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NAD Health Summit Devotional - Wednesday

Peter Landless


Peter Landless

Associate Director, Health Ministries General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • February 1, 2012
    8:00 AM
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father we pray that you will make online zoo was continued Menendez VC came to John we all see that this morning we would see Jesus May the words of our moms and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable to you overload strengthen already nine Jesus name amen the story is told on a Sunday school teacher crediting the Sabbath coteach at who is having difficulty in getting a response out of their costs and so he would like sometime the Sabbath school or a teaching assistant at the summit and she said to the children she said well once gray as a bushy tail as those nuts for the winter the children looked at one another and didn't say a word and alter little while great little Johnny said I know the onset must be Jesus but it sure sounds like a spiral to me it seems to me that we are all the black Johnny the onset must be Jesus and yet make it sound so much like a program to me a very kind depression could be creation celebrations job is just whatever it was wellness sure sounds like a squirrel but it's got to be Jesus is is health ministry goal about Jesus United .net on Monday morning yesterday morning unit of not reaching out the salvation that Jesus brings the personal Jesus today reach up to Jesus putting him first in our lives it has all around the sun attend wherever I went and got I am impressed that everyone is connected guide on non- connected my cell phone on Facebook and lifted my bring but anyone poking around and if you're not careful you'll bump into somebody and someone can have a tremendous injury and they are people in the pulpit is a busy texting and looking at these on our phones iPads that buries whatever they may be we are very very busy busy busy guidelines and has always writes in yesterday and I thought to myself about deadlines I was getting an e-mail I looked at the work guidelines and so if you add another race into the mix the evening 's and I wondered as I wrote in the e-mail that I will attend to this issue often drive accomplished a few deadlines I wondered about that meeting this on our existence in Oneida battery and that all days before Fred Harding came into Switzerland apartment with a convincing power of the Billy Graham and introduce those of us who live on PC in before computers into the Apple world I that Barry and anyone morning I stood in my weapon up my wife was just coming back from the morning exercise in the basement and she saw me this is something I looking at some e-mails in the morning and she said she listed at the door as she walked into the bedroom and she said good morning and the speed at GC advances .org and she said it's a loving me so kindly but what a wake-up call it was for me to want am I connected to whom I can and I connected it had to ought to mail to the streets my family connected to Jesus I'm in the seven years before that incident took place as I went in a small time than a beautiful little town waking is a family practitioner and as the practice grew more and more busy end of the Lord greatly based and resume normal patients and that in you even get to choose your patience patients get to choose doctors and I had a few winters remember them more clearly than others but I had a few that we really always on my case and they would hold a glass of the day and I remember there's one leg often in and supposed to be and often in off and the phone rang and my wife called me interested Mrs. Simon says on the line and I mumbled and grumbled to myself and talk to us that he is younger than I used to grumbling on blood and anymore off off pita and besides that he doesn't exist it's always the phone and pick up the phone and stated that he had been often missed something how easements in the you mean you certainly are sorry and no news on through the hospital investing on how you put the my wife stood big one man told my friend my soulmate my coach and said to me or send a loving way I wish someday that I was Mrs. so-and-so at the other end of the ten effect of course is that the body you that he is data as I journey along this road I also myself the question and I connected my connected to Jesus Oran my enough form of godliness and denying the power thereof is interesting to watch people it's interesting to hear people remind me of myself I say together dated very dear and close friend was on these my crucial decision I remember watching you edit button then I thought to myself but missed me to see ourselves the way that others see yet and so I wonder as I gently along this road and I connected as I want some of your reactions to people who may be in your way in the corridor I'm not judging I just opposite and eyes I see people buying penned by southern portion focus because maybe you're in that way and I think of myself I said I would love to read that brother to whom are we connected hello we put in place you will not be holding we become changed and if I do not look all the time my Outlook is getting to be Outlook but behold the ungainly become changed and what that brings about this change that draws me to Jesus I love the vaccine runs to detectable attitude is all we do know you not that it is the goodness of God that means you to repentance back to reality we are so busy guidelines e-mail project studies exercises are busy to get out there and there are exercised we come back with a eight episode of the league below I know because I exercise I did and this morning because I was exercising my mind and training that small and I think to myself as I looked at the busyness of the saints that if I was the devil I think I would be exactly what he's doing to some I would come with the VS salacious ideas and even the present in a small group that I would view that those who are they dealing with man-made philosophy to others I would keep them busy so busy that they wouldn't have time to pray they wouldn't have time to read they wouldn't have time to meditate they would be focused by this focused on the harvest so focused on the Chavez that they would forget it below on the homes and in so doing the demo studies me and he looks at hi Denis the signal on and he says it himself I know that this one likes to be right for them to work on the fact one needs to be appreciated so I'll pay little attention to that deep oldest and he keeps his name out of it when you talk to people in a given complainant and an gossip afterwards agreed and often years it's often the church that's the president that health ministry 's director he keeps his name out of that an interview the other day with a very very interesting and nice individual he told me about the time that his father worked at the General conference decision I summoned my clearest memories of childhood sadness often we came back from the mission often the age of twelve years this young man was Renée came back as it is listening to my parents and visitors who also worked in on twenty nine talking about their travel experiences and how difficult they would each one had an experience which would trump the next runs if the ship was like the one the other one had a donkey ride and salad winds he said my dad was very sound of he was really ways is how busy you understand my point is not really need a real need using catchphrases in the hospital of this morning 's device reach out to Jesus reach up to Jesus but in this event beautiful him that said adding he walks with me and he copes with me but it starts out I come to the gondola immunologist to think of that in a different context we had a lady when I was growing up it should she would choose that it can't recite service and I really got in the tide of the manual to meaningful to me and tells and armies and I knew of people who wanted to meet Andy presenting and he walks with me Andy talks with me but it's really become to the bottom when the Jews still on the roses and he walks with she works and he tells me that I teach a handy size and he is only and the joys we shared as we tarry they are an ever was he walks with me do I keep up with him he talked to me like this so often my prayer is our list of things for him to get it's almost like a tiny new list who owned these of the things that need to be done I need to get understanding to help I need to find my keys I need a business my children etc. in one experiences with Jesus his disciples these students and we are all students and the students of Jesus Judaism and in the school of life and time is always a prayer said that in mock check the table you find to wonderful experiences with the disciple of the sitting with Jesus and they come to him James and John and they set in Boston we want honesty something and a second you have to say yes my girls would do that to me when I smoke I sometimes forget to me but they're not an honorable so they're not a new daddy daddy we want honesty something that promise you'll say yes to this imagine these grown men come to Jesus and Jesus Mosca we want honesty is something that you must be good for us in Jesus McQueen is given what the question is what do you want me to do for you what he wanted and then exactly what you said since they are you able to follow me to the cross he then outlines the name set and leadership something which we talk about that and then that we always do in the very next vases there is another one of the expensive outline thoughts and ideas presented side of the road and the people attending and making a noise season is busy and in Jesus is bringing I got in the new international pregnancies get on your feet you get on his feet he's going he comes to Jesus and one of the question Jesus Austin what do you want me to do for you Jesus Nagy was bought posting that he knows that you are not the same sick and needy exhaust enough the same Christian and you know when the nationalist field it saves the father Jesus along the event notice seminary in Oneida health Summit which is only booking to be he followed Jesus along the route and encounter with Jesus brings us into following him to service the demoniac renews heal when was he found he was found closed and in his right mind when setting at the feet of Jesus Mary Beth Duquette date in chapter ten you move along and you see the encounter of Martha and Mary in the hunt of that is Mary and Martha and Bethany and then a moth is watching the dishes without the saying them in making a good noise and coming to Jesus I did not care that I'm getting old is wet and she and Jesus as she has chosen that good paying and way washing on the battery sitting at my game is my life and relationship a fruit bearing relationship with Jesus or I need on the Adventist is at an jet is then shared with us what may be is a little skit on what some of us would like to have an ad and have a lot of time saying his lines run a sermon my son I sure did your letters to Sir that outline the memory specifically sat and I cloud in it erroneously possible in all and that's not true then you asked me they can not have burning him I always will survive and thought for Judge and let's see what John had installed as half on the phone as they continue to run Ibiza weight on second thought ninety have a flaxseed your kids will love it to him and her attrition to anyone else for Illinois he didn't have anything you will work for all people Monday morning and you will be absolutely need it's cool outside it is urgent what are we in all of his one oh we ended all you go to the App Store is not available don't even think about it but is on the Baghdad huge you sent to me by one of my cynical Christian brings the Lord 's Spirit spoke to Michael is what you see what you get in my is others is what others see and what they did the same in your life all sums up a life in Christ said beautifully when he speaks to the Athenians and you talk to them about the God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and it does not live in temples built by an God doesn't love in a church he lives in your all there is God on Tuesday review all their he said my human hands as if he needed anything because he himself gives all men life and bread and everything else from one man he made every nation gone that this so that men would seek him and perhaps reach out to gain and find him and then adds this so beautifully though he is not all promise he's not far from us the king zero sing the song it's God 's not being removed away who moved away and then he says for him again we then and mood and have our being as some of your post since it we all is offspring heatseeking injury Johnson he needs to be number one in the beginning and the end how many visits Hungary had this relationship how can we walk and talk with him and listen to him in that takes me back as we come to him closing nonminorities to foster in the church and hobbyists and minority without that he formed a life and if you would on how it works easy to Jesus first you need Thursday to know him and how to get to know him I needed to marry anybody I spending time with them by talking to the five walking with me this means them and so to know in becomes primary and once we know the people we need to enjoy their nuances their foibles they have one commence about their and once we know them we then and once we are nothing is too much trouble to give Kristy be based on focuses its interest in coming to steps to Christ and sixty eight and read and I would encourage you to read the chapter driving up into Christ which he made us in the match this gift of his son God has encircled the whole world with an atmosphere of grace as real as the air which circulates around the globe all those who choose to breed this life-giving atmosphere will lead and drop into the statue of men and women in Christ Jesus many have an idea that they must do this work that trusted in Christ for the forgiveness of sin but now they seek by their own assets deliver Iraq is not in a work know what he wanted to drink not but you emphasize not would you wear none of that it is by communion with him daily hourly by abiding in him that we ought to grow in legal stature nine that we ought to grow in grace he's not I need to finish your look but the author about that it is priced 's are long over or is you would buy a lot of rumors proving anything I hope someone you would like to learn more about the NAB Summit please visit www. and help someone .com or you would like more free online sermons please visit www. audio verse is on board


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