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Engaging Youth in Health Outreach, Part 8

Duane McBride


Duane McBride

Dean & Professor, Behavioral Sciences, Andrews University



  • January 29, 2012
    11:00 AM
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all in our last two minutes gathering and I'm Duane McBride uses the Gary Hawkins on the PC in sociology I'm a professor and Andrews and your medium-sized apartment direct the student mentioned addiction in Gary is it an Indiana Doctor Public health and I he is the associate director of the health ministries of the General conference and associate director of the instruments of diction and Ashley and Drexler are media Center are media research Center and our prevention center so he's very active around the world in these last few minutes together we really just want to type the things I together than impressed he was in questions on we yard are in this weekend we began by talking about reselling it and how do we protect kids in the harmful environment in which we all live our this electronic medium the Internet on the drugs available everywhere how do we protect our kids in the first way of protecting radius family that family are crucial in learning how to resist the things that had us family bonding family monitoring family role modeling family supervision are are are the keys and hopefully saw that even through our electronic media the family setting boundaries families with an emotional bond families knowing who your friends are are the first defense the most resilient thing we can give our kids on my thing I mentioned I was a faculty member at the University of Miami for thirteen years and I did projects another project for the state of Florida and there is a state official who lives in Palm Beach Florida and a very developed a member of the Catholic Church he was a good Irishman and I'm an Irish name so I was trying use at and hit up a set of a plaque on his desk that says the very best gift you could ever give your children is to love their mother and no it wasn't said videogame wasn't in the car he had sixteen euros to love their mother and ice I talk Ratzinger that I nervously and it's incredible he says Lloyd as associate we know you'll like you like to research and we know that there's positive family bonding if mom and dad love each other just are not better member or surgery of data if the parents yell each other just don't do well so family bonding is crucial then one of the great things any gear is done is look at the role of adult mentoring toes that wonderful story from Africa so ill if if families is that if families are working of it in your familiar clinical affiliation that Hillary Clinton had this place is that it takes a village to raise a child right what that means is adult mentoring to Gary Davis the couples final thoughts on the importance enrolled adult mentoring adult in my day it is a viable and will make you think it is a essentially a secure facility is a will there is some risk in contrast to his adults and that's really the fundamental bottom line PC case and I love her she indicated over the dollars being okay to their final strategies to match his adult to about unique to stop mashing it also gives to his exercise of her wonderful argument recombination is all about putting together vehicles your dances so well it just needed to sell the families together and together more music is an almost unconsciously metamorphic as well as listed below are user growth and in no way lower than at a having the matching adult values of gifting and yes yes you are you are all in and have more risk or risk was a member of MSN families the board of the other dulcet reason together but adults can help if the families is functional so Dell 's other adult to help mentor in making can resign than what the other place we strongly hit Israeli service via Matthew twenty five that judgment seat is what you do for others member that service does a couple of major things notice is how families can work with their children it's how responsible adults can work with you for the church and the community service changes the world number I taught karate stars of the Christianity trial because it dealt with people in their needs of the Roman Empire and that's how Christianity tried pagans fled the city Christian stage of the plague hit in disease yet so service makes a difference but it not only is good for others but it changes who we are and makes us more responsible and helps our cognitive development it helps to see cause and effect and so service makes a real difference in the lives of young people in a towel adult mentoring can take place and you remember what it was the point remain about adults and lots of kids is cooking they talk about anything research and data from our twenty years of studies that if a young person can talk to three or four adults about anything very protective while services are other ways you can talk no you doing things together it's really hard to I sit down right tell me three things are most on your mind right now that doesn't really work that we are serving together you doing Sunday community for mowing lawns to painting houses to cleaning up the yard so I learn the symbol tried herding cattle picking cucumbers on the introductory the tribe that's where the kids are talking about their issues and what's bothering them and their concerns report isn't scheduled five minutes of time right now title report it happens over working with the kids being your coach working with them in service so that's a very important thing and we also talked about the role of faith that faith is protective in almost any religion David Williams and have been a sociologist at Harvard has done some great work showing that your personal devotions your involving your faith community your intentionality about your belief in God in the study redone and adeptness colleges contender may ascend a honest your rates of substance abuse are almost two thirds less involvement in going to church status personal devotions very protective so ill be his Kaiser things are crucial family bonding adult mentoring community service faith involvement are definitional to who we are definitional to how we change it all these are Zeiss things come into the media said Gary Hart on your how do your hottest adult mentoring in the role of parents and the role of the church what can the church due to facilitate all the wonderful things that that we talked about if you were to go give advice to these church leaders what you say to them in designing something in their churches I know you effectively done that your Uris so I created an environment when the kids get about seven or is that I will preach about this about me talking staying in being there for you knowing their names knowing the name don't forget these kids often come from homes more often than you know all of it only you could end up being a person the church has to be a place of the one of not because you are crazy preacher member of the credit crisis appreciated teacher he was early a community health worker was that he was well-known in the community and help people dead and more and I can't think of a replication will have more for a church directly helping you know and we talk the talk but that is what I want to keep things it was made by adding our elder then Jacksonville is down last night was he said he only what what would your committee notice of your church burned down memory I talked about my professor I emblazoned banners who couldn't find the the average church in town that heeded prayer meeting at knowing newer was in their talk about the time and trouble he said never mind stay here you're fine and that's what Billy Jackson was really saying that you would make it there is a community or church wasn't there at the answer is yes your church shouldn't be there the church needs to be a center of positive things in the community for service consent all that's worrying a linking our Pathfinder are youth activities located at such a rich financial source for community service on weekdays but winning is everything is going to do our thing appointment but without a job now is figuring a little widget illusory rhetoric very quickly is not garbage on the same highway every every study for eight hours to live and start smaller added to a growing health menaces health Summit in what the things that we always tried to present to reduce health Summit thinks in the jackpot ceased exit when you do things that I indicated that what they said that you realize the resentment of this figuring fishes this Jesus that so it's okay what are the things that we do the health summons for the General conference or any division the world or the North American division is say to really know we often think that health ministry 's diet ideas and the health ministry 's exercises it is the health ministry is is is many more things health Ministry previous community service health ministry remains healthy families because their families are functioning adults are mentoring and in the church and in the community therefore engaged in serving the community it really does help our help note that we are healthier beings if we extend who we are helping others were healthier in our mental health decision-making we make better decisions about health if of good families adult mentoring children involved in the church chartered children leaving in the church that guys talking to know if you remember Elder Wilson Ted Wilson a stock is headed maybe you can see and his wife were sitting right there and after the service last night I was sitting a couple rows behind them just went up to thing ever of the upcoming things like bursting in our session and they began talking about the urban Third World churches considering really putting young people are major church committees young and we talked about how old were the founders of the Athens church I was alighted first vision she was seventeen years old I can imagine that we have put a seventeen -year-old on a major general conference committee while we need to have and that's what Elder Wilson and his wife are talking about that six fifteen lots are ready in six of the last visit we need to get youth involved no one was where talking about that importance of getting used in service to youth involvement church getting involved in some leadership in making them a part of the leadership is crucial that now we don't elect anyone who is an elder in what we have to be at least fifty hours over was that the elder Wilson the sixty no that were disqualified all of our founders meeting history you agree that a six-year-old with a real tragedies I think it happens to the Roman Catholic Church is to help three years old I read her certified young people so held in rethinking of health were thinking of mental health rethinking of cognitive decisions about health we make better decisions family bonding community service and control electronic media so no it's integrated no it isn't what the great things about at this health messages all of these things are together for all the whole when the great things about our message is mind body and spirit a good spiritual life improves our health spiritual life we make better decisions about health or spiritual life clear cognitive thinking the better physical health that are spiritual insights the better our mental health so I think one of our great contributions if that wasn't wonderful to hear the Surgeon General come to the Adventist church and speak you talk about a witness to the world know whether things that I was a child in an interesting any different like my daughter loved the story of Queen Esther and I love the story of Daniel and Joseph because of those are young men who served in the highest courts of their lands who may change the course of history the king of Egypt the kingdom of Persia the king of Babylon they were called to testify at the highest levels no way talks about that we will be called to speak in the highest realms of government in the Surgeon General came to this group and complement habits for our leading example in the world and the Silvestri will have supper with her last night and she was very complimentary of activism leading the world in the health for know that we had smoking is a major issue we understood the smoking destroyed if it be a vegetarian is agreeing yelled out after talks about the green movement while vegetarianism renewing the biggest cause of a source of pollution is a animal feedlots methane gas so now the world is looking to the Athens church for leadership in many of the health message issues from issues of exercise and diet and smoking on very important there were this witness and in the end the Surgeon General of the United States came to Orlando from Washington to learn whatever this are doing and help and to speak to us about our important role as witness to the world in our health message and we've integrated theology spiritual mental physical it is a whole thing it is one thing that it is our unique message is in your hands by administrators a face of what happens and you win AAA in fact of the only about twenty twenty two percent of adults smoke in our society and it indicated actually it's intensity high school high school dropouts who smoke in some ways it we want so what are you doing you win there are many people are looking to stop smoking there are some but it's hard it is not something costing is eligible that you only are they still do it Jan I Jericho we still do it I've still occurs but in some ways even did you realize that most bars in the United States and vegetarian options you know I travel with Callie 's doing I told him codependent I get my colleagues back onto the room safely on I is not a bar Hopper when I got the bars of my colleagues since I played vegan burgers on the menu item like other party to go to the airport of the Trinity is that you woke up burgers veggie burgers veggie stroke goals so you we want when we do that but yeah I I I think realizing there is no weather problems we've done so well sometimes how do we keep on the health leading-edge and changing the society and we had change the society we change the world was smoking again while my colleagues Robert Johnson foundation NIH recognized that it became a evident it were not identical in all in all is well fresh air sunshine Ellen White exercise in fact there's amazing stories and in the white estate as an end result is bundling the letters James Whiteside suffered from the depression and die he would just stay in bed there's a L and white to some of her neighbors safe but my cousins and asked you to help on to help gather the hay in our farm here in Battle Creek please don't do it he needs to get out and exercise so James might want around to get nonscientist to car so don't you try to set it up to get it what do they pay so yeah I need for my very earliest days movement and exercise are crucial and remember city is the new smoking adequate I write quiz lesson and seven at right now what have we got meals together as a family are emotional bonding right to subsidize the dialogue communication and less pregnancy armies at work for three more will get better grades academic site five less obesity right save frequently above the last one right one for twenty when you say essay for behavior here to hear correct safer behavior and the other was less likely be a victim of crime no doubt that victimization as well as I did listen to a result of my major family dinner there is bonding time and you or I is right absolute right and right hand again member adult role modeling you we can do neither young to the kids follow us listen you better great audience word you were a small group or the great things about small group is that we get on talking and knowing who this media was used by bodybuilders including NAP health summoned you would like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. and help someone .com or would like more training online sermons please visit www. audio verse is on board


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