sit and I will you move back to buy the charges itself complete opposites crispy active creatures we must be active that's one of my favorite beer doesn't come from God J anxiety major nervous he worried about tomorrow so we can control depression well the some chemical some people feel and there is some this despair of life gay is hard to praise God and be a happy the same breath and be unhappy in the same breath it's hard to praise God and be miserable in life they comes out to that relationship with genuine God is a chilling antidote for depression stress but that open the obstacles of sandwiching a way to derail you do I was allowed to come in our lives to get us all messed up with my mingle is that the right direction in her last aware blood without the rectum gratis asked as to when I went all stress this is a perceived mentally perception of something because I can do this and do something do something a gunshot would go off one Elizabethan terrified the other one went towards it because that's having been program conditions directly so it will have the ability to dip into different stressors and make a line and have the ability to respond was struck as a Baptist and that way because I slice rest of the two things time management and trusting God but wait last window project don't wait last Lindley Niehaus the not yet trapped what Howard stated by the time like an adult congenital schedule is always one person is always funny this absolutely new how to get around to get around fundraising phrases to get all cluster not to guess what it can but you can do is leave early you can do is plan ahead you can do take time to this make better choices the trusting God component that you can not visibly put your hands on something to make a change that ago Jessica 's attorney tried to mentally manipulate it to telling God but your actions this only after the revenue can educate you again to you by the brick get built this just watching a bicep point became pushing a bunch that call forth gray hair and wrinkles both off-line for some people stress testing at night heart palpitations but as you say stop stop stop when you give the guy is a centerpiece of understanding the hand is handled things with me they think about today as investing tentatively makes it but had to control it and that's projects that homework is done you are responsible to be partly paid and your partners for this way that's what you get the address had been going to help because I don't talk all you want again but you get on your knees bent working and I want to the halfway one enemy will use up at the last Denzel as I get but when you get to work at this August what I ask you in the massive son sent back the way and that what requires a little what are they muscled when things happen that mortgage car payments and things on bows out new it had the basic knowledge I got your back I think I scare the birds and all the insights and all the things out there he's going take care more for you and him but you have that they not trust in God these ponies that is the secret high management trusting this fax number these are things the same puts new life continued by the keeping our focus in these days of destructive to the human body destructive lifestyle but what Jesus is the answer other problem way one invests on the hello geez affairs V as soon full of the world today about the symmetry above then there is no honor Jesus is the way GE's as seriously as the full of the loan today above him dance no opener Jesus is the way people discuss some of it's not like it's fine to sign Islamic to turn off yourself and pick up the costs said trust in God is the key okay also how we gain how will it also backs how we stress and also how we heal ourselves okay rest and balance continue on that type of family okay listen without family some of us would be here vaccine can would be here you would have to mommy daddy got him a call development at the other but that was some point make time like I said the party things in life you know you must put them first and God will bless you to put numbers K large want is the work is a substantial outlay where whacked some of the lucky delivery for what is he okay with Randall worked great until because he wants us to be in any voice is ministry that has given us we got wiring was the market that will not stop without the help of days this is the largest good job structure time work men like Sagan is a lot of movement on action a lot actually yes make type of fellowship some point to interact is so important to be close to one another those should give us like isotopic tag suite a day make time for God so important that we find time and alive in you it is hard to work some people is its alone time on the throne at the home contact me what I want for you Junior Ngai Junior got make time to fellowship with him and that you find this balance okay make time for yourself what important there's value in yourself and slice in time for yourself to read a hobby do something that can help you refocus me charts okay we know less sunlight water and air as a refresher for us but it's amazing how before you move into an apartment to move into new home he makes all utilities are tired on your tables turn off the simplest man you know we have all the social provide reflective will remove it the kind of the Saxon people he created man on these cells as we needed the sunlight water and clean air was off about the man was created as a strategy a harmony we need you know there water and sunlight but of course we all may know this but so important for us to refresh yourself and spend time in fresh air spent time on the sunlight even with ourselves and take it as my favorite brother love the program this is how do you love your brother you can see but yet you say you love me you can't see half of the plan was to interact with one another through some point we learn to have some experiences of life of sharing love one another and help shape this pass you on the relationship that positive effect your health example a ladies have a fight with her husband she comes to work in a very happy mood just public for kid critic it was just too much other she's working very have moved a father who's you know how to spell his child is obese or the outcome of the Holly get work in trying to one another thanks for us to have a heart on us to break this down so relationship with mother sisters is important shoulder statement Commandments he might have made a priority important that it wasn't for her best interests select right of action love challenge avoiding hours you interact so differently that causes you to really question how you love others it's like in a book explained that more abundantly it would the last man than the last words your kids hear from you within life for granted Bangkok tomorrow on this and that dynamic time somebody savanna loved ones wouldn't have one hundred outfield was and what kind did you record the Jordan averaged forty eight hours timeout and look at your friend 's mother bought a call and make hamburger to go outside to block twenty spouse how much you care about to make a lobbyist for the last time you can how would you delete the last four digits here to amuse him he is going in the last was to be joined with money this is what mommy how beautiful she looked at how the last time somebody hears your voice but alas oh yes oh my what how but that experience be filled with white hours you treat your spouse and your kids shoot your friends each with yourself in a loving way cousin Chris Mister Paul tells us about while that while the human love we have with some nice madness because the way is up with some of magic event and one of them people are closer by the love is somewhat visibly I just understand that when we experience love and share love member got is what the debate cannot give love sharing but at least that we know God is alive so I took the more we spend a president on that Moses was came down the mountain was reading glowing jihad doesn't die all over him classes and I would have on us that is how we treat other people as MS had the love we share with other people the kind of love which the so you said about the relationship and synthesizer that love thy neighbor thing I mentioned attitude so we got foundation prayer meditation those activity with the mouse stewardship nutrition passing air water sun that is what sixty five is about it's assisted by day last challenge of helping us to understand and seek include different little twist would be put exercise program with it put a meal recipe program with it and so it takes a journey for sixty five days of help individual to see a different ways of seeing the life seen the help desk but seen it at a tall unique way it's a tool so far we have well it's been about a year now out and the best has with the program individual said you know my husband accepted Christ and I spoke to the man he said you didn't notice cancer but I went to church I began as I'm not going back several the book I put down chewing tobacco except personal savior it was June the tenth back to a day and he says he died he got to understand his role his position and accepted Christ as a sovereign Savior somehow click and that's our role of health ministers to write a book and to DVD TV show is connected with Christ and Christ does the work as I will be there we don't know how why when but we allowed us up with Christ who puts in place a open doors to expand your ministry said a lot of things the opportunity for that message to be delivered to the president bring forth the harvest is ready for battle with your type so thank you present in questions that I need to go that wasn't time for me to go over the kids version Mister who along with minimum mountainside but he will be okay but I will become at the rate will go liberal Bluetooth version was I call the green body place and it's its water now live the silica digestive but the concept is is allow them to have something were to hold hands of particular place and exceed the value of themselves and in walked the next is a city will get you a you and I always will say is loving the new smoking love it here and in and said only wow and news smoking a lot of us sit at work with the computers every of no kitchen where there is a heads up people it adds up you know we as health ministers must live it sorry we must live its okay this is not the worst then I have some peers who were traders out there like he's lunching with him they don't know live it again is not the worst then we tried to bring some of the price and where not live in that price I can sing without health must be must live in a is a think you've explained that you worked production like they are Monday and all work in progress day holy but yet we still must thought is called a special and we must understand that as ministers this highest roommate who I would like to remind the storm moving through this media was used by bodybuilders for the NAP health summoned if you would like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. and I help someone .com and would like to listen more online assignments please visit www. maneuvers and on board


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